KJEM of Reality-59356 - member of alien race that traveled to Planet X intending to conquer it but instead were enslaved by its flora
    --Tales of Suspense I#2/4

KJETH'YA SCOUT CRAFT - Shi'ar spacecraft piloted by young Adam-X to evade the Empire's dreadnought ships and arrive on Earth

KKALLAKKU - Fear Lords, hatchlord of Fear-Eaters
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#31/2 (32/2, 33/2, 38, 39

K’KARR - Kosmosian, served in rebellion, led by L’Klekk’Tak

"KKK-KKK" - Outcasts of New Mexico, ant
    (app-outcasts)--Incredible Hulk II#329

K'KKT - extraterrestrial insectoid, former slave in Broker's Bodyguard Cadre
    (app-broker)--[Force Works#13], Century: Distant Sons ([13-14], 15, [16], Century: Distant Sons

KKON, captain - extraterrestrial starship pilot, slain and ship stolen by Broker
    *D* (app-broker)--Force Works#13 (13d)

KKRUL - lizard-like underground race, could mentally control humans and be absorbed into their forms, only one survivor

K'KYEN POWER PLANT - Shi'ar building, located in Za'tai on Aerie
    --War of Kings: Who Will Rule?#1

K'KYLTHRI of Earth-9010 - agents of the Demon Sun, fought by Marjorie Brink and the Last of Humanity
    (app-brinkmarjorie)—Marvel Comics Presents#61/4

KLAAST - Inhumans
    --Inhumans: The Great Refuge#1

KLAATU - Herm, pursued by crew of the Andromeda starship relentlessly until he finally destroyed them
    The Behemoth from Beyond Space* (2006#6, app)--Incredible Hulk II#136 (137(fb), 136,137, 306(fb), 306,307

Klaatu - planet located in the Pleiades Quadrant of Sector QXM78-67EMX of Reality-616, the world where Grott the Man-Slayer returned to physical form after decades of banishment in the Nameless Dimension and was promptly sent back by Rocket Raccoon and the Pet Avengers
Guardians Team-Up#5 ()

KLAER - Kree Peace Battalion
    --Captain Marvel IV#1, (named) 2 (4

KLAH dimension (Garkin) -
    --Strange Tales II#8/2

KLAHAN - Thai Buddhist monk, helped Wolverine, killed by Dao
   *D* (app) --Wolverine: Dangerous Games#1/2

KLANGIAN race (Ba-Korr, Sagar) - powerful conquerors, inadvertently sank into quicksand on Earth
    --Tales to Astonish I#47/3

K'LANTI race - pursued Lila Cheney for Harmonium
    (app)--[X-Factor I#110], 111

KLANTOR race - winged reptile-men, living to the east of Palandor, attacked queen Omell
    --Savage Tales I#9

KLARHEIT, NUNCIO - Deviant priestlord, served Ghaur, accompanied Kro to Pyramid of Winds, recovered vial and transported it back to Lemuria
    --Eternals II#6 (7

KLARK - see Mr. KLARK (app-ram)--Iron Man I#37

KLARKASH-TON - Atlantean priest, related the founding of Mayapan, Zothique, and Poseidonis by Atlantean and Antillian renegades
    homage to Clark Ashton
    --[Conan Saga#95]

KLARR - Skrull prison planet, formerly contained Dezan
    --Avengers Annual#14

KLASSER, MARIE - ex-wife of Morton, battered by him, hired Leena Wolfe to gather evidence against him
    --[Midnight Sons Unlimited#9/2]

KLASSER, MORTON "BUDDY" - ex-husband of Marie, sent to Ryker’s Island prison for four years after abusing wife, upon release his desire for revenge was strengthened by a demon sent to possess him by Aan Taanu, demon forcibly removed by Omen
    (app-at)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#9/2

KLATUU of Reality-691-  former home of the Kr'll, current home to Mainframe
Guardians of the Galaxy I#5

KLAUE, Colonel  - World War II, Blitzkrieg Squadron, ancestor of Ulysses Klaw, took over as leader after Strucker was disgraced before Hitler.
    steel hand
    (net-hc)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#39 (41, [Fantastic Four Unlimited#1/2]

KLAUS, Dr. ADLER - @ World War II, Nazi, designed experimental virus to be tested on Daniel Bellaman, killed by him
    *D* (app-bellamun)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117 (117(fb), 117 

KLAW (Ulysses Klaw) - Frightful Four, Fearsome Foursome, Crimson Cowl (both Ultron and Justine Hammer)’s Masters of Evil, former agent of Dr. Demonicus, former vice-president of Demonica, descendent of Klaue, killed T’Chaka, body converted into pure sound
    -the Master of Sound. Ronald Pershing
    (I#6, D#7, OH: AZU#3, M)--(Ulysses) Fantastic Four I#53; (K)#56 (Black Panther III#3(fb), 5(fb2), F4#53(fb), Black Panther IV#14(fb), F4#53, 56, Avengers I#54, 55, 83, F4#119, Av126(fb), 126, KaZar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#14-20, F4#187(fb[Iron Man An3]), [F4186], 187, 188, Marvel Fanfare I#14, Black Panther I#14, 15, Marvel Two-In-One#57, 58, Marvel Two-In-One An6, Dazzler#9, [10, 11], Secret Wars I#6-12, Daredevil I#237, Avengers An19/3(fb), F4#326-333, Avengers Spotlight#29/2, Quasar#6, F4 An24/3(fb), 24/3, Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: the Vault, Avengers West Coast#93(fb), 94-95, Captain America I#411-414, Fantastic Force#1, Avengers Unplugged#4, Over the Edge#4, Thunderbolts#3, Heroes for Hire#1, Cable II#54, ThunB33(fb), 24, 25, Captain America III#21, 22, Black Panther III#26-29, Marvel Universe: The End#3, Fantastic Four: Foes#1, 5-6, New Avengers#15, Thunderbolts II#103?, [FF547]-549

KLAW (    ) - assassinated T'Chaka, sent by General Wallace to invade Wakanda, assisted by Batroc, Black Knight, Cannibal, Radioactive Man (Igor Stancheck), and M'Butu, apparently killed by Black Panther
    *D*?--Black Panther IV#1 (3(fbs), 1-5, 6d)

KLAW, (    ) - 19th century, great-great-great-grandfather, slain by Black Panther
    --Black Panther IV#1

KLEB, ROSA - Russian espionage agent, manipulated by Red Skull
    *D*--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#21 (22, 23d)

KLEEZER (    ) - leader of madness-inducing creatures on Jupiter, opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Sun Girl, & Captain America (Mace)
    --Human Torch Comics#33 (November, 1948)

KLEENIX of Earth-148611 (Victor Pasco) - NSC, Forsaken?, boyfriend of Angie Tensen.
    allergic to paranormals
    (app)--Justice (nu)#21 (22-26, 28, 29, 31, 32

KLEGG - lackey of Universal Church of Truth, killed by Adam Warlock
    --Strange Tales I#179

KLEIN - female, member of That Which Endures
    --West Coast Avengers II#44 (Avengers West Coast #47-49

KLEIN, Det.  - District X
    --District X#3

KLEIN, Mr. - diamond dealer, robbed by King Cobra

KLEIN, ABE - Tony Stark's old electrical engineering professor, Stark International director of engineering division, killed by Mordecai Midas?
    *D*--Iron Man I#82 (88, 91-95, 104-107d)

KLEIN, CAMERON - SHIELD, technician, grandson of Stanley, inspired by him and his stories of Captain America to join SHIELD, brought Cap to Stanley’s side so he could see him again before he died, designed data storage device to hold Cache
    --Captain America III#32 (32(fb1), 32, 38-40

KLEIN, LINDA - friend of Foolkiller (Gerhardt), Burger Clown
    --Foolkiller#1(2-8, 10

KLEIN, Prof. PAUL - uncle of Faceless Man, saw his face
   (app-facelessman)--Man Comics I#27/1

KLEIN, SARAH - niece of Jonah Jameson
    --Spider-Man#38 (39, 40

KLEIN, SCOTT of Earth-93060 - schoolmate of Mantra (Sherwood), temporarily possessed by Ajak-Kar
    --Mantra(uv) I#21(Mantra Infinity, Mantra II#1,4-7

KLEIN, STANLEY - grandfather of Cameron, fought in World War II, risked own life to save life of another soldier, life saved from Nazis by Captain America, inspired children and grandchildren with memories of Cap, died from heart attack, but met Cap again on his deathbed
    *D*--Captain America III#25, (named) 32 (32(fb2), 25, 32(fb1), 32d)

KLEIN, Mr. - lawyer, defended Namor for his attacks on the USA over the years
    KLINE, Mr.* (app)--Namor I#6 (13 (fb), 13

KLEINFELDT, LORNA - Silver Sable international
    --Silver Sable#1 (2, 3, 6, 7 30, 33, 34

KLEINMAN, Dr. HORST of Earth-148611 - responsible for deaths of Keith Remsen’s parents

KLEINMANN, GIAN - servant of the Gnome
    --Nightmask #2, 4

KLEINSCHMIDT, - circa World War II, Nazi agent of Red Skull, foiled by Young Allies
    --Young Allies 70th Anniversary Special#1

KLEINSTOCK, ERIC - Acolytes, brother of Harlan and Sven, killed by Tom Corsi during initial assault on X-Men
    (net)--Uncanny X-Men#298

KLEINSTOCK BROTHERS (Harlan, Sven, Eric (d)) - Acolytes, originally three, Eric killed.
    merge into combined form, enhanced strength, fire energy blasts
    (2006#1-acolytes, net)--Uncanny X-Men#298 (300, X-Men II#43, 44,
    Quicksilver#1, Heroes for Hire#8 Quick11, HsfH#16, Q12, [HsfH/Q Annual 1998], X-Men: Magneto War

KLEISSEN - wrote theory on robotics applied by the Yellow Claw
    --Yellow Claw #3/3

KLEMMER - special effects director for Spawn of the Spider movie, fired after stuntman was nearly injured in one of his costumes, framed by Anton DeLionatus who stole his exo-skeletons and used them to create the Spider-Squad, kidnapped and drugged by the Spider-Squad
    (app-ss)--Amazing Spider-Man Annual#11

KLEMMER, JUDITH - female, SHIELD I, assigned to observe Monster Maker
    (app-monst)-AGENT 324--Marvel Team-Up I#36 (37

KLEMPH, Dr. - designed variant of the Super-Soldier serum, robbed and killed by Bruno Murphy
    (app-murphy)--Power Man#27

KLENGAR dimension - realm from which portal summoned energy weapon

KLIEG, BERNARD - manipulated Harmony Killdragon into trying to kill Lin Sun and Lotus Shinchuko
    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#

KLIGGER - see Sen. EUGENE "KLIGGER" STIVAK (app)--Captain America I#213

KLINE, Senator ALAN of Earth-93060 - Xanadu amalgamated, murdered own daughter
    --Warstrike (uv)#1 (4, 5

KLINE, Mr. - see MISTER KLINE (1970s)--

KLINE, Mr. - see KLEIN, Mr. (app)--Namor I#6

"KLINGON" - mutated by Roger Fieldston
    (app)--X-Men/Captain Universe#1

KLKLK race (BA'T'LL) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet La’kll, agricultural society, attempted to give advanced farming techniques to earth, fought off by Hulk who misunderstood their intentions.
    (I#5, D#15, app)--Incredible Hulk II#273 (273 (fb), 273

K'LM FHET - Aerian scientist
    --Ka-Zar the Savage#2(9

KLOBOK - Skrull, impersonated Dr. Dredd, sought to renew Skrull race using Dire Wraith sorcery, stopped by Annihilators
    (app)--Annihilators#1 (4 (fb), 1-4

KLONUS - sorcerer, killed Dakimh, ally of Mortag + Tai
    (app)--Giant-Size Man-Thing#3 (3(fb), 3, Man-Thing I#21, 22

KLOTHO - see CLOTHO - Fates/Norns. (app-fates)--Tales to Astonish I#33, Journey into Mystery I#102/2

KLOR, BRUTUS - extradimensional, chieftain of the Murder Clans, ruler of a splinter realm, summoned to convocation by Magik (Sefton), helped battle Archenemy
    (app)--Magik II#3 ([4]

KLORODOR - Frost Giant
    *D*--Thor I#381 (381d)

KLOSS, BERNARD - paleontologist
    --Savage Tales I#11 (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#14-20, X-Men I#115(fb)

KLOTHOS - see CLOTHO. Fates/Norns
    (app-fates)--[Journey into Mystery I#102], Thor I#197 (200,201

KLOUT, EMILE "the GOAT" - professional wrestler in Cleveland, defeated by Howard the Duck
    (app)--Howard the Duck I#5 ([5(fb)], 5

KL'RATH - Snark commander, imprisoned for war crimes after ordering the destruction of a Skrull refugee transport ship following the destruction of the Skrull throneworld
   (app) --Future Foundation#1 (4 (fb), 1-3, 3d, 4(d)

KLU - former lover of Pyra, slain and form possessed by Lupex
    *D* (app-pyra)--Strip#19 (19(fb)/20(fb)

KLUG the LIGHTNING MAKER (    ) - gained electrical powers from electrocution, battled Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Human Torch Comics#17 (Winter, 1944)

KLUGE, JOSEF of Reality-59356 - circa 2045 A.D was dictator of People's Republic of Gdynia until led expedition to conquer Planet X and was instead enslaved by its flora
Tales of Suspense I#2/4

KLUGG (    ) - Nazi spy leader, battled Patriot (Jeff Mace)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#42 (April, 1943)

KLULEZ - home planet of the Klulez
    --[The Home Depot Safety Heroes]

KLULEZ race - extraterrestrials, residents of planet Klulez, developed robots to do their building and fixing; when the robots broke down, the people began to be injured by accidents as they didn't know how to work safely; abducted the adults of a small American town to do their work for them, foiled by Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, who then helped educated the Klulex in matters of safety so they could do the work themselves
    pink-skinned, four-armed, spikes on head
    (app)--The Home Depot Safety Heroes

KLUM, FRANCIS - see MYSTERIO*--Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do#2 (5 (fbs), 2-6-->Mysterio

KLUTCH, Dr. (    ) - evil scientist, sought development-enhancing serum, employed Komba, battled Tough Kid Squad
    --Tough Kid Squad Comics#1 (March, 1942)

KLUTZ (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#34 ()

KLUTZ, Captain (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#50 ()

KLY'BN - Emperor of the Skrull pantheon, Skrull Eternal, slain by Snowbird using spine of Demogorge
    the ETERNAL SKRULL--Incredible Hercules#117 (120 (fb), 117, 119-120

KLY'BN D'RHK - Skrull song

KLYNN - Kree

KLYTUS - demon of Otherplace
    --Avengers I#300

KNAVE - crazy gang of Earth-616, timid, constant worrier.
    thin, superhuman strength + durable metal body
    -JACK of HEARTS* (U#2)--(UK)Mighty World of Marvel#11 (12, Captain Britain II#1-3;
Excalibur I#4 ( 52,54 [57],58

KNAVE of HEARTS - see EROS/Starfox
    - earth-morgan, queen's vengeance
    (app-emorgan)--Avengers III#2 (3

KNICKERBOCKER CITY of Earth-712 - USA, home of Nelson Rockefeller
    --Avengers I#148

KNICKKNACK (Nicholas Grossman) - Death-Throws, specializes in irregularly shaped objects
    (D#3,M)--Captain America I#317 (Avengers Spotlight#23-25, Cap411-414, Thunderbolts I#53

KNIFE (Sgt. Bill Howard) - spy and traitor
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#8 (Winter, 1942)

KNIFE (Herschell Scora) - knife-wielding assistant to Brain (Sidney Onselm); battled Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Blonde Phantom Comics#14 (Summer, 1947)

KNIFE of the YUETSHI of the Hyborian era - carved from a meteorite by Yuestshi shaman, used to imprison Khosatral Khel, removed by a Yuetshi fisherman, later used to slay Khel by Conan
    --REH’s The Devil in Iron; Savage Sword of Conan#15 (15(fb), 15

KNIGHT - robot constructed by Charles Reigel, sent against and destroyed by the Hulk
    *Des* (app-reigel)--Incredible Hulk Annual#9

KNIGHT - Chessmen. wore body armor, used lance, rode anti-gravity mechanical "steed"

  1. ( ) - killed by Stane’s first bishop after defeated by iron man (Stark)
    *D*--Iron Man I#163 (164d)
  2. ( ) - different from 3? ; ; ; --Iron Man I#167
  3. ( ) - assisted in defeat of Magma to prevent him from destroying stark international property, attempted to prevent iron man (Rhodes) from disposing of armors and related technology
    --Iron Man I#170 (174
  4. ( ) - easily defeated by iron man (Stark) in mark viii armor
    --Iron Man I#200

KNIGHT (Malcolm Knight) - the former partner of Fogg, assassin from Liverpool, orphan, adopted by Edgar Fogg, mutated by exposure from experiment of professor Henry Lewis, killed Arranger for Kingpin, partnership broke down when Fogg nearly killed Leonard Knight.
    transform into powerful armored form, sword extensions from wrists
    (net-k+f)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#165 (166(fb), 165-167, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6?

knight of the quadriverse - attempted to prevent the guardian from making it through to home island
    (app-quad)--Dr. Strange II#23

KNIGHT, lady DIANA @ 18th C, Red Queen, Inner Circle member of American branch of Hellfire Club
   (app-grey,ladyjean)--X-Men: Hellfire Club#2

KNIGHT, DORA - vampire
    --Uncanny Tales#16

KNIGHT, FRANKLIN - Gotham Game Club, owner of the Daily Crusader newspaper, left comatose after assault on the Hulk
    (app-ggc)--Incredible Hulk Annual#9

    (net-preff)--(g)Lorna the Jungle Girl#2

KNIGHT, LEI-KUNG of Reality-90221 - trained Wah Sing-Rand to become Iron Fist circa 3075 AD
    --Immortal Iron Fist#21

KNIGHT, MELANIE - @ 1950s?, daughter of Paul, as a toddler was furious at Dracula after he killed her father, who had just slain her mother
    --Tomb of Dracula I#30 (30(fb)

KNIGHT, MERCEDES "MISTY" - Nightwing Investigations, Daughters of the Dragon, Heroes for Hire, former roommate of Phoenix/Jean Grey, on and off lover of Iron Fist, former policewoman and partner of Raphael Scarfe, lost arm in an explosion, gained bionic prosthetic
    -Maya Corday (D#7, M, OH: Women)--(unidentified) Marvel Team-Up I#1; (Misty name revealed) Marvel Premiere#20; (last name revealed) Marvel Premiere#21 (Iron Fist I#6 (fb), Daughters of the Dragon#4 (fb), Classic X-Men#2/2, Marvel Premiere#15-21, Iron Fist I#1-3, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#31, 32(fb), 32, 33/2, IF#6-10, CX6/2, XMen I#102, IF#11-13 15(fb), 15, UX104-106, 108, MTU#63, 64 (identity as woman from MTU I#1 revealed), Power Man#48, 49, Power Man/Iron Fist#51-53, UX117-119, Classic X-Men#25, UX120, 121, PM/IF#57, UX122, PM/IF#58-62, 66-68, 72, Marvel Team-Up An4, P/I#73, MTU#105/2, P/I#76, Bizarre Adventures#25/3, P/I#78, 83, 84, Dazzler#21, P/I#90, 92-98, 99-101, 103-105, 106, 108, 117, 121, 122, [123], 125, Marvel Comics Presents#42/4, 80/3, Namor I#8, 10, 11, 13, 16-18, 19-25, Deathlok II#2-5, Nam26, 28, 31-33, MCP#126/4, MCP133/2-136/2, 149/3, Daredevil I#356, 357, Spider-Man Unlimited#13, Iron Fist II#1, 2, DD363,364, Heroes for Hire#4, DD368, HsfH#8, 10, 11, 13, XForce#80, Fantastic Four III#6, HsfH#14, Iron Fist/Wolverine#1, [2], 3, 4, Black Panther III#38(fb), 38, Iron Fist IV#1, Pulse#9, [Daughters of the Dragon#2 (fb)], 1-6, Heroes for Hire II#1 (fb), 1, 2-5, 6-8, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], Immortal Iron Fist#5-6, HfH#8-11, 12-15?, World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1, IIF#9-14, 16

KNIGHT, PAUL - @ 1950s?, father of Melanie, killed by Dracula after killing his wife in a heated argument
    *D* --Tomb of Dracula I#30(fb)

KNIGHT, SEAN - government agent, infiltrated stalkers, but escaped aliens that possessed them
    --Venom: Nights of Vengeance#1 (2(fb), 1-4

knight demon - knight at renaissance fair, briefly mutated into powerful form by Sardeth, defeated by Thing
    (app-sardeth)--Marvel Two-In-One#90

KNIGHT ERRANT (William Matson) - elderly vigilante, clad in style of medieval knights, assisted Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) in battle against
    (net)--Excalibur I##59 (60

KNIGHT ERRANT - Strike Force One, clone of Black Knight/Whitman
    --Heroes for Hire#12

KNIGHT-MAN - past encounters with She-Hulk, wiped from existence by Clockwise using the Retro-Active Cannon
    --She-Hulk II#3

KNIGHTRESS - see JONES, JESSICA - short-lived second identity
    --    ; Pulse#14 (Pulse#14(fb)-->Jess Jones)

KNIGHT TEMPLAR - see TEMPLAR (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12

KNIGHTS - agents of the Baron, use medieval costume + weapons, ride horses
    (app-baron)--Luke Cage, Power Man#39

KNIGHTS in SATAN's SERVICE - Satanists in Waxahachie Maximum Security Prison, allied with pastor to protect him from Zadkiel's assassins, slaughtered by Deacon
    *D*--Ghost Rider VI#24 (25d)

KNIGHTs of DOOM of Earth-Big Town - robots, followed Silver Surfer’s lead to attack heroes of Manhattan under Doom’s commands
    --Fantastic Four: Big Town#1 (2-4

KNIGHTS of HADES - demons of Mephisto, summoned by Elspeth Cromwell, who subsequently lost control of them
    (app-cromwell)--Fantastic Four I#276

KNIGHTS of the MOON (Louis, Hashim, Sharp) - followers of Plasma, then Nepthys
    —Moon Knight III#25 (35-38

KNIGHTS of NEEP (Gar'ee) - Microverse, Quarlos IV
    sentient, mobile flora; fire eyeblasts
    (app)--Microverse I#7, (named) #26/2 (45

KNIGHTS of the ORDER of SAINT GEORGE of Earth-Shadowline - see ORDER of ST. George (app-stg)--Dr.Zero#1

KNIGHTS of PENDRAGON (Albion (Merlin), Crown (Arthur), Grace (Morgan), Dai Thomas (Gawain), Kate McClellan (Guinevere), Ben Gallagher (Percival), Breeze James (Guinevere 2), Sir Gawain (Gawain 2), Union Jack/Chapman (Lancelot))
    - allegedly split off from the Order of Tyrana in the past
    (app)--Knights of Pendragon I#1 ([Blade III#9 (fb)], 1-18, Marvel Comics Presents#122/4, Knights of Pendragon II#1-15, Mys-Tech Wars#1,3,4, Die-Cut vs G-Force#1,2

KNIGHTS of the ROUND TABLE (Galahad, Gareth, Gawain, Kay, Lancelot, Mogard, Percival, Percy, Tristan) - Camelot
    --Black Knight Comics#1; Marvel Super-Heroes II#17? (
    Strange Tales I#108/4, 134, Journey into Mystery I#96(fb), Marvel Preview#22

KNIGHTS of SAINT VIRGIL - agents of Peacemonger, attacked him to stimulate hatred
    --Marvel Comics Presents#27

KNIGHTS of the TEMPERED BROTHERHOOD - see TEMPLOIDS (app-temp)--Battletide I#2

KNIGHTS of WITCH-WORLD of Earth-Sword in the Star (Sir Cat, Sir Ram, Sir Warthog, Sir Anteater, Sir Ant)
    - servants of Kirke
    (app-earthsits)--Marvel Preview#7/2

KNIGHTS of WUNDAGORE (Sir Porga, Sir Lepard, Sir Ossilot, Sir Lyan, Sir Ram, Sir Ferret, Sir Hystrix, Sir Panther, Sir Puma, Count Tagar, Sir Ursus, Sir Hogg, Lord Gator, Lady Ursula, Delphis, Mr. Steed, Lord Anon, Lord Tyger, Lord Churchill, Lady Vermin, Lord Anon imposter, Snow Queen, unidentified bull, lion & bear? (Uncanny X-Men#488/2) )
    -servants of high evolutionary, animals evolved into humanoid form and intellect, trained in arts of war
    (I#6)--Thor I#134 (Amazing Spider-Man An22/3(fb), Avengers I#187(fb), Uncanny X-Men An12/3(fb),
    Thor I#134-135, Tales to Astonish I#94-96, Marvel Spotlight I#32, Iron Man I#110-112, Thor I#406-407, Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#19, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack I#12, Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand, Quicksilver#7(fb2), Excalibur I#113, Quick#1-3, 4(fb), 5-10, Heroes for Hire#15, Q11, HH16, Q12, HH/Q Annual 1998, HH17, Q13, Uncanny X-Men#488/2, X-Factor III#21/2,
Wolverine: First Class#3, Mighty Avengers I#22, New Warriors V#2, Scarlet Witch II#11, Secret Empire#5, Spider-Woman VII#6

KNIGHTS TEMPERED - see TEMPLOIDS (app-temp)--Battletide I#2

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR (Jean du Plan Carpin, Chretién, Demolay, Lamberton, Henri Remont, Seth the Immortal, Chloe Tran, William of Rubruques) - an ancient order, they guarded the Bloodline legacy throughout the generations, monitored and guarded the Hellbent, kept records (Arcane Archives) of all significant data through variety of means
    --Web of Spider-Man Annual#9 (Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#13/2

KNI-KONN - blue Kree
    --Ms. Marvel I#7 (7 (fb)

KNOBLACH, GERTRUDE (nee HUNTER) - 17th Century, wife of Hans, mother of Dark Mother + Clarity + Gloria, died in mysterious boating accident @ 1700
    *D*--[Cable II#93], 94 (94(fb4, [5-7], 12d)

KNOBLACH, HANS - 17th Century, husband of Gertrude, father of Dark Mother + Clarity + Gloria, exposed to radiation from meteorite @ 1660, died in mysterious boating accident @ 1700
    *D*--[Cable II#93], 94 (94(fb3, 4, [5-7], 12d)

KNOCKABOUT (Jarno Sprague) - SHIELD II super-agents, Hydra double-agent, mutated by genetic enhancement.
    enhanced strength and durability, Australian, wm
    (net-shield)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#33 (34, 35, [38, 39], 40-45

KNOCKOUT (Elizabeth Rawson) - Femme Fatales, Superia’s Femizons.
    superhuman strength + durability, bf
    (OH2006#4-fems, app-fems)--Amazing Spider-Man I#340 (341-343, [Captain America I#387, 388], 389-391, [392], 411-414, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, [12?]

KNORDA - queen of the Mountain Giants, became ruler after death of the aged King Uthorn, led attack against Asgard when informed by Arkin about the banishment of Thor; this was actually a trap set by Odin, afterwards she was banished to Earth to live as a mortal, after several centuries founded Praxis, sought golden apple to regain youth, regained memory and powers with assistance of Loki who sent Avengers and Fantastic Four back in time to assemble fragments, given leadership of Earth-Praxis, ultimately rebelled against Loki, disrupted his plans, returned time to its normal course and died of old age, ascended into Valhalla.
    wf, long blond hair
    -Nora Queen (app)--Journey into Mystery I#109/2 ([Domination Factor: Avengers#4.8 (fb)], JiM#109/2, Domination Factor: Avengers#3.6(fb2), 3.7 (fbs), 1.1, 1.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.7, 4.8d)

KNOWBOT ( ) - computer hacker, helped Sinclair Spectrum, employed by Hydra, ultimately slain by Killobyte to prevent him from revealing his employers
    *D*--Daredevil I#326

KNOWHERE (Continuum Cortex, Cosmo) - colony at the Rip, based within decapitated head of immense Celestial, converted into zombie-like slave of Abyss, disintegrated after Abyss was re-contained
    *D*--Nova IV#8 (8-9 (fbs), 8-9

    --[Avengers III#6]

KNOW-MORE, CAPTAIN of Earth-97103 - granted greatest wish to Jolly, Sue Storm, Thang, and Wreck
    counterpart of Namor (and the Wizard of Oz)
    (app-earth97103)--What If II#100/2

KNUCKLES ( ) - Young Allies
    (net-lostgen)--(g) Young Allies#1

"KNUCKLES" O'SHAUGNESSY  - see O'SHAUGNESSY, "KNUCKLES" - Ghost Rider"/Spirit of Vengeance circa 1950s?, partner of Undead G-Man
    --Ghost Rider VI#33

KNUDSON, JEFF - Wisconsin senator, collaborated with Colonel Archibald Hunt in efforts to stop Juston Seyfert and his Sentinel
    --Sentinel II#1

K'NUTU - @ 2000 years ago, sorcerer in what would become Southwestern North America, utilized Zarathos
    --Ghost Rider II#77

KNUTZ, CINDY - Wonderfans, saved by Wonder Man from death at the hands of Red Ronin
    --Tales of the Marvels: The Wonder Years#1 (1(fb1-3), 2, Avengers Two #1-3

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