IN-N-OUT's - fast food restaurant enjoyed by Julie Power
    --Marvel Holiday Special 2007#1/2

INITIATE ( ) - Hidden
    (app-hid)--Blaze I#2 (3,4

INITIATIVE (Action Pack (Kentucky), <Mighty> Avengers (New York), Called <Utah>, Cavalry <Georgia>, Defenders (New Jersey), Desert Stars <Arizona>, Force Works (Iowa), Freedom Force (Montana), Great Lakes Initiative (Wisconsin), Heavy Hitters <Nevada>, Initiative: Omaha <Nebraska>, Liberteens (Pennsylvania), Mavericks <New Mexico>, Order <California>, Point Men (Hawaii), Rangers <Texas>, Spaceknights (Chicago, Illinois), Thunderbolts (Colorado), U-Foes, Women Warriors (Delaware), Mormon heroes (Utah), )
    (WWH, CWBDR)--[Civil War#5], 6 (7, The Initiative

INK of Earth-200111 (    ) - agent of Nicky Cavella, named for killing a man with a pen through the eye, killed in assault on Punisher at Bethel's base
    *D*--Punisher VII#2 (20(fb), 2-4, 5d)

INK (Eric Gitter) - "Young X-Men," mutant, originally employed by Donald Pierce to help him capture and slay several mutants, eventually turned against him and joined the young X-Men
    access powers when given a tattoo symbolizing such abilities, fly, telepathy, etc.
    --(Gitter) Young X-Men#1, (Ink) #2 (3-6

INK Inc - tattoo parlor frequented by Ink
    --Young X-Men#1 (4, 5 (fb)

INKOSE of MERO - active sometime between 50 BC and 50 AD, former soldier in Ashake's army, attempted to slay Ashake and usurp her power, slain by Ashake, Marada, and Arianrhod
    *D* (app-ashake)--
Epic Illustrated#12 (12d)

INKOSI, SHOLA - Genoshan mutant, "Genoshan Excalibur," University of Chicago student, helped fight off Sentinels, allied with Xavier in Genosha, lost powers during M-Day, temporarily gained over-exaggerated powers via Terrigen
    powerful telekinetic
    (OH2006#5)--Mekanix#1 (2-6, Excalibur III#3,4, 5-7, Mystique#23, Son of M#5-6

INN of the BLACK DRAGON of the Hyborian era - Asgalun
    --Savage Sword of Conan#69

INN of the NINE DRAWN SWORDS of the Hyborian era (Sabral) - Zingara
    --Conan the Buccaneer; Savage Sword of Conan#40 (43

INNARDS ( ) - Hydra's D.O.A., able to expose internal organs and use them as weapons

INNER CIRCLE (Corruptor (leader) ) - criminal organization, recruits people in financial straits, supplies financial assistance in return for a requirement that the victim commit a crime for them    
    --Nova I#14 (15,16, 20,21

INNER CIRCLE of the Hellfire Club - see HELLFIRE CLUB--Uncanny X-Men#129

INNER CIRCLE of the SUPREME SOVIET of Earth-Stalin robot - built the robot to allow them to maintain control, but the robot then overthrew them
    (app-e-s)--[Fantastic Four I#344] ([344(fb)]

    - ruling body
    (app-ps)--Fantastic Four I#302

INNER-DEMON - Eonverse, duplicate of Captain Mar-Vell, destroyed by him 
     --Captain Marvel I#29

INNER DEMONS - masked agents of Mr. Negative
    --Amazing Spider-Man#547 (564

INNER GUARD (Benedict, Brutus, Fawkes, Monmouth, 3 others) - robot servants of Madame Masque, used while she was in hiding from the outside world, apparently destroyed when Count Nefaria destroyed her base.
    used both for offense and defense, as well as programmed to create her bioduplicates
    (app)--Avengers I#398(benedict), (all,named) Avengers III#32 (33

INNER PLANES (Astral Plane, Avalon, Crossroads, Earth dimension, Flickering Realms, Serpent's Sea) - collection of realms created by the Elder Gods (Chthon, Gaea, Oshtur, Set) to serve as their homes and in close association with the Earthly plane, as well as the Crossroads
    --(identified) Marvel Tarot#1

INNER SECRET (Jacob Sutton/11, Kiev, Marcel, Nora, Six ) - chronologists dwelling in limbo-like dimension through which time travelers traverse, kidnapped Madame Sanctity to try to force cable to understand risks of time travel
    --Cable II#69

INNER SPACE dim - accessed via Dark Angel/Haldane's suit
    --Hell's Angel#2

INNIVERSE dim (City Guard, Dangor, Gem Guild, Landa, Occulus, Rebel Underground, Sky Serpents, Wildblood )
    - exists parallel to space between matter in earth dimension
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#362 (364(fb), 362-365

INNOCENTs of GOD - followers of Jeremiah
    (app-jer)--Marvel Team-Up I#33 (34, 35

    (app-jer)--Marvel Team-Up I#33 (34, 35

INNOCENZI, TOMALYN 2099 - Sisters of the Howling Commandments
    *D*--X-Men 2099#34

INNSBRUCK the PLANNER - see PLANNER--Avengers 1959#4 (2012)

INOYAWA, KARAGUCHI - Stane International, sought to rebuild Red Ronin for peaceful purposes, aided the Wasp in shutting it down after it went on a rampage
    (app-ronin)--Solo Avengers#15/2

INQUISITION - sadomasochistic fanatics who believe near-constant personal torture is necessary to extract deep philosophical truths about the universe
   (app-redshirt)--Taskmaster II#1

INQUISITOR ( ) - agent of Roche, tortured Davis + Wolverine + O’Donnell, forced to flee with sapphire styx by tyger tiger
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#4 (5, 7-9

INQUISITOR (    ) - Vestry

INQUISITORS - mystical entities, embodiment of prejudice & hatred, summoned forth and given form by the hatred of the residents of Leonia, New Jersey against Vision and Scarlet Witch
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#10

INQUISITORS of Earth-93060 (Mordecai, Silas, Sunshine) - agents of Donnos
    --Mantra (uv)#10 (11

INSECTICIDE (    ) - agent of Ricadonna sent to slay Humbug, presumably killed by killer bees
    --Heroes for Hire II#4

INSECT QUEEN of Earth-9602 (Mary Jane Watson) - niece of Dr. Octopus

insect swarm - colony of nearly microscopic insects, captured by Ambrose Carpathian around the turn of the twentieth century, kept in his mansion, release engineered by Calculus to prevent Kingpin from getting them, recontained and sent into space by Avengers, Outlaws, and Spider-man
    Black Swarm--Spectacular Spider-Man II#170 (170(fb), 168-170

INSECTIVORIDs (Bug, Centivor, Jasmine(d), Wartstaff, Esmera, Treefern, queen Lyca, old one ) - Microverse, natives of Kaliklak,
    green skin, antennae, three fingers and toes
    also include sub-species of Kronos & Phobos races
    --Micronauts I#1

INSECTIVORIDS - insectoid servants of Annihilus
    --Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#

INSECTOBOTS of Earth-9602 - creations of Will Magnus
    (app-magnus)--Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

insectoid champion - Negative Zone, traveled to Earth and attacked Fantastic Four after world threatened by construction of 42, eventually zombified by Galacti of Reality-2149
    *D/R*--Black Panther IV#26 (27-30

INSERT - Insurgency, Extraction, Reconnaissance, and Termination
    --Black Widow IV#2

INSHALLA, KHALID - middle eastern sorcerer, summoned to Temple of the Three by Genghis, assisted attempts to stop Ego's progression on earth
    (app)--Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Tragedy GN (Maximum Security#3

INSIDE STRAIGHT - Fury Secret Base 22
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2], 3

INSIDIO - Starblasters, Ovoid, torturer
    (app)--Quasar#53 (Starblast#1, Quas54, SB3, Quas56, Maximum Security#1

INSIPIVERSE - universe of tedium; what Dr. Angst sought to create from matrix of the five dullest places in the universe, including a block of Manhattan; Henderson, Nevada; el Segundo, California; most of New Jersey; planet Sqazzl; these places would be exempt from the cosmic squish resulting from the expansion of numerous Encroachiverses, attempt foiled when She-Hulk and the Critic forced the Encroachiverses into black hole's gravity well
    (app-encroach)--[She-Hulk II#17]

INSKIPP, - informant, betrayed Punisher to Daredevil and group of heroes, tossed off a roof by Castle
    --Punisher VI#33 (37

INSOMNIA ( ) - criminal, agent of Mr. Fear/Cranston?, unable to sleep due to chemical exposure, manic
    --Daredevil I#363 (364

"INSPECTOR" - 1930s era police captain who used Hodiah Twist for assistance, called on him to investigate Madame Angela's brothel
    (app-twist)--Vampire Tales#2/8

INSTANT KARMA 2099 ( ) - Free Radicals
    --X-Men 2099#18([19],20

INSTANT REPLAY ( ) - criminal, travel short distances through time, driven insane by temporal accident, later died in battle with Superpro

INSTITUTE (woman) - highly secure facility, holds the Pink Mink   
    --Wolverine/Doop#1 (2

INSTITUTE for ONEIROLOGICAL RESEARCH (Eugene Beaumont) - inadvertently created Dream Demon
    --Thor I#307

INSTITUTE of EVIL of Earth-712 (Ape X, Dr.Decibel, Foxfire, Lamprey, Quagmire, Shape) - former enemies of squadron supreme, behavior modified and joined the squadron during utopia program, many were killed or incapacitated during events of the utopia program, and only Shape remained with the squadron at its conclusion
    --Squadron Supreme#5 (6->sqsup)

INSTITUTE of SEISHARMONIC RESEARCH (Daniel Milton, Matthew, Dave ) - Taken over by Swarm in attempt to expand his power
    --Sensational Spider-Man II#9 (10

INSULA-SPHERE - techno-art creation of Bereet, protected against battle between the Hulk and U-Foes, dematerialized by Sturky at battle's end
    protected contents from harsh conditions and attacks
    (app-bereet)--Incredible Hulk II#276

INSURANCE of Earth-93060, Orange Lotus Cult ( ) - assassin, fought and killed by Bloodshed
    (app-orangelc)--The Solution#14

INTANGIBLE - see BRAHL (app-brahl)--Guardians of the Galaxy#5

INTEGER ( ) - Gene Nation, abstract mathematical concept, semi-tangible, thinks in semi-binary language, agent of Dark Beast

INTELLIGENCIA - Skrull composite mind, created on Skrell as an apparent counterpart to Supreme Intelligence, led Skrulls of Skrell, sent Super-Skrull to earth to obtain Kelly for use as a power source
    (app)--Captain Marvel V#8 (9,10

INTELLIGENICA (Dr. Doom/Victor von Doom, Egghead/Elias Starr, Leader/Samuel Sterns, Mad Thinker, MODOK/George Tarleton, Red Ghost, Wizard/Bentley Wittman) - also Klaw? Trapster? MODOK Superior?

    --Fall of the Hulks: Alpha#1
    Infamous Iron Man#9

INTELLO of Earth-20051, golden android made by the Mad Thinker to eliminate Spider-Man
    (app)--Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#11

INTERCEPTORS - short range interplanetary warships of the Cynodd
    (app-cynodd)--Gun Runner#2

INTERCEPTORS - flying armored agents of Saranak, ambushed and temporarily disabled Iron Man armor
    --Iron Man Annual 2001

INTERDIMENSIONAL SCANNER - Tony Stark invention, could monitor alternate realities in Multiverse
    (app)--Avengers I#86

INTERDIMENSIONAL TELEPORTER - designed by Jim Power, opened portals to Squidrealm
    --Power Pack III#2 (4

INTERDITE race (Klarion, Wayopex ) - milky way, planet Interdis, civilization demolished by Badoon, surviving Interdites turned to mysticism and live like hermits scattered galaxy-wide.
    pale blue-skinned semi-humanoids, extended ears, precognitive and other psionic powers
    (I#4,D#15)--Warlock I#15

INTERFACE - Thinking Men of Palo Alto, ran in Summer Solstice Burnout, killed and ground into food at Sodom's Diner
    --Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu#1d

INTERFACE of Earth-691 ( ) - leader of Force, elder of home planet Uloc, which was decimated when refused to conform to universal church of truth, placed into slavery, programming the church’s vast computer network, met Tachyon who awakened his latent power and helped him escape the church homeworld, met and raised the alien called Photon, organized Force, leadership briefly usurped by Brahl.
    transmute elements, advanced intellect
    (net-force)--Guardians of the Galaxy#3

INTERFACE of Earth-148611 (Pamela Leighton) - Clinic, Group B, shot at the Clinic

INTERGALACTIC (Eduardo)  - Nightmericans, allied with Mohammed Simensky in order to reunite the Nightmericans, betrayed others to him
    two brains, enhanced intellect
    --[Hulk: Nightmerica#2], 5 ([2-4], 5, 6

INTERGALACTIC ALLIANCE of "Earth-93112" - slaughtered by Magus
    (app-maxam)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#26, (named) #41

INTERGALACTIC COUNCIL (Aakon, Axi-Tun, Badoon, Blip race, Duckworlders?, Elan, Kakarantharnians, Klklk, Krylorians, Kt'kn, Kymellians, Laxidazians, Poppupians, Rigellians, Sagittarians, Shiar, Siris, Sneepers, Stonians, Taurians, Tribbitites, Troyjans, Wobbow, Xandarians, Xeronians, Yrds, Z'Nox)
    - union of numerous extraterrestrial races, meet on planet Selandiar, duped by ruul/kree into ruling against earth due to its heroes interference in galactic matters, resulting in the events of maximum security, attacked by the kree/ruul
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet (Maximum Security#1,2, Avengers III#35, MaxSec#3

INTERGALACTIC WARLORDS - sought to use Earth as an armory, utilized a convoluted plot involving the KGB, European Crime Syndicate, and a Florida based Corporation, defeated by Paladin with aid of a number of Earth's heroes
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#21/3

INTERLOCKING TECHNOLOGIES - see IT. Earth-616 branch--Fantastic Four I#160 (161-163

INTERLOPER ( ) - Polar Eternal, Defenders/Dragon Circle, former ally of Gilgamesh, assisted Camelot and later Eternals of Titan against Dragon of the Moon, lived in seclusion in Siberia, trained Manslaughter in psychic powers, original body destroyed in battle against Moondragon/Dragon of the Moon, takes possession of Will Fanshaw, transforms his body into a duplicate of his original form
    (D#6, app)--Defenders I#147 (152(fb), 151(fb), 147, 149, 151,152, Dr. Strange III#3(fb), Strange Tales II#5-7,7/2, Dr. Strange III#3-4

    (app-kraft)--Spider-Man Unlimited#21

INTERNATIONAL DATA INTEGRATION CORPORATION-see IDIC (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#102 (Quasar#5,7,9

INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL ALLIANCE (Mark Christianson) - army, sought to takeover the USA by force using the Mark VII laser cannon
    (app-mc)--Marvel Preview#2

    --Amazing Spider-Man#568

INTERPLANETEUR INC (Marr Garr, Mandos ) - powerful corporation originating on R'malki, repo-men
    (app)--Warlock I#15

INTERPOLATION INSERTER - Developed by interstellar Timely, Inc.; transported the user the right place in time and space to effect the greatest dramatic consequence
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot -- Steal the Galaxy

INTER-POLITAN THERMODYNAMICS-see IT. Fifth dimension branch--Fantastic Four I#161(162,163

    (app-ea)--Fantastic Four I#161, 162

interrogator - Binary Beings
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#385

INTERROGATOR (    ) - empowered by Atlantean (?) hand, agent of Red Skull, took control of Hana, sought to manipulate Captain America to make him bend his morals and kill someone, died when Captain America removed the hand
    *D*--Captain America IV#12 (12(fb), 12-16

INTERSTEL CHURCH of PERPETUAL ANNOYANCE ("Bajazzo" Army, Bozo Samedi, Church High Council, General Incompetence, Harlequin Battlesuits, "Hobo" Armor Division, Kops Squad, Kops Special Forces Squad, Reverend Circus Pants XVII, Three-Ring Heli-Strike Force, "White Face" Bombing Squad)
    - clown-like race, based on Panto-9, inadvertently released Lunatik from Bl'lx
    (app)--Lunatik#1 (1(fb), 3


interviewer - granted interview with Doombot, learned Doom's history but then imprisoned
    --[Books of Doom#1], 6 ([1-5], 6

INTERZONE - dimension between Nexi of Reality

INTI - Incan sun god worshipped by the Kamekeri, giver of life
    --[Avengers III#28], Incredible Hercules#116 ([117]

INTIMIDATORS of Earth-691 circa 31st century (Brahl, Dumog, Grott, Teju, Tork)
    - tried to use Korvac replica to gain power
    -MINIONS of MENACE* (app)--Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#1

INTRA-VENUS INC 8162 - Corporation of Josiah W. Dogbolter
    (app-Dogbolter)--Doctor Who Magazine#86 (87, Death's Head I#8

INTRUDERS (Fin, Lightbright, ManEater, Sandman)
    - branch of super-powered agents of silver sable international
    (OH: AZU#3)--Silver Sable# ( 27,30, 33,34

INTUITION ( ) - Sensors.
    anticipate actions of others, female, enlarged skull
    (app-sens)--West Coast Avengers Annual#3

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