J2 of Earth-MC2 (Zane Yama) - Avengers Next, son of Cain Marko and Sachi Yama, tapped into Juggernaut’s powers.
    transform into powerful form similar to Juggernaut
    (OH2006#5, net)--Spider-Girl#0/3, J2#1 (1/2,1/3 ANext#1 J2#2 AN2,3(J2#3(fb) J2#3,3/2 AN4 J2#4 4/2 AN5 J2#5, 6,6/2, AN6 SpG#8 J7 8 AN7,8 J9 10 11 AN#9-12 J#12, SpG#13, Wild Thing II#2/2, 3/2 4/2 5/2 SpG#21 25 30,31,[32], 58,59, 71, 86, Last Hero Standing#1-5

J3 JAIM-ZON - see JAIM-ZON, J3--[Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3]

J5-T8 - AIM agent, informed MODOK of the Black Lama's background
    --Iron Man I#74

J-97 (    ) - led sabotage campaign; battled Human Torch and Toro
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#36 (October, 1942)

J/PSI - Ethereal, part of the strangepac that survived the Annihilation Wave, fed to Galactus by Stardust
    *D*--Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#1/2 (1/2d)

JA (Hurlibra, Tallibone) - planet, enemies of the Whurl
    --X-Men Unlimited#32/3

JABARI tribe (Cult of the White Gorilla, Damola, Man-Ape, Queen Divine Justice) - Wakandan, lives in Crystal Forest
    --Black Panther III#33, (named)#34 (35(fb1), 33-35, 49, Black Panther IV#17

JABEZO of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, formerly served king of Ravonna, exiled for evil deeds, returned and plotted with servant woman to kill the king and queen and to have her pretend to be the queen mother, later returned and made up the land of Alcalais and pretended to arrange the marriage of Crigatha to its lord, used his powers to generate plots within the royalty of Ravonna to cause them to slaughter each other, took over corpse of Stubb, eventually exposed, slain by Conan.
    Shift his mind into the dead body of another
    *D* (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#66 (66(fb1), 66(fb2), 66d)

JACK - pantherine creation of Oonagh Mullarkey

JACK - cloned from Spider-Man by the Jackal, but wore costume similar to Jackal's, died from Clone Degeneration
    *D* (app)--Web of Spider-Man#122 (Amazing Spider-Man I#399, Spider-Man#56, Spectacular Spider-Man II#222, Web123d)

JACK 2099 - holoservant of Xina Kwon
    --Spider-Man 2099#39 (40, 42

JACK ?? – an agent of Belladonna
    (app-bella)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#43

JACK ?? - Operation: Cold War, rebelled, killed by Cold Warriors
    (app-cw)--Marvel Comics Presents I#10/4 (11d)

JACK ?? - Yancy Street Gang
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Hulk/Thing: the Big Change

JACK ?? - leader of a seven man group of mercenaries, led staged assassination attempt against Senator Tate
    (app-tate)--Marvel Comics Presents I#60/4

JACK ?? - Sons of the Serpent
    (app-sons)--Avengers I#341 (342

JACK ?? - formerly Daily Bugle employee, fired when Dexter Bennett took over
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#549

JACK and CHARLIE's 21 - bar
    --[Immortal Iron Fist Annual#1]

JACKs - army of miniature clones of Jackal
    --Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega

JACK the RIPPER - murderer from late 19th Century, stalked women, possible pawn/agent of Dormammu, possibly associated with the Zaniac, summoned to modern era by Zakka and battled and defeated by Ransak, apparently came to USA after things became too hot in the UK, started killing people there, but was killed in the collapse of the Holy Ghost Church. His soul was claimed by the Predator, who later released it back into Earth through Cloak.
    MAD SLAYER*, Vampire Man?*, Tom Malverne*
    (OH: Hor, app)--Eternals Annual#1 (Master of Kung Fu#100?, Thor I#37_?(fb), ?Dracula Lives#3/2?, Marvel Graphic Novel: Cloak+Dagger: Predator & Prey

JACK FLAG (Jack Harrison) - former protégé of Captain America and partner of Free Spirit, former member of Stars and Stripes, started a citizen’s patrol to fight muggers and drug dealers until brother Jake badly beaten and crippled, sought revenge on and attempted to infiltrate Serpent Society after they forced his family out of their retirement community, sent on set-up mission to capture Mr. Hyde, empowered by his chemicals, dated Lucy, taken down by Thunderbolts, stabbed in the spine by Bullseye
    superhuman strength and durability, enhanced healing, wears red bandana over face, hair dyed red/white/blue, patriotic costume, originally used boom box, containing variety of weapons designed by brother Drake
    (OH2006#5, net)--Captain America I#434 (434(fb), 434-440, Avengers I#387, Cap441,Av388,Cap442,443, Thunderbolts II#110-111

JACK FROST (    ) - Liberty Legion, alleged descendent of Frost Giants, based out of North Pole, active during World War II, traveled to Arctic Circle in 1946 in an attempt to discover his origins, trapped within inert form of Ice Worm to prevent it from attacking others, briefly released by Captain America, but trapped self again to stop Ice Worm.
    generate ice and cold
    -The God in the Ice (M, OH:GA, net)--(g) USA Comics#1(2-4); Marvel Premiere#29 (Invaders I#6,MP#30, Inv35-37 Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1, MTIO#20, Captain America I#384

JACK FROST - see BLIZZARD. original identity, briefly used again when temporarily gained power from suit, created ice palace within a mountain until it was destroyed by hulk
    --Tales of Suspense I#45 (Iron Man: IronAge1/ToS#45->bliz. Incredible Hulk II#249->bliz

JACK IN THE BOX (Jack Mead) - Australian mutant, recruited to Weapon X by Sauron, shattered into pieces.
    telepath, becomes brittle from using powers
    --Weapon X: Draft: Sauron (Weapon X#5

    (1960s, app)--X-Men I#39/2 (40/2(fb), 39/2,40/2,41/2d, She-Hulk II#34+35(zom)

JACK of DIAMONDS (    ) - member of playing card-themed Ace Gang; battled Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#21 (Fall, 1946)

JACK of HEARTS (    ) - member of playing card-themed Ace Gang; battled Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#21 (Fall, 1946)

JACK of HEARTS (Jack Hart) - Avengers, son of Contraxian woman and human man, mutated (or powers palliated) by immersion in Zero Fluid, former SHIELD trainee, increased powers after flying to Contraxia, imprisoned on Stranger’s prison planet, freed by Quasar, armor rebuilt by Torval, would-be lover of Ganymede, released all of his energy into outer space and entered inert state around rings of Saturn?, apparently returned to Earth under subconscious control of Scarlet Witch and slew Ant-Man (Lang)
    (I#5,D#6,M+1, OH: Av)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#22 (Marvel Team-Up I#134(fb), DHoKF#23/2(fb) 22/2-24/2 26 29/3 31-33 Incredible Hulk II#214,215, Iron Man I#102-113, Marvel Premiere#44, Defenders I#62-64, Marvel Two-In-One#48, Rom#12, Incredible Hulk II#278,279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Marvel Team-Up I#134, Jack of Hearts#1-4, Quasar#15,[16],19,20, 27-29, Silver Surfer III#70,72,74,76-78,82, Silver Surfer An6, Cosmic#3-6, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3, 3/2, Avengers Infinity#1(fb), 1-4, Thor II#30, Maximum Security#2, Avengers III#35, MaxSec3, Av36,37, 38, Av56(fb1), 49,50, 56, 57-60, 61, 62, 65-69, 73, 75, 76"d", 85d

JACK of HEARTS- of Earth-238 - Crazy Gang, destroyed along with dimension.
    thin, strong, durable metal body
    *D* (app-cg238)--(UK)Marvel Super-Heroes II#377([Daredevil#s6d])

JACK of HEARTS of Earth-616 - see KNAVE (net-cg)--(UK) Mighty World of Marvel#11

JACK O'LANTERN -see HOBGOBLIN (Macendale). initial identity
    (I#5,D#6)--Machine Man I#19 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#56, ?Secret War#1 (fb), 1/2?, Amazing Spider-Man I#254, Spec110, Amz279-281 284-286 288 Web of Spider-Man#29, A289->Hob) 

JACK O'LANTERN (Steven Mark Levins) - Skeleton Crew, Thunderbolts (CSA), costume and abilities patterned after Macendale, employed by Golembuski, apparently shot & killed by Punisher during super hero civil war, body later possessed by Lucifer until destroyed by Ghost Rider (John Blaze)
    *D* (M, OH2006#5, app)—Captain America I#396 (397,398, 405-410, Alpha Flight I#121, Spider-Man Unlimited#12, The Hood#2-6, She-Hulk I#9, Gravity#3, Union Jack II#1-2, Civil War#4, 5d, [Ghost Rider VI#10 (fb)], 8-11 (destroyed)

JACK O'LANTERN - see MAD JACK (Danny Berkhart) (FFE, net/sf-mj)—Spectacular Spider-Man II#241

JACK O'LANTERN - see MAD JACK (Maguire Beck) (FFE, net/sf-mj)--

JACK O'LANTERN (    ) - brother of Steve Levins, possibly killed by later Jack O'Lantern
    (app)--Dark Reign: Made Men#1/3

JACK O'LANTERN (  ) of alternate Earth - pulled to Earth-616 from Abraxas' anomalies, heroically helped bystanders
   (app-Abraxas)--Fantastic Four III#47

JACK SERIOUS (Dr. John Cereus) - Dorkham Asylum, former psychologist, mind damaged by experimental mind-condensing Serious Gas, attempted to slay entire city of Visigoth, fell into ground floor of asylum and killed by inmates
    -Serious One *D* (app)--She-Hulk II#19 (20(fb), 19(fb), 19-20

JACKAL (    ) - Nazi agent, caused train wrecks; battled Human Torch and Toro
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#57 (July, 1944)

JACKAL (Miles Warren*) - biologist, cloning expert, went mad after death of Gwen Stacy, became a criminal mastermind, sought vengeance on spider-man for Gwen's death, pawn of Norman Osborn, cloned Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy, created Kaine, Jacks, Spidercide, believed to have perished @ five years ago in battle with Spider-Man & clone, returned in recent years, took on clone form altered to possess form similar to original costumed appearance, sought to generate doubt about whether Spider-Man was the clone, seemingly died in battle with Spider-Man, recovered and formed alliance with Hammerhead, sent to Salamanca and dedicated self to controlling crime from within prison
    wore razor-sharp claws, often coated with anesthetic or poison, or able to conduct electricity, cloned from possesses superhuman strength, speed, & agility
    PROFESSOR* (I#13,D#18,M, OH: Spdm2005,net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#129 (130, 149(fb), 139-141,143,146-149, Osborn Journals#1(fb), Spectacular Spider-Man II#31(fb), [Web of Spider-Man#122], Amz399, Spider-Man#56, Spec222, Web123, A400, S57, Spec223, 225,226, Spider-Man: Jackal Files?, [New Warriors I#61], Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha,W127, A404, S61, Sp227, Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega (dies), [Spec228], Daredevil vs. Punisher#1-4, 6,

JACKAL ( Warren) - allegedly the son of Miles Warren, locked away for unknown length of time, took hostages in chemical research facility, defeated by Beta Flight.
    wore poisoned gloves and costume similar to Warren’s
    allegedly the Jackal-Man
    (app)--Alpha Flight I#114 ([114(fb)], 114

JACKAL - see SCARLET SPIDER (Ben Reilly)--

JACKAL of Earth-Amalgam ( ) - Jackal + Joker
    --[Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD#1]

JACKAL, SON of - see JACKAL (app)--Alpha Flight I#114

JACKAL's SON - see BEAST (of the HAND) (app)--Elektra: Assassin#1

JACKAL-CREATURE - see JACKAL (app)--Alpha Flight I#114

JACKAL-MAN - One of the New Men, he was apparently created by Miles Warren, and it then ?murdered Warren’s family and disappeared.
    It was the impetus for the Cult of the Jackal?
    Allegedly became the "son of the" Jackal
    (app-jackal)--Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (1(fbs)-->Jackal

JACKDAW - elf of Otherworld, order of Chthonos, 1000 years old, involved in Fomorian wars, allied in past with Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight, led Black Knight and Captain Britain to island, sent by King Arthur to dimension of Mad Jim Jaspers, killed by Fury.
    levitate, fly, teleport between dimensions, fire psychic blasts to confuse others
    (net)--(UK) Hulk comic#57, 58(named) (59,60, Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) #377,378,380-383,385-387d)

JACKDAW (Heather O'Gara) - mercenary, former agent of Leader, assisted Avengers in his defeat after he badly beat her, former ally of Superia + Nightshade.
    wears winged armored suit, wf
    BLACKBIRD* (app)--Incredible Hulk II#274, 275 (277-281,283,284, Captain America I#388,389, 411-414

JACKHAMMER (     ) - HYDRA, former head of corps of engineers, masters in engineering, strength-augmented, Power Tools, Dr. Octopus’ Masters of Evil.
    uses hammer-like pounders over knuckles, wm, beard
    (app)--Daredevil I#121, 123 ([118-122], 123, Captain America I#371, 373/2, 374/2,[375/2],376/2,377/2,[378/2], Guardians of the Galaxy#28,29, [Cap411],412,413,[414], [Union Jack II#1], 2

JACKIE ?? - Truemark Investments, unwittingly shot by a guard when bullet passed through Vapor
    --Spider-Man: Breakout#3 (4

JACKIE the RIPPER - see RIPPER (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#110/2

JACKKNIFE (Jack Cole) - mutant, Forgotten, former ally of Abomination, psychopathic, mental powers
    --X-Man#20 (32(fb(20)),33(fb),32,33

JACKPOT ( ) - one-armed criminal, able to project large numbers of coins
    -ONE-ARMED BANDIT (app)--Howard the Duck magazine#1/2

JACKPOT (Sara Ehret) - gained powers via genetic experiment gone awry, quit after completing Initiative Training, gave identity to Alana Jobson
    --(Ehret) Amazing Spider-Man#561,

JACKPOT (Alana Jobson) - New York based Initiative agent, arrested for DUI in past, adopted Jackpot identity after given up by Sara Ehret, used Human Growth Hormone, MGH, anabolic steroids, amphetamines, epinephrine, paracetamol, and a COX-2 inhibitor; died after blinded by Blindside and then given cure by Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man: Swing Shift#1 ([Amazing Spider-Man#546], 549-551, 561

JACKSON-type zombie of Earth-12180 - infected/ghoul type-928, affected Wendell Stuart
    succumb to various stages of post-mortem existence, eventually immobilized by rigor mortis
    named for Peter Jackson, director of Dead Alive and Braindead

    --Marvel Zombies 5#5

JACKSON - possessed symbiote, killed by Scream/Donna
    --Venom: Lethal Protector#4 (5, Spider-Man#52, Web of Spider-Man#119, Spdm53, Venom: Separation Anxiety#1-4d

JACKSON - accompanied Carl Bernhart to Jacqueline Trufaut
    (app-trufaut)--Sub-Mariner II#3

JACKSON, agent  - SHIELD II, air cavalry unit six, involved in destructive attack on Deathlok/Truman under command of larry young
    confirmed as not Brent Jackson by Frank Tieri
    --Cable II#60 (Deathlok III#1

JACKSON, AJANII - Sons of the Shield, pretended to oppose them, killed by John Mason's bioethnic virus
    *D* (app)--Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#8 (9d)

JACKSON, ANDREW "JOCK" - Code: Blue, combat specialist, killed in line of duty by Pandara
    *D* (app)--Thor I#426 (427-428, Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#2, Th432,433, 448-451, Marvel Comics Presents I#112/4, Th456, Fantastic Four I#372, Darkhawk#23,24, Web of Spider-Man Annual#9, Spider-Man Unlimited I#1/3, Thunderstrike#1, 3, Silver Sable#27, Captain America I#426, Ts5,6,7d)

JACKSON, BRENT MONTGOMERY - Weapon X, former agent of SHIELD, old associate of Rapture
was in charge of bringing in Wolverine when he was framed for the murder of Senator Walsh
    --Wolverine II#162 (Weapon X II#23(fb), Wolv162, 164-166, Deadpool III#57-60, 61, Weapon X #½ Weapon X: Draft: Sauron/WC/Kane/AZ, Weapon X II#1, 2, 4, 5, 7,8, 9, 10-13, 15

JACKSON, BRET - track star, lured into smoking until he began losing races
    (app-smoke)--Spider-Man + Power Man + Storm

JACKSON, CELIA - girlfriend of Giant-Man/Bill Foster, sister of Keith. bf
    —Black Goliath#2(4,5 Marvel Two-In-One #85, 96, Marvel Super-Heroes III#11/2, Avengers I#382/2

JACKSON, "CRACKAJACK" - father of Hammer, homeless, taught Hulk how to read, killed by hammer and anvil, elderly bm
    *D* (net)--Incredible Hulk II#182d

    former branch manager of corporation-west coast
    —Machine Man I#6 (7,8, Captain America I#230, Incredible Hulk II#232-237->pb)

JACKSON, DANIEL - Christmastown, medical officer
    --Venom#1 (2, 3

JACKSON, ELIJAH - former baseball star, paralyzed from incurable disease, cared for by daughter Simone, briefly possessed Enigma Force and became Captain Universe and drove off thugs who attacked his daughter, after which he only had time to thank her before collapsing again
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#148/2

JACKSON, KEITH - cousin of Celia, accompanied she and Black Goliath to Kirgar
    --Black Goliath#4 (5

JACKSON, LUCAS - mutant, living with Inhumans, deformed, only parent killed by xenophobic mob.
    projecting empath

JACKSON, NORA  - celebrity, hired 212 Security, protected by Angela Del Toro + Mike & Randy
    --White Tiger#2

JACKSON, OWEN - child molester, lost sanity when burnt by Man-Thing
    —Man-Thing III#1(Strange Tales IV#1

JACKSON, RALPHIE – New York Underground
    —Daredevil I#333 (336

JACKSON, SARAH ANN – mother of Lucas
    —Thing I#4

JACKSON, SIMONE - daughter of Elijah, cared for him
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#148/2

JACKSON, STEVE - former fiancé of Brandy Clark, ally of Rom, killed by female Dire Wraiths during their massacre of Clairton
    --Rom#1( 49d)

JACKSON, Dr. THEODORE - Blood Circle; Nobel prize-winning chemist, specialized in blood disorders, died in the 1930s; vampirized by vampires seeking to get him to experiment on a means to prevent vampires' destruction by sunlight
    --[Marvel Team-Up II#7]

JACKSON, - soldier, friend of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America: Man out of Time#1 (2011)

JACKSON, - crimelord, pawn of the Manipulator
    (app-manipulator)--Avengers I#178

JACKSTON, CARL - Pilsburg, Iowa, informed Captain America and Sharon Carter about observation of Winter Soldier
    --Captain America V#15 ([15(fb)], 15

JACOB ?? - son of former slave Caleb, helped nurse Travis Parham back to health, slain by George Reagan's gang
    *D*--Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007)

JACOB ?? - circa 1907 AD, violinist
    --Runaways II#27 (28-30

JACOB ?? - circa 1914, deputy to Sheriff Dean Donnelly in Clearwater, Arizona
    (app-don)--Gunhawks II#1

JACOB ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute, powers progressed out of control until he vanished, spent last hours watching a sunrise with Kitty Pryde
    sublimated from a solid into a gas
    --X-Men Unlimited II#7

JACOB ?? - Bouton, Nebraska student, protected from terrorists of Rampart by Captain America (Steve Rogers)
    (app)--Captain America VIII#695

JACOBI, MARTY - club owner, featured Dazzler early in her career when she encountered the X-Men
    --Uncanny X-Men I#129? (X-Men Unlimited I#32(fb), 32(fb)

JACOBS, BEN - Cybertek, uses enormous exoskeleton, ally of Mainframe
    --Deathlok I#1 (3, Deathlok II#8,18-21

JACOBS, JAMIE - see PHANTOM RIDER—Ghost Rider I#1 (2-4, 6-->PR)

JACOBS, GLENDA - wife of War Machine (Parnell Jacobs). wf
    --Iron Man III#18 (20(fb) 18-20

JACOBS, JEROME - academy award winning director
    --Order II#6

JACOBS, PARNELL - former soldier and mercenary alongside Jim Rhodes, former agent of Sunset Bain, discovered armor abandoned by Rhodes, armor briefly enhanced by Stuart Clarke; later sought Clarke's aid in recovery the War Machine helmet from Sunset Bain, shot in the chest by Clarke
    *D*--Iron Man III#11 (20 (fb), 19 (fb), 11, 19-20, Punisher War Journal II#17d)

JACOBSEN, LEO - circa World War II, suspected of having a cure for vampirism
    --Captain America#616/6 (2011)

JACOBSON, KURT B. - SHIELD regional director
    --Captain America I#    (209

JACOBSON, SUSAN - first girlfriend of Bruce Banner, later held prisoner by US government
    --Incredible Hulk II#312 (410(fb#1+2),312, 410(fb#3), 410,411

JACOBSON’s - abandoned hotel used as base for Waterboys
    (app-wb)--Punisher II#41

JACOBY, KYLE - Midtown HS, gym teacher
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#30 (31, 47, 55?, Marvel Team-Up III#1,2

JACQUES ?? - World War I ally of Orson Randall, killed in battle
    *D*--Immortal Iron Fist#2

JACQUES (Jacques Soto) - Weapon X Project creation, French-Canadian, hunchback, kept Steve in back, killed by Ajax in his quest to locate Deadpool, spirit trapped on earth until Ajax killed
    D/spirit –Deadpool III#14 (Deadpool/Death Annual 1998(fb2), Dp14d, Deadpool/Death’98 + Dp18 + 19(spirit)

    --Gambit IV#1

JACQUIE (    ) - G.R.A.M.P.A., Blackjack, partner of Ace
    female, patch over left eye
    --Amazing Fantasy II#15 (15/4, 15/2, 15/6, 15/8

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