HUNAB KU - supreme god and creator of the Mayan, father of Itzamna, part of Council of Godheads convened to deal with Akhenaten
    rebuilt the world after three deluges, which poured from the mouth of a sky serpent. The first world he created was inhabited by dwarfs, the builders of the cities. The second world was inhabited by the Dzolob, 'the offenders', an obscure race. The third and final world Hunab Ku created for the Maya themselves (who are destined to be overcome by a fourth flood);
    OMETEOTL* (app)--
Marvel Universe: The End#2 ( [5,6], Incredible Hercules#116-117

HUNCH (Phil Panasci) - Dazzler's back-up band, hired by Harry Osgood, married, has son.
    dark hair + moustache, bass guitar
    --Dazzler#6 (7, 10, 11, 14-16, 18, 20-23, 26

HUNCHBACK - see HALF-MAD--Werewolf by Night I#15d 16

HUNCHBACK OF HOLLYWOOD - (Craig Talbot) lead in the movie "The Tyrant", killed the film's producers for making an anti-fascism movie, unmasked by Captain America
    --Captain America Comics#3

HUNDING - Nieding clan, former husband of Sieglinda, slew Siegmund with aid from Odin under duress from Frigga
    (app)--Wagner's Die Valkyrie; Thor I#296

HUNDRED LEGS OF DEATH of Earth-93060 -sent by Techuza to battle Arena + Ranger
    --Giant-Size Prototype (uv) #1/2

HUNDT (    ) -
    --All-Select Comics#1

HUNGER - see HUNGRY (app)--X-Men: Heroes for Hope

HUNGER - extraterrestrial entity, inadvertently summoned by Dr. Doom
    devour and absorb all living matter
    (app)--[Fantastic Four I#379],380, 381(named)

HUNGER ( ) - originally empowered by same source as SHOC, further empowered by Hydra, pawn/agent of Steward Ward.
    vampiric powers which increased with number of vampires serving under him, humanoid, wm, white hair, pony tail on side of head
    CROWN*--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#4 (7(fb), 7,8

HUNGER - extradimensional entity, duped Galactus into using the Infinity Gems to open a portal for him, nearly destroyed when Thanos crashed two planets together around him, escaped at much reduced power
    consumes energies of entire universes, requires portals to access other realities
    (app)--Thanos#1, (named) #4 (4(fb), 1-6

HUNGRY - embodiment of Hunger, encountered X-Men
    -FAMINE*? (app)--X-Men: Heroes for Hope

HUNGRY ONE (    ) - ancient human mutant or mutate, encountered Denny & Shiela in 1969
    (app)--Tower of Shadows#2/3 (2/3 (fb), 2.3

HUNGYR (Frank Baer) - Supremacists, permanently absorbed powers of Barricade & White Avenger
    drain powers from others, access force field powers of Barricade, or super strength, durability, & flight of White Avenger
    (app-sup)--Black Panther II#1, (fully seen and identified) #2 ([2 (fb)], 2, 1, 2, Night Thrasher II#18

HUNK (    ) - @ 1960, criminal, partner of Bull Drago, driven back to prison by the Totem
    (app-totem)--(g) Strange Tales I#74/4

HUNT, AMBER - Ultraverse, Exiles-Deming, Exiles-Strike, former host to the Entity and Phoenix Force
    (app)--Exiles I (UV)#1(2-4, Break-Thru#1,2, Black September Infinity, All-New Exiles Infinity, ANE#1, ANE/XMen#0, ANE#2,3, ANE#2/2, Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis, Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations, ANE#4 5 6 7 8 9,10 11,Ultraforce II#12, Ultraverse Unlimited#2, UF#13, Angels of Destruction#1/4, UF#14,15

HUNT, Colonel ARCHIBALD - directed Sentinel Mark VII-A in effort to capture or destroy Juston Seyfert's Sentinel, and/or to kill Juston; desisted after Juston threatened to expose his reckless actions
    --Sentinel II#1

HUNT, ASHLEY - time traveler, went back in time twice to ancient Egypt to raid tomb, fought earlier self, created time paradox, stranded in past
   (app)--Tales of Suspense I#3/1

HUNT, CARTER - billionaire oil baron, killed by Caviar Killer
    *D*--Daredevil I#242

HUNT, GAIUS JULIUS "GUY" of Earth-93060 - son of J.D.
    --Nightman(uv) I#2

HUNT, CONNIE - associated with Ned Tannengarden.
    Cyborg mutate
    --Spider-Man: Get Kraven#4 (5, 6

HUNT, FORREST - father of Jason, banker, involved in drug transfer between Hector Montoya and the Costa mob family, set up by Montoya after trying to cut him out of the deal, killed by the Costas when he brought them Montoya's fake drugs, his execution was the one that the Castle family walked in on
    *D* (app)--Marvel Preview#2 (Punisher War Journal#3(fbs), Marvel Preview#2(fb), Punisher: Year One#1(fb)/PWJ#3(fb)

HUNT, JASON - son of Forrest, sought revenge on Montoya, nearly killed by him, saved by Punisher, tortured and killed by Bushwacker to gain information on Punisher
    (app-forrest)--Punisher War Journal#2 (3(fb)/[Punisher: Year One#1], PWJ#2(fb), 2, 3, 14d)

HUNT, J.D. of Earth-93060 - Nuware, Metabio
    --Strangers (uv)#1( [Ultraforce II#5,6]

HUNT, JERRY - SHIELD I, formerly dated Jessica Drew
    --Spider-Woman I#1 (2-16, Captain America I#332, Alias#20

HUNT, J.T. - West Tech High School, close friend of Adam Aaronson/Machine Teen
    --Machine Teen#1 (4(fb), 1-5

HUNT, MOLLY - Colony, blind daughter of two radiation victims
    (app-colony)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/2

HUNT, General/Sir ROBERT - @ World Wars I + II, Royal Air Force, former superior of Jack Fury
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#76 (76(fb), [76], 76

HUNT, Dr. MICHAEL - treated and abused Typhoid, sold tapes of "therapy" to Quent Taranova, actions exposed by Mary Walker
    --Marvel Comics Presents#150 ([Typhoid#1(fb)], MCP#150,151, [Typhoid#1 (fb)]

HUNT, Dr. - Second Shadow
    --Captain America#613/2 (2011) (614/2

HUNT, Mr. + Mrs. - Colony, Molly's parents
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/2

HUNTARA (Tara Richards) - Fantastic Force, Fearsome Foursome, warrior princess of Elsewhen, possibly daughter of Nathaniel Richards + Warlord. uses scythe able to open dimensional portals
    (OH2006#5, FFE, net)--Fantastic Four I#273?, 377 (390(fb), 377,378,379, 382,383, 389-392, Fantastic Force#1-4, [Avengers I#383], FFor5-7, F4#400,400/2, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, Ffor8, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#41, F4#401, FFor9, F4:AR#2, Fantastic Four Unplugged#2, FFor10-13, F4#416

HUNTARR of the Microverse (Iann-23) - Micronauts, native of Homeworld, mutated in Body Banks by Force Commander, rebelled against him
    able to transform body configuration, later remade by energies of unknown entity
    (OH:AZU#1, app)--Micronauts I#37 ([55(fb), 59(fb)], 59(fb4), [Micronauts II#20(fb)], 55(fb), [55(fb)], 37, [37], 39, 42, [47], 47-48, [48], 49-50, 51-52, 53-54, 55, 56, 57, [X-Men & Micronauts#1(fb)], 1-4, Micronauts I#58, 59, Micronauts II#1-5, [6], 7, [8], 8, 9-20

HUNTER - Hydra drone, sent to capture Nick Fury and Laura Brown, destroyed by Fury
    (app)--Strange Tales I#139

"HUNTER" (Buck Franklin) - animated Destroyer armor in Indochina
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#118

HUNTER (                    ) - Lunatic Legion-
    (app)-Spider-Man Drakes Cakes mini-comics series II#1

HUNTER - adoptive brother of T'Challa
, naturalized Wakandan, leader of Dogs of War/Hatut Zeraze, parents killed in a plane crash, adopted by T’Chaka @ 10 years before birth of T’Challa, went freelance after fired by T’Challa, attempted to kill T’Challa over jealousy, reformed Klaw, took over XCon and assassinated its officials
    WHITE WOLF*--Black Panther III#4 (10(fb), 12(fb), 5(fb2), 4, [6],7, 9-12, 22,[23],24, 25, 26-28, [41-43], 44(fb), [45], 50, 51, [52], 53, [54], 55, 56, 59

HUNTER ( ) - see JAEGER--X-Men II#99

HUNTER (    ) - Pride, joined the Peace Corps to make up for his past misdeeds
    thin male
    --[Runaways II#6], 14 (14 (fb), 14-18, [19 (fb)]

HUNTER 2099 (Zak Tessi)
    *D*--Ravage 2099#19 (20

HUNTER, ELSA - governess to Scarlet Witch's children
   --West Coast Avengers II#45

HUNTER, HAL of Earth-8107 - agent of Kingpin
    (app)--Spider-Man cartoon: "The Return of the Kingpin"

HUNTER, HANK - son of Todd Hunter (Lazarus), deadbeat
    (app-lazarus)--Incredible Hulk Annual#19/1

HUNTER, HENRIETTA - X-Statix, mutant pop icon, assassinated by Reggie + Dickie for the president of Europa, possessed another form, joined X-Statix, killed by Mr. Code, spirit began to take vengeance by killing those who sang the lyrics from an album released after her death, eventually led to gain vengeance on the president of Europa
    empathic powers, spirit able to kill those who sang her lyrics.
  *D/R/D/R* (app)--X-Statix#13 (13(fb), 13-16, 17d, 18(spirit)

HUNTER, IAN - WFSK, wm, brown hair, pony-tail, attracted to Karen Page
    --Daredevil I#372 (374,375

HUNTER, JAY - former business associate of Harry Osborn
    --Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!#1/2

HUNTER, JOHN - former geologist turned bank robber, sacrificed self to stop Rommbu
    (app-rommbu)--Tales to Astonish I#19 (19 (fb), 19

HUNTER, commander LANCE - former commander of STRIKE, assisted Nick Fury and Captain America against Red Skull and agents
    (app)--Captain Britain I#19 (20-27, 32/33, 33(fb), 34-37

HUNTER, MAX - North Institute, partner of Kestrel, sent to kill Black Widow (Natasha), killed by her
    --Black Widow III#1 ([Black Widow IV#5 (fb)], Black Widow III#1-5, 6d)

HUNTER, MORGAN of Earth-93060 - father of Wrath, comatose since injured by ??, patriot
    --Wrath (uv) #1

HUNTER, RACHEL - wannabe investigative reporter, stuck reviewing grade b western featuring Simon Williams, followed him to city of Shadow Lord, befriended by him, but was unable to stop the other Avengers from battling to the death, temporarily taken hostage by Berserker, saved by Avengers.
    wf, brunette
    --Avengers I#207 (208

HUNTER, ROSALIND - former wife of Todd Hunter (Lazarus), had affair with Jack Cameron and conspired to kill Todd and take over Hunter Technologies, indicted for Todd's murder
    (app-lazarus)--Incredible Hulk Annual#19/1 ([19/1(fb)], 19/1

HUNTER, STEVIE - X-Men's trainer, former dancer
    --Uncanny X-Men#139 (140,145,146,148,152,165, New Mutants I#1,2 4, X-Men Special Edition#1, UX168, Marvel Graphic Novel#5, UX177, NM#13, 14/Magik#3, NM An1, UX An8, NM#38,39 43, NM#48, UX#270,NM#95, UX277-279,XM II#14, XFor16,17, UX Annual#18

HUNTER, VIRGINIA - daughter of Nitro, had court order to release him, resulting in his escape and another rampage
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#56

HUNTER, Mrs. - Nitro's mother, stated that young Bobby Hunter (circa 1950s, maybe? how old is Nitro? - presumably topical) used to stay up late so he could watch TV footage of latest superhuman activities and that in the fourth grade he was expelled for vandalizing a classmate's art assignments in a mock "rampage", mentioned in Ben O'Malley's article on super-hero imitation
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

HUNTER in DARKNESS - allied with Elsie Dee and Albert, cut free from trap by Wolverine in past, traveled through time and lived many years
    -PUPPY (OH:AZU#1, net)--Wolverine II#34 (86(fb),34(fb),[43],45,46,51-53->86(fb),83,84

Hunter of Souls - see CALYPSO--Amazing Spider-Man I#209

HUNTER JOE (        ) - hunted rare game and kept them as trophies, specialized in mythical and speculative quarry, including Loch Ness monster (early 1960s), unicorn, Pink Mink/Pink Lady, green unicorn, Minotaur of New York, Bigfoot, Iraqi Shibboleth; captured Wolverine + Doop + Pink Lady, slaughtered by the Pink Psychos, head mounted on Doop's wall
    *D* (app)--Wolverine/Doop#2 ([2(fb)], 2

HUNTER TECHNOLOGIES (Todd Hunter) - former company of Todd Hunter (Lazarus), sought by Rosalind Hunter and Jack Cameron
    --Incredible Hulk Annual I#19/1

HUNTERS in DARKNESS - race, dwell in Canadian wilderness
    (app)--Wolverine II#83,84

HUNTERS - armored mercenaries
    --Web of Spider-Man I#97 (Iron Man Annual#13?

HUNTERS of the Big Game Posse  - see BIG GAME POSSE (app-biggame)--Marvel Comics Presents I#152/3

HUNTERS of the HOST - humanoid machines, hunt down and kill remaining Krell people
   (app-krell)--Marvel Collector's Edition#1/2

hunters of the Captive - pursued him to earth, sent Stalkers + Combatron + Magnoids, among others, sent Captive into epsilon four
    (app-ep)--Captain America An3

HUNTER PRODUCTIONS (Al Kravinoff, Timber Hugh) -
    --Spider-Man: Get Kraven#2

HUNTER-ROBOT - robot creation of Mako, destroyed by Coldblood
    patterned after the Hulk, large + strong
    (app-mako)--Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3 (27/3

HUNTINGCUT, JOSIAH - Broadway Project, slain by Mortus
    *D* (app-mortus)--Dracula Lives #7 ([7(fb, dies)])

HUNT LEADER of the Big Game Posse - see BIG GAME POSSE (app-biggame)--Marvel Comics Presents#152/3

HUNT-MASTER - Brood, Acanti hunter, killed by Binary
    --Uncanny X-Men#166

    identity used to expose subversives within SHIELD I, such as Rico Santana
    --Marvel Super Action I#1

HUNTRESS of Earth-Amalgam (Carol Danvers) - Warbird + Huntress. ex-government solo agent, ally of Dark Claw
    (app)--Legends of the Dark Claw#1 (All-Spy Comics#69, [LotDC#1(fb)], LotDC#1

HUNTRESS of Earth-Amalgam - see BLACK BAT (app)--Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD#1

HUNTSMAN - Olympian, empowered by Zeus to locate and retrieve other Olympians.
    generate fear and weakness in Olympians, summon creatures of myth, project energy balls
    (OH: AZU#3, app)--Ka-Zar Q#1/2 (1/2(fb), 1/2, Sub-Mariner I#29, Champions#2, 3

HUNTSMAN (Zona Cluster 6) - Weapon Plus, designed by military, bred in experimental time incubators at secret laboratories outside London, human placed into omnidirectional temporal particles, resulting in artificial evolution, gene-spliced with adaptive Sentinel nanotechnology and run through a half million years of cyborg mutation, tested against X-Corps, defeated by Professor X using bodies of Madrox, slain by Fantomex
    WEAPON XII* (app)--X-Men II#128,129 ([129 (fb), 128 (fb)], 128, 129, 130d, [145]

HUNYADI, baron - son of John, Magyar
    --Dracula Lives#13/3

HUNYADI, JOHN - former ally/mentor of Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula II#2 (3/2

HURA-MAZHTA - some bastardization of Ahura Mahzda?
    --[Savage Sword of Conan#230]

HURANI, sheikh ABDUL - crimelord, hired Water Wizard to defeat Arabian Knight
    --Ghost Rider II#5_

HURDNA of Earth-93060 - Vahdala, gods of plants & microorganisms

HURLABRA - king of Ja, father of Tallibone
    (app-tallibone)--X-Men Unlimited #32/3

HURRICANE of the Old West (Harry Kane) - 1870's, former agent of Iron Mask, stole magic potion from witch doctor, drank it after it was struck by lightning
    quick-draw artist, took magic potion to increase speed
    (Outlaw Files, 1960s, app)--Two Gun Kid#70 (Western Gunfighters#3, West Coast Avengers II#18, Marvel Westerns: Western Legends#1

    identity used in late thirties as a hero to combat Kro/Rudolph Herdler/Paul Sayden, claimed to be son of Thor, partnered with "Speedy" Scriggles, wore winged headband
    -MERCURY* (OH:GA, net)--(g)Captain America Comics#1/ (2/ - 6/8 7/5 -11/ ; ->Makkari)

HURRICANE (Albert Potter) - failed meteorologist, mutated trying to use experimental device to diffuse a hurricane, sought revenge on world, defeated by Captain Britain, imprisoned in Darkmoor, volunteered for experiment under Dr. Sam Merrick, gene-spliced with army ant DNA, nearly died, kept alive in S.T.O.R.M. hospital, stolen by Mys-Tech, used and betrayed in plot of Mys-Tech to destroy Otomo, attempted to use Gene Scanner to cause widespread mutation on earth, defeated by Gene Dogs and Q7 Strikeforce, returned to cryo-sleep while Merrick sought to cure him
    (OH2006#5, app)--(UK) Captain Britain I#3,4; [Marvel Team-Up I#65] (CB I#7(fb),3-7, [Daredevils#9], Gene Dogs#1-4, [Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1/3(fb)], 1/3

HURRICANE ( ) - Dark Riders, killed by Wolverine
    *D* (net)--Cable II#17 (18,19 X-Man Annual 1995, Wolverine II#94-96, 99,100d)

HURRICANE (    ) - designed own equipment and became a super hero, taken out of action after 9 months by the Thunderbolts
    superhuman durability
    --Civil War: Initiative#1

HURST, of Earth-712 - warden of federal penitentiary in Vespera
    --Squadron Supreme I#5

HURT, Senator of Earth-148611 - arranged for Jenny Swensen to testify and hand over evidence, saved from assassination attempt of Steel Hawk
    --Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#

HUSAM - Aqueos, Tridents, Atlanteans, son of Kadar, brother of Husni, trained in the Atlantean Army before Atlanteans were scattered, joined the Tridents, worked alongside Abira, disliked Namor working with the X-Men, discovered that the Aqueos had killed father, went with Namor on mission to get Dracula's head, believed Husni to be dead, attained Dracula's head, discovered that Aqueos had slaughtered 30 of their people, returned to Black Smokers' Trench with Namor to destroy the Aqueos, captured and turned by Husni, impaled himself and Husni on a spike, regenerated, destroyed by a spell unleashed by Namor and Abira.
    blue skin, claws, fangs, vampirism, regeneration, trident
    *D--Namor: The First Mutant#1 (2, 3, 4d

HUSCARLS - Lionheart, allies of Major Oak, agents of the Lord High Protector
    --Death's Head II#3 (6-8

HUSCARLS - followers of the demon lord Phemous, ride Polyp Steeds
    (app-lords)--Magik II#3 (4

HUSK (Paige Guthrie*) - Generation X, X-Corps, X-Men, sister of Cannonball
    shed skin to gain new powers, change into different forms of matter or energy, wf, blond
    BANANA PEEL, Peg (OH: X2005,
198, net)--X-Men II#37 (Uncanny X-Men#318, Generation X#1-3, X-Force#42, GX4, X-Men: Prime, GX5-9 Wolverine II#94 UX An1995 GX An1995 GX10-15
    GX23 An1996 An1997, Generation X: Crossroads, GX24,25 29 31,32 Marvel Team-Up II#1, GX33-41 X-Men Unlimited#20, GX42-44 XFor87 GX An1998 GX48-50, XMan50, GX51 XMU#23 GX52-57 Wolv141 GX58 GX An1999 GX59, New Warriors II#5, GX67-69 63-66 70 75 UX403, 404, 413, 417-420, 421,422, 423, 425,426, 427, 429-434, 437-441, 444, X-Men II#165, Excalibur III#11-13, New X-Men#32

HUSKIES (Elliot Flanders) - variation on vampires, revive as virtually mindless creatures, trying to accomplish one last task from real life

HUSNI - Aqueos, Faceless Ones, Tridents, Atlanteans, son of Kadar, brother of Husam, worked alongside Abira, went with Namor on mission to get Dracula's head, slain and transformed into one of the Aqueos, helped slaughter 30 of the Tridents, saw Namor return to the Hidden City, attacked them, captured Husam, turned him, impaled on a spike by Husam, regenerated, destroyed by spell unleashed by Namor and Abira.
    blue skin, head fin, claws, fangs, vampirism, regeneration, trident
    *D--Namor: The First Mutant#1 (2, 3, 4d

HUSS (   ) - see HERR HUSS (app-herrhuss)--Marvel Mystery Comics#24 (25

    --Captain Britain and MI13#1 (2-11-->Excalibur.

HUSSAIN, FARIDA - mother of Faiza
    --Captain Britain and MI13#5 ([10], 11

HUSSAIN, YUSUF - father of Faiza, vampirized by Dracula, resisted his control and allowed to survive by Captain Britain
   *D/R/D* (app)--Captain Britain and MI13#5 (10, [11 (fb), 12], 14, 15

HUSSAR - Imperial Guard royal elite, formerly served renegade faction under lord Samedar.
    red-skinned female extraterrestrial, uses neuro whip able to induce pain throughout nervous system
    <pirate>--Uncanny X-Men#137 (157,XM:Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, Thor446,Avengers West Coast#81, 82, UX387, Inhumans IV#4

HUSTLE, CHARLIE - District X, MGH dealer
    --Uncanny X-Men#490/2

HUTCH - son of extradimensional counterpart of Illyana Rasputin (from Reality-2937), lives between dimensions, seen by none, briefly brought to earth by Thatchel as part of plot by Mephisto to destroy earth by breaking down portals between realms, sacrificed self to disrupt Mephisto’s plot
    --X-Men Unlimited#37

HUTCH, Captain JEANET - 2026 Mars Colony
    --Death's Head III#13

HUTCHINS, RALPH - former UCLA grad student, mutated by serum injected by Doc
    (app)--She-Hulk I#6(9,18,19->Brute. 24,25->entity)

HUTCHINSON, BOBBY - found Awesome Android in barn
    --Captain America I#311 (Avengers I#286-287

HUTCHINSON, EDWARD - US undersecretary of defense, targeted for assassination by X-Cell, saved by son-in-law, Steve
    (app)--X-Factor III#17 (17 (fb)

HUTCHINSON, - tax auditor, discovered that Steve Rogers was Captain America, revealed that information to the Commission
    (app-commission)--Captain America I#327 (328

HUTH, BEN - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

HUTSU the JAPANESE SANDMAN (   ) - led sleepwalking cult; encountered Angel (Halloway)
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#5

HUTTON, Professor - Empire State University, sociology professor, gave Peter Parker a bad grade, supplied him with info on the Legion of Light
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#12

HUTTON, DANA LOUISE - District X, friend of Joey Chambers, mutated and killed by Toad Juice
    *D*--District X#2 (3d)

HUXLEY, Dr. ALDA - Genoshan, United Nations representative to Genosha, expert in mutant sociopolitics, called in to deal with threat of Magneto, granted him sovereignty of Genosha in return for vow of peace
    --X-Men II#86 (Uncanny X-Men#367, X87, UX368, Magneto Rex#1-3, X99, Magneto: Dark Seduction#1-4

HUXLEY, Dr. HORATIO - Department H, former head of Helios Project, SHIELD II, ranking executive of level 13,designed Weapon X (III), attempted to use it to take over world, fired by Gentry
    (net)--Alpha Flight II#2 (19(fb), 2, 6, [9], 13-20, Deathlok III#3,4

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