PHADE of Earth-93060 (Susie? ) - former prostitute, former pawn of Shoat, named after the mythological Phaedra
    alter her density from intangible to ultra-dense
    "ULTRAGIRL," ULTRAGIRL SUBJECT A,"ULTRAWOMAN"--Prime20, (named) 25 (20-25, Power of Prime#1, Prime26, PoP#2-4, Prime Infinity, Prime II#1

PHADROS - Inhuman, husband of Thera, father of ??
    -- Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual 1998

PHAEA - Greek myth, daughter of Typhon and Echidna
    --not in MU

PHAEDER- inhuman geneticist, father of maelstrom, opponent of agon, banished from attilan for work on cloning, provided many genetic advances to Arnim Zola + Enclave + Magneto + Dr. Hydro + ?Jackal?, island base later used by magneto, eventually succumbed to old age and could not be remade through cloning
    *D* (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#72 (X-Factor An3/3, Silver Surfer Annual#1/4, [Sub-Mariner I#61], MTIO#72d)

PHAE-DORR - blue Kree, male, former leader of Kree science council, attempted to Capture Mar-Vell from ship of Dr. Minerva for use in the War of the Three Galaxies.
    used energy manifestations
    --Inhumans I#3 (4, Ms. Marvel I#18, Captain Marvel I#53,53, Silver Surfer III#5

PHAEDRA - extradimensional being, creator of Haven, the Sapphire Lotus, and the Raptors, saved from Lehdrox by Death’s Head, assisted by he and the XMen when she lost control of the Lotus and the Raptors.
    Precognitive and energy powers
    (app)--Death's Head II#1 (Death's Head III#4(fb), Death's Head II#1, [DsH II#2, 3], 4, Death's Head Gold#1, DsH II#14/2//DsH Gold#0

PHAEDRA - Scimitar, formerly lover of Shingen Harada?, stole portion of Logan's soul as the Hand was resurrecting him, used it to create Shogun, tried to arrange permanent death of Wolverine, slain by him instead as part of agreement with Azrael
    *D* (Wolv: WXF, OH HC#8)--Wolverine III#59, (identified) #60 (59 (fb), 60, 61d)

PHAEDRA of Earth-4489  - leader of Pathfinders aboard Seeker 3000, powered the warp drive of Seeker 3000
    (app)--Marvel Premiere #41 (41(fb), 41, Seeker 3000 #1(fb), 1-4

PHAGE, Mr. - agent of the Gopher
    (app-gopher)--Howard the Duck I#32

PHAGE ( ) - extraterrestrial, consumes Symbiotes
    *D*--Venom: The Hunted#1 (2,3d)

PHAIDON of the Hyborean era - Black Dragons, son of Pallantides, magically transformed into MANOTAUR
    *D*--Conan Annual#4

PHALANX (Cord Mather) - vigilante, unnamed wife and son, created suit of armor which absorbs the impact of any force hurled against it, rebelled and defeated funders when learned they worked for a drug cartel, lived on the run, joined Carlos Cruz in effort to take down Rosalie Carbone, killed by Bullseye.
    wore armor
    Dick Johnson *D* (app, card)--Punisher War Zone An#1 (Punisher II#102,103d)

PHALANX (Douglock, Egon, Harvest, Cameron Hodge, Steven Lang, Larissa, Nkotha, Oralis, Shinar, Warlock)
    - humans who volunteered to be infected with warlock’s techno-organic nano-cells by the technarch in an attempt to create the perfect anti-mutant warriors
    (1990s)--Uncanny X-Men#305,306,312 (313, Excalibur I#77-79, UXM316,X-Factor I#106(fb),X-Men II#36,UX317,X37, XFac106,X-Force#38,Ex82, Wolverine II#85, Cable II#16, Starjammers#4, [UX341,342],343,344, Warlock III#7(fb), Annihilation: Conquest Prologue#1/[Nova IV#3], Nova IV#4-7, Annihilation: Conquest: Star-Lord, Annihilation: Conquest: Quasar, Annihilation: Conquest: Wraith

PHALKONCORP - business led by Seth the Immortal
    --Moon Knight III#47 (50, 52, 54-56

PHAN-KU of the Hyborian era - see HISSSARLION (app-sm)--Savage Sword of Conan#192

PHANSIGARs - Si-Fan, worshippers of Kali, Order of the Golden Dawn, survived extermination with aid of Fu Manchu
    straps across chest, round + brown hat
    see also THUGEES (app-cultofkali)--The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu; Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu#3 (The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, Daughter of Fu Manchu, Trail of Fu Manchu, Island of Fu Manchu, Emperor Fu Manchu, Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu#3, Master of Kung Fu I#83, 85-88, 118, 123

PHANTASM (Dennis Sutton) - former radioactive waste handler, mutated, attacked ex-girlfriend Marsha Connors, defeated by Paladin.
    burn with touch, teleport short distances
    (app)--Marvel Premiere#43 ([43(fb)], 43

PHANTAZIA (Eileen Harshaw) - Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
    generate illusions
    (OH2006#7)--X-Force I#5 (6, 7, 9, X-Men Annual#2, X-Men: Time Gliders#1, 2, 4, X-Factor#82, Darkhawk19,20, Sleepwalker#17, [New Avengers#16]

PHANTAZM of Eurth (    ) - counterpart to Wonder Man

PHANTO BAND (        ) - criminal gang, adept at disappearing after crimes; opposed by Blackstone the Magician
    --Blackstone, the Magician Detective#2 (May, 1948)

PHANTOM (Dr. Donald Birch) - former employee of stark industries, attempted to sabotage long island plant due to jealousy over glamor of tony stark and iron man
    (1960s, app)--Tales of Suspense I#63

PHANTOM - Springfield, rival of the Guardian, killed each other of the powerless Evilizer toy
    *D* (app-evilizer)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/4 (2/4 (fb), 2/4d)

    formerly claimed to be natives of planet phantus, which had partially shifted into limbo due to excessive time travel of natives
    (I#7,D#15)--Avengers I#2, Thor I#281

PHANTOM of the BELL TOWER (Brown) - murderous hunchback; opposed by Angel (Thomas Halloway)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#27 (January, 1942)

PHANTOM of 42nd STREET (Armand Loring (dwarf, acrobat, son of Adrian Loring) + Jacques (Haitian strongman))
    - avenged themselves on Jasper Grunt, who embezzled from and murdered Adrian
    *D*--Hero for Hire#4

PHANTOM of Gamma Ray Flats - see SOLES, EPHRAIM (app)--Defenders I#132

PHANTOM of HORROR CASTLE (Count Kazan) - misshapen saboteur, used torture devices; opposed by Young Allies
    --Kid Komics#5 (Spring, 1944)

PHANTOM of the UNDERWORLD (Dr. Doyle Denton) - police detective and surgeon
    - (net-goldage)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#2 (January, 1940)

PHANTOM of WALPOLE TOWERS - fictional?/legendary character; Night Raven was mistaken for him
    (app-simonsdavid)--Savage Action#1/2

PHANTOM Whose Touch Means Death - Asgard, dwelled within molten chasm, encountered Balder, native of foreign dimension, destroyed by contact with Balder’s sword
    --Journey into Mystery I#111

PHANTOM BLONDE (Wanda Louise Mason) - daughter of Blonde Phantom, briefly adopted identity and assisted She-Hulk against Jasper Keaton and the Master Puppet
    (app)--(WLM) Sensational She-Hulk II#21(22), (PB) 23 (47(fb),  29,30

PHANTOM BULLET (Allan Lewis) - wealthy reporter and crimefighter, killed by unidentified assailants associated with Nazi agents involved with Albrecht Kerfoot and the search for the super-solider formula and planned assassination of Abraham Erskine
    wielded special gun which fired ice bullets
    *D* (app)--Daring Mystery Comics#2 (Marvels Project#2d)

PHANTOM BULLET of Earth-148611 (Victor ) - ESPeople.

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#32 (    )

PHANTOM CAT 2099 I+II of Earth-Amalgam - Shadowcat + Phantom Girl, Legion of Galactic Guardians I+II
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

    --Fantastic Four#541

PHANTOM EAGLE (Karl Kaufman) - World War I, Freedom’s Five, German born American, possible ancestor of bruce banner, adopted identity of masked biplane fighter to protect his parents living in germany in 1917, eventually shot and killed in 1918 while on ground along with his parents by the nazi hermann von reitberger, haunted him until von reitberger crashed while battling his ghost
    *D* (D#19,M,net)--Marvel Super-Heroes I#16 (Thor Corps#3 <9/7/1916>, Incredible Hulk II#135, Invaders I#7(fb), Ghost Rider II#12(ghost)

PHANTOM EAGLE of Counter Earth-Franklin (Lloyd Bloch) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Moonstone, eventually driven mad, gem taken by Moonstone/Sofen
    --Thunderbolts#59, 60 (61, 62 68

PHANTOM ENGINEER (Peter Blakemann) - Nazi, impersonated skull-faced ghost; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#29 (August, 1943)

PHANTOM NEGATIVE ZONE of Earth-Amalgam - negative + phantom zones
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

PHANTOM HOUND of CARDIFF MANOR (Mr. Murdock) - family forced out of manor as a child, tried to ward off all others attempting to live in manor, attempted to kill Mary Scott, defeated by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
used a dog costume with steel claws and a dog with luminous paint  
    --Captain America Comics#10 (January, 1942); rep Fantasy Masterpieces I#6

PHANTOM KILLER (        ) - committed circus robberies; opposed by Terry Vance
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#22 (August, 1941)

PHANTOM RAIDER of the Old West (Slade ) - 1870s, masked criminal, foreman to Mr. Larsen’s mustang ranch, would lead thieves to steal the mustangs, killed when trampled by horses
    *D* (app)--Kid Colt#124

PHANTOM REPORTER (Richard Jones, aka Van Engen) - Millionaire who served as both reporter and costumed crimefighter.
    (g)--Daring Mystery Comics#3 (April, 1940)

PHANTOM RIDER of the Old West (Carter Slade) - @ 1875, costumed vigilante, schoolteacher, originally from ohio, brother of PR/Lincoln, ancestor of PR/Hamilton, gunned down by men working for frontier land baron, rescued by Flaming Star, impregnated costume and white horse (banshee) with luminescent powder given to him by flaming star, who took it from a meteorite, eventually killed in cave-in caused by Rev. reaper, spirit possesses Hamilton.
    used black side of cape to appear invisible in darkness or as disembodied head or hands, used lantern to project image to appear as ghost
    - He Who Rides the Night Winds, the Son of the Spirits, Galloping Ghost, Haunted Horseman, GHOST RIDER*, NIGHT RIDER*
    *D/Ghost* (D#19, M, 2007#8, Outlaw Files, net)--Ghost Rider I#1 (2,3, Ghost Rider II#50,51/2(fb), Ghost Rider I#4, Kid Colt#3, GR5-7, Western Gunfighters#3, 1,2,4,5, Giant-Size Kid Colt#3, Avengers Forever#6,[Avengers I#141],142,143, Thor Corps#3, WestGun#6d, GR II#56, Incredible Hulk II#265, West Coast Avengers II#8,9, 31,32, 41, Marvel Comics Presents#102/4, Dead Girl#2-5 (spirit)

PHANTOM RIDER of the Old West (Jamie Jacobs*) - former assistant to PR/Carter, died after very brief career trying to keep the legend going
    -GHOST RIDER*, NIGHT RIDER * *D* (M, 2007#8, Outlaw Files)--Western Gunfighters#7d

PHANTOM RIDER of the Old West (Lincoln Slade) - brother of PR/Carter, succeeded him after death of Jacobs, driven insane, kidnapped mockingbird and used Comanche drug to force her to love him, fell to death after defeated by mockingbird when she regained memory, temporarily possessed PR/Hamilton and sought vengeance on mockingbird
    He Who Rides the Night Winds, the Son of the Spirits, GHOST RIDER*
    *D* (D#19, M, 2007#8, Outlaw Files, net)--(LS)Western Gunfighters#6; (PR) #7 (
    West Coast Avengers II#18-23d, 31,32,34,35,39,41(exorcised)

"PHANTOM RIDER" of the Old West - see JONES, RENO.
    briefly adopted Ghost Rider identity after injured and fall and nursed back to health by Flaming Star, used identity to defeat Kid Cassidy and Nightriders in Wonderment Montana
    (2007#8)--Blaze of Glory#3 (4

PHANTOM RIDER (Hamilton Slade) - vigilante, rangers, descendent of PR/Carter, becomes possessed by him, briefly coupled/possessed by PR/Lincoln.
    alter density, fire numbing blasts from six shooters, rides ghost of banshee
    -He Who Rides the Night Winds, the Son of the Spirits, GHOST RIDER*, NIGHT RIDER*
    (M, 2007#8, Outlaw Files, net)--Ghost Rider II#56 (Incredible Hulk II#265, West Coast Avengers II#8,9(fb), 29, 31,32, 34,35, 39,41, Marvel Comics Presents #102/4, [Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files]

PHANTOM RIDER (Jaime Slade) - daughter of Hamilton, possessed by Lincoln
    --Hawkeye and Mockingbird#1 (2-3

PHANTOM RIDER and the LEGACY of CARTER SLADE - text written by Frederich Ayers; copy owned by Vengeance/Kowalski
    --Ghost Rider #31 (2009)

PHANTOM TORSO (    ) - on satellite alongside Gazer
    --X-Men II#178 (180

PHANTOM TROUBADOUR (        ) - musical criminal, used special guitar to commit murders; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner and Namora
    --Human Torch Comics#31 (July, 1948)

PHANTOME ( ) - employed Gargantua, designed costume to duplicate powers of others, summoned Vengeance, duplicated his powers, making him think she had removed his powers, abused power and slaughtered innocents, apparently sacrificed life to protect others from explosion of toxic waste after she realized what she had done.            
    appeared as flaming skeleton, generate flames, used whip
    *D?* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#156 (157,158d)

PHANTUS - Andromeda galaxy, may not actually exist, originally claimed as home planet of phantoms, which had become partially trapped in limbo as a result of excessive use of time travel.
    existence questionable after space phantoms revealed to be from limbo
    --Thor I#281 (281(fb), 281,282

    --Gambit IV#2

PHARAOH’s EYES - weapon of Living Pharaoh
    able to mystically hypnotize people
    --X-Men I# (Supernatural Thrillers#9

PHARLOPA D'ZENN of the Hyborian era - priestess of the V'mira Zhan
    used staff that fired energy blasts
    (app-vmira zhan))--Savage Sword of Conan#76

PHARMOCYL - bitter drug, used by Death's Head to expose the Tuck golem as a fake.
    --[Death's Head III#14]

PHARNOVION - Faltinian
    --[Dr. Strange Annual#2/4]

PHAROID of the Microverse - prince of Aegypta, Sandzone, leader of the Desert Demons, ally of Micronauts, killed by Baron Karza
    *D*--Micronauts I#23/3 (24/2-26/2, 28-35, 39, 43 (fb), 41, 44, 46-50

PHASE CONDITION - describes external appearance of space while Nova Prime starship is in warp drive.
    colors reversed, white becomes black and vice-versa
    --Nova I#25

PHASER (Christian Cord)  - New Warriors, depowered on M-Day, given technological weaponry, brother of Tattoo/Longstrike
    RADIAN*--[New Warriors IV#1], (shadowed, unidentified) #2, (fully seen) #3, (identified) #4 (5-6

PHASEWORLD dim (Phaydra, Lectra, Tempus) - mystic realm, embodied the essence of its rulers the sisters phaydra and lectra, presumably destroyed with destruction of lectra
    --Dr. Strange II An#1/Dr. Strange: What is it that Disturbs you, Stephan

PHASHION of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - stripper, roommate of Heartbreaker
    --Ghost Rider 2099#17 (21/2

PHASTOS - Eternal, weaponsmaster, former mentor of Sigmar, watched over his laboratories after he left Earth.
    bm, shaved head, beard, uses hammer to manipulate all forms of energy
    Phillip Stoss, CEASEFIRE*, "HEPHAESTUS","VULCAN" (D#10)--(g) Red Raven#1/3; Eternals II#1 (Eternals IV#4 (fb), Eternals II#1, 3-5,[10],12, Avengers I#308,310(fb),[309],310, Eternals: Herod Factor, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Eternals: Apocalypse Now(fb), Eternals: Apocalypse Now, Eternals IV#1-6

PHAT (Billy Bob Reilly) - X-Force/X-Statix, mutant, former lover of Vivisector, killed saving teammates from bomb of Mr. Code
    *D* (2007#8, ME:X, app)--X-Force#117 (117(fb), 117-120, Thunderbolts#57, XFor121-124, Brotherhood#9, XFor125(fb) 125-129, X-Statix#1-3, [4(fb)], 4,5, 6-8, 9, X-Men Unlimited#41/2,  Wolverine/Doop#2, X-Statix#11, 12, 13-17, 18d)

PHAY - Troll Associates,
    shape changer
    (app-ta)--X-Factor I#41 (42, Excalibur I#57,58

PHAYDRA - Phaseworld, empress, sister of Lectra
    --Dr. Strange II Annual#1/Dr. Strange: What is it that Disturbs you, Stephan?

PHEE - troll associates, turned to gold by Alchemy.
    trained in various forms of combat, used flying carpet
    (app-ta)--X-Factor I#41 (42(gold))

PHEHEMENES  of the Hyborian era - king of Kordava, husband of Sharmela, knew of plots against him, but forgave his wife
    --Savage Sword of Conan#61

PHEIFFER, STANLEY - victim of Johnny Sockets
    *D*--Daredevil: Father#4 (4d)

PLELCH - sole survivor of race of space-faring vegetables; briefly merged with Arthur Winslow to become the Space Turnip
    --Howard the Duck I#2

PHELIX - Troll Associates, lord
    (app-trollassociates)--Excalibur I#58

PHEMOUS - Lords of the Splinter Realms, Lord Militant of his realm, rides Polyp Steeds and leads his Huscarls, summoned to convocation of sorcerers by Magik (Amanda Sefton), battled Archenemy
    (app-lords)--Magik II#3 (4

PHERAGOT race (Tiborgh) - extraterrestrial, Andromeda galaxy, planet Arago-7, Charter, attacked Axi-Tun after framed for assault on the M'Ndavians
    semi-humanoid, ten feet tall, immensely strong
    (I#7,D#15,app)--(2200)Hercules I#1, (modern era) Silver Surfer III#32( Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5, Wolverine: Best There Is#9

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