SELANDIAR - planet, base of the Intergalactic Council
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet (Maximum Security#1,3

SELBE - clone of Pernell Solomon
    (app)--Avengers I#194 (195-196

SELBERT, - Project: Glamor, high-ranking member, ultimately killed by Railsback
    - BRASS* *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#1/2 (2/2, 5/2-12/2d)

SELBY, CAROL - high school teacher whose parents led a rebellion against modern education, ran away with Richard Rory
    --Man-Thing I#18 (19, 20

SELBY, OLIVIA – mother of Carol, led Mothers’ March for Decency
    --Man-Thing I#17 (18

SELBY, - Mutant Liberation Front
    intuit binary language, black male
    --Excalibur I#104

SELBY, TAD of Earth-148611 - befriended Ken Connell, died from toxic waste leaking from Axco's landfill
    *D*--Starbrand#8 (9(fb, dies)

SELDON, JESSICA - Centerville, reporter, forced to report on attack by Faysal al-Tariq
    --Captain America IV#2 (3

SELECT (Drax, Gamora, Lightstorm; formerly Nova (Rich Rider), Ronan)
    - superhumans under control of the Phalanx
    --Nova IV#4 (5-7

SELENE - Externals, sorceress, Hellfire Club inner circle, founded Nova Roma, old enemy of Kulan Gath, formed Upstarts, widow of Marcus Domitius Gallo, born @ 10000 BC, sent Fitzroy to slay Hellions, crushed throat of the Voice.
    manipulate inanimate objects, telepathy, siphon life from other living beings to maintain youth, wf, dark hair
    -BLACK QUEEN*, BLACK PRIESTESS, Demon Huntress, Dark Huntress, Lady Selene, Moon Goddess, Daughter of the Moon, Mistress of the Fire  (XM: MC-MF, 198, app)--New Mutants I#9 ([Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#2 (fb) / Uncanny X-Men#190 (fb), X-Force I#75 (fb), New Mut#10 (fb)], NewMut#9-11, Uncanny X-Men#183, 184, NewM#22, [UX190 (fb)], UX189, NM23, UX190-191, Firestar#3,4, UX207-210, NM#51, 53, 54, 61, NM An4, NM70, 71 73-75, Marvel Comics Presents#78/4, Captain America#368,369, MCP89/3, UX283, 301, Excalibur An2/2, [X-Man#7 (fb)], 7, 13, [X-For54 (fb), 53 (fb), 52], 53, 54(fb), XMan16, 17, 20-23, 28, X-Men Unlimited#33/3, X-Force#75, [Fantastic Four Annual 1999 (fb)], An1999, [XFor97 (fb)], 94, 96-99, Witches#1, [UX453 (fb)], 452-454, [New X-Men#32 (fb)], 32

SELF, CHUCK - reporter, took Lt. Soap hostage to force Punisher to bring him with in on his mission, killed in the process ;
    *D* --Punisher VI#15

SELFISH GENES - book by Walt Norman
    --Generation X: Crossroads

SELLECK, SHARON - former staff member at TV city, lead singer for Rolling Dead, roommate of Julie Angel after Frankie Raye left earth, encountered native’s of King’s Crossing.
    wf, bleached blond hair
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#245, (named) 251 (253, 256, 257,  Fantastic Four An17, F4#259

SELTA race - Microverse, left behind the technology that empowered the Phone Ranger
    (app)--Strange Tales I#94/4

SELTZER, LAWRENCE - former lawyer for Dr. Octopus
    --Dr. Octopus: Negative Exposure#2

SELWIN, JEROME - paid others to investigate Marcosa House in hopes of learning secret of life and death, committed to asylum
    (app-bm)--Werewolf by Night I#

SEMELE - daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia, mother of Dionysus by Zeus, tricked by Hera into acquiring a promise from Zeus, used it to make him show himself to her in all of his glory, which incinerated her
    --Incredible Hercules#130 (130 (fb, dies), 130 (tartarus)

SEMIHAZAH - see AZAZEL--Uncanny X-Men#432

SEMIJAN - Undying, possessed Randall Shire
    --Cable II#79(84(fb) 82(fb) 79-84

SEMMEKA of Earth-Eternal - Eternals, slew a deviant female and an eternal when his apparent mate slept with another

SEMPLE, JANE of Earth-148611 - psychotherapist for DP7 at the Clinic
    --DP7 #1 (11-13

SEN - Kree, killed by the Phalanx
    *D*--[Nova IV#5] ([5 (d)])

SENCHIS  of the Hyborian era - Ophir, nobleman, tortured and killed by Gortha for Balthis
    --Savage Sword of Conan#68

SENDOCH, Dr. - stomach specialist, drained blood from victims, leaving them with a craving for blood; opposed by Fiery Mask
    --Human Torch Comics#2 (Fall, 1940)

SEN-DOR of the pre-Cataclysmic era - elderly court magician of Valusia, helped defeat sorcery of Ofira
    --Kull the Conqueror II#1

SENNET, PAMELA - deputy mayor of New York
    --Daredevil I#295 (295(fb), 295,296

SENOR MUERTE/SENOR SUERTE (Ramon Garcia) - owned criminal gambling operation, killed opponents, had Frank Jenks killed, electrocuted by his own device while battling Luke Cage
    *D* (M)--Hero for Hire#10 ([5,6],10,11d)

SENOR MUERTE (Philip Garcia) - professional assassin, younger brother of Ramon, formerly allied with Tarantula in an attempt to hijack the Madbombs.
    gloves able to release spider venom into victims
    -[Mr. DEATH],"Ramon Garcia" (M)—Captain America I#224

SENOR MUERTE ( ) - led group of terrorists in Latino country, overthrown by Freedom Force
    --Marvel Comics Presents #41/2

SENOR SUERTE (Jaime Garcia) - younger brother of Ramon, took over his operations
    -[Mr. LUCK] (M)--Power Man/Iron Fist #56 (63,64

SENRAD  – Sectaur, general under Empress Devora, foe of Dargon
    --Sectaurs#1 (3-5

SENREICH, Maegis GUNTHER - Technomancers, long blond hair
    —Sensational Spider-Man#21 (22,23

SENSATIONAL HYDRA (Sn'Tlo) - Skrull, posed as Supreme Hydra, orchestrated events to increase Captain America’s popularity, kidnapped and impersonated him, announced a massive infiltration of humanity with Skrulls in order to cause a nationwide panic, exposed by Captain America, captured by heroes
    "Captain America," "Gordon Winchester" (app)--[Captain America III#2], 3 (4-7

SENSATIONAL MADEMOISELLE ( ) @ 1900 - Parisian woman able to read minds, targeted by Assassin of Paris
   (app)--Journey into Mystery I#10/4

SENSCHI - Inhuman, royal page.
    winged flight
    (app)--Inhumans V#1, (named) #2

SENSIA - Moondragon's personal spacecraft, detonated in burial of Drax the Destroyer
    *D*-- Avengers I#220(des)

SENSIA - duplicate
    --Solo Avengers#16/2

SENSITIVISTS - Mr. Sensitive/Orphan worshipping cult in Southern France, split from the Naked Truth and opposed the Ironists

SENSITIVO (Andrew) - capable of hearing through the fingertips of his enormous hands; opposed by Captain America (William Nasland) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --Captain America Comics#55 (April, 1946)

SENSO - member of Hidden Ones captured by WWII Nazis, could alter others' perceptions
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#51 (52-54

SENSORS (Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, Touch) - agents of the High Evolutionary, attempted to steal Vibranium from Wakanda, defeated by West Coast Avengers, but provided sufficient distraction for stack to steal some Vibranium
    (app)--West Coast Avengers Annual#3

SENSOR SQUAD (Bloodhound, Deadeye, Impact, ambassador Lanzer, Metalslash, Modem, Soundbyte)
    - Latverian agents, employed by Dr. Doom against Spectorcorp, bionically enhanced to represent five senses
    --Moon Knight III#39 (40

SEN SUWANDA - Elsewhere queen, returned Katie Power home
    Mother-Goddess, Elsewhere (app-elsewhere)--Power Pack I#47

sentient armor - Iron Man’s mark XV armor
    (ME)--Iron Man III#15

SENTINEL - Kree hybrid of organic/inorganic, sent to Earth in 80,000 BC, stationed in South Pacific, awakened in 1957 by passage of Sputnik, assimilated a body from native flora and fauna, rampaged, destroyed by "G-Men"; it a fully robotic Sentry activated in recent years
    --Enter the Heroic Age#1/2

SENTINEL of HELL - gargoyle over entrance of Marcosa House, contained skull of Gideon Blaine
    (app-bm)--Werewolf by Night I#34 (36(fb), 34-36

SENTINEL PLANT – leafy plant on Symbion, provided protection against deadly Meander fog
    --Sectaurs#2 (6

SENTINEL SQUAD O.N.E. (Bridges?, Nathanial "Bulletproof" Briggs (d), Crazy Train, Rajani "Joni" Dhama, Alexander "Lex" Lexington/Megaton, Jeremiah "Meld" Muldoon (quit), Randall "Stilts" Nixon (d), Ogre, Jim Rhodes, Shrapnel, Tracy "Sky" Skylark, Jake "Slayer" Slayton, Sgt. John Steel (d), War Machine, Pvt. Williamson (d)    )
    - assigned to protect mutants from extermination attempts;
    formerly had brawler, stealth, and recon units
    (198)--X-Men II#177 (Sentinel Squad ONE#1-5, 177-179, UX468, X180, 182, New Excalibur#4, New X-Men II#22, 24(fb), 24-27, UX469-471, X-Men: The 198#1-5, X182-186, UX472-473, Uncanny X-Men Annual II#1, Black Panther IV#16, X-Men: Deadly Genesis#1-3, 5, New X-Men#29-31, Civil War#1/Wolverine III#42, Civil War: X-Men#1-4, CW3-4, New X-Men#32, X188-190, 192-193,
Ms. Marvel II#10, Black Panther IV#21-22, Uncanny X-Men#475, X194, New X-Men II#33-36, 38-41, WWH: X-Men#1, Avengers: The Initiative#5, UX487-489, X-Men II#205, UX493,

SENTINELS - anti-mutant robots
    (I#9, D#11, 2006#9, ME)--X-Men I#14

SENTRESS of Earth-1611 - temporary identity used by Ms. MARVEL/Carol Danvers--Age of Sentry#

SENTRIES - Kree warrior robots, designed @ 78,000 years ago by Bronek, designed to safeguard and patrol Kree outposts and weapons depots
    (I#9, D#11, net)—Fantastic Four I#64

SENTRIES 2099 - mutant hunters of million palms family fun park
    --X-Nation#2 (3

SENTRY (Robert "Bob or Robby" Reynolds) - partner of Scout and Watchdog, based in Watchtower, used CLOC, Midtown college?, hero prior to and at the beginning of the modern era, empowered as a teen by ingestion of formula created by Professor in attempt to get high, developed as a counterpart to Reynolds sociopathic Void aspect, all memory of him erased by Reed Richards to stop Void, regained memory and powers in modern era, caused the Void to return, allowed Reed to repeat the process, had himself imprisoned in the Raft after believing he had killed Lindy, recovered with aid of Emma Frost, eventually confronted and temporarily destroyed the Void
    superhuman strength and durability, fly, absorbs energy/power from the sun
    -Golden Guardian of Good, Void* (OH: Av2005, 2006#9, SecWar, Civil War, CWBDR)--Sentry#1 (Sentry II#8 (fb), New Avengers#10 (fb), Sentry#1(fb1, 2), 2(fb2,3), 1(fb3), Sentry II#2 (fb), 3 (fb), 3 (fb), Sentry/X-Men#1(fb), Sentry/Fantastic Four#1(fb1), Sentry/Spider-Man(fb1(Sent3(fb1)), fb2), S/F4(fb2), S/Spdm1(fb3), Sentry/Hulk(fb1, 2), S/Hlk(fb3)//Sent/Sp(fb4), New Avengers#7(fb), Sent4(fb2+3)/Sentry vs Void (fb), 5(fb1), New Avengers#9(fb), Sent1-5, S/F4#1//S/Hlk1//S/Sp1//S/XM1, Sentry vs Void, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb), 7-10, Sentry II#1, 2(fb), 2-3, 4-5 (fbs), 4-8, New Avengers#17-20, Black Panther IV#18, Civil War: The Return#1/2, 1 (fb), [Civil War: Front Line#8], 9, 10 (fb), 10, Civil War#6-7/Amazing Spider-Man#538/Black Panther IV#25, Civil War: Front Line#11, Eternals III#5, Mighty Avengers#2 (fb), 1-6, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), World War Hulk#1-2, 3, 4-5/World War Hulk: Frontline#5-6, Incredible Hulk III#111, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men#1

    ID used as part of paramilitary squad
    (MESp)--Amazing Spider-Man II#23(23(fb)

SENTRY (Curtis Elkins) - Jury, former friend of Hugh Taylor,
    <black, rounded hair>, modified guardsman armor, green with spikes, two ovals over each side of face (not glass)
    --Venom: Lethal Protector#2 (Venom: The Hunted#3(fb,o), V:LP#2, Thunderbolts#23, 28, 32

SENTRY (Val ) - Spaceknights third generation, Angel Elite, Galadorian, former royal guardian to first family, failed to save Rom from abduction of Nazgoth/Dire Wraiths, slew head Wraithknight
    --Spaceknights1 (1(fb1), 1-5

SENTRY - robotic creation of the Pride, guarded the Santa Monica Marine Vivarium which served as the location for the Rite of Thunder

SENUS, - US military, served alongside Flash Thompson in Iraq
    --Amazing Spider-Man#574 (574 (fb)

SENYAKA, SUVIK ( ) - Acolyte, killed Sharon Friedlander, joined Gambit & Sunfire in effort to loot Providence's records
    uses energy whip to drain life force of others to empower or heal self
    (2006#1-acolytes, net)--Uncanny X-Men #300 (304, Cable II#11,12
    Quicksilver#11,Heroes for Hire#16,[Q12],Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 1998, X-Men: Magneto War, Magneto: Dark Seduction#1,2, [Cable & Deadpool#41], 42/X200

SENYAKA, TIA - SHIELD II, bf, involved with case of Laurent Levasseur, a plan from a previous agent, Harlan, who had died in a car crash after sending Daredevil, as Levasseur, to go undercover to stop a plan by Kingpin to sell a list of undercover SHIELD agents to a group of European crimelords
    (net-shield)—Daredevil I#377(378,379, Iron Man IV Annual#1

    --Uncanny X-Men#466 (468

SEN-YU - sorcerer, summoned to Temple of the Three by Genghis?
    (app-waicheeyee)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange + Dr. Doom: Triumph & Torment

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