SCOBSTER - shellfish consumed by the Union of Intelligent Races

SCOFIELD, JIMMY - Special effects expert, designed the appearance, voice, etc. for the Peg Mandroid
    --Generation X: Crossroads (p132)


SCOPE ( ) - international weapons dealer, mutated by chemicals while playing in abandoned plant as a child, battled Daredevil.
    bm, skilled fighter, radar sense, uses metallic bats
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#49/3

SCOPE ( ) - Warpies, used for scientific analysis by Cloud Nine.
    enhanced vision, 3 eyes, one growing from stalk on forehead, bald, orange skin
    (net-c9)--Excalibur I#63

SCOPE, ERNEST - Promise, telepathy to witness events from afar
    Telepathic powers--X-Men: Hidden Years#17 (18(fb), 17-22

SCORCESE, PAOLO - Latin American criminal, provided passage to USA for Karen Page in exchange for sexual favors, kidnapped her when she tried to leave, shot by agents of Kingpin, arrested
    --Daredevil I#229 (230,231

SCORCH (Tommy Ngh) - drug runner, mutant
    --Night Thrasher II#13 (13(fb), 13,14

SCORCH ( ) - A.R.E.S.
    --Solo#1 (2-4

SCORCH (Maj. Ross Jonas) – human mutated by adrenalin from Prime Skrull, formerly stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force
    generate + manipulate flames, immune to fire
    (app)--Blackwulf#2 (3,4

SCORCH of Earth-Chronomancer ( ) - mutant, x-faces, ally of bishop, initially challenged his right to lead.
    wm, m-face, dark hair, pyrokinetic
    (net)--Bishop: Last X-Man#1 (2,3, 4(fb), 4-14

SCORCHER (Steven Jamal Hudak) - Crimson Cowl (Hammer)’s Masters of Evil, ex-husband of Kali Hudak, father of Lucas, mercenary, former research scientist, blamed for something he didn’t do, originally financed by Norman Osborn, has used armor enhancements from the Tinkerer and served Lucia von Bardas
    wore armor able to generate flames
    (AZU#2, Secret War#4, net)—Untold Tales of Spider-Man#1 (Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995, Thunderbolts#24,25, [Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury(fb)], Secret War#3-5, 5/2, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, [12?], [New Avengers#5(fb)]

SCORCHER of Earth-148611 - see SCUZZ--DP7(nu)#6

SCORCHERS - mercenaries hired to clear out homeless people
    --Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes

SCORECARD (Bill Merrick) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4])

SCORPEOPLE - 2075, residents of Antares, pitted Speed Carter against the Centaurs of Sagittarius
    --Speed Carter#6/4

SCORPIA (Elaine Coll) - Sinister Seven, given version of Scorpion suit by Silvermane
    (MESp, net)--Spider-Man: Power of Terror#2 (3,4, Spider-Man Unlimited#9, 12, Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do#2-3, Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

SCORPIA – Sectaur, scheming sorceress to Devora
    --Sectaurs#3 (4,6

SCORPIAN race (Slitherogue) - star system Scorpius, built robots, planned invasion of earth when ran out of tasks for robots, created bermuda triangle time warp and tower of time.
    reptilian humanoids, grey skin, masters of technology, star travel
    --Skull the Slayer#4 (4(fb)

SCORPIO (Jacob "Jake" Fury*) - brother of Nick, Zodiac Cartel and LMDs, mind survived in LMD form after death of body, deactivated in Ankh dimension
    -Flip Mason, Count Julio Scarlotti, Jacques LaPoint imposter, "Nick Fury"
    *D/Remade as android* (D#15, M, app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#1 (West Coast Avengers II#27(fb), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#20: Zodiac, [NFaoSH#1(fb)], 1, Defenders I#49(fb), WCA#26(fb), NFaoSH#5/Def#49(fb)/Avengers I#72(fb), Def#49(fb), 46-50, West Coast Avengers II#26-28

SCORPIO (Jacques LaPoint) - Zodiac Cartel, succeeded Fury, slain and impersonated by him
    (app)--Avengers I#120 ([120(fb)], 120-122, [123], [Ghost Rider II#7(fb)],  Iron Man I#184, [West Coast Avengers II#26 (fb, dies)]

SCORPIO - see Mr. Zodiac (app)--Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac

SCORPIO - see One-Man Zodiac (app)--Ghost Rider II#6

SCORPIO (Mikel Fury) - son of Nick Fury and Amber D’Alexis, SHIELD II, grew up in Carpasia, sent in plot against Nick Fury by mother, but ceased plot after learning Nick was his true father, used Scorpio Key to help free homeland
    (1990s, app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolverine/Nick Fury: Scorpio Connection ([Scorpio Connection(fb)], SC, Wolverine/Fury: Scorpio Rising, Fury of SHIELD#1(fb), 1-4, Daredevil I#344, Ghost Rider III#65, Double Edge Omega, [Incredible Hulk II#434], Punisher III#1, 7

SCORPIO ( ) - leader of Zodiac-Ecliptic
    (app-zodiac)--Alpha Flight II#1 (7,[10],12

SCORPIO - (Boardroom) Zodiac, traveled to Ankh Dimension and used a Zodiac Key to split the In-Betweener into Order and Chaos, transported Earth cities to Ankh Dimension, fled when the In-Betweener restored himself, organized "New" Zodiac, killed by unidentified Zodiac
    (app)--[Avengers III#57],58 ([60(fb)?], [57], 58-60, New Warriors IV#4-5, Dark Reign: Zodiac#1-2

SCORPIO KEY - power item used by Mikel Fury
    COSMIC KEY* (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolverine & Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection ([Scorpio Connection (fb)], Scorpio Connection, Wolverine & Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising, Fury of SHIELD#1(fb), 4, [Elektra II#1 (fb)], 2-5 (fb), [1], 5

SCORPION of the Old West - see STING-RAY (app-sting)--Rawhide Kid I#57 (57(fb), 57, Kid Colt I#115(fb)->Sting-Ray)

SCORPION of the Old West (Sam Scorpio) - former ally of Dr. Danger and Bull Barton, twice defeated by Kid Colt
    used guns strapped to wrist and activated by a hidden thread to appear to be able to fire bullets without a gun
    (Outlaw Files, app)--Kid Colt#115 (118

SCORPION - @ 1962, normal scorpion mutated into giant and monstrous form by Paul Rodgers using delta particles, sought to mutate other scorpions and conquer the world, slain by creators
    great strength and durability, human intelligence, telepathy
    *D* (app)--Journey into Mystery I#82

SCORPION (MacDonald "Mac" Gargan) - Sinister Six, Masters of Evil (Egghead), "Spider-Man Revenge League", former private investigator, originally hired by Jonah Jameson to learn connection between Peter Parker and Spider-Man, empowered for Jameson by Dr. Farley Stillwell, driven insane by process, further empowered by , has used armor enhancements from the Tinkerer and served Lucia von Bardas, abandoned identity after merging with Venom symbiote
    (I#9,D#11,M, OH: Spdm2004, Secret War#4)--Amazing Spider-Man I#20 ([Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness#1 (fb)], Spider-Man Unlimited#13(fb), A20, Alias#23 (fb), A29, Captain America I#122, Daredevil I#82,83, Cap151,152, A145,146, Ms Marvel#1,2, Spectacular Spider-Man II#21, Marvel Team-Up I#106, Avengers I#222, Amazing Spider-Man An18, Amz251, 318,319, Alpha Flight I#79,80, A342,343, Cap411-414, Deathlok II#31, A370, Shroud#1-4, Spec215,216, [A414], Spec237, Spider-Man Unlimited#13, DC/Marvel: All Access#2,3, SpdmUnl#22, Amazing Spider-Man II#1/2, 1, Spider-Man: Get Kraven#1, Spider-Man: Sweet Charity, [Peter Parker: Spider-Man#51], 54, Thunderbolts I#80, 81, She-Hulk I#4, 5,6, Secret War#3-5, MK Spider-Man#1 (6(fb)), [2-7], 8-10-->Venom)

SCORPION (Carmilla Black; born Thasanee Rappaccini) - Wakers, daughter of Monica Rappaccini, adopted by Julia + Tim Black, powers surfaced at Grand Falls high school homecoming, killing her date, fled town until her adoptive parents were assassinated, drawn into plots between AIM and SHIELD, continued to work for SHIELD
    "GREEN GIRL" (2006#9)--Amazing Fantasy II#7 (7(fbs), 11(fb), 7-12, Incredible Hulk III#83-86(HoM), 87, Captain Universe/X-23#1, [Doc Samson II#3 (fb)], 3 (fb), 2-3, Spider-Man Family#3/2, Heroes for Hire II#11, 11/2-13/2, Incredible Hulk III#109 (Hulk Family#1/4 (fb)) -110, Hulk Family#1/4

scorpion creatures - Ankh dimension, many slaughtered by Scorpio, convinced to turn on him by Ant-Man, possibly absorbed by In-Betweener
    (app-ankh)--[Avengers III#57], 58 (59, 60

SCORPION GOD - pre-cataclysmic era god/demon, worshipped in Valusia @ 19, 500 BC
    --[Kull the Conqueror I# ], Kull III#9 (Kull III#9(fb)

scorpion priest - empowered the Sword of Gonra
    (app-gonra)--Kull the Conqueror III#9 (9 (fb), 9

SCORPION QUEEN - Demoness of Hell (under Satan/Marduk Kurios), mother of all Hell's vermin, approximately 40,000 offspring, wanders the caverns of Hell, feeding on stray demons and purloined human souls, battled and apparently slain (along with many of her offspring) by Satana
    --Legion of Monsters: Satana#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

SCORPIOS - star system of Scorpian race, planet built into virtual paradise by their robots
    (app-slith)--Skull the Slayer#4 (4(fb)

SCOTSMAN ( ) - responsible for Dracula’s death prior to discovery by Frank Drake and Clifton Graves, slain by Dracula
    *D*--Tomb of Dracula I#15 (15(fb4,dies)

SCOTT of "Earth-1041" (presumably Scott Summers) - X-Men Revolution
    (app-xmenrevolution)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "X-Men Evolution"

SCOTT  ?? - former student at University of Wisconsin-Madison, tricked Alaris into allowing them to spend all of his money, slain by Jolen
     *D* (app-alaris)--Inhumans V#4 ([4 (fb)], 4, 5, 6d)

SCOTT ?? of Earth-93060 - student, friend of Kevin Green
    --Prime I#4

SCOTT, ANDRE of Earth-691 - son of M'Shulla Scott and Carmilla Frost
    --Marvel Zombies 5#2

SCOTT, BOB - father-in-law of Joan, grandfather of Josie and Micky
    (app-scottfamily)--Mighty World of Marvel#15 ([Captain Britain II#1(fb)], Excalibur I#44, 125

    --All-Select Comics#7 ()

SCOTT, JACOB - encountered arriving Velmax and Zuhn circa 1947, fatally wrecked truck during flight, identity usurped by Velmax
    --Marvel: The Lost Generation#4

SCOTT, JOAN - daughter-in-law of Bob, mother of Josie and Micky
    (app-scottfamily)--Mighty World of Marvel#15 ([Captain Britain II#1(fb)], Excalibur I#44, 125

SCOTT, JOSIE - granddaughter of Bob, daughter of Joan, sister of Micky
    (app-scottfamily)--Mighty World of Marvel#14 (15, [Captain Britain II#1(fb)], Excalibur I#44, 125

SCOTT, MARY - haunted by Phantom Hound of Cardiff Moor, saved by Captain America and Bucky
    --Captain America Comics#10

SCOTT, MICKY - grandson of Bob, son of Joan, brother of Josie, fell in with a bad crowd, killed during a battle between Captain Britain and Meggan
    *D* (app-scottfamily)--Mighty World of Marvel#14 (Excalibur I#44(fb), MWoM#14d)

SCOTT, M'SHULLA of Earth-691circa 21st century - Freemen, lover of Carmilla Frost, father of her child
    (D#??-Freemen) --Amazing Adventures II#19 (20-37,39, Marvel Graphic Novel: Killraven

SCOTT, PETER - reporter for WFET/WFSK
    --Daredevil I#294 (295, 298

SCOTT FAMILY (Bob, Joan, Josie, Micky, unidentified former husband of Joan) - British family, befriended Captain Britain and Meggan
    (app)--Mighty World of Marvel#15 (15(fb), [14(fb)], 14, [Captain Britain II#1 (fb)], [MWoM#15 (fb)], 15, [CaptBrit II#1 (fb)], [Excalibur I#44 (fb)], 44, [125]

SCOURGE of the Underworld - organization funded by Angel and secret by Red Skull, dedicated to elimination of criminal element through assassination, used Domino (Dunsinane) as information source, agents trained by Bloodstain and Caprice, used subterfuge to get close to target, frequently used gun with exploding bullets, organization seriously damaged and perhaps destroyed when bloodstain died and Angel was crushed in battle against U.S.Agent
    (D#11, M, 1980s, app)—Iron Man I#194

SCOURGE (commander Giles McHeath) - killed former members of Cell Combattre until defeated by Alpha Flight
    (app)—Marvel Fanfare I#28

SCOURGE - see TARASHK (app-arakne)--[Knights of Pendragon II#7]

SCOURGE (Jack Monroe) - assassin, agent of gyrich, controlled by nanotech, killed jolt + gayle rogers + roberta haggert + baron (Helmut) Zemo + Techno, quit after throwing off their control.
    able to summon variety of weapons from extra-dimensional cache
    --Thunderbolts I#34, 36 (49(fb), 34-39, 59(fb), 40-50

SCOURGE (Deadeye Dick, Mega Max, Mini Max, Pigskin, Vance Rebus, Reckless Eric, unnamed)
    - team of mercenary/assassins, sent by Watchtower to abduct Wolverine under direction of deadpool
    (app)--Wolverine II#154 (155

SCOURGE 8162 ( ) - murdered criminals, patterned self after Mercy
    *D*--Dragon’s Claws#6 (7d)

SCOURGE, the (Malekyth, Tanakyth) - Araknoid bane, worship Tarashk
    BANE--Knights of Pendragon II#6 (7-9

SCOURGE of the DARK - see WRATHCHILDE (app)--Death's Head III#1

SCOURGE of MEN - see ASTOROTH--Hulk Comic#45/2

SCOURGING ONE - see TARASHK (app-arakne)--[Knights of Pendragon II#7]

SCOUT (Billy Turner) - retired, former partner of sentry (Reynolds), mutated by same formula, acted as sidekick, badly injured and lost left arm in battle against the Void, forgot past until memories returned by Sentry, works at hot dog stand and lives with his mother
    (net)--Sentry#2 ( (fb), 4,5, Sentry vs Void#1

SCOUT (Kim Hong) - Shadow Cabinet, reporter
    --Marc Spector: Moon Knight#41(

SCOUT 2099 - see MAGUS 2099.
    agent of phalanx, sent to communicate with doom, incoporated mind of wire
    --X-Nation 2099#1, Doom 2099#14

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