PRADDA FOL - Silver Legion, Iridian chief territorial trooper, consumed in Congregation of Finality
    *D*--Silver Surfer III#115 (116-121d)


PRAETER (Pastor Mike) - Galactus' herald; empowered to replace Silver Surfer when he was tethered to Earth to protect the Galactus Seed
    --Mighty Thor#

PRAETORIAN GUARD - armored agents of the Alfredo Morelli (while he was posing as Richard Fisk)
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man#87 (88, 89

PRAETORIUM (Malekyth) - ruling council of Arakne
    (app-arakne)--Knights of Pendragon II#6

PRAETORIUM - Imperial Guard's ship
    --X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#3

PRA-EUN of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, former head of the Scarlet Circle, ally of Thoth-Amon
    *D*--King Conan#1 ([1(fb)], 1d)

    Brahmanic name

    (net-preff)--(g) Wild Western#12

PRASHARD - planet, former home of the Prashardians, devastated when Century unwittingly led the Scatter there
    --Century: Distant Suns (Cen:DS (fb)

PRASHARDIAN race (Skewer) - extraterrestrial, slaughtered by Lore and then when Century unwittingly led the Scatter to Prashard
  (app)--Century: Distant Suns (Cen:DS (fb)

PRAST, KLARA - Runaways, young female mutant?, former wife of Mr. Prast circa 1907, brought forward in time with Runaways
    --Runaways II#27, (identified) #28 (29, [30 (fb)], 30

PRAST, Mr. - circa 1907 AD, adult husband of the young Klara
    --Runaways II#27, (identified) #28 ([30 (fb)]

PRATT - rogue, scientist/agent for Home Base/Secret Conspiracy, sought to use Hulk’s blood to research superhuman development, obsessed with Rhyme of Ancient Mariner, posed as FBI and killed several to capture Hulk, injected with Hulk serum and blew up, revived + slew police to get to Banner, developed superhuman strength from serum, eventually torn to pieces by Hulk
    --Incredible Hulk III#40 (41, 42, 43"d" 45-49

PRAWN, ERIC - detective, hired by Veronica Frankenstein to bring monster to her, helped monster and Ralph Caccone escape from ICON, then forced them to accompany him to Switzerland
    --Frankenstein Monster#14 (15-18

PRAXAGORA - Negative Zone, last survivor of her race of robotic beings, imprisoned and tortured at UX-73 by Hawal, freed during Super-Skrull's assault, helped him destroy the Harvester of Sorrow, aided Ronan and Super-Skrull in taking down House Fiyero
    metal body, fire energy blasts, fusion core
    (Annihilation: Super-Skrull#3, Annihilation: Nova Files)--Annihilation: Super-Skrull#2 (3-4, Annihilation#2-3, 5, [6]

PRAXDORF – company owned by , parent corporation of Microcorp
    --Punisher II#8

PRAXIS (Knorda/Nora Queen) - computing company established in Switzerland by Knorda while trapped on earth in the human guise of Nora Queen, used by Loki as base to temporarily change timeline to Earth-Praxis
    --Domination Factor#1.1 (1.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.7, 4.8)

PRAXIS - former Galadorian royal ship, destroyed by Wraithknights in attack which slew Rom
    *Des*--Spaceknights#1 (1d)


PRAZNIKI, ANNIE - daughter of Victor
    --Thor I#495 (497-500

PRAZNIKI, SILVIA - wife of Victor, step-mother of Annie
    --Thor I#495 (497-500

PRAZNIKI, VICTOR - head of machinists union, owned Raven's Eye, hired Thor to protect him from Loki robot
    --Thor I#495(497-500

preacher (    ) - forced precognitive mutant Mary-Margaret to aid his killing of newly empowered mutants, eventually fell to seeming death battling Warren Worthington
    --Angel: Revelations#1 (2008)

PREACHER ( ) - formerly allied with Humanity's Last Stand, boyfriend of Joelle Guthrie
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995 (Uncanny X-Men Annual 1996

PREAK - Negative Zone, former prisoner of UX-73, friend of Praxagora, freed during Super-Skrull's assault, joined his efforts to destroy Harvester of Sorrow, sacrificed self to hold back Annihilation Wave troops
    replicates on impact
    *D* (Annihilation: Super-Skrull#3, Annihilation: Nova Files)--Annihilation: Super-Skrull#2 (3, 4d)

PREBBLE, LEONARD - targeted for assassination for Elektra, hired others to protect him, including Carter Trask + Alex Krischner + Frank Bauer, before resigning himself to his fate    
    *D*--Elektra II#23 (24/[23(fb)], 23/24(dies))

PRE-CATACLYSMIC ERA (Seven Empires: Commoria, Grondar, Kamelia, Thule, Valusia, Verulia, Zarfthaana)
    - marks the period of time before the Great Cataclysm, which occurred @ 18000 BC
    (REH) ;
    (Marvel) Conan the Barbarian I#1 (
    Marvel Saga#3 / Fantastic Four I#316 (fb), Eternals I#2 (fb), Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23/7, Adventure into Fear#15 (fb), Marvel Spotlight I#16-17, Sub-Mariner#62/2, 63/2, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23/7, Eternals I#2 (fb)-->Great Cataclysm

PRECIS on THAUMATURGICAL GENERATIONS - mystic text, seven volumes, written by Lord (Julian) Phyffe
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#14/2

    --Death (cubed, Metal, or Wreck?) #1

PREDATOR - demon within Dark Dimension accessed by Cloak, imprisoned the spirit of "Jack the Ripper" and later released it back into the world through Cloak.
    absorbs life energy of others
    --[Cloak & Dagger I#4], Cloak & Dagger II#1 (6,10, Marvel Graphic Novel: Cloak & Dagger: Predator & Prey, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9

PREDATOR X - created at the Facility under the direction of Dr. Adam Harkins as a biological weapon that feeds on mutation, fed on Mammomax, given metallic coating torn from body of Mercury; three original created, only one survived and escaped, pursued the mutant girl born after M-Day, slew Peepers and numerous other mutants
    (XM: MC-MF)--[New X-Men II#34], 35 ([36 (fb), 34], 35-37, 42-43, X-Men: Messiah Complex#1, Uncanny X-Men#492, NXM#44, X205, XFac26, NX45, XFac27, NX46, X207

PREDATORS - fighter aircraft of Col. Shetari
    --[Uncanny X-Men Annual II#1], Uncanny X-Men#474

PREDATORS 2099 (Diana J. Matlin, Mr. Helms, Thurmond, Mr. Gingrich, Atwater)
    - pioneer society, wealthy club that used remote robots in killing game
    *D*--Ghost Rider 2099#9 (10-12

PREDICTO-SCOPE - used by Factor Three to read the future
    --X-Men I#38

PREECIT, Major of Earth-88194 - Merchants; captured but eventually slain by Dr. Zero
    (app)--Dr. Zero#5 (6-7

PRELLE, WALTER - @ 1953, tricked partner Miles Keston into using a "voodoo doll" spell from the Black Book of Bast to kill himself
    (app)--Uncanny Tales#14/6 ([14/6 (fb)], 14/6

PREMIUM MINING COMPANY - business aligned with Jim Clark
    --Sun Girl#1

PRENDERGRAST, KIERON - interviewed by Betty Brant, revealed information on Reinhold Fell
    --Torch#6 (2010)

PRENTISS - helped fund Professor Monte's zeppelin, killed when Dynamic Man destroyed zeppelin
    --Mystic Comics#4/8d

PRENTISS, AYLA - aerialist in Garvey's carnival, friend of Darrel Daniel
    (app-garvey)--Man Thing I#5 (6(fb), 5-7

PRENTISS, BETTY DEAN* - former policewoman and friend of Namor, raised Namorita
    (net) *D*--Sub-Mariner I#8 (38, 52, 54,55, 57, Defenders I#5, SubM#61,[62], 70, Super-Villain Team-Up#2d)

PRESENCE (Sergei Krylov) - Russian nuclear physicist, father of Vanguard and Darkstar, wears armored suit, gained powers from cobalt radiation, absorbed energy of Forbidden Zone with Red Guardian (Belinsky), converted into energy and left earth with her, imprisoned by Stranger, later freed by Quasar, attempted to convert world into a group mind of irradiated men.
    subsists on radioactive decay, telepathy, generate + manipulate nuclear radiation
    (M, 2007#8)--Defenders I#51 (Incredible Hulk II#259(fb4), Def51-55, 61-63,65, Hulk#258,259, Quasar#14, 23(fb),19,20, 45,46, Marvel Comics Presents#70, Quas60, Avengers III#42(fb1+2), 40-44, 52,53

PRESERVER - see VISHNU (app-nest)--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

PRESIDENT-FOR-LIFE of "Earth-460" (Zebediah Killgrave/Purple Man) - took over USA, began to exterminate super-heroes, sent Captain America back in time, creating the world of Earth-311 @ 1602 A.D.
    (app-rojhaz)--1602#8 (8(fb, dies)

PRESIDENT of the EXPLORERS' CLUB - see EXPLORERS' CLUB PRESIDENT--Strange Tales I#47/6 (possibly in Journey into Mystery I#46)


PRESIDENT’s MOUNTAIN of Earth-712 - counterpart of Mount Rushmore
    --Squadron Supreme I#8

PRESINOKU (Sire Ru ) - planet, dimension of blackbodies, undersea world, populated by squid-creatures
    --Silver Surfer III#116

PRESS GANG (Hawkshaw, Pipeline, Punchout)
    - Genoshan mutants working for government
    (net-handbook)--Uncanny X-Men#235 (236, 264, Cable II#22, 26-28, Fantastic Four III#10

PRESSMAN, MELINDA - daughter of Max Pressman (Wallow)
    (app-Wallow)--Ghost Rider III#87

PRESSMAN, MICHAEL - son of Max Pressman (Wallow)
    (app-Wallow)--Ghost Rider III#87

PRESSURE of Earth-93060 (Valerie Marie Sharp) - Freex
    Generate steam for heat and force effects
    (Freex#7, app)--Freex#1 ([5(fb)], 7(fb), 1(fb#3), Ultraverse Premiere#0/6, Frx1-3, 4,5, Break-Thru#1, Fr6, Night Man I#3, BThru#2, Wrath#4,5, Fr7-11, Prime I#13/2, Giant-Size Freex#1, Fr12/Ultraforce I#1/2, Fr13, 14, Firearm I#15, Fr15, FireA#15/2, Fr16,17, Godwheel#0,1,[2],3, Fr18

PRESTER JOHN - @ 12th Century, alleged descendent of the Magi, former ally of King Richard the Lion-Hearted, discovered Evil Eye in Avalon after battle with Fomor, survived until modern times via Chair of Survival constructed by alchemists of Avalon, cast back to 10th century by Kang, encountered and sent back to 13th century by Thor (Masterson), spent time on Eurth, came to dwell in Cable's Providence
    used Evil Eye
    - the Wanderer (M, 2007#8, app)--Fantastic Four I#54 (Marvel Fanfare I#54, F4#54(fb), 54, Thor Annual#17(fb), 17, [17], FF54, Marvel Two-In-One#12(fb), 12, Defenders I#11, Avataars#1-3, [Cable/Deadpool#13(fb)], 11, 13-14, 15, 23, 25, 26, 28, 33, 40-41

PRESTON, EMILY - SHIELD agent, mind inhabits Life Model Decoy of her original body
    --Deadpool V?#1

PRETENDER - see KUSOOM (app)--Tales to Astonish I#31/4

PRETORIA (Anton Pretorius) - South African town
    --Marvel Comics Presents I#

PRETORIANS - white supremacists, led by Chainsaw
    --Moon Knight III#22 (23, Dead Man's Hand (PWJ or Nomad?), Marvel Comics Presents#152/4-154/4

PRETORIUS of Earth-Crossover? - genetic scientist, sought to transplant organs of super-powered beings into normal humans
    (app)--Generation X/Gen13#1 ([1(fb)], 1(fb), 1

PRETORIUS, ANTON - magistrate in South Africa (possibly the commonwealth of Pretoria?), politician, ally of Elmer Gore + Eugene van der Merwe + Doeke Riebeeck, became obsessed with Ramonda, kidnapped her and held her as a love slave for over a decade, sent photos to T'Chaka to make it appear she had run off with another man, actions exposed after Black Panther (T'Challa) rescued her from him
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#13/2], 18/2 (37/2(fb), 29/2(fb), [13/2-17/2], 18/2, [19/2-22/2], 23/2, [24/2], 25/2, [26/2-28/2], 29/2, 30/3, [31/2-35/2], 36/2, 37/2

PRETTY BOY ( ) - Reavers, killed by Fitroy's sentinels
    able to extend cables from eyes to take over others' minds
    *D* (net)--Uncanny X-Men#229 (248, 251-255, Punisher II#33,34, UX262, 269, 281d)

PRETTY BOY ( ) - Undergrounders, killed by Ebbtide
    *D*--Nomad II#3 (8d)

PRETTY BOY of Earth-148611 (Bob Loeser) - Paranormal Platoon
    *D*--The War (nu)#1

PRETTY PERSUASIONS (Heidi P. Franklin) - Psionex, stripper
    manipulate minds of others, especially men
    (net-ps)--New Warriors I#4 ( 15,16, 18, New Warriors An4, NW52,[53], 60, 63,64, New Thunderbolts#5, Thunderbolts II#103-104

PREVIEW (Jessica "Jessie" Vale) - mutant, Xavier Institute, Paragons
    precognition (minutes in advance
    (New X-Men Yearbook)--New X-Men: Academy X#12, (named) New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook (NX:AX#12, 14

PREXIE of Earth-691 - 31st century, Asylum, severed as figurehead speak/representative
    (app-as)--Marvel Presents#5

PREY, SOLOMON - Wakandan, mutated, sought death of Black Panther, lover of Tanzika
    wing + talons, and to fade out of sight
    *D* (1990s, app)--Black Panther: Panther's Prey#1 (2-4d)

PREYY - leopard serving Erik Killmonger + later Madame Slay, kidnapped by Achebe in attempt to lead Deadpool to kill Killmonger, in order to return T’Challa to the throne, slain by Achebe when Deadpool + Killmonger didn’t kill each other
    *D* (app)--Jungle Action#6 (7, 12, 18, Black Panther III#15/2,16, 22,Deadpool III#44,Bp23,24d)

PREYY II - Killmonger's leopard he used after he recovered from consuming the heart-shaped herb
   (app)--Black Panther III#60 (61

PREZ: MASTER OF KUNG-FU of Earth-Amalgam - Shang-Chi +
    --[Exciting XPatrol#1]

PRIAM (Podarces) - @ 1193, former king of Troy, father of Paris, Hector, Cassandra, and 47 others, placed on the throne as a boy by Hercules, slain by Neoptolemus
    *D* (app-trojanwar)--Thor Annual#8

PRIAPUS ( ) - Olympian god, son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, sought Carnal Serpent, apparently destroyed by it
    (2007#8, app)--[Terror,inc#10],11 (Cage I#15, Silver Sable#13, Terror12, Cage16, Sable14

PRICE, - SHIELD I, captured Rossi alongside Paul Garwood, shot by Garwood to frame Rossi; Garwood framed Rogue for Price's murder after she rescued Rossi
    *D* (app-garwood)--Uncanny X-Men#182 (182d)

PRICE (      ) - created Worldengine + demon-robots + clones of Thor, unwitting pawn of Seth
    (app)--[Thor I#491], 494 ([494(fb)], [491-493], 494

PRICE, BILL - Daily Bugle, present at UN delegation including SHE & Atlanteans
    --Civil War: Front Line#8/3

PRICE, EDDIE - see CAPTAIN UNIVERSE (Eddie Price) (app)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4

PRICE, JACK - attempted to hunt Black Cat & Wolverine under arrangement from Arcade
    --Claws#1 (2-3

PRICE, JANE - wife of Roger, summoned the demons Gart & Rath, repented after the demons were banished by Captain Universe (Eddie Price)
    (app-captainuniverseeddie)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4

PRICE, "KENDRA" - Mother of Captain Universe (Eddie Price)
    (app-captainuniverseeddie)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4

PRICE, LISSA - see RUSSELL, LISSA--Amazing Fantasy II#10/2

PRICE, MONTGOMERY - demon, agent of Mephisto, Devil's Advocate/lawyer, served as support staff to She-Hulk when Mephisto placed her under contract
    --Sensational She-Hulk#28

PRICE, NINA - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, daughter of Lissa Russell, inherited Werewolf curse on 18th birthday, bitten by vampire, targets criminals, drafted into SHIELD service
    VAMPIRE by NIGHT* (OH: Hor)--Amazing Fantasy II#10/2 (10/2(fb), 10/2-12/2, Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1-6

PRICE, ROGER - Husband of Jane, summoned the demons Gart & Rath, repented after the demons were banished by Captain Universe (Eddie Price)
    (app-captainuniverseeddie)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4 ([6/4 (fb)], 6/4

PRICE, Captain TOM - NYPD, convinced by Stu Westin to frame the Punisher
    --Punisher VII#25 (26-29

PRICE, "TIMOTHY" - Father of Captain Universe (Eddie Price)
    (app-captainuniverseeddie)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4

PRICE, Colonel WALKER - World War II, took over Camp Cathart for the black Super Soldier project, possibly instructed Captain America to take Bucky Barnes as his assistant after he discovered Captain America's secret identity, possibly received a variant of the serum (or that developed by Koch) to maintain his youth, tracked down by Captain America in the modern era and gave him information on the Super Soldier Project, committed suicide when Cap planned to reveal his actions to the public
     *D*--Truth: Red, White, & Black#2 (3, 4, 7(fb), ?Captain America IV#26?, Truth#7

PRICE, Officer - NYPD, black male, investigated Hector Ayala / White Tiger under Lt. James D'Angelo
    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#20/5, (identified) #21/5 ([21/5 (fb)], 20/5, 21/5

PRICE, Officer - New York Police Department, present when a mob attacked T’Challa following a near war between USA + Wakanda, saved from mob by T’Challa. BF
    --Black Panther IIII#29 (30(fb)

PRIDE - animal men, followers of Prime Evil
    (app-pe)--Codename: Genetix#1 (1-3(fbs), 1-4

PRIDE - group of animal spirits, encountered Shanna the She-Devil
    --Marvel Fanfare I#56

PRIDE (Frank & Leslie Dean, Alice & Gene Hayes, Robert & Tina Minoru, Janet & Victor Stein, Catherine + Geoffrey Wilder, Dale & Stacey Yorkes)
    - super-villain team composed of six couples, parents of the Runaways, followers of the Abstract, chosen by the Gibborim to alter Earth back to a pre-Historic utopia in exchange for granting them dominion of Los Angeles and beyond for 25 years as well as six of them being granted eternal life; All members agreed to have one child and agree to surrender their spot to their children, Deans & Hayes plotted to kill the others and survive with their own children, plan discovered by Wilder, disrupted by the Runaways, seemingly slain by the Gibborim
    (2007#8)--Runaways#1 (13(fb), 13(fb), 17(fb), 17(fb), 1,2-10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15-17, Runaways II#6, 12

PRIDE (Hunter, Lotus, Oscar, Stretch, Geoffrey Wilder) - former gaming friends of Alex Wilder, sought to summon him from the past before his death, instead summoned Geoffrey Wilder and sacrificed Oscar's life force; manipulated by Wilder until forced to accept the truth by Runaways
    (2007#8)--[Runaways II#6], 14 (14 (fb), 14d)

P.R.I.D.E. - device used by Drs. Lorber and Paulson in an attempt to reduce Earth's population by shunting many extradimensionally
    -Population Reduction thru Inter-Dimensional Exile--Marvel Team-Up I#138

PRIEST of the WILD - see CONOBAR (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#145

PRIESTESS of Earth-148611 ( ) - ally of Mark Hazzerd
    --Merc (nu)#5

PRIESTESS of ANCIENT RITES - see ARTYS-GRAN (app-artys)--Namor I#37

PRIESTESS of FREYA- see KARINA--Marvel Fanfare I#36

priestess of the Order of the Hyborian era - see ORDER (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#29

PRIESTESSES of PAZUZU (Vicki of Humbabu) - Mesopotamian era, enemies of priests of Baal (or Dagon or Marduk)
    --Howard the Duck III#3 (3(fb)

PRIESTESS of the WILD - see URSLA (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#48

PRIESTESS of YOG - see YOG, PRIESTESS of--Savage Sword of Conan#188

    Earth-Morgan, Queen's Vengeance
    (app-earthm)--Avengers III#2 (3

PRIESTS of AMUN - ancient Egypt, @ 3000 BC, opposed Akhenaten’s movement of the religious focus to Aten  
    --Marvel Universe: The End#2 

    (app-grateful)--Marvel Comics Presents#90/3

PRIESTS of KHONSHU - three ancient Egyptian priests who gave guidance to Moon Knight
    (app-khon)--Moon Knight II#1(West Coast Avengers II#21-23?, Moon Knight II#1-6

PRIESTS of the ORDER of SAINT GEORGE - see ORDER of St. GEORGE (app-stg)--St. George#1

PRIESTS of PAMA (Foster, L’ai Sau, Om-Fad, Son-Dar, Straker, Teress)
    - Kree pacifists, trained Libra and Mantis
    (app)--Avengers I#123 (124(fb)/134(fb), 123(fb), Giant-Size Avengers#4(fb), Av123,[124d(134)], Fantastic Four I#325, Iron Man I#320, Force Works#17, Annihilation conquest: Prologue

PRIEST of PURITY - see RASPUTIN (app-rasputin)--Iron Man I#56

PRIESTS of SHAO-LOM - Kree pacifists, based on Titan alongside the Eternals living there, trained Moondragon
    --Daredevil I#105 (DD105(fb), Giant-Size Avengers#4(fb), Avengers I#211(fb), Defenders I#138

PRIMA DONNA (    ) - Action Pack
    --Avengers: Initiative#7

PRIMAL - drug created by Prof. Glasgow, mutates user into feral creature
    --Moon Knight I#34

PRIMAL (Adam Berman) - mutant
    (app)--X-Men Unlimited#16

PRIMAL GODS - see ELDER GODs of the HYBORIAN era (app-CoC)--Conan the Barbarian I#128

PRIMAL MATRIX - power source guarded by Spyros, sought by Son of Satan to use against Kometes
    --Marvel Spotlight I#17

    Charter, identity used to trick Charter into combating Shogun Warriors
    (app-drones)--Shogun Warriors I#18 (19,20

PRIMATE - Alpha Prime,
    ape-like form and abilities
    (net)--Alpha Flight An#3

PRIMATE - Void dimension rebel
    --Uncanny X-Men#284 (285,286

PRIMATEERS (    ) - evolved money agents of King Simian/King Sapien, devolved by Ace & Jacquie
    --Amazing Fantasy II#15

PRIMAX of Earth-Korvac (Jaromel) - human enslaved and used as adjuvant by Korvac, convinced to rebel against him and assisted Captain America in battling him, given Captain America’s energy shield, adopted his identity as freedom fighter against the Badoon
    --Captain America III#18

PRIME of Earth-93060 (Kevin Green) - Ultraforce, Gross Babies
    SPIDER-PRIME* (app)--Prime (uv) I#1 ([Power of Prime#2 (fb)], [11 (fb)], 3 (fb), Origins#1/[Prime#11 (fb)], [24 (fb)], 24 (fb), [11 (fb)], [3 (fb)], [11 (fb)], 4(fb), 3(fb), Ultraverse Premiere#0/4,0, Prime#1 (fb), 1-4, Flood Relief#1, Prime#4-6, Break-Thru#1, Prime#7, Break-Thru#2, Prototype#6 (fb), Prime#8/Prototype#6, Mantra#7, Prime9-13, 13/2, Giant-Size Freex#1, Freex#12, Prime14, 15 (fb), 15, Mantra#23, Ultraverse Premiere#3/Prime12, UVP#4/2//Firearm#11, Elven#0/4, Ultraforce I#0A, 0B, 1, 2 (Giant-Size Mantra#1, Freex#14), Prime#16, Rune I#6, Prime Annual#1, Mantra I#15-16, [Prime#17 (fb)], UF3-6, Prime17-18, Wrath#9, Elven#1, 3, 4, Ultraverse Double Feature: Prime & Solitaire#1, Sludge#12, UVP#8/Sludge12, Prime19, Godwheel#0, Prime20-24, Hardcase#16-19, Firearm#17-18, UF8-9, Mantra#24, Prime25/Power of Prime#1, Prime26, PoP#2-4, Hardcase#21, [UF10], Ultraforce/Avengers prelude, Avengers/Ultraforce, Ultraforce/Avengers, [Black September Infinity], Ultraforce Infinity, Prime vs. the Incredible Hulk#0, Prime Infinity, Prime II#1-2, 2/2, Rune vs. Venom#1, Prime3-4, 9, Ultraforce II#1-3, UF2/2, Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis, PR: Revelations, Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B, All-New Exiles#4, [Foxfire#1 (fb)], Foxfire#1-2, Prime5, 6-8, Prime/Captain America#1, Prime9, 10, UF4-7, 8 (fb), 8-9, 10-12, Ultraverse Unlimited#2, UF13, Pr11-15,UF#15

PRIME of Earth-93060 (Sy Bernstein) - used a Prime body to protect his neighborhood
    --Ultraverse Premiere#3/Prime I#12 (4/Strangers#13

PRIME of Earth-93060 - body of Prime with own intelligence
    --Prime Infinity (Prime II#1

PRIME of Earth-93060 ( ) - New World pocket dimension
    --Prime/Captain America #1

PRIME of Earth-93060 (Keith Singles) - empowered by the Drug, duplicated rogue Prime, overdosed on drug
    --Prime II#6(7,8

PRIME race of Earth-93060 (Homebringer, Primogenitor) - Godwheel
    --[Power of Prime#1], Prime I#26, (identified) (Power of Prime#2 (fb), 1, Prime25-26, PoP#2-4


PRIME COMPUTER - remnant of "Sky Demons" alien technology, imprisoned, Eev, White-Hair, Stone-Hand; destroyed with aid of Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy
    (app)--Devil Dinosaur#6 (4-6 - BTS, 6, 7

    Galadorian, inadvertently created Mentus, converted into energy form when reintegrated him, consumed by Galactus when attempted to communicate with him
    --Rom#1 (25,26

PRIME ETERNAL (Kronos, Zuras, Thena, Ikaris) - title of leader of earth’s eternals, determined either by heirdom or by combat in hall of eternal judgment.    
    able to summon ritual of the uni-mind
    -Prime One--Eternals I#5

PRIME EVIL - leader of Pride, creation of Oonagh Mullarkey, sought to create race to overtake the world
    (app)--Codename: Genetix#1 (2+3(fb), 1-4

PRIME MOVER - robot created by Dr. Doom, used for real life chess, once abandoned Doom for a game with Grandmaster
    (1970s, app)--[Strange Tales I#160], 167 ([Str160-166],167, Giant-Size Defenders#3(fb),GS Def#3, Master of Kung Fu I#59,60, Fantastic Four Annual#21/2, [Fantastic Four:1234#1, 2], 3, 4

PRIME MOVER - guardian of the Event Synthesizer
    (app-mel)--Dr. Who Magazine#61 (62, 67

PRIME MOVERs of TARKUS (Spinxor, other Pegasusians) - contracted to move Counter Earth-High Evolutionary by Beyonders
    -RINGSHIPPERS* (app--sph)--Marvel Two-In-One#63

PRIME SKRULL - only surviving member of the non-Deviant Skrulls, fled to Earth to escape extinction in 1947, experimented on for years by us government, rescued by Blackwulf
    manipulate matter, adrenalin can empower others
    (app)--Blackwulf#2 (2(fb), 2-4, 5,6, 7(fb),7, 8, 10

PRIME TEN - ten Skrulls sent to earth to wrest secret of Reed Richards’ matter transmitter from him for use against Kree
    (app)--Fantastic Four Annual#15

PRIMEVIL of Earth-93060 - former Prime body empowered by Argus
    --Godwheel#1 (2,3, Elven#3,4, Prime I#22,23, Mantra I#22

PRIMITIVES of Other-6311 (Gont) - ape-like mutates, sub-species of Homo sapiens
    (app-other)--Fantastic Four I#272

PRIMITOID - used by Skrulls of Kral in Great Games, fought and possibly killed by Cat-Man
    (app-kral)--Fantastic Four I#92 (93

PRIMM - retired schoolteacher, resident of Cardiff Moor
    --Captain America Comics#10

PRIMO - Plasmagen, enhanced to godlike power levels by thanos, served him briefly until killed by the Rot.
    *D* (app)--Avengers: Celestial Quest#4(5-7,8d)

PRIMO, ALEXIS - manager and ally of Terror, wife of ??
    (image, TI#6,p23) Ms. PRIMO--Terror, inc#1 (3, 6, 8-13, Terror II#1-5, Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1-4

PRIMOGENITOR of Earth-3071 - first Mandate, created and controlled them, destroyed by Wolverine and Colonel
    (app-earth3071)--Wolverine: Snikt#1 (3(fb), 1-5

PRIMOGENITOR of Earth-93060 ( ) - leader of Prime race
    --Prime I#26 (Power of Prime#2-4

PRIMUS - Flb'dbi, first among equals, led exploratory colonization party to earth thousands of years ago, stranded on Earth when magnetic poles reversed, had drones build device to reverse polarity again, though it took until modern era for them to complete this; it resulted in disruption of modern technology; he was convinced to deactivate the device by Sue Richards, and he left Earth after his ship was given necessary alterations by Reed Richards
    (app)--[Fantastic Four I#220],221(221(fb),[220],221

PRIMUS - artificial humanoid, created by Arnim Zola, later served Baron (Helmut) Zemo + Mad Thinker, formerly merged with Doughboy, impersonated Steve Rogers for Zemo in attempt to ruin his personal life.
    alter form, superhuman strength, harden body to stone-like consistency, sentient
    "Steve Rogers"(D#10,net)--Captain America I#209 (210, 276-279, New Warriors I#3, 51, 72,73, Wolverine II#139

PRIMUS - native of extradimensional realm (Archko) annexed by the Soul Masters of Shadow Realm, husband of Stara, brought Captain Mar-Vell to his dimension to train the natives to fight, died battling Soul Masters and returning Captain Mar-Vell to earth
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight II#4 (4(fb), 4

PRIMUS - white Kree, former pawn of Supreme Intelligence, led the underground militia
    --Imperial Guard#1 (2(fb), 1-3

PRIN, UWIR - see OCLIN UWIR PRIN--Silver Surfer III#111

Prince - steed of Sgt. Preston Dudley of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    --Howard the Duck #9 (1977)

PRINCE (Fernando) - Stone Perfs, pawn of Lotus, led own gang into trap, killed by Terminizer
    PRINCE CHARMING* *D* (app)--Avengers Spotlight I#30 (31-34, 36d)

PRINCE, DIANA of Earth-Amalgam - a little Elektra, but mostly Wonder Woman; Amazons, lover of Trevor Castle/Punisher, mother of Kanto
    super-strength, durability, speed, agility; Adamantium bracelets
    AMAZING AMAZON* (app)--Bullets & Bracelets#1; Astounding Comics#1 (B+B#1(fb), Amazon#1(fb), Astounding Comics#1, B+B#1(fb), 1(fb), Castle#18, [B+B#1(fb)], Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour#1, 7, B+B#1(fb), Tales of the Amazons, Amazons: The Contest, B+B#1(fb), Diana Prince, Freelance#90-98, Amazon#1, 2, DP:Free#99, B+B#1

PRINCE of DARKNESS - see DRACULA (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#1

PRINCE of LIES - see HELLSTORM (app-hellstorm)--Hellstorm#1

PRINCE of ORPHANS (John Aman) - immortal weapon of one of the Seven Cities of Heaven, pursued and sought to destroy Orson Randall until learning that what he knew of the cities' traditions and laws was based on lies; secretly joined with Lei-Kung of K'un-Lun in his revolutionary army
    AMAZING-MAN*--Amazing-Man Comics#5 (6-26;
    (PoO) Immortal Iron Fist#8 ([10 (fb)], Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, IFF#8-10, 12-14, 16

PRINCE of PAIN - see TARASHK (app-arakne)--[Knights of Pendragon II#7]

PRINCE BA'RAHM (    ) - criminal mystic, served by Shao the Dwarf and Brady; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#23 (February, 1943)

PRINCE CHARMING - see PRINCE (app)--Avengers Spotlight I#30

PRINCE JOHN - @ crusades, evil brother of King Richard the Lion-Hearted, plotted against him in attempt to take crown for himself former ally of Mordred and Chandu
    --Defenders I#11

PRINCE ITOR (    ) - empowered by idol, changed men into mindless zombies, sought to restore power of the Pharaohs, employed Nalda and Crowley; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#21 (July, 1941)

PRINCE OMEI (    ) - mesmerist and crime czar; opposed by Electro the Robot
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#16 (February, 1941)

"prince Samson" - see DOC SAMSON.
    controlled by Giger, freed by Wolverine
    (app-giger)--Marvel Comics Presents I#137 (138-142

PRINCE SHINTO ( ) – Japanese military commander, trained the Baby Battalion/Suicide Battalion(?) (composed of children on suicidal saboteur attacks on American military installations around the Pacific Ocean). Opposed by Young Allies; caught in an explosion and died alongside his Baby Battalion while fighting Toro.
--Young Allies I#16/1 (March 1945)

PRINCE SULI (?? Suli) - European prince that used trained gorillas to kill a museum curator in order to steal valuable jewels. Kidnapped his daughter and hid out as a tramp until the police ended pursuit.  opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes); captured by Captain America while trying to swim away to escape.
    --All-Select #3/1 (Spring 1944) “Keeper of the Monsters”

PRINCE TAROT - ancient enemy of Dracula; at least believed by Dracula to have perished at his hands
    --[Tomb of Dracula I#33]

"princess" - Island (Koma Koi?) native, controlled by Giger and became the female leader of their pawns, possibly destroyed in the destruction of the Giger portal
    *D* (app-giger)--Marvel Comics Presents I#137 (138-141

PRINCESS of the ATOM - see FERRULE, DIANNE (app)--Captain America Comics#25 (26

PRINCESS OF CLOUDS - People's Defense Force, fought the Unspoken
    --Mighty Avengers I#27

PRINCESS ADORA of Comicsville - see ADORA of Comicsville (app-comics)--2001: A Space Odyssey#5

PRINCESS BAR - Madripoor, Lowtown, formerly co-owned by Wolverine and O'Donnell, closed after regulars slaughtered by Gen. Coy and Prince Baran
    --Marvel Comics Presents I#1( Wolverine II#1

PRINCESS PYTHON (Zelda DuBois) - Circus of Crime, Masters of Menace, Serpent Squad, Serpent Society, Femizons, blinded in assault by Punisher, married to Gibbon
    uses trained pythons, including Pythagoras and several others
    (D#10,M,net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#22 (Avengers I#22, Thor I#145-147, Av60, Thor173, Iron Man I#50, Daredevil I#118, Captain America I#180,181, Power Man#24,25, Howard the Duck I#25-27, Super-Villain Team-Up#8,9, Incredible Hulk II#217, Marvel Two-In-One#76, Hlk292, Cap309-311,313, 315, 318, She-Hulk II#1, [Cap387,388],389-391,[392], Marvel Comics Presents#97/4, Blaze II#2, 5-8, Spider-Man Team-Up#5/2, Thunderbolts#2(fb), Generation X#32, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1998, Hulk470,471, Deathlok III#9, [Daughters of the Dragon#5], Punisher War Journal II#4, [PWJ#16 (fb)], 16

PRINCESS RAMESI - priestess of Kali; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#34 (January, 1944)

PRINCESS SATANA ( ) - encountered Marvel Boy/Grayson
    --(g) Astonish#3

PRINCESS TALLIBONE - see TALLIBONE (app)--X-Men Unlimited#32/3

PRINCESS VOLCANA* - leader of a group of Lava Men who encountered Liberty Legion; romantic interest with Jack Frost?
    --Captain America: Patriot#1 (2010)

PRINCIPLE of REASONABLE INTEREST (Aalbort, captain(d)) - starship, crew slaughtered by Axunbulxibar, ship + Aalbort saved by Starfox
    (app-aal)--Marvel Comics Presents I#22/4

PRINDLE, JAMES LOUIS - former mutant, twin brother of Joe, used powers to accumulate wealth which he squandered, came to Joe for a handout after lost powers on M-Day
    --Generation M#4 (4 (fb), 4

PRINDLE, JOE - scholarly, Brown graduate, divorced father of two
    --Generation M#4 ([4 (fb)], 4

PRINGLE, REDMOND JONAH - read the story of Paragon
    --Captain Britain II#1 (2-4

PRINTOUT MAN - (Windsor Babbage) Criminal who gained control of bank's computers, defeated by Spider-Man.
    --Hostess Cup Cakes advertisement, 1977 ([New Avengers Most Wanted Files], Fin Fang Four Return!#1/5

PRISM ( ) - Marauders, mutant, cloned repeatedly by Sinister
    reflect energy directed at him
    (D#18-mar)--X-Factor I#10 (Uncanny X-Men#240,241, X-Man#13, Generation M#3,
    X-Men: Messiah Complex#1d

PRISM of KNOWLEDGE - crystal left in his quarters by Zuras to be viewed by Thena after she became Prime Eternal. told her the story of the Dreaming Celestial
    --Eternals II#1 (9,11

PRISM of PRESCIENCE - formerly used by Professor Imam
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe

PRISMA-CRYSTAL - Crystalium; used by Ogeode to transform others into living crystal or to teleport objects or beings, also to bolster Ogeode's general magic abilities.
    (app)--Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#1

PRISMATIC BRIDGE of ASBRU - bridges Brona's Barrier, which separates the "Inner Realms" of Earth's Elder Gods (the Astral Plane of Oshtur, Gaea's Avalon, the Serpent Sea of Set, and the Flickering Realms of Chthon) from the "Far Dimensions." Brona's Barrier formerly prevented travel between these regions until the spirit forms of two creatures, one from the Inner Realms and one from the Outer Realms, made contact and fell in love. Longing to touch, the two were unable to pierce the barrier. The spirits found a handful of wizards adept enough to pass through the Barrier, but not could bring another being through with them. When the spirits offered to pay any price if a way could be created to allow passage across the barrier, one of these wizards -- who had been the architect of Asgard's Bifrost (the Rainbow Bridge) -- designed such a magic bridge; however, to complete the spell, the wizard needed "two souls longing to touch." The couple died, never having actually seen each other, but their spirits are, however, joined together for eternity inside the Bridge of Asbru
    --Marvel Tarot I#1

prisoner - escaped into jungle and stole Voodoo King, hands bonded to it
    (app-voodooking)--Journey into Mystery I#82/3

PRISONER 4762-921 (    ) - sent to jail by Daredevil, when it came time to be pardoned, Daredevil discovered evidence of his previous conviction, and he was sent to jail for another ten years, plotted revenge against Daredevil
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#136/2 (136/2(fb), 136/2

PRISONWORLD of the Collector - held many beings in his collection, guarded by numerous extraterrestrials under his control, consumed by Galactus after Wolverine and Aria unwittingly destroyed its shielding
    --Wolverine II#133, 135 (136

PRISONWORLD of the Microverse (Little D + gang, G-Men, Tri-Bunal, Murder-1)
    - originally where prisoners of karza were sent, after his defeat they freed themselves and patterned themselves after earth's prohibition-era mobsters
    (app-ld)--Micronauts I#53 (54

PRITCHARD, SAM - apparent acting head of DUCK
    (app-duck)--Plasmer#1 (2-4

PRITCHMANN, - forced to reveal location of Project: Blockbuster to Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special#1

PRIVITERE, TOM - fashion designer for MJ Watson
    --Web of Spider-Man I#128 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#228,229

PRIZZI - Warheads, Kether Troop
    --Knights of Pendragon II#6

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