N'AN, KRE'AL - one of the first 102 personalities assimilated by Death's Head-Minion
    (app-dh)--[Death's Head & Die-Cut#1]

    Dahomey name

NANABOZHO - trickster of the Cheyenne gods, ?association with Adversary?
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#25

NANAIA of the Hyborian era - daughter of Kujala, served as slave in Iranistan until fled with Conan, assisted in battle against the Yezmites, may have left with Conan after this conflict
    --The Flame Knife; Savage Sword of Conan#31 (32

NANAUATZIN - lost city near Mexican border, contains labyrinth where the Minotaur Matadors dwell
    --Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu#1

NANCY ?? - pre-modern era, date of John, wore frog costume that deceived Zakkim/frog-man
    (app-frog)--Strange Tales#104/3

NANCY ?? - Xavier Institute, mutant
    flight powers
    --[X-Men Unlimited II#3/2]

NANCY of Earth-Astronet - secretarial and communications work
    (app-etchison)--Wizard Presents Open Space#0

NANDA race (Capt. Cymell, D'Melza) - extraterrestrial, Charter.
    semi-humanoid, ovoid head, green skin
    (D#15)--Shogun Warriors#19

nanites -  Used by the Coterie to control the heroes of Earth
    (app-coterie)--Contest of Champions II#1 (2-5

NANJIWARRA, DAVID - Aborigine, formerly of Asio/Australian intelligence, SHIELD II, joined on encouragement of Wolverine, became disgruntled after passed over for numerous promotions, became agent of Scorpio (Mikal), acted as a mole to knock out anti-terrorist shield enclaves, killed by Scorpio when usefulness ended
    *D* (net-shield)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolverine/Fury: Scorpio Connection (Scorpio Connection (fb), ScorpCon(dies))

NANNA - Mesopotamian/Sumerian god of the moon--not in MU

NANNA - Asgardian, goddess of beauty, beloved of Balder, killed herself to release Balder from Karnilla
    *D* (app)--Thor I#305/2 ([306/2(fb)], 306/2d, Thor Annual#14/3, Annual#10, Thor361d

NANNA - Balder's cat in identity of Barry Landers, killed by Men in Black
    --Journey Into Mystery I#503d

NANNY - magneto's robot, stationed at his Antarctic base, acted as caretaker of the X-Men who were catatonic and under control of Magneto
    (app)--X-Men I#112 ([112 (fb)], 112-113,  149 (inert head), [Uncanny X-Men#347 (fb)], 347-349, 350

NANNY ( ; ; ) - partner of Orphan-Maker, kills parents and collects and cares for orphans, especially mutant children.
    wears egg-like armor
    (U#5)--X-Factor I#30, 33, 34 (Slingers#9(fb), XFac30,33-35, Avengers I#299,300, XFac40, Uncanny X-Men#247,248, UX267(fb), 265-267, Generation X#3,4, Generation X Holiday Special, Sling9

NANOMINIUM - anti-magic alloy, used by O to coat a shield for Wisdom's agents during their invasion of Otherworld

    --Iron Man IV#29

NANOOK - og, pet and possible sled dog of Steven Grant (Moon Knight)'s director of acquisitions, Spence
    --Moon Knight II (Fist of Khonshu) #3 (1985)

NANOOK of "Earth-1041" - circa 2012 AD Alpha Flight, daughter(?) of Inuit and Northern Goddess
    (app-alphaflight)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "Alpha Flight: Project Epsilon"

NANOPLASM - alien life form, encountered by Howard Hughes in the 1950s, took over several people in Las Vegas, including Mo Stanton and Marc Vicus, briefly took over Tony Stark
    --Iron Man III#70, (named) #71 (72(fb), 70-72

NANOTRON - Micronauts, feminine roboid, designed as personal servant of Microtron
    --Micronauts I#30

NANQUATO - @ 1650, former shaman of the Chickagun tribe, sought sky gods for help to deliver his people from a drought, inadvertently traveled to Liveworld where Dreamqueen promised to help him in return for his bringing a totem back to his people, started a ceremony to bring rain which actually released demons to terrorize the tribe to create a link to Dreamqueen, killed by a brave who had been told the truth by Nightmare, totem buried in a stone cairn
    *D*--Alpha Flight I#67? (67(fb,d)

NANTAN of the Old West - Native American?, wounded by werewolves, apparently saved from turning into a werewolf when Two-Gun Kid slew those who assaulted him
    --Marvel Westerns: Two-Gun Kid#1

NANYA ?? - Russian mutant, Province 13,
    young female, telepath, blond
    --X-Men: Liberators#2 (3,4

NAO - leader of the Path of Destiny
    --[X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame#1], 2, 3, (named) 4 ([1], 2-5

NAOMI ?? - gun-toting nurses serving Zadkiel, all but one of whom were slain by Ghost Rider (John Blaze) when they tried to destroy him; their most recent recruit helped Lucas Collier try to escape
    --Ghost Rider VI#20 (21-23

NAPALM ( ) - Grip.
    exo-skeleton, flame-throwers on wrists, orange costume, full helmet
    (app-grip)--Marvel Comics Presents#41/4

NAPALM - agent of Lowlife, blew up drug warehouse in attempt to kill Captain America
    --Captain America I#372d

NAPES, JACKIE - patron of Lazer Club, eyewitness to Human Torch incident, supposedly believed Torch intended to burn patrons to death, interviewed by Terry Morrow
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

NAPIER, Dr. CARTER - Commission, empowered Spider-Woman (Carpenter) and Deathweb, killed by Deathweb
    *D* (app)--Avengers West Coast#84 (Spider-Woman II#2(fb), AWC84(fb), SpWm2(fbs), [2(fb)], [1(fb)], 1d)

NAPIER, RAMONA - vulcanologist, assisted Iron Man and Captain America in investigation and battle against stage i+ii Termini, aided Iron Man against Firebrand
    --Captain America Annual#9 (Iron Man III#5, 15-17

NAPOLEON (Napoleon Bonaparte) - history detailed in Earth-Napoleon wins entry
    --Red Raven#1

NAPOLEON (Oswald Zinn) - Erewhon, former crimelord, lived there for a year after fleeing Punisher, eventually killed in Erewhon by the Punisher
    *D*--Wolverine/Punisher III#1 (1(fb), 1-4, 5d)

NAPOLEON G. ROBBERSON - Skrulls of Kral, former trainer for Boss Barker and others, worked with the Thing, presumably killed in the slave revolt
    (app-barker)--Fantastic Four I#91 (92, 93)

NAPOLEON ISLAND - used as base by General Rudi Gagarin
    --Fury (MAX) #

NAPOLITANO, REGINA - former wife of one of the heads of Napolitano crime family; after Punisher killed husband and others, she convinced the other widows to hire Suspiria; eventually tracked down and killed by Punisher
    --Punisher: Red X-Mas#1 (1d)

NAPPER - see FRENCH, "NAPPER"--Punisher VII#7 (8-11, 12d)

NAQSH-I-RUSTEM (Ahriman?, Ahura Mazda, Atar) - possibly the landmass within the realm of Nirvana occupied by tthe Vedic or "Zoroastrian gods"
    refers to a valley within former Persia in which idols of the gods are found
    --[Marvel Universe: The End#2]

NAPUKA - Polynesian island which was attacked by Molten Man-Thing, defended by Makkari
    --Tales of Suspense I#7; Marvel Universe#4

NARA - queen of the Lion-People of Ligra, daughter of Sir Ronald Gale
    (app)--[Marvel Mystery Comics#8/6], 9/5

NARA - Atlantean/Homo mermani studying at Braddock Academy, slain by monstrous form of Cullen Bloodstone
    (app)--Avengers Arena#1

NARATA - Wakandan, agent of Man-Ape (M'Baku)
    --Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II#2

NARBY, JEREMY - anthropologist, believed the Axis Mundi existed within each person
    --[Doc Samson II#1/2]

NARCISSIVERSE - Encroachiverse, existence is a herd marathon, goal is to look good, when you hit the wall you fall and are eaten by tigers
    (app-encroach)--Sensational She-Hulk II#17

NARCISSON dim (Dark Gods ) - mystic realm, home of the dark gods
    (app-dg)--Thor II#9

NARCISSUS 4 - site where Newton Destine picked up a new engineered body
    ----Clan Destine#

NARDI ( ) - Cell-12, killed by Gaunt (?).
    large, face covered, red + nodular body
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#411(Spider-Man#68, Spectacular Spider-Man II#234, Spdm61d

NARGAK - extraterrestrial terrorist, sought to destroy all human life, stopped by police from his own planet
    (app)--World of Fantasy#10/2

NARINS, RHONDA - INITIATIVE Information Technology staff
    --Moon Knight VI#19

NARMI - @ 1940s, aided the Python against the Angel (Tom Halloway)
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#2/3

NAROBIA (princess Zanda) - country
    --[Black Panther I#1]

NARR, Dr. - created robots and magnetic ray; opposed by Marvex the Super-Robot
    --Daring Mystery Comics#5 (June, 1940)

NASAKI - Japanese saboteur, worked with Matsu against Merzah
    --Mystic Comics#4/7

NASH, KARYN CHARLENE "KASEY" 2099 - girlfriend of Gabriel O'Hara
    -PAYBACK 2099*--Spider-Man 2099#4 (5-9, 13-15, 18, 22-24, 26-30, 32-36, 38-40, Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man, Spdm2099#42

NASHTOTH - Thule Society? circa 2671 BC; in the House of Dust, showed Gidim/Geist the Bones of Gilgamesh
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

NASLAND, LILITH - alleged wife of William and falsely reported mother of non-existent William Jr.
    name misspelled Naslund (see below)
    --[Captain America I#625 (2012)]

NASLAND, WILLIAM - correct and original spelling of Spirit of '76 (William Nasland)--Invaders I#14

NASLUND, WILLIAM Jr. - non-existent alleged son of William by wife Lilith (who may or may not have existed)
    name misspelled Naslund (see above)
    --[Captain America I#625 (2012)]

NASLUND, WILLIAM III - see ADAM-III. alleged son of William Jr.; allegedly worked for General Matheson at the Pentagon
    name misspelled Naslund (see above)
    --Captain America I#625 (2012)

NASLUND - more common, erroneous spelling of Spirit of '76...see above--Captain America I#350 (1989)

NASLUND (sic - see above), LILITH - alleged wife of William and falsely reported mother of non-existent William Jr.
    --[Captain America I#625 (2012)]

NASLUND (sic - see above), WILLIAM - see SPIRIT of '76--Captain America I#350 (1989)

NASLUND (sic - see above), WILLIAM Jr. - non-existent alleged son of William by wife Lilith (who may or may not have existed)
    --[Captain America I#625 (2012)]

NASLUND (sic - see above), WILLIAM III - see ADAM-III. alleged son of William Jr.; allegedly worked for General Matheson at the Pentagon
    --[Captain America I#625 (2012)]

NASLUND of Earth-148611 - paranormal, Clinic patient
    --DP7 #21

NASSAR, RUMAN - leader of the rebels of Middle Eastern nation, opposed Farouk el Amir
    (app-haddad)--Marvel Comics Presents#159

N'ASTIRH - demon of the dimension Otherplace, further empowered by transmode virus, led Inferno, formerly allied with Goblin Queen
    *D* (U#5,M)--X-Factor I#32 (Power Pack I#42, XFac32, PP42(fb), Uncanny X-Men#236, X-Terminators#1,2, UX238, XFac34, PP42, UX239,240, [XFac35], UX241, XFac36, XTerm3/New Mutants I#71, XTerm4/Avengers I#300/NewM#71+72, Spectacular Spider-Man II#147, XFac37/UX241, UX242(Fantastic Four I#324, Ex6, NM73, New X-Men II#38-39, X-Men: Hellbound#1-3

NASTROND (Fafnir) - Asgardian land, people were notorious for their malevolence and immoral ways, defied will of Odin, who in retaliation laid waste to their entire land and slew all of their subjects, except for Fafnir whom he left to die; Odin later removed his curse and allowed the land to once again support life after Fafnir was defeated by Thor
    --Thor I#1__

NASTY BOYS (Gorgeous George, Hairbag, Ramrod, Ruckus, Slab) - former agents of Mr. Sinister
    (OH2006#7)--X-Factor I#75 (77,78 104,105

NASTY E (Norton Brussels) - graduated MIT with a masters in chemistry, became a drug dealer, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher II#97

NASTY McBURNE - see McBURNE, NASTY. Matriculon (app-mat)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change

NAT MARE - see MARE, NATHANIEL (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#7

NATA (Renata da Lima) - Rio de Janeiro mutant, lesbian, took in Jisa, assaulted by Laolo
    superhuman strength + speed + durability

NATALA of the Hyborian era - Brythunian, rescued from Shemite slave market by Conan, accompanied him to Xuthal, gave Conan Elixir of Xuthal to heal him from his wounds after fighting Thog
    --REH's The Slithering Shadow; Savage Sword of Conan#20

NATALIE X of Earth-807128 - New Defenders, relocated to Nu-World
    powerful telepath
    --Fantastic Four#557 (561 (fb), 557-562

NATARI of the Hyborian era - sorceress, daughter of Karanthes, commissioned Conan to steal Eye of Ibis and Horn of Azoth, used in ritual by Karanthes to awaken Azoth, saved from Azoth by Conan, left with Rammon by Conan
    (app-azoth)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan: Horn of Azoth

NATAS (    ) - leader of the mercenary League of Blood, hired by Nick the Gambler; opposed by the Witness
    --Mystic Comics#7 (December, 1941)

NATAS, Dr. EMIL - evil scientist, claimed to be reincarnation of Egyptian overlord Phao Na-tash and Italian nobleman Diablo Natas, supposedly clashed with earlier incarnations of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#38 (May, 1944)

NATAS, Mr. - murderous crematorium manager, possibly demonic; opposed by Venus (Aphrodite)
    --Venus#16 (October, 1951)

NATASHA ?? - vampire, vampirized by Marietta Borgezia, gained control of bloodlust after Jasmine Destine usurped Marietta's body and destroyed Marietta's spirit
    --Clan Destine#3 (2008); (identified) Clan Destine#4

NATASHA of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., counterpart of Black Widow, agent/lover of Otto von Doom, betrayed Murdoch to him
    (app-earth311)--1602#2 (3-6

NATCHIOS, ALEXIA - wife of Demetrios, sister-in-law of Hugo, aunt of Elektra
    --Elektra II#35

NATCHIOS, CHRISTINA - mother of Elektra and Orestez, wife of Hugo, had affairs, death arranged by Orestez for humiliating Hugo, delivered Elektra seconds before dying
    *D* (app-hugo)--Elektra: Assassin#1 (Elektra: Root of Evil#4 (fb), Elektra: Assassin#1 (fb, dies) / Elektra: Root of Evil#4 (fb, dies)

NATCHIOS, DEMETRIOS - husband of Alexia, brother of Hugo, uncle of Elektra
    --Elektra II#35

NATCHIOS, HUGO KOSTAS - father of Elektra and Orestez, brother of Demetrios, widower of Christina, former Greek ambassador, accidentally shot by police while being held hostage
    *D* (app)--Daredevil I#168 (Elektra: Root of Evil#4 (fb), 2(fb), Elektra: Assassin#1 (fb) / Elektra: Root of Evil#4 (fb), E: RoE#4(fb), E:A#1(fb), E:RoE#3(fb), 4(fb), E:A#1(fb), DD168(fb), Daredevil: Man without Fear#3(fb), DD168 (fb, dies)

NATELY, Lt. - Los Angeles Police Department, investigated Brother Brimstone
    (app-brotherbrimstonesterling)--Daredevil I#65? (66

NATE - see X-MAN--X-Man#1

NATE ?? - youth in tornado-damaged Oklahoma town, befriended Captain America (Steve Rogers)
    --Captain America#616/5 (2011)

NATHAN ?? - Silverfang
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1


NATHANIEL ?? - hard-drinking sailor, encountered Human Torch and Spider-Man, briefly turned to stone by Grey Gargoyle
Marvel Team-Up I#2 (13

NATIONAL CRIME SYNDICATE ("Three Fingers" Eddie Enders, Honeysuckle Muldoon)
    - ran contest to choose new leader, opposed/exposed/arrested by Spider-Man + Moon Knight, contest included Rat Pack and the Midnight Mob
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#220

NATIONAL EXECUTIVE (Beauregard Montclair IV, Don Salvatore Vischetti, Yi Yang, "representatives of Big Business", "old dry Dons of Organized Crime", "the union men", "a Commissioner of Police", "a merchant banker", representatives from several secret societies)
    - a group of powerful American underworld players who basically controlled organized crime, at least up until the 1980s, plotted assassination of Abraham Lincoln Brown

NATIONAL FORCE (Grand Director) - neo-fascists led by Dr. Faustus
    --Captain America I#231

NATIONAL FORCE (Tank) - Texas-based white supremacist organization, led by Hate-Monger, targeted illegal immigrants, utilized H-Ray and cyborg coyotes, taken down by Punisher (Frank Castle), Stuart Clarke, & GW Bridge
    --Punisher War Journal II#6 (6 (fb) - 9 (fb), 6-10

NATIONAL PULSE newspaper (Nathan Jefferson/reporter, Don Smolz/boss)
    --Captain Marvel#1 (2008)

NATIVE (    ) - Weapon X Project, similar to Wolverine, impregnated by him, brought in by the Workshop, rescued by Wolverine, killed by Sabretooth
    *D* FERAL* (OH: Wolv)--Wolverine III#13 (14-18, 19d)


NATIVE AMERICAN GODS (Calumet, Chulyen, Haokah, Hotamitanio, Manitou, Nanzbozho, Owayadata, Tawa)
    ANASAZI--Avengers I#80

NATOHK - see THUGRA KHOTAN (app-tk)--Black Colossus, Savage Sword of Conan#2

NATSUMI - Japanese woman, wife of NatsAkihiraumi, adoptive mother of Akihiro/Daken circa 1946, eventually killed by him circa 1955
    --Wolverine: Origins#26 (26 (fb, dies)

NATU, PILLI - Skrull, infiltrated Hydra, captured by Madame Hydra, killed by Jessica Drew
   *D* (app)--Spider-Woman IV#3 (4

NATURAL (Beru Addison) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4])

    --[ ], Dr. Strange III#83

NATURE DEFENSE LEAGUE ("Ecotage", Jake Grenfire, Alice Hoff
    --Wolverine II#58 (59

NATZU (    ) -
    --All-Winners Comics#1 (    )

NAUDA - Celtic god?, former leader of the Tuatha de Danaan, millennia ago led them to ireland to usurp it from the fir bolg, the gods who lived there, right hand severed in battle, replaced with silver hand by the tribe's leech, built castle in tasa, forced to surrender kingship due to loss of hand, took advantage of war against fomorians to retake leadership, slain in battle by fomorian, took over dark corner of underworld, led followers to create stones powered by human hate, used power in an attempt to take over earth, implanted stones in middle east, opposed by young gods, deceived into drawing power from false stones created by daydreamer, vanquished by young god's uni-mind
    -Nauda of the Silverhand (app)--[Spectacular Spider-Man An8, Marvel Comics Presents#101], 106 (109(fb) [SpecAn8, MCP101-105],106-109

NAURR the NEVER SLEEPING – guardian of Hyve, linked to Vipex

NAUSEDAS, JIM - Daily Bugle employee, assistant to Jeff Suter
   --[Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1]

NAUTAK - Atlantean male, former child friend and later second-in-command to Andromeda, became agent of Attuma, killed in battle by Andromeda
    *D* (app-kraken)--Marvel Comics Presents#121/2

NAUTILIUM - rare metal used by Attuma, makes oxygen so heavy that Atlanteans can breathe above water
    --Tales of Suspense I#66

NAUTILUS (Gabriel Mason) - Hammerhead Maggia, partnered with Razorwire in effort to bring in Slyde after he stole from the Hammerhead Maggia, defeated by Cage and Spider-Man
    (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#6/2

NAUTILUS of Earth-3145 - orbital space station; those aboard -- including Astro-Spider/John Jameson -- survived nuclear war on Earth--Spider-Force I#2

NAUTILUS JUNIOR - ship Rocket Racer used for MODOK's agents in mission to obtain the Hypernova
    --Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#2

NAVARRO - vampire, South American Indian, attempted to unleash biological virus in order to force people to desire conversion to vampires in order to survive, encountered Hannibal King, trapped in explosion
    *D/R* (app)--Journey into Mystery I#520 (521(fb), 520,521, 522?

NAVARRO, JOAQUIM 2099 - son of Rosa + Glitterspike, aged to adulthood by Vulcann
    -DARKSON*--(mentioned as fetus)X-Men 2099#7, (U/S,as male fetus)14, (labor)24, (born)25, (named)31 (32,33, 34(adult), 35, 2099: World of Tomorrow#8

NAVARRO, ROSALINDA "ROSA" 2099 - mutant, ally of Mama Hurricane, girlfriend of metalhead, mother of joaquim
    --X-Men 2099#7 (8, 12, 14,15, 24,25, 31-35, 2099: World of Tomorrow#8

NAYELA of the Bogondi - 16th century Africa, cared for Solomon Kane, slain by Akaana
Weird Tales Volume 20, Issue 1 (July, 1932): "Wings in the Night"; (Marvel) Savage Sword of Conan I#54/4

NAYLOR, MADDIE - mother of Speedball, ex-wife of Justin Baldwin
    --Amazing Spider-Man Annual#22 (Civil War: Front Line#7/2 (fb), Speedball#1, AmzAn22, 22/2, SpeedB#2, 2/2, 3, 4, 5/2, Marvel Comics Presents#14/3, SB6-8, SB#8/2, 9, Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/4, 4/5, 6/4, NW1, 3, 5, [7], 8-10, [15], 17, New Warriors An2/6, NW27, NewWar61, 65,67, Web of Scarlet Spider#4, Civil War: Front Line#4/2

"NAZAKKA" - Shazanna's half-sister, intermittent ruler of her realm ("Drakos")
    (app-shazana)--Strange Tales I#133 ([133/2(fb)], 133/2(fb), 133/2, [Defenders I#41(fb)], 41, Dr. Strange III#47(fb)

NAZE ( ; ; ) - shaman, trained forge to oppose adversary, slain by dire wraiths, replaced by adversary
    *D* (net)--Uncanny X-Men#184 (262(fb), 184,187d)

NAZGOTH - branch of Dire Wraiths, kidnapped and slew? Rom, fomented strife between Galadorians and allies, utilized Wraithknights and Deathwings
    --Spaceknights#1 (2-5

NAZI X - Arnim Zola's android allegedly possessing Hitler's brain
    (app)--Captain America I#211

NAZOMBIES (    ) - Nazi-controlled animated corpses; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner, Angel (Thomas Halloway)
    --Human Torch Comics#5A (Summer, 1941)

N'BANU - Wakandan, pawn of Killmonger
    --Over the Edge#6

N'BAZA - Wakandan, witch-doctor under T'Chaka, uncle to T'Challa
    *D* (app, net-wak)--Fantastic Four I#53(fb) (Avengers I#87(fb,[dies])

N’DAKE - Wakandan, communications officer
    --Black Panther II#1

NDEBELE - Wakandan tribal high council, highly religious, nearly fanatical
    --Black Panther II#1 (2-4

N'DEDE - Wakandan, ambassador to Azania, assisted T'Challa and night thrasher in defeating supremacists
    (net-wak)--Night Thrasher II#18

N'DELE - Wakandan, wedding ceremony interrupted by bird beast as part of plot of morgan le fay to prompt avengers to regroup
    (net-wak)--Avengers III#1

N'DINGI, JONAS - M'Bangwi, father of Dr. Crocodile
    --[Marvel Atlas#2: M'Bangwi]

N'DINGI, SAMUEL - founder of M'Bangwi, ancestor of Dr. Crocodile
    --[Marvel Atlas#2: M'Bangwi]

NDRIANANAHARY - African god, Supreme god of the Razene aborigines of the Malagasy of Madagascar, possible son of Buluku, part of Council of Godheads convened to deal with Akhenaten
    (app)--Marvel Universe#2 ([5,6], Incredible Hercules#116-117

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