K - drug created and used by the Asura, claims some to be taken to heaven, others are put under their control to serve as their warriors on earth

K-4 ( ) - associated with Sky Devils
    (net-goldage)--(g)Daring Mystery Comics#2

K-6 of Earth-93060 - Aladdin robot, built to duplicate Gemini
    --Rune (uv) #4

K-23 GRENADE - N'Grith weapon, typically disguised as an apple
    (app-ngrith)--Marvel Fanfare I#60

K-ZZAT - Zhynn race, banished in attempt to destroy him for speaking out against destruction of living matter, took up residence in the Starjammer, initially caused a large amount of damage before regaining control, assisted Starjammers in getting a message to princess Sabra to save her from the Committee's bomb
    --[Starjammers#4], 6 ([6(fb)], [4,5], 6

    --Generation M#3

KA of the pre-Cataclysmic era - bird god
    -Bird of Creation (app)--[Kull III#2]

KA STONE - derived from Lifestone tree, ancient Egyptian power item, empowered Sphinx.
    ka is the Egyptian term for the spirit in a duplicate form of the body
    --Nova I#6

KAA - see WARLORD KAA (Marvel Monsters, app)--Strange Tales I#79

KAAs - name for the natives of Shadowrealm--Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#3

KAANUUB of the Pre-Cataclysmic era - baron of Blaal in Valusia, desired throne, constantly conspired against Kull
    *D*--[Mirrors of Tuzun Thune/Savage Sword of Conan#34/2], Kull the Conqueror I#1 (4,11 Kull the Conqueror III#7,8

KA'ARDUM, Major-General - Shi'ar master soldier and strategist, old friend of Lilandra's parents, led insurrection against Lilandra, defeated and imprisoned, later freed by her and aided in assault on D'ken's forces
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men#484 ([484 (fb)], [484 (fb)], 484-486, X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1-5

KAARIS'A - Dire Wraith scout, landed on Earth in ancient Egypt, adopted by a pharaoh and believed to be a daughter of the gods, eventually directed children to slay the pharoah, defeated by Egyptians and wrapped as a mummy, brought to London in modern era, revived by other Wraiths, decapitated by Shang-Chi
    metamorph, magical powers, fly, fire energy blasts, immune to Rom's Neutralizer
    *D* (app)--Rom#39 (39(fb), 39

KABAL - Zephyrland, sorcerer, created Golden Submarine
    (app-zeph)--Sub-Mariner I#64 (65-69

KABAL od Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - Undernet, uses grey cyclopean robotic archetype with overcoat + hat, empowered Vengeance 2099
    --Ghost Rider 2099#13 (15-23, 25

KABALLA the UNCLEAN ( ) - evil Hebrew sorcerer, Conspiracy, battled Golem, used Sharzan as an agent, died in final battle with Ulysses Bloodstone
    *D* (app)--Strange Tales I#176 (177, Marvel Two-In-One#11, Rampaging Hulk I#6/2, 8/2d)

KABAL, GERALDO - former executor for Joshua Kane, passed on his werewolf rings, apparently slain by Lou Hackett
    Geraldo Kabel *D* (app)--[Werewolf by Night I#17], 20 ([21], 21(fb), [17(fb)/20(fb)], [21(fb)/20], [21(fb)], [19], [20(fb)], [19(fb)]/19(fb), 19, [20(fb)], 20, 21d)

KABOR of Earth-148611 - Far Place
    (app-fp)--Justice (nu)#10

KACHINAS - Hopi gods and spirits
    --[NFL Superpro#6]

KACHINAS (He’e’e, Nataa’ska, Tungwhup) - impersonated Hopi gods, agents of Tyler Gaunt
    --NFL Superpro#6

KADA - medicine man of M'Tuba's tribe, saved M'Tuba's life
   (app-M'Tuba)--Lorna the Jungle Girl#6

KADAGAR, PILGRIM of Reality-49327 - head of Kadagar crime family in Clinton City on the Mars colony
--Death's Head II#13

KADAGAR, PILGRIM golem of Reality-49327 - 
(app)--Death's Head II#13

KADAGAR crime family of Reality-49327 -
    --Death's Head II#13

KADHDHAAB, AL - see AL KADHDHAAB (app)--Clan Destine#5

K’AD’MON of the FALLEN STAR - first man in a previous age of mankind, son of Cleito, first Man of Lineage, ancestor of Ted Sallis, returned from ten thousand years inside bowels of earth and possessed Man-Thing in an attempt to save Nexus of Realities from Mr. Termineus, merged togther with Sallis and Ellen Brandt in form of Man-Thing
    (app)--[Man-Thing III#3], Strange Tales II#2(named) (Man-Thing#6-8, StrT#1,2 <unpublished>, Peter Parker: Spider-Man An’1999

KAECILLIUS (Simon Bretnor?) - evil sorcerer, former agent of Baron Mordo + ally of Adria + Demonicus
    -MORDO's DISCIPLE*, Joe Crocker (app-mm)--Dr. Strange II#56

KAEF - guard of Domitian, cyborg, operated machines to allow Domitian to obtain super-charged form, teleported into path of Domitian's, disintegrated
    (app-dom)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch #38 (39

KAFFKAL - Savage Land, Tribe of Fire
    (app-gahck)--Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

KAFKA, Dr.ASHLEY - psychiatrist, formerly rant Ravencroft, deals with insane paranormals
    (net-sf)—Spectacular Spider-Man II#178 (196(fb), 178(fb1),179(fb1),180(fb1),182(fb1),181(fb1),178-182 183,184 190 194-196, Web of Spider-Man An10, Amazing Spider-Man I#390-39_, Web117, A394, Sp217, [W123], Spider-Man#57, Spec223, Venom: Carnage Unleashed#1,2,4, A403, Daredevil I#348, Carnage: Mindbomb, S67, Spec233, Venom: The Hunted#1, Spec An1997, Carnage: It's a Wonderful Life, Sensational Spider-Man II#16, 18, Spider-Man Unlimited#17, Spec241-246, Se16/2, Sp247-250, Spectacular Spider-Man III#11

KAGG - leader of the miners in the Dark Nebula, pawn of Xorr, killed along with it
    (app-xorr)--Thor I#214 (215

KAGGOR - Storm Giant
    KAGGAR?--Thor I#193

KAGNOVITCH, NIKOLAI - Criminal, owned Nightclub, he and his men were slaughtered by the Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VII#21 (21d)

KAGROK the KILLER - creation of Mephisto, fought and defeated Dr. Doom as part of his yearly challenge to save his mother's soul.
    superhuman strength, stone form
    (app)--Astonishing Tales#8/2

KAGUTSUCHI - fire spirit, child of Izanagi and Izanami; when his mother died in childbirth, Izanagi split him in two, and other gods formed from his blood and body
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#1]

KAHAFA (Kahafans) - planet    
    --Captain Marvel VI#13 ([13(fb)], 13

KAHAFAN race - extraterrestrial, natives of Kahafa, liberated from Badoon by the Illerans, but then resented them when they refused to leave
    --Captain Marvel VI#13 ([13(fb)], 13

KAHESHA - planet of crystals that healed Darkhawk + empowered Metahumes
    --Darkhawk#46 (47(fb), 46

    --Darkhawk#46 (47(fb), 46

KHAJI-DA - centuries old sorcerer, constructed Dragonfang from the tusk of a dragon he slew
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#15: Dragonfang]

KAI - Empire State University
    --Emma Frost#14

K'AI dimension (Fialin, Jarella, Krylar, Visis, Sorceror's Triad, Gorsham, Whully, Booly, Grand Inquisitor(d), Bohb(d)+Jen, Sister Marclark, Visalia)
    -sub-atomic world, remnants of lost science co-exist with magical disciplines, realm merged with other Microverses by Thanos and Baron Karza. also the name of the capital city which was formerly ruled by jarella
    —Incredible Hulk II#140 (
    Hulk35_,35_, Captain Marvel V#5,6

KAI, DAVID - leader of New York mobs, sons killed by Nicky Cavella + Ink + Pittsy
    --Punisher VII#20

KAICHEK - Shadowqueen's dimension
    --[Dr. Strange II#38], 43 (43(fb), 44(fb), [38-40, 42], 43, 44

KAIDAN - Hauk'ka
    --Uncanny X-Men#456 (457-459

KAIFI, ELLOE - Sakaar, Imperial, Hulk's Warbound
    (Gladiator Guidebook)--Incredible Hulk III#93 (WWH Aftersmash: Warbound#1/2 (fb), IncH#93-95, Giant-Size Hulk II#1/2, Hulk96-99, 100-105, World War Hulk: World Breaker prologue#1, WWH Aftersmash: Warbound#1-5

KAIFI, RONAN - Sakaar, father of Elloe
    *D*-Incredible Hulk III#93

KAIFI, - Sakaar, mother of Elloe, slain when SHIELD ship's warp core exploded
    *D*--Incredible Hulk III#103 (105d)

KAI-MAK - shark-beast, possibly the last survivor of an ancient race, worshipped by the jungle tribe the Zambui, terrorized and demanded sacrifices from them for years. Vision/Aarkus arose from the smoke of a bonfire when the Zambui captured and planned to sacrifice a scientist and his daughter,
Vision killed Kai-Mak by ripping its jaws apart
    Fifteen to twenty feet tall, superhuman strength, amphibious, extended life
    -LORD of the DEEP, the Shark-God, God of Sharks, Master of the Deep
    *D* (app, net-goldage)--(g)Marvel Mystery Comics#23

KAIMONNEN of the Hyborian era - Witch-Men of Hyperborea, slain by Conan
    *D*--King Conan#1

KAIN ( ) - Pacific Overlords, scientist, devoted to Dr. Demonicus, mutated via Lifestone?, served primarily to design technology to further Demonicus' plans, briefly assumed powerful form to serve as Demonicus' ace-in-the-hole.
    grow to 100' tall, taking on synthetic appearance with metal studs protruding from head, increased resistance to attacks, control mechanical systems
    (app-po)--Avengers West Coast#71 (73-74, 93(fb), 93-95

KAINE (Peter Parker clone*) - mutated and vastly powerful clone of Spider-Man created by Jackal, murdered Grim Hunter + Dr. Octopus, continually undergoing clone degeneration.
    amplified versions of spider-man’s powers, enhanced strength, limited precognition, generate sufficient adherence to rip down large walls
    (OH: Spdm2005, net)--Web of Spider-Man#119 (Spider-Man#61(fb), Spider-Man: The Lost Years#1-3, Spider-Man:Redemption#3(fb), Web119, Spdm53, Web120, Amazing Spider-Man I#397, Spectacular Spider-Man II#220, Web121, Amz398, Spdm54, Spec221, Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus#2,3, Web122,Amz399,Spdm56,Spec222,Web123, Web124, Amz401, Spdm58, Spec224, Spider-Man Unlimited#9, W126, A403, S59, SS226, Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha, W127, A404, S61, SS227"d", Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1, Spec231(fb), 231, Sensational Spider-Man II#2, A409, S66, Sp:Red#1-4, A434, 435, Thunderbolts Annual '97

KAI-RA - Rime giant, allied with Uroc, transformed Hogun's mace.
    brown skin, pointed ears, fire energy blasts
    (app)—Thor I#447(447/2

KAIROBI - Microverse, presumably native to Kaliklak;
    Bug noted that the air in Manhattan smelled like rotten Kairobi eggs
    --[Micronauts Annual#2]

KAI-SHEK - Tongs druglord, allied with Kingpin--Daredevil I#340

KAISHEK, GOM - younger son of Yolyn, brother of Haan & Kia, allied with Kia against Haan, kidnapped Yukio and Amiko in attempt to force Wolverine to assist him in defeating Haan, shot in head an killed by Haan. large man,goatee
    *D*--Wolverine II#150 (151d)

KAISHEK, HAAN - older son of Yolyn, brother of Gom & Kia, nearly killed Silver Samurai in attempt to force him to surrender control of Clan Yashida, killed Gom, duped + shot + killed by Kia.
    skilled warrior
    LORD HAAN *D*--Wolverine II#150 (151,152d)

KAISHEK, KIA - daughter of Yolyn, sister of Gom + Haan, faked alliances with both of them, had Amiko and Yukio kidnapped to force Wolverine to assist them against Haan, slew Yolyn to take control of his fortune and army, killed by Wolverine in a savage battle that culminated in explosion of Yolyn’s castle.
    skilled in armed & unarmed combat
    *D*--Wolverine II#150 (151,152,153d)

KAISHEK, YOLYN - father of Gom + Haan + Kia, slew own relatives in youth to take over clan, slain in turn by Kia
    *D*--Wolverine II#150 (150-153(fb),153d)

KAITLIN ?? - killed trying to escape Arcade's energy barrier
    *D*--X-Factor III#30 (30d)

KAI'TRA - Shi'ar commander, investigated M'Kraan Crystal energy loss, captured Nate Grey, Nemesis, Dark Beast
    (app)--X-Man '97

KAITY, Dr. - worked at Candus Hospital, Niagara Falls, helped boy Human Fly had rescued
   (app-humanfly)--Human Fly#16

KAKARANATHARA - planet, twenty-third declination of Greater Magellanic Cloud, home of Kakarantharnans
    -MAKLU IV--Iron Man I#274 (274(fb)

KAKARANATHARAN race (Fin Fang Foom, Chen Hsu, Dragon Lords ) - extraterrestrial intergalactic council, race of giant dragons, andromeda galaxy, planet maklu iv, created rings used by mandarin, developed culture based on peaceful science and arts, dragon lords left the planet in search of conquest, a group assaulted Camelot but were fought off with the aid of the time-traveling Excalibur
fly, alter form, increase significantly in size as they age
    -MAKLUAN race*--Strange Tales I#89, Iron Man I#272 (274(fb), New Excalibur#10-12, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1,2],3

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