PIANO PLAYER (  ) - died, allied with other dead heroes in efforts to oppose the Pitiful One, restored to life
    generate a keyboard and play music
    *D/R* (app)--Dead Girl#3 (4-5

PICARDI, JOEY - mobster, killed by Tessie Gazzera when he refused to join with Nicky Cavella
    *D*--Punisher VII#19 (20d)

PICARO, Dr. FELIPE - criminal, former assistant to Professor Andre LeClare, hired by Generalissimo Ernesto Ramirez to complete extra-dimensional energy device when LeClare quit
    -- Amazing Spider-Man Annual 16 (Amazing Spider-Man Annual 16(fb), Solo Avengers#1

"PICAROON" - Special Executive.
    cyborg reptilian-humanoid
    (app-se)--Excalibur I#47

PICK AXE ( ) - Power Tools
    (app-power)—Avengers Spotlight I#29 (29(fb), 29

    --Wolverine II#58

PICKERLING, JIMMY - young friend of Johnny Martin
    --[World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#2]

PICKET,   - leader of head of internal project to explore Neptune's Eye, worked out of base on the ocean floor, fled after the assault of the fish-men
    (app-oldman)--Marvel Comics Presents#57/3 (59/3

PICKMAN, - old associate of Jake Fury, sought to learn whether he was Scorpio, caught in crossfire and shot and killed by Valentina de la Fontaine
    Expert locksmith, great powers of deduction
    (app)--Nivk Fury, Agent of SHIELD#5

PICOLINO, PIERRE - sculptor, tried to sue Human Touch for damage
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#22

PICTS (Brule, Lost Race ) - pre-Cataclysmic, Hyborian, and early AD era tribes, worshipped Gullah + Jhebbal Sag + Children of Jhil + Four Brothers of the Night
    --Conan the Wanderer

PIECEMEAL (Gilbert Benson) - mutant, son of Harness, used by her to obtain energy of Proteus/Mutant X, merged with Proteus
    track down + absorb + gather energy 
    PROTEUS* (net-harness)--New Mutants Annual#7 (New Warriors Annual#1, Uncanny X-Men Annual I#15, X-Factor Annual I#6

    -MUTATE 416--X-Factor I#90

PIECEMEAL - created by Red Skull (Shmidt)'s scientists, controlled by Madman
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#403, 407 (403-405, 407, 408

PIED PIPER - see MISTER P (app)--Tales of Suspense I#18/2

PIER FOUR - third headquarters of Fantastic Four, warehouse, tesseract, infinitely expandable within its pocket dimension
    --Fantastic Four III#2

PIERCE ( ) - agent of James Johnsmeyer, he was associated with SHIELD II
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#231

PIERCE (Pamela "Pam" Pierce) - Order, Initiative, Artemis-type, gold medal archer (Sydney), kicked off the team for publicly drinking/partying after the defeat of the Infernal Man
    --Civil War#6, (identified) Order#1 (CW#6-7, Order#1

PIERCE, ALEXANDER GOODWIN - SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate).
    wm, long + curly brown hair
    (U#5)—Nick Fury vs Shield#3 (4-6, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#1-7, Damage Control II#4, NF7-14, Deathlok I#3, 4, NF15-20, [21], 22,23, Infinity Gauntlet#3, NF25, 26, Daredevil An7, Punisher An4, Punisher: PoV#3, Daredevil I#298, NF27-29

PIERCE, CLARISSA - @ 1936, mother of Sandra, wife of Henry
    --Namor II#1 (4, 6-11, [12]

PIERCE, COMET of Earth-40800 ( ) - Adventuring rocket pilot of 2150 AD, traveled to alien worlds.
    (net-goldage)--(g) Red Raven Comics#1 (August, 1940)

PIERCE, DOMINICUS - family entrusted for generations with the Five Fingers of Annihilation, former lover of Spiral, lost weapon to Spiral and cast into limbo for a hundred years, went mad, became loyal to Spiral after she rescued him and brought him to her conquered realm of "Earth-2055", battled Shatterstar, killed by Boomer
    *D* DESTROYER*--X-Force: Shatterstar#1 ([2(fb)], 1-2, [4(fb)], 4d)

PIERCE, DONALD - uncle of Justin, cyborg, original limbs lost to Cable, formerly of Inner Circle of Hellfire Club and later leader of Reavers, seemingly killed by Fitzroy’s sentinels, rebuilt self using cache of Adamantium found at Cable’s Swiss chalet
    -WHITE BISHOP*--Uncanny X-Men#129 (X-Men: Hellfire Club#4(fb), X-Men Unlimited II#6, Marvel Super-Heroes III#11/3, UX129, 132-134, Marvel Graphic Novel: New Mutants, [UX245],247-249,251-253,[254,255], 261, Punisher II#33,34, [UX262], 269, Wolverine II#35-39, UX281"d", Domino I#3(fb1), [Dom1],2,3, Cable II#47-53, Wolv141(fb),141, New Mutants II#5,6, 13, UX453,454, X-Force IIII#3-4, 6 (fb), 7, Young X-Men#1-6

PIERCE, FRED - New York Police Department, allied with Anastasia in plot in which she killed his wife and duped Deadpool into killing several gangsters, killed by Anastasia when he tried to cheat her out of his life insurance money
    *D*--Deadpool III#46 (47, 48

PIERCE, HENRY - @ 1936, father of Sandra, husband of Clarissa, oil driller, guided to site of oil by Atlanteans
    --Namor II#4 (5-12

PIERCE, JUSTIN - nephew of Donald, FBI, Metahuman Crimes Division, sought to make a deal with Donald to capture Kevin Ford, worked with New Mutants after Donald's escape
    --New Mutants II#13 (New X-Men: Academy X#4-6, 14-15

PIERCE, LANCE - director of the play Dip Thing, sought to recruit Beverly Switzler, also adopted the role of the Glory Hound while trying to shoot a MeTube video to rival Serge's footage of Howard the Duck's defeat of the Twin Barrels
    GLORY HOUND*--Howard the Duck IV#1 (4

PIERCE, MERRILL - had square pupil in one eye, killed succession of wives; opposed by Miss America
    --All Select Comics#11 (Fall, 1946)

PIERCE, doctor RANDALL - created bio-armor and enhanced animals into Brute Force
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2-4

PIERCE, RICKY - son of Dr. Randall Pierce
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1

PIERCE, SANDRA - @ 1936, daughter of Clarissa + Henry, former girlfriend of Namor, left her family to stay with Namor when the Atlanteans were forced to flee the their city off the coast of New York
    --Namor II#1 (1, 2-12

PIERCE, sir WALTHAM - circa 1915, Hellfire Club London
    (net-lostgen)--X-Men: Hellfire Club#3

PIERCE, - O.S.S. agent, impersonated by the Agent of 1,000 Faces
    --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#58

PIERCE, - Freeman Bonding, Inc.
    --She-Hulk II#24

PIERRE - personal chef of Dr. Doom
    --Fantastic Four I#258

PIERS, EAMONN - V Battalion, field agent, assisted Citizen V. bm
    --[Thunderbolts #24], 31 (35,36

PIETA - Fury Secret Base 7
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

PIETRI, NEMESIO - District X, artist, prophet, painted his visions, sacrificed self against the Worm
    *D*--District X#7 (9, 11-12

PIETRO of "Earth-1041" (presumably Pietro Maximoff) - X-Men Revolution
    (app-xmenrevolution)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "X-Men Evolution"

PIG ( ) - slave trader, lost left eye to Gambit in his youth, hired Mengo Brothers to kidnap Crew A.S.K.E.W. and steal mutagenic gas, formerly held Zoe + Ishinara Shirow, recent efforts foiled by Gambit.
    immense, hideously mutated + malodorous man
    --[Gambit III#3], 4(shadows), 5 (6(fb1), 5-7

PIG (            ) - 'Vores
    (app-vores)--Marvel Comics Presents I#52/3

PIG of Earth-5555 - 8162 AD, transport ship of Dragon's Claws
    (app-dragonsclaws)--Dragon's Claws#3

PIG MALONE - see MALONE, "PIG" (app-fourwinds)--Elektra I#9 ([9(fb)], 9

PIG-MAN (    ) - Ani-Men

PIGEON ( ) - Vulturians, former pickpocket
    (app-vult)--Web of Spider-Man#1 ([1(fb)], 1-3

PIGMAN, Col. NIGEL - Collectors, Council of Antiquarians, discovered temple of Farallah,
    wm, brown hair, moustache
    (app-collect)--Black Panther I#4 (5,7, Iron Man III#22

PIGSEYE of Earth-Grit - counterpart of Bullseye, killed himself to show how crazy he was
    *D* (app-dourdevil)--Daredevils#8

PIGSKIN ( ) – Scourge/Watchtower
    (app-scourge)—Wolverine II#154 (155

PIKE, CASSANDRA WALTERS - biologist, mother of Brawn
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#48

PIKE, CHARLIE - Code: Grey, Certified Public Accountant

PIKE, CISCO of the Old West - criminal, terrorized Wells Junction, organized gang in effort to kill Rawhide Kid, killed by the Kid
    *D*--Rawhide Kid III#1 (2-4,5d)

    mechanical genius
    (app-stars)--USAgent II#1

PIKE, JOSEPH "WALL-EYED" - criminal, informant, frequented Josie’s Bar
    --Daredevil I#165 (172, 176, 186

PIKO of Earth-311 - circa 1602 AD -

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#5: Appendix to Alien Races: Kosmosians

PILAR - dated Tony Stark
    --Invincible Iron Man#1

PILE-DRIVER (Jerome Whale) - Triumvirate of Terror, used gloves enhancing force of blows
    (app-tot)--Avengers I#39

PILEDRIVER (Brian Philip Calusky) - Wrecking Crew.
    blond hair
    (D#15,M)--Defenders I#17 (18(fb),17-19, Iron Fist#11,12, Thor I#305, Secret Wars I#1-3, Th383(fb), SW#4-12, Spectacular Spider-Man II#125, Marvel Age Annual#1, Avengers I#273-277, Spec126, Damage Control II#1, Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: The Vault, Captain America I#411-414, Thor418, 426-430, Avengers Unplugged#4, Journey into Mystery#505, Thunderbolts#1, Marvel Team-Up II#6, 10,11, Avengers III#15,16,17(fb),[17],18, Maximum Security#1, Av77-80
    , [New Avengers#1-3], Toxin#4

    (app)--Ghost Rider III#28 (Spirits of Vengeance#1, Morbius#1, Darkhold#1, SoV#3, Nightstalkers#1, GR31

PILGRIM of Earth-93060 - see ATOM BOB

PILGRIM, KADAGAR of Earth-future mars colony 2026 -
    --Death's Head III#13

PILGRIMM - Ru'tai, chosen to explore earth, vivisecting people for study, fought X-Men who were possessed by N’Garai, convinced to assist in battle against Belasco and N’Garai by phoenix (Grey)
    PILGRIM (app)--[X-Men II#74], 75 (75(fb), [74 ], 75, X-Men: Black Sun#2-5

PILGRIMS ROCK - Negative Zone, home of the Pandorans/Puritans of Pilgrims Rock
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#40 (41, Doom: The Emperor Returns#3

PILLINGER, JOHN - reporter
    --Iron Man IV#1

    --Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#7

PILOSE - Inhumans
    --Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos (starting around pg. 121)

pilot - @ 1959, discovered Lithodia Rexians on Easter Island, eventually convinced he had imagined it all, so they allowed him to live
    (app-lithodia rex)--Tales to Astonish I#5/1

pilot (    ) - Legion of Living Lightning, recruited the Hulk
    (app-legion)--Tales to Astonish I#97

pilot - Binary Beings
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#385

PILSBURG - Iowa town used as secret base by AIM who kept the city prosperous
    --Captain America V#15 (16(fb), 15(fb), 15-16

PINBALL of Earth-712 (Chester Freeman) - Redeemers, former enemy of Nighthawk, back broken by Blue Eagle.
    wm, brown hair, inflate self into giant sphere
    *D* (app)--Squadron Supreme I#6 (Captain America I#314, SqSup7-12d, Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe I#1)

PINBALL LIZARD ( ) - former ex-con mutated by Greedy Killerwatt, took over Santa's workshop, reverted to normal with Killerwatt's demise
    Reptilian form, prehensile tail, vulnerable to light
    (app)--Howard the Duck II#3 ([3(fb)], 3

PINCER of Earth-9907 (Scott Lang) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Ant-Man, Thunderguard, became psychotic after forced to kill own daughter
    --A-Next#10 (11

PINCER, JACK - former head of CIA, associated with formation of shield ii although resented the existence of the organization, allowed Leviathan of the Coven to escape in effort to cause a fiasco that would ruin fury
    (net-fury)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD III#1( 8, 12

PINCER TANK - vehicle used by Attuma's armies
    --Tales Of Suspense I#66

PINCUS, JOSEPH "LONESOME PINKY" - former next door neighbor of Peter Parker, sang country music loudly late at night, sang himself hoarse to pacify a crowd drugged by ramrod.
    small wm, dark hair + beard
    —Amazing Spider-Man I#211(voice), 213(seen), 217(named) (Spectacular Spider-Man II#50, Amz211,212, Sp52, A213, 214, 216, 217, 222, 234

PINEYS - feral creatures in Raven’s Perch, investigated by the group that would become the B-Sides

PINGAS, JOHNNIE jr - Los Angeles mobster, former lover of Beverly Cross, arrested by Morris Walters
    (app-bev)--Savage She-Hulk#25 (25(fb)

PINGHAI WOKOU - @ 1545, pirates targeting Pinghai Bay, driven off by Iron Fist (Wu Ao-Shi)
    --Immortal Iron Fist# 2 (7 (fb), 2 (fb), 7 (fb)

PINHEAD  (Gos Carlton) - fifth column leader; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#16 (February, 1941)

PINHEAD- see PINHEADED KILLER--Marvel Mystery Comics#52 (February, 1944)

PINHEAD - henchman of Madame, killed in explosion
    *D*--Marvel Mystery Comics#62d

PINHEAD of Earth-148611 - paranormal, blades fold out from his head, partner of Spotty
    --Starbrand #18

PINHEADED KILLER (Stefan Halpern) - Nazi agent, sought plans for an "air transformer" designed to allow pilots to reach high altitudes without need of oxygen masks; opposed by Miss America
    PINHEAD*--Marvel Mystery Comics#52 (February, 1944)

PINI, RICHARD - husband of Wendy, special effects/prop-man for Delazny studios
    --Ghost Rider II#14 (15, 17-19

PINI, WENDY - costume designer for Delazny studios, wife of Richard
    --Ghost Rider II#14 (15, 17-19

PINIUS - winged Inhuman, aided Seeker (Uys) in capturing Ahura
    (app)--Fantastic Four Unlimited I#2

PINK FINK (    ) - criminal, enemy of the Fantastic Four
    used variety of pink-themed weapons
    (app)--Fantastic Four Coloring Book Featuring HERBIE The Robot

PINK LADY - magical woman generated when the chemicals of the Pink Mink mix with the air, existence dates back to the 13th Century, freed when Wolverine released the Pink Mink from the human Collector, captured by Hunter Joe, freed by Wolverine and Doop, existence preserved when Doop had the Mink asexually mutate; the Lady was allowed to keep one for herself
    Stimulate desire and hallucination
    (OH: AZU#3, app)--Wolverine/Doop#1 ([2(fb)], 1,2

PINK MINK - magic item, held by the Institute, stolen by the human Collector, freed by Wolverine, taken away by the Pink Lady, captured by Hunter Joe, freed by Wolverine and Doop, asexual reproduction enabled by Doop; one version went back to the Institute and the other was kept by the Pink Lady.
    Releases hallucinogenic chemicals when exposed to air, allows the existence of the Pink Lady, reproduces asexually
    (app-pinklady)--Wolverine/Doop#1 ([2(fb)], 1,,2

PINK PANTHEON - Pocket Battlefield stolen from them by Star Splendor
    --[Marvel Boy II#2] ([2 (fb)]

PINK PEARL (Pearl Gross) - circus fat lady, Superia’s Femizons, terrorist, attempted to takeover circus owned by Clementine D’arbanville
    (app)--Alpha Flight I#22 ( [Captain America I#387,388],389-391,[392], Alpha Flight I#105

PINK PSYCHOS (Officer Halloran)- low level (psychosomatic) mutants who are mutated by exposure to the Pink Mink, went wild across the world, slew Hunter Joe when he held the Pink Lady prisoner
    (app-pinklady)--Wolverine/Doop#1 (2

PINKERTON, PERCIVAL "PERCY" - Howling Commandos, British, used umbrella as weapon, helped organize Deadly Dozen
    --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#8 (23(fb)

PINKERTON, Col. REGINALD - older brother of Percy
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#23 (23(fb), 23

PINKERTON, - ancestor of Percy, fought at Waterloo (1815)
    --[Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#23] ([23(fb)]

PINKERTON, - ancestor of Percy, fought at Valley Forge (1777-1778)
    --[Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#23] ([23(fb)]

PINKERTON, - ancestor of Percy, fought during World War I
    --[Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#23] ([23(fb)]

PINKLEY, ZELDA - @ 1937, fiancé of Louis Kelt, widow of four, former classmate of Sabbath Raven, goll-digger
    (app)--Hulk!#22 ([22/2(fb)], 22/2

PINKWATER, ELLA - daughter of Ernest, gained the controlling interest of Octagon from him, sought Dr. Ellington
    (app-ellington)--Marvel Comics Presents #71/3 (72/3

PINNACLE of Earth-93060 (Penny ) -
    --Mantra (uv) I#17 (18

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#16 ()

PINOCHIO (Ricky ) - cyborg built by Dr. Page, cousin of Target, volunteered for Lazarus Project to gain vengeance on mercenaries who killed his uncle, memory returned after encountering Target.
    Heal from injury, blades on wrist
    (app-mast)--Wolverine II#28 (29(fb), 30(fb), 28,30

PINSOR – Sectaur, ally of Dargon
    --Sectaurs#1 (2-8

PINSTRIPE ( ) - Split-Second Squad
    (app-sss)--Avengers I#77

PINTA - Changelings
    --Marvel Comics Presents I#76

PINTER - bodyguard of Toulouse Lexington, formerly employed in security or police work
    --Wolverine III#49

PINTO, JESSE - native American boy, family killed by Darryl Licht, trapped in dim of exile with Emma + Craig blaze , rescued Wendigo i-5, current whereabouts unknown
    --Blaze II#4 (4,6, 10-12

PINTO, NICK - resurrected after dying in the electric chair; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#9 (December, 1941)

PINTO PETE or PELE? (Pete Webster) - Arizona youth, rode pony Swifty, carried guns, accompanied by Foreman Red of the Webster Ranch
        --Kid Comics#1 (February, 1943); (2

PINYON - winged inhuman
    —Fantastic Four I#129 (Fantastic Four Unlimited#2

PIONEER ( ) - Harvesters, tried to stop zombie clone of Hyperion
    psychic link to land, summon cattle skeletons

    (app-harvesters)--Marvel Zombies Supreme#2

PIP the TROLL (Pip Gofern) - Infinity Watch, Laxidazian, mutated into troll form by drug intoxication, later ally of adam warlock, killed by Thanos, soul preserved inside soul gem until resurrected in form of ralph bunker, formerly possessed space gem which he used to teleport
    -Ralph Bunker (I#14, D#19, M, AZU#2, net)--Strange Tales I#179 (Warlock I#12(fb), StrT#179-181, Warl#9-12, 15, Avengers An7, Marvel Two-In-One An2, [Marvel Two-In-One#63], Silver Surfer III#46-48, Infinity Gauntlet #1,2, Dr. Strange III#32, IG#3(Surf52), Doc33, IG#4, Doc34, IG#5, Doc35, IG#6, Doc36, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#2-6, 7/Infinity War#1, IW#2, W+IW8 /IW3/Quas38, IW4/W+IW#9/Fantastic Four I#369/IW5, W+IW#10, IW#6, Marvel Comics Presents I#112/4, WIW#11-18, Infinity Crusade#2, WIW#19, IC#3, WIW#20, IC#4, WIW#21, IC#5, WIW#22, IC#6, Thor I#468, Surf III#86, Warlock Chronicles#6, WIW#23, Th469, Surf87, WC7, WIW24, Th470, Surf88, WC8, W+IW25, Th471, W+IW26-34, Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection#1-4, Surf93, W+IW#35-42, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4/2, Warlock II#1-4, Infinity Abyss#1-6, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Thanos#4-6, She-Hulk III#7, 8, 9

PIPEDREAM (Adam Kirby) - Ohio Mutant Conspiracy
    Release subconscious areas of the brain and send them into prominence
    --X-Men: Smoke & Mirrors novel

PIPELINE (Cormick Grimshaw) - press gang,
    digitize others, transmit them across computer lines, reform them
    (net-handbook)--Uncanny X-Men#235 (236, 259,262 270, New Mutants I#95,[X-Factor I#60], Cable II#22, 26-28, Fantastic Four III#10, Magneto Rex#1-3, X-Men Unlimited#24/2, Magneto: Dark Seduction#1-4

PIPELINE (Ebbtide(d), Throwback, Jackie ) - l.a. radical organization
    --[Nomad II#7],9([7,8],9

PIPER - Savage Land Mutates
    control animals with pipe
    (D#11,M)--X-Men I#62 ([63], Avengers I#110,111 9; 9; Uncanny X-Men#249,250 274,275

PIPER - Morlocks, presumably killed along with the rest,
    low level telepath, control animals, uses pipe to focus powers
    (D#8)--Power Pack I#11, (named) 12 (Thor I#364,365, Uncanny X-Men#211

PIPER, HORATIO - professor, anthropologist, discovered Kingorge tribe and brought them to USA, killed by Micah Synn after he freed Debbie Nelson from him. bm
    *D*--Daredevil I#202 (204, 206, 210-212,213d)

PIPER, JANET RUIZ - wife of Jeffrey. bf
    -(jr)Code of Honor#1, (jp)2 (3,4

PIPER, Lt. JEFFREY - New York Police Department, former partner of Mike Badalino, husband of Janet. bm
    --Code of Honor#1 (2-4

PIPER, MELISSA - daughter of Rowden, mind damaged by exposure to Dazzler's light while on drugs, recovered during a later exposure
    (app-deathgrip)--Dazzler#39 ([39(fb)], 39

PIPER, Dr. ROWDEN - see DEATHGRIP (app)--Dazzler#39

"PIPER of PERIL" - Dire Wraith warlock, entranced youths of Scottish hamlet in hopes of mutating them into monstrous slaves, banished to Limbo by Rom
    Use magic via pipes
    (app)--Rom#40 ([40], 40

PIRANHA - fish mutated by radiation, inadvertently created by Dr. Dorcas, used the Men-Fish, also created duplicates of self
    humanoid form, sharp teeth, great strength, command other fish telepathically
    *D* (2007#8, app)--Sub-Mariner I#70 ([Marvel Team-Up I#14], SubM#70,71, Marvel Two-In-One#28, Defenders II#7, 11

PIRANHA, THIAGO - mutant, Rio de Janeiro, fought Juliana Jararaca, killed by her
    *D*--Cable II#105

PIRANHA JONES - see JONES, PIRANHA (app-pj)--Power Man#

PIRANHA TOTS (Annie, Anton, Lulu, Samantha, Sissy) - former followers of Razor-Fist, composed of children who felt the need to cut themselves
    --Toxin#2 (3, 5-6

PIRANIS - Cult of the Jackal, evolved from a piranha
    (app-cult)--Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (1(fb), 1

PIRATASAURS from PLANET ZED - attempted to steal Space Pox vaccine bound for Xorgon City; She-Hulk opposed them, and her costume was blown off and they were so distracted by her chest that they crashed into an asteroid
    --She-Hulk II#3

PIRATE (    ) - costumed killer; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner and Namora
    --Blonde Phantom#15 (Fall, 1947)

PIRATE KING of PINGHAI - @ 1545, Pinghai Wokou, led assault on Pinghai Bay, slain by Iron Fist (Wu Ao-Shi)
    --Immortal Iron Fist#2 (7 (fb), 2 (fb), 7 (fb)

PIRATE QUEEN of PINGHAI - see IRON FIST (Wu Ao-Shi)--Immortal Iron Fist#4

PIRATE SUPER-GUNSHIP ULTRA-SEVEN (    ) - Spider-Man video game
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/4 (2009)

PIRATES (formerly Donnie Remming) - Harlem street gang
    (app-donnieremming)--Marvel Comics Presents I#23/3

PIRATE KITTY of Earth-5311 (Kitty Pryde) - captain of Lockheed
    --Uncanny X-Men #153 (Nightcrawler I#3, 4

PIROUETTE (Jo Beth ) - X-Patriots
    spin at high speeds, create whirlwinds, fly, project bursts of air
    --X-Factor I#81 (82-84

PISCES (Noah Perricone) - Zodiac Cartel, killed by LMD Zodiac
    *D* (D#15, app)--Avengers I#72 ([Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#20 (fb)], Av72, [80(fb),80,81,DD69,Av82],120-123, Ghost Rider II#7(fb), Iron Man I#184, West Coast Avengers II#26d)

PISCES - see Mr. Zodiac (app)--Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac

PISCES - see One-Man Zodiac (app)--Ghost Rider II#6

PISCES - LMD Zodiac, intended to battled Defenders under Scorpio, but collapsed due to premature awakening
    male, fish-like form
    (app)--Defenders I#49,50

PISCES - LMD Zodiac, battled Avengers under Quicksilver.
    male, green two-tone full body costume with exposed face, large + strong
    (D#15,app)--West Coast Avengers Annual#1

PISCES - LMD Zodiac, battled West Coast Avengers under Scorpio, deactivated in Ankh dimension.
    female, covered with green scales, fins, webbed fingers, blond hair
    --West Coast Avengers II#26 (27,28

PISCES ( ) - Zodiac-Ecliptic.
    female, transform into water
    (app-zod)--Alpha Flight II#1 (12, Weapon X#1

PISCES (Dimitri Kantov) - "New" Zodiac, organized by "World Trust" Scorpio
   Russian male, scaled skin
    (app)--New Warriors IV#4 (New Warriors IV#4-5, Dark Reign: Zodiac#1-2

PISKAS - Inhuman, fish-like
    --Fantastic Four I#131

PISTOL of Earth-93060 ( McMullum) - son of crooked government official, worked for lord pumpkin

PISTON (Andrei Semyanovitch Rostov) - harriers
    (M-harriers)--Uncanny X-Men#261

PISTON (Agnes ) - biker chick, ally of John Blaze
    --Ghost Rider IV#5 (6

PIT of DEATH - Castle Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula I#1 (Dracula Lives#10,11, Tomb of Dracula I#15(fb), Before the Fantastic Four: Storms#1-3, Tomb of Dracula I#1

PIT of ULTIMATE SADNESS - Realm of Great Beasts, where they imprison the souls of the billions of inhabitants of their dimension that they slew
    --Alpha Flight I#24

PIT BULL  (Kevin Wilson) - Litter
    (app-litter)--Excalibur I#53 ([53 (fb)], 53 (fb)

PIT BULL of Earth-148611 (Gaylord Picaro) - Paranormal Platoon
    enhanced strength, especially in jaws
    (DP7#26,app)--(nu)D.P.7#20 (21, 22, Draft, Psi-Force#23/DP7#23, PF#27, 29/2, War#1-4;
    Quasar56 (Star Blast#4, Q57

PIT TIPPIT of the "Age of Legend" - elf, joined Lissal, Trolkin, & Vandal against Arak
    (app-arak)--Tower of Shadows#7/3

PITHINS, ARTEMUS "ARTIE" - White House Press Secretary, former Stark International director of public relations, quit after Obadiah Stane took over
    --Iron Man I#124 (127, 137, 173, Iron Man III#74

PITIFUL ONE (  ) - walking corpse, could travel between Earth and Hell, defeated by Dead Girl
    (app, AZU#2)--X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#1 (1(fb), 1-5

PITILL PAWOB (Krylar) - K'ai, master assassins, allies of Lord Visis
    (app-visis)--Incredible Hulk II#140


PITT of Earth-148611 - created when Ken Connell inadvertently vaporized Pittsburgh and the surrounding area

PITTMAN, BENNETT - Nth Command, presided over oil drilling on Dinosaur World
    (app-Nth )--Marvel Two-In-One373

PITTMAN, HOYT of Earth-148611 - New York Police Department, former partner of Rebecca Chambers, controlled and killed by Tattoo
    *D*--Justice#1,(2, 3d)

PITTS ,     - World War II, Camp Cathart, black Super Soldier project, killed during its development or in the mission to Europe
    *D*--Truth: Red, White, & Black#2 ([3, 4?]

PITTSY (Carmine Gazzera) - Boston criminal, brother of Tessie, allied with Ink and Nicky Cavella in effort to kill Punisher, killed by Punisher after prolonged battle and multiple trauma
    *D*--Punisher VII#2 (20(fb), 2-5, 6d)

PIT-VIPERS – Doubles of the nihilist Viper sent to act in her stead upon occasion
    one active in "Dead Man’s Hand," went rogue and aided Punisher, killed by Viper for compromising her;
    another tried to capture an ambassador, exposed as a fake by Silver Sable
    *D*--Punisher War Journal#45 (46, 47, Silver Sable#15d)

PITY ( ) - Sinister Six, former slave of the Gentleman.
    Superhuman strength + speed + agility, generate blackness
    (app)--Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six novel (Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six (fb), Spider-Man: GoSS, Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sinister Six, Spider-Man: SoSS

PIXEL - see PIXIL (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#143/3

PIXEL 2099 (Eduardo DeVargas - taken over by Paloma) - corporate power
    -Paloma Information eXchangE Limited--Doom2099#1

PIXIE ( ) - Eternal, First Line, partner of Oxbow, active from 1950s to just prior to modern era, one of the few to survive the explosion of the Skrull ship.
    pretended to use dust to turn others to stone
    (2007#8, app-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12 (3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 1/3, 11, 12, 1, X-Men: Hidden Years#21

PIXIE - Morlock, opposed Masque, right leg deformed by him, cared for a number of humans disfigured by Masque, directed them to kidnap children to protect them from Masque, slain by the Lilin Blackout
    *D* (app)--[Ghost Rider III#8], 9 ([9(fb), 8], 9d)

    Earth-Morgan, Queen's Vengeance
    (app-emorgan)--Avengers III#2 (3)

PIXIE ( ) - Demon/Maria’s gang
    (app-demon)--Marvel Comics Presents I#7/2 (8/2, 9/2

PIXIE (Megan Gwynn) - mutant, Xavier Institute, Paragons, New X-Men
    butterfly wings, pixie dust causes hallucinations
    (New X-Men Yearbook, 198)--New X-Men: Academy X#12, (named) New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook (NX:AX#12, 14, [New X-Men II#20-22], 23, [24], 25, [26], 27, Astonishing X-Men I#13-14, 35, 37-41, New X-Men#37-41, WWH: X-Men#2-3, X201-202, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men#1, Free Comic Book Day 2008: X-Men#1

PIXIE KING (    ) - ruler of subterranean Pixie race; opposed by Rockman
    --USA Comics#3 (January, 1942)

PIXIES - Subterranean race ruled by Pixie King; encountered Rockman
    --USA Comics#3 (January, 1942)

PIXIL - Lilin, sent to Cess by Lilith to infect cyberspace unnoticed, encountered Scarlet Witch, possibly destroyed by Ars Magna
    PIXEL* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#143/3 (144/4

PIXIU - mystic creature, violated a law of Heaven, so Yu-Huang punished it by restricting its diet to gold and preventing it from defecating
    --Heroes for Hire II#2 (2 (fb), 2

PIXX of Earth-93060 (Penny Burka) - Ultraforce, initially recruited by Contrary, suffered from effects of own power, sacrificed life to neutralize Atalon’s nuclear weapons.
    Project visual and auditory illusions
    *D* (app)--Giant-Size Freex#1/2 (Prototype#13/Ultraverse Premiere#6/5, Ultraforce I#0A+B,1, Frx12,13,UF#2-5d)

PIZER, HARRY (    ) - pre-modern era superhuman, captured and slain by British government, body made into living bullets
    highly durable body
    (app)--[Excalibur I#87] ([87(fb, dies)], 87 (bullets)

PIZZO, TONY - mobster, allied with Nicky Cavella in his second attempt to kill the Punisher, eventually refused to follow Cavella
    --Punisher VII#19 (20-24

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