SOOFI (Sudd, Supreme Soofi ) - morally intolerant cult, led by woman known to Howard, affiliated with B.E.S.T.
    -Save Our Offspring From Indecency (app)--Howard the Duck I#20 (21, Howard the Duck II#4/2

SOOFI: Death Commando of the Almighty – indoctrination book
    --Howard the Duck I#21 (1978)

SOOFI guide to Giddy Liberation, A – indoctrination book
    --Howard the Duck I#21 (1978)

SOON, Mr. - Korean CIA, allied with Ross Whittaker and Global Security, INC., killed by Punisher
    (app-whittaker)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder

SOONER, BETH - Oklahoma City, landlady to Don Blake
    --Thor III#1 (2, 4

SOOPhI (Supreme SOOPhI; formerly Cynical Duck (Howard the Duck) & Swizzle (Bev Switzler)
    - sought out the unemployed and disenfranchised, used EMAX Blanditron to brainwash them into service, eventually forming armies which would be sent by plane to fight for corporate profits abroad; a complicated formula was designed to maximize CEO bonuses; achieved Mayor Jonah Jameson's support to gain recruits in Manhattan; Spider-Man freed Howard from their control and manipulated Jonah into severing support from SOOPhI by claiming to have been a long time SOOPhI ally and supporter, and Howard freed Bev from their control.
    --Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1

SOPHIE - former tenant at May Parker's boarding house; See LUND, SOPHIE

SOPHIE ?? - Haven House, friend of Willie
    --Spider-Man: Breakout#2 (3-4

SOPHORONIA  of the Hyborian era - Ravonna, servant girl of Crigatha, had affair with Conan
    (app-jabezo)--Savage Sword of Conan#66

SOPHOS of the Hyborian era - lived in castle above village over Skull River, employed Anaximander, allowed him to taint the river, slain by Conan
    *D*--Savage Tales I#5

SORCERESS of Earth-Morgan- see SERSI.
    Queen's Vengeance
    (app-earthm)--Avengers III#2, (named) 5 (2, 3)

sorcerer - set mystic trap for Bor that turned him into snow
    --Thor III#7 (7 (fb)

SORCERER (Johnny Morton) - @ 1960, five year old, son of Ellen and Jack, developed either magical or telekinetic ability, lost ability when uncle Tom screamed at him, shattering his faith in himself
    formerly could mentally control his toy train
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#12/2 ([12/2(fb)], 12/2

SORCERER - trapped his betrayer inside of a painting, forced him back in there when he escaped
    magical powers, telekinesis, trap others inside of paintings
    (app)--Tales to Astonish#16/4 ([16/4(fb)], 16/4

SORCERER (Dorian Murdstone) - used Pandora's box, battled Human Torch (Storm), eccentric recluse, box taken by torch and thrown into ocean; Sorcerer affected by imp of fear
    (1960s, app)--Strange Tales I#109

SORCERER (Jonathan East) - mutant, born with ESP, trained by masters of various disciplines, amplified powers a psycho-intensifier, utilized synthetic man in effort to destroy spider-man, mind destroyed by feedback from psycho-intensifier
    *D* (1960s, app)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#14 (14(fb), 14

SORCERER - see LLAN the SORCEROR--Alpha Flight I#71

SORCERER of the INNER CIRCLE - see MOROPHLA (app-afterlings)--Tower of Blood; Conan the Barbarian I#43

sorcerer - unidentified, 16th Century Russian, slain by landlord of Cleft Skull Castle, his skeleton was kept chained in the dungeon until freed by Gaston the Butcher, at which point it strangled the landlord
    --Rattle of Bones; Savage Sword of Conan#18/4

sorcerer - unidentified, served Mordo in a plot to capture Dr. Strange in Hong Kong
    (app-min)--Strange Tales I#128/2

sorcerer - unidentified, summoned Mephisto, slain by him
    (app-fdg)--Silver Surfer I#8

sorcerer - unidentified slain by Demogoblin
    --Ghost Rider III#40

SORCERER's TRIAD (Holi, Moli, Torla) - K'ai
    - PANTHEON of SORCERERs--Incredible Hulk II#140 (148, 156, 203, 247,248

sorceress - used Moongem to show images of Kull and Gonra, told Daphna how to find the Sword of Gonra
    (app-gonra)--Kull the Conqueror III#9

SORCERESS of the NILE - see SAMIRA (app-sam)--Killpower: The Early Years#1

SORE SIR - magic user
    (app-ssa)--[<June 1977 hostess ads>--What If...? I#3]

SOREANA of Backworld - women warriors, saved from jungle cat by Bront, claimed him as her servant, defeating Keelooah to do so
    (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#65/2 (66/2

SOREL, Dr. HENRI - scientist, Project: Pegasus
    -RADION*, RAVAGER (app)--Marvel Two-In-One #9 (Iron Fist I#3,4, MTIO#55, Marvel Super-Heroes III#3/5, Avengers Unplugged#1

SORENSEN, JANET - mutant, daughter of Equinox, beaten by father when powers surfaced out of control.
    generate and project flame, bf
    --Marvel Comics Presents#147/3

SORENSEN, MERRIAM - see SPONGE of Earth-148611 --Kickers Inc. #5

SORROW ( ) - Fallen Stars, dwells on astral plane, ally of Devil-Slayer, aided inmates of Rosewell sanitarium
    mystical ability to generate hope and absorb pain, bf, mute
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Man-Thing III#3 ([Strange Tales IV#2(fb)], [4(fb)], ManTh8(fb), [3(fb)], 4(fb), [3(fb)], 3-5, [Strange Tales IV#2(fb)], 2, 3,4

S.O.S. - see SAVE OUR SOCIETY--Punisher II Annual#2

SOTEIRA - Morlock, became guardian of Revelation after her parents' death,
    (app-revelation)--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#2 ([2 (fb), 3 (fb)], 2 (fb) - 3 (fb), 2 (fb)

SOTO, JACQUES - Weapon X Project creation, French-Canadian, hunchback, kept Steve in back, killed by Ajax in his quest to locate Deadpool, spirit trapped on earth until Ajax killed
    D/spirit –Deadpool III#14 (Deadpool/Death Annual 1998(fb2), Dp14d, Deadpool/Death’98 + Dp18 + 19(spirit)

SOTO, STEVE - weapon x project creation, killed in recent times by ajax, trapped on earth as ghost until death of ajax.
    small troll-like creature, lived on the back of jacques
    *D*--Deadpool III#14 (Deadpool/Death Annual 1998(fb2), Dp14d, Dp/Death’98+Dp18+19(ghost) )

SOUL, THADDEUS 8162 - big game hunter, slaughtered the animals of Yel-Jek, sought as target by Death’s Head-FPA, nearly killed him instead, killed when "Greeny" pierced a Stakk's eardrums, which fell on and crushed him to death
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#76/3

SOUL of EVIL - see FANGOR  (app-rasputin)--Iron Man I#56

    --Marvel: Year in Review 1992

SOULANGE, PEPE - Arabian assassin, underworld czar of the Caspah, powerful in Arabic criminal circles, hired by Supremus to slay Nick Fury, only succeeded in killing an LMD
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#8

SOUL-BLADE - Given to Cotton Mather by Dark Rider to claim the life forces of the time-traveling Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, & Vision
    --Marvel Team-Up I#44

SOUL-CATCHER - power item, wand, fell from sky to earth in past, held by Cheyenne until stolen by Joshua Plague/Super-Skrull, temporarily trapped him within it
    --Marvel Chillers I#5 (6,7

SOUL CRYSTAL - see CRYSTAL of SOULS--Ghost Rider II#74

SOUL DAGGER - formed by Magik (Illyana Rasputin) from a fragment of the soul of Pixie (Megan Gwynn)
    --New X-Men#40 (41

SOUL-DARK 2099 - Mutroid, fought Deathstryk
    --Ravage 2099#25/3

SOUL DIVIDER - see VISIMAJORIS (app-vis)—Dr. Strange II#24

SOUL-DRINKER - alien demon, summoned by D’ken to consume Lilandra
    (app)--X-Men I#107

SOUL-EATER - see BELARIC MARCOSA (app-bm)--Werewolf by Night I#35

SOUL-EATER - activated by the former Soul Survivor K'rll, consumed other Soul Survivors, grew to vast power after consuming the life forces of the Kree killed by the Nega-Bomb at the conclusion of the Kree/Shi'ar war, destroyed when Quasar convinced the Kree to reject him
    (AZU#2, app)—Quasar#35 (36(fb), 35,36

SOULFATHER - see MIKAS (app-mik)—Iron Man I#42

SOULFIRE (Jason Maldonado) – bonded to demon
    (app)--Hellstorm#4 (5(fb), 4,5

SOUL GEM - Infinity Gem, former portion of Infinity Gauntlet, used by Adam Warlock, formerly used by Gardener and others.
    absorb life force of others into the pocket dimension Soul World
    --(unidentified) Marvel Premiere#1; (identified)
    (Ultraforce I#10(fb)/Silver Surfer III#44(fb)/Warlock Chronicles#1(fb)
    Warlock Chronicles#1(fb), Marvel Premiere#1
    Warlock I#14,15,
    Avengers Annual#7, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#2, Incredible Hulk II#248(fb), 247,248,
    Rune/Silver Surfer#1, Curse of Rune#1-3, Ultraforce I#10, Hardcase#26,Ultraforce/Avengers prelude#1, Avengers/Ultraforce#1, Ultraforce/Avengers#1, Black September Infinity,
    Thanos#1-5, Justice League/Avengers#

SOULGEM - magic, used by Dhasha Khan
    (app-dk)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#19

SOULLESS MAN - see CENTURIOUS (M,app)--Ghost Rider II#74

SOUL MAN (father Jason McCall) - riot squad, former priest, revived Gen. Ross and marlo chandler, killed in near destruction of freehold, Troyjans developed a machine based on his powers
    revive bodies of the dead
    *D* (net-rs)—Incredible Hulk II#345,399(400d)

SOUL MASTERS - natives of a Shadow Realm, created and sent Screamers to conquer other dimensions and then bring the survivors to them to feed upon; slain by Primus and Captain Mar-Vell.
    magical(?) powers, fire energy blasts, form shields, steal souls of others, create Screamers; unable to leave Shadow Realm
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight II#4 (4(fb), 4

    (starlord)—Inhumans IV#3

SOUL SHROUD - used by Mephisto to entrap Loki
    --Thor I#430

    (app) *D*--X-Men II#17 (18,19d)

SOUL SLAYER - demon, battled Iron Fist + Jade, allied with Dhasha Khan
    (app-dk)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#20

SOUL SLUG - referred to by Cobweb
    known for its slow speed

SOUL SLUG - created by Abyss
    (app-ab)--Death Metal#3

"soul snake" of the pre-Cataclysmic era - created by the Hooded Ones from Ridondo's soul
    (app-torranna)--Kull the Destroyer#24 (25

SOUL STEALER - mist-like entity which existed in the Soul Orb of Moondark
    (app-moon)--Marvel Team-Up I#91 (Ghost Rider II#56

SOUL STRANGLER ( ) - Ku Klux Klan leader in 1867 with appearance of a demon
    (app)--Jungle Action#22 (22(fb)

SOUL STRANGLER - Dragon Circle, embodiment of history and hatred of the kkk
    (app)—Jungle Action#22, Marvel Premiere#52 (53

SOUL SURVIVORS (K'Rll, N'Gll) - surviving Deonists aboard the doomsday star, kidnapped gods to use as power source, once kidnapped odin, defeated by asgardians, technology destroyed by them, all killed by k’rll when activated their artifical warrior and consumed their life forces
    *D* (app)--Thor I#261 (262,263, Quasar#36(fb,die))

SOUL SURVIVORS of Sylos VII- former natives of Sylos VII in the Microverse, visited by Arcturus Rann and Biotron @ 1000 years ago, built Bioship and traveled to earth, mutated into orange creatures that drain life energy from others
    (app)--Micronauts I#46 (47(fb), 46-50

SOUL SWORD - creation of Magik (Illyana Rasputin), created from darkest portion of her soul, while in Limbo-Otherplace, later given to Shadowcat, then Margali Szardos, then Magik (Amanda Sefton)
    (Mystic Arcana-Swords)--Magik#4 (
    Excalibur I#83-85,[ ; ],100,103, Nightcrawler III#

SOUL SWORD of BATA’s CIRCLE - magic item, used by Magik of the Exiles, slew Captain America/Vampire King
    --Exiles#30, (named) #32

SOUL-THIEF - see RAZORHEAD (app)--X-Statix#5

SOUL WORLD (Black Knights, Borgia, Egeus, Kray-Torr, Autolycus, Magus, Star Thief, Adam Warlock + Pip + Gamora(released), Goddess, Warrior )
    -pocket dimension within soul gem
    --[Strange Tales I#179], Avengers Annual#7 (Marvel Two-In-One Annual#7
    [Silver Surfer III#44], 46-47, 48, [Infinity Gauntlet#1], 6
    Warlock & the Infinity Watch#33, 37

SOULLESS ONES - servants of Mephisto
    --Spirits of Vengeance#8

SOULS of the DAMNED (Joseph Gerhardt, Mr. Wilson, Lisa, Nikki, Satana, sociopath)
    - unwittingly brought back to Earth by Joshua Crow
    (app-crow)--Hellstorm#7 (8(fb), 7-10

SOUND ( ) - Sensors, defeated when brought within range of Vibranium mound.
    generate loud noises, project vibrations or sonic blasts
    (app-sens)--West Coast Avengers Annual#3

"sound" (Mia ) - 1400 Club assassin serving Justin Hammer, killed by Foreigner
    amplified hearing
    (app-1400clubleader)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#14/2 ([14/2(fb)], 14/2d)

SOUNDBYTE (      ) - Sensor Squad,
    wf, dark + spiky hair, sonic powers
    --Moon Knight III#39 (40

SOUNDSCREAM - Galadorian, second generation spaceknights, guarded hall of science, executed the angel elite, killed by arianne using one of lightningbolt’s bolts, summoned rest of rogue spaceknights before dying
    *D*--Rom#73 (73d)

SOURCESOLUTIONS - former company of Patrick Easton
    --[Immortal Iron Fist#18]

SOURIS, MICHAEL "MICKEY" - head of Carltonco, took over Damage Control briefly
    Minor mystical powers, excellent physical condition
    (app)--She-Hulk: Ceremony#1 (2, Damage Control II#4(fb), 1-4

SOUTH, Col. GULLIVAR - US government agent, associated with CIA, Commission, & FBI, assisted Tarantula (Alvarez) in rounding up illegal immigrants from Delvadia, aided by Captain America (Walker)
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#137 (138

    --Marvel Comics Presents#22/2 (23/2

SOUTHALL, STEVE - sheriff of Branding, gay, former boyfriend of Clark, opposed the arms dealers of Monastery Hill, killed whittling down their numbers
    *D*--Punisher VI#28 (29, 30, 31d)

SOUTHERN, CANDACE "CANDY" - former girlfriend of Warren Worthington, killed by Cameron Hodge, reborn as one of the Phalanx, destroyed self to stop Hodge
    wf, brunette
    "Marvel Girl", "Southern Belle" *D* (app)--X-Men I#31 ([Defenders I#144 (fb)], X-Men I#31 (fb), 31-32, Ka-Zar Quarterly#2,3, Marvel Tales#30, X-Men: Hidden Years#2, 14 (fb), 5,6, 8-14, 15 (fb), 15-16, Uncanny X-Men#132 (fb), XM:HY#22, Incredible Hulk Annual#7, Uncanny X-Men#132, Marvel Two-In-One#68, [Dazzler#1, UX143,145], 146, Avengers I#214, Marvel Fanfare#1, UX169, Defenders I#127, 129-131, 133,135, 138-140, 142-149, 152, X-Factor I#1, 4, 10, 34 (fb), 34, 36d, Uncanny X-Men#306 (fb), 306

SOUTHERN FASCISTS (Ambrose Fisher, Beauregard Montclair IV) - plotted death of Abraham Lincoln Brown
    --Daredevils#11/3 or Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3?

SOUTHPAW - Loonies
    (app-loon)--Marvel Comics Presents #31, 38

SOUTHPAW (Sasha Martin) - granddaughter of Holden Holliway, @ 15 years old, ally of the D-Generation, defeated by New Warriors and sent to Big House, grandfather forced her release into She-Hulk's custody.
    Uses powerful glove on left hand, allowing her to strike with great force, project a large energy hand, etc.
    Inmate#104 <mini power chart in She-Hulk I#7> (OH2006#10)--She-Hulk I#5 (6, 7,8, 9, 11,12, She-Hulk II#1(fb), 9, 20

SOUTH WIND ( ) - Four Winds, killed by Elektra
    Generate heat
    *D* (app-fourwinds)--Elektra I#9 ([9(fb)], 9

SOVEL REDHAND - see REDHAND, SOVEL (app)--X-Men Legacy#222

SOVEREIGN (Ikaris*) - Eternals, New Breed
    --Eternals: Apocalypse Now

SOVEREIGN CASTE DRONES - direct the use of the Panoptichron and Time Broker
    --[Exiles#1], 62 (64(fb), [all Exiles issues], 62-65

SOVIET SUPER-SOLDIERS (Prof. Phobos, Crimson Dynamo (Bukharin), Darkstar, Vanguard, Ursa Major, Gremlin, Titanium Man (Gremlin))
    - originally organized by Russian government as counterpart of American super-teams, later became independent group, often at odds with Russian authorities, Crimson Dynamo was expelled due to loyalties to Russian government, ultimately merged into Siberforce
    (I#10,D#12)—Incredible Hulk II#258 (259, 277,279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3, Rom#45,46, X-Men vs Avengers#1-3, [4], Captain America I#353,354, Soviet Super Soldiers#1, Star Masters?, Daredevil I#370(fb), 369,370

SOVIERT SUPER-SOLDIERS ALPHA-STRIKE TEAM  - robots patterned after Crimson Dynamo (Mark 1 armor), Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov), Iron Maiden, Mongu (Boris Monguski), Thermal Man, Ursa Major
designed during the Cold War as a doomsday clean-up crew to finish off the USA after detecting a nuclear strike on US soil; activated in recent years by the destructive energies of the Infernal Man, clashed with the Order, destroyed when their Crimson Dynamo robot detonated his nuclear payload; Aralune of the Order contained the explosion
    *Des*--Order II#1 ([2 (fb)], 1, 2d)

SOVIET SUPER-TROOPERS - soldiers wearing armor designed by Russian Gremlin, assisted devastator.
    fly, project energy blasts, superhuman strength
    --Incredible Hulk II#187 (Rom#44

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