TOR @ 1200s - Mongolian warrior loyal to Genghis Khan
    (app)--Amazing High Adventure#2/2

TORCH - see HAMMOND, JIM--Marvel Comics#1; Invaders III#7

TORCH - SHIELD shadow facility
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

TORCH-SINGER (Juliette ) - lover of Cat (Shen Kuei), mother of
    --Master of Kung Fu I#38 ( 63

TORDENKAKERLAKK - enemy of Marandi Sjorokker, forced her to mature into an adult in order to combat its power
    -[THUNDER COCKROACH], SPINDRIFTER's BANE (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Hooky

TORES - mutant, Latino woman, associated with Skin
    --Generation X#21 ((fb), 21, 25, 29-31, ,

TORG - battled Namor in Antarctica, manipulated via Control Pearl by Serestus in assisting Attuma’s plot to battle the surface world for Kang the Conqueror
    - ABOMINABLE SNOW-KING* (app)--Sub-Mariner I#55 (Avengers III#43

TORG - servant of Frederick Dirkreich, jellied mass of flesh inside powerful exoskeleton armor, mutated by Dirkreich, battled Tigra
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/5

TORG 2099 - mutate of the Golden One
    (app-goldenone)--2099 Unlimited#6

TORGAH - Fall People
    --X-Men Unlimited#6

TORGER - Asgardian
    --Thor I#162

TORGO (Torgo Nia) - vampire, former general in centuries past, led army against Attila the Hun, gravely injured, inadvertently buried alive, unearthed and transformed by vampire hag that worked in graveyard, took over dominion of vampires while Dracula was trapped in human form, slain by Dracula in duel over leadership. long, red hair
    *D/R/D* (D#20, app)--[Tomb of Dracula I#68], 70 (70(fb), [68,69], 70*des)

TORGO - Mekkan, supreme warrior, Hulk-Hunters, former gladiator on Kral, agent of Collector
    (2006#11, app)--Fantastic Four I#91 ([173(fb)], [92(fb)], 91-93, [173(fb)], 173,174, [Marvel Two-In-One#45(fb)], 45, Hostess ad (@ Defenders#73), Incredible Hulk#270(fb), 269,270, [Wolverine II#135(fb)], 135-138

TORIO  of the Hyborian era - Ravonna, regent
    (app-jabezo)--Savage Sword of Conan#66

TORK of Earth-691 - Procyonite, Minions of Menace, Intimidators, imprisoned within the Stockade where he achieved a position of power and authority
    (app)--Thor Annual#6 (6 (fb), 6, [Guardians of the Galaxy#22 (fb)], 22, 23, Annual#2, 2, [Guardians#51 (fb), 52 (fb)], 51, [52 (fb)], 52-53

TORK, Sgt. ; - Harlem cop, former associate of Stan Carter/Sin-Eater, seemingly killed by agents of Lew Anthony when they mistook him for the new Black Panther/Kasper Cole, revealed to be a plot of T’Challa’s in order to test Kasper Cole
    *D*--Falcon#1 (2-4, Spectacular Spider-Man II#128,135,136, Amazing Spider-Man I#418, Spider-Man#75, Black Panther III#2, 4,5, 8, 10-12, 16, 50-55

TORK, REGINALD - field leader of the Hardliners
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#126

TORKON the second - Tribbitite, king
    --Incredible Hulk I#2 ([Incredible Hulk II#190], 191, [Captain America Annual#3/Hostess ad]

TOR'L - star associated with ancient Skrull myths, brightest in its constellation, used by Talonis along with Yrynn and M'ro to summon Dormammu to possess Ego the Living Planet
    "Ever-Shining Tor'l"--Guardians of the Galaxy VII#14

TORMENT MACHINE - Deviant torture device, Kro was placed in it after failing to prevent the arrival of the fourth Celestial Host
    --Eternals I#3

    demon, enemy of Black Crow, slain by Hawkeye
    (app-cat)--Marvel Fanfare I#39

TORNAGA - Atlantean
    --Defenders I#84

TORO (Thomas Raymond) - mutant?, active from 1941-1955, partner of android Human Torch, Invaders, Kid Commandos, Young Allies, All-Winners Squad, husband of Anne, initially immune to heat, parents killed in train-wreck caused by Asbestos Lady, adopted by op's traveling circus, used as fire-eater until learned how to burst into flame, trained by Torch and became Toro, later brainwashed by Mad Thinker to believe he was the original human torch, flaming powers similar to Human Torch.
    *D* (I#14,D#20, net)--Human Torch Comics#1 (2-31, All Winners#19,21, Marvel Mystery Comics#19-88, Young Allies1-20;
Sub-Mariner I#14 (Fantastic Four I#405(fb), Thor Corps, Invaders I#2,
    X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past, Marvel Universe#1, Winter Soldier: Winter Kills#1 (fb, xmas 1944), Citizen V and the V Battalion#1(fb2), Captain America An13, Saga of the Original Human Torch#4, Avengers I#134, Sub-Mariner I#14d, Power Pack I#57-62?)

TORO of Earth-Counter Earth-Franklin (Benito Serrano) - young allies, mutated by Columbian drug cartel using synthetic corticosteroids.
    transform into bull-like form with superhuman strength + durability, horns + cloven hooves
    --Heroes Reborn: Young Allies#1 ([Thunderbolts#51],52, 72, 74

TORO, el (Antonio Rojo) - "people’s defense force," former dictator of santa rico, defeated by giant-man (Pym) and wasp, later served hungarian communists and battled west coast avengers.
    wore horned helmet and rammed opponents like a bull, horns were coated with poison
    (1960s, app)--Tales to Astonish I#54 ( West Coast Avengers II#33,34 36

TORO NEGRO (Sergio ) - Great Game, slaughtered other players, killing Polestar and Nightwatch, but was then captured by Chance and killed by Justin Hammer
    -[BLACK BULL] *D* (app)--Amazing Scarlet Spider#2 (Green Goblin#3, Spider-Man#64, Spider-Man Unlimited#14

TORO ROJO - Deviant, Delta Force, formerly acted as a wrestler in Mexico, placed inside bull-shaped totem by unknown means, which was given to bonds to Tupac Amaru, an autistic child from Peru.
    superhuman strength + durability, Tupac can communicate with him mentally and tries to keep him in line as a hero
    -[RED BULL] (app)--Thor I#290 (Marvel Year-in-Review 1992, Avengers I#370,371

TOROA of the Hyborian era - witch-man, ally of Sabia, sought control of Viper's Head, created Man-Dragons, slain by Conan
    *D* (app-sabia)--Conan the Barbarian I#82 (83

TOROS - Inhumans, impersonated by a Skrull
    --[Secret Invasion: Inhumans#1, 2]

TORPEDO ( ) - underworld assassin, hired by Crimewave, killed when tackled off of building by Willie Lincoln
    *D* (app)--Daredevil I#59 (59d

TORPEDO (Michael Stivak) - Yugoslavian scientist, nephew of Kligger, followed Dire Wraith design to develop costume equipped with turbo jets, killed by
    fly + increase force of blows
    *D* (I#14,D#20, app)--Daredevil I#126

TORPEDO (Brock Jones) - found dying torpedo (Stivak), used his costume to become crimefighter, relocated to clairton virginia, ally of rom, eventually killed by dire wraith sisters
    *D* (I#14, D#20)--Daredevil I#126 (127, 134, Marvel Premiere#39,40, Marvel Team-Up Annual#3 (Jones), Rom#21-31, Incredible Hulk II#279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Rom37(fb), 37, 40-42, 49, 50d)

TORPEDO SUE – see TURBO/Mickey (OH:AZ#11-turbo)—New Warriors I#73 (73(fb)

TORPEDO TAYLOR - see Taylor, Torpedo (net-preff)--(g) Navy Combat#1

    increase mass + draw energy from mass
    (app-ralph)--She-Hulk I#23(->EARTH-LORD. 24,25->entity)

    virtual reality form in shadow city mutated by twisted sisters
    --Fantastic Four III#18

TORQUE ( ) - Shadow City, Twisted Sisters.
    superhuman strength + durability, red + white costume, white face mask
    --X-Men II#105

TORQUE of Earth-MC2 (     ) - X-People.
    whirl at superhuman speeds, wm, brown hair

TORR - extraterrestrial would-be conqueror, followed radio transmissions of John Carter and Paul Ramsey, killed by Ramsey while in the form of Carter
    8-9+' tall, superhuman strength, exchange bodies with other creatures, cast illusions, used spacecraft for interplanetary flight
    *D* (app)--Amazing Adventures I#1 (1(fb)

TORRAK - Tribbitite?Toad Man
    --Incredible Hulk I#2

TORRANCE, - Secret Empire agent at Carriwhite Acres under August Masters
    (app-masters)--Defenders I#102

TORRANNA of the pre-Cataclysmic era (Gar-Nak, Hak-ur, Korr-Lo-Zann, Norra, former king)
    - Formerly worshipped Syndra, king slain and crown stolen by Gasshga, residents descended into decadence, cursed by Syndra, eventually all died when their efforts to remove the curse were disrupted by Thulsa Doom
    (app)--[Kull the Destroyer#22], 24 (25(fb), 29 (fb), [22,23], 24-29

TORRENCE, Ms. - grade school teacher, took students on a field trip to the La Brea Tar, encountered Phantom Rider (Hamilton Slade), assaulted by D'Spayre
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#102/4

TORRENT of Earth-Battleworld (Kendall Logan) - daughter of Wolverine and Storm, summoned to assist Avengers during the Destiny War
    (app-earthbat)—What If? II#114 (Avengers Forever#11,12

TORRENT (Jared Carstairs) - former weatherman, fired after began stalking Maureen Scanlon, created suit of armor to become the Weather Maker, kidnapped Maureen defeated by Avengers, summoned and merged with the Godstorm to become Torrent, defeated by Thor, powers siphoned by Odin and returned to Earth
    - WEATHER-MAKER* (app)--Thor: Godstorm#1 (2(fb), 1(ff), 2(ff)

TORRENT - Centurions, joined Hybalea against Centurions still loyal to Annihilus
    --Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2

TORRES, ALLEN - US Attorney General, prosecuted Frank Walsh for brutalizing until blackmailed for affair with a 16 year old girl
    (app-troids)--[Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2]

TORRES, MANUEL - boxer, best friend of Roberto Velasquez, killed by Hammerhand
    *D* (app-bantam)--Captain America Annual#12/2

TORRES, ROSALITA "LITA" - Avengers Compound maid
   --Solo Avengers#12

TORRICANE - ship of Tullk Ul-Zyn, destroyed by Annihilation Wave
    --Annihilation: Ronan#2

TORRID TWOSOME - brief alliance of Human Torch and Acrobat
    --Strange Tales I#106

TORSO ( ) - Sisters of Sin.
    superhuman strength
    -SISTER DEATH* (U#7-sos)--Captain America I#356

TORSO of Earth-93060 ( ) - TNTNT
    *D*--Strangers#3 (Night-Man I#6, 8, 14d)

TORTELLI, JOEY "TOEJAM" - criminal, employed Constrictor to kidnap his son
    --Marvel Comics Presents#119/2

TORTHAR – extraterrestrial, Star Corps/Nova Corps, murdered by Kraa
    *D* (app)--Nova II#15d

TORUMJUMALA of the Hyborian era - Witch-Men of Hyperborea, slain by the Keepers of the Treasure-Crypt of Lanjau
    *D* (app-wm)--Conan the Barbarian I#255, (named) 256 (255, 256d)

TORVAL - prisoner at Anvil, armorsmith, rebuilt Jack of Hearts' armor.
    short, gray skin, balding, nose ring
    --Silver Surfer III#76 (77,[78]

TORVALT - Zefiro, plaid fiddle at Cynthia & Werner von Doom's wedding, slain by Dr. Doom for questioning his right to lead them
    *D*--Books of Doom#5 (5 (fb, dies)

TOSHI - Cybersamurai, ally of Koichi, turned against Hiro to attempt to gain his position of power, defeated by Hiro & Iceman
    --X-Factor I#63, (named) 64

TOSHIO - torturer employed by Captain Okada
    --Captain America Comics#5

TOSNIA, JAMES - Devlin-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals
    --Spider-Man Family#2

TOSSER (Ferris Hartke) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4 ([4/4])

TOTAL RECALL 2099 (Blackstone, Hipshot, Runaway, Squeeze) - mercenaries, agents of Stark-Fujikawa
    --Fantastic Four 2099#2 (3

TOTEM - pre-marvel, animated by Indian tribe, attacked criminals Bull Drago and Hunk, then attacked tribe, rendered inert by chemicals, pushed into a river, and washed out to sea
    (app)--(g) Strange Tales I#74/4 (75/2

TOTEM – Mannites
    --Uncanny X-Men#372, (named) X-Men II#92 (Astonishing X-Men#1

totem - stolen from museum by Devos, associated with the Saviour and the anti-technology spells in Prescott
    (app-saviour)--Wolverine: Evilution

TOTEM of Earth-9500 (Spider-Man (Max Born)
    - Temporal Oversight Team Eliminating Mistakes--Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#

totem of the Spider-People of Earth-93060 - see SPIDER-PEOPLE (app)--Prime II#1

TOTRASMEK of the Hyborian Era - Zamboulan, high priest of Hanuman, sought Star of Khorala, killed by Conan. Limited magical powers
    --Shadows in Zamboula; Savage Sword of Conan#14

TOTH - see THOTH--Thor: Blood Oath#1

TOUCH ( ) - Sensors.
    female, superhuman strength + durability, shaved head, spikes over body
    (app-sen)--West Coast Avengers Annual#3

TOUCH-32246 - circa 12,000 AD, son of King, father of Cotton, ex-husband of Alabaster, sent into past to obtain another being with powers mimicking Gordium to help overthrow the second uprising of Arcadia; in Reality-13618 he fell in love with Rogue and decided to ally with Arcadia; sent Cotton and Rogue back to Rogue's time, altering their DNA so they could not be tracked again by people from his time
    skilled inventor of advanced technology, including time travel device, various weapons, clothing protecting one from temperature extremes
    James, "El Creepo"--Rogue Touch (2013)

TOUCHSTONE ( ) – underground Legion, twenty four of her forms were slain by Tantalus
    exists in all realities simultaneously, sense the past and present
    (app)--Blackwulf#1 (2, 3/2, 5-7, 8, 10

"TOUFFE" - Ruined
    (app-ruined)--Fantastic Four III#1 ([19],20

TOUGH LOVE ( ) - Rising Sons, Asian male,
    intellectual, prefers reading to fighting, immense strength
    (app-rs)--Generation X#53 (54

    alias used @ 1903 in Timely, Wisconsin
    (app)--Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#4

TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS - Asgard, friendly contest, golden armor to victor
    --Thor Annual#2

    Iron Fist (Wendell Rand) refused to participate, resulting in the Crane Mother seeking to have his title stripped
    --[Immortal Iron Fist#5, 6]

TOUSSAINT, EUGENE - AIM, conceived in vitro and raised by AIM, served as liaison to Mad Thinker, hero-worshipped him, eventually killed by Thinker
    *D*--The Torch#1 (2009) (2-3

TOV, YOUSEF - Shin Bet agent, captured by Red Skull
    (app)--Super-Villain Team-Up#16 (16(fb), 16,17

TOWER ( ) - Alliance of Evil, killed by X-Cutioner.
    superhuman strength, grow in size
    *D* (U#1-AoE) <chronology incomplete> --X-Factor I#2 (3-6,  33, New Mutants Annual#7, New Warriors Annual#1,  Uncanny X-Men Annual #17d)

TOWER 2099 - headquarters of X-Men in Halo City
    --X-Men 2099#26 (27

TOWER, BLAKE – New York district attorney, father of Luke
    (MKE)--Daredevil I#124, 129 ([Spider-Man/Human Torch#5(fb)], 124, 129, 130,131, 133-137, 148, Power Man/Iron Fist#53, Amazing Spider-Man I#186, 189, 191,192, [201], DD163, [Marvel: The Year in Review 1989], Web of Spider-Man#126, Amz403, Spider-Man I#49, Spectacular Spider-Man II#226, [Green Goblin#11], DD375, Daredevil II#8, She-Hulk IV#1

TOWER, LUKE - Midtown High School, targeted by Carmine Villanova to punish Blake for sending Nino Villanova to prison
    --Spider-Man/Human Torch#5

TOWER of BLOOD - former base of Morophla and Uathacht, held Dromek, Dregs, and others
    --Tower of Blood; Conan the Barbarian I#43

TOWER of the ELEPHANT of the Hyborian era - Zamora, City of Thieves, temple of Yara, contained Yag-Kosha and a giant spider, crumbled with the death of Yara & Yag-Kosha and the destruction of the Heart of the Elephant
crumbled after Yara overcome by Yag-Kosha
    (app-yara)--Tower of the Elephant; Conan the Barbarian I#4

TOWER of MADNESS of the pre-Cataclysmic era - base of the Goblins
    --Kull the Conqueror III#6

TOWER OF MEDITATION - K'un-Lun, Davos sent here following his defeat by Wendell Rand
    --Marvel Team-Up I#64 (64(fb)

TOWER of POWER - see KONG LOMERATE's TOWER OF POWER (app-konlomerate)--Howard the Duck II#7 

TOWER of SHADOWS - Los Angeles house, home of Digger, former base of Night Shift
    --Tower of Shadows#1 (
    West Coast Avengers II#40

TOWER of SIPTAH of the Hyborian era (Siptah, Gem of Siptah, Guardian of the Tower)
    - on an island off the coast of Stygia, south of Khemi, covered with sheer and no door, so that the top could only be reached by flight
    --Gem in the Tower; Savage Sword of Conan#45

TOWER of TERROR - Loch Ness, property of Mycroft, hid a U-Boat base, destroyed by Nick Fury
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#3 (3(fb), 3

TOWER of TIME (Egyptians, Camelot, Cavemen) - Bermuda Triangle time warp, creation of Slitherogue, crumbled with Slitherogue’s death
    (app-bt)--Skull the Slayer#3 (4-6

TOWER of TIME - created by ancient wizard race (including Dark Rider)
    --Marvel Team-Up I#44 (44 (fb)

TOWERING OAK of the Old West - Sioux or Commanche, son of Flaming Star, stole Spirit Stone from Phantom Rider, gained power until heart failed
    *D* (app)--Ghost Rider I#6 ([6(fb)], 6d)

TOWN of PONDER - former base of Mad Thinker, built by his intellectual robots to appear similar to a town around the end of the nineteenth century, the robots remained active after his defeat and built Alpha to defend them
    (app-mtir)--Captain America I#269 (Marvel Team-Up I#129

TOWNSEND, CHRIS - shield, led expedition to prevent savage land from flooding
    --Sensational Spider-Man#13 (14,15

TOWNSEND, LELAND - Former leader of Fortress terrorist group, killed in bomb explosion
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#129/2 ([129/2], 129/2

TOWNSHEND, LESLIE of Earth-Greenberg - new age guru/cult leader
    (app-gb)--Bizarre Adventures#29/2

TOWNSEND, MARIANNE - Model Soldiers, sister of Sarah
    --Dark Angel#7 (8

TOWNSEND, Dr. SARAH - Mys-Tech, worked on their violence-ray satellite, secretly supplied information to Marianne
    --Dark Angel#7 (8

TOWNSEND, MARTY - Fortress terrorist group, brother of Leland
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#129/2

TOWN TAMER of the Old West -
    --Kid Colt#131

    -- Sensational Spider-Man II#13

TOWNSEND, MARIANNE - leader of the Model Soldiers
    --Dark Angel#7 (8

TOWNSEND, SARAH - Mys-Tech, involved with satellite projecting emotion-controlling ray on earth, secretly passed information on to Marianne
     --Dark Angel#7 (8 

TOWSON, DANIELLE of Earth-148611 - lawyer, lover of Tattoo, agent of Damon Conquest
    --Justice#8 (10

TOXCID – Insectaur steed to Skito on Symbion
    --Sectaurs#1 (2,3


TOXIN ( ) – Underground, armor destroyed by Tantalus, allied self with Tantalus against the Underground in hopes that he could rebuild his armor, returned to Earth alongside Peacekeepers
    secretes various sedating or poison drugs, forced to wear armor to maintain form
    (app)--Blackwulf#1 (2-10

TOXIN (Patrick "Paddy" Mulligan) - formerly NYPD, husband of Gina, father of Edward, bonded to symbiote spawned from Carnage, left family and attempts to control the symbiote to act heroically
    --(Patrick) Venom vs Carnage#1; (Toxin) 2 (3,4, Toxin#1-6

TOY - construct of Tinkerer,
    human form, large + strong bm, bald
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#159 (160, 183, Incredible Hulk II#2__ (Goldbug issue), Spectacular Spider-Man II#53, Cage I#

TOYBUZZ (spelled with a capital T and a capital B) - manufacturer of Thunderbolts action figures and related merchandising
     --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1

TOYs - golems controlled by St. Germain
    (app-sg)--Before Fantastic Four: Storms#1 (2,3

TOY FACTORY of Earth-Shadowline - Arctic Weapons Research Facility
    --Dr. Zero#2 (3

TOYMAKER of Earth-57780 (   ) - used handheld energy-projecting able to shrink or enlarge certain objects or beings
    --Spidey Super Stories#40/1

TOYMAKER - see ARIZE--Longshot I#5 (although I don't know when he was first called Toymaker...possible Uncanny X-Men Annual#16)

    made micronauts toys under his control
    --Micronauts I Annual#2

TOYOSI - Wakandan, sent to act as guardian to Queen Divine Justice, posed as her maternal grandmother
    --Black Panther III#35 (35(fb3), 41

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