--Agents of Atlas#1

OHIO INITIATIVE (Howard the Duck) - closed down by federal agents
    --[Marvel Zombies 5#2]

OINARI - see INARI--Wolverine: Soultaker#4

OINK ( ) - mutant?, O-Force trainee

OJEEG of the Microverse - former leader of Never-Summer's Wolverine tribe, sacrificed life to destroy Karza's Sunscope, restoring summer to the planet
    (app)--Micronauts I#57

OJI of Reality-21394 - Planet Kiasho, prince of House of Sa'ar,  Clan Moromai, Yashida Dynasty; refused aid from Swashbucklers out of honor, wiped out by hill tribes
    --Swords of the Swashbucklers#10

OJO, el of the Old West
    --Original Ghost Rider I#15

OJO MACABRA (Candelaria Vélez) - San Gusto superhuman, reportedly killed by Zeitgeist
    able to paralyze with a glance
    "Evil Eyes" *D* (app)--[Captain America I#442(d)]

OKA’AN - Dark Dimension, Mhuruuks, leader, descendent of G’uran, formed golden age of peace that lasted 28,000 cycles until arrival of Dormammu and Umar
    (app-olnar)--Dr. Strange III#21/2 (not seen)

O.K. SPACE STATION (Shabby Dayes, engineers, Jaqe Murania, Jaqe Murania's gang, Rusty-Paint, "ol' Smithy")- domed city on an asteroid in some proximity to Deneb IV; society mimicked by Earth's Old West era; formerly dominated by Stranger; briefly visited by Mar-Vell and Rick Jones
    (app)--Captain Marvel I#42

OKADA, CAPTAIN - captain of the Dragon of Death; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#5 (August, 1941)

OKADA, Colonel - Japanese armored warrior, armor temporarily infected with Doom's computer virus
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#44 (44(fb)], 44 

OKALA (Bridget + Emet + Ibrim Hapanmyas) - Djanda, ruling majority
    --Elektra II#25 ([26(fb)], 25, 26

    --Invincible Iron Man#4

OKONOROTE - Incan? god worshipped by the Kamekeri
    --[Avengers III#28]

O-KORG - Kronan

OKOYE - Wakandan, Dora Milaje, chauffeur to T’Challa, formerly worked alongside Nakia.
    skilled warrior
    --Black Panther III#1 (11(fb), 1-4(fb), 19/2, Daredevil II#8, BP6-8, 9-12, 15/2, 16, 19, 20, 25, 32-34, 38, 41-43, 49, 52, [53], 54, 59-62

"OKRAAS" - demon serving unknown master, associated with Orleans Cooper until his betrayal
    (app-orleans)--Gambit IV#6

OKTID race (Ejulp ) - dimension of Trion, worship the Trion.
    green skin, tall + thin, some have dimension warping powers
    --Uncanny X-Men#368, (named) 369 (368, X-Men II#88, UX369

OKTID the OMNIPOTENT - ancient god of suffering, dwells within dimension π, guarded Oktid's Elixir, defeated by Dr. Strange who stole the Elixir
    --Dr. Strange: The Oath#1

OKTID's ELIXIR "has the power to erase what troubles the mind of man"; actually allegedly able to cure all diseases on Earth, destroyed by Nicodemus West; one drop was saved and used by Strange to cure Wong of brain cancer
    --Dr. Strange: The Oath#1

OKTOBER - see BLACK WIDOW (Romanoff).
    name used while reprogrammed by Russian agent to re-start Cold War by launching nuclear missiles at Russia
    --Iron Man I#269 (271-273, 276, 277

OKUDA, secretary general of Earth-6216 - U.N., targeted for assassination by Varina Goddard via Death's Head 3.0
    --[Amazing Fantasy II#19], 20

OLAFSON, ERICK - Viking, former friend and ally of Thor, died in bed from battle wounds, dwelled in Purgatory until sacrificed self in effort to stop Walker, then passed on
    --Captain Marvel V#17 (17(fb), 18

OLALLA - Kalahia, sidekick of the Thin Man
    --Mystic Comics#4/3, Marvel Premiere #29

OLAR - Brethren, left to die in the Microverse, Avengers attempted to confine him, but he was slain by the Collector
    *D*(app-brethren)--Avengers I #338 (338d)

"old friend" of Earth-Shadowline - alias of Dr. Zero, @ ?? (app-dz)--Critical Mass#5

"old geezer" - rightful owner of the Black Clock
    (app-blackclock)--Journey into Mystery I#67/3

OLD HORNED GENTRY - demon of Lucifer's Hell, part of the group that nightly tortured Ghost Rider (John Blaze)
    --Ghost Rider V#1 (6

OLD JOE (        ) - aged caretaker, led spectres in effort to take over human bodies; opposed by Venus (Aphrodite)
    --Venus#18 (February, 1952)

OLD KINGDOM - society pre-dating Atlantis, power sought by Candra and the Thieves Guild

OLD LACE - Velociraptor (or Deinonychus) from the 87th Century, trained and brought back to modern era by Stacy + Frank Yorkes, controlled by Arsenic
    Named for "Arsenic and Old Lace" (1944), starring Cary Grant and Josephine Hull (with Peter Lorre as "Doctor Einstein"), directed by Frank Capra, based on a play by Joseph Kesselring.  Remade in 1969 for American TV and in 1971 for Belgian TV.
    --Runaways#2, (identified) 6 (2-10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15-17, [18(fb)], 18, Runaways II#1-3

OLD MAN - see VERDELET (app-verd)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#7

old man - elderly Yeti, shaman historian for the group
    (app-yeti)--Man-Thing II#3

old man (    ) - Tarryville (in the Catskills), transformed people into tree-like creatures and cared for them
    (app-willis_striker)--Marvel Tales I#105/4

OLD MAN ( ) - alleged predecessor to Cloak as guardian of the portal to the Darkforce dimension, retired to Nepal, unwittingly captured by Byan'hantandu
    homage to the Shadow/Lamont Cranston
(app)--Cloak & Dagger III#2 (3

"old man" - prayed to statue of Dralla to save their starving village
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#70/3

"Old Man" an alias of the cockroach-manipulating sorcerer Elod Kisfaludi
    --Adventure into Terror#19/4

"old man" - advised Tucker and Juano to avoid the Temple of Ch'manu, died when shoved away by them
    (app-ch'manu)--Monsters Unleashed#7

old man - guided Wolverine to remember that there was more to life than just killing;
    possibly a manifestation of Wolverine's subconscious or some other metaphysical being
    (app-mandate)--Wolverine: Killing

"old man" - an employee of the Zum Corporation, former boss/supervisor of Alfred Coppersmith
    (app)--Daredevil I#257

old man - True People, mentored Hulk during "House of M," continued to advise him after reality was restored
    --Incredible Hulk III#83 (87

OLD MAN of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D. - see DONAL (app-earth311)--1602#1

OLD MAN of Earth-93060 ( ) - centuries old, trained Freex
    (app)--[Freex#7], 8 (8, 9, 11, Prime I#13/2, Giant-Size Freex#1, Fr#12-14, Firearm I#15, Fr#15, Nightman I#14, FA#15/2, Fr16

OLD MAN of Earth-148611 - Dutch man, mutated in the 16th Century by the Star Brand (which he himself sent back in time by causing the White Event in 1986), apparently a temporal duplicate of both Ken Connell and the Starchild
    (app)--Starbrand(nu)#1 (12(fb), 1, 6, 7, 12, 19

OLD MAN of Earth-200111 - see BULAT, TIBERIU--Punisher VII#25

"old man" of Crystallium - alias of Ogeode (app)--Crystar#1

OLD MAN of the MOUNTAIN - see SABBAH, HASSAN ibn (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#53

OLD MAN of the MOUNTAIN - see RASHID ad-DIN (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#73

OLD MAN of the SEA - unleashed Wani?
    --Marvel Spotlight II#5?

OLD MAN of the SEA - extradimensional?, lived in other side of portal through Neptune’s Eye, worshipped by group of semi-humanoid fish-men, instructed Namor on how to stop his subjects from rioting after his death, presumably died from old age.
    associated with the wani?
male, grey skin, powers unspecified
    *D* (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#57/3], 58/3 ([59/3]

OLD MAN of the SOUTH POLE - see SHOU-HSING (app)-- Marvel Universe: The End#2

OLD MAN COLE - Neanderthal man, former mate of Jana, father of Tres, captured and mutated by Lemurian scientist Tara Vol
    COLE* (app)--Cable II#96 (96(fb1-12), 96

"Old Man" Jameson - see JAMESON, "OLD MAN" (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos I#110

OLD MAN LOGAN of Earth-21923 -
    --Old Man Logan#1

OLD MAN LOGAN of Earth-807128 -
    --Wolverine III#

Old Man Spider of Earth-4 (Ezekiel Sims) - adopted spider role after Morlun killed his reality's Spider-Man
    (app)--Edge of Spider-Verse#5

Old Man X of Earth-4011 (John Howlett) - see White Ghost (app)--Wolverine: The End#2

OLD ONE (        ) - leader of Poison, Inc.; opposed by Terror (Laslo Peevely)
    --Mystic Comics#9 (May, 1942)

OLD ONE of Polemachus - see GRAND VIZIER of POLEMACHUS--Avengers I#75

OLD ONE of Earth-Shadowline - see Dr. ZERO (app-dz)--Dr.Zero#1

OLD ONES (Cthulu, Shuma-Gorath, Tsathoggua, One Who Sleeps beneath the Sands, Yog-Sothoth, false God of the Dead/Grateful Undead?)
    -any of the extradimensional or ancient Earth demons derived from Cthulu/Lovecraft mythos, many used as familiars by Master of Yimsha, Pelias, Thoth Amon, Thugra Khotan, Thulandra Thuu, Xaltotun, Zogar Sag,


    --Namor: The First Mutant#4

OLD REDD of Earth-691 - Commandeers, descendent of Old Skull?
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#17 ( Galactic Guardians#2

OLD SAM (Ol-Sahm) - Shadow Priest of Sakaar
    --Skaar: Son of Hulk

OLD SARAH MUMFORD - see MUMFORD, SARA (app)--Hulk Comic (UK)#1/2

OLD SKULL of Earth-691circa 2019 AD - Freemen, mentally retarded
    (U#4)--Amazing Adventures II#20 (21-29, 31-37, 39, Marvel Graphic Novel: Killraven

OLD WOLF HEART - @ World War I, shaman of the Blackfoot, advised on Uncegila
    (app-uncegila)--Marvel Comics Presents#95 (96

OLD WOMAN - Avatars of Mandarin.
    reshape earth and other structures into any form she desired
    (app-av)--Force Works#6, War Machine#9(named)

OLDAR the ORACLE - Asgardian prophetess
    --[Tales to Astonish I#101], Incredible Hulk II#102

OLDDAN, MILES - older companion of Asp/Harper, former master thief, became involved in battle against Elementals
    (app-asp)--Supernatural Thrillers#10 ( 11(fb), 10-15, Ms. Marvel#11, 12, [13]

OLDEST STORY in the WORLD, the - Adam and Eve-based play by Serge, with Eve played by Beverly Switzler
    --Howard the Duck IV#1

OLDOW, MANGO African sideshow strongman, transformed into a bloodthirsty monster during the full moon, fell to his death off a cliff battling the Defender and Rusty
--USA Comics#3/4 (January 1942) “The Monster Who Couldn’t Be Stopped”

OLD SAM - former Shadow Priest of Sakaar, ally of Skaar
--Skaar: Son of Hulk#
Hulk Family#1/2,

OLEBOGENG, THEODORE - South African youth, nearly run down by Sgt. Eugene van der Werwe, exposed to tear gas by him while he was attempting to capture or kill the Black Panther, later died from burn wounds suffered while helping put out flames on Black Panther, died in the hospital
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#19/2 (20/2, 21/2, 26/2(fb), 26/2, 27/2, 28/2d)

OLEBOGENG, WALTER - South African youth, older brother of Theodore
    (app-theodore)--Marvel Comics Presents#26/2 (27/2-28/2

OLEG (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#40

OLEG (Leibo Retteroff) - communist agent, impersonated alien invader; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Young Men#26 (March, 1954)

OLEG ?? - Latverian, old ally of Lucas Cross, helped Tara Brooks escape
    --Blade III#6 (6 (fb)

OLEG ?? - Russian, father of Magdalena/Virgin
    --Soldier X#2 (3-6

OLEG ?? - ran illegal immigrant slavery ring, exposed by Nightcrawler
    --Nightcrawler II#1 (2-4

OLIK - Asgardian Rock Troll, brother of Ulik
    -WIDOW MAKER--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#24

OLIVER, General MARTY - US Army, involved with Guantanamo Bay and Ferdnand Hedayet, killed by al-Quaeda
    --Captain America IV#22 (22d, 23(d)

OLIVIER - demon, former archangel, sided with Lucifer, had memories and abilities removed, placed in human form of Frank Costa, returned to power from deaths generated by Punisher, later attempted to takeover all realms of Hell, slaughtered Grigori, attacked by demons of Hell he thought defeated, trapped in realm by Gadriel
    red skin, wings, skeletal mask
    -FRANK COSTA*? (2007#8, app)--Punisher IV#1 (4(fb), 3(fb), 2(fb), 1-4

OLLIVIER ?? - waiter
    --Moon Knight VI#7

OLLAM-ONGA of the Hyborian era - Old Ones, worshipped in Stygia and the nations further south, dwelt in Red Tower of Gazal, slain by Amalric
    *D*--<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku, Savage Sword of Conan#21

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#24-25 (October-November, 194_)

OLLERUS - Olympian god
    --Defenders I#66 (67,68

OLLIE ?? - UN security official, old ally of Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
    --Captain America#43 (2008)

OLLSEN, JACK - Redemption, Alabama; lawyer for Joel Flood, deferred to Matt Murdock
    --Daredevil: Redemption#2 (2 (fb), 5 (fb)

OLLUPAC - planet, Kree galaxy?; Phalanx assimilated a Kree governor here, who pointed the Super-Adaptoid toward Quasar (Phyla-Vell)
    --Annihilation Conquest: Quasar#2 (2007)

OLMEC of the Hyborian era - Xuchotl, prince of Tecuhlti, sent Conan against people of Xotalanc, abducted Valeria, slain by Conan
    *D*--Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3 (3d)

OLNAR - Mhuruuk, ancient wizard king from Dark Dimension, father of Orini, grandfather of Clea, duped by Dormammu into breaking down barriers to other pocket dimensions, including the one containing the Mindless Ones, who slew Olnar and many others
    (app)--Dr. Strange II#71 (Dr. Strange III#21/2, 22/2(dies)

OLSON, mrs. - mother of Jake
    --Thor II#32 (33, 35, 39

OLSON, JAKE - emergency medical technician, killed while saving a woman trapped in a car during a battle between the avengers and the destroyer, form given to thor as mortal identity, forced to continue to play out his life, spirit released by mephisto and reanimated by loki, freed by Odin, passed on to higher plane, reformed and split off by Odin while undergoing healing
    Jake Olson *D*--Thor II#1,2(w/thor) (3 19+20(sp), Thor Annual 2000("final death")
    Th39,40, 42,43, 46-48, 50, 55, 60, 61, 67/79

OLSEN, JIM of Earth-Amalgam - official press reporter for super soldier in World War II, head of dailey planet
    --Super Soldier#1 (Super Soldiers: Man O’War#1, SupSold#1

OLSEN, Dr. - with Victor Von Doom, built device which brought Thor to Earth on behalf of Adolf Hitler
    --Invaders I#32 (33

OLSON, CHRIS - used by Interpol in failed effort to catch Elektra
    --Elektra II#7 (8, 9

OLSSEN, BROWARD "BO" - former mercenary + ally of Marc Spector
    --Moon Knight III#16 (22(fb), 23(fb), 16, 22,23

OLTNAM - Contraxian Survivalist
    "Freeman Smythe*" *D* (app)--Jack of Hearts#1 (2-3, 4d)

OLYMPIA - Greek city of the Eternals, built by Zuras after the destruction of Titanos, contains Temple of Command, Hall of Judgment, Hall of Eternal Judgment
    (D#9)--Eternals I#5 (Captain Marvel I#29(fb), Et I#4,5, 9-14, Thor287-289, 291,292, Iron Man An6, Iron Man I#179, Avengers I#246-248, Eternals II#1,2,4,5, Silver Surfer An1, Av299, 308-310, Avengers Spotlight#35, Eternals: Herod Factor, Starblast#1, Quasar#58, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Eternals: Apocalypse Now

OLYMPIA - Antarctic city of the Eternals, contains the regeneration chambers
    --Eternals III#3, (identified) #4 5-7

OLYMPIAN GODS (Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Bellona, Demeter, Dionysus, Eros, Hebe, Hephaestus, Hera, Hercules, Hermes, Hippolyta, Joya, Momos, Neptune, Nox, Ollerus, Pan, Pluto, Poppo, Prometheus, Sybilla, Tharamus, Venus, Vesta, Zeus )
    - race of gods formerly worshipped by both the greeks and the romans from @ 2000bc to 100 ad, dwell on mount olympus
    (I#8, D#9, Mighty Avengers: WMF) <chronology incomplete>--(g)Venus#1; Journey into Mystery Annual#1 (Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), Thor An5, Thor I#129-131, Avengers I#49(fb),50, Silver Surfer I#4
    Ka-Zar Quarterly#1/2, Av100, Thor221,
    Thor301, Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), Av283,285, New Mutants I#81(fb)
    Thor II#7(fb), 7, Ares#1 (fb), 2-5

other: Achelous, Bia, Cylla, Deimos, Kratos, Neptunia, Nox, Phobos, Subbie

OLYMPUS - mystic realm, dimension of Olympian gods
    -Mt. OLYMPUS (D#9)--Journey into Mystery Annual#1(
    Avengers Annual#23

OLYMPUS GROUP (Dionysus, Hera, Hermes, Zeus; presumably Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus, Neptune, Venus; possibly Vesta and Pluto)
     - Earthly corporation of the Olympian Gods, run by the pantheon
    --Hercules III#2 ([3], 4

OLYMPUS PROJECT (Edward Cobert (head) ) - SHIELD I, top-secret program designed to create government controlled super-beings, cobert acted as first test subject + transformed into insane leviathan, slaughtered many colleagues, program disbanded
    --[Defenders I#126]

OM, Master - Technomancers.
    shaved head, beard
    --Sensational Spider-Man II#21 (22,23

OMAR of the Hyborian Era - Akbitanian
    --Savage Sword of Conan#7

OMAR (Col. Wolfgang von Krantz) - @ World War II, hypnotist, bald dwarf, pawn of Sando, "predicted" Nazi destruction of us property, innocent of actual crimes
    (app-sando)--(g) Captain America Comics#1/2; Tales of Suspense I#64/2

OMAR ?? - worker aboard the yacht upon which Henrietta Hunter relaxed

OMAR, Colonel - Arab soldier/deserter, given refuge at dig camp of Abraham Adamson, his men looted the camp supplies and killed Adamson when he discovered them, he and his men were all slain by the Golem
    (app-golem)--Strange Tales I#174 (174d)

OMEGA - gigantic humanoid robot created by Maximus, later had head replaced with that of Ultron's as Ultron-7.
    great size and strength, drew psionic power from guilt Inhumans feel over slavery of Alpha Primitives
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#131 (132, Marvel Team-Up I#11, F4#150(fb),Avengers I#127,F4#150, Avengers III#20

OMEGA - merger of Roger Bochs and Scramble, utilizing Scramble’s power to manipulate flesh and Boch's creative mind, killed by Box/Jeffries
    *D*--Alpha Flight I#48 (49

OMEGA - see MAN-BEAST (app)--Warlock and the Infinity Watch#3, (named) #5 (3-6

OMEGA – Thanosi, merged with DNA of Galactus, destroyed by explosion of fissionable planet
    (app-thanosi)--[Infinity Abyss#1], 3 ([5(fb), [1,2], 3 [4,5] 6

OMEGA the UNKNOWN (Model X3Z) - penultimate humanoid creation of superhuman power bioengineered by Protar in order to replace their own dying race, inadvertently destroyed planet on which he was created, fled to earth, shot dead by policeman when mistaken for attacker against Ruby Thursday
    "Sam" (I#14, D#19, M, OH: BoD)—Omega the Unknown#1 (Defenders I#76+77(fb), OtU#1, Howard the Duck I#10, OtU#2-8,9(Fantastic Four I#405),10d, Def75-78(d)

OMEGA-20 of Earth-Cassandra - see GENE--Marvel: Lost Generation#7

OMEGA 32 - research project, controlled by Commission, involved with Roxxon’s hard air project, involved killing all superhumans who are saturated with nanotechnology

OMEGA BACILLUS - virulent ?anaerobic? bacteria created by AIM, used to destroy Stark Space Station, spreads rapidly, consumes human flesh, slew the Koontz Satellite Killer
    --Iron Man I#215

OMEGA BEAST of Earth-Amalgam -
    --[DC Adv#1(letters)]

    --[She-Hulk I#10]

OMEGA CLIMION SIX - home planet of the Brethren
    --Avengers I#339 (339(fb)

OMEGA COMPOUND – SHIELD II, chemical weapon, used by David Ferrari to destroy AIM base as last resort to prevent it from launching a gene altering chemical in the middle east, later sought by AIM.
    Dissolves human tissue in seconds, after which it evolves into a radioactive agent that melts everything in range
    --Captain America III#35 ([35(fb)], 35

OMEGA CORE - space settlement, associated with Kyln
    (Annihilation: Nova Files)--Thanos#7

OMEGA DIMENSION - “This world was once beautiful and fertile. Its proud masters waged wars across the time barriers. In the end, those wars destroyed not only the masters, but their world, and their entire dimension. The masters’ weapon, the indestructible chronatron, is kept here in the Eternal Fortress to prevent our tragedy from sweeping all life from the multiverse.”
    --Avengers: Time Trap

OMEGA FLIGHT (Delphine Courtney, Diamond Lil, Jerry Jaxon, Smart Alec, Wild Child)
    - former members of Gamma Flight and Beta Flight training teams, originally manipulated into attacking Alpha Flight by Delphine Courtney under direction of Jerry Jaxon, later by Delphine Courtney/Dark Guardian
    (D#9)--Alpha Flight I#11 (12, 26-28

OMEGA FLIGHT (Master, Bile, Brain Drain, Miss Mass, Sinew, Strongarm, Technoir)
    - formed by Master, released the Ska’r, assisted Master in battle against Alpha Flight.
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#110

OMEGA FLIGHT (Arachne/Julia Carpenter, Beta Ray Bill, Guardian/Michael Pointer, Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski, Talisman/Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, U.S.Agent)
    - Canadian-based team formed with help of SHIELD to stop US superhumans fleeing to Canada after the SHRA
    (AZU#4, CWBDR)--Civil War#7 (Omega Flight#1-5, Civil War#7

    --Marvel Comics Presents#1/3

OMEGA GANG (Glob Herman, Kid Omega, Radian, Redneck, Tattoo)
    - Xavier School, out to avenge mutant attacks, use Kick, kidnapped Xavier and started a riot at the Institute
    —X-Men II#135 (136, 137

OMEGA KEEP - Creighton, West Virginia, former army base, released radiation into the surrounding town, used as base by Enoch Matthews and made into home for the Children of Creighton
    (app-matthews)--The Ultimate Silver Surfer novel: The Broken Land ([Broken Land(fb)], Broken Land

OMEGA POINT - suspected Hydra base
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

OMEGA RAY - see ASTEROTH (app)--Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#5

OMEGA RED (Arkady Russovitch) - Russian mutant, former agent of Matsuo Tsurayaba, used powers as a serial killer years ago until brought in by Sean Cassidy and Magnus Lehnsherr, further empowered by Russian scientists by merging him with Carbonadium, forced into suspended animation by Team X, revived in modern times
    (M, OH: Wolv, 198)—X-Men II#4 (6(fb), Generation X#7+10+11(fb), Wolverine II#61(fb), X6(fb), 2(fb), X4-7, 18,19, Iron Man I#296,297, GenX#8,10,11, Maverick I#1, [Daredevil I#366,367],368, X-Factor I#138, Maverick II#10-12, Quicksilver#6, 8,9, X-Men: Liberators#2-4, Uncanny X-Men#380, Wolv170, 173-175, Weapon X#3, Wolverine: Origins#6-7, [8], 9-10, [UX499 (fb)], 498-499

OMEGA SENTINEL (Karima Shapandar*) - X-Men, temporarily possessed by Malice and joined Marauders
    "CYBERGIRL"*--X-Men II# (194, 195 (fb), 195, 196, 197-199, 200-203
    X-Men: Legacy#208 (fb), 208-210

OMEGA SKRULL of Earth-982 - see APOX (app)--Spider-Girl#46

OMEGA STONE - power item, part of stone discovered on Kree-Lar thousands of years ago which was broken into Alpha + Omega stones, used to power smaller stones, which mutated the original guardians of the galaxy, in recent years, sought for further power by Basilisk/Elks (it is unclear whether he absorbed the Stone or just its power)
    (app-alphaomegastones)--Marvel Team-Up I#16 (Thunderbolts I#45+46(fb), MTU#17(fb), 16, 47(fb), 17, 47(fb))

OMEGA STRIKE - former anti-terrorist organization, included the future Cygnus, Deathstorm, and Solo

OMEGA TEAM (Buckman, Calder, Parkins, Slade, Spetz, Stone, Tumball)
    - MI-6 team led by Stone, sought to prove selves as best team in MI-6, taken out in invasion of Hellfire Base, all but Stone killed
    --Master of Kung Fu II#2 (3-6

OMEGA TEAM of Earth-93060 (Gun Nut, Needler, Trouble)--ultras, empowered by Rex Mundi

OMEGANS (Giee, Raee, Phaa)
    - creations of Alpha
    --Clan Destine#1 (2-4, 6

OMEGATRON - computer intelligence constructed by Yandroth using combination of science and magic, infused with Yandroth’s own personality and activated with death of his physical body, programmed to protect its own existence and to detonate every nuclear stockpile on Earth simultaneously on command, initially inactivated by Defenders, later tapped into by Jeff Colt/Anything Man, nearly reactivating it
    (app)--Marvel Feature I#1 (Defenders I#1,2, 4,5, [69(fb)], 69

OMEGAVILLE (Paul Benton, Dr. Marshall, Joe/Adam/Glob) - healthy energy project in Citrusville
    --Giant-Size Man-Thing#1

OMEGEX - extraterrestrial construct, destroys beings or races, manipulated by Uatu into pursuing Red Hulk, tricked into believing mission completed when Red Hulk turned back into Ross

OMEN - extradimensional entity, former servant of Aan Taanu, accessed form of Charles Blackwater after he was killed by Reeve Calder, healed and resurrected him, organized Legion of Night.
    able to possess or access earthly plane via Charles Blackwater, travel to mystic realm, telepathy, create portals in space, combat mystic forces
    (app)--Legion of the Night#1(2, Midnight Sons Unlimited#9/2

OMEN-MAKER - see HADITH--[Incredible Hercules#118]

OMERTA ( ) - Italian vigilante, member of a centuries old religious order that has vowed to defend the citizens of Italy, delegate in Pan-European conference on superhuman affairs, briefly controlled by brain drain and battled Weapon Omega.
    master of hand-to-hand combat, vow of silence, read and project marginal thoughts
    <SILENCE> (net)--Alpha Flight I#109


OMEYOCANTLI of the Hyborian era - Serpent Men, allied with Thulsa Doom in the Unknown Land, arranged alliance with Yarralamundu
    *D* (app-sm)--Savage Sword of Conan#192, (named) 193

OM-FAD - Lamentis-based Priests of Pama, ally of Quasar (Phyla-Vell) and Moondragon
    --Annihilation conquest: Prologue

OMICRON SETI - planet, contained tablets which had information on the Infinity Union; tablets discovered by Nebula and Gunthar
    (app)--[Avengers West Coast#48]

OMINA PRIME - Kree territory ceded to Annihilation Wave, ruled by Smyt until he was slain by Firelord
    --Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2

OMM of the Hyborian era - spider-god, worshipped in Hyborian times, ancestor of Zath and possibly other giant spiders, enemy of set + serpent men, worshipped as early as Acheron @ 13500bc
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#13 ([Savage Sword of Conan#207-210], 197, Marvel Team-Up I#111

OMMENNON - presumably the magical entity that created the Orb of Ommennon
    (app-xh)--[Defenders I#73]

OMNAAH - uninhabited planet, contains crystal gardens watched over by syrrh, originally barren, rendered hospitable by silver surfer to allow syrrh to survive
    --Silver Surfer III#99

OMNI-COMPUTER of Earth-7484 - controlled activities in ?New York City?, control briefly usurped by Simon Ryker/Savior Machine
    --Astonishing Tales#

OMNI CORPORATION (Grace, Malbon, Dolph, Ardacre(d), Thor Karlsen(d), Mr. Van Ocken(d), Mr.Conrad(d), Rhett, Shane + Mott + Kent(assassins), Rowen Gowell, Leo de Benning)
    - allies of the bane, later agents of mys-tech
    --Knights of Pendragon I#1

OMNIBUS (Burt Horowitz) - riot squad, former encyclopedia salesman, later controlled by leader, apparently killed by people of freehold when they discovered his true identity
    vast intellect,
    *D*-Lt. Dallas, ALLIANCE (net)—Incredible Hulk II#345, 346, 400 (401, 436, Cutting Edge#1, Hlk437-440,Avengers I#397,Hlk441,442d?

OMNITECH - front company for AIM
    --Iron Man III#44

OMNI-TOXIN - lethal formula reverse-engineered from the Omnivirus by agents of Havenites
    --Fantastic Force#

OMNIUM - criminal organization, funded experiments of Dr. Arthur Harrow
    --Moon Knight II#2

OMNIUM metal - steel alloy, stronger than titanium, weaker than Adamantium
    --X-Men I#139

OMNIVAC - sentient station commanded by the Leader, programming disabled by Jackdaw.
    --Incredible Hulk II#157 (158,159, 225, 280-something

OMNIVIRUS - created by Professor Sandor, stolen by Lord Moses
    --Fantastic Force#2

OMNIVORE - additions to Iron Man (Rhodey)’s armor from Battleworld, took on own life on earth, began consuming facility at Project: PEGASUS until trapped in magma tap by Quasar
    (app)--Quasar I#8 (Secret Wars I#12, Iron Man I#183, Quasar#8 (fb), 8

OMNI-WAVE - Kree technology, used by Noh-Varr to control the inmates at the Cube
    , Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?#1/4

OMNOPHAGES of "Earth-8310" - monstrous, carnivorous plants that resided in the dark depths of the ocean. While the Sub-Mariner was in exile, he mistakenly swam into one of the omnophages, thinking it to be an underwater cavern. The plant began to wrap its leaves around the Avenging Son and pull him into its mouth. The Sub-Mariner eventually managed to free himself with the help of an Atlantean craft and its occupants.
    Omnophages had superhuman strength in their leaves, sufficient enough to hold the Sub-Mariner at bay. They also possessed razor-sharp teeth.
    (app-earth8310)--What If I#41

OMNOS - magic energy inhabiting the gorge dimension, briefly animated suit of Iron Man armor left there by Jim Rhodes, returned it to Earth dimension, encountered and battled Dr. Demonicus while he was wearing a set of mark i Iron Man armor
    --Iron Man I#195

"OMODE" - Deviant female, daughter of Iya and Ghaur. Appears to be a black human, able to switch minds with others, temporarily did so with Storm
    <named by Bob Almond. It is Yoruba for child>
    --Black Panther III#26 (27-29

OMORO (Omoro Kaysbe) - Wakandan, butler at Wakandan embassy in New York, also secretly acts as chief of security
    (net-wak)--Black Panther I#14 (15, Marvel Premiere#53, Defenders I#86, Black Panther III#31-33, 60, Captain America and the Falcon#5,6, 8, 14

OMPHALE - third wife of Hercules, daughter of Iardanus

OMPHALOS - fearing the wrath of the Amazon nation upon them, Atlantis' council of sorcerers conspired to ensure their power would never be wrested from them by harnessing a fraction of the power of the Axis Mundi and placing it within their Omphalos, which they would use a fulcrum to control the turning of the axis, to make themselves the center of the world and have it always reflect their image; these energies proved too powerful to control and contributed to the Great Cataclysm; used by Artume to briefly re-write reality as Reality-92124
    --Incredible Hercules#123 (123 (fb), 123-125

    --Marvel Boy#2

OM-RA of Pre-Cataclysmic Era - young hunting companion of Kull, later king of part of Atlantis
    - AM-RA(originally)--Kull the Conqueror I#1 (SavageSwordConan#9/5

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