KRIEG, JASON - professional thief, hired by Mrs. Morse to retrieve Singing Spider from Desmond Guille
    --Immortal Weapons#2

KRIEGER, ELTON- Weird Happenings Organization, accompanied Styman in attempt to pilfer Excalibur's lighthouse while they were away on missions, driven off by Lockheed
    --Excalibur: Air Apparent

KRIEGER, SIMON - former agent of Republic Oil and Natural Gas, utilized Dogs of War, attempted defamation of Tony Stark and Stark industries, assassinated by Spymaster I when failed and imprisoned
    *D*--Iron Man: Iron Age#1 ([Iron Man I#288(fb)], IM:IA#1(fb), 1, 2d)

KRIEGER SECT (Legate, Legate) - vampires
    --Death of Dracula#1

KRIEGHUND (Wilhelm von Strohm) - Nazi colonel, ally of Brain Drain, extracted Super-Soldier Serum knowledge from Dr. Anderson, allowing creation of Master Man; aided the Red Skull in brainwashing the Invaders
    --Giant-Size Invaders #1 (Invaders I#6, Marvel Premiere #30

KRIEK, JOHANN - head of security for Providence, Interpol agent for 20 years, past encounter with Captain America
    --Cable and Deadpool#14 ([25(fb)], 14, 20, 23, [24], 25, 26, [33], [40-41]

KRIL, TYRUS - extraterrestrial, father of Ulara + Jexia + Zet, family slaughtered and transformed into Brood, dedicated life to slaying Brood, came to Earth and enlisted Wolverine’s aid in slaying the rest of the clan that contained his family, then forced Wolverine to kill him.
    Used drugs to stave off transformation into a Brood, used variety of weapons
    --Wolverine Annual 2000

KRILL - extraterrestrial race
    --Amazing Adult Fantasy#8

KRILL - part reptile, part android weapons bio-engineered by Home Base/Secret Conspiracy, designed to capture samples of Hulk's blood.
    Titanium teeth cable of holding samples of blood, swarm on and slaughter targets
    --Incredible Hulk III#61 (61(fb), 61, 62-65

 KRILL, SACRED STATUE - see SACRED KRILL STATUE (app-tagak)--Defenders I#72

KRILLIAN race (Grun, Urch, Marchalla + baby) - extraterrestrial, under domain of Shiar, many served in work prison until Lilandra notified of their conditions by Nate Grey

KRILLIK - Skrull, "S-Men," female
    "ANGEL"--X-Men: First Class I#6

KRIMONN - Skrull that became the Power Prism of Dr. Spectrum
    (app)--Avengers I#69, Iron Man I#65 (IM#65(fb) Squadron Supreme I#8(fb), Av69, 70, IM#63-66, AvAn8(fb), Defenders I#13, 14, GS Defenders#4, AvAn8

KRIMSON KLANSMAN of Earth-40727 - enemy of Captain America, fell to his death from the Steranko in battle with Bucky
    *D*--Captain America IV#28

K'RIN - Shi'ar, nursemaid to Deathcry, sent holo-disk to Deathcry warning her
  *D*?--Avengers I#389 (389 (fb)

KRINGE (    ) - Brotherhood of Hades, servant of Mr. Hotline, possibly killed when their facility was destroyed
    (app-boh)--2001: A Space Odyssey#9 (10, Marvel Comics Presents II#10/2?

KRISS, Hauptmann RUDOLPH - @ 1944, Nazi, possessed by Dracula, had many slain in mock search for a vampire
    *D*--Dracula Lives#2/5

KRISTA - Asgardian, Valkyrior, joined when Brunnhilde quit, sister of Hildegarde
    --Thor I#217 (311/2-313/3, 218, 219, 221-225, 227, 229-232, 234, 248

KRISTALL-STARRER ( ) - former Nazi, crossed over into another dimension, eyes used by Clara Meninger
    --[Blaze II#1], 9 (9(fb), 9

KRISTIN ?? of Earth-93060 - girlfriend of Wrath
    --Wrath (uv) #2

KRISTOFF - see VERNARD, KRISTOFF--Fantastic Four I#247

K'RITH - planet of the K'rithians
    --Marvel Two-in-One#98

K'RITHIAN race (Sharilla) - extraterrestrial, planet K'rith, assaulted by G'hrunji Gobbler, summoned Thing, Franklin Richards, and Dr. Giles Niven to stop it
    8' tall, green skin, pacifists, advanced technology
    (app)--Marvel Two-in-One#98

KRITNAH - planet, where the alliance between the Shiar and Spartoi was disrupted by an assassination attempt on Lilandra by the Inhumans under control of Ronan, capital city = Kritnalar.
    --Inhumans IV#3 (4

KRITZBERG, Col. BYRON - @ World War II, Nazi, guarded Eva Braun, shot by Fred Jones
    *D* (app-jonesfred)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#81 (81d)

K'RLL - Deonist, Soul Survivors, activated Soul-Eater
    (app-souls/souleater)--Thor I#261 (262, 263, [Quasar#35]

KRO - Deviant, Delta Force, former lover of Thena, father of dark angel iv@ 20 000 years old, in past posed as own descendents to prevent others from suspecting his age, opposed makkari and posed as a demon in the 1940s, created many of the deviant mutates that menaced earth in the 1950s, became ruler of deviant lemuria following death of brother tode, but had authority usurped by ghaur and deviant priesthood, organized delta force, assisted Avengers by secluding President Bush and protecting him from Kang.
    long-lived, reshape form slightly
    -WARLORD KRO, BROTHER KRO, Agent 6, Rudolph Hendler, Big Guy
    (I#6, D#7, OH: AZU#3)--Eternals I#1 (Eternals: Herod Factor(fb), Eternals II#4(fb), RedRavenComics#1, Captain America Comics#1/ -11/ , Marvel Universe#4-7, Marvel: Lost Generation#10, Et:HerFac(fb), Et I#1-6, 8-10, 13, Thor284-286, Iron Man An6, Eternals II#1-12, Avengers Annual#17, Quasar#12, Et:HerF, Av370, 371, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes for Hire#5(fb), 5-7, Eternals: Apocalypse Now, Black Panther III#27, 28, Avengers III#45, 49, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 5, 6

KRO of Earth-Eternal - monstrous deviant evolved into humanoid form and given intellect by Kurassus; initially fought against Ikaeden, but eventually joined with him, apparently fled the planet to escape the Celestials' judgment
    --Eternal#3, (named) 4 (5,6

KROBAA - extra-dimensional explorer, benevolent until took a human host and was overwhelmed by the human id, destroyed by eddie brock
    The Abyss that Walked  (app)--Venom: Seed of Darkness minus 1d

KRODA the DUELIST - Asgardian, allied with Enchantress, impersonated Thor
    --Journey into Mystery I#119 (122, Thor I#262-266

KROEGER - from Earth-Bishop, brought back in time by Fitzroy, turned on him, killed
    --Uncanny X-Men #282d

KROGARR - alien dimension, sent creature through the television of Joe Hanson, prevented from invading when Hanson destroyed his television
    --Tales To Astonish I#25

    (app)--(g) Tales to Astonish I#25 

KROGG - extraterrestrial, used matter transmitter to banish entire houses extradimensionally and then ransomed them back to their owners, vanished when discovered and confronted by Dr. Druid
    (app)--Amazing Adventures I#6

KROGG - demon, imprisoned by Amos Trench, released + battled Werewolf (Russell)
    (app)--Werewolf by Night I#8

KROGG - Slig, escaped during prison transport and slew the guard Grogarr; killed by HERBIE/Dr. Sun when he tried to steal the Fantastic Four's ship; his gang was recaptured by the Fantastic Four
    (app-slig)--Fantastic Four I#209 ([209(fb)], 209

KROGSTAD, DALE - native of Settler’s Peak, Tennessee, developed cancer, chemotherapy failed, visited New York City, saved from car wreck by Tarene, nearly killed trying to stop Executioner from killing her, healed and cured by Thor using the Odinpower
    --Thor II#43

KROLLAR - Mega-Monster.
    powerful digger, large mouth, extendable horn
    (app) *D*--Godzilla#12 (13, 14

KROLNEK, HEATHER - daughter of the Stag Beetle, she idolized Spider-Nan, followed battle between he and the Stag Beetle to discover her father's id
    (app)--Tangled Web of Spider-Man#15

KROMM - Irth, warrior, ally of Khaos
    --Excalibur Annual #1

KRON race (Ulek(d) ) - extraterrestrial, enemies of Jorken race, yellow skin with mohawk
    --Strong Guy Reborn#1

KRONAK the BARBARIAN - former ruler of extra-dimensional realm of Terragonia until overthrown by Hulk, presumably killed by former citizens
    *D* (app)--Incredible Hulk II#201 (201(fb), 201d)

KRONAN race (Gorr, Korg, Margus, Zardrox) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Ria?, imperialistic
    large silicon-based semi-humanoids, thick, virtually impenetrable hides, enhanced strength;
    advanced technology, including the Mechano-Monster, Mekkanoid, Gravitron, and an illusion-caster
    -STONE MEN from SATURN* (I#5, D#15, AZU#2, app)--Journey into Mystery I#83 (Captain America Annual#11, Journey into Mystery I#83, Thor I#255, Avengers Spotlight#25/2, Quasar#55, Thor482

KRONAS - Russian village, encountered by Captain America during World War II
    --Captain America V#5 (5 (fb)

KRONAS CORPORATION - owned by Aleksander Lukin
    --Captain America V#9 (11-12

KRONE, FRITZ - Nazi brute, used number of armored spies, allied with Geoffrey Sydenham's 1959 plot
    --Captain America Comics#15 (
Avengers 1959#5,

KRONER, PHINEAS - @ 1879, sought royal/wealthy suitor for daughter Maria, ended up with Dracula
    --Journey into Unknown Worlds#29; rep Dracula Lives#4/5

KRONIK - Dark Dimension, former servant of Dormammu
    --Dr. Strange III#78

    --All-Winners Comics#10 ()

KRONITT - extraterrestrial god, worshipped by unnamed extra-terrestrial race, demanded monthly sacrifices of young men, attacked his worshippers for insufficient worship, destroyed by Desak.
    Large + Armored from, teleport, fire destructive energy blasts
    *D*--Thor Annual 2001

KRONO, KING - Gor-Tokian Subterranean, father of Grotesk killed by radiation poisoning due to underground nuclear testing.
above average strength and infra-red vision
    (app-grotesk) *D* -- X-Men#41 (Avengers Annual #20/2(fb), X-Men#41(fb) 

KRONOS - first generation Eternal, father of Zuras, husband of Daina, drove off Uranos and his followers in past after civil war, body destroyed by explosion of cosmic energy experiment that further empowered the Eternals of earth, evolved into cosmic entity, created Drax the destroyer
    -CHRONOS (M)--Iron Man I#55 (What If? I#24/2"d", 25/2, Captain Marvel I#29(fb), IM#55(fb), CaptMarv29, 31, Quasar#19(fb), 25, Infinity Gauntlet#3-6, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4/2

    Olympian god
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#5]

KRONOS of Earth-5555 - 8162 AD, Evil Dead,
    skull-like face, beheaded foes with scythe
    *D*--(UK) Dragon's Claws#2d

KRONOS race - Microverse, war-like sub-species of Insectivorids, former agents of Baron Karza
    (app)--Micronauts Annual#2 ([Micronauts I#26/2 (fb)], [Micronauts Annual#2], MicroN#26/2(fb), [28]

KRONSKI, GREGORI - Russian spy, impersonated Glen Talbot
    --Incredible Hulk II#1__

KRONSKI of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - Arcade
    --Wild Thing I#7

    --Captain America I#321? (347

KRONUS ( Wilkins) - former secretary of Cornelius van Lunt, leader of Split-Second Squad
    (app)--Avengers I#77

KRONUS (Prof. Kerwin Kronus) - designed machine that sent Banner into the past; his efforts to prevent himself from becoming the Hulk resulted in a divergent reality "Earth-20476," in which he succeeded, but Rick Jones had died; Banner went back into the past and attempted to reverse these events, returning him to Earth-616.
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#204

KROOL, Dr. LARS - cadaverous scientist, set up mazes of death; battled Whizzer
    --All Winners Comics#13 (Fall, 1944)

KROPOTKIN the GREAT ( ) - magician, former tenant of April Sommers
    --Incredible Hulk II#214 (Giant-Size Incredible Hulk#1 (fb), iNCh#214, 215, 223, 225-228, 238

KROSAKIS - extraterrestrial energy consuming creature, ran a starship's crew by fear, kept prisoners in stasis fields, captured Gladiator, forcibly bonded with Uni-Power, overloaded with power by Silver Surfer, imprisoned aboard his own starship
    --Captain Universe/Silver Surfer#1 ([1(fb)], 1

KROTOK - Lava Men, used in Firebringer plot of Jinku
-- X-Force#81

KROTZE, FRITZ of Earth-148611 - killed Jenny Swenson’s father to get the Spitfire armor, killed by Steel Hawk
    *D* (app)--Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (nu)#1 ([3(fb), 2(fb), 1(fb), 2(fb), 1(fb), 3(fb), 9(fb), 2(fb), 1(fb), 1, [3(fb)], 2, 3, [3(fb)], 3, [4(fb)], 4d)

KROWE, KHARION - @ 1956, agent of Yellow Claw, piloted, Temujai
    (app-temujai)--(g) Yellow Claw#2

KROWLER, viscount HEINRICH - father of Sara, grandfather of Baron (Karl) Mordo, ally of Anthony Baskerville, associate of Adolph Hitler, following World War I sought power to avenge Germany upon the allied forces, had Sara marry Baron (Nikolai) Mordo in order that he might effect an obscure spell of transference of mystic power, had Sara slay Nikolai so that he could pose no threat to his power, introduced Hitler to his cabal of mystics, who encouraged him to initiate World War II, sent Mordo to train under Ancient One, imprisoned time traveling Dr. Strange @ 1943, Karl Mordo utilized energy from bombing of London to use Krowler as a mystic vessel to invade earth by Dormammu, Dormammu was exorcised by Morgana Blessing via utilizing and usurping power of modern-day Karl Mordo, Krowler’s mind and body were shattered by the experience, ultimately sacrificed to Dormammu by Mordo both to gain power and as vengeance for the murder of his father.
    Skilled practitioner of the dark arts, siphoned power from Karl Mordo
    *D* (app)--Dr. Strange II#49 (Dr. Strange III#6/2, Doc II#51(fb)//Doc III#7/2, Doc II#50, 51, Doc III#7/2

KROWLER, SARA - daughter of Heinrich, mother of baron (Karl) Mordo, directed by her father to seduce and marry Baron (Nikolai) Mordo and bear a son so that Heinrich could utilize an obscure spell of transference upon one of his own bloodline, treated son only as an instrument of future power, slew Nikolai via power channeled from Heinrich, ultimately sacrificed to Dormammu by Karl Mordo to gain power as well as for vengeance for the murder of his father.
    cold + resourceful
    Sara Mordo*, Baroness of Mordo*, Viscountess Krowler* *D* (app)--Dr. Strange III#6/2

KRRU - Anthigorite, located Resurrection Stone, split it in half and sent it into Earth’s past to prevent its abuse, murdered by a skrull who had been seeking the Stone
    *D* (app-res)--Avengers I#209 (209(fb), 209d)

K'RTEM - Skrull, trained alongside Z'Reg (Crusader), slain by him on Earth after he recognized Z'Reg
    *D*--Avengers: The Initiative#15 (15 (fb), 15d)

KRUCH, ANTON - Leader of the One World Church, sought to use Facade Virus to turn everyone one Earth blue, formerly employed Deadpool, plot foiled by Cable
    --Cable and Deadpool#1 (2-6

KRUGER, ELISE - wife of Heinz
    --[Marvel Project#4 (2010)

KRUGER, HEINZ - Gestapo spy, killed Dr. Erskine, attempted to kill Captain America, electrocuted
    *D*--(g) Captain America I#1; Tales of Suspense I#63 ([Captain America I#155 (fb)], 109(fb), [155(fb)], 255(fb)/Adventures of Captain America#1, Young Men #24 (fb) [BTS]/Tales of Suspense I#63/Captain America I#109 (fb)/Captain America I#176 (fb)/Giant-Size Invaders#1 (fb)/Captain America I#215 (fb)/Captain America I#255 (fb)/Adventures of Captain America#1/Marvel Super-Heroes III#3 (fb)/Marvel Universe#1 (dies)

KRUEGER, Stefan Ulrich - mutant, possesses army of deformed humans, purchased Angel and Avia from a fishing ship when they were caught in their nets, captured Cyclops and Marvel Girl when they came to rescue them, duped into "selling" them all to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
    immune to some mutant powers, cause unconsciousness in mutants
    --X-Men: Hidden Years#8 ([10], 11, 12, [14], 14

KRUEL (Victor Krueller) - former agent of Kingpin, killed Glorianna O'Breen and attempted to kill several others that had witnessed part of his past
    *D*--Daredevil I#338 (338-342(fb), 338-342d)

KRUGARR - Lem, Mourners, identifies and locates the dying

KRUGARR of Earth-691 - Lem, disciple of Ancient One of Earth-691
    (net)--Guardians of the Galaxy Annual1 ( Guardians of the Galaxy #52,61/2

KRUGER, - police officer, oversaw creation of Officer Z.E.R.O.,

KRUGER, HEINZ - see KRUEGER, HEINZ (app)--(g) Captain America I#1; Tales of Suspense I#63

KRUGER, KLAUS - Daredevil foe, former dictator of Lichtenbad
    (app)--Daredevil I#9

KRUGREPPEAN race ("Curly," "Larry," "Moe," "Shemp," leader, consort, others) - Milky Way galaxy, forced to flee planet after Star-Thief (Ilse Pterigil) removed their sun; aided Defenders in confronting Star-Thief and restoring the missing stars
    (app)--Defenders I#150

KRUHL, IRMA - contact of Zemo imposter, spy, captured and replaced by Sharon Carter
    --Tales of Suspense I#97

KRUK - partner of Kurg, pawns of Nebula, fought War Machine and Thunderstrike, defeated by Thunderstrike
    --Secret Defenders#9 (10

KRULE - see CRULE (app)--[X-Force I#10], 12

KRUMA, TALIA - Whiz Kids, Stark West, D.Sc., Ph.D., engineer, architect, designer. bf
    (app)--Black Goliath#1 (2-4, Marvel Two-In-One#24, 85, Marvel Year-In-Review 1989 p25, Quasar#32, Avengers I#345

KRUMHAUSEN, LUTHER - @ 1962, wealthy European, tricked rival Darius Zamora, causing him to have a heart attack, shrunken and eaten by his own Zamora-possessed cat
    (app-zamora)--Journey into Mystery I#80/1

KRUNCH - Hellbent, female, guarded Hellhole
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#58

KRUSCHEV, NIKITA - former Soviet Premier

KRUSH - Inhuman guard, stopped Kree theft of Terrigen crystals
    (app)--Inhumans II#1

KRUSHKI - Exiles, Russian.
    extremely strong
    (app-ex)--Captain America I#103, 104 (105, 115, 117, 118, Astonishing Tales#4, 5

KRUUGER, Maj. RUDOLPH - @ World War II, representative of the Gestapo, assigned to the Planner (Innsbruck) at Hawk Eyrie, led his men to defeat the Howling Commandos, ultimately defeated by them, apparently slain with destruction of Hawk Eyrie
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#119

KRUUN - see POWERLORD KRUUN--Astonishing X-Men#19

KRUZADO (Dorothy Cardoza) - Anti-Registration Underground
 --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4])

KR'VETH - character in Skrull TV show
    --Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?#1/2 (1/2 (fb)

KRYAD - Cosmic Commando Unit.
    dark-skinned female, fly, project energy blasts
    --Star Masters#1, 3(named) (1-3

KRYLAR – K’ai, former steward of assassins of Pitll Pawob, slain by Visis after failing to kill the Hulk
    *D* (app-vis)—Incredible Hulk II#156 (156d)

KRYLENKO, ANATOLY - husband of Ishka, father of Irene, arranged development of chemical weapons missiles at an oil refinery in Russia, assassinated by Black Widow
    Vladimir Pradov*, BUTCHER of SHIR KHAN*--Hawkeye III#7 ([8(fb)], [7(fb, dies)]

KRYLENKO, IRENE - daughter of Anatoly and Ishka
    --Hawkeye III#7

KRYLENKO, ISHKA - widow of Anatoly, mother of Irene, informed Russian government of her husband's activities in exchange for cash and protection
    --Hawkeye III#7 ([8(fb)], 7, 8

KRYIHD race - ancient race, warred with and eventually vanquished by the Dargalans; created the Red Hole, which in turn created the Omegex to destroy the Dargallans

KRYLAR - K'ai, agent of Visis, created machine that materialized its targets' fears
    (app-visis)--Incredible Hulk II#156

KRYLLA - 24th century woman, member of resistance against Cerebus , helped Iron Man oppose it, destroyed its CPU herself
    (app)--Iron Man I#5

KRYLLK the CRUEL - An Asgardian rock troll, he led an army of trolls and used the time-stopping Dark Crystal in an attack on both Asgard and Midgard (Earth) that was foiled by Spider-Man and Thor
    --Marvel Team-Up I#7

KRYLOR - Andromeda galaxy, home planet of the Krylorians, destroyed by Ego under direction of Kree/Ruul   
    --Incredible Hulk II#269 (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet(fb1, 4d)

KRYLORIAN race (Bartos, Bereet, Chirreep, Skeeb) - extraterrestrial, planet Krylor, capital city Plaisiir, evolved from birds, most of population is obsessed with escapist move-like fantasies of techno-art films, most died with destruction of Krylor by Ego.
    2 toes+2 fingers + thumb, advanced technology
    (I#6, D#15)--[Rampaging Hulk I#1], Incredible Hulk II#269 (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet(fb1, 4d), Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet

KRYLXXA of the Hyborian Era - fungus people/"phytons", fell in love with Fafnir, chose to die by his side
    --Conan the Barbarian I#163

KRYSOK - Negative Zone, planet, home of Hrollen, briefly visited by Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four III#19

KRYSTALIN of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Krys Porter Ogada) - X-Men 2099.
    project crystalline material
    (net)--X-Men 2099#1

Krystallins of Reality-829 (J’Nel, Leri, and K’tel) - planet Krystalla; destroyed by Galactus/black hole
Hercules: Twilight of a God#3 (2010)

KRYSTAR - Magneto’s mutates
    (app-magm)--Amazing Adventures II#9 ([10]

KRYSZTOF ?? - young boy, friend of Peter, threatened by rumors of devil dog (possibly Lockjaw)
    (app-jarzinho)--Inhumans III#5

KYZEWSKI, LEONARD MARTIN - Sons of the Serpent under Pennysworth and the Hate-Monger
    (app)--Avengers I#341 ([Defenders I#22-25], Av341,342

KRYZOTE mercenaries - utilized at Tyler’s World, unable to stop either Death's Head (FPA) or the Minion cyborg from breaking in
    --Death's Head II#1

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