SPIELER - Street Arabs
    --Runaways II#27

SPIERLING, JASON - former head of Paladin Corporation, killed by Elektra
    *D*--Elektra II#24 (24d)

SPIKE (    ) - The People, apparently perished in the destruction of her mansion
    youth, six arms
    *D* (app-auntserr)--Sub-Mariner I#42 ([42(fb)], 42

SPIKE - Deviant, with Coal + String, sent by Ghaur to retrieve the Proteus Horn, mistaken for Sunspot by Namorita
    --New Mutants Annual#5

SPIKE - Hellbent, father of Cadre (Dementia, Shard, Vortex)
    fire spikes that cause delusion
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#58

SPIKE - see Spike Freeman--X-Force#120

SPIKE (Darian Elliott) - mutant, X-Force, killed fighting Bush Rangers.
    bm, generate and fire razor-sharp spikes
    *D* (app)--X-Force I#121 (122, 123, 124, Brotherhood#9, X-Force#125(fb), 125-127, 128d)

SPIKE ( ) - mutant, Xavier Institute.
    spikes on skin
    --X-Men II#134

SPIKE ( ) - Mog, agent of Rainman, forced to inform on him by White Tiger (Cole)

SPIKE - ant, ally of Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady)
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#4

SPIKE (    ) - robot under MODOT's control, acted as radio personality
    --[Howard the Duck IV#2]

SPIKE of Earth-X-Men Evolution (    ) - nephew of Storm
    --X-Men Evolution cartoon

SPIKE of Earth-1961 (Luna Storm) - Fantastic Four, daughter of Human Torch + Crystal, , duped into allowing Wizard into the FF's hq
    elongated hair like Medusa's
    (app-earth1961)--Fantastic Four 1998 Annual

SPIKES (Barb?, Cutter, Dervish, Porous, + 3) - mutant gang (based in New Orleans and later Valle Soleada), treat humans as genetic static, turned on to Kick by Bogan (?)
    --X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose#1 (2, X-Treme X-Men#31, [32],33-35

SPIKES - assaulted Sakaar, later used by the Red King against the Hulk
    infect and take over others
    (Planet Hulk Gladiator Guidebook)--(mentioned) Incredible Hulk III#93, (full) #98 (103 (fb), 101 (fb), 98-104

SPIKEY ( ) - Bianca Laniege's dwarves.
    spiked hair + armor
    (app-bl)--Generation X #40 (42-44

    Superhuman Power Inhibiting Nannites--
    Avengers: Initiative

SPINACH ( ) - entrepreneur, developed spray from sample of She-Hulk’s blood, which granted limited superhuman powers, sought to publicize product in battle with the Hulk, but General Ross destroyed all video evidence
    --Marvel: Double Shot#1

SPINDLE, Mr. - former high-ranking officer at Glenn industries, attempted to wrest control from heather Glenn following death of Maxwell Glenn, involved in criminal activities, exposed by Daredevil and Foggy Nelson
    --Daredevil I#182 (185, 186

SPINDRIFTER (Marandi Sjorokker) - extradimensional sorceress, over two hundred years old, called on Spider-Man for assistance against the Tordenkakerlaker, ultimately had to allow herself to mature into an adult to access the power necessary to defeat it, appears as pre-teen wf
    -[SEA SPRAYS] (1980s, app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Hooky

"SPINDRONE" - techno-art creation of Bereet
    spins like a top
    (app-bereet)--Incredible Hulk II#269

SPINE OF AGAMOTTO - used by Robert Minoru to install a California governor who would keep the Pride affluent
    --[Runaways I#11] ([11 (fb)]

SPINE of COMPLICITY - Negative Zone, coercion device designed by Hawal
    --Annihilation: Super-Skrull#3

SPINELESS ONES (Mojo, Arize) - natives of Mojoverse
    --[Longshot2], 3

SPINNENFRAU (   ) - Women's Liberation Movement member who took the role of Spider-Woman to show women could be as heroic as men
    (app)--Die Spinne#37/2

SPINNER (    ) - Initiative: Freedom Force
    wakes up with a new power each day
    (app)--Avengers: Initiative#12

    Fates/Norns. (app-fates)--Tales to Astonish I#33, Journey into Mystery I#102/2

'SPINNER (    ) - extraterrestrial, Galactic Alliance of Spider-Man, worried about Aunt Rae-843 having a heart attack as her heart was the only organic part left in her
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3

SPINNER, MAURA - former oceanographer aboard the Marietta, apparent reincarnation of Maura Hawke, kidnapped by Captain Fate in order to kill Khordes and release himself and his crew from Khordes' curse, she instead became Khordes' companion
    (app)—Man-Thing I#13 (14, Man-Thing II#8

SPINNERET - New Men, Animen
    (app)--Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1

SPINERETTE (Solon Stabilizer) - Solon female, sent searching for iridium to power ship, became intoxicated by Earth’s atmosphere, became involved with a group of criminals, detoxified and assisted by Fantastic Four.
    induce or prevent vertigo
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#237 ([237 (fb)], 237 (fb), 237

SPINEY 2099 - Degen, stayed with Matt Axel
    --Punisher 2099#17

SPINSTERHOOD (Ganymede, Persephone) - order of female dedicated to arts of combat and battle, arose billions of years ago to fight off Tyrant, went into suspended animation after his defeat by Galactus, disguised stasis centers as space debris
    (app-gan)--Silver Surfer III#80, 81 (Surf81(fb)

S.P.I.N.TECH - Stark/SHIELD/Pym designed technology to inhibit the use of super-powers via neural feedback; Hardball stole a sample for ??, unaware that it was the sample to be used against the Hulk
    Super-Powers Inhibiting Nanobots--Avengers: The Initiative#3

SPINY NORMAN (    ) - London Morlocks
    project quills
    (app)--X-Men: Watchers on the Wall

SPIRAL (Rita Wayword) - former ally of Longshot, later enslaved by Mojo,
    sorcerous powers, six arms, skilled swordswoman
    -RICOCHET RITA?* (D#12, M?, OH2006#10, net)--Longshot#1 (X-Factor An7(fb), Uncanny X-Men#199, Longshot#1-6, Wolverine II#37(fb), UX205, 207, X-Factor I#8, UX209, Excalibur I#64(fb), Avengers An15, West Coast Avengers An1, New Mutants An2, Uncanny X-Men An10, UX223,[224],225,226,[227], New Mutants I#65, XFac30,31, Captain America I#346, XFac33, Daredevil I#269, Marvel Comics Presents#41/4, MCP82/2-84/2,86/2,87/2,89/2, X-Men II#5, Wolverine II#51-53, XFacAn7, XForce#60-62, Beast#1-3, Marvel Fanfare II#4,5, Ex109(fb),107-110, Exiles#18, X-Force: Shatterstar#1-2, [3(fb)], 3-4, [UX460(fb)], 460-461, Uncanny X-Men#488/2, 491/2

SPIRAL (Estelle Geis) - ally of Razorfist
    uses vortex staff
    --Thor I#497

SPIRAL TOWER - former power base of the Bane
    --[Knights of Pendragon I#13], 15

SPIRIDKIN (Rikskath) - second group of Araknoids worshipping Pendragon, consists of those who survived the attack from the Warheads
    (app-arakne)--Knights of Pendragon II#8 (9

spirit of the Hyborian era - see ORMRAXES
    (app-eithriall)--Conan the Barbarian I#29

SPIRIT (Xira) - Gamora's Graces, woman worships Death Metal as her personal death avatar, slain by the Annihilation Wave
    *D* (Annihilation: Nova Files, app)--Death Metal#2 (3, 4, Annihilation: Ronan#2 (fb), 2, [3], 4d)

SPIRIT in the STONE-see PARIAH (app-par)--Incredible Hulk II#268

    --Marvel Holiday Special 1994

SPIRIT of the COMICS CODE AUTHORITY - banished Specter of Early Cancellation
    --What The...? I#16

SPIRIT of the JEWEL - alternate future counterpart of Tarene, empowered Desak, guided him to slay Thor and other gods
    --Thor Annual 2001 (Thor II#48, 50/2

SPIRIT of '76 (William Nasland) - American, Crusaders, All-Winners Squad, originally acted as hero in Philadelphia in 1942, selected by Pres. Truman to take over identity of Captain America following his disappearance post World War II, killed by android servant of Adam II in 1946 while attempting to warn All-Winner’s Squad of Adam II’s plot to kidnap or kill congressional candidate John F. Kennedy
    -CAPTAIN AMERICA* *D* (I#14,D#19,M, OH:GA)--Invaders I#14 (15, Captain America Annual#13, What If? I#4(fb), Namor Annual#1, All Winners Squad#19, 21, She-Hulk II#22, Captain America Annual#6, W? I#4d)

SPIRIT of VENGEANCE of Earth-Guardians (Wileaydus Autolycus) - Galactic Guardians, Sark, former priest for Universal Church of Truth, possible future incarnation of Ghost Rider/Noble Kale.
    generate hellfire, create flying motorcycle, superhuman strength + durability
    -The Flaming Demon (M)--(Autolycus) Guardians of the Galaxy#12, (SoV) 13 (14, Guardians of the Galaxy An1, GotG#35-37

SPIRIT of VENGEANCE of Earth-Ghost Rider: Barb Ketch - merged with and controlled by Barb Ketch, separated by Dr. Strange, escaped
    GHOST RIDER* (app-earthgrbk)--What If II#45

SPIRIT BANNER of TEMUJIN - sacred talisman of the Atlas Foundation, woven from the hair of Temujin's loyal horse
    --Agents of Atlas#6

SPIRIT CHAMBER - Jalessa's private chamber used to communicate with the Monolith
    --2001: A Space Odyssey#4

SPIRIT DRAGON of Earth-Nightside - origin unknown, somehow bound to princess Orugawa,
    normally appeared as a tattoo, when called upon her it assumed its true form to do her bidding, possibly destroyed by Sydney Taine using the Shoshan’s Sword
    (app-blackdragons)--Nightside#2 (3, 4

SPIRIT GEM of NEPHRUS - Contained his soul, used by Gamal Hassan, allowed Nephrus to possess his form, crumbled after separated from Hassan/Nephrus
    *Des* (app-neph)--Marvel Two-In-One#95

    1496, Lang Kah, Tibet
    --Epic Anthology#1/2

SPIRO, AARON of Earth-6216 - AIM
    --Amazing Fantasy II#16

SPIRIT MOLD - armored form of Soul Survivors, powered by full might of their god
    (app-souls)--Thor I#262(263, [Quasar#35]-soul eater

SPIRIT STONE - power item of Sioux, buried with Towering Oak.
    gives great strength to wearer, but can be fatal if wearer is in poor health
    (app-toweringoak)--Ghost Rider I#6 ([6(fb)], 6

SPIRITUAL LIGHT SOCIETY - New York based street mission group forced to move south after a political scandal; possible precursor of the Dragon Circle

    (app-world1000galaxies)--Thor Annual#2

SPIRITS of VENGEANCE - pre-Atlantean warriors, fought against Zarathos
    (MKE, app-blood)--Ghost Rider III#42

SPIRITS of VENGEANCE (Bai Gu Jing, Baron Skullfire, Johnny Blaze, Marinette Bwa Chech, Guru Dragpo of Tibet, Dan Ketch, Molek, Springheeled Jack, Yokai-Raida)
    - empowered by forces of Heaven, stationed in different parts of the globe, each tailored to that area's culture and religions
    --Marvel Spotlight I#5, Ghost Rider VI#28 (
    28    31
    Ghost Rider: Dan Ketch #3

SPIRITS of VENGEANCE (Doghead, Pao Fu, Verminus Rex, Wallow)
    (MKE, OH2006#10)--Ghost Rider III#90

    --[ ], Dr. Strange III#83

SPIT (Marvin Lockerbie) - Wildboys
    --Daredevil I#253 (260, Daredevil Annual#4B/2, An6, An8/2, DD317,318

SPIT ( ) - Monastery Hill gunrunners, agent of Rachel, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VI#28 (29, 31d)

SPITBALL (Robert Delgado) – Brood Mutants, mutant, former lawyer, killed by X-Men.
    spit spheres of super-heated plasma that explode on contact
    *D* (app-bm)--Uncanny X-Men#232 (233, 234d)

SPITE - demon, sister of D'Spayre, formerly trapped w/in crimson cosmos
    --X-Men Unlimited#12

SPITFIRE (Jacqueline "Jackie" Falsworth* Crichton*(LADY Crichton)) - World War II, Invaders, modern era Invaders, chief executive officer of falsworth industries, daughter of Union Jack (Montgomery), sister of union jack (Brian), widow of lord Crichton, mother of ken Crichton/Baron Blood, empowered by bite from Baron Blood and transfusion from android Human Torch, powers have faded in and out with time, currently young, but aging at twice normal rate
    fly, enhanced speed and physical abilities
    (I#14,M, OH:GA, net)--Invaders I#11, 12 (Mortigan Goth: Immortalis#2(fb), Invaders#11,12, 18-21, 30, 34, 39-41, Citizen V and the V Battalion#1(fb), Marvel Super-Heroes III#4/4(fb), Marvel Universe#1(fb), [Winter Soldier: Winter Kills#1 (fb, xmas 1944)], Namor Annual#1, Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1(fb), Captain America I#253, 254, [Mighty World of Marvel#8?], Marvel Comics Presents#89/3(fb), MSH III#4/4, Knights of Pendragon II#6?, Namor12(fb), 12, MCP#89/3, Namor An1/3, Namor#13, 15(fb), 19, 21, 23, Namor An2/3, Nam27, Mortigan Goth: Immortalis#1-4, Union Jack#1-3, X-Men: Hellfire Club#3, Avengers III#82-84, Invaders III#0, 1-3, 4-5, 7-9, Captain America V#18-21, Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#5, Captain Britain and MI13#1-4


SPITIRE of Earth-15731 (Jenny Swensen) - Exiles of Earth-91172
    --Exiles: Days of Then and Now#1

SPITFIRE of Earth-148611 - see CHROME
    (OH: AZU#3-chrome, app)--Spitfire & Troubleshooters (nu)#1 ([1(fbs)], [10(fb)], [1(fb)], 12(fb), Amazing Fantasy II#19/2, Sf&Ts#1, Starbrand#2, Spitfire#2-10, [11(fb)], 11(fb), 11, 12, 13, The Pitt, DP7#19-21, [23(fb)], 23, Psi-Force#20/2//[DP7#24(fb)], DP726-30, Star Brand#18, DP7#30, 31/2, 32, War#4, Quasar#31, 56, Starblast#4, Quas5B

SPITFIRE of Earth-148611 (Jake Travest) - CIA agent, former partner of Jenny in Project: Spitfire, given armor after left behind by Jenny

SPITFIRE armor - see MAX armor (app)--Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#1

SPITFIRE and the BLACKHAWKS of Earth-Amalgam - Spitfire and the Troubleshooters + Blackhawks, universe-2
    --[Challengers of the Fantastic#1]

SPLASH - SHIELD I multi-environmental craft, utilized by Fury in attempt to claim Iron Man armor which was dumped in the ocean by Iron Man (Rhodes) to prevent Stane from getting them
    -Special Personnel Air Sea Hovercraft--Iron Man I#175

SPLATT the FLAT CAT - sidekick of Roadkill
    (app-rk)--Dr. Strange III#38 (Secret Defenders#4,5,

SPLICE (Chandra Ku) - Young Gods, craftsmaker, former eighteenth century Zulu girl,
    animate inanimate objects, rearrange matter
    (U#8, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, app)--Thor I#300, (named) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 (SpecSp An8/3, Thor301(fb), 300, [SpecAn8(fb)], 8, 8/2, Marvel Comics Presents#101/2-102/2, 106/2-109/2

SPLICE ( ) - mercenary
    (app)--Wonder Man I#4 (Wonder Man An2, WM17-21

SPLINTER - portion of SWORD warship
    --Astonishing X-Men#20

    - the jagged patchwork of lesser Hells, demon dimensions, and chaotic wastes; exist in all planes from the central realm of Otherplace
    Allegedly split millions to billions of years ago to prevent any one being from ruling such a realm and gaining absolute power.
    --Magik II#1 (2-4

SPLINY - 18th century pirate in what would become Blackbeard's crew, encountered time traveling Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, and Thing
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#5

SPLIT-EAR - see OZMATLI --Conan the Barbarian I#43

SPLIT-INFINITY 8162 - game
    --[Death's Head I#1],3

SPLIT-SECOND SQUAD (Joe the Gorilla, Onionhead, Pecos, Cap’n Skragg, Sweet William, Pin-Stripe)
    - agents of Kronus
    (app)—Avengers I#77

SPLIT-SECOND SQUAD - attempted to hijack subway, stopped by Fantastic Four
    (app)--Fantastic Four Unlimited#9

SPLIT-SECOND SQUAD ( ) - six costumed agents of taskmaster, assisted him in framing a group of "avengers" for destruction of triune understanding’s hew york hq.
    full black costume with small clock face on chest
    (app)--Avengers III#26

SPLIT-VISION (    ) - see BOY
    --X-Men II#167

SPOILER ( ) -  @1940s, criminal, tried to humiliate Sun Girl
    (app)--Sun Girl#3/4

SPOILER ( ) - mercenary, formerly worked for Life Foundation, motivated entirely by profit
    Superhuman strength + durability, used guns and rocket boots.
    (app)--Spider-Man: Arachnis Project#1 (2-5

SPOILSPORT ( ) - Rising Sons, younger sister of Dragonwing.
    Uses roller-blades to defy gravity, variety of weaponry. wf, red hair
    (app-rs)--Generation X#53 (53(fb), 53, 54

SPONGE ( ) - warpy.
    neutralize powers, floating, yellow, round female child with vestigial hands
    --Excalibur I#63

SPONGE of Earth-148611 (Miriam Sorenson) - DP7,
    absorb and expel large amounts of water
    --KICKERS, inc#5

SPOOK (Hans Knute) – American newspaper reporter and Nazi agent that convinced a subterranean people called Sub-Earthmen to attack the surface world.
    --Captain America Comics#17/3 (August 1942) “Sub-Earthman's Revenge”

SPOOK ( ) - government agent, gave orders to SHIELD, director of the Black Hole, encountered Punisher during war, sought to consolidate power for himself, masterminded plot to brainwash Punisher and send him to assassinate Nick Fury
    *D* (net-fury)--Ghost Rider III#58 (60-64, 65(-p6), Double Edge: Alpha, GR65(p7+)d

SPOOK (   ) - Fury Force
    (app-ff)--Back Issues#16

SPOOK of Earth-93060 ( ) - ultra, friend of Mosh.
    turn invisible

SPOONER, - FBI or CIA, present at Champions honoring ceremony at UCLA
    --Giant-Size Hulk II#1

SPOOR - local legend for which the monster-amoeba was named
    --(g) [Tales of Suspense I#11]

SPOOR - pre-marvel monster, giant amoeba created by unidentified scientist in Castle Frankenstein; when way villagers stormed the castle and imprisoned the scientist the amoeba was left inside the ray until it grew to gigantic proportions, rampaged through a nearby village, eventually led into quicksand by the scientist, apparently perished after sinking into quicksand
    (app)--(g) Tales of Suspense I#11

SPOOR (Andrew Hammish Graves) - mutant, Acolytes, Scottish,
    feral, enhanced senses, generate hostility in others
    (2006#1-acolytes, net)--Uncanny X-Men#300 (Excalibur I#88-90, X-Man#12, Ex95, 102, Quicksilver#11,Heroes for Hire#16,Q12,Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver' Annual 1998, X-Men: Magneto War, Magneto: Dark Seduction#1,2

SPORADNIK, YURI - Russian chessmaster, targeted by Leonard Tippit
    (app)--Avengers I#101

SPORE - Deviant mutate, created millennia in past as ultimate weapon against Eternals, gained immortality from consuming Eternals, destroyed @ 18000 BC by Celestial second host on el Jardin del Ray, particles of him were incorporated into the cocaine crop of Gen. Caridad, reformed self when incorporated into body of Caridad, destroyed by Sister Salvation.
    immense, semi-humanoid creature, consume and absorb others, growing in power
    (Marvel Monsters, app)--[Wolverine II#17], 21 (21(fb), [17(fb), 17-20],21-23

spores - unnamed aliens, attacked Therhin race
    —Iron Man I#157

spores - see GAMMA SPORES (app-larmouth)--Defenders I#132

SPORR - Fomalhauti mutant
    (app-fomal)—Thor I#256

SPORR – mutated from a fungus by Gena-Sys
    giant amorphous creature
    (app)--Codename: Genetix#1 (Genetix#1

SPORR - Inhumans, former prisoner of Terrigene
    (app)—Avengers I#376

SPORTSMEN of Earth-93060 (Andre, Davenport, Kramer, Lonny, Mace, Marley, Raddley-all dead, Edwin Mosley)
    --[Firerm#1], 3 (1-4

SPOT - pre-modern era, pet dog of John Warren, recognized him when he had swapped forms with Zetora
    (app-zetora)--Journey into Mystery I#57/4

SPOT (Dr. Johnathon (or Jonathan) Ohnn) - Spider-Man Revenge Squad, former scientist searching for source to empower enforcer for kingpin, located Spotworld dim while attempting to tap into Cloak’s Dark Dimension, formerly held by Gideon Trust ands used to open dimensional apertures, later allied with Tombstone who arranged his parole, helped him escape, but neck broken by him, recovered, slaughtered and resurrected by the Hand
    covered with portals into spotworld, able to warp space partially or totally
    (OH2006#10, net)—Spectacular Spider-Man II#97 (Ohnn, unnamed), Spec98 (ohm named; Spot, unnamed), 99 (named) (100, Marvel Year-in-Review 1992, 245,246, Fantastic Four III#38, [39-43],44, Tangled Web of Spider-Man#16,17"d", Wolverine III#26-28, , Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1-3, 5 (fb), 3, Spider-Man: Swing Shift, Amazing Spider-Man#552

SPOT - Women's Extreme Wrestling League, cross-dressing cat-themed professional wrestler, ran in Summer Solstice Burnout, devoured in Tophetti's Tunnel of Terror
    --Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu#1d

SPOTA (Erica Hopson) -
    -Society for the Prevent Of Television Animals*--New Warriors III#2

SPOTLIGHT COSTUMES - costume store owned by Melvin Potter (Gladiator)
    (app)--Daredevil I#18 (
DD186,  Spectacular Spider-Man II#77, DD230,231, Amazing Spider-Man I#287, Marvel Comics Presents#98, Thor I#433, Thunderstrike#1

SPOTWORLD dim - alien world, may be intradimensional space, contains multiple small portals to earth’s dimension, distance is quantitized randomly, used by Spot to warp space
    apparently contained within the Dark Dimension
    —Spectacular Spider-Man II#98

SPOTTED DOE of the Old West - Comanche, daughter of flaming star, possible mother of ghost wind rider, summoned manitou to fight off ghost rider/blaze
    --Ghost Rider II#49 (50, 49

SPOTTED PLAGUE - contagion used by Mogul, nearly used to slaughter the people of the Forbidden Land
    --Thor I#

SPOTTED RAM - Seattle restaurant
    --Howard the Duck IV#3

SPOTTY of Earth-148611 - paranormal, partner of Pinhead.
    creates illusion of himself as a large, powerful creature

SPRAGG the LIVING HILL – extraterrestrial, prisoner of Big Enilwen, sent to earth as part of Maximum Security
    (Marvel Monsters, app)—Journey into Mystery I#68 (68(fb),68, She-Hulk II#31(fb), 31-33, 41(fb), 40(fb), 39,[40],41,42, Maximum Security#1(fb), [2,3]

SPRATT of Earth-5555 circa 8162 AD - former partner of death's head (FPA), killed by death’s head (Minion)
    *D* (app)--Death's Head I#1 (2-4, 6,7, Dragon's Claws#6, Death's Head I#9,10, Strip#14-17, 19, Death's Head II#2,3d)

SPRING, ALICE - girlfriend of Will Chance
    --ClanDestine#2 (3, 5, 9

SPRINGDALE - Connecticut town


    --Speedball#1 (
    Marvel Comics Presents#96/4

SPRINGER, JAMES - Redemption, Alabama; prosecuting attorney against Joel Flood
    --Daredevil: Redemption#5

SPRINGFIELD, TESSA - assistant to Tony Stark
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#515

SPRINGHEELED JACK - Spirit of Vengeance, active in London, fought neo-nazis
    --Ghost Rider: Dan Ketch#3

SPRINT ( ) - Grip.
    exo-skeleton, yellow costume with fin on head, speed +/- strength
    (app-grip)--Marvel Comics Presents#41/4

SPRITE - Eternal, mischievous, inspiration for Shakespeare's Puck as well as Peter Pan, former aid to Forgotten One while blinded, inadvertently transported Olympia to Negative Zone while trying to improve security, manipulated Ajak and Zuras to form a Uni-Mind powered by the Dreaming Celestial, turned all Eternals human, neck broken by Zuras for betrayal
    maintains youthful appearance
    -Robin Goodfellow *D* (D#12)--Eternals I#9 (Eternals III#4 (fbs), Eternals I#9-10, 13, [Thor I#287],288,289, 291, [300], [Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3], [Avengers I#246-248], Eternals II#1,[2-12], Av299, Av308, 310(fb),[309],310, Avengers Spotlight#35, Eternals: Herod Factor#1, Av355, 361, 374,375, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Eternals III#4 (fb), 1-6, 7d)

SPRITE - see SHADOWCAT—Uncanny X-Men#139 (141,142, Dazzler#1, UX143, Spider-Woman I#38, Dazz2, UX145,
    UX149, Avengers An10, UX150, UX151,152,
    X-Men Unlimited II#6(fb), UX177-179, New Mutants I#15-17,
    UX183, Kitty Pryde/Wolverine#1-6->shadowcat)

SPRITES - agents of ISAAC, allied with Dionysus
    (app-dion)--Captain Marvel I#60

sprites of Iskelior's realm -
    (app-iskelior)--Dr. Strange III#59

SPRITZ of Earth-Power Pachyderms - Perfect Masters
    (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1

SPROCKET (Amelia Barnhardt) - pilot of New Warriors, mother of Meteorite
    --New Warriors I#29 (Night Thrasher I#2,3, NewWar29(fb), 30(fb),
    NW54-56, Night Thrasher II#13, Nova II#14, NW#60, Avengers III#25

SPROUT of Earth-Sprout - alternate dimensional counterpart of Quoi
    CELESTIAL MESSIAH*, Arthur Raymond Celestine*, "The GREAT TERROR"*
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#51 ([51(fb)], 51

SPRUCE, agent - SHIELD, ID stolen by Eric O'Grady
    --[Irredeemable Ant-Man#12]

SPRUNG - Demon/Marea’s cult
    *D* (app-dem)--Marvel Comics Presents#8/2 (9/2

"SPUD" - Brotherhood, slaughtered at the X-Force parade. Bony protrusions from his back

SPUNJE - Skrull, Cadre K
    absorb and direct energy assaults
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet (Bishop: Last X-Man#15, Maximum Security#2, X-Men Unlimited#29, MS#3

SPUTs (Bozquip, Filvot, Oguot, Stalwag) - race of dwarves in Tunnelworld
    (app-tun)--Defenders I#71 (72, 78

SPUTNIK - see VOSTOK—Captain America I#352

spy ( ) - People’s Defense Force, sent to USA to capture secret of Pym Particles from Pym, defeated by Ant-Man (Pym)
    --Tales to Astonish I#35 (West Coast Avengers II#33, 36

SPYDER - space pirate, head of the Webb
    (U#7,net)—New Mutants I#66

"S'PYKE" - Ruined
    (app-ruined)--Fantastic Four III#1

SPY who cannot be CAUGHT - see WORM MAN (app)--Strange Tales I#78

SPYMASTER ( ) - former agent of Roxxon and Justin Hammer, trainer and leader of Espionage Elite, master of espionage, died when tricked by Ghost into materializing inside a wall.
    master of armed and unarmed combat, used advanced weaponry, project concussive blasts + electromagnets + incendiary missiles + razor discs
    -Ted Calloway, Jake Jordan, "Anthony Stark", Harmon Taylor, numerous others
   (D#12, 19, M, AZU#4, net)—Iron Man I#33 (Iron Man: IronAge#2, IM33-35,Daredevil I#73,IM36, IM113, 115-117, 126,127, 137-139, 210, Marvel Super-Heroes III#12/3, Dark Reign: Made Men#1