SUN, LIN - Sons of the Tiger, descendent of Kanbei Kikuchiyo, dated Lotus Shinchuko
    (D#12)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu I#1 (1/2(fb), 1/2, 3(fb), 3, 4/2, An1, DHoKF#6, 7/2-9/2, 10/3, 11/2, 14/2, 16/3, 17/2, 18/2, Marvel Team-Up I#40, DHoKF#19/2, 20/2, 22/2-24/2, 26, 29/2, 30, 32/2, Power Man/Iron Fist#65, 74, Pulse#9

SUNBURN - SHIELD shadow facility
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

SUNDANCE of the Old West - great-grandfather of Everett K. Ross
    (Outlaw Files)--Black Panther III#46 (47

SUNDANCE (Pascal "Pez" Guacana) - Shadows,
    wears costume to warp light, form shields, and fire energy blasts
    (app)--Force Works#12/2 (War Machine#15/2, Iron Man I#317/2

SUNDER (Mark Hallett) - Morlock, killed by Pretty Boy, shot in back while aiding Moira MacTaggart’s X-Men on Muir Isle
    large + bald male, superhuman strength and durability,
    *D* (D#12,M)--Uncanny X-Men#169 (170,171, 176, 178,179, 190,191, 193, Power Pack I#12, UX195, 208, 211, New Mutants I#46, UX212,[213-217], 254d)

SUNDER - Mys-Tech agent, allied w/ Egalitarians of Eopia, destroyed by Ultra-Marine and Albion
    (app)--Dark Guard#2 (3d)

SUNDERLAND, JENNY - post-Civil War era prostitute, romanced David Parham, slain by George Reagan's gang
    *D*--Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#5 (2007)

SUNDOWN (Dr. David Patrick Lowell) - former scientist as Osborn Chemicals, developed photosynthesis-like power, imprisoned for ten years, attempting to go straight
    (2006#11, app)—Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1997 (Amazing Spider-Man An1997(fb), UntoldSpdm An1997, AmzSpAn1997(fb), AmzSpAn1997

SUNDRAGON (Pamela Douglas) - sister of Moondragon, tapped into the power of a star, former girlfriend of Tom
    various energy powers, fly, survive in space
    (U#7,app)--Solo Avengers#16/2 (18/2, 20/2, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#2/3

SUNEN, KINGO - Eternal, patterns life after samurai, carries sword forged by Phastos that can cut through virtually anything
    --Eternals I#11 (Eternals II#1, 3-12, [Avengers I#308],310(fb),[309],310, 370, Eternals: Apocalypse Now

SUNFIRE (Shiro Yoshida) - Japanese mutant, Twelve, Big Hero 6, Marauders, brief member of X-Men, brother of Sunpyre, ancestors exposed to radiation of Hiroshima, incurred debilitating disease, apparently cured by Yakiba, legs cut off by Lady Deathstrike, seemingly died upon permanently transferring mind and powers into Rogue, legs restored by Apocalypse, reprogrammed to become his Horseman Famine, overcame his control
    generate heat + flame
    FAMINE* (I#11, D#12, M, OH: X2005,
BH6 II#1, net)—X-Men I#64 (Rogue III#10(fb), Sub-Mariner I#52,53, Avengers I#117, Iron Man I#68-70, Giant-Size X-Men#1 ( (GSX#3), X-Men: Liberaters#2(fb)), UX94, Iron Man I#98,99, UX118-120, Incredible Hulk II#279,Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3, UX181, Marvel Comics Presents#32/4, Deathlok II#3(fb), [3],4, New Mutants I#93,94, Avengers West Coast#71, 74, UX284-286, Wolverine II#55,56, 60, Wolverine Annual 1996, Alpha Flight II#1-5, 7-9, 12,13, Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1-3, AF II#17, X-Men II#93,94, 96, UX377,Cable II#76,X97,UX378,X98, UX379, X-Men: Black Sun#1,[2],3,[4],5, Maximum Security#1,[2],3, Iron Fist/Wolverine#2-4, Weapon X: Draft: Wild Child(fb), Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Marvel Team-Up III#4-6, 8-9, Rogue III#7-10, 11d, X182, 182/2-183/3, 184-186, 187, [Cable & Deadpool#41], 42/X200, X201-203
    X-Men: Legacy#208 (fb),

SUNFIRE of "Earth-2109" (Mariko Yashida) - lesbian (as opposed to her Earth-616 counterpart), X-Men of her reality, former lover of Spider-Woman of Earth-Network, crushed by building while trying to save others from the rampage of the brood-infected Mimic
    *D* (OH:AoA)--Exiles#2 (3,4, 5,6, 7, 11, 8-10, 12,13, 14,15, [16], 17, 18,19, 20-22, 26,27, 28-30, 31,32, 34, 35,36,37d, 62d, [63-65d])

SUNFLOWER ( ) - Harvesters, tried to stop zombie clone of Hyperion, seemingly incinerated by Hyperion's eyebeams
    plant-based humanoid, super strength, dexterity in sunlight

    (app-harvesters)--Marvel Zombies Supreme#2

SUN GIRL (Mary Mitchell) - World War II, partner of android human torch, former personal secretary to him, fell in love with him, replaced toro as his sidekick when he left to tend to his ailing foster mother, replaced when toro returned
    (OH: GA, net)--(g) Sun Girl#1 (2,3, Captain America Comics#69, Human Torch Comics#32-35, Marvel Mystery Comics#88,89;
Saga of the original Human Torch#3 (4

SUNG, HAN - former teacher of Shang-Chi, sought Fu Manchu's Elixir Vitae but died taking it
    --Master of Kung Fu I#55

SUNG, THUGBEN - lama of Rache Churan, trained by Fu Manchu, telepath, attempted to kill Shang-Chi
    --Master of Kung Fu I#124

SUNGA, DOCTOR - used "wands of death" to kill people, controlled giant alligator, led gang (including Turvy); enemy of the Falcon
    --Daring Mystery Comics#5 (June 1940)

SUNIC PHARMOCOEPIA (Hans Beamer) - created Facade Virus
    --Cable and Deadpool#1 (2-6

SUN KING (    ) - Homosexuality

SUN LAKES WEAPON CENTER - California, assaulted by Ultron & Alkhema
    --Avengers West Coast#9_

    --X-Men: Smoke and Blood#1

SUN LORD 2099 of Earth-Amalgam - Firelord + Sun Boy, Legion of Galactic Guardians I
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

SUNNA – Asgardian
    --Marvel Fanfare I#34

SUNNY ( ) - superhuman, partner of Barb, attracted to Sapphire Lotus.
    fire photon blasts
    (app)--Death's Head III#1 (2, [3]

SUN PEOPLE race (Zaladane) - Savage Land, worshipped Garokk
    (D#19)—Astonishing Tales #3

SUNPYRE (Leya Yoshida) - X-Corps, brief member of X-Men, sister of Sunfire, assisted in freeing professor x from Magneto in Genosha, killed by
    *D* (net-hand)--Uncanny X-Men#392 (X112,UX393,X113, UX402, [403],404d)

SUNPYRE (Lumina) - Big Hero Six, princess of the Microverse's planet Coronar, brought to Earth by Honey Lemon, served in BH6 before returning to her world
    fly and project flames
    (app)--Alpha Flight III#9 (9/#12, Civil War Battle Damage Report

SUNQUIST – Elves of the North Pole, advisor to Santa Claus
    (app)--Howard the Duck II#3

    --Shadow Masters#1 (2-4, Marvel Comics Presents#160-163(fb), Venom: The Mace#1-3

SUN RIVER of the Hyborian era - see SKULL RIVER.
    renamed after poisoned by Anaximander--Savage Tales I#5

SUNSCOPE of the Microverse - weapon used by Baron Karza against Oceania and on Never-Summer
    amplified the sun's rays to boil away whole oceans
    SOLAR LENS* (app)--Micronauts I#52 ([52], 52, [57], 57

SUNSET GRACE (Grace Lavreaux) – mutant.
    open portals to other dimensions
    --X-Men II#35

SUNSET ORPHANAGE - Sage, Nebraska?, where Scott Summers was raised
    possibly AKA Nebraska State Home for Foundlings
    --X-Men I#39/2

SUNSET RIDERS (Marcel Fournier, Hijiro Nguri, Running Fish, Two-Gun Kid)
    - @ 1885, short lived band of adventures, briefly teamed up to oppose government plot
    (Outlaw Files)--Two Gun Kid: Sunset Riders#2

SUNSHINE (Autumn MacRae) - wife of Captain Hip, mother of Gadfly, former champion of personal freedom, possibly developed powers from CIA testing, retired after pregnancy.
    project calming glow or stun others
    (net-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#10 ( 5, 6, 8, 10

SUNSHINE of Earth-93060 –inquisitors
    --Mantra I#10

SUNSHINE CITY (Alicia Masters, Puppet Master) - Florida, location of a US government project to in which the criminally insane voluntarily surrendered their free will, allowing the Puppet Master to control them to gain a life outside of prison, Masters also brought the Thing there and controlled him until the Fantastic Four freed him
    --Fantastic Four III#45

SUNSHINE MARY - homeless woman in New York, befriended Namor during his amnesiac period, later abducted by AIM synthoids as a test subject for Virus X, rescued by Namor and Thing, rejected Namor as a freak
    (app-aim synthoids)--Marvel Two-in-One#81 (81 (fb), Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons, MTIO#81

SUNSPOT (Roberto "Bobby" Da Costa) - mutant, New Mutants, Gladiators, Fallen Angels, X-Force, Hellfire Club, Mutant Liberation Front, possessed by Elias Bogan.
    Absorb solar energy to enhance strength, durability, fly, fire energy blasts
    BLACK KING*, LORD IMPERIAL (I#11, D#12, M, 2006#11, 198, net) <chronology incomplete> —Marvel Graphic Novel: New Mutants (NM1-3,UX167, NM4, Marvel Team-Up An6, X-Men Special Edition#1, Firestar#1, NM5,6, 32(fb), 7-11, 12(fb), 13, X-Men/Micronauts#1-4, NM14/Magik#3, NM15-17, [UX183], Fs2/NM18, 19-21, X-Men Unlimited II#11/2, New Mutants An1, UX188, NM22-25, Rom An3, UX190,191, UX An8, New Mutants: Truth or Death#1-3, NM29-34, Secret Wars II#5, New Mutants Special Edition#1, UX An9, UX200, NM35, UX201, SWII#7, NM36,37, 43,44, NM81(fb), An2, UX An10, NM46-48, 50,51, An3, NM52, Fallen Angels#1-8, Power Pack I#33, NM59-62, 64-66, UX230, PP40, NM An4, UX231, Marvel Age Annual#4, NM An4/2, NM67-70, 71/PP42, Avengers I#299, NM71, X-Termators#4, NM72,73, Cloak & Dagger III#4, NM74,75, Excalibur I#8, NM76, XFac41, NM77-80, 82-87, An5, NM88, Quasar#8, NM92(fb), 88-91, An6, X-Factor An5, UX An14, Marvel Comics Presents#79/3, New Mutants Summer Special#1, Wolverine: Rahne of Terra, NM93,94, UX270, NM95, XFac60, NM96, XFac61, UX272, NM97, XFac62, NM98,99, X-Force#1,[2],3, Spider-Man I#16,
XFor12-15, UX294, XFac84, XFor16, UX295, XFor17, UX296, XFor27,28, XFor79(fb), 80(fb), An3, XFor43, X-Men: Prime, XFor44-48, X-Force/Cable Annual 1995, XFor49-51, Cable II#29, XFor53, 54(fb), UX331, 335, XFor57, 62, X-Force An1997, XFor69,70, NM:ToD#1-3, XFor71-82, Deadpool III#22, XFor83-85, X-Force/Champions Annual 1998, XFor86, X-Men Unlimited#23, Thunderbolts#25, XFor87-90, 91, 92,93, Contest of Champions II#1, XFor94, 96-98, Cab73,74, XFor99,100, X-Men Unlimited#43, X-Treme X-Men#31, 34,35,
    New Mutants II#13, X-Treme X-Men#46, UX444, 453,454, X-Force II#2-6, [UX460], X211, Young X-Men#1, 3-6

SUN-STEALER (master scout Xakku) – Guna, planned to steal Earth’s son for his own planet, duped into talking to Uatu until his ship sank into a bog, left to suffocate by Uatu
    (1960s, app)—Tales of Suspense I#55

SUNSTORM of Earth-9602 ( ) – Sunfire + Firestorm
    --[JLX letters]

SUNSTREAK (Dr. Jenny Burke) - former idealistic young research scientist at Morelle Pharmaceuticals dedicated to the practical application of solar energy, laboratory blown  by Morelle security agent Roger Flint under orders of his superiors to prevent her from developing profit-free energy source; mutated in explosion, powered by energies of her solar transducer, labeled as eco-terrorist via media campaign against her, battled SFPD, Venom, & Nightwatch, turned over to the police
    golden skin, fire powers
    (app)--Nightwatch#5 ([5 (fb)], 5

SUNSTREAK (Andrea Roarke) – Stockpile
    flame powers
    (app-stock)--Iron Man I#330 (331, [Avengers: Initiative#13 (fb)], 13

SUNSTROKE ( ) - Dominus' minions / Desert Dwellers, Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)'s Masters of Evil, mutated human.
    fire and heat powers, fly, project blinding light
    (U#7, app)--West Coast Avengers II#17 ([24(fb)], Marvel Tales#262/2, WCA#17, [22], 24, Captain America I#411-413, Thunderbolts#25(fb), 24,25

SUN STUDIOS - hired Otto Ranetti
    --Marvel Comics Presents#169/4

SUNSWORD - see SWORD in the STAR (app-esits)--Marvel Preview#4/2

SUN-TAO - Sons of Yinsen, original disciple of Ho Yinsen, imprisoned alongside him by Wong Chu, recovered his body only to have it taken by Dr. Midas, founded Sons of Yinsen based on his technology, convinced Iron Man to assist him in recovering living brain of Yinsen from Wong Chu, face tattooed with symbol of Wong Chu when briefly captured by him.
    wears portion of Iron Man armor
    (app)--Iron Man III#31 (31(fb) / [Tales of Suspense I#39], IM32(fb), Iron Man Annual 2000(fb1+3+2), IM III#31,32, An2000, IM47,48

SUN-THING - see FOREVER MAN (Hardy) (app)--Avengers I#218

SUNTURION (Arthur Dearborn) - agent of roxxon, transformed by brand corporation to enable him to survive in space, initially used suit with powers based on microwaves, later converted into energy by suit and developed powers on own, dissipated after using self as power source for iron man to disintegrate star well before it could crash into earth, later reintegrated by roxxon, killed stratosfire for them, temporarily lost powers in the process
    project microwaves, fly, teleport himself and others, replenish power through solar energy
    (2006#11, net)—Iron Man I#143 (143(fb), 143,144, [Daredevil I#224(fb1), 224], Iron Man Annual#9, IM#248, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#25, Spectacular Spider-Man An11, Web of Spider-Man An7

SUNTURION (Mike Stone) - formerly a corrupt trucker, found suit of Dearborn after it fell to into ocean following first encounter with iron man, used it an attempt to get revenge on richard knox who had fired him for selling parts of his shipment, was eventually converted into energy by the suit, dissipated when daredevil opened the helmet
    D—Daredevil I#224 (224(fb), 224d)

SUN-WALKER formula - devised by _____, enables vampires to survive sunlight, but also returns some of their memory and emotion
    —Dracula Lives#1/6 (Vampire Tales#8, 9, Marvel Preview#3, Marvel Team-Up II#7

    (app)--Iron Man 2.0#5

SUN WUKONG (deity - Monkey King) - imprisoned in mountain, bonded soul with human, granted him same powers
    --Fear Itself: Monkey King#1

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