PCHELINTSOV, GRIGOR IVANOVICH - Red Room, designed the conditioning for the cold war black widows
    --Black Widow IV#4 (5


PEACE CORPSE (Illyich Prokvitch, Strokov, Voroshilov, Mendev, Kuryesan, Allanson) - see COMBINE.
    Soviet terrorists, hijacked a nuclear arsenal in hopes of starting World War III as a means of stimulating the global economy, Strokov and Prokvitch merged into a single entity as the Combine by nuclear explosion, the others later merged with them to stop them from from detonating a nuclear weapon
    (app)--Avengers I#319 (320-324


PEACEKEEPER (Joshua ) - protector of the Underground, former vigilante in New York City perhaps 20-30 years ago
    (app)--(J) Daredevil I#333; (P) 336 ([333-336 (fb)], 333-337

PEACEKEEPERS (Bristle, Lady Trident, Lucian(q), Schizo, Wraath, skrull; formerly Blackwulf (Pelops & Blackwulf (Lucian))
    - servants of Lord Tantalus
    (app)--Thunderstrike I#7 (Blackwulf#1-4, 6, 8, 10

PEACE-LOVER (Barry Kanczeski) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4])

PEACEMAKER of the 19th C ( ) - old West
    --Rawhide Kid I#56

PEACE MONGER (Dr. Talmadge Cobbleskill) - mutant, anti-racist activist, sought peace between races at cost of lives of others, encountered American Eagle and USAgent.
    siphoned hatred from others to increase in size and strength, bm, balding, white hair
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#27/4 (104/4

PEACOCK - Microverse, Homeworld, prince of Polaria, slew the snowbear to save his city, but it turned out to be another form of his lover, queen Fria
    (app)—Micronauts I#32 (33

PEAK - orbiting base of SWORD, destroyed by the Skrulls.
    --Astonishing X-Men III#12, 13

PEANUCKLE - NuPonder, cat owned by Ms. Schave, abducted by Terrax robot for Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots
    --[New Warriors III#4]

"PEANUT" - small Madbomb able to affect the people in a room; one was used by Mason Harding to escape the Royalists after he broke with them
    (app-madbomb)--Captain America I#193 (199

PEANUT ( ) - Warpies, Seraphim.
    peanut-shaped creature, uses spider-legged mechanical device for limbs, disrupt concentration of others
    --Excalibur I#62

PEANUTS - toy elephant, used in failed effort to kill Edward Hutchinson by X-Cell, shot and destroyed by son-in-law, Steve
    --X-Factor III#17 (17 (fb)

PEARLA - Sub-Atomica, queen of Mirwood, enemy of Psycho-Man
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#16 (284(fb), 16(fb), 16, Marvel Two-In-One #86(fb), 86, F4#284(fb), 284, [Fantastic Four Unlimited#8 (fb)], 8

PEARL SECT (Jenkins, Mother of Pearl) - Hydra splinter group
    (app-fml)--New Warriors I#61, 72 (61, 62, 72

PEARSE, Mrs. -former cleaning lady of the holy, poor vision + hearing prevented her from noticing the murders in front of her
    --Punisher V#3 (5, 7, 9

PEARSE, BECKY - widow of Mike, ran away after he badly beat her again
    --Punisher VI#21 (22

PEARSE, MIKE - New York Police Department, abusive husband of Becky, partner of Andy Seifert, sacrificed life to take down Bobby Cestone
    *D*--Punisher VI#20 (21, 22

PEARSON, AUBREY - diplomat
    --Black Panther I#14 (Marvel Team-Up I#87

PEARSON, MARCIA J. "MARCY" - former director of public relations and later vice-president of Stark Enterprises, quit when Stark did not step down to allow her to become president after being shot, dated Jim Rhodes
    --Iron Man I#217 (222, Iron Man An9, IM225-227, 231, 233, 235, 236, Damage Control I#3, IM238, 241, 246, 248, 254, 284, 287, 288, 292, 298-300, 306

PEARY, Mr.  - Workshop, killed by
    *D*--Wolvinerine III#13 (13d)

PEAVEY, agent - monitored Jarzinho's assault against Attilan
    (app-jarzinho)--Inhumans III#4

PECK, agent DALE - FBI, assisted American Eagle against Jonas, recruited Iron Fist to protect Taka, slain by Ken
    *D* (app-jonas)--Marvel Comics Presents#130/2 (140/4d)

PECK, Mr.  - superior of Melanee Carondelet
    (app-melanee)--Namor I#51

PECOS ( ) - Split-Second Squad
    (app-sss)—Avengers I#77 (Defenders I#64

PECULO, BOBBY - Maggia, agent of Mongano, chose to fall to his death rather than be captured and forced to give information by the Punisher
    *D* (app-mongano)--Punisher: No Escape

PEDDLER of Earth-Slow Glass (Officer Demin) - extradimensional being plotting to use Slow Glass to overthrow the Tribunal, granted the crystals to Sandson O. Tyme.
    (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#4 (4/6(fb)

PEDDLER of DOOM (        ) - man disguised as female flower peddler, used drugged flowers to set up victims; opposed by Miss America
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#56 (June, 1944)

PEDESTRIAN PROGNOSTICATOR - magic item of Dr. Angst, used to locate the current whereabouts of his Band of the Bland
    --Sensational She-Hulk II#15

PEDRAO - agent of Kuhrra Daïzonest
    --Wolverine: Saudade

PEDRO, TOBY "KILLER" - rendered comatose after police shooting, awoke with seeming invulnerability; opposed by Miss America
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#57 (July, 1944))

PEEL, CARADOC - Weird Happenings Organization
    --Excalibur: Air Apparent

PEEL, CARL - "Pigsticker", junkie, provided information to Captain America
    --Captain America I#232

    Mutant Force (D#8, app)--Captain America Annual#4 ([4(fb)], 4, Defenders I#78-80, 83, 87(fb), 87, Captain America I#426 (fb)->Occult (Captain America I#343, 346"d", 426)
    New Warriors II#6, Wolverine II#164-->Peepers

PEEPERS - former inmate at the Cage, defended Beast from Skulls, mind damaged by electrocution, employed as waiter at Satan's Circus, sought sanctuary at Xavier Institute following M-Day, apparently devoured by Predator X
    -OCCULT*, PEEPER* *D* (198, app)--Wolverine II#164 (165, Weapon X II#26, 28, X-Men II#179, X-Men: The 198#1-5, X-Men II#183, [184-185], X-Factor III#26d)

PEEPING TOM ( ) - Parasites.
    Powerful sight, see into other dimensions
    --Captain Britain II#13/5 (14/4

PEERLESS PASTE CO. - paste manufacturers, Spider-Man attempted to sell his webbing to them
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#18

PEG - see HUSK
    alias used to speak on the Walt Norman show
    --Generation X: Crossroads

PEGAS - Pangoria, leader of pirates, killed in cleansing of Pangoria by Celestials
    *D* (app-pan)—Thor I#387 (388, 389d)

PEGASUS - ship of Force Works
    --Force Works#6

PEGASUS INSTITUTE - accepted Feeva for training, connection to Project: Pegasus?

PEGASUSIAN race (Sphinxor) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Tarkus,
    reptilian bipeds, 20’ tall
    (I#7,D#15)--Strange Tales I#178

PEGGY ?? - Daily Bugle intern
    --Spider-Man Family#2

PEGGY DAY FINANCE - branch of Kronas Corporation
    --Captain America V#34

PEI - K'un-Lun, young female monk, fled with egg of Shou-Lao to Earth during Davos and the One's coup, ultimately imbued with Iron Fist power as Daniel Rand destroyed Zhu Rong
    --Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#1

PEI, VICTOR - Daily Bugle, former assistant photo editor
    --Spider-Man 3_

PEIRSO - Trion race

PEKLAR - Armenian gangster, fought Cable in Krasnaya Polyana
    --Solider X#4 (5, 6

PEKO - Fu Manchu's monkey/marmoset
    (app)--Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu; Master of Kung Fu #18 (Giant Size Master of Kung Fu#1, 1/2, Master of Kung Fu#21, GS Master of Kung Fu #2, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#2

PELE - Hawaiian goddess of the volcanoes, sister of Na-maka-o-kaha'l + Laka + Polivah, duped X-Force into helping her against Lava Men
    - LAHOLANA, "RISQUE" (AZU#4, app)—Punisher II#76 (X-Force#81

PELE (Michi Sasaki) - Pacific Overlords, wife of Taifu, mother of Big One, captured and mutated by Dr. Demonicus after boat wrecked, hypnotized and forced to attack pearl harbor, regained memory after defeat by Submariner.
    fly, generate heat + flames
    (app-po)--Avengers West Coast#71 ([72(fb)], 71, 73-74

PELEUS (Polowski) - briefly made squire to Crusader (Blackwood)
    (app-Crusader)--Thor I#330 (331

PELHAM, "DEAD" GEORGE* - circa 1907 AD, Street Arabs, slew Kid Twist
    corpse-like appearance & form
    --Runaways II#27 (29-30

PELIALI - Incan goddess of the volcano, mother of Silverclaw, power sought by Kulan Gath, kidnapped by him as a sacrifice to his dark gods to allow him access to their realm, freed self when gained power from belief of Kamekeri, mortally wounded in battle with Kulan Gath, died shortly after his defeat
    *D* (app)--[Avengers III#28], 29 ([28(fb1)], [28], 29, 30d)

PELIAS of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, invoked old ones, imprisoned for ten years in the prison of the Scarlet Citadel by Tsotha-Lanti, freed by Conan, assisted him in returning to Aquilonia in time to fight off assault, and in slaying Tsotha-Lanti
    --Scarlet Citadel; Savage Sword of Conan #30

PELIJA LON of the Hyborian era - daughter of Eshe, niece of Revelle, priestess of Mitra, sorceress
    (app-ish)--Conan the Barbarian I#134 (138,139,147

PELISHTIA of the Hyborian era - western province Shem, its capitol is Asgalun; worshipped Pteor
    --Hawks over Shem; Savage Sword of Conan#36?


PELORIS, YELIM of Lost Lemuria - former archdruid of Trasgol, named himself Sark/ruler after the death of Drugunda Thal
    (app-thongor)--Creatures on the Loose#26 (27

PELPS, ARMAND - New York school district supervisor, member in a ring of child pornography, exposed by Sange

PELT-MAN of Earth-Amalgam (Billy Minerva) - Jigsaw + Cheetah.
    enemy of Castle + Diana
    transform into cheetah, claws victims' faces
    (app-castle)--Amalgam Comics Trading Card#50

PEMBERTON (Josh Nixon) - private school for boys around Snow Valley, Massachusetts
    --Emma Frost#1

PEMBROKE - agent of Kingpin
    --Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#1(2-4 Daredevil I#291 Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#11

PENAGOS, RYAN - Daily Bugle reporter, interviewed Tony Stark and David Purdin, wrote article on "rumors and allegations" regarding Captain America's assassination
    --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1

PEMBROKE ACADEMY (Christie, Gavin, Heather (students))
    - school at which Sue Richards taught English
    --Marvel Knights 4#2 (8

PENANCE - see M.
    generation x, transformed and enslaved by Emplate into form of Penance as punishment for refusing to assist him, form replaced by nicole and claudette when she was freed by them.
    dense red form, sharp talons, mute
    YVETTE (2007#8, net)--Generation X#1 (40(fb), 1-5, 8, Generation X An1995, GX10-14, 18, 20, 25, 28/2, An1997, GX29-31, 33-40->m ii)

PENANCE (Nicole + Claudette St. Croix) - Generation X, replaced Monet within prison form created by Emplate, eventually freed
    dense red skin, sharp talons, mute
    - M* (2007#8, net)—Generation X#40 (41, X-Men Unlimited#20, GX43, 45-47, 51, 53, 57->nicole+claudette)

PENANCE - alleged empty shell left behind when Nicole and Claudette were removed, revived and escaped from Massachusetts academy, assisted in capture of a Sasquatch
    (2007#8, net)--Generation X#57 (59, Generation X An1999, GX60,61, Uncanny X-Men#379

PENANCE (Robert "Bobby" Baldwin) - Thunderbolts, New Warriors, mutated by exposure to energy in kinetic dimension, son of Justin Baldwin and Maddie Naylor, further mutated in Nitro's Stamford explosion, chose identity of Penance to atone for the Stamford deaths
    -MASKED MARVEL*, "Dreamboat Showboat," "Ricochet Rabbit of Marvels," "Bouncing Bundle of Whup-Ass"
    (CWBDR)--Civil War: Front Line#10 (Civil War: The Initiative#1/2, Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures (fb), Tb: DM, Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1/5, Thunderbolts#110-115, Nova IV#2-3

PENANCE COUNCIL (Tom Halloway/Angel, Fred Davis/Bucky, Golden Sun, Golden Woman, Goldfire, David Mitchell/Human Top, Iron Cross, Irene + Isadora Martinez, Roger Aubrey/Mighty Destroyer, Miss America, Nuklo, Elizabeth Barstow/Silver Scorpion, Topspin, Twister, Brian Falsworth/Union Jack, Whizzer)
    - V Battalion, active since end of World War II, act as field agents or to defend base against superhumans the standard agents cannot overcome
    --Thunderbolts#38 (39-41, 46, 49, Citizen V and the V Battalion#1-3, Tb , Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1-4, Tb73/[74],75

PENDANT of PARACELSUS - allegedly created by and containing a simulacrum of the mind of 15th century physician, alchemisty, and astrologer Paracelsus.
    According to Dracula, it facilitates sorcerers' abilities to rapidly assimilate arcane lore
    (app)--X-Men: Soul Killer

PENDRAGON (Robin of Locksley, Knights of Pendragon, Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Lemurians of Earth-313, Pendragons of Arakne)
    - active since before days of Camelot, power which invests certain individuals when it becomes necessary for them to take a stand for the greater good, attunes individual to natural cycle, trains them to recognize the threatening foe in its true form, carries within it the past incarnations of its champions, much is focused in Great Britain, but exists in other places, under other names, and even other dimensions
    --Knights of Pendragon I#1

PENDRAGON's KNIGHTS of Earth-Days of Future Past (Albion, Grace, Breeze James, Union Jack) - allies of RCX
    (app-rcx)--Excalibur I#66 (67

PENDRAGON, King ARTHUR - Camelot, son of Uther + Igraine, husband of Guinevere, ally of Merlin, descended from the Celts, raised by Sir Ector, slew leader of Saxon army in battle, took up dead enemies sword and proclaimed himself king of the Britains, founded Knights of the Round Table, allegedly defeated by Hobkin, killed by Mordred, according to legend dwells in Avalon until he will return to lead England, revived in Otherworld, slew Necromon alongside Black Knight (Dane Whitman), possibly imbued with power of a Pendragon (the same that later empowered Crown), possibly the same that empowered Dafydd op Iowerth (or who might be a distant relation)
    used the sword Excalibur
    (app)--(g) Black Knight Comics#1;
    Strange Tales I#108/2 (Namor#62(fb), Journey into Mystery I#96(fb), Avengers Annual#20(fb), [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#9: Morgan Le Fay (fb)],[Knights of Pendragon II#13], Marvel Preview#22, Spider-Man Battles the Myth Monster! #1, Strange Tales#108/2, New Excalibur#12 (fb), Black Knight Comics#1, 1/3, 2/2, 2/4, 3?, 3/2, 3/4?, 4?, 4/2?, 4/4?, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4?, StrT#134, New Excalibur#11-12, Iron Man I#150, [Defenders I#152(fb)], Marvel Super-Heroes II#17(fb,dies) / Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/2 // Excalibur: XX Crossing/[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Update'89#7: Topaz], [Hulk Comic#43/2+44/2(fb), 55/2], 59/2-63/2, Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#377, Dr.Who#60, MSH383, Mighty World of Marvel#13

PENDRAGON, UTHER - father of Arthur
    *D*--[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#8: Merlin ] ( Namor I#62(fb)

    (net)--(g) Black Knight comics#1 (Strange Tales I#108/2

PENELOPE ?? - first high school girlfriend of Dollar Bill
    (app-dollar_bill)--Defenders I#54

PENELOPE's parasitic suitors - exist between Tartarus and the Elysium Fields, transformed into Zeus during Ulysses' adventures
    --Incredible Hercules#130

PENETRAITOR - armor worn by Weasel for Hydra using Pentrator teleportation technology
    --Cable and Deadpool#43 (44

PENETRATOR - teleportation technology designed by Weasel for Hydra, used in Penetraitor armor
    --Cable and Deadpool#43 (44

PENG LAI ISLAND - one of the Eight Cities of Heaven, homeland of Fat Cobra
    --Immortal Weapons#1

PENKOVSKY, ZHENYA - Russian citizen, formerly KGB, defected to USA, relocated to Brooklyn, forced by Black Widow to help her locate the murder of Katya Kosinsky
    (app-luchkov)--Marvel Comics Presents#135/4

PENNER, FREDERICK - owner of Penner Security Associates, formerly employed next wave, sent posse after them after they attacked him
    --Ghost Rider III#28

PENNINGTON, AUDRA - vampire, purchased Dracula’s possessions from Lilith, vamped by Dracula and forced to return his belongings
    --Dracula: Lord of the Undead#2

PENNY ANNIE (Colleen Shore) - shadow cabinet
    --Moon Knight III#53?

PENNY ANT-Es - group that felt Abraham Lincoln had been slighted by being used for the copper penny
    --Tangled Web of Spider-Man#18

PENNY PANZER (    ) - Ubermadchen
    --Miss America 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009)? (Avengers 1959#3-4

PENNYSWORTH, J.C. - see SUPREME SERPENT* (app)--[Defenders I#15, 22], 23

PENROSE, LILI - sorceress, daughter of Morgan, seduced and manipulated Gambit in order to obtain the Inficio Aquilus, slew Morgan, eyes destroyed and face burnt by staring into the forbidden card
    (app)--Gambit IV#1 ([6 (fbs)], 1-4, [6 (fb)], 6

PENROSE, MORGAN - New Orleans, father of Lili, collector of the arcane, former holder of the Inficio Aquilus, slain by Lili
    *D* (app)--[Gambit IV#2], 3 (4, 6(fb, dies)

    --She-Hulk II#2

PENSU - extraterrestrial god, sister or wife of Tae, terrorized worshippers, possibly destroyed by desak.
    blue skin, red hair, energy powers
    --Thor Annual 2001

PENTECOST, PAXTON - designer of the FAUST factory, former ally of Blastaar, sought to murder Ferguson Blaine for stealing his factory
    (app-faust)--Marvel Team-Up I#18 ([18(fb)], 18(fb), 18, [Thor I#270(fb)]

PENTIGAAR - Asgardian monster, possible frost giant, summoned from cask of ancient winters and sent to earth by malekeith to attack thor, repelled by beta ray bill and balder, possibly destroyed by gem of infinite suns.
    superhuman strength + durability, generate vast cold, used sharp blade able to freeze others
    --Thor II#30 (31, 32

PEOPLE - see TROGLODYTES (app-trog)--Avengers I#115

PEOPLE (Pops, Spike, Tacker) - villagers mutated by Aunt Serr, apparently perished in the destruction of her mansion
    (app-auntserr)--Sub-Mariner I#42 ([42(fb)], 42

PEOPLE - see SAURIANS--Ms Marvel#20

PEOPLE of Reality-8116 (Lectra, Minde', Oedi Sr., Oedi Jr.) - genetically-engineered cat-people created on planet Caldor in the Empirical gaalxy by the Instrumentality in hopes of creating a race of super-warriors; instead resulted in passive herbivores; ultimately slaughtered by the Monarchy after receiving an old report on their initial plans
(shadowed) "The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5; (seen, identified) Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar

PEOPLE of the ARK (Aletha, Noah) - lived in great Ark built to escape their destroyed planet
    (app)--Marvel Super Special#10 (10(fb), 10

PEOPLE of the BLACK SEA - see BLACK SEA (app)--Daredevil I#77, Sub-Mariner I#40

PEOPLE of the DARK of the Hyborian era - reptile people, subterranean, encountered Conan, eventually devolved into completely reptilian creatures by the modern era, lived in cave of Dagon
    --Savage Sword of Conan#6 (6(fb), 6

PEOPLE of the DUST - ancient race of people formed from the earth in distant past, attacked humans after their development, imprisoned by Blood in earth under what would become Cypress Hills Cemetery, inadvertently released by Frank Drake, battled he and Blade, returned to earth by the Saints, ghosts of people buried in Cypress Hills.
    superhuman strength, pass through solid earth
    DUST PEOPLE* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#145/2 (145/2(fb),145/2,146/4

PEOPLE of the FLAME 2099 - worshipped great flame which brought death to them
    --Ravage 2099#25 (26-28

PEOPLE of the HILLS (    ) - Arabic, captured people for sacrifice to Moloch
    (app-moloch)--Marvel Fanfare I#52

    - sought Jude Black/Archer for crimes against Genoshan mutates
    —X-Factor I#146

PEOPLE'S DEFENSE FORCE (Collective Man, Lady of Ten Suns, Most Perfect Hero, Ninth Immortal, Princess of Clouds, Radioactive Man, Scientific Beast) - China's premiere super hero team, replaced China Force
    --Mighty Avengers#27 (28,29

PEOPLE's PROTECTORATE (Crimson Dynamo, Fantasma, Perun, Red Guardian, Vostok)
    - Russian heroes, organized + sponsored + controlled by soviet government, disbanded, some went on to form Winterguard
    -SUPREME SOVIETS*--Avengers I#319 (320-324, Soviet Super Soldiers, Incredible Hulk II#393, Starblast

PEOPLE’s SECURITY FORCES (Beasts of Berlin, Madame X, Scarlet Beetles, el Toro, Voice) - used by Hungarian government in plot to capture Hank Pym and allies for Quicksilver while he was under the control of Maximus
    (net)--West Coast Avengers I#33 (34-36

PEOTOR - Super-Apes, gained intelligence via .
    orangutan, magnetic powers, genius level intellect
    --Fantastic Four I#13 (29, Avengers I#12, Fantastic Four An3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends, Defenders I#7,8, Marvel: Shadows & Light#1/3, Iron Man I#82,83, F4#197, Amazing Spider-Man I#223, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1, Amz255, Quasar#6, Power Pack I#62(fb), 61,62, Marvel Comics Presents#87/3, 90/2-92/2, Fantastic Four III#3, X-Men, Black Panther IV, [New Warriors III#2 (fb)], 2

PEPPER (    ) - young fisherman, friend of the whale Magic
    (app-mannysabatine)--Marvel Comics Presents#46/4

PEPPER ( ) - with Salt, ally of Angelface
    --Green Goblin#8 (11

PEPPER, DAVID - post-Civil War era, son of sheriff Robert, led Travis Parham to the Dragwells, who had already been slain by Ghost Rider
    --Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#2 (2007)

PEPPER, "POWERHOUSE" - Super-strong adventurer, often found self in humorous situations.
    --Joker Comics#1 (April, 1942)

PEPPER, ROBERT S.  - post-Civil War era sheriff of David, led Travis Parham to the Dragwells, who had already been slain by Ghost Rider
    --Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#2 (2007)

PEPPERMILL, RAGLAND T. - vagrant, aided Warriors Three adventure quest driven by Myron Maxwell 
    (app-Maxwell)--Marvel Spotlight I#30

PEPPERMINT CANDEY (    ) - stripper, former girlfriend of Bailey Mathius, targeted by Belinda Methius for knowledge of the Unity, driven to paranoia by Bailey and pulled a gun on Hawkeye, killed when her bullet ricocheted into her head
    *D*--Hawkeye III#1 (2, 3, 4d)

PETE ?? - discovered Speedball's body in Stockton, New York post Stamford, killed in explosion unleashed from his body
    *D*--Civil War: Front Line#1/2 (1/2d)

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