NIGHT RAVEN ( ) - vigilante from 1930s to present
    able to heal from wounds
    MAN in the MASK* (2007#8, app)--Hulk Comic#1/5 (Mighty World of Marvel#13(fb)/Night Raven: House of Cards(fb), Captain Britain II#13 (profile), Hulk Comic#1/5, 2/5, 3/5,4/5, 5/5,6/5, 7/5,8/6-11/6, 12/6-14/6, 15/6-20/6, Savage Action#1+2 (text), 3+4-text, 6, 8, 14,15, NR:HoC, CB13/Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#394(fb), CB13/Fury+Black Widow: Death Duty(fb), MSH382,383, 384, 385, 386, 390,391, 392,393, 394(fb), 394,395, Daredevils#6, 7-10, 11, Mighty World of Marvel#7,8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13, 14-16, Savage Sword of Conan (UK)#85-92, CB#10-12, Fury/BW:DD
    Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty

NIGHT RIDER - see PHANTOM RIDER/Carter--Ghost Rider I#1

NIGHT RIDER - see PHANTOM RIDER/--Western Gunfighters#7

NIGHT RIDER - see PHANTOM RIDER/Lincoln--Western Gunfighters#7

NIGHT RIDER - see RENO JONES--Blaze of Glory#3

NIGHT RIDER - see PHANTOM RIDER/Hamilton (I#8)--Ghost Rider II#56

NIGHTRIDERS of the Old West (Kid Cassidy ) - @ 1885, hired by Riley/Tarantula to attack city of Wonderment Montana in order to force its people to flee so he could build a smelting factory for the ore in the nearby mountains, most were killed in battle against cowboys defending the town.
    wore full face masks
    (app)--Blaze of Glory#1 (2-4)

NIGHTRIDERS of the Old West - attempted to drive slaves from town of Emancipation in order to steal their oil
    --Rawhide Kid II#3

NIGHTSHADE (    ) - part of George Reagan's masked gang; slaughtered family of Caleb who became Ghost Rider; slain by Ghost Rider
    *D*--(masked) Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007); 2

NIGHTSHADE (Tilda Johnson) - criminal genius, former agent of Yellow Claw + Superia + Dredmund Druid + Killmonger, resurrected and attempted to control Chiantang/Black Dragon
    extensively self-taught in genetics + biochemistry + cybernetics + robotics + physics. bf, developed chemical to transform others into werewolves under her control, has used chemical to control others via her allure
    -DEADLY NIGHTSHADE*, Dr. NIGHTSHADE*, Queen of the Werewolves
    (I# , OH:AZU#1, net-handbook)--Captain America I#164 (Power Man/Iron Fist#53(fb), Cap164, 189,190, Power Man/Iron Fist#51-53, 110, Marvel Team-Up An3, [Cap387,388],389-391,[392], 403-408, Black Panther III#16,17, 38(fb), 38-41, 43,44, 48, Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#3 (fb), 1-5

NIGHTSHADE - Netherworld, son of Mandrac, twin brother of Wolfsbane, sword shattered by Black Knight wielding Excalibre.
    transform into giant raven, used enchanted sword Nightbringer
    (app-mandrac)--Hulk comic (UK)#23/2 (24/2

NIGHTSHADE of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Angela Daskalakis, Miss Pivot, Travesty)
    - research organization, rivals of Alchemax
    --Spider-Man 2099#26 (27, 28d, 29(d))

    drain others' life force
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#59 (60

NIGHTSHIFT (Brothers Grimm, Dansen Macabre, Digger, Gypsy Moth, Shroud, Tatterdemalion, Tick Tock, Werewolf, Misfit, Hangman)
    - group of west coast criminals gathered together and initially controlled by Shroud, former agents of Satannish
    (U#5)—Captain America I#330 (331

NIGHTSHIRT GUERILLA – see SAME, PAUL (app)—Howard the Duck I#4

NIGHTSIDE ( ) - Imperial Guard.
    project darkness
    (I#5, D#6, app)--X-Men I#107 ([108],109, 137, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, Avengers West Coast#81, Starjammers#4, Imperial Guard#1(fb), 1-3,

NIGHTSIDE of Earth-Nightside - see OTHERS

NIGHTSPAWN - African vampire, controlled by Mi'chi'li, reformed as a zuvembie by W'Sulli who stole his soul, slew W'Sulli after the Thing freed his soul
    *D/R* (app-wsulli)--Marvel Preview#12

NIGHTSPECTRE of Earth-Amalgam - Nightmare + Spectre
    --Speed Demon#1

NIGHTSTALKERS (Blade, Frank Drake, Hannibal King) - Tainted by their past experiences with the supernatural, they sought to destroy anything associated with magical
    Borderline Investigations--Nightstalkers#1

NIGHTSTICK (    ) - circa 1907 AD, Upward Path
    --Runaways II#28 (29-30

NIGHTSTICK ( ) - Thought Police, apparent leader.
    bm, extend staffs from wrists
    (app-tp)--Sleepwalker#14, (named) 15 (16

NIGHTSTRUTTER of Earth-99476 (    ) - Excalibur, counterpart to Nightcrawler
    (app-earth99476)--Excalibur I#51

NIGHT TERROR (Carl Blake) - vampire, former covert agent + mercenary, transformed into vampire by Steppin' Razor, searched for truth regarding his transformation, joined with Razor to assist Marie Laveau in resurrecting Varnae, served as host to Varnae
    bm, conventional vampiric powers
    *D/R/D* (card, app)--Ghost Rider III Annual#1 ([Ghost Rider III Annual#1/2 (fb)], [Ghost Rider III Annual#1/2 (fb)/ Blade: Vampire Hunter I#4(fb)], Ghost Rider III Annual#1, 1/2, Blade#3-5


NIGHT THRASHER (Dwayne Michael Taylor) - New Warriors, head of Taylor foundation, former trainee of Chord + Tai, responsible for reactivating Nova’s powers after they were seemingly removed by the Xandarians, retired to be more effective as a corporate power, returned for New Warriors reality TV show, apparently killed in Nitro's Stamford explosion
    wore body armor, used rocket powered skateboard
    (M, 2007#8, net) <chronology incomplete>--Thor I#411 (New Warriors I#25(fb), New Warriors Annual#1/2(fb), New Warriors I#2(fb), Annual#1/2(fb), NW#1, Thor411,412, NW#2,3, Nova II#5, NW4-6, Web of Spider-Man#75, NM7-10, 12,13, New Mutants Annual#7, New Warriors An1, Uncanny X-Men Annual#15,X-Factor An6, Annual#1/2, 1/8, NW#14-25, 26, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#26,Spectacular Spider-Man An12,Web of Spider-Man An8,New Warriors An2, NW27, Night Thrasher: Four Control#1-4, NW35,37, Night Thrasher II#1, NW38,39, NW40-42, 43, 44, X-Force#32, NW45,XFor33,NW46, New Warriors An4, NW47,NT#11,NW48,NT12,NW49,50, 51, 52,53, 57,
Night Thrasher II#21, NW#60, 72, 73-75, New Warriors II#8(fb), Avengers I#13, Nova III#1, New Warriors II#1,[2], 6-9, 10
    New Warriors III#3(fb), 1-6, Civil War#1d, , [New Warriors IV#3 (fb)]

NIGHT THRASHER (Donyell Taylor)  - New Warriors, depowered on M-Day, given technological weaponry
    --New Warriors IV#1 (7 (fb), 1-6,  7-8

NIGHTTIME NEW YORK (Randy Firkandi) -
    --Daredevil: Father#2

NIGHTVOID (Joshua McMahan) - mutant, killed by Corkscrew during training
   *D* (app)--X-Statix I#1 (OHotMU A-Z v13 (named)

NIGHTWALKERS - live on the edge of space and time, exist to prevent destiny from being changed, only able to be defied by beings of great power, attacked Spider-Man when he traveled back in time in futile effort to save May Parker, driven off by Dr. Strange
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#24

NIGHT WARRIORS OF Earth-148611 - Far Place
    (app-fp)--[Justice#10],11 (15)

NIGHTWATCH (Kevin Barry Trench) - killed by Toro Negro and Polestar
    *D*-WARBRINGER II (1990s)--(KT)Web of Spider-Man#97, (N) 99 (100(fb), 97-100, Web of Spider-Man An9/3, Web103,Amazing Spider-Man I#380,Spider-Man#37, Web104/2-106/2, Nightwatch#1-10, Morbius#29,
    Spider-Man Unlimited#14d)

NIGHTWEAVER - see PYRA (app)--Death's Head I#9, Strip#15

NIGHTWIND - steed of Rawhide Kid
    --Rawhide Kid I#1(
    Kid Colt#201, [Avengers I#141],142,143, West Coast Avengers II#18

NIGHTWIND ( ) - Rising Sons, ninja.
    shape darkforce into solid sword or sword able to attack nervous system
    (app-rs)--Generation X #53 (53(fb), 53,54

NIGHTWING RESTORATIONS (Misty Knight, Colleen Wing) - private investigators, bodyguards
    -DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON*--Power Man/Iron Fist#66 (
    Marvel Comics Presents#32/4

NIGHT WITCH (    ) - member of unspecified Soviet group who encountered the All-Winners Squad
    --Captain America: Patriot#2 (2010)

    enemies of Son of Satan, served Father Darklyte
    -Legion of Nihilists--Marvel Spotlight I#16

NIHILIST ORDER - agents of teacher/red skull (Shmidt), acted as enemies of nomad (Ferbal) to defame captain america
    --Captain America I#261(262

NIHILIST SECT - agents of the Thanosi
    --Infinity Abyss#1 (2, 3, [4], 5

NIJO - agent of Black Swan
    --Deadpool III#65 (66, 67

NIKO - Elektra's order, killed by the Snakeroot
    mastered deadly two-sword attack pattern
    *D* (app-ryu)--Elektra: Root of Evil#2d

NIKKI ?? - Souls of the Damned, placed into body of Kim Porter, fell off of Mount Qaf an back into Hell
    (app-crow)--Hellstorm#7 (10(fb), 7-10

NIKKI of Earth-691 (Nicholette Gold) - Guardians of the Galaxy, Mercurian
    (I#8,D#5,M)--Marvel Presents#4 (5-12, Thor An6, Avengers I#167,168, 170, 173, Marvel Two-In-One#69, Av177, Marvel Team-Up I#86, Av181, [Ms Marvel#23], Fantastic Four An24, ThorAn16, Silver Surfer III An4, Guardians of the Galaxy An1, Guardians of the Galaxy#1-25, Guardians of the Galaxy An2, 2/4, GotG#26-39, Guardians of the Galaxy An3, GotG#40-50, Guardians of the Galaxy An4, GotG#51-58, 59/2, 62, New Warriors I#68

NIKKI, General - used shrinking ray; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --USA Comics#10 (September, 1943)

NIKOH - Rejects, Djade clan, adolescent, friend of Larrs.
    Incendiary powers
    (app-rejects)--X-Factor I#45 (46 49, 50

NIKOLAS ?? - Russian mutant, Province Thirteen, son of Ariana, eventually killed by her.
    siphon life force from others, hideously deformed, infantile intellect
    --X-Men: Liberators#1 (2,3,4d)

NIKOS, EMIL - friend and co-worker of Michael Morbius, killed by him after his transformation
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#101

NILE, TANA - see TANA NILE (M, Annihilation: Nova Files)--Thor I#129?

NILES ?? - butler of the Frost family
    -- (named) Emma Frost#11

NILFFIM - Tunnelworld, name given to both the giant flighted birds of Tunnelworld and to the Arisen Tyrk fragments who rode them
    (app-tun)--Defenders I#71 (72, 73, 82, 83

NILFFIM-RIDERS - see ARISEN TYRK (1980s-lunatik, app-tyrk)--Defenders I#71 (72, 73

NILRAC - demon, emerged from crystal ball of Madame Laera
    (app-cos)--Vampire Tales#1

NILRATS, Dr. - Degaitor asylum
    --Infinity Abyss#1

NIL-RAST - Kree planet
    --Nova IV#6

NILS - see ABYSS--Cable II#40

NIMATZIIS of the Hyborian era - Serpent Men
    --Savage Sword of Conan#19_

NIMBATU of the Hyborian era - bear creature in the forests of Shem, requires a tribute be paid or attacks travelers, attacked Conan, slain by he and Udelas
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#69

NIMED of the Hyborian era - former king of Nemedia, brother of Tarascus, killed by plague generated by Xaltotun for Tarascus
    *D*--Hour of the Dragon, Giant-Size Conan#1d

    (net-preff)--(g) Kid Colt I#7

NIMROD - pseudo-vampire lord, sent by Varnae to challenge Dracula to test his worth to become the new vampire lord, destroyed by Dracula
    -NIMROD the FIRST *D* (D#20, app)--Dracula Lives#3d

NIMROD - chess playing computer
    --Avengers I#101

NIMROD - robot built by Lunatic Legion
    Fly through space, fire energy blasts
    *D* (app)--Captain Marvel I#37

NIMROD of Earth-811 - ultimate Sentinel from Phoenix Earth-DoFP, killed Katherine Pryde-Rasputin, cast into past by Forge-61029, weakened form manipulated by Stryker until regained its will and reactivated, eventually cast back into timestream by New X-Men, apparently escaped into past circa Uncanny X-Men#191, merged with Master Mold, sent through Siege Perilous to become Bastion
    -Nicholas Hunter (D#9, app)--Uncanny X-Men#191 (202 (fb), New X-Men#20 (26(fb), [20(fb), 21(fb), 22(fb), 23(fb), 21-23, 24], 25-31, UX191, 193,194, 197, 202, 208,209, 246->bastion. Cable/Machine Man Annual 1998 An, Machine Man/Bastion Annual 1998, X-Force III#1 (fb)-->Bastion

NIMROD - built from futuristic intelligence chip by Humanity’s Last Stand, shut it down when convinced by Cable that its premature existence could damage the current timeline
    Learns from mistakes
    (net)--X-Force I#35 (36

NIMROD of Earth-1298 - constructed by Reed Richards from Sentinels modified by Goblin Queen
    --Mutant X#10

NIMUE - goddess which cast Merlin into centuries of sleep
    Vivienne, possibly the LADY of the LAKE* (app)--[Iron Man I#150]

NIMYEUR, LORRI of Earth-Shadowline - Shadow, Cappadonia PA, manipulated Dale Vaciliton, employed Leanrd + Skigger, killed by Michael Devlin.
    Siphon life force from others
    *D*--St. George#3

NINA - Mannites -
    M9* (net)--Uncanny X-Men#

NINA - see SMITH, NINA --Amazing Fantasy II#3

9-BALL (    ) - 8-Ball's gang
    (app-8ball)--[Sleepwalker#1], 2

NINE, the - enemies of Wolfpack, formed over 200 years ago by covenant with god to preserve cosmic balance of the Ten;
    composed of nine mortal men devoid of compassion, love, or charity, exist for the purpose of undoing the Ten and the proliferation of evil for its own sake
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolfpack

NINE, the - see COUNCIL of NINE. (app-wd)--[Iron Man I#40]

NINE, the (Blade, John Blaze, Sam Buchanan, Frank Drake, Ghost Rider/Ketch, Louise Hastings, Hannibal King, Victoria Montesi, Morbius)
    - enemies of Lilith, precursor to the Midnight Sons
    ---Ghost Rider II#28, 31

NINE, the of Earth-691- see Rancor's Lieutenants--Guardians of the Galaxy #8

NINE-BALL - see 9-BALL (app-8ball)--[Sleepwalker#1], 2

nine-headed death deity, "supreme" - referenced by Mung of Sakaar
    --[Punisher War Journal II#12]

19-B - see VIBRA-TRON (app-computo)--X-Men I#48

19-8 - see VIBRA-TRON (app-computo)--X-Men I#48

99 (    ) - Psigns of the Times, runaway kidnapped and mutated by Adrenamix
    alter one's perceptions. He also spoke in a disjointed fashion, with a near-random order of words in his sentences
    (app-psigns)--Justice: Four Balance#1, (fully seen, identified) #3 ([3(fb)], 1, 3, [4]

976-verse - Encroachiverse, covered with telephone lines that charge for chat lines, etc.
    --Sensational She-Hulk II#17

NINGAL- Mesopotamian god/demon of metallurgy, worshipped in ancient Assyria, ally of Ludi and Dweller-in-Darkness, imprisoned alongside Murdoch Adams, freed by Dweller-in-Darkness, possessed Black Knight statue
    (app)--Chamber of Chills#4, Dr. Strange II#35 ([Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles], Doc36(fb), 35-37

    Sumerian name

NINJA ( ) - ancient Japanese warrior, former samurai, trained in mystic arts by Master Khan, attacked kun lun, imprisoned in Book of Many Things by Yu-Ti, later possessed Lee Wing, killed Harold Meachum, defeated by Lei-Kung, attacked Iron Fist, destroyed by him, became servant of Master Khan
    traverse dimensions via darkness, send spirit out to possess the owner of the Book, freed when the Book was burned
    (app)--Marvel Premiere#17 (22 (fb) / [Power Man & Iron Fist#75 (fb) - BTS], 17-22, Power Man/Iron Fist#74, 75

    --Punisher 2099#6

NINNOX - Dakkamites, Lords Consul
    (app-dak)--Adventures into Fear#17 (17(fb)

NINNUS of the Hyborian era - former thief turned priest of Mitra, sought map of the Nameless Isle for Conan, slain by Zarano when recognized Menkara as a priest of Set
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#40

NINO ?? - owner of a New York corner store frequented by Kiden Nixon (and her father before his death)

NINO, HECTOR - criminal, agent of Hammerhead?, led racket against Bastinelli Diner and others, slain by Punisher
    *D*--Daredevil vs. Punisher#1 (1d)

NINOTCHKA - Russian bodyguard, partner of Boris, used ballet moves to fight
    (app)--Power Man/Iron Fist#77 (81, 82, Black Widow IV#3

NINTH IMMORTAL - People's Defense Force, fought the Unspoken
    --Mighty Avengers#27

NINTH METAL of Earth-Amalgam - alternate dimensional counterpart of DC’s version, used in construction of Black Vulture
     (app-ss)--Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

NIPPO, Admiral - used periscope decoys to waste US ammunition, commanded Captain Nitsu; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#6 (Summer, 1942)

NIRA  - Mojoverse
     --Marvel Fanfare II#4

    --X-Force II#3

NIRISSA - matriarch of Tibetan village, voice of the Mandate, mother of Serra
    (app-mandate)--Wolverine: Killing

NIRITA of Earth-93060 - native of Boneyard's dim, ally of Jolon
    --Mantra I#4 (14

NIRONUS - Weirdworld, Grithstane's familiar
    --Marvel Premiere #38

NIRREM - demon, along with four others (Elyma, Pythonissa, Saphira), possessed corpse of Esteban Ramirez, exorcised by Gabriel the Devil-Hunter
    --Monsters Unleashed#11

NIRVALON - mystic entity, invoked by Dr. Strange
    "pure white light of nirvalon"--[Dr. Strange II#30]([69]

NIRVANA - daughter of Khult, beloved of Tantalus, mother of Blackwulf (Lucian & Pelops), Id, and one other; committed suicide after birth of Lucian, preserved in undead form by Khult, released into death with Lucian's aid
    *D* (app)--Blackwulf#2 (9(fb), 2, 8,9, 10d)

NIRVANA dimension (Hindu gods) - mystic realm, highest plane of existence in hindu religion
    --Thor I#301 (398

NIRVANA's GATE of Reality-8116 - 10th level reality, contained Eye of the Gods, which opened portal to 11th level reality in which gods stored their powers; accessed for mystic power by Syzygy Darklock
    --The Price / Dreadstar Annual#1

 NISANTI - mystical being (possibly from a race of the same name) from which the Hood stole his costume, as well as being invoked for power
     --Hood#1 ([6], [Runaways I#13 (fb)], [Runaways II#19-21]

NISHIHARA, Lt. MIKO 2099 - bodyguard of Zak Ogada
    --X-Men 2099#17 (18,19

NISHIMURA, Mr. - Japanese businessman, father of Niki, head of powerful corporation, sought US trade deals, targeted by DANTE for unknown businessmen, protected by Captain America and Iron Man
    --Tales of Suspense II#1

NISHIMURA, NIKI. - Japanese girl, daughter of Mr.
    --Tales of Suspense II#1

NISHKI (    ) - World War II era villain
    --All-Winners Comics#11 ()

NITAL, JYOTI - wife of Taj, mother of Adri, legs crushed by vampires when they attacked her family back in Jajpur, summoned Taj to return to India to deal with Adri
    --Tomb of Dracula I#26 (29(fb), 26-29, 31-34

NITAL, ADRI - vampire, son of Taj, transformed by Dracula as young child, kept strapped to bed in undead state and fed the blood of animals for some time until Taj ultimately convinced to destroy him by villagers
    *D/Res/Des* (D#20)--Tomb of Dracula I#28 (29(fb), [26,27],28,29,31,32d)

NITAL, TAJ - vampire hunter, father of Adri, larynx permanently damaged by vampire bite, witnessed destruction of his village and transformation of his son into a vampire, saved by Rachel van Helsing, became her servant, eventually slew Adri due to vampirism, after which he retired from vampire hunting and remained in India to rebuild relationship with wife, later transformed into vampire, destroyed by
    large + strong, Hindu, mute
    *D/Res/Des* (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#3 (29(fb), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, [11], 12, 13, 14, 21, Giant-Size Chillers I#1, ToD23, 24, 26-29, 31, 33, 34, Nightstalkers#17,18

NI-THURR - freight platform in Gul Damar Space Station
    --X-Men Legacy#356

NITOCRIS of the Hyborian era - Queen of Stygia several hundred years before time of Conan, succeeded her brother after he was slain for sacrilege against Set, engineered deaths of Kha Semblor and other Priests of Set who had called for her brother's murder, committed suicide, spirit survived in Tear of Nitocris until hundreds of years later when summoned forth by Rosina, transformed into crystalline form that was destroyed while destroying the crystalline form of Kha Semblor, spirit transferred into body of Stornella, inhabiting it along with spirits of Stornella, Cstesphon III, and Sabbatha
    --Savage Sword of Conan I#216

NITRO (Robert Hunter) - former electrical engineer, used ham radio, father of Virginia, empowered by and former agent of Lunatic Legion, former agent of Sammy Sike, exposed Captain Mar-Vell to nerve gas (Compound 13) that gave him cancer, powers amplified via orders of Walter Declun, blew up school in Stamford, Connecticut, leading to the passing of the Superhuman Registration Act
    explode and reform body
    (I#8, D#9, M, AZU#4, Civil War, CWBDR, net)--Captain Marvel I#34 ([Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1 (fb)], CaptMarv34, Omega the Unknown#8, CaptMarv I#54, Spectacular Spider-Man II#55,56, Marvel Team-Up I#113 [New Mutants I#83], 86, Cage I#2-4, Secret Defenders#12-14, Cosmic Powers#4, Heroes for Hire#2,3, Spider-Man#95, Iron Man III#15, Iron Man Annual 1999, Daredevil II#26(fb), 27(fb), [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb), Civil War#1, Wolverine III#43-45,

NITROBURN 2099 - vehicle used by Driver , created by unknown benefactor who converted the Driver into a cyborg, later used as delivery vehicle by Doom to dump vats of nanotech on Herod’s Red House and the Chicago Reserve
    --X-Men 2099#11 (
    Doom 2099#37,38

NITSU, Captain - World War II era villain
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#6 ( )

NIU T’OU the BLACK - Khou-hua-shih-che
    (app-dhasha)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#19

NIVENA, JOANNA - fiancé of Tony Stark at time he first became Iron Man, broke off engagement after learning his secret identity because desired normal life, married Howard, had son + daughter by him.
    wf, blond
    --Iron Man I#244 (244(fb1+2)/Iron Man: Iron Age#1

NIVASHI STONE - magic item formerly used by Django Maximoff
    (app-django)--Avengers I#182

NIVEN, GILES - designed Space Saver computer game, summoned by K'rithians to help oppose the G'hrunji Gobbler, stayed on K'rith to be with Sharilla
    (app-krith)--Marvel Two-in-One#98

NIVEN, PETER - Gotham Game Club, stockbroker and real estate manager, former saboteur
    (app-ggc)--Incredible Hulk Annual#9

NIVLENT - planet containing Bonavaglia Arena
    --Rocket Raccoon I#1 (20124)

NIXON, DANNY - twin brother of , younger brother of Kiden and Tyler
    (app-tyler nixon)--NYX#1 (2, [4 (fb)], 7

NIXON, ELIZABETH "LIZ" - mother of Kiden, Tyler, Danny + twin, left for Long Island, wondered what had happened to Kiden
    (app-tyler nixon)--NYX#1 (2, 4 (fb), 7

NIXON, JOSH - student at Pemberton @ 10 years ago, danced with Emma Frost
    --Emma Frost#1

NIXON, KIDEN - mutant, high school student, daughter of Liz and "Nick," sister of Tyler and twins, dropped out of school after shooting of teacher Cameron Palmer.
    stop the flow of time for others, fracture bones on contact
    (198, app)--NYX#1 (1(fb), 1, 4 (fb), 2-3, 5 (fb), 4-7

NIXON, NICK - father of Kiden, spirit advised her while she was living on the streets
    (app_nixon_kiden)--NYX#1 (4(fb), 3-7

NIXON, RANDALL "STILTS" - Sentinel Squad O*N*E, slain in Savage Land mission
    *D* (198)--Sentinel Squad ONE#1 (2, 3 (d)

NIXON, TYLER - brother of Kiden, drug-dealer
    (app)--NYX#1 (1 (fb), 1, 2, 4 (fb), 6-7

NIXON,  - twin brother of Danny, younger brother of Kiden and Tyler
    (app-tyler nixon)--NYX#1 (2, [4 (fb)], 7

NIXON, RICHARD M. imposter - see DIABOLIK (app)--Marvel Premiere#35

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