SHA SHAN - see NGUYEN, SHA SHAN--Amazing Spider-Man I#108

SHASKOFRUGNON - home planet of Cerise
    --[Excalibur I#47]

SHASTRA - Uranian Eternals, survived destruction of ship by Kree, helped build base on Titan
    --What If? I#26/2(27/2,28/2

    (app)--Iron Man I#255

SHATHRA - extradimensional creature, traveled to Earth to prey on Spider-Man.
    SPIDER-WASP*, Sharon Keller (OH: Spdm2004, MESp)--Amazing Spider-Man II#46 (47, 48

    (app-zug)--Conan the Barbarian I#250

SHATTER ( ) - Morlocks-Chicago sect, involved in construction of Sentinels, helped Morlocks disable them
    superhuman strength, rock-like form
    (app)--Morlocks I#1 (2-4

SHATTERAX (Roco-Bai) - Star Force, cybernetically enhanced Kree warrior
    (app)--Iron Man I#278 (Captain America I#399, Avengers I#346, Quasar#33, Thor I#446, Avengers West Coast#82, Av347, Quas35, Blackwulf#7,8, 10

SHATTER-BLAST RAY - weapon of Titanium Man
    --Tales of Suspense I#71

    lost boys (and girls), abducted and controlled by nanny during events of inferno.
    superhuman strength
    (app)--X-Factor I#35 (40

SHATTERER of SOULS - see KIERROK (app)--X-Men I#96

SHATTERFIST ( ) – Crimson Cowl (Hammer)’s Masters of Evil.
    used power gloves to enhance striking force
    POWER GLOVE* (app)--Thor I#440 (458, 440(ff), Thunderbolts I#24,25

SHATTERFORCE (Murder, Strangler, Warhead) - agents of Shadow Consortium, fought Nova (Rider)
    (app)--Nova II#8 (8,9,13,14

SHATTERHEAD ( ) - criminal involved in the Architect's contest, killed Trudy Scarlotti, Killer Shrike's wife, executed by him.
    generate neural spike
    *D* (app)--Elektra I#4 ([4(fb)], 4, 7d)

SHATTERSTAR - see ARIDES (app)--Inhumans I#3 (4(fb), 3-5->ar)

SHATTERSTAR (Gaveedra-Seven) – Cable’s X-Force, Triple X, Mojoverse, dual history, alleged mutant human or son of Longshot
    -Benjamin Russell (M, OH2006#10, 198, net)--New Mutants I#99 ([100(fb)]/X-Force Annual1?, NM99,100, An7, New Warriors An1, Uncanny X-Men An15, XFor An6, XFor1, 2, 3, Spider-Man#16, XFor4, 5, Wolverine II#54, Captain America I#406, XFor6-8, 9,10, An1/3, XFor11-15,X-Factor I#84,X-Men II#14,XFor16,UX295,XFor17,
    UX296, XFor35,36, XFac106,XFor38,Excalibur I#82, XFor40, 41, 43, X-Men: Prime, XFor44,Cable II#22, XFor45, 47,48, X-Force/Cable Annual 1995, XFor49,50, 51, Cab29, XFor52,53, 54(fb1+2),54, UX331, XFor57, 62, An1997, XFor69,70,76(fb), X-Force An1999, X-Force: Shatterstar#1-4, X-Force II#1-66, Cable/Deadpool#18, Civil War: X-Men#1-4

SHATTERSTARFIRE of Earth-Amalgam - Shatterstar (Gaveedra) + Starfire, X-Patrol
    --X-Patrol#1 (1(fb#1), 1, Exciting XPatrol#1

SHATZIN, RONNIE "RABBIT" - former bank robber, apprehended by Spider-Man in freezing weather despite frozen webshooters
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#3/4 (2009)

SHAUN tribe (    ) -
    --Young Allies#15 ()

    --[New Warriors I#7], 8 (9, 14, An2/7

SHAW of Earth-1610 - employee of Norman Osborn, sent to kill Peter Parker after he was mutated by Oz, failed
    --Ultimate Spider-Man#1 ([2]

SHAW of Earth-9904 - secret service agent guarding President Eisenhower, apparently slain by the Cold Warrior--What If I#9

SHAW, CARTER of Earth-4489- son of Jordan Shaw and Valida Payton, brother of Jericho, led Seeker 3000 against the Hkkkt
    (app)--Seeker 3000#1 (1(fb), 1-4

SHAW, CORNELIUS - died @ 1915, grand-father of Sebastian, father of Esau and Jacob, brigadier general in British army
    *D* (net)--[X-Men: Hellfire Club#3], ([3(fb,d)]

SHAW, ELLEN - circa 1950, wife of Martin--Tales of Suspense I#1/3

SHAW, EMANUEL of Earth-7643 - 3rd vice-president of Triplanet Metals Inc, slain by Kurt Hammer
    *D* (app-starstalker)--Marvel Premiere#32

SHAW, ELIZABETH - @ 1780, ancestor of Sebastian, wife of Wallace Worthington, fled England at the age of 13, taken in by lady grey, who set up meeting and wedding with Wallace, Hellfire Club slew Wallace in attempt to break up colonial resistance to England
    (app)—X-Men: Hellfire Club#2 (2(fb)

SHAW, ESAU - @ 1915, son of Cornelius, brother of Jacob, killed by him
    *D* (net)—Hellfire Club#3 (3(fb,dies)

SHAW, reverend HIRAM - @ 1692, father of Obadiah, obtained power from Dormammu to identify and punish witches, condemned son’s lover Abigail Harkness as a witch, Dormammu slew his wife
    (app)—X-Men: Hellfire Club#1(1(fb)

SHAW, JACOB - @ 1915, father of Sebastian, son of Cornelius, brother of Esau, given metamorph power by Sinister, slew his own brother for him.
    *D* (net)-- X-Men: Hellfire Club #3(3(fb), X-Men: Legacy#211 (fb), 212 (fb), 4(fb,dies)

SHAW, JERICHO of Earth-4489 - clone/"vat" son of Jordan Shaw, allowed his father to die
    (app)--Seeker 3000 #1 (2-4

SHAW, JORDAN of Earth-4489 - captain of Seeker 3000, allowed to die by his son Carter
    (app)--Marvel Premiere #41 (Seeker 3000 #1 (fb,dies)

SHAW, LYMAN - scientist conducting experiments in the Harlow Mansion; his attempts to communicate with other worlds via ultra-high sonic vibrations were discovered by Primus of Archko, who informed the Soul Masters of Earth to save his own people; slain by Screamers, though his death led Captain Mar-Vell to investigate the Shadow Realm
    (app-soulmasters)--Marvel Spotlight II#4 (4(fb), 4d)

SHAW, MARTIN - 1950's defense attorney, mentally forced to defend Wells, over-pressured and lost the case
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#1/3

SHAW, MILDRED - --HULK! magazine#13

SHAW, OBADIAH - @1692, son of Hiram and Sarah, married Abigail Harkness
    (net)-- X-Men: Hellfire Club #1(1(fb)

SHAW, SAMARRA of Earth-9910 -
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#6 (7

SHAW, RALPH - see TRIAX. identity adopted by Triax (app-triax)--Warlock and the Infinity Watch#26

SHAW, SARAH - @ 1692, wife of Hiram, mother of Obadiah, killed by Dormammu
    *D* (app-hiram)-- X-Men: Hellfire Club #1(1(fb,dies)

SHAW, SAVAGE of Earth-9602 - Sebastian Shaw + , Hellfire League of Injustice
    *D*--JLX Unleashed#1

SHAW, SEBASTIAN HIRAM - Hellfire Club, head of Shaw Industries, son of Jacob, father of Shinobi, former Pittsburgh steelworker, excelled in college and rose to great wealth and power in industry, joined Hellfire Club, slew Edward Buckman and took it over after his fiancÚ was killed by Buckman’s use of Sentinels in an attack against the X-Men, former employer of Warhawk, temporarily incapacitated and replaced by Shinobi.
    absorb kinetic energy to increase strength
    -BLACK KING* (198)--[Uncanny X-Men#110], 130 ([X-Men: Legacy#211 (fb)], X-Men: Hellfire Club#4(fb), X-Men II#139, Logan: Shadow Society, [UX98(Classic X-Men#6), CX9], CX17, 17/2, [UX110], X-Men Unlimited II#6, Marvel Super-Heroes III#11/3, UX129,130, 132-135, Code of Honor#2, UX142, 151,152, DDs#9-11, New Mutants I#2, UX169, NM7,8, Uncanny X-Men An7, NM12,13, UX182, NM17, Firestar#2, NM22,UX189,NM23, Fs4, UX208-210, NM51, 53,54, 61, An4, Marvel Comics Presents#78/4, NM70, 71, 73, 75,UX246,247, Amazing Spider-Man I#328,329, X-Factor I#67"d", XFor48-50,Cable II#31, Excalibur I#96, X-Man15, 21-24, X-Men II#61, X-Man#25, [X62],63,64, Cab44, XMan28, [Excalibur I#111], X-Men Unlimited#17, X71,73, Cab51(fb),[Cab48(49(fb))],50-53, Spider-Man#94, X-51#0, 1-7,[8], [X-Men: Hellfire Club#1-3],4, Iron Man III#37, X-Treme X-Men#6-9, X142, Weapon X II#20, UX453,454, Astonishing X-Men#12, X-Men II#210-214

SHAW, SHINOBI - upstarts, son of black king, nearly killed him and temporarily replaced him as head of hellfire club.
    become intangible
    (198, net)--X-Factor I#67 (Uncanny X-Men#281-283, X-Men II An3, Night Thrasher II#20, Generation X#61(fb), Generation X Annual 1995, Spider-Man Team-Up#1, Excalibur I#96, X-Force#62

SHAW, of Earth-9901 - Clan Hellfire, assisted Bishop + allies against the Kith.
    generate force fields
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#5,6

SHAW, Mrs. - former caretaker of Melissa Piper

SHAW INDUSTRIES (Sebastian Shaw) - manufacture sentinels for us government
    --Uncanny X-Men#

SHAWCROSS, DANIEL - Redemption, Alabama; trooper, planted evidence to frame Joel Flood for murder of Bradley Gideon
    --Daredevil: Redemption#1 (5 (fb), 1

SHAYA - Cult of Kara-Kai, Cult of Kali, died when submitted to sacrificial ritual to match Nekra.
    summon darkness
    "Daughters of Kali" (app)--Marvel Premiere#21 (22, Spider-Woman I#16(fb)

SHAYDE - construct of the Matrix, ally of the Doctor
    - Fey-Truscott Sade, Feyde (app-doctor)

SHAZANA - usurping ruler of dimension, toppled from power by Dr. Strange
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Strange Tales I#133 ([133/2(fb)], 133/2(fb), 133/2, ClanDestine#8(fb), [Defenders I#41(fb)], 41, Dr. Strange III#47(fb)

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