MAN-KILLER - Hydra robot, sent after Captain America, destroyed by him
    *D* (app)--Captain America I#111 (111d)

MANKILLER (Katrina* Louis van Horn) - Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)’s Masters of Evil, former head of Hydra’s assassins division, former European Olympic-class skier, crippled in competition with sexist male skier, body rebuilt and given powerful exoskeleton by AIM, seemingly killed in explosion, recruited by Crimson Cowl, escaped capture, posed as bartender at Downslope and friend of Atlas (Josten) until bar destroyed by fight between Atlas and Wonderman, re-recruited by Cowl, but convinced to turn against them and briefly allied with Thunderbolts
    -AMAZON*, Wilma *D* (OH2006#7, app)--Marvel Team-Up I#8 (8(fb), 8, [Daredevil I#121],123, Iron Man I#126,127, MTU#107"d", Thunderbolts#3, 18-20, 23-25, 27, 30, 35, 39-42, 64, 65, 67, 69->Amazon. Thunderbolts#80, 81, New Thunderbolts#18, Thunderbolts#19/100,

Mankin, Mark (    ) -
    --All-Select Comics#7 ()

MANKOWSKI, TED - Spider Society/Webcorps, resident hacker and information source, targeted for death by Tiger and others
    --Amazing Fantasy II#3 (4-6, Arana#1-6 , 7-12, Spider-Man & Araña Special: The Hunter Revealed#1

MANMAKER (Veneer, Kull, Id-Sister, X-Beast, Die-Cut)
    --Die-Cut#1 (2-4

MAN-MONSTER - see SMASHER (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man I#1

    (app)--Howard the Duck I#5

MAN MOUNTAIN MARIO - helped Crossbones escape the Raft prison but was betrayed and killed by Crossbones
    (app)--Thunderbolts I#159/4

    (OH2006#7-Marko, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#73 (Web of Spider-Man#82(fb), Amz73-75, hostess ad-Incredible Hulk II#197, Power Man/Iron Fist#61,62, 92, 110, Web82(fb),82, Spdm: Lifeline#1-3, [Alias#2], 4, 5

MANN, Dr.  of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Alchemax
    --Ravage 2099#22

MANN, J. VERNON "JAVA" - director of Gideon Museum of Antiquities, discovered Temple of Balthaak, investigated the Exemplars.
    wm, brown hair + beard
    --Iron Man III#21/2 (22, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11, Juggernaut: 8th Day

MANNA, ADAM - SHIELD I renegade, sent--along with Buck Richlen and Val Adair--to perform a hostile takeover of Stark International to force them to become arms developers again, decided to accomplish mission by killing Tony Stark, hired Spymaster, took over the SHIELD Helicarrier, defeated by Iron Man, sent to detention center
    (app-richlen)--[Iron Man I#113], 117 ([119(fb), 113, 116], 117-119

MANNANAN of the Hyborian era - Celtic god, god of horses(?)

MANNEQUIN - extraterrestrial creatures, one used by Ronan to control Invisible Woman.
able to bore through nearly any substance, disrupt the frequency of energy barriers, enter and bond with prey on a molecular level, red, octopoid entities
    --Fantastic Four III#14 (15, Iron Man III#14, F4#16

MANNEQUIN of Earth-93060 - composite of pod, gem, Brian Marmount, Antony Hernandez, Brother Lau
    --Eliminator#1 (2, 3

Mannequins (    ) - criminals impersonating mannequins in order to rob a department store
    --Young Allies#17 (Fall, 1945)

MANNERS, sir HENRY - @ 19th Century, Hellfire Club London
    --Cable II#50 (XMen: Hellfire Club#3

MANNERS, STEVE - fiancé of Gilda Spears, enemy of Brain
    (app-brain)--Adventures into Terror#4

MANNING, Col. GLENN - US Air Force
    --Avengers I#379/2 (380/2-382/2

MANNING, JANICE of Earth-7484 - "widow" of Luther/Deathlok, mother of Richard
    --Astonishing Tales I#27 (28, 36
    #28 only has a slightly different pose, takes place b/t panels 3-4 of labeled pg. 30 of #27
    #36 has her holding baby Richard

MANNING, LUTHER of Earth-616 - given Deathlok form and powers by Timestream, mind controlled by him, killed in battle with Deathlok/Collins
    *D* (app)--Deathlok II#25 (26-29, 31-34d)

MANNING, LUTHER clone of Earth-Deathlok - created by Hellinger, mutated into first alpha-mech, destroyed by Deathlok
    *D*(app-hell)—Astonishing Tales I#33 (34, 35, 36d)

MANNING, LUTHER clone of Earth-Deathlok - creation directed by Simon Ryker, originally had memories of Dr. Wilcox, given memories of Deathlok
    *D* (app)—Astonishing Tales#34 (35, 36, Captain America I#286, 287

MANNING, SARA - possessed by a demon by Louis Childs and forced to act as aunt of Seth Walker, demon exorcised by Magik (Sefton), explained the truth to she and Nightcrawler
    Meredith Walker--Nightcrawler III#2 ([3(fb)], 2,3

MANNINO, ANGELA - daughter of Silvio, comatose circa 1939
    --Daring Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special (2009)

MANNINO, SILVIO - Mannino crime family, father of Angela, associated with Oswald Chancellor
    --Daring Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special (2009)

MANNITES (Beautiful Dreamer, Darco, Glub, Grace, Headcase, Nina/M9, Totem)
    - group of youthful beings, created by nanotechnology by ??, grown via semi-random germination in hopes of maximizing metatalent function, sought by Bastion and Death (Wolverine).
    various powers, undergo violent maturation process to become ??
    (HC14)--(Nina) Onslaught: Epilogue, (group) Uncanny X-Men#372 ([Livewires#2(fb)], UX372, X-Men II#92, Astonishing X-Men II#1-3

MANNY - Asgardian Rock Troll
    --X-Force/Cable Annual 1997

MANNY ?? - criminal, led gang that attacked Betty Stein, defeated and turned in to police by Shroud
    (appsteinbetty)--Marvel Comics Presents#87/4

MANOR, GENERAL - US military genius killed by Red Skull (George Maxon)
    *D* (app-redskull(georgemaxon)--(g) Captain America Comics#1/3

MANOR, MILDRED - wife of General Manor, terrorized by Red Skull (George Maxon)
    (app-redskull(georgemaxon)--(g) Captain America Comics#1/3

MANOWAR (    ) - Atlantean, Fathom's Five, captured and imprisoned by American authorities
    (app)--New Thunderbolts#1 ([3 (fb), 2 (fb)], 1, 2?, 3, [4], 5, 6, [9]

MAN-OF-WAR - created by Portuguese government, destroyed by Namor with Vibranium gun
    aquatic creature, tentacles could release electricity or paralyze others, amorphous consistency resistant to conventional injury, devour others
   (app) --Fantastic Four Unlimited#11/2 ([11/2 (fb)], 11/2

MANOLIS, Lt. NICK – New York Police Department, framed Matt Murdock for bribery in order to get the Kingpin to pay his son's medical bills, revealed the truth to Ben Urich after his son died, killed by Lois, an agent of the Kingpin.
    wm, brown hair
    *D*--Daredevil I#167 (169, 170, 172, 173, Marvel Team-Up Annual#4, Moon Knight I#13, DD186, 227, 229, 230d)

MAN-OO the MIGHTY - gorilla
    (net-preff)--(g) Jungle Action I#1

MANOO - alien active at Farnsworth college
    (Marvel Monsters)--Amazing Adventures I#2

MANOO - Vaag, alien active at Farnsworth college, usurped identity of Billie Jones, exposed by Gjo
    presumably the same being as above, but the full truth is unknown
    (Marvel Monsters)--Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

MANORB 2099 of Earth-9602 – amalgam of Orb + Mano, Frightful Five
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

MANOTAUR (Phaidon) of the Hyborean era - magically transformed by Tarascus; half bull/half man, slain by Conan
    *D*--Conan Annual#4

MANPHIBIAN ( ) – SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, extraterrestrial creature, arrived on earth over 1000 years ago, revived in 1975
    (1970s, app)--Legion of Monsters#1 ([Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1 (Director's Cut)], [1], 2, [3-5], 6

MAN-SERPENTS (Hotephaaph, Mehennassar, Nuubissat, Ssarbaarix, Sscharonn, Thefertaash )
- spawn of Set, came from a common race that spawned they and the Serpent Men, many served Thoth-Amon.
    Humanoid heads, serpentine bodies, snakes for hair, mesmerize others
    -SONs of SET (app)--REH’s The God in the Bowl; Conan the Barbarian I#7 (Savage Sword of Conan#192 (fb1+2), Conan#7, 89, SSoC#191

MANSFIELD?, BILLY - uncle of Moose

MANSFIELD?, KATY - aunt of Moose

MANSFIELD, MAURICE "MOOSE" of Earth-MC2 - Midtown high school classmate of May Parker, unidentified brothers, football player, bullied Jimmy Yama until punched in larynx and injured by him, developed infatuation with Courtney Duran when believed her to be Spider-Girl, continued dating her, leg broken playing football, left school to be closer to father after he developed cancer, bonded with Carnage in hopes of saving father
    CARNAGE*, MO* <mini-bio in Spider-Girl#100>--What If? II#105 (Spider-Girl#1-4, 6-10, 12-23, 25, 26-29, 32(fb1), 32-36, 39,40, 42, 45, 50, [53], 54, 55, 60, 61, 64,66, 67, 68, 69, 72, 74, 76, 86, 89, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99-100, [Amazing Spider-Girl#1], 9-11

MANSFIELD, Mr. - father of Moose, firefighter, diagnosed with tumor, injured during battle between Spider-Girl and Stark's bodyguard, underwent extensive chemotherapy
    --Spider-Girl#94 (95, 97, Amazing Spider-Girl#9, 11?

MANSFIELD brothers of Earth-982 - Moose's brothers

MANSLAUGHTER ( ) - Dragon Circle, former assassin, trained under Interloper, original body destroyed in battle against Dragon of the Moon, able to take the form of Roger Loomis and transform it into a duplicate of his original body.
    cause others to feel pain of injuries to his own body, master of armed and unarmed combat, limited mental powers, block subliminal hearing and peripheral vision, psychotic
    (D#7,M,app)--Defenders I#133, 134 (151(fb), 135(fb), 133, 134(fb), 134-135, 150/2, 151(fb), 151-152, Strange Tales II#5/2, 6/2, 7, 7/2, Dr. Strange III#3, 4, Cage I#13,14

MANSLAUGHTER ( Marsdale) - enforcer for Madame Fang, had operation to dull nerves.
    unable to sense own pain, skilled fighter, bm
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#271(309

MAN-SLAYER - robot built by Mad Thinker
    --Captain Marvel I#12 (13, 14

MAN-SLAYER - see GROTT (app)--Giant-Size Defenders#3

MAN-SPIDER of Earth-Mutant X (Peter Parker) - trapped in six-armed form after attempting cure, clone killed by Goblin Queen
    *D* (net)-Uncanny SPIDER-MAN—Mutant X#5, 6 (12(fb), An2000/3, MutX#5, 6, Annual 2001, MX32

MAN-SPIDER of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Antoine Tarantella) - Synthia employee, former boyfriend of Dana D'angelo
    --Spider-Man 2099 Special#1

man stone - divining device of the "alchemist"
    (app-f66)--Pryde & Wisdom#

MANT (Thomas Williams) - X-Force tryout
    ant-like appearance, strong mandibles
    (app)--X-Force I#29

MANT of Counter Earth-Franklin (Ernest Sanger) - remnants, took up armor of ant-man after he returned to earth-prime.
    shrink at will
    --Heroes Reborn: Remnants#1 (1(fb), 1

MANTA ( ) - Imperial Guard.
    release burst of energy to blind others, neutralize energy or cause unconsciousness
    (I#5,D#6)--Uncanny X-Men#137 (Rom An4, X124-126, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6,

MANTEGA, MIRANDA - mother of Sophia, killed in crossfire during a riot
    *D*--New Mutants II#1 (1d)

    --New Mutants II#1 (2-6, 7, 8-12, 13, New X-Men: Academy X#1,2-->Wind Dancer
    New Warriors IV#2 (fb), 1-6, 7-8, 9-10-->Renascence)

MAN-THING (Theodore "Ted" Sallis) - nexus guardian, originally formed when Ted Sallis injected self with variant of super-soldier serum (serum so-2) and was mutated by energies of the nexus of realities in the swamp, Ted Sallis and Ellen Brandt later entered the nexus of reality to preserve it, leaving the form of Man-Thing to Kad-Mon, Ellen and Ted then merged with the nexus itself and Kad-Mon into a composite being with the form of the Man-Thing, union of the four left reality, although some fragment of them remained within the form of the original Man-Thing
    "Man-Object" (alias used by Dakimh) (I#7,D#8,M, OH: MK)--Savage Tales I#1 (Man-Thing III#1 + 2 + 4(fb), Giant-Size Man-Thing#5, SavT I#1,
Astonishing Tales#12,13, Monsters Unleashed#5, Adventures into Fear#10-17, Avengers I#118, Marvel Two-In-One#1, Monsters Unleashed#8,9, AdvFear18,19, Man-Thing I#1-6, 7, ManTh#8, GS Man-Thing#1, Master of Kung Fu I#19, DD#113,114, GS ManTh2, ManTh9-14, GS ManTh3, ManTh15, 16, GS Man4, ManTh17,18, GS Man5, MT9-22, Marvel Premiere#28, Iron Man An3, Shadows & Lite#2/2, Incredible Hulk II#197,198, Rampaging Hulk I#7/2, Howard the Duck I#22-24, Marvel Team-Up I#68, MTIO#43, Micronauts I#7, Man-Thing II#1-4, Dr. Strange II#41, ManTh5, Howard the Duck Mag7/2(fb), 6/4, 7, 7/2, 7/3, She-Hulk I#8, ManTh6-10, Uncanny X-Men#144, ManTh#11 (fb), MTIO#77, Defenders I#88, Thor I#316,317, MTU#122, Marvel Fanfare I#9, 36/2, Marvel Comics Presents#1/2-12/2, 29/4, Iron Man I#275, Hulk389, Quas31, 50, MCP#164/3-167/3, Midnight Sons Unlimited#8, IncHulk#427,428, Generation X#25, DayDreamers#1-3, Heroes Reborn: The Return#1, Marvel Team-Up II#4, Man-Thing III#1-8, Strange Tales IV#1,2, < > Peter Parker: Spider-Man An1999, Hulk III#4,6,7 X-Force#100, Marvel Knights: Double Shots#2, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Marvel Team-Up III#4, Nightcrawler III#9-10, [11], Thing II#8, [Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing#1 (fb)], 1, She-Hulk II#20

MANTIC GALLERY of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Metalscream and Litany's home. Alone in the Arizona desert and cloaked with spells, it was supposed to be a sanctuary and safe haven for them. Apparently it wasn't cloaked too well, as both the Red Hermitage and SHIELD found it and damaged it, to varying degrees.
    (app-met)--2099 Unlimited #4 (7, 2099 Apocalypse

MANTIC ORGAN - music causes epilepsy in demons, owned by Stephen Loss
DJ Blast/Jamal Blass, Hardcase/Tom Hawke, Starburst/Linda WarrenDJ Blast/Jamal Blass, Hardcase/Tom Hawke, Starburst/Linda Warren     (app-loss)--Hellstorm#20

MANTICORE – Greek/Persian Mythology.
    Body of a lion, head of a man (sometimes a lion’s head) and the tail of a scorpion or dragon. In some cases it had a triple row of sharp teeth.
    MANTIKORIAS. Not seen in the MU

MANTICORE ( ) - Brand Corporation agent, battled Hawkeye and Ghost Rider/Blaze
    (OH:AZU#1, app)--Ghost Rider II#27 ([New Avengers Most Wanted Files], Marvel Comics Presents#5/2-7/2

MANTICORE MIRROR of the Hyborian era - formerly owned by Tuzun Thune, used by Olgerd Vladislav to heal his hand
    --Savage Sword of Conan#58/3

MANTIS ( Brandt) - Avengers, Rocket Raccoon's Guardians of the Galaxy, daughter of Libra and Vietnamese woman, niece of Monsieur Khruul, raised by Priests of Pama, who chose her as the Celestial Madonna, mated her with eldest Cotati/Swordsman to mother the Celestial Messiah (Sequoia / Quoi), formerly took on plant-form that duplicated original, returned to earth and regained true form, child stolen by Cotati, raised on Tamal
    martial arts expert, empath, able to sense weak points, master of own autonomic functions, formerly able to transfer into other plant-life
    -the CELESTIAL MADONNA*. Willow, Lorelei, Mandy Celestine, Goddess of Life, This One (I#13,D#8,M, OH: Av2005)--Avengers I#112 (Av123(fb), 114/GS#4(fb1(Av121(fb)), GS#4(fb2), 121(fb), 129(fb), 112, 113, 114(Av280(fb)), 115, 116, Defenders I#9, Av117, Def10/Av159(fb), Av118, Def11, Av119-124, 125(Captain Marvel I#31,32), CaptMarv33, Av126, GS Av1, Av280(fb), 127(fb), 127, F4#150, Av128, 129, GS2, Av130-132, GS3, Av133-135, GS Av4, Silver Surfer III#4(fb), Avengers: Celestial Quest#2(fb1), West Coast Avengers II#39(fb1+2), Av:CelQ#3(fb), Silver Surfer III#4(fb3), 4,5, 6-9, An1/3, Av:CQ#2(fb2), WCA I#37, An3, WCA#38, 39, Surf20, Fantastic Four I#323-325, An25/2, Galactus the Devourer#4,6, Avengers: Celestial Quest#2(fb3), 1-8, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Av86-88, [Guardians of the Galaxy II#4 (fb)], 1-6, 7-8,
, [She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (fb)], 1

MANTIS, PREI-YING - Maltesian, Chief Accountant, former Keeper of the Cosmic Key, killed by Pro-Rata for the Key
    *D* (app-hemlock)--Howard the Duck Magazine#4 (4(fb,d)

MANTLE, JAKE - Hudson Trucking, given scar on chest by Mr. Fish when tried to stand up to him, hired Luke Cage to stop Mr. Fish
    ( Man#29

MANTOR (MANTYS) – Sectaur, mentor to Dargon, Keeper of Hyve knowledge, magician
    --Sectaurs#1 (2-8

MANTOR the MAGICIAN ( ) - Sorcerer able to transform and create objects, cast illusions, shoot fire, etc.
    (app, goldage)--(g) Human Torch Comics#2/7 (Fall, 1940)

MANTRA of Earth-93060 (Lukasz/Eden Blake) -
    —Mantra I#1

MANTRA of Earth-93060 (Eden Blake) -
    —Mantra I#17

MANTRA of Earth-93060 (Lauren Sherwood) - former babysitter for Eden Blake, temporarily given Mantra powers by demon, subsequently given Mantra's armor and weaponry when the demon-possessed Gus Blake imprisoned Eden and stripped her of her weapons.
The Human Drip--(Lauren) Mantra (uv) I#14 (21;
    (Mantra) Mantra I#21 (Mantra Infinity, Mantra II#1, 2/2, Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis + Revelations, Mantra II#1-6

MANTRAP (Roane) - Project Trapdoor
    Superhuman physical abilities, senses, healing
    --X-Men: Smoke & Mirrors novel

MANTRAX, BOS'N - extraterrestrial, former crewman aboard Sanctuary III under Nebula, hid her away to recuperate after Thanos nearly slew her, slain by Thanos after his obtaining the Infinity Gauntlet and discovering Mantrax's actions
    *D*--Silver Surfer III#38 (45d)

MANTRICORA - Negative Zone, planet, former base of Taranith Gestal
    --Fantastic Four I#254

MANTZ, REGINALD - obsessed over super-heroes, took MGH to gain Darkforce powers in order to be with Dagger, badly beat her, exposed and defeated by Runaways
    Manipulate Darkforce
    CLOAK imposter*--[Runaways II#8], 9 (9(fb), [8], 9-11

MANUEL ?? 2099 - old man, mind transferred into younger body via Nu-U Clinic, exposed by Vendetta and slain by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher 2099#20 (20d)

MAN-WOLF - see JOHN JAMESON. SHIELD's Howling Commando monster unit, transformed into savage, nearly mindless humanoid wolf by godstone, activated by moonlight, transformed into stargod in other realm, stone eventually grew into body until destroyed by curt connors, briefly returned to wolf form by dr. nightshade's werewolf treatment, later transformed to battle Jack O' Lantern/Mad Jack
    (I#13, 1970s, net)—Amazing Spider-Man I#124 (125(fb), 124-126, GS Super-Heroes#1, Creatures on the Loose#30-37, Marvel Premiere#45,46, Marvel Team-Up I#36,37, AmzSp190(fb), 184, 188-190 (Fantastic Four I#204), She-Hulk I#13,14, Spectacular Spider-Man An3(cured)>jj.
    [Captain America I#402-405], 406-408->jj.
    [Spectacular Spider-Man II#249], 250->jj
    [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1 (Director's Cut)]
, [Sensational Spider-Man III#23-24], 25, [26-27], She-Hulk II#10-13, 20 (fb)

"MAN-WOLF" (    ) - transformed by Kraven via Godstone into Man-Wolf-like form, used in safari hunt
    --Spider-Man Family#5/2

MAN-WORMS - see MOUND-DWELLERS (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#59

MANX - enemy of Hellbent, feral savage creature, born and bred from Hellbent prime stock centuries ago in order to hunt down their own tainted breed, thirteenth generation Manx went rogue, killed by Slaine?
    --Moon Knight III#50 (53, 57-60, Web of Spider-Man Annual#8?, XMan45

MANYAC, DOCTOR - outfitted criminals with flaming asbestos suits as the Green Flames; enemy of the Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#4 (February 1940)  (Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special#1

MANY-ARROWS, - Kisani tribe
    --[Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#2]

Many-Mouthed Monstrosity - combined form of gargoyles which had held imprisoned demons, tried to kill Conan and Zukala, slain by them
    --Savage Sword of Conan#205

MAP of ALL-ENDING - power item, obtained by thanos from odin when he was weakened following the second war of the dark gods and poisoned by potion from tarakis, when illuminated by the fire jewel would illuminate a path to the designate
    --Thor II#21 (22-25

MAPPER of Earth-148611 (Jonathon Matthews) - Paranormal Platoon
    --War (nu)#1

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