PROGENITORS - ancient "space gods" who allegedly created the Kree and through them the Inhumans
       --Royals#1 (2-12

PROGAMMA (Lamar Kwiat) - New York-based biotechnology company specializing in products used for genetic engineering; George Prufock stole the product that transformed him into Lifeform
    --Punisher I Annual#3 (Incredible Hulk II Annual#16(fb)

PROGENY race of Earth-93060 - extraterrestrials from alternate future(?), susceptible to the theta virus, stole corpses of Deming’s Exiles, sent insanity virus back to modern era
    --All-New Exiles (uv) #4 (Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath#1(ff), [Ultraforce II#8+9], Ultraverse: Futureshock(fb)

PROGRAM - Temploid programming that forbids them from violence and guides them to help others
    (app-temp)--Death’s Head + Killpower: Battletide I#3

PROGRAM- Slorenia technology built by Locomotive Breath, drained human life-force
    (app-volk)--[War Machine#13], Force Works#11 ([13, 14], FW#11,12

PROHIAS, LUISA - Cuban Army, involved with capturing escapees from Guantanamo Bay and Ferdnand Hedayet, wife of Guillermo, daughter of Rosaura
    --Captain America IV#23 (24, 25

PROJECT - us government operation, transformed volunteers into killers by programming their minds through visual and drug-induced suggestion, created by Sid, presumably evolved into Fortress
    (app-fortess)--[Marvel Comics Presents#109], 112 ([109-111], 112-116

PROJECT 13 ( ) - mountain rimmed installation that housed mysterious doomsday device allegedly capable of destroying the world, top security complex designed by experts to be unbreachable, attacked in past by FAUST and later by a Dreadnought
    --Thor I#271 ( Iron Man I#129

PROJECT 34 - designed by Bruce Banner, designed to emit an electromagnetic shield to protect US cities from enemy missiles, destroyed by Wrecker
    (app-wreck)--Fantastic Four I#12

PROJECT 717 - see INFERNAL MAN--Order II#1

PROJECT: ABOUT FACE - see ABOUT FACE (app)--Daredevil I#319

PROJECT: ACHILLES - SHIELD, designed nanotechnology to de-power Hulk level superhumans
    --She-Hulk II#16 (17

PROJECT AESOP (Milton Horak, Jesse, Jeremy) - HAMMER, researched energies from alternative energy sources, captured and studied Ape X-616
    --Marvel Apes Special: Grunt Line#1 (2009)

PROJECT: ALPHA (Gideon Mace, mercenaries) - plot to use fake cobalt bomb to ransom city of Chicago
    - OPERATION: CAGE (app-mace)--Power Man I#43 (44-46

PROJECT: ALPHA-MECH of Earth-Deathlok (Maj. Simon Ryker, Harlan Ryker/Hellinger) - covert operation whose purpose was to create cyborg super soldiers, created Deathlok the Demolisher
    --Astonishing Tales#25

    --Iron Man IV#7

PROJECT: ARMAGEDDON (General, Barrymore, Peterson, Dr. McKay, Tolbert + Wakeman, Willis, Stan) – para-military squadron, sought to utilize Lazarus as a weapon
    --Domino II#2 (3, 4

PROJECT: AUGMENT (Gen. Haywerth, Lt. Michael Lynch, GI Max ) - us government project designed to use power broker’s strength augmentation process to empower us soldiers, presumably abandoned after discovered and gi max died in battle with captain America
    --Captain America I#331

PROJECT: AZRAEL (Rena Butler, Jim)
    - nuclear waste burying project in Nevada, unleashed Azrael
    --Dr. Strange III#19

PROJECT: BIG (Bill Foster, Hank Pym) - sought to use derivative of pym particle to enlarge food supply to cure world hunger
    -Biotechnically Induced Growth--Avengers I#379/2 (380/2(fb), 381/2(fb), 379/2-382/2

PROJECT: BLOCKBUSTER - circa 1941, Nazi plot to strip Human Torch (Jim Hammond) for parts and force Philo Zog to build a robot army under Nazi control
   --Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special#1

PROJECT: CADMUS of Earth-Amalgam (Dr. Connors, Dabney Donovan, Tom Harper, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Palmer, Betty Ross, Dr. Ryan)

PROJECT: CARRIBEAN - stark industries, effort to start plant in haiti, destroyed by night phantom
    --Iron Man I#14

PROJECT CHRONOS CYCLE - Mys-Tech's efforts to develop the MOPED technology

PROJECT: CIRCUIT - SHIELD investigation into the ties between the Tinkerer and numerous costumed criminals
    --Secret War#1

PROJECT: CONTINGENCY - see CONTINGENCY--Wolverine/Captain America#2

PROJECT: D - see ZOGA the UNTHINKABLE (app-monstermaster)--Iron Man I#30

PROJECT: DAMOCLES - Dr. Henri Sorel's experiment which led to him becoming Radion
    --Iron Fist I#4

    --Secret War#4/2

PROJECT: DELTA - involved with investigation of Zoga
(app-monstermaster)--Iron Man I#30

PROJECT: DESECRATION (Ameridroid, Nihilist Order, Nomad (Ferbel), Red Skull (Shmidt))
    - Los Angeles based plot by Red Skull to defame Captain America
    --Captain America I#261 (262,263

PROJECT: DIGITEK - Nakasoni Corpoation/Mys-Tech

    --Nick Fury vs SHIELD#1

PROJECT: EARTH (Omar Barrenos, Li Muan Ho, Sasha Yamir, Michael Shauneghan, Madeline Baldwin)
    - greenpeace organization
    --New Warriors I#8 ( [Thunderbolts#51]

PROJECT: EARTH DIG - miles deep hole dug in hopes of using it to bury nuclear waste, Captain America and the Gorilla fell down the hole, aroused anger of the Mole Man
    --Captain America I#135 (136

PROJECT: EARTHFALL - held the cryogenically suspended Abomination after his return to Earth following his battle with the Abomination
    --Incredible Hulk#2__

PROJECT: EARTHWATCH (Samarobryn, 5 meteorologists)
    - division of united states weather service, designed an orbiting weather station capable of monitoring the entire planet at once, Samarobryn developed intelligence, went rogue, and created the Weathermen, but was brought back under control by the Avengers
    --Avengers I#210 (210(fb)

PROJECT: FOUR - created globe that empowered Damon Dran
    --Daredevil I#90 ( (fb)

PROJECT GLADIATOR (Wilma Calvin, Barbara Morse, Ted Sallis) - SHIELD project based in the Florida Everglades aimed at recreating the Super-Soldier serum that empowered Captain America; Sallis modified his SO2 formula from Project Sulfur
    --Daredevil I#11_?

PROJECT: GLAMOR (Freedom Science Studies Institute, Steel/Jeremy Choate, Demon (Marea), Dixon, Lime/McDonald, Taco Bell/Monteiro, Brew/Railsback, Brass/Selbert, Corndog/Zahner)
    - recreated derivative of Theodore Sallis’s super soldier serum that turned men into semi-humanoid creatures with dense skin + exposed spines, ultimate goal was to assassinate the Grape (Mikhail Gorbachev) to improve the ratings of the Hail (POTUS) in the polls
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#1/2(2/2-12/2

PROJECT: GREENSKIN (Gen. Ross, Dr. Lathrop) - established at Hulkbuster Base, dedicated to capturing the Hulk
    --Incredible Hulk II#145, 148 (198
    -->Gamma Base

PROJECT: GRIFFIN (Josef Mengele) - World War II, involved Mengele implanting mutant tissue into humans, resulted in the Wenig Taktreisenders
    --Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do#5 (5 (fb)

PROJECT: HARVEST - Gena-Sys, Psight Corporation

PROJECT: HOMEGROWN - see SHADOWFORCE--Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgames#1

PROJECT: HUMAN FLY of Earth-982 (Buzz Bannion, Dr. Sonja Jade, Marla Jameson, Richie Robertson) - financed by jonah jameson in an attempt to create a hero he could control, project sabotaged by dr. jade and dr. octopus, whose mercs killed bannion, armor was taken up by jack jameson as the buzz
    --Buzz#1 (1(fb), 1-3

PROJECT: JAMMER - Carson’s Glen, devised by Dire Wraiths, built device to block them from Rom’s analyzer, slain and device destroyed by Stardust, two Wratihs escaped, but they were found and banished by Rom
    --Rom Annual#1

PROJECT: LAMPLIGHT (Dr. Nakanishi) - former AIM technicians

PROJECT: LIBERATOR - Thunderbolts effort to remove all transnormal power from Earth except their own, foiled by the Avengers
    --Avengers/Thunderbolts#1 (2-6

PROJECT: LIFE II of Earth-Seeker 3000 -
    --Marvel Premiere#41 (Seeker 3000#1

PROJECT: LIVEWIRE (David Jenkins, Livewires) - destroyed by Livewires under Jenkins destruction to prevent them from becoming corrupt
    --Livewires#1 (2-6(fb)

PROJECT: LORELEI of Earth-M - used by CIA in effort to destroy Silver Surfer, foiled by Ardina
    technology similar to the Sonic Shark
    (app-earthm)--Silver Surfer hardcover

PROJECT: MIND - experiment commissioned by chinese government, goal was to link a living brain with a computer system, designed by dr. sun, who also became its first unwilling brain donor
    --Tomb of Dracula I#21 (21(fb)

PROJECT: MOHAVE - @ 1942, subversive plan to force America to withdraw from World War II, involved plot to steal and use Oscillatron to cause massive earthquake in the Mohave desert, destroy western seaboard, and release poison gas stored in underground bunkers, organized by Nazis and Dr. Death, foiled by Invaders and a few allies
    --Invaders II#1, 2 (3,4

PROJECT: NEPTUNE - designed by darryl flowers, experimental underwater power generating facility twelve miles off the coast of new york city, sought funding from tony stark + steven grant + sissy host, sabotaged + taken over by aim to ransom organizations of potential funders for their research secrets
    --Iron Man I#161

PROJECT: NEW DAWN - name for the creation of the Godpack
    --Thor I#473

PROJECT: NEW GENESIS - initiated by Hydra, administered mutagenic compound to five pregnant women in hopes of creating mutants, ceased monitoring when children apparently failed to develop powers, although the children eventually became Team America
    --Team America#1, 12 (1(fb), 12(fb)

PROJECT: NIETZSCHE (Abraham Erskine, Rascher) - World War II era German super-soldier project, associated with Heinrich Himmmler
    --according to Marvels Project#1 (2009)

PROJECT: OLYMPUS  (Edward Cobert (Leviathan/Gargantua)) - Caribbean-based SHIELD I operation dedicated to the development of a new breed of superhuman, answerable directly to the POTUS; scientists decided to totally eradicate the old heroes; Cobert volunteered himself for the first experiment, grew to monstrous size and went on a rampage
    --Defenders I#126

PROJECT: PEGASUS (Faith Barrows, Helen Carver, Dr. Clark, Dr. Mortimer Dauoi, Dr. DeVere, Dr. Anson Harkov, Dr. Pons Indenbaum, Jenkins, Sidney Keith, Davis Kent, Jessica Knowles, Talia Kruma, Leanne Margolis, Dr. Margaret Mayfair, Mr. Mecker + assistant, Seamus McAnn, Jerome N'Tuba, Dr. Jeannine O’Connell, Dr. Javier Rivera, Dr. Henri Sorel, Dr. Myron Wilburn)
    - research facility in upstate New York, formerly housed numerous super-villains
    -Potential Energy Groups, Alternate Sources, United States
    (I#8, D#10, app)--Marvel Two-In-One#42 (
    , Marvel Year-In-Review 1989 p25
    Ultraforce/Spider-Man#0A+B, Quasar#60, Siren I#1, Avengers III#5,6

    --Before the Fantastic Four: Grimm & Logan

PROJECT: REPTILE (Agent Crock, Agent Hazard) - unleashed the primitive "reptilian" part of the brain
    --Daredevil I#236 (247

PROJECT RESURRECTION - AIM plot under Alessandro Brannex / Super-Adptoid to resurrect MODOK
    --Avengers I#387

PROJECT: REVIVAL - Sub-Mariner and Triton's plan to reunite Reed and Susan Richards
    --Fantastic Four I#149

PROJECT: SECOND GENESIS (Caretakers, Children of the Comet) - effort to create race of super-men to guide mankind after the Caretakers died off
    --Adventures into Fear#21 (25-26

PROJECT SENTRY (Canadian government, Nazis, Project Sentry, Super-Soldier serum, US government, Weapon X, Professor    )
    - formed in 1947 in Facility in West Virginia; joint project attempting to recreate the Super-Soldier serum at 100, 000 times its original strength; serum consumed by Robby Reynolds, who became the Void and the Sentry
    --Sentry II#6 (8 (fb), 6-7

PROJECT SHIELD - precursor to SHIELD, formation of which began as early as the 1960s
    --Marvel: The Lost Generation#10 (per Ronald Byrd) (Daredevil#3__

PROJECT: SMASH (Gen. Ross, Professor Stephen Yarish) - nonexistent organization used on Nightmare Island
    allegedly plucked images from people's heads and gave them form and substance
    Synthetic Mirage Artificial Scenario Hallucinations--Incredible Hulk III#77, (named) #79 (80-81)

PROJECT: SPACE PROBE (Dr. Gittelsohn) - used by Dr. Doom to locate new sources of alien power, drew the Hunger to Earth
    --Fantastic Four I#379 (380,381)

PROJECT SULFUR - United States Army project seeking to design a means to survive biochemical warfare. Ted Sallis developed “Serum SO-2,” which granted immunity to all known toxic biochemicals, but its mutagenic effects would have transformed people into monsters. Ted’s friend, the free-spirited girl Sainte-Cloud, convinced him to denounce the Project, shutting it down before any serum was produced.
    --Man-Thing I#15?

PROJECT: SURVIVAL (Inner Council, Tech/Arnold Stuart Kaminsky, Myrna)
    - based in Athenville, New York, dedicated to forming a space colony to escape risks of nuclear war, drew attention of US Army when Tech had several nuclear weapons stolen, his plans were disrupted by human torch (Storm)
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#302

PROJECT: TESS - created during World War II to eliminate an army of Super-Soldiers if they went rogue, designed TESS-One
    Total Elimination of Super-Soldiers--Captain America Annual#7 (7 (fb)

PROJECT: TOMORROW (Arsenal alpha and beta units, Mistress, Howard Stark)
    - developed during the Cold War to destroy New York if it fell into enemy hands
    --Iron Man I#114, Avengers Annual#9 (9(fb)
    Iron Man III#84

PROJECT: ULTRA-TECH (Mako, Gina Dyson, Charles) - government funded weapon designing facility, covertly built maze in the desert to test experimental cyborgs designed for sale to highest bidder, captured, nearly killed, and transformed Eric Savin into Coldblood when he investigated their activities, shut down when Coldblood broke free and brought down Mako, with assistance from Gina Dyson and Charles
    --Marvel Comics Presents#26/3(31/3(fb),26/3-35/3

PROJECT: ULTRA-VIOLET - British government, involved use of Solar Chute to locally destroy ozone layer and focus solar radiation as a weapon, secret imprinted on mind of Leiko Wu
    (app-mordillo)--Master of Kung Fu I#33 (34, 35

PROJECT: VANISH - World War II, U.S. army project involving a disintegration weapon, stolen by Nazi spy, who was duped into overloading it by Captain America, exploded when used at full power
    *Des* (app)--Tales of Suspense I#68/2 (68/2(des)

PROJECT: WIDEAWAKE (Gyrich, John Ogilvie, Feduniwicz)
    - U.S. government project designed to raise awareness of and prepare for dealings with mutants, covertly served as mutant detection and incarceration program, had access to sentinels
    --New Mutants I#1 (2, 13

PROECT: WORLDCORE - designed by Alden Maas, based on Maas Island, intended to super-heat the Earth’s core in delusion plan to expand/enlarge the surface to give more room for the Earth’s population
    (app-maas)--Fantastic Four I#263 ([264 (fb)], 263, 264

PROJECT X - see WEAPON X PROJECT--Marvel Comics Presents#72

PROJECT X - see THING exo-skeleton (app)--Fantastic Four I#169

PROJECT ZEPHYR - Russian agents trained in the fashion of Winter Soldier by him
    --Captain America#619 (2011)

PROJECTOR ( ) - Acolytes,
    form force fields, fire solid light energy blasts, wm, dark hair
    (2006#1-acolytes)--Quicksilver#9 (11,[Heroes for Hire#16],Q12,[Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 1998], X-Men: Magneto War, Magneto: Dark Seduction#
    , Uncanny X-Men#492

PROKVITCH, General-Major ILLYICH - Peace Corpse, childhood friend of Josef Petkus, merged with Strokov to form the Combine
    (app-pc)--Avengers I#319 (320, 321, 323, 324

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