NOSFERATA (Purple Hayes) - assisted She-Hulk against Adrennazon + inmates of Dorkham Asylum,
    bat motif, uses Nosferauto
    -SHE-BAT (2007#8, app)--She-Hulk II#19 (19(fb), 19, 20, Marvel Comics Presents#123/2-126/2, She-Hulk IV#3

NOSFERATA of Eurth - alternate dimensional counterpart of Black Widow of World War II(?), Champions of the Realm
    --Avataars#2 (2(fb)

NOSFERATTIC - headquarters of Nosferata, in top floor of Visigoth mansion.
    contains advanced computers, etc.
    --She-Hulk II#20

NOSFERATU - vampire, pure blood, at least 10,000 years old, led attempt to create a blood source for Pureblood vampires, kidnapped Dracula and Charles Barnabbas, plot foiled by Elsa Bloodstone, transformed back into mortal form upon drinking Elsa Bloodstone's blood, decapitated by her
    *D/R/Des* (app)--[Bloodstone#1], 4 ([4 (fb), 1-2, 3 (fb), 3], 4 (des)

    - @ World War II, Auschwitz, experimented on prisoners in effort to isolate the mutant/mutator gene
    --Excalibur III#7 (7(fb)

NOSFERATU vampires - attempted to create a blood source for Pureblood vampires, kidnapped Dracula and Charles Barnabbas, plot foiled by Elsa Bloodstone
    --Bloodstone#2 (3, 4

NOSFERAUTO - car of Nosferata
    --She-Hulk II#20

NO-SPACE dimension - pocket dimension, where refuge is located
    (app-tg)--Darkguard#1 (2-4

NOSTRANDA of the 16th century - vampire sorceress, creator of the House of Denied Pleasure, apparently destroyed by Zarathon Vosberg
    (app)--Vampire Tales I#10/2

NOSTROMO of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - X-Nation,
    heals by turning parts of himself mechanical, body partially merged with Phalanx
    --[Marvel Vision#1], (unidentified) 2099 Genesis#1, X-Nation#1 (X-Men 2099#30, XN#1-5, XM30,XM35, XN#6

NOSTUME of the Hyborian era - empowered by the Well of Souls
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#173 ([177 (fb)], 173, 177d)

    --Silver Surfer III#30

NOTCH of Earth-93060 ( ) - agent of Boneyard

NO-TIME dim (Mikhail Rasputin, Gene Nation)
    --Storm#1 (2-4

NOTE of Earth-9910 ( ) - Morlocks.
    mesmerize others, left half of face badly scarred, bf
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#10, 11(named)

NO-THING - see ULTIMATE ANNIHILATOR--Fearsome Four#1 (2011)

    identity used when wore only Iron Man gauntlets and power packs combined with a mask and cape, opposed Iron Man armor-wearing Dr. Demonicus and Omnos
    --Iron Man I#196

NOVA (Richard Rider*) - New Warriors, Star Corps, Nova Corps, college student, former student at Harry S Truman high school, film major at ESU, given power while in high school by Nova-Prime centurion Rhomann Dey, later forced to return power to Xandar during war against the Skrulls, powers returned when forced to use them by Night Thrasher, removed by Garthan Saal, regained powers on death of Saal, employed by Nova Express and Marvel Burger, son of Charles + Gloria, brother of Robert.
    fly, superhuman strength + durability, costume adapts to hostile environments
    -the Human Rocket, KID NOVA, NOVA CORPS OPERATIVE 11249-44396 (I#14, M, 2007#8m Annihilation: Nova, Annihilation: Nova Files, net)--Nova I#1 (2,3, Daredevil I#142, Nov4-11, 12,Amazing Spider-Man I#171, Nov13-18, 18/2, Thor I#271, Defenders I#62-64, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#3, Nov19-25, Fantastic Four I#206,208,209, Nova III#2(fb), Rom#24->rich rider.
    New Warriors An1/7(fb), New Warriors I#1, Thor I#411,412, NW2, 3, Namor I#5, NW4, 5,6, Web of Spider-Man#75, NW7,8, 9,10, New Mutants Annual#7,New Warriors An1,Uncanny X-Men An15,X-Factor An6, NW An1/7, NW13, Infinity Gauntlet#3/Silver Surfer III#52+54,IG#4, Avengers I#332,[333], Damage Control III#1,2,4, Quasar#28(fb), Fantastic Four I#356, NW14, Amazing Spider-Man I#351(fb),351, 352, 354-357, NW15, 16, 17, 18, Spider-Man#20, 23, NW19(fb), 19-25, 26, Amazing Spider-Man An26,Spectacular Spider-Man An12,Web of Spider-Man An8,New Warriors An2, NW An2/4, Infinity War#1/F4#367/IW2/Moon Knight III#41/Wonder Man II#13/IW3/F4#368/NW27/Quasar#38/Warlock & the Infinity Watch#8, IW#4/F4#369/WM14/Q39/IW5/WM15/F4#370, NW28, Night Thrasher: Four Control#2, NW29(fb),30(fb),29,30, Iron Man I#303, 31, 32-34, NWAn3,
    NW35, 37, Night Thrasher II#1, NW38, 39, 40-42, 43, 44, 45,X-Force#33,NW46, NW An4, 4/3, Nova II#1, 2, 3, 4,5, NW47,[NT II#11],Nov6/2,NW48, [NT12],Nov7, NW49,50, 51, Quasar#60, Nov8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13/NW53, Nov14, NW54-56, Spider-Man: Friends & Enemies#1-3, NW57, NT II#20, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#1, Nov15, 16, 17, 18/[NW59]-->Richard Rider(NW60-62 65 68). NW75, Ultra-Girl#2,3, Thunderbolts I#1, 8, 10, Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman, Avengers III#13, Wolverine II#134?, Tb25, Nova III#1-3, New Warriors II#0, Nov4,5, NW#1, Nov6, NW2, [Contest of Champions II#1,2],3,[4,5], Generation X#59, Nov7, NW3, 4, Fantastic Four III#27, Av25, NW5, Ant Man's Big X-Mas, NW6-8, Wolv149, NW9, 10, Tb56, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Avengers/Thunderbolts#3, She-Hulk I#5, Marvel Team-Up III#2,6, 11-13, She-Hulk II#3?, New Thunderbolts#6, 12, New Warriors III#3(fb), 1-6, [Annihilation: Prologue#1 (fb)], Annihilation: Prologue, Annihilation: Nova#1-4, Nova IV#10 (fb),  Annihilation#1-6, Nova IV#8 (fb), [Nova IV#1 (fb)], 1-4, Annihilation: Conquest Prologue#1, Nova IV#5-9, 10 (fb), 10, Annual#1, Nova#11-12, Annihilation Conquest#6, Nova13-15, Guardians of the Galaxy II#1 (fb)

NOVA (Frankie Raye*) - step-daughter of Phineas Horton, mutated by exposure to chemicals used in creation of android Human Torch, hypnotized to forget powers, mental blocks broken down by spending time with Human Torch (Storm), briefly joined Fantastic Four, further mutated by Galactus to serve as his herald, killed by Morg
    -HUMAN TORCH* *D* (I#8, D#9, M, OH: BoD, net)--Fantastic Four I#244,257 (244, [Marvel Comics Presents#93/2(fb)], F4#256,257(X-Men II#89,Uncanny X-Men#370,X90), F4#262, Silver Surfer III#1, 9-14, Silver Surfer An1, Surf15, 17-19, 20, 21, [Excalibur I#24],25, Power Pack I#56-58, Alpha Flight I#97-100, Surf III#51(fb), 48,51, Quasar#25, Marvel Comics Presents#93/2-96/2, Infinity War#1, Dr. Strange III#42, Surf67, InfW2, Surf68,69, IW3(Dr. Strange III#44(fb),44,45),IW4/Doc45/F4369/Wonder Man II#14/IW5, IW6/F4#370, Surf III#70,72-75d)

NOVA (Garthan Saal) - Nova Corps, replaced Rider until killed by Volx
    (app)-SUPER NOVA*, NOVA OMEGA--New Warriors I#69 (73,74

NOVA 0:0 (Robert Rider) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Rob, received powers in his place, came to Earth-616 after his planet was destroyed by the Deathstorm, trained Nova (Rich Rider) to better use his powers to stop Deathstorm, slain saving Nova from Aakon molecular disruption gun
    *D* (app)--(Shadowed) Nova II#3, (full) Nova II#4 (4 (fb), [4 (fb)], 3, 4, 6?, 12,14, 15(fb), 15, 16d, [17])

NOVA 0001 (Captain Ko-Rel) - Kree, mother of Zam, stationed on Drez-Lar, Xandarian Worldmind uploaded into her to become Nova to protect Rich Rider from Phalanx, eventually slain by Gamora
    *D*--Nova IV#4 ([4 (fb), 4-5, 6d)

NOVA, CASSANDRA - Hellfire Club, homo sapiens supreme, genetic twin of Charles Xavier, seeks to destroy mutantkind, recruited Donald Trask to help develop wild sentinels, slew him and took control, sent Sentinels to wipe out Genosha, attempted to takeover cerebra, placed in cryogenic suspension, took control of Xavier, forced Beak to badly beat Beast and pluck his own wings, boarded Shi'ar ship.
    bald, enlarged cranium, alter own dna, heal almost instantly, great psychic powers, control others
    (XM: MC-MF, ME)--X-Men II#114 (115-117, 121,122, 124-126, [Astonishing X-Men#18 (fb)], [X155, 156], [Astonishing X-Men#12-16], 17-18

NOVA CORPS (Rhomann Dey, Tanak Valt, Syfon Warriors, Richard Rider, Garthan Saal, Fraktur, Morrow, Qubit, Pyo, Irani Rael, Samaya, Malik Tarcel, Robert “Robbie” Rider, others)
    - warriors of Xandar's space militia, consisted of 500 soldiers ranging from corpsman, millennian, denarian, and centurion, led by Centurion Prime, many slain in Skrull/Xandar War, some of remainder slain in Nebula's destruction of Xandar, re-grouped, but destroyed by the Annihilation Wave; re-formed by Worldmind
    see also STAR CORPS--Nova I#1,24

NOVA CORPS - see STAR CORPS--New Warriors I#42

NOVA EXPRESS (Nova (Rich Rider), Rob Rider) - messenger service started by rob, customers would leave a nova express sign in their window, call, and have him pick up and deliver packages, closed down due to lack of sufficient business
    "overnight delivery is yesterday's news. we're overminute delivery. tomorrow's business--today."
--Nova II#1 ( 5

NOVA FORCE - power source accessed by Nova Corps
    --Nova I#1

NOVA INFINITY - see NOVA 0:0 (app)--(Shadowed) Nova II#3

NOVA OMEGA (Garthan Saal) - Xandarian, chosen to revive his home planet after an attack by Nebula, received entire Nova Force, temporarily lost sanity due to massive amounts of Nova-Force placed into his body, helped rebuild Xandar and became Centurion sector coordinator, chosen to replace Nova (Rider) after he disobeyed a direct order from Adora, died protecting Earth from Volx, restored power to Nova/Rider.
    SUPER-NOVA*, NOVA* *D* (2007#8, app)--Nova II#17 (18, New Warriors I#75d)

NOVA-PRIME (Rhomann Dey) - xandarian nova centurion, mortally wounded fighting zorr, tracked him to earth and exhausted own life destroying him, transferred power to rich rider
    *D* (app)--Nova I#1 (Nova III#1(fb) 1d)

NOVA-PRIME (Tanak Valt) - Champions of Xandar, leader and founder of Nova Corps, former husband of Queen Adora, received nova powers from Nova (Rich Rider), killed in war against the Skrulls
    *D* (D#16,net-cox)--Fantastic Four I#204 (204(fb), 205,206, 209, Rom#24

NOVA-PRIME STARSHIP - vessel of centurion nova prime, controlled by computer prime or manually operated.
    one mile long, capable of hyperspace travel, contains shuttlecraft and number of offensive weapons, including a photon beam gun
    --Nova I#1

NOVA ROMA (Amara/Magma + Sen. Lucius Antonius Aquilla, Sen. Marcus Domitius Gallo, Melantha, Falco, Rogier, Selene)
    -community hypnotized to believe themselves to be descendents of ancient rome
    --New Mutants I#8

NOVAK, DELILAH - lawyer, worked with Paul Delacourt and Ken Goldberg in prosecution of Matt Murdock
    --Daredevil II#81

NOVELLO, T. J. - disco enthusiast, former lover of Della Fiorella, encountered and enamored of Lilith (Daughter of Dracula), slain by jealous Della
    *D*--Marvel Preview#16/4

NOVICK, HUGO - elderly Balkan innkeeper, old friend of Jian Feeta, informed her of the Locust Project, which he had originally supported; sacrificed his life opposing the Project
    *D*--Human Torch II#7 (8-10

NOVOKOV, LEO - Project Zephyr, amnesiac after accidentally ripped out of stasis, regained memories when Barnes became American hero as Captain America, plotted against him
    --Winter Soldier# (2012)

NOVOTNY, NIGEL - former teacher of Communications in Calgary, mutated into duplicate of Blaquesmith by Jackie Singapore to gain Cable’s trust
    --Soldier X#1, 7 ([7(fb)], 1-3, 7

NOVUM TERRA of the Hyborian era - landmass that would become North America; invaded by Vanir associated with Hialmar and of the northern tribe led by Ath'Agaar
    --Marchers of Valhalla
    Void Indigo

NOW MAGAZINE (Carol Danvers, J. Jonah Jameson) - published by J. Jonah Jameson
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#2


NOWLAN, MICHAEL - mutant, husband of Susan, former pawn of Apocalypse, killed himself to prevent being forced to assist the Alliance of Evil.
    enhance powers of others, drug addict
    *D* (app)--X-Factor I#5 (5(fb), 5, 6d)

NOWLAN, SUSAN - wife of Michael, killed by Alliance of Evil
    *D* (app-mn) --X-Factor I#5 (5(fb), 5, 6d)

NOX - Fearlords, unknown origin, posed as Aphrodite and seduced Ares, mother of Deimos + Phobos, guided Psycho-Man to unlock secret of fear, arranged for Thog to obtain Nightmare Boxes
    <Night> (MarvZom, app)--Dr. Strange III#31/2 (32/2(fb), 31/2-33/2, 38,39

NOX, HIGH SEERs of - see HIGH SEERs of NOX (app-lords)--[Magik II#]

NOXIOUS NINE of Earth-Millennial Visions 2001: Sinister Six: Death of the Spider (Carnage, Dr. Octopus, Electro (deceased), Frog-Man, Lizard, Mysterio (deceased), Rhino, Sandman (deceased), Scorpion, Vulture)
    (app)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001: Sinister Six: Death of the Spider

NOXX - alien, accosted White Raven, slain by her
    (app-whiteraven)--Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts

NOY - Madripoor, employed Rising Sons
    (app-rs)--Generation X#53 (54

NOYO, princess - priestess of Cult of Creation, she was only one who knew the location of all four Cornerstones of Creation, sought by Pau-Styss
    (app-CoC)--Conan the Barbarian I#128

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