RIEBEECK, DOECKE - Pretoria’s minister of state (or security), ally of Anton Pretorius, sent troops after Black Panther (T’Challa).
    wm, balding, dark hair + moustache
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#23/2 (24/2, 25/2, 29/2-34/2

RIEN, MEXXA - Xandarian, associated with Nova Corps, allied with Nova/Saal
    --New Warriors I#69 (73

    --Dr. Strange III#29

RIFKIN, BIFF - preppie, boyfriend of Deb Whitman
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#216 (217, 218, 221, Spectacular Spider-Man II#60, 61, 66, 68, 74

    —Marvel Graphic Novel: Power Pack + Cloak & Dagger

RIFT RACER - Reed Richard's ship, used to explore and analyze a rift in space/time
    --Spider-Man/Human Torch#2

RIGEL-2 - site to which X-Cutioner transported Rogue
    --Gambit III#5

RIGEL-3 - original planet of the Rigellians, destroyed by Rhunians
    (app)--Thor I#131

RIGEL-3 - planet, second home of colonizers of Rigel, decimated by one of the Thanosi doppelgangers and then crashed into Rigel-18 by Thanos to destroy the interdimensional parasite Hunger; they named their next home New Rigel-3
   (app) --Thor Annual 2000/2

RIGEL-3 - see NEW RIGEL-3--Thanos I#1

RIGEL IV - referenced by Lord Dyvyne as a site on which Rocket had been active
Free Comic Book Day: Rocket Raccoon (2014)

RIGEL VII - Blackjack O'Hare (posing as another being like Rocket (Racoon) had murdered Wheezey, apparently an agent of Funzel--Guardian of the Galaxy: Infinite Comic I#2

RIGEL-18 – destroyed by Galactus to generate energy to open dimensional portal, crashed into Rigel-3 by Thanos to destroy the interdimensional parasite Hunger
    *Des* (app)--Thanos#2 (3d)

RIGEL-76 - colony world destroyed by the Infinites. Although the Avengers convinced the Infinites to restore the planet itself, the lost Rigellians were not revived.
    (app)--Avengers: Infinity

RIGELLIAN race (Arcturus, Cordon, Grand Commissioner, Gunthar, Mari, Nelet Pa, Pyo, Tana Nile, Zygo)
    - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, Rigel-3 (destroyed by Rhunians), advanced technology, established vast empire of planets in Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, 88% on replacement Rigel-3 exterminated by Thanos
    Sultan Magus utilized Rigellian technology
    semi-humanoid, enlarged skull with small frame
    COLONIZERS of RIGEL (I#8, D#11?, Annihilation: Nova Files)--Thor I#129, 130 (131-134, 160, 162, 201, 217-218,
    Iron Man I#110-112,
    Thor I#419
    Force Works#14, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#2/3, Thor Annual 2000/2, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1,2],3, Thor II#41, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Thanos#1-3, Annihilation: Prologue#1, Annihilation#1

RIGELLIAN race of Reality-22073 - traded with the Harmonists
    [--Cable II#80]

[RIGELLIAN snakes] - fastest acting venom in the universe; injected into Komodo by KIA via Tactigon
    --Avengers: The Initiative#11

RIGELLO of the Hyborian era - count of Ianthe (Ophir), husband of Marala/Albiona, completely manipulated king Moranthes, led army to capture Marala after her escape, slain by her with the aid of the Star of Khorala
    --Star of Khorala; Savage Sword of Conan#44

RIGER - Godpack
    --Thor I#475(477, 480-484, Fantastic Four Unlimited#9, Th487-489

RIGGER - alien, Omega Core

"RIGGER" RUIZ - see RUIZ, RIGGER (app)--Thor I#426

RIGGIO, TONY - Chicago Mafia, agent of Don Salvatore Vischetti, killed by Night Raven in 1984
    *D* (app)--Mighty World of Marvel II#9/3

RIGGLEY, BERNARD - @ World War II, owner of the Brooklyn Badgers, killed by Black Toad
    (app-toad)--Captain America Comics#7/2

RIGHT ( ) - Soldiers of Misfortune
    --New Warriors I#54 (55, 56, 62, 65, 74?

RIGHT, the - anti-mutant terrorist organization, founded by Cameron Hodge, wore armor with machine guns and happy faces, some fragment became the group Hammer
    (U#6)--X-Factor I#17 (
    X-Men: Second Coming#1

    Quintronic Man.
    (app-quintronic)--Incredible Hulk II#213

RIGHTEOUS - sect of demons, included the being that possessed Hobgoblin/Jason Macendale and became Demogoblin

RIGHTEOUS CONS - Ryker's Island
    --Daredevil II#85

RIGHT LEG - see van DYKE
    Quintronic Man.
    (app-quintronic)--Incredible Hulk II#213

RIGHTMAN of Earth-93060 ( ) - ultra, enemy of Dr. Z, killed by Rafferty
    *D*--Firearm (uv) I#11 (12d)

RIGHT RIDERS (Phil Danton, Turbine (honorary member)) - A young Canadian group of bicycle safety promoters
    (app-turbine)--Spider-Man: Hit and Run#3 (Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary#4

RIGHT-WINGER (Jerome "Jerry" Johnson) - buckies, Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, ally of ethan thurm and left-winger, strength-augmented, former ally of superpatriot in the buckies, abandoned by him when he was promoted to captain America due to questionable past, exposed John Walker’s true identity, resulting in the kidnapping and murder of his parents by the watchdogs, badly beaten and severely burnt by Walker, apparently committed suicide after learning of permanent damage.
    super-strong, used flaming sword
    *D* (U#6,net-LW/RW)--Captain America I#341 (381/2(fb), 323, 333, 334, 341/2, 347, 383/3(fb), "Avengers West Coast#61"

RIGLEVIO - demon, Rakasha, agent of Master Pandemonium, possessed Shooting Star.
    green skin
    (app)--West Coast Avengers II#8 (Solo Avengers#18(fb), WCA#8, SoloA#18

RIGOLETTO of Earth-93060 (Edward Robinson) - mimicked opera character, father of Ginger Robinson
    --Night Man I#15

RIGOLETTO, ?? - crimelord killed on orders of Kingpin; uncle to Dante, brother to Fortunato
    (app)--Daredevil: The Man Without Fear#3 (Amazing Spider-Man#-1

RIGOLETTO, DANTE - nephew of Fortunato, son of former New York crime boss, dated Dr. Marina Caches
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#428 (Amazing Spider-Man minus 1, Amz428, 433, 436(fb), 436

RIGOR ( ) - demon-fire, cowboy with pancho
    *D* (app)--Vampire Tales#7 (8d)

RIGOR MORTIS - agent of D'Kay, bred Conqueror Worms
    (app)--Ghost Rider III Annual#1/3 ([1/3(fb)], 1/3

RIHVA - see SWAMI RIHVA (app)--Werewolf by Night I#6

RIK – Gatherers
    young male cyborg, used large gun
    possible counterpart of Rick Jones
    (app-gatherers)--Avengers I#372 (374,375

RIKER, SALLY - hostage negotiator, shell-shocked after failed to stop murders of hostages, involved with hostage situation with Bruce Banner, helped rescue him from Pratt
    --Incredible Hulk II#40(41(fb),40-43

    Though Rikers is the correct spelling in the real world...

rikishi - sumos* of Oyakata
    (app)--Deadpool Team-Up I#1

RIKO - bank robber, led gang, fought Whizzer
    --All Winners Comics#8

RIKO MOB (Riko) - bank robbers, sealed bank staff inside vault
    --All Winners Comic#8

RIKUTO ?? - young Japanese boy, son of Ichiro and Fukuto, kidnapped and slain by the Hand to lure Wovlerine into a trap
    --Wolverine III#20 (20d

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#10 (    )

RILEY - Organic Responsibility member
    --Namor I#4 (5

RILEY, agent - SHIELD II, investigated weapons theft by Noreen Tanaka
    --Gambit IV#11

RILEY, JACK - Black School, former catholic priest

RILEY, KIM - niece of Jack, daughter of Mariel, briefly possessed by demon summoned by Jack
    (app-bs)--Hellstorm#4 (5

RILEY, MARIEL - sister of Jack, mother of Kim, briefly possessed by demon summoned by Jack
    (app-bs)--Hellstorm#4 (5

RILEY, MARGARET - nurse on Providence, accidentally killed by Rogue's touch
    --X-Men II#199 (199d)

    maiden name--Spectacular Spider-Man II Annual#

RILEY, TINA - former girlfriend of Carlo Sanguino, had affair with Wilson Fisk and betrays Carlo, but was then killed by Fisk
    *D*--Kingpin II#1

    (app-force)--Namor I#5

    --Captain America III#13

RIME GIANTs (Glump, Kai-Ra) - Asgard, Jotunheim
    --Journey into Mystery I#101/2 (
    Thor447,447/2, Avengers III#1

RIMTHURSAR - Asgardian god and/or giant, captured Menagerie in distant past, then slew them and trapped their essences in his Silver Chalice, used magic sword
    - CRUEL STRIKER*, FARBAUTI* (app)--Thor I#320 (320(fb), 321(fb), [320], 321

RIMUSH of the Hyborian era - Zembabwei, soothsayer, served Nenaunir + MBega, died after diving location of Thoth-Amon
    *D (app-nen)--Red Moon of Zembabwei in Conan of Aquilonia; King Conan#3 (4d)

RINALDO, don TONY – Mob leader of the Queens
    --Kingpin II#2 (4

RINEFELD, INGER - personal assistant to Nina Price
    --Amazing Fantasy II#11/2 (12/2

RINEHART, BRIAN - Commission on Superhuman Affairs, secretly a mutant, investigated Juston Seyfert’s sentinel, led group of armored agents against it, sacrificed himself to incapacitate the Sentinel
    *D* (app)--Sentinel#7 (8, 9-12

    false identity used on several occasions, first as a psychiatrist attempting to convince Spider-Man to expose secret identity and quit, later as agent faking the death of Aunt May
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#24 (

RING (Hans Reimann) - foreign agent, used poison ring; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#22 (January, 1943)

Ring of Full Power - used by beings in astral form to access their corporeal body's full range of abilities
    (app)--Strange Tales I#117/2

RING of JUKAS of the Hyborian era - cursed item, granted vast power to wearer, cast into abyss
    Ring of Rhax, Ring of the Demon (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#131

RING of MOLUB - summons the demon Molub, leads him to slaughter whomever his master passes the ring; unable to be given to another but can only be secretly passed to another.
    (app-molub)--Savage Sword of Conan#185

Ring of the Nebulas - power source to Axi-Tun Tekeli-Li Nebula cruiser, utilized by Brain Drain
    (app-star-gods-axi-tun)--Invaders I#1

    magic ring made from Rhinegold by Alberich, effect bodily transformations, formerly held by Alberich + Fafnir (brother of Fasolt) + Siegfried + Odin, later forged into Odinsword
    OVERSWORD* (app-odinsword)--Thor I#295(295+297-300(fb)->oversword)

Ring of the SECT of the RED SERPENT - transports one who has been exposed to the blood of Set to the vicinity of the Serpent Scepter and then compels that being to travel to the scepter
    (app)--Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown#2 (3

RING OF SILENCE - emitted sleep-gas, used by Living Pharaoh's agents
    (app-cultoflivphar)--X-Men I#54

Ring of the Vishanti - spell, used by Dr. Strange to halt Deadgirl's fall

Ring of the Yazdi Gem - see YAZDI GEM (app-yg)--Tomb of Dracula I#1

RINGED RUBY of RAGGADOR - magic item, created as part of the Wager of the Octessence, empowered Stonecutter
    (app-stone)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11, Avengers I#25(named)

RINGER (Anthony "Tony" Davis) - later STRIKEBACK*, apparently survived Scourge's attack, but died months later
    costume designed by Tinkerer, lover of Leila Davis, former pawn of Beetle, shot and presumed dead by Scourge of the Underworld at the Bar with No Name.
    condense rings from air with tensile strength approaching steel
    *D?* (D#19, M, 2006#9, app)--Defenders I#51 ([Defenders I#51(fb), Lethal Foes of Spider-Man#3 (fb), Def51], Def51, [Spectacular Spider-Man II#58(fbs), 53], 58, [Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#4(fb)], Captain America I#319"d", [DFoSpdm#4]->strikeback?)

RINGER (Keith Kraft) - agent of Justin Hammer, used similar costume of Davis
    (M,app)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#10 (Incredible Hulk Annual#17/2, Marvel Year-in-Review 1992, Captain America I#411-414, Punisher War Journal II#4

RINGLEADER (Charles Last) - Death-Throws leader + organizer.
    bm, used razor sharp rings
    (D#3)--Captain America I#317 (Avengers Spotlight#23-25, [Union Jack II#1], 2

RINGLET - Twisted Sisters, Shadow City.
    Weave genetic material into new patterns, asian female
    --Fantastic Four III#17 (18, X-Men II#105

RINGMASTER (Fritz Tiboldt) - @ World War II, Austrian, father of Maynard, husband of Lola, led Tiboldt’s circus (aka Circus of Death) @ 1930s, sent to US to have troupe murder high government officials, defeated by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes), deported, murdered by Nazis
    Ringmaster of Death--(g) Captain America Comics#5 (August, 1941); Captain America I#112 (Cap Comics#5, X-Force minus#1

RINGMASTER (Maynard Tiboldt) - Circus of Crime, leader, son of Fritz, used hat to mesmerize audience and foes, given power to mesmerize with eyes by agents of Devlin Deangelo, embarked on campaign to become the president of the USA for utilitarian party as Martin Thraller
    mesmerize others with his eyes, formerly used hat, briefly used the Cosmic Ring
    - Martin Thraller (I#9,D#11,M)--Incredible Hulk I#3 (X-Force minus 1, Hawkeye III#7(fb),8(fb), Marvel Two-In-One#76(fb), Hulk#3, Amazing Spider-Man I#16, 22, Avengers I#22, Thor145-147, Av60, Thor173, Daredevil I#118, Power Man#24,25, Howard the Duck#25-27, Super-Villain Team-Up#8,9, Hulk217, Marvel Two-In-One#76, Hulk292, Captain America I#319, She-Hulk II#1, Power Pack#59, Cap411-414, Hulk377, Cutting Edge#1, [Hulk379(fb)], 379, 380, Marvel Comics Presents#97/4, Spider-Man Team-Up#5/2, Thunderbolts#2(fb), Generation X#32, Amazing Spider-Man An1998, Hulk469, Deathlok III#5, 8-11, [Daredevil II#23(fb), 20-24],25, Marvel Team-Up III#7/[8-9]/10, Amazing Spider-Man#533, Civil War: War Crimes#1

RINGO the SKRULL - Skrull Beatles, slain by Skrull impersonating Grimsdale
    RINGO STARR imposter* *D*--[Wisdom#2, 5], 6 ([Captain Britain and MI13#1 (fb, dies)]

RINGO, JOHNNY of the Old West - see GHOST of SILVER CITY
    former member of the Outlaws
    (app)--Kid Colt Outlaw#101 (102

RINGO KID of the Old West (    Rand) - old West, heroic gunfighter, treated as an outcast because he was the son of a white man and an indian princess
    (1960s, Outlaw Files, net-preff)--(g)Wild Western#26 (39,41,43,44,46,47,50,52-56, Rawhide Kid#79, Western Trails#1,2, Wyatt Earp#22
Ringo Kid#1 (2-21, Ringo Kid Wild Western#51, Avengers Forever#6, [Avengers I#142],142,143

RINGO STARR (Richard Starkey) - former member of the Beatles

RINGS of VICE - ten weapons used by Pro-Boscis, fire destructive energy blasts
    (app-pro)--Warlock I#12

RINGSFJORD - in Kingdom of Asgard (dim) near Varinheim (?)
    --Thor Annual#10 (map of Asgard)

RINGSHIPS - used by Prime Movers of Tarkus to transport astronomical objects
    (app-sphinxor)--Marvel Two-In-One#62 (63

RINGSHIPPERS- see PRIME MOVERs of TARKUS (app-sphinxor)--Marvel Two-In-One#63

RINGTOSS ( ) - Special Executive, Technet.
    small, wears yellow full body suit, generate and project paralyzing rings of energy
    (U#7)--(UK) Daredevils#5 Captain Britain TP, Excalibur Special Edition#1 (DDs5-11, Captain Britain II#4-7, 12, Excalibur Special Edition#1, Excalibur I#13, 15, 42-47, Marvel Comics Presents#174/2, Fantastic Four III#6, 7, 8?

RINGTOSS - see RINGLET--Fantastic Four III#17, 18(named)


RINTAR - presumed Inhuman, taught and/or wrote "The Art of Battle"
    --[War of Kings: Savage World of Skaar One-Shot#1]

RINTRAH - native of R'vaal, apprentice to Enitharmon and Dr. Strange,
    limited magical abilities, minotaur-like build, superhuman strength
    (U#6, M, Mystic Arcana, net)--Dr. Strange II#80, 81 (Strange Tales II#1/2-6/2, 7, 7/2, 8/2, 11/2, 16/2, 17/2, Doc III#5-8, 30(fb), 9, Marvel Comics Presents#44/3, Doc10-18, Incredible Hulk II#370,371, Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular#1/3, Excalibur I#30, Doc20,21, 23, MCP44/3, Doc24, 26, 27, [Ghost Rider III#11],12, Doc28-30, 32(fb), [Infinity Gauntlet #1], Doc31(fb), 31, InfG#2, Doc32, IG#3, [Doc33],34,35, Silver Surfer III#59, IG6, Doc36, Doc An2/3, MCP#103/4, Doc38,39, 40, 42, 43, Doc An2/2 Doc42,43, 51,52d?

RIO RICO - where CB Bissel went to film Retaliator, a movie based on Punisher (Frank Castle).
    --Punisher War Journal#35 (1991)

RIORDAN, DALLAS – granddaughter of John Watkins sr(?) and paulette braze/She-Wolf, daughter of Jimmy, romantic interest of atlas, agent of v battalion, former assistant to mayor of new york and liason to thunderbolts, took up role after career fell apart when thunderbolts were reveals to be masters of evil, tracked zemo and techno to mexican castle for revenge for defaming Watkins sr, framed by Crimson Cowl (Hammer) as her, turned against v battalion when instructed to kill henry gyrich for his role in the nanotech affair, back broken in battle with Cowl, later channeled energy of Atlas
     skilled swordswoman and hand-to-hand combatant
    CITIZEN V*, "CRIMSON COWL"* (net)--Thunderbolts#1 (2,3, Spider-Man Team-Up#7, Tb4-8, 10, Captain America/Citizen V Annual 1998(fb2), Tb15,16,17, #0, Cap/CV’98, Tb23,24, 30,31, 32-35, 36, 38-43, 46, 47, 51,52, 54-59, 60-64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74/75-->Vantage. [New Thunderbolts#12(fbs)], 13, 15, Thunderbolts II#19/100, Thunderbolts II#102-105

RIORDAN, JIMMY - cop, son of Citizen V / Watkins sr?, father of Dallas, former soldier and New York city cop, declined offer from Roger Aubrey to become Citizen V and join the Penance Council, raised Dallas to be a cop
    --Thunderbolts#42 (42(fb1-3)

RIOT (Heidi Sladkin) - Skrull Kill Krew
    -BUG, HARDBODY (app-skk)--(HS) Skrull Kill Krew#1; (R)#2 (3-5

RIOT ( ) - Heavy Mettle.
    exo-skeleton, fire energy blasts, mask covers lower half of face, wm, dark hair, dark costume with gold armor
    DECIBEL?* (app-hm)--New Warriors II#4 (7

RIOT (  ) - Superhuman anarchist, can assemble giant humanoid from crowd, stopped by Captain Britain (Braddock) and imprisoned on Otherworld
    (app)--Secret Avengers I#22

RIOT of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Ryan Wingfoot) - formerly Stark-Fujikawa, allied with River Styx
    --Fantastic Four#2099#1, (identified) 4 (5

RIOT ACT ( ) – costumed adventurer, foul mouth, active in efforts to stop the Skrull invasion, presumably killed by explosion of Skrull ships.
    wf, shaved head, mask over eyes
    (net-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12

RIOT GIRL  (Erika Graham) - Delta City, former member of Fight Brigade
    RIOT GRRL--Fight Man#1

RIOT SQUAD (Hotshot, Jailbait, Omnibus, Ogress, Redeemer, Rock, Soul Man)
    - former natives of Middletown, mutated by Leader via gamma bomb explosion
    (OH: Hulk)--Incredible Hulk II#345, 366 (367, 397-401, 438-440, Avengers I#397, Hlk441,442, 464

RIP - edge of the universe where all space/time/matter/energy runs out
    --Nova IV#8 (9

RIP - see RAFAEL RIVAL--Power Pack I#24

RIP of Counter Earth-Franklin - Young Allies, sentient extraterrestrial energy, sought as power source by Leland Walker, freed by young allies at cost of walker’s life, formed into embodiment of order + chaos, destroyed all of paris while emerging in reality, split back into Order and Chaos, spawned Anomaly, judged Counter-Earth too unstable to survive, commissioned Proteus of Earth-58163 to destroy it
    -O,K--Heroes Reborn: Young Allies ([Thunderbolts#66,68],70, 72, 74, Exiles#81-82

RIPA crime syndicate - Chicago based, associated with Sammy Silke Jr & Sr
    --[Daredevil II#    ]

RIPAN - Skrull, served under Kylor, died when Kylor led fleet into a trap set by Nenora
    *D* (app)--Silver Surfer III#4 (6, [8], 13d)

RIP CHORD - rock musician, drug addict, jumped off cliff while tripping
    *D* (app-goldeye)--Power Man/Iron Fist#86

RIPCORD (Miranda Leevald) - New Warriors, given technological weaponry
    STACY X*--(shadowed & unidentified) New Warriors IV#2, (fully seen & identified) 3 (4-6

RIPFIRE of Earth-63090 (Matt McKinney, Chi'arr) - mind controlled by alien, given powers
    --Ultraverse Premiere#1 (2, RipFire#0, Ultraverse Unlimited#2?

RIPGNASH 2099 - Mutroids
    --Ravage 2099#29

RIPJAK of Earth-691 - Martian Master mutated by blood transfusion from preserved body of Spider-Man, sought to save universe from Bubonicus, encountered Guardians of the Galaxy in 31st century
    (app)--[Guardians of the Galaxy #49, An4], 54 (GotG#55(fb), [GotG49,54(fb),An4], GotG#54-58

RIPLEY ?? - lover of Daydream, crashed on Nightmare Island with her, encountered Hulk
    --Incredible Hulk III#77 (78-81

RIPPER – see JACK the RIPPER (app)—Astonish#18; Eternals Annual#1

RIPPER (    ) -
    --All-Select Comics#9 ()

RIPPER (Rico ) - mutated by Foundation experiment involving unstable molecules, offered him cash in exchange for allowing them to use him as test subject, abducted him for an entire year, after escaped sought revenge on girlfriend for seeing another man while he was missing, defeated by Thing.
    Fire destructive energy blasts to which unstable molecules were immune
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#21/4

RIPPER (Dr. Jacqueline Davenport) - sought revenge on pimps for sister who was a prostitute and died of an overdose due to a pimp getting her addicted to drugs, posed as doctor, slew those she pretended to save, discovered by Nightcrawler
    -Jackie the Ripper (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#110/2 ([110/2(fb)], 110/2

RIPPER - Hellbent Prime
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#58 (59

RIPPER ( ) – corpse resurrected and empowered by Anton Hellgate, killed by Vengeance
    female, clawed hands
    *D*(app)--Ghost Rider III#73 (74-76d)

RIPPER of Earth-Shadowline - see WEAVER, RIPLEY (app-pl)--Powerline#1

RIPPER of Earth-GI Joe (Harry Nod) -
    DREADNOK--GI Joe#30

RIPPER of NEW YORK of Earth Greenberg - see NEW YORK RIPPER (app-gb)--Marvel Graphic Novel#20


RIPPERMANIA - Whitechapel tour service run by James Ransom

RIPROAR - airship designed by Reed Richards, Human Torch used it to transport Roger Willis to Svartalfheim to repair the Casket of the Ancient Winters
    --Thor I#

RIPSAW ( ) - criminal mercenary, attacked those sabotaging the deforesting operations for Antonio Matias.
    wore buzzsaws on wrists, fire saws at will
    --NFL Superpro#7

RIPSTER - Silver Squad
    (app-silver)--Web of Spider-Man#79

RIPTIDE (Janos Quested) - marauders, cloned upon death by Mr. Sinister to be reused as needed.
    spin at superhuman speeds, generate + project bone-like shuriken while spinning
    (D#18)--Uncanny X-Men#211 (X-Factor I#10, U240,241, [X-Men II#34], X-Man13, Cable An1999, Gambit III#9

RIP VAN WINKLE (Hubert Van Poole) - costumed criminal, employed costumed henchmen as "gnomes"; opposed by Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --Captain America Comics#63 (July, 1947)

RISING SONS (Dragonwing, Jet-Black, Nightwind, Sign, Spoilsport, Tough Love)
    - Madripoor based assassins/mercenaries, used by Noy to battle Paladin and Generation X when they tried to claim a samurai sword from him for Adrienne Frost
    (app)--Generation X#53 (53(fb), 53, 54

    alias used while under the influence of the Goddess (Martinique Wyngarde)
    --Uncanny X-Men#498 (499)

    --All Winners Comics#4)

RISK, FRANKLIN - businessman, sought Ralph Rider's nuclear device, suspected of being Photon
    (app-phot)--Nova I#12 (Amazing Spider-Man I#171

RISLING, VICTOR - Hades, Inc; rabblerouser agent of Lucifer Satan
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#27 (January, 1942)

RISMAN, GRACIE - wife of Matt, mother of Piper
    --New X-Men#22

RISMAN, MATT - assassin, recruited by Rev. Stryker to serve in his Purifiers, took over as leader after Stryker's death
    --New X-Men#22 (25-27, 31

RISMAN, PIPER - son of Matt & Gracie
    --New X-Men#22

RISPOLI, "SCARFACE" - gangster, employed by Pluto/Kro; opposed by Mercury/Hurricane (Makkari)
    --Captain America Comics#3 (May, 1941)

RISQUE (Gloria Dolores Munoz) - female metahuman, ally of warpath, former agent of sledge, killed by 3rd Species
    cause objects to implode
    (2006#9, net)--X-Force#51 (53, 55-57, 60, 61, 65, 66, 69, [81], 99,100, [X-Men Annual 2001(d)]

RISQUE 2099 ( ) - sister of Venture
    --Spider-Man 2099#23

RISSO of Earth-Nightside - Others, vampire, the Five, former bodyguard of Simon Benedict, had him killed and sought to replace him, killed while attacking Sydney Taine
    *D* (app-others)--Nightside#1 (2, 3

RITA ?? - pre-modern era, wife of George, mother of Johnny
    (app-george)--Uncanny Tales#23/6

RITA ?? - former girlfriend of George Prufrock (later Lifeform)
    (app-lifeform)--Incredible Hulk II Annual#16 (16(fb)

RITA of Earth-311 - circa 1602 AD, Bensaylum
    --1602: Fantastik Four#4

RITE of BLOOD - Pride, involves slaying an innocent young woman and storing her soul

RITE of THUNDER - Pride, involves transferring the spirit of their victim to the Gibborim

RITES of ASCENDANCE - created by Aamshed @ 2000 BC? under coercion from Varnae, grants great power to vampire lord who performs it; Aamshed twisted the spell so that it could only be performed every 2000 years and required the vampire lord to perform the ritual on his native soil. The vampire lord also undergoes a period of great weakness while the ritual incubates him
    --Tomb of Dracula IV#1 (2(fb), 1-4

Rithea - Emperor of Ancient Atlantis; apparently ended up in Hell; tormented Namor
    --Namor the First Mutant#6

    --Sabretooth & Mystique#1

RITTER, - immigrant smuggler ("coyote"), many died under one of his transports
    --Wolverine III#7

RITTER, Commander – German WW2 U-boat captain, submarine sunk by Subbie
    (app-Subbie)--Kid Komics#1

    (app)--Eternals: Herod Factor (Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes for Hire#5(fb), 6-9, 11

RITTER, K.C. (Sam Casey) - Teen Brigade
    (app)--Captain Marvel I#51 (52, 53, Incredible Hulk II#417

RITTON, CLIFTON - human leader of Martian invasion; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#3 (January, 1940)

RITUAL of ASCENDENCY - formal induction of new ruler of Eternals
    --Eternals I#1

    --Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1997

RIVAL, JOHNNY - seventh grade classmate of alex power, former antagonist of him, brother of rip,
    puerto rican male, dark hair
    --Power Pack#7, 22(named) (22, 28-30

RIVAL, RAPHAEL DOMINGUEZ "RIP" - gang member, agent of drug dealer, brother of johnny, beat up james power, killed by ??
    --Power Pack I#24 (30d

RIVAS, DAMOCLES - see SAINT--Captain America and the Falcon#4

RIVAS, MANUEL - former head of Cuban drug family, brother of ??, killed by anti-Captain America
    *D*--Captain America and the Falcon#1

RIVE (Anastasia Summit) - Executive Elite
    --Deadpool I#3 (Cable & Deadpool#22-23

RIVER of DARKNESS - below temple of Thugra Khotan in Kuthchemes, served as the magical parallel to the real river Styx, led to realm of the dead, lethal waters, ferryman (charon?) provided passage to the dead if they had the coin of Thugra Khotan
    (app-zug)--Conan the Barbarian I#250

RIVER of NIGHT of the Hyborian era - presumably generated by Vacharn, formed a mystical current that drew ships across the ocean to Na'at; pulled the Winged Dragon to crash on Na'at's shores, and only Conan and Sigurd survived with aid from Vacharn's reanimated dead
    --Conan the Savage#10 (1996)

RIVER DRIVE of Earth-Amalgam - base of Bat-Thing

RIVER LEGTHEMON - Hades, flaming
    --Avengers I#28_

RIVER LETHE - Hades, waters used to cause Hercules to forget his past.
    Causes loss of memory
    (app-typh)--X-Men I#34 (Avengers Annual#23

RIVER RATS (Bunk, Danni, Eamonn, Polly) - Irish gang in New York, former agents of Pops Nesbitt, sought his treasure, most slain in the war between the Irish gangs, remainder killed by Nesbitt's bomb
    *D*--Punisher VII#8 (9-12

RIVER STYX - power source of Achilles and Tyndar.
    waters can cause immortality
    --Avengers Annual#23

RIVER STYX 2099 ( ) - agent of Helcorp
    --Fantastic Four 2099#1 (2-5

RIVERA, EVANGELINA - Cuban mutant, young girl, sister of Lazaro, captured by Cuban soldiers, mind hooked up to machine and forced to control the Russian Sentinels, killed by brother so she would not feel guilty about the damage she would have done.
    --Mystique#3 ([4], 5, 6d)

RIVERA, Dr. JAVIER - Project: Pegasus, assisted in several superhuman data searches
    --Avengers III#6 (Iron Man An1999

RIVERA, LAZARO - Humans for Genetic Equality, Cuban, brother of Evangelina, stormed the military base holding the Sentinels, killed Evangelina to stop the Russian Sentinels
    --Mystique#4 (5, 6

RIVERA, Mrs. -
    --Dr. Strange III#76

RIVERDALE - hometown of Barnaby Wade, affected by his mental powers
    --Yellow Claw #4/4

RIVERS, HAWK - masked arsonist; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#20 (June, 1941)

RIVERS, HOWIE - Gallow’s Bend, Nevada, owner of Amusement Park, resisted threats by Kazarian/Apocalypse to force him to sell the park, fought off attack by Griffins, blew up park to destroy Apocalypse and Demon-Fire
    --Vampire Tales#7 (8

    --Incredible Hulk II#439

RIVERS, VINCE - @ 1958, pawn of Zirksu/Diabolik who placed a device in his speakers that caused those who heard it to run amok; Diabolik also gave him a guitar containing an Augmatron which allowed it to fire sonic blasts
    (app)--Marvel Premiere#36 (37

RIVERTOWN - haunted by "ghost" of George Munson
    --Human Torch Comics #25/4

RIVIERA, JAYNE - Bangers, recruited from the United Eurasian Federation in an unknown future.
    Cybertran legs
    (app-time)--Deathlok II Annual#1

RIVVAK - Asgard, Vanir, prince, son of Rampok, succeeded him in war against Odin, who allowed him to appear to defeat him to allow everyone to see that there is always hope
    --Journey into Mystery I#110/2

Captain America I#321

RIZZO, - criminal, harassed Carlos & Maria, defeated by Black Widow (Romanoff)
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#1/2 (1/2(fb), 1/2

RIZZO, DANIEL - brother of Thomas, former partner of "Mad Dog" Rassitanio, killed in the line of duty
    *D*--[Thunderstrike#8] ([8(fb, dies)]

RIZZO, MARIO - child from Naples, thief, targeted by Leonard Tippit
    (app)--Avengers I#101

RIZZO, THOMAS - brother of Daniel, designed Officer Z.E.R.O., committed suicide to stop him from he went rogue

RIZZOLI, ANTON - stole artifacts from Castle Dracula, sold them at an auction, defended self from Dracula with a cross, slain by Ursula Lensky under Dracula’s direction
    *D*--Dracula Lives#9

R'KIN - Skrull mechanic, father perished in Battle of Harkoon, joined up with Super-Skrull during Annihilation, appalled by his brutality, betrayed him to the Annihilation Wave, dismembered and left to die in destruction of the Harverster of Shadows by the Super-Skrull
    *D* (Annihilation: Super-Skrull#3, Annihilation: Nova Files)--Annihilation: Super-Skrull#1 (2(fb), 2-3, 4d)

R'KLLL - empress of Skrulls, wife of Dorrek VII, mother of Anelle, grandmother of Dorrek VIII, killed Dorrek and succeeded him as ruler, sent "Mrs. Altman" to watch over Dorrek VIII/Teddy Altman, died when Galactus consumed Tarnax IV
    *D*--Fantastic Four I#206 (209, [Young Avengers#9 (fb)], Uncanny X-Men#137, [Marvel Graphic Novel#1: Death of Captain Marvel], Fantastic Four I#25_d)

RL'NND - X-Men-powered Skrull, slain by SHIELD
    *D*--Ms. Marvel II#25, (identified) 26 (25, 26d)

R'MALK'I race (Marr Garr, Beppe IIII, Cmar Har) - extraterrestrial plant creatures, Milky Way galaxy, planet M’malk’z,
    greedy capitalists, insensitively exploitative, telepathic, must take root in native soil to sleep
    (I#8,D#15)--Warlock I#15 (Avengers Spot#24/2, 25/2

RM'TWR - Skrull
    --Ms. Marvel II#25 (26-27?

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