MER - lycanthropic mermaid unliving being found on Grof moon
   (app-grofmoon)--X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers#1

MERAMATI, ALLANDRA - see ZANIA ORBAL--Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy

MERAMEC - Subterranean underwater city inhabited by mer-Moloids
    --Fantastic Four#575 (2010)

MER-ATH of the Hyborean era - king of Stygian city of Harakht, brother to Hor-Neb
    --Conan the Barbarian I#77

MERC of Earth-148611 - see HAZZERD, MARK (app-hazzerd)--Merc(nu)#1

MERCADO, ESTRILITA "LITA" of Earth-148611 - physical therapist for Keith Remsen

MERCADO, JOY - Daily Bugle, reporter. wf, blond
    (app)--Moon Knight I#33 ([33 (fb)], 33, Spectacular Spider-Man An5, Spectacular Spider-Man II#108, 111-113, 115, Web of Spider-Man#16, 17/Amazing Spider-Man I#279, W18-23, Spec122, W29, A297, W38, A298, Sp146, W47, A312, Sp147, W48, A314, Sp149, W50, Sp150, W51, A318, Sp152, W53, 54, Amazing Spider-Man An23, Spec An9/3, W56, Sp157, W58, A326, W59, Sp161, 164, 168, A344, Sp173, 174, 176, W77, 78, A360, Silver Sable#1, A367, 374, Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgames#3, Fantastic Four I#372, Sp205/2

MERCADO, JUAN - Avengers Compound communications
    --Avengers I#302

MERCADO, MARGARITA - New York art museum curator, helped Human Fly evacuate children when threatened by Copperhead
   (app-humanfly)--Human Fly#8 (9

MERCEDES ?? - Hellfire Club
    (app)--X-Men: Legacy#215

MERCENARIES - beings from Dark Matter dimension, attempted to capture and auction off Death's Head/minion, slaughtered by Dark Angel
    (app)--Dark Angel#16

MERCATUR, Dr. - scientist, attempted to restore the mind of Professor Power
    (app-professor power)--Captain America I#338

MERCENARIES of the Universal Church of Truth - serve on ships under a Black Knight
    (app-UCT)--Strange Tales I#179

MERCENARY ( ) - hired to kill Cheryl Porter, killed by Vincent Sandhurst
    *D* (app)--Iron Man I#23 (23d)

MERCENARY ( ) - hijacked plane, defeated by Spider-Man + Human Fly
    (app)--Human Fly#1

MERCENARY - Professional criminal, employed Augie, shot by him
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#6/2

MERCENARY ELITE of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Chill, Fade, Scratch) -
    --Doom 2099#5(

MERCHANT, A. - Stark International, one of the security department heads;
    perhaps an alias for the Arms Merchant
    --Iron Man: The Inevitable#3

merchant caste pachyceph voidnaut - consumed by Vore
    --Nova IV#10

MERCHANTS of Earth-88194 (Henry Clerk, Exorcist, Sgt. Frederick Gramon, Gunner, Harriston, Tony Milano, Marvins, O'Neill, Oversight, Major Preecit, General Franklin Retler; Al, Bob, Bruno, Jack, Rog, Tony, numerous others) - Shadowline, captured Dr. Zero, many destroyed by him
    Military Response and Covert Techniques Team
    (app)--Dr. Zero#5 (St. George#7 (fb), 5, Dr. Zero#6-7, St. George#6-7, Critical Mass#2,3, 6-7

MERCURIAL VIRUS - sentient toxic waste developed at Scarmore, Inc; temporarily merged with Venom
    (app)--Venom: Madness#1 (3(fb), 2(fb), 1-3

MERCURIANS of Earth-691 (Nikki) - humans genetically engineered for Mercury, slaughtered by Badoon
    --Defenders I#26

MERCURIO the FOURTH-DIMENSIONAL MAN - Gramosian, sent to Earth to steal its electro-magnetic field to save Gramos, mind beamed into body of wealthy landlord Karl Sarron, mutated by energies of Thor, attempted to siphon powers of Xorr the God-Jewel, attempted to wrest secret of Omni-Wave projector from Captain Mar-Vell, imprisoned for unknown length of time by Stranger on his prison planet, sent to earth during Maximum Security.
    red + blue halves, generate heat + cold, enhanced strength
    -Karl Sarron (I#7, M, app)--Thor I#208 (216(fb), 208, 214(fb), 216(fb), 214-216, [Captain Marvel I#51 (fb)], 51, [Quasar#14(fb)], Quasar#14,[15],16, Maximum Security#2/Captain America III#36, Maximum Security#3

MERCURY - see HERMES (app)--Thor I#129

    identity used as hero during 1930-40s; impersonated Olympian god
    --Red Raven Comics#1 (August, 1940) ->Hurricane

MERCURY - Elements of Doom.
    liquid metal

MERCURY ( ) - nanotech creation, Cerebro’s X-Men, destroyed by Cerebro.
    transform into metal, alter form, wm, dark hair
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#360 (X-Men II#80

MERCURY (Cessily Kincaid) - mutant, Xavier Institute Hellions, protégé of Emma Frost, former cheerleader
    made of liquid metal
    (New X-Men Yearbook, 198)--New Mutants II#2, (named) #10 (New X-Men II#34 (fb) / [Hellions#1 (fb)], New: X-Men: Academy X#2, Astonishing X-Men#13, X-Men II#192-193

MERCURY of Earth-9602 (Pietro "Pete" Allen) - Quicksilver + Flash, JLX, traveled to future
    (app)--JLX#1 (JLA: The New Blood#2, Flash & Scarlet Witch#10, Judgment League: Avengers#122, JLX#1, 2, 4, 6, [JLX Unleashed#1]

MERCURY, CAPE of - see CAPE of MERCURY--Marvel Mystery Comics#?

MERCY (Abigail Mercy Wright) - alleged former director under Emil Blonsky at Operation: Hulk?, developed brain tumor, mutated by experimental gamma ray treatment under Blonsky, killed in first mission against the Hulk, posed as extraterrestrial, killed those she believes are suffering,
    alter mass, metamorph, teleport, create energy javelins that drain life energy, takes form of semi-humanoid female and large gelatinous creature
    (OH2006#7, app)—Incredible Hulk II#338 (Hulk: Destruction#3(fb), Incredible Hulk II#338, Incredible Hulk An16, IncHulk426, 458,459, [Hulk: Destruction#4(fb)], 3-4

MERCY (Norman Zachos) - criminal, used Darkhold
    (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/2

MERCY (Dr. Hannah Trumball) - Shadow Cabinet, physician
    --Moon Knight III#43 (44, 48, 53,54, 56

MERCY 8162 (Mercy Connaught) - Dragon's Claws, American, former vigilante
    <Dragon's Claws#7>--(UK) Dragon’s Claws#1 ([7(fb)], 1-10

MERCY CORPORATION (Davis, Keel, Kyle, Milo, Reno, Mr.Strasser, Villarosa, Dr.Bohemia Downes)
    - mercenary unit, utilized Super Soldiers
    (app)--Super Soldiers (MUK) #8

MERCY MISSION - base from which transmissions to the Zobos were made
    --Order II#4

MERCY SCIENCE CENTRAL - headquarters of Mercy Corporation, Alaska
    (app-mc)--Super Soldiers (MUK) #8

MERCY SISTERS (Grace + Mary Mercy) - mass murdering twin sisters, former students as Our Lady of Passion School for Girls, crushed Deadpool between their cars, Grace was badly injured crashing car into Deadpool, had Mary kill her, Deadpool duped into coming out into the open where he took her out with a sniper’s bullet
    *D*--Deadpool III#49 (50-52, 53d)

MERDINE of the Hyborian era - henchman of Feducio
    (app-redon)--Conan the Barbarian #176

"MEREDITH ??" - Sisters of Grace
    Caucasian, cyborg?, wore helmet and had vice-like hands
    (app-sisters)--Black Axe#1 (2(fb), [3(fb)]

    --Fantastic Four I#361 (Justice: Four Balance#1

MERGENCE (Tenebrae ) - extradimensional race, collective entity, attempted to absorb the planet Earth
    --Silver Surfer III#141 (142,144,145

MERIAM - sea nymph, fugitive from Circus of Crime, ally of Circus of Lost Souls, returned to ocean by Hulk
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#217 ([217(fb)], 217

MERIDIAN ( ) - New Genix
    (app-ng)-- (back of the head) Marvel Comics Presents#150, Marvel Comics Presents#175

MERKEL, Dr. - commanded Legion of the Dead, fought Angel (Thomas Halloway)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#33 (July, 1942)

MERKRA, emperor - Honchi race, wished son to worship the sun
    --She-Hulk I#7 (She-Hulk I#7

MERKRA, empress - Honchi race, wished son to worship the moon
    --She-Hulk I#7 (She-Hulk I#7

MERKRA, - Honchi race, child of emperor + empress, split into two beings to serve both of parent's desires
    --She-Hulk I#7 (She-Hulk I#7

MERKRA, - Honchi race, child of emperor + empress, created from splitting into two beings to serve both of parent's desires
    --She-Hulk I#7 (She-Hulk II#3

MERLIN - Camelot, 5th - 6th century sorcerer, son of unwed daughter of King Conaan (sp?) and possibly a demon, allegedly raised Stonehenge, teacher + advisor + defender of King Arthur and Black Knight/Sir Percy, as well as courts of King Vortigern + Aurelius + Uther Pendragon, imprisoned Morgan Le Fay within her castle, banished Tyrannus to Subterranea, placed into suspended animation by Nimue, Earth-616 aspect of Merlyn
    Extensively self-taught in mystic lore,
    -MYRADDIN (D#8, M, OH2006#7-Merlyn, net, app)--(g) Black Knight Comics#1; [Fantastic Four I#5], Marvel Super-Heroes II#17
(?Namor62(fb)?, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#8, Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/3 (fb), Captain Britain I#34,35/ Marvel Preview#22, Spider-Man Battles the Myth Monster! #1, New Excalibur#12 (fb), Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/3 (fb), Strange Tales I#108/2?, Avengers Annual#22/2, Dazzler#3(fb), Marvel Super-Heroes II#17(fb), Black Knight I#1, 2(fb) Avengers Annual#20/2(fb), Incredible Hulk II#210(fb), New Excalibur#11-12, Iron Man I#150(fb), Iron Man I#209(fb), [Defenders I#152(fb)], Marvel Super-Heroes II#17(fb) / Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/2
    --also Tales of Suspense I#27, Strange Tales I#71, Strange Worlds#4

MERLIN DEMONSPAWN ( ) - mutated by Caretakers of Arcturus, gained further power from fragment of bloodgem @ 10000 years ago, impersonated Merlin in 5th century, cast into suspended animation by him, awakened in recent years, former chariman of the board of Merlin Industries, used Mongu as pawn, summoned Big Mother in plot to obtain Holy Grail, trapped within it
    Immortal, telepathy, control others, telekinesis, teleport, project illusions, project force bolts, create force shields
    (OH2006#7, app)--Captain Marvel V#20 (Dr. Strange III#27(fb), Incredible Hulk210(o), Eternals I#4, Journey into Mystery I#96(fb), Strange Tales I#134(fb), [Marvel Chillers#1(fb)], [Marvel Two-In-One #31(fb)], JiM#96, XMen I#30, 47, Hulk210,211, Avengers Annual#22, [Captain Marvel V#9], 11, 13, 16, 20,21

MERLIN INDUSTRIES - company run by Maha Yogi
    --Incredible Hulk II#210

MERLYN - Otherworld, gestalt form of Merlins across the omniverse, empowered Captain Britain, father of Roma,
    -MERLIN*, MYRR, MERLYN the MAGUS (OH2006#7, app)--(UK) Captain Britain I#1 (X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine trilogy book two (fb), Captain Britain I#34+35(fb), Excalibur#50(fb), Dr. Who Monthly#66, Captain Britain I#1+2(fb),1,2, 33-37, Hulk Comic#23-30 43-45,48,52-55 60-63, Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#377, Dr. Who Monthly#60, 62-65, 67, [Marvel Super-Heroes#382], 383, [386, 387], Daredevils#1,2, 9,10, [Mighty World of Marvel#8], 9, 11("d"), 12, 13, X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine trilogy book two (fb), [Captain America I#305], 306, Excalibur: Possession, Excalibur I#47,[48],49,50, Dr. Who Monthly#265, Excalibur I#125
    Dr. Who Magazine#51?, 60-67, X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine trilogy book two (fb),
    Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1-6, Excalibur: Die by the Sword, [Captain Britain and MI13#1-2], 3-4

mermaid - encountered Sub-Mariner
    --All-Winners Comics#21/4 
(Winter 46-47) Chapter 4 - Sub-Mariner story

mermaid - from Atlantis
    --Mystery Tales#9
(3/53) The Specimen!)

mermaid -
    -- Strange Tales I#40 (11/55) The Man Who Caught A Mermaid! 4th story)

mermaid (Alathea) --Tales to Astonish I#4

mermaid - see LINDA BROWN--Strange Tales I#97/3

mermaid - see Mer-Mutants 
    green-skinned mermaid
--Sub-Mariner I#54

MERMAID - nightclub in Valle Soleada, owned by Jack Freestone, frequented by mutants
    --X-Treme X-Men: XPose#2 (X-Treme X-Men#31, 32

mermaid creature - lived in waters around Brazil, healed Wolverine after he was critically injured by agents of Kuhrra Daďzonest
    --Wolverine: Saudade

MERMAID of Earth X ( ) - Mr. S’s X-Men, former circus performer
    body below waist is a fish tail
    (sketch)--EX Sketch, Earth X#6

MERMAN of Eurth ( ) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Namor, Legion of Liberty, Champions of the Realm
    --Avataars#1 ([3(fb3)] 1(fb1)

MER-MAX of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow - intelligent whale
    ---X-Men II#151 (152-154

MER-MUTANTS (    ) - outcasts from other undersea civilizations, banded together for protection, formed minor alliance with Lemuria, attempted to trade Namor to Lemurians
    SEA-DEVILS* (app)--Sub-Mariner I#54 ([54(fb)], 54

MEROE of the Hyborian era (Aahmes, Ageera, Habarata, Mongo, Tanada) - capitol city of Kush, site from which Conan inspired rebellion against Stygian masters
    --Snout in the Dark; Conan the Barbarian I#106, 107

MEROË of 0 AD (Ashake, Makede, Ntshonge) - Empire in East Africa sometime b/t 50 BC and 50 AD
    --Epic Illustrated#12

MEROVECH INVESTMENT GROUP - front for Baron Strucker
    --New Thunderbolts#1

MERREE (    ) - 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt
    --Marvel Boy II#1

MERREK - Skrull, involved in the generation of new Skrulls on Carpiax IV
    (app-carp)--Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet#1

MERRICK, CASSIE - Central City crimelord, employed Marko, hired the Road Warriors to kill the Blood Brothers, apparently killed by Marko after she was upset over the creation of cyborgs
    *D?* (app-road)--X-51#10 (11

MERRICK, Dr. SAMUEL - S.T.O.R.M., created Gene Dogs, mutated Hurricane, former employee of Otomo, abducted by Hurricane
    (app-storm)--Gene Dogs#1 (1(fb2), 1-4


MERRICK, Captain - former employee of General Coy, brought Master Form to Target’s father to protect, brought it to Rumika after his death, trained Target as soldier, betrayed people of Rumika and sent mercenaries to slay them and steal Master Form, slain by Target after Wolverine exposed his involvement
    *D* (app-masterform)--Wolverine II#27 (29(fb), 29(fb), 27d)

MERRIDEW, PROFESSOR - former curator
    --Power Man and Iron Fist I#

MERRILL - biker, son of Juneau, ally of John Blaze
    --Ghost Rider IV#4 (5, 6

MERRIT, Lt. PHILLIP  - World War II, white supremacist, field commander of black Super Soldiers, racist, possibly killed Maurice Canfield, associated with Nazis after coming to agree with their stance on racial purity, gave information that allowed the death of Abraham Erskine, and he firebombed Erskine’s lab, effectively destroying the Super Soldier Project, obtained remnants of Isaiah Bradley’s costume, became a book retailer, arrested for murdering a federal agent, and conspiring to commit acts of domestic terrorism; Captain America learned of the existence of Bradley from him
    --Truth: Red, White, & Black#1 (2-4, 6

MERRIWELL, HARRISON J. - wealthy philanthropist, brother of Midas the Golden Man
    (app-midas)--Marvel Team-Up I#30

MERRO - Lemurian prince, former consort of Namora, sought by Llyra, who killed Namora and married him, poisoned by her
    *D*--[Sub-Mariner I#50]

MERRY MALADIES (Beastmaniac, Captain Sheepdog, Elmer Strange, Hawky, Rawhide Le Pew, Ringo Gonzales, Thor O. Coyote, Victor the Martian)
    - robot agents of Arcade, cartoon-like form, battled Excalibur
    --Marvel Comics Presents

MERRYWEATHER, IRENE - reporter, former writer for Enquiring Eye, became recorder of Cable’s exploits, exposed SHIELD II's involvement in the Nemesis Project, briefly possessed by Aentaros, freed when Cable caused a momentary cardiac arrest, identity altered by clean-up crew to protect her from Dark Sisterhood.
    wf, brown hair
    Margaret Brundage (XM: MC-MF, net)--Cable II#48 (49-65, Cable Annual 1999, Cab66,68-70, 74, 76, 78, X-Men: Hellfire Club#1-4, Cab80-82, 84, 85,86, 88-90, 91(fb), 91-95, Soldier X#1-3, 6, Cable and Deadpool#1-6, 7-10(fb), 7, 10, 11,12, 13-14, 15, 18, 20-23, 24, 25(fb), 25, 26-27, 28-29, 32, 33-34, 35, X198?, C/D40, X197, C/D40-41, [43 (fb)], 49-50

MERU the MIND-BENDER - Haifs, enemy of Dalia, temporarily merged with her, formerly imprisoned on Stranger’s Laboratory World.
    bring out repressed aspects of personality
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#115 (115(fb), 115,116, Quasar#16

MERV ?? - agent of Alton Lennox and later Turk & Mr. Fear (Larry Cranston), partner of Chico, attempted to murder Dakota North
    --Daredevil II#85 (87, 97, 99-100, [101], 103

MERV ?? -
    --Captain America V#28

MERX PHARMACEUTICALS (Amanda + Chris + Jake + Jen + [Pam] + Phil) - Manhattan based, briefly disrupted by battle between Spider-Man and Mysterio
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#7

MERZAH THE MYSTIC ( ) - alleged mystic, heroic crime fighter, hunted foreign enemy spies and saboteurs, assisted by Diana and Jose his personal valet.
    telepathy, precognitive, thought projection
    --Mystic Comics#4/7 (August 1940)

MESHKEN of the Hyborian era - town 30 miles west of Khoraja, the men of that town were summoned by the shrill singing of Meara and ended up as hosts to armies of ants
    --Savage Sword of Conan#70

MESMER (Sersi*) - eternals, new breed
    --Eternals: Apocalypse Now

MESMERO (Vincent ) - mutant, led Demi-Men for robot he believed to be Magneto, Weapon X II, former pawn of Fenris, hypnotized Dark Riders to make them believe they had succeeded in killing him, de-powered during M-Day
    Hypnotize others, green skin
    (I#7,D#8,M,net)--X-Men I#49 ([Weapon X#8(fb)], [X-Men Unlimited II#13 (fb)], XMen49-52, 58,[59],60, [Avengers I#103(fb)], Captain America I#174,175, Classic X-Men#17/2, UX#111,112, Amazing Spider-Man I#207, Excalibur I#32-34, Captain America I#411-414, Alpha Flight I#43, Alpha Flight II#4(fb1), XMen II#21"d" , Alpha Flight II#4(fb2), 3-5, X-Men#˝, Deadpool III#57, 61, Weapon X#˝, Weapon X: Draft: Sauron + Wild Child + Marrow, Agent Zero, Weapon X II#7,8, [X-Men Unlimited II#13(fb)], 13

MESOPOTAMIAN GODS (Baal, Dagon, Ereshkigel, Inanna/Ishtar, Marduk, Nergal, Ningal, Tammuz, Ullikummis)
    (OH: AZU#3)--[Strange Tales I#150], Thor Annual#10

MESS (Nicole Martin) - Gamma Corps, son Johnny killed by truck thrown by Abomination during fight with Hulk, badly burnt, lost arm &eye, convinced the Hulk killed her son, accepted Ryker's offer to gain vengeance on Hulk, body spliced with parts cloned from Abomination
    --World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#1 (2 (fb), 4 (fb), 1-4

MESSANTIA of the Hyborian era - sea port of Argos

MESSENGER - demon, oversaw and guarded the Fatal Book--Captain America's Weird Tales#79

MESSENGER - see SATAN (Mephisto)
    encountered Ghost Rider (John Blaze/Zarathos) in Hell, claimed to represent all that was good and righteous, convinced him to leave the corpse of "Crash" Simpson on an altar in Hell so that he could go on to his final reward.
    (app-satan)--Marvel Spotlight I#8

MESSENGER - nether dimensional demon, summoned by Enchantress

MESSENGER, ROYAL - swiftly delivered a message from Heimdall to Odin about a mysterious silent spot in Asgard where Amora battled Dazzler (Alison Blaire)--Dazzler#16

MESSENGER, TOBIAS - leader of the Promise, born in 1859, developed powers at age 19, began to travel the world at age 30, gathered group of mutants together, involved in World War I, saw loss of many group members by death + attrition, began to go into suspended animation, reviving once every ten years to recruit fresh mutants and to monitor progress of the world, attempted to forcibly recruit a few of the X-Men, died when stasis device damaged by Havok
    *D*--[Amazing Adventures I#4], X-Men: Hidden Years#17 (19 (fb1-3), 17, 18, [19-21], 22d)

MESSENGERS Who Seize Souls - see KHOU-HUN-SHIH-CHE (app-dhasha)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#19

MESSIAH (David Kessler) - empowered by Hyppokri of the Six-Fingered Hand
    (app)--Defenders I#97 ([97(fb)]

MESSIAH - see ALDEN MAAS (app)--Fantastic Four I#263

MESSIAH (S’met’kth) - extraterrestrial creature, attempted to bring peace to the universe by transforming all beings into a state of mindless bliss, apparently destroyed by Deadpool wearing armor of the extraterrestrial Tiamat
    *D?* (app)--Deadpool III#23 (24, 25

MESSIAH - extraterrestrial female, destined to bring about galactic peace, slain by abusive boyfriend, but then saved when Captain Marvel was given another chance, although he then saw that after her death there would be massive wars amongst differing branches of her followers
    --Captain Marvel VI#1/CaptMarv6

MESSIAH of the SINGLE SPIRIT - see RED RAJAH (app-star)--Defenders I#42, 43

MESSINGER, RUTH - congresswoman, voted to discontinue funding of Gamma Base
    --Incredible Hulk II#256 (257, 258, 262

METABIO of Earth-93060 (JD Hunt) - corrupt company, empowered + assassinated Robert Shine, created Rawborgs
    --[Ultraforce (uv) II#5], 6 (7

METABO - deviant mutate, engineered by kro, briefly considered for delta force.
    absorb and redirect energy of eternals, purple with four arms
    (app)--Thor I#286 ([Avengers I#370]

    --Amazing Spider-Man II#529 (530-531

META-HUMES (Assault, Blazeye, Diamond Hammer, Hardnose, Hyperia, Mekina)
    - mutated by energy crystals from Kahesha, formerly controlled by Flynn and then the Hostiles
    (app)--Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies#1 (2-4)

METAL FIST (    ) - revived Zombie Pirates, battled Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#7 (Fall, 1942)

METAL GANG (Stephen Cole, others) - armored criminals; fought Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    Marvel Mystery Comics#30 (April, 1942)

METALHEAD (Joey Marone) - Delta City, enemy of Fight Man, punched into the air by him and fell on top of Beverly Lacoco, killing her
    --Fight Man#1 (Agent X#11

METALHEAD 2099 (Eddie von Beethoven) - x-men 2099
    --(Ed) X-Men 2099#1 (2-4, 6-8);
    (Mh) 12 (14,15, 24,25, 31-33

METALLAK (Sentinel Unit 728-67) - Sentinel, discovered by Denham, who hired Browning to rebuild it, only for it to kill both of them on activation and then head to Manhattan to exterminate more mutants
    "Most Colossally Amazing Mechanical Creation of the Age," "Robotic Echo of Humanity Constructed on a Grand Scale," "Awesome Automation That Will Put Fear in Your Heart and Awe in Your Eyes" (app)--X-Men Unlimited I#33/2 ([33/2], 33/2

METALLO (Mike Fallon) - criminal, stole robotic suit, developed disease requiring radiation treatment, but the suit made him immune to radiation; he was uncertain whether to remove the suit for treatment since he could then be arrested
    virtually indestructible armor, superhuman strength, well-constructed for digging; contained air supply
    "George Brown" (app)--Tales of Suspense I#16

METALLOID - high-temperature metallic android presumably designed by Mad Thinker
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#179 (181+182(inert)

METALLURGE of Earth-148611 (Chris Barret) – Paranormal Platoon, assisted against Starblasters.
    Control his metal hubcap
    --METALLURGIST*--Quasar#56 (Starbrand#4, Quasar#57

METALLURGIST - see METALLURGE (app)--(nu) The Draft (Psi-Force#29/2, War#1-4ŕ Metallurge)

METALLUS of the Hyborian era - Argossean, former trader from Messantia
    --Savage Sword of Conan#73/2 ([73/2(fb)], 73/2

METAL MASTER (Molyb) - Astran, sent to earth during Maximum Security.
    control + manipulate metal
    (OH2006#7, app)--Incredible Hulk I#6 (Rom#30, Maximum Security#1,[2,3]

METAL MEN of the MOON (    ) - stole water from Earth, battled Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#41 (January, 1949)

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#59 ()

METALSCREAM 2099 (John Flamel) - Occultechnologist
    *D*--2099 Unlimited#4/2 (7/2, 2099 Apocalypse#1d)

METALSLASH ( ) - Sensor Squad
    light red skin, extendable tongue
    --Moon Knight III#39(40

METALSMITH 2099 ( )-see SMITH 2099--[Marvel Vision#1, X-Nation#1], 2

METAMIMIC of Earth-Amalgam - Mimic + Metamorpho
    --[JLX letterpage]

META-ORB - Korbinite technology, used to store souls of others
    --Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4(fb), 3, 5, 6(fb)

METARCHUS - Fallen, posed as Caretaker and duped Midnight Sons into bringing him the Blood, defeated by Midnight Sons and Blood, killed by them.
    *D* (app)--Spirits of Vengeance#17, Nightstalkers#15, (named) Darkhold#16 (SoV#17, Ns15, [Ghost Rider III45], Marvel Comics Presents#145, Dh16, MCP#146, Dr. Strange III#61, SoV#18, Midnight Sons Unlimited#4

METAZOID ( ) - Soviet criminal mutated by superiors
    *D* (app)--Captain Marvel I#5

METELLUS, Dr. TOM - Chicago, involved with Sentinels operation, killed by Cell
    (app)--Morlocks#1 ([2(fb)], 1-4d)

METELLUS, LISA - widow (formerly estranged wife) of Dr. Metellus, left him in disgust over his obsession with killing mutants
    (app-drmetellus)--[Morlocks#2 (photo)] ([2(fb)]

METEOR III - Radium powered car able to reach speeds over 600 mph. Created by Dr. Throttle and Flash as a means of stealing radium from an aircraft company.
    --All Winners#16/4 (Summer 1945) “Meteor III”

METEORITE (Ned Lathrop) - mutant, Resistants, shot + badly beaten by Captain America (Walker)
    levitate objects to simulate enhanced strength, travels by flying atop giant rock
    -LIFTER* (app-lifter)--Captain America I#343 (346, New Warriors II#6

    cover identity used when formed Thunderbolts
    (net)--Incredible Hulk II#449 (Thunderbolts Annual 1997(fb), Tb1, Hulk449,[450], Tales of the Marvel Universe#1/2, Tbolts2, Spider-Man Team-Up#7, Tb3,4, Annual 1997, Tb5, Heroes for Hire#2, Amazing Spider-Man I#430, Tb6-8, 9, HsfH#7, [Incredible Hulk II#459], Heroes Reborn: The Return#2,Thunderbolts#10-14->Moon)

METEORITE (Valerie Bernhardt) - Redeemers, daughter of Cardinal and Sprocket, killed by Graviton
    bf, fly, project hard air field as shield or battering ram
    *D* (app)--Thunderbolts#48 ([67 (fb), 56 (fb), 64 (fb)], 48-49, 50 (fb), 50, 51,52, 53, 54-56

METEORITE NWA 931 - originally part of a world once inhabited (and considered home) by the Venom symbiote, drew the symbiote in recent years
    --Spider-Man Family#1

METEOR MAN - see LOOTER (app-loot)--Marvel Team-Up I#33 (34,[35], Defenders I#63

METEOR MAN (Jefferson Reed) - Based out of Washington, DC (possibly an alternate Earth), presumably powered by a meteor(ite), enemy of Ghost Strike and Malefactor.
    Super-strength, invulnerability, energy powers
    --Meteor Man#1 (2-?

METH, CLIFFORD LAWRENCE - Daily Bugle reporter, interviewed Tony Stark and Wasp, wrote article on "Civil War"
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

METHINX - Lionheart, sentient android or cyborg, served as court magician to the Lord High Protector.
    Used advanced science to appear to be a sorcerer
    The Dreaded Necromancer of Annwn (app)--Death’s Head III#6 (7, 8

METOU, ABENA - African woman, befriended Magneto in world of Earth-Chaos Engine: Dr. Doom, befriended by him upon restoration of reality
    --X-Men/Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine trilogy book one (X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine trilogy book two, X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine trilogy book three

METOU, JNANBARKA - African girl, daughter of Abena
    --X-Men/Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine trilogy book one (X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine trilogy book two, X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine trilogy book three

METOXO - Lava Men, husband of Kratat, father of Maggam & Volkon
   (app)--[X-Men I#48], Marvel Holiday Spec1994 (MHS1994(fb), MHS1994

METRIUS of the Hyborean era - Black Dragons, friend to Phaidon, accompanied Conan to Belverus
    --Conan Annual#4

METROBANK (Zinneman) - subsidiary of Brand Corporation, served as front for Nth Command
    -- Captain America I#289

METTLE (Ken Mack) - Avengers Academy--

MeTUBE - internet site that features videos sent in by others, including the video of Howard the Duck beating up the Twin Barrels
    --Howard the Duck IV#2

METZ - native of Bwokk, presumptive leader of the Qa-Kabar, slew his betrothed, Homma, for sleeping with his shield-bearer, slain as punishment by Ronan
    *D* (app)--Annihilation: Ronan#1

METZBURG of Earth-712 - city in Danteana, birthplace of Tom Thumb
    --Squadron Supreme I#10

MEXER - Brazilian mutant, befriended Wolverine, mind wiped by Kuhrra Daďzonest
    --Wolverine: Saudade


MEYER, DAVID - Israeli agent, sent Terror to retrieve virus from Istanbul base, committed suicide after Terror released Aban
    --Terror, Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2

MEYER, JUSTIN - Fortune Publishing, editor for Ben Gallagher
   (app-gallagher,ben)--Knights of Pendragon I#7 (13(fb)

MEYER, RACHA - Israeli soldier, assisted against Arab attackers by Living Mummy
    --Supernatural Thrillers#10

MEYERS, ARCHIE - Devil Among Us, son of Don "The Bomb," sent by father to use a bomb to kill Foggy Nelson, instead used it to blow up Josie's Bar & Grill, killing the criminal Gregor
    --Daredevil II#71 (72(fbs), 71-75

MEYERS, DON "the Bomb" - abusive father of Archie, planted the bomb that blew up Matt Murdock's apartment, from prison tried to force Archie to kill Foggy Nelson to gain respect
    --[Daredevil I#228], Daredevil II#72 (72(fbs)

MEYERS, RAY - other son of Don?
    --[Daredevil II#72]

MEYERS, RICKY - son of Sandra Verrugo, film doctored to make it appear as if the Hulk had killed him
    --[Incredible Hulk III#34], 36 (36(fb), [47-49], 64,65

MEZIERES BARRIER - unidentified phenomenon, broken by the Z’lyztayan Quinn
    --[Fantastic Four III#34]

M'GARI - Wakandan, chauffeur to T'Challa, resides at Wakandan embassy in New York, fan of American movies, enjoys occasional car chase
    (net-wak)--Marvel Premiere I#51 (52

M'GUBGUB of Reality-8909 - extraterrestrial being, sought to destroy Nth Man and Alfie O'Meaghan to eliminate their temporal disruption, destroyed by Nth Man
    --Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja#14 (15-16

M'GUMBU - Iquitos tribe, Amazon jungle, mystic, shrank entire tribe to twelve inches for their crimes
    magical power
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Journey into Mystery I#61/4

M'HALAK - Wakandan, follower of Killmonger, cohort of Salamander K'ruel
    --Jungle Action#15

M'Hass - planet; the Illumination Stone was held here until claimed by one of the Thanosi to identify the Designate (Tarene)
Thor 2000

MHUR of the Hyborian era - God/Demon, invoked along with Set + the Dark Ones (and the Great Goat God) by Ehestes Khan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#54, 64

MHURUUKS (G'uran the Great, Oka'an, Olnar) - ancient wizards of the Dark Dimension, mastered mystic energies to create light and stabilize gravity, led respective peoples on path toward enlightenment, virtually exterminated by Dormammu and Umar, the survivors were rendered mute and their hands replaced with tentacles to prevent them from uttering or gesturing spells, and then exiled to the outer fringes, assisted Dr. strange and Clea in rebellion against Umar
    (net-sanctum)--Dr. Strange II#71 (Dr. Strange III#

MHYTORR - dark mystic entity, invoked by Dr. Strange and Nox
    "Mhytorr's curse"--[Dr. Strange II#30, Dr. Strange III#39]

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