STRA'AN - Deviant, stationed outside Antarctic Olympia, noted departure of the reformed Ikaris
    --[Eternals III#5]

STRABO of the Hyborian era - warrior, servant of Natari, eunuch, killed by Conan after he had been betrayed by them
    *D* (app-azoth)—Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan: Horn of Azoth

STRABO of Messantia - Hyborian era, challenged and beaten by Conan at the Cup and Trident Inn
Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

STRABONUS  of the Hyborian era - Kothian king, ally of Tsotha-Lanti, teamed with Amalrus of Ophir to betray Conan, slain by Conan
    -- ; Savage Sword of Conan#4; Scarlet Citadel/Savage Sword of Conan#30, [Conan the Barbarian I#244]

STRACZYNSKI, J. MICHAEL Marvel Comics writer
    --Captain Marvel IV#

STRACZYNSKI, J. MICHAEL - Daily Bugle reporter

        --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

STRACTU - Silver Legion, native of Frull
    --Silver Surfer III#116 (117-121

STRAGG, JOSHUA - see REAVER (app-reav)--Captain Britain I#1

STRAGG, Dr. KARL LUDWIG - transferred minds with Ox, fell off a building;
    ox later regained his original form before dying
    *D* (app)--Daredevil I#15d (86(fb), 86d)

STRAHORN, Mr. - angel, acted as district attorney, manipulated John Blaze
    --Ghost Rider VI#7 (7 (fb)

    briefly mutated by Mojo and Template,
    hurled large arrows
    (app-bratpack)--New Mutants Annual#2

STRAIN 87 - viral agent used by Pandemic
    --X-Men II#194

STRAIN 88 - viral agent used by Pandemic, infected Rogue, giving her the touch of death
    --X-Men II#196

STRAITS of MIRADOR    - Kree galaxy?, Hala?
    --Annihilation Conquest: Wraith#2

STRAKA, MICHAEL - ULTIMATUM, old friend of Domino, allied with Cable in Rumekistan
    --Cable & Deadpool#28 ([28 (fb)], 28-29

STRAKER - with Foster, pilot of passenger ship that fled Raptra, Reptyl, and Syn, escaping into a nebula; possibly consumed by the Rot (and if so, possibly later restored)
    --Avengers: Celestial Quest#2

STRAND ( ) - ICON, drove van to transport corpses to Operation: Marauder
    (app-ic)--Frankenstein Monster#15

STRANG, Colonel - see GAROTTE.
    identity used to dupe Kingpin into making a deal and allowing them to access his computer files
    --Daredevil I#292 (293 298)

STRANG, DR. KARL - famed explorer and Naturalist, went to Africa to hunt the legendary Devil-God with big game hunter, Tom Barron.
    --Mystic Comics#4 (August 1940) prose story titled “the Devil-God” 

STRANG, LYZA - @ 1862, ex-wife of Archibald, directed Dracula to slay her husband so Otto von Bismarck would become prime minister of the German states, betrayed Dracula, but later vamped by him, destroyed by Abraham van Helsing
    *D/R/D*--Tomb of Dracula I#30 (30(fb)

    magical construct representing sorcerous portion of Dr. Strange
    --Dr. Strange III#61 (Spirits of Vengeance#18, Midnight Sons Unlimited#4, Doc III#62-66, An4, Doc III#67-69, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#36, Doc#70,71, MSU#8, Doc73-75->Par. )

STRANGE of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - sorceress,
    used eye + orb of Agamotto
    --Spider-Man 2099#32 (2099: World of Tomorrow#5(fb1), Spdm32,33, Fantastic Four 2099#6,7, X-Nation#6, 2099: World of Tomorrow#1-5, 2099: Manifest Destiny

STRANGE, CLEA of Earth-311 - circa 1602 AD, widow of Stephen Strange, returned to the Dark Dimension after the reality was saved
    --1602#1 (2-5, 7,8

STRANGE, DONNA - sister? of Stephen
    --Order#6 (6(fb)

STRANGE, SOPHIE - sorceress, intended to be the secret daughter of Clea and Stephen Strange
    magical powers
    (app)--Epic Anthology#1/3

STRANGE, STEPHEN - see Dr. STRANGE--Strange Tales I#110

    transformed into vampire, placed into stasis and protected from Montesi formula by Dr. Strange, revived by Marie LaVeau to renew curse of vampirism, became her pawn
    (OH2006#10)--Dr. Strange III#10 (45(fb), 10,11-->baron blood)

STRANGEFOOT, Prof. -Department F.66, Scotland Yard, trained by ancient Tibetan lama living out of a YMCA
    (app-f66)--Pryde & Wisdom#1 (2, 3

STRANGE MATTER dim (Shanzar) – extradimensional realm where matter is much denser than in earth's dim
    (app-shan)—Incredible Hulk II#370 (371, 9; Dr. Strange III Annual#2

STRANGER ( ) - enigmatic cosmic entity, formerly claimed to be last survivor of the dyson sphere Ggantus, experimental scientist, surveyor of worlds, vivisectionist, captures and imprisons various beings of power, sought to force evolution of mankind to bring about the end of the universe and leave himself as the sole survivor (as Galactus was from the previous universe), rebuilt Battleworld and used it to observe superhuman battles in order to learn how humanity might be stopped
    manipulate cosmic and psionic forces for variety of effects
    (I#10, D#12, M, 2006#11)—X-Men I#11 (Quasar#16(fb), XM11, X-Men Forever#3(fb3), UX18, Avengers I#47, Tales to Astonish I#89/2, 90/2, 91/2, Silver Surfer I#5, Thor I#178, Fantastic Four I#116, Captain Marvel I#42, Avengers Annual#7 (fb), Marvel Team-Up I#55, Champions#12,13, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#5, Silver Surfer III#27, 29-31, Av316-318, Fantastic Four An23, Quasar#14-16, Infinity Gauntlet#3-6, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#1, Incredible Hulk II#412, Starblast#2, Quas55, StarBlast#3, Q56, SB4, Q57,Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#1, 1 (fb), 2 (fb), 3,  [XMFor1-4], 5, 6, Marvel Universe: The End#4-6, [Beyond#6 (fb), 3 (fb)], 1, [2-5], 6, Astonishing Thor#3 (fb), 3, 5, Avengers Assemble II#7-8

STRANGER - alien stranded on Earth, briefly worked for Carl Barker to raise money to return home, stole the "jazzed up" car of J.B. Winthrop and flew home when Barker tried to cheat him out of his money
    (app-barker)--Journey into Mystery I#89/2

STRANGER (     ) - Shadowriders
    (app)--ShadowRiders#1 (2-4

STRANGERS of Earth-93060 (Atom Bob, Electrocute, Grenade, Lady Killer, Spectral, Yrial, Zipzap, Teknight)

STRANGLEHOLD ( ) - Sword of Damocles foundation, pursued Arcadia and Ulysses.
    large + strong, blue armor with eye-slit
    --X-Force#83, (named + fully seen) 84 (97

STRANGLER (  ) - Shatterforce
    Generate electrical blasts through armored suit
    (app-shatterfc)--Nova II#8 (9,13,14

STRANGWAY, ILSA - vampire, middle-aged former actress and model, bartered Black Mirror to Dracula in an attempt to regain youth by becoming a vampire, allowed self to be destroyed by Rachel van Helsing when she learned that she could only maintain age at time of death and not become younger.
    wf, dark hair
    *D/R/D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#3(4d)

STRASSER, Major JOHANN - @ World War II, Nazi, former commander of Devil's Island base that held Laurie Livingston, Doc Watson, and Howard Shigeta, sought to romance Livingston, killed by Sgt. Schoen so he couldn't be used as a hostage.
    *D* (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#5 ([5(fb), 5(fb, dies)

STRASSER, DOCTOR - Nazi madman, caused people to float in air; enemy of the Patriot
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#30 (April 1942)

STRATHCOE, ANGUS - Scottish, father of Mingus, attempted to ward off Clansman, resulting in the Clansman’s distraction and death
    (app-clansman) --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors

STRATHCOE, MINGUS - Scottish drug dealer, son of Angus, allied with Hans-Dieter Flurgen + Monsieur Marat + Moscow Eddie Yarkov + Bruno Zanussi in plot to smuggle cocaine in countries while distilled in whiskey, killed by Punisher and Clansman
    *D* (app-clansman)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (Blood on the Moors (dies)

STRATHER - lawyer of Dr. Eric Willis, contacted Thor
    --Thor I#345

    --X-Club#1 (2012)

STRATOPLANE - Thin Man's plane, runs on endless fuel supply, made of Duragen, contains radio and television, flown by Olalla
    --Mystic Comics#4/3 (Marvel Premiere #29

STRATOR - Stonian, captured Diane Cummings and Magnor, killed by It the Living Colossus
    --Astonishing Tales #22 (23d

STRATOR UMBRIDGE of Earth-Cable - New Canaanite, independent, betrayed dayspring, killed by Tetherblood
    *D*--[X-Men: Book of the Askani], Askani'son#1 (2, 4d)

STRATOSFIRE (Sandy Vincent) - political science degree, Roxxon secretary, empowered in similar manner to Sunturion, acted as a hero to improve Roxxon’s public image, as well as a covert agent to destroy their competitors abroad, broke away from the company after they had her best friend Babs Bendix killed for disclosing her activities to Tony Stark, began destroying weapons projects until Sunturion killed her by activating Roxxon’s zed control within her.
    fly, teleport herself and others, transform into and manipulate microwave energy, wf, blond
    *D* (1980s, app)--Iron Man Annual#9


STRATTON, Dr. ARNOLD - UK's Super-Soldier program scientist
    --Super Soldiers#

STRATTON, PAULINE "PAULIE" - Cypress Hill Jokers, stole briefcase containing canisters of lethal gas sought by Deathwatch, abducted by Morlocks (to protect her from Masque, saved by Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch)
    (app)--Ghost Rider III#1 (3, 9, 25

STRAUSS of the Earth-93060 – Lodge
    --Firearm I#10

STRAUSS, EDGAR of Earth-93060 - magic weapons dealer
    --Mantra (uv)#1(2,3,5,10

STRAUSSER, EUGENE - damage control head of research & development, formerly of shield, attacked dc after being fired by Carltonco, but rehabilitated
    (U#2-DC)--Damage Control I#1 (4(fb), 1,2, Marvel Age Annual#4, DamCont#3,4

STRAW of Earth-93060 - see LORD PUMPKIN (app-lordpumpkin)--NecroMantra/Lord Pumpkin#2

STRAW MAN - Fearlord, magical warden, centuries old, lives within dimension accessed by painting which is painted over a picture of Kalumai, trapped kalumai in painting centuries ago after a lengthy battle.
    superhuman strength and agility, command crows and trees, immune to most forms of injury, weakness to fire, laughs maniacally
    -SCARECROW*, SKIRRA CORVUS (OH: Hor, app)--Dr. Strange III#38 (Dead of Night#11, Marvel Spotlight I#26, Marvel Two-In-One#28, Dr. Strange III#31/2(fb), 31/2, 38, 40

STREAK - see KEEN, JULES (app)--Bizarre Adventures#32/5

STREAK (Frank Moody) - Happy Campers.
    move at superhuman speeds
    (app-hc)--NFL Superpro#10

STREET (Henry Kramer) of Earth-20051 - mutated in chemical accident, composed of road-building materials
    (app)--Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#4 (Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#8

STREET ANGELS - group of young vigilantes organized by Nestor Rodriguez, disbanded after death of Hector Rodriguez
    --Daredevil: Father#1 (1 (fb) / 4 (fb)

STREET ARABS (Creeper, Hoyden, Dead George Pelham, Spieler, Swell, Tristan, Yellow Kid) - circa 1907 AD, superhuman street gang
    --Runaways II#27 (28-30

STREETCAR BARN (Althea Neville) - New Orleans, band
    (app-king-cake killer)--Namor I#51

STREETMAN ( ) - mutant, acts as spy for Kingpin
    enhanced hearing
    (app)—Marvel Graphic Novel: The Agent

STREET PEOPLE (Cheyanne, Horsemeat, Moonchild, Qwami, Rif)
    - hippies
    --Howard the Duck II#6/2 (7

street punks of Earth-M - assaulted Silver Surfer in his male model form
    (app-earthm)--Silver Surfer hardcover

STREET SPEEDER (Harrison Stavrou) - ran up and down streets all day, annoying two old women, who hired Deadpool to kill him; evaded his traps until caught offguard and shot in the stomach
    superhuman speed
    *D?* (app)--Deadpool III#56

STREGA, - Resurrection Corps
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#1 (2011)

STREICH, NEAL - FBI, investigated Tony Stark for weapons deal frame, but helped exonerate him when he was found to be innocent
    --Iron Man III#66 (67-69

"strength" ( ) - 1400 Club assassin serving Justin Hammer, killed by Foreigner
    amplified strength
    (app-1400clubleader)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#14/2 ([14/2(fb)], 14/2d)

STRESS - see DRANG--Captain Marvel VI#7

STRETCH (    ) - Pride, went mad after learning the truth about what they were doing
    overweight male
    --[Runaways II#6], 14 (14 (fb), 14-18, [19 (fb)]

STRICKER, JAMES - Stamford resident, father of a first grader killed in Nitro's explosion, shot Robbie Baldwin as he approached the court building, released as part of Baldwin's deal with the US government in exchange for his registration
    --Civil War: Front Line #5/2, (named) 7/2 (5/2//5, [6/2-7/2], 10/2

STRICKLAND, Mr. - associated with anti-powers group that de-programmed Tia and attempted to do the same with Cloak (Tyrone Johnson)
    --Cloak and Dagger IV#1

STRIDER - flying white steed, given to Black Knight by Lady of the Lake.
    protects rider from winds, travel underwater
    --Heroes for Hire#2 (3-5, 8, Quicksilver#7(fb), Avengers III#1,[2-4], HfH#12,13, Quick#7, HfH#14, Hero for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 1998, Excalibur II#2-4

STRIDERS of Other Earth – large tripod weapons utilized by the Warlord
    (app-warlord)—Fantastic Four I#272 (273

STRIGAE - demon, servant of Beelzeboul, killed by Terror.
    Red skin, wings
    (app-beel)--Terror, INC#3 (4

STRIKE ( ) - South African mercenary, agent of Anton Pretorius, partner of Elmer Gore, forced by Black Panther to reveal Ramonda’s whereabouts, former boyfriend of Ruth
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#13/2], 14/2 (15/2, 19/2, 29/2-32/2

STRIKE of Earth-93060 (Brandon Tark) - Exiles-strike
    -WARSTRIKE*--All-New Exiles (uv) Infinity

S.T.R.I.K.E. (Lance Hunter, Col. Radcliffe (traitor))
    - precursor to RCX, infiltrated by Vixen, who eliminated the Psi-Division
    -Special Tactical Response for International Key Emergencies
    --Captain Britain I# (15-27 32

    cyborg implants degenerated and he died.
    (app)--Lethal Foes of Spider-Man#3 ([4(fb)], 3-4, Thunderbolts#56 (fb, dies))

STRIKEFORCE ONE (Amazon, Behemoth, Demi-God, Dragonfist, Knight Errant, She-Cat, Stinger)
    - servants of the Master, clones of some of the original Heroes for Hire, imbued with memories + personalities based on the Master
    --Heroes for Hire#11,12

STRIKEFORCE Q7 – (Automaton, Banzai, Firestryke, Harvestor, Victor Sternwood, Tanuta Umbotha)
    - mercenaries, former agents of Mys-Tech, employed by Otomocorp to obtain Gene Scanner, slew Panther, captured and tortured by Hurricane
    Q7 STRIKEFORCE* (app)--Knights of Pendragon II#2 (GeneDogs#1-4

STRIKER (Tomas Aguado) – Shadows.
    strong, wears metal knuckle covers
    (app)--Force Works#12/2 (War Machine#15/2, Iron Man I#317/2

STRIKER, SAM - Las Vegas gangster, employed Frost, attempted to take control of Suzy Berengetti’s operations
    --Incredible Hulk II#395 (396

STRIKER, WILLIS - @ 1952, transformed into tree-like creature by old man in Tarryville, in the Catskills
    (app)--Marvel Tales I#105/4

STRIKER LLEWELLYN (Owen Llewellyn) of Earth-20712 - Corps
    --X-Men: Die by the Sword#1 (2007)

STRING - Deviant, with Coal + Spike, sent by Ghaur to retrieve the Proteus Horn, mistaken for Sunspot by Namorita
    --New Mutants Annual#5

STRINGER, - closet mutant, reporter?, blamed for assassination attempt by Madrox, died following an attack by the real killers
    *D*--Madrox#2 (4, 5d)

STRINGER, AMY - mutant, students at St. Madeline’s School for Academic Excellence, shot in random act of violence by Casey Fullerton, blinded and temporarily crippled, used powers in effort to take out her rage on those around her, taught to control her anger and abilities by Professor X.
    Telepath, project blindness and pain of being shot
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual 2001

STRINGFELLOW ( ) – mutant, X-Corps, assisted Sunspot/Bogan against Cannonball + Rogue
    render others into uncontrolled elastic form
    --X-Treme X-Men#35

    --X-Club#1 (2012)

STRIPES (    ) - criminal, formerly partnered with Sandman
    --Spider-Man Family#1

STRIPMINE (    ) - allied with Appraiser and Trolls in failed effort to takeover Genosha
    --[Excalibur III#5], 6 (7, 8

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