HIBBERT, ELLEN - New York Police Department, mother of Hope, neighbor to MJ + Peter Parker in Forest Hills, Queens. bf
    --Sensational Spider-Man II#21 (22, 24, 31

HIBBERT, HOPE - daughter of Ellen, neighbor to MJ & Peter Parker in Forest Hills, Queens, babysat by Anna Watson, bf, deaf
    --Sensational Spider-Man II#18, (named) 21 (22, 24, 26, 28-31

HIBER race - extraterrestrial, milky way, planet Hiberlac, human, spend majority of life in suspended animation, except for brief seconds when sunlight makes planet hospitable

HIBERNACULA of Earth-712 - designed by Tom Thumb during the Utopia Program, used to prevent decomposition until medical science had developed a cure for that medical condition, maintained patient in cryogenic suspension, Tom Thumb himself was placed in one after his death
    --[Squadron Supreme#5], 9

"HIBERNATION HIVE" - storage facility for Computo's Cybertrons
    (app-computo)--X-Men I#48

HICKEY - former cellmate of Robbie Baldwin, broke out of prison after Baldwin was shot, followed him to treatment center
    glowing eyes
    --Civil War: Front Line#3/2 (4/2, 5/2, 8/2

HICHOCK, PHIL - former agent of Karen Page
    - Phil Kingston--Daredevil I#77 (78, 80-83, 85, 86

HICKOCK, "WILD BILL" of the Old West - gunfighter

HICKS, RALPHIE of Earth-982 - Midtown High School student, classmate of May, friend of Turtle Ragone, prankster. wm
    --Spider-Girl#16 (22, 33, 34, 35, 54

HICKS, Mr. of Earth-712 - director of civil services in Cosmopolis
    --Squadron Supreme#10

HICKS,  - US Navy SEALS, sent to rescue the USS Dauntless submarine, assaulted by Atlanteans
    (app-forrester_gerald)--Namor I#41

    --[Marvel Visions#21]

HIDALGO, GRACIA - district attorney, prosecuted Venom
    --Venom: On Trial#1 (2, 3

HIDALGO, Detective JOSE - investigated Feral’s murder of her own family
    (app)--X-Force I#37 (41(fb), 37,40,41

HIDALGO, RAY of Earth-6216 - GEIST, investigated Death's Head 3.0, slain & resurrected by it, given knowledge on how to deactivate Death's Head to prevent him from assassinating UN officials
    --Amazing Fantasy II#16 (17-20

HIDDEN (Dark Design, Initiate, Regent) - secret society
    (app)--Blaze I#1

hidden flower of DORMAMMU - see DORMAMMU's hidden flower
        (app-barrier)--Marvel Comics Presents#20/4

HIDDEN MAN (Supramor) - extraterrestrial, used ray in effort to drain powers of others, sought size and power of Giant-Man, taken for punishment by race for attempting to conquer an inferior race, sent to Earth during Maximum Security.
    (1960s, app)--Tales to Astonish I#67 (Maximum Security#2, [3]

HIDDEN ONE - see SODATHA (app-sodatha)—Savage Sword of Conan#164

HIDDEN ONES of the Hyborian era - see YEZMITES--The Flame Knife; Savage Sword of Conan#31

HIDDEN ONES (Senso, Tartarus,) - offshoot of Inhumans, captured by Nazis who tried to force them to serve them as part of the Loki Project, escaped and went into hiding.    
    Manipulate events to cause other conspiracies and scandals to prevent detection of them
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#51 (51(fb), 52(fb), 53(fb), 51-54

Hidden race of Earth (Alpha Primitives, Bird People, Cat People, Deviants, Eternals, Grateful Undead, Infra-Worlders, Inhumans, Lemurians, the People, Savage Land races, Serpent-Men, Subterraneans, Troglodytes, Yeti/Cold People) - includes any of the branches of humanity that live in seclusion on Earth
    --(g) Red Raven#1

HIDDEN TEMPLE (Monks of the Hidden Temple) - Southeast Asia
    (app-hidden)--Amazing Spider-Man I#108

HI-DI-HO TOYS (Mr. Podunk) - Delta City
    --Fight Man#1

HIDILCO of the Hyborian era - Brythunian, aided Conan again Munthassem Khan
    (app)--(Conan mythos) "The Hand of Nergal," Conan ( Lancer Books); (Marvel Universe) Conan the Barbarian I#30

HIGGIN, Lt. CHAD - Anchorage police, encountered Master Mold II alongside Cyclops
    --X-Factor I#13(14,15

HIGGINS, SAMUEL - Roxxon, head of operation utilizing James Hudson/Guardian as a power source following his return from Quwrlln, recruited Box (Jeffries) to assist Windshear on a mission, later presided over facility developing omega 32,which was raided by Beetle (Davis)
    (net)--Alpha Flight II#87 (90(fb), 87-90, Thunderbolts#34,36

HIGGINS, Mr. - alcoholic, wife-beater, threatened by wolverine, attempted to run him down, his son inadvertently killed wife and injured daughter in attempt to stop her from killing Mr. Higgins
    --Wolverine II#91, 132(named) (91, 92, 132

HIGHBROW - imagined? evolutionary future self of Manikin.
    cyborg, levitate, teleport objects
    --Alpha Flight I#49

HIGH COUNCIL of the WAKANDAS - involved in decisions considering the ascension to the Black Panther position
    --Black Panther III#60 ([61]

higher beings - glimpsed beyond the Brilliant City

HIGH EVOLUTIONARY (Herbert Edgar Wyndham) - geneticist, empowered and founded of Knights of Wundagore + New Men + New Immortals + Godpack + Animutants, commander of Eliminators + Gatherers + Purifiers + Sensors, given blue prints of human DNA from unknown being (Sinister or Phaeder?), designed genetic accelerator, used it evolve self to peak of human potential, alongside Knights of Wundagore and Magnus successfully repelled Chthon @ 1950, created Counter-Earth. suffers from unstable evolutionary form, ranges from ability to manipulate energy on vast level to dim-witted pre-human anthropoid
    (I#5, D#5, M, OH2006#5, net)--Thor I#134 (X-Factor An3/ , Punisher An1/ , Silver Surfer III An1/ , New Mutants Annual#4/3, Fantastic Four An21/ , Avengers I#186(fb), Thor135/ , Amazing Spider-Man An22/3(Av186(fb)), Web of Spider-Man#An4/3(Av186(fb),GS Av1(fb)), Thor134,135, West Coast Avengers Annual#3/3, Tales to Astonish I#94/2-96/2, Marvel Premiere#1,2, Warlock I#1,3,5,8, Fantastic Four#172(fb),[171],172-175, Marvel Two-In-One#62,63, Incredible Hulk II#266, Avengers An17/2, X-Factor An3, Punisher An1, Silver Surfer An3, New Mutants An4, Fantastic Four An21, Amazing Spider-Man An22, Uncanny X-Men An12, Web of Spider-Man An4, West Coast Avengers An3, Spectacular Spider-Man An8, Avengers An17, [Thor406],407,408, 418-425, Warlock & the Infinity Watch #3,4, Th473(fb),472-475(An19),476,477, Av380-382, Quicksilver#11(fb), Fantastic Four Unlimited#9, Th480-484, 486-489, Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1, Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand#1, Quick#7(fb2), Excalibur I#113, Quick#1, KaZar V#12-14, Quick#8-10, Heroes for Hire#15, Q11, HsfH#16, Q12, Heroes for Hire/Quciksilver Annual 1998, HsfH#17, UX379,X99,UX380, [X-Factor III#21/2 (fb)], X-Men II#200/2, UX488/2 (fb), X-Factor III#21, Annihilation Conquest

HIGHER EVOLUTIONARIES - see LORDS of ALTHRACE (app-mel)--Dr. Who Magazine#62 (62, 65-67

HIGH FATHER of Earth-5555 circa 8162 A.D. (Starick) - formerly NURSE, quit when it became corrupt, leads followers to prosperity
    --Dragon’s Claws#3

high father of ORDER of the HELLFIRE SERPENT - see ORDER of the HELLFIRE SERPENT, high father of (app-hellfireserpent)--Terror, Inc#1

HIGHFATHER ODIN of Earth-9602 - see ODIN the HIGHFATHER--Bullets & Bracelets#1

HIGH FLYERS 8162 - Game
    -- Dragon’s Claws #1(fb)

HIGH LAMA ( ) - head of sect of priests in Tibet, sacrificed self to save Puck, moved on to higher plane, enabled Puck to join battle against Dreamqueen
    --Alpha Flight I#59 (60

HIGHLANDER ( ) - Kinsmen.
    sentient and mobile creature composed of rock and soil
    (app-kin)--Marvel Comics Presents#43/4

    --Namor: The First Mutant#1


HIGH NOON TEX - see TEX. (app)--High Noon Tex strip

HIGHNOTE (Raoul Hernandez) - Young Gods, musician, Indian/Spanish, former nineteenth century Columbian dancer and musician, mixed Spanish and Native American heritage.
    sonic telekinesis, control matter by sound, teleport
    (U#8, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, app)--Thor I#300, (identified) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 ([Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files], SpecSp An8/3, Thor301(fb), 300, [SpecAn8(fb)], 8, 8/2, Marvel Comics Presents#101/2-103/2, 105/2, 107/2-109/2

HIGH OVERLORD of Earth-691 - leader of Martian Masters
    *D*--Amazing Adventures II#23 (24,27,30,32,36, Marvel Graphic Novel: Killraven (dies))

HIGH PRIEST of GOD - see MATHER, COTTON (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#41

HIGH PRIEST of the HIDDEN TEMPLE - father of Sha Shan
    GUARDIAN of the LIGHT* (app-hidden)--Amazing Spider-Man I#108

HIGH PRIEST of GOMDULLAH - GOMDULLAH, see high priest of - (app-gomdullah)--Journey into Mystery I#61/1

HIGH PRIEST of TAVI - see RASPUTIN (app-rasputin)--Iron Man I#56

high priest of the Temple of the Sun - see TEMPLE of the SUN
    (app-kayla)--Marvel Comics Presents #134 (135, 136

HIGH PRIEST of ZOR - servant of Magrador, battled Power Man (Cage) and Iron Fist to obtain twin idols of Zor
    --Power Man/Iron Fist#102

HIGH PRIESTESS of the Kestorans - @ 10,000 years ago, led them to flee Kestor during its destruction
    *D* (app-kest)--Fantastic Four I#253 (253(fb)

high priestess of the order - see order, priestess of  (app-highpriestess)--Savage Sword of Conan#29

HIGH SEERS of NOX - Lords of the Splinter Realms, summoned to convocation of sorcerers by Magik (Amanda Sefton), battled Archenemy
    (app-lords)--[Magik II#3] ([3,4]

HIGH SISTER of the Stark - leader
    --Guardians of the Galaxy #2

HIGHSMITH - family, daughter is a mutant, unnamed mother and father
    --X-Men II#166

HIGH-TECH - see CURTIS, CARR (app)--Deathlok II#11 ([11(fb)], 11

HIGH TECHNICIAN ( ) - apprentice and former agent of High Evolutionary, used his technology to create Saur-Lords
    --Captain America I#415

HIGH THAREN of subterraneans - see THARKARIS--X-Men Unlimited#49

HIGH TIDE of Earth-Avengers: Last Avengers Story - Avengers, killed by nuclear bomb dropped by Kang or Ultron
    manipulate water
    *D* (app-ealas)--Last Avengers Story#1

HIGHTOWER, BOB of "Earth-7643" - former sheriff on New Canaan, slain by Kurt Hammer
    *D* (app-starstalker)--Marvel Premiere#32

HIGHWAYMAN (Ross Horton) - former member of motorcycle gang, impressed Manipulator with his fighting prowess, outfitted by him with advanced weaponry, assisted Manipulator in his efforts to retake Umbazi in exchange for monetary rewards, defeated by Captain Britain.
    used powerful motorcycle (Hellfire Machine)+ chain +other weapons, wm, long dark hair, monocle
    (app)--(UK) Captain Britain I#37 (Super Spider-Man + Captain Britain#231(fb), CB#37, [38], 38, 39, SS+CB#231/2,232/2

HIGHWAYMAN (Jefferson Hercules Archer) - brother of US Archer, faked own death, outfitted with powerful semi-truck (Blackrig) and other advanced technology by members of Al’s race, vied with brother for chance to leave for space with the Aliens, apparently killed when attempted to ram us in outer space race and crashed into the moon
    *D* (app)--USOne#1(1(fb)/6(fb)/11(fb) 3(fb)? 11(fb) 1 [2] 3,4 [5,6] 7-12

HIGHWAYMAN (David Pennant) - English criminal, agent of AIM, attempted to steal Cognium Steel from Oracle INC., defeated by Iron Fist
    rides mechanical horse, uses laser pistol and expandable net
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#137/4

HIGH-ZERO (    ) - Hydra agent, raised by and worked under Strucker, slain and replaced by Alan Desmond
    *D* (app)--Namor Annual#4 (4d)

HIJACKER (Howard Mitchell) - criminal, used and stole immense weapons of destruction, killed by Scourge of the Underworld-1 at the Bar with No Name
    *D* (app)--Tales to Astonish I#40 (Marvel Two-In-One#24, MTIO#96, Captain America I#319d)

HIKARU - agent of Broker (app-mast)--Wolverine II#30d

HIKARU-SAMA-2099,head of Stark-Fujikawa
    --Spider-Man 2099#5 (7,19,20,22,23, Doom30,31, Spdm2099 meets Spider-Man#1, Fantastic Four 2099#1-3, Sp43

HILARY ?? - former secretary of Baron Strucker at Merovech
    --New Thunderbolts#3

HILBERT, DAVID - Bridge, rebelled, killed by Superior
    *D* (app)--Comet Man#1(2-5, 6d)

HILDA (MCMXII) - Axi-Tun, Space Gods

HILDA - Fatal Sisters
    (app-fatalsisters)--X-Statix#25 ([25(fb)], 25

HILDEBRAND, KAREN - Shadow Thiefs, former coroner, kidnapped Mary Blue Cloud for Chi by duping Iron Fist, battled and defeated by Iron Fist
    --Iron Fist IV#3 (5(fb), 3-6

HILDEGARD - Asgardian, Valkyrior
    --Thor I#195(311/2-313/2 195-199,201-205, Avengers I#105, Thor206-208,209,210 212-217,219-223,[277(fb)] 225,227,230-232,246,248,250 311/2 An9

    Alternate name for Volstagg's wife
    --Thor I#482/2

HILDRETH - Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship, high priestess and comptroller, former second-in-command, mated with Aan Taanu/Fin Fang Foom, killed when Arianne Wright ripped the fetus from her womb.
    wf, back hair ,wore leather
    *D* (app-br)--Legion of the Night#1(1(fb),1,2d)

HILDY - see GUNNHILD--Thor I#350

HILFSWILLIGE - see HIWIS--Captain America V#5

HI-LITE (Rockwell "Rocky" Davis) - criminal, accidentally caused an elderly museum guard to have a heart attack, saved him with CPR, fled bail with Absorbing Man and Titania, recovered by Jazinda the Skrull for Freeman Bonding, Inc.
    used armor featuring night-vision goggles, on-board lasers, and the ability to manipulate light beams
    --She-Hulk II#22 (22 (fb), 22-24

HILL - No-Time dimension, base of Mikhail Rasputin, forces Morlocks to climb mountain to become Gene Nation.
    highly corrosive air + erratic weather
    --Storm#2 (3,4

HILL, Dr. FARNSWORTH - author of "The Super Soldier"
    --Avengers V#2/2 (2010)

HILL, GEORGE - New York criminal, discovered a hidden laboratory of Norman Osborn/Green Goblin while fleeing Spider-Man, passed information on to Roderick Kingsley who killed him and then used the information to become the Hobgoblin
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#237?

HILL, Officer GEORGE - New York Police Department, partner of Officer Trezza, accompanied Mr. Carlson on his survey of the homeless, arrested him after he was exposed by Lockjaw
    (app-carlson)--Marvel Comics Presents#68/4

HILL, MARIA - SHIELD II, former liaison to New Avengers, promoted to director after Fury's "Secret War"
    (Mighty Avengers: WMF, app)--New Avengers#4 ([Secret War#5/2 (fb)], 5/4, New Avengers#4, 6, 7-10, Daredevil II#77, Secret War#5, [Civil War Files#1], SecWar#5/2, Irredeemable Ant-Man#3 (fb), [Captain America V#16], New Avengers#16-20, Marvel Team-Up III#20, 22, Astonishing X-Men#13, [Captain America#22 (fb)],
Civil War#1, New Avengers#21, CivWar#2, NA#22, CW3, NA23, CW4, Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#2, [3], Captain America V#22 (fb), CW: YA/Run#4, CW: Front Line#8/2, CW5, NA25, Wolverine III#47, Blade III#5, Cap24, Irredeemable Ant-Man#3, Civil War: Front Line#8/2, CW: War Crimes#1, Iron Man IV#14, Blade III#9, X-Men II Annual#1 (2007), Black Panther IV#26, 27, Iron Man IV#15 (fb), [17], 18, Marvel Comics Presents II#2, Ms. Marvel II#13, Punisher War Journal II#8 (fb), Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#1, Mighty Avengers#3, Ms. Marvel II#15, New Avengers#28-30 (fbs), World War Hulk#3, Iron Man IV Annual#1, Mighty Avengers#1, 3, [4], 5-6, Black Panther IV#27, MightyA#7, [9], 11, IM21-23, 25-28, Mighty Avengers#12 (fb), IM29-32, Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?#1/4, X-Force III#2, Eternals IV#4

HILL, Dr. - treated Curtis Doyle (Freedom Ring)
    *D* --Marvel Team-Up III#22, (named) #23/2

HILLBILLY - see WAGNER, Pvt. LARRY "HILLBILLY" (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#98

HILLENKOETTTER, director - World War II Nazi?, involved with Project Perfect Warrior
    --Vengeance#5 (2012)

HILLMAN, TERENCE - posed as Daredevil during DD’s trial, concocted story to take the blame in order to impress women, claimed to be original Daredevil and then retired    
    "DAREDEVIL*" (app)--Daredevil II#25

HILL PEOPLE (Spragg ) - Living Hills, Rock Cops
    (app-spragg)--[Journey into Mystery I#68], She-Hulk II#32 (33

HILLS, EDWIN - software billionaire, part of group that bet on fight between superhumans, designed XP2000
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man#53 (54

HILLMAN, TERI - scandal plagued celebrity
    --Peter Parker#1 (2-4

HILMERSON, Mrs. - vampire
    *D/R/D*--Generation X#62

HILT, Dr. JONAS - former colleague of Dr. Stephen Strange, tested sample of Oktid's Elixir for him, slain by Brigand
    --Dr. Strange: The Oath#2 (2 (fbs), [2 (fbs, dies)]

HIM - see ADAM WARLOCK--Fantastic Four I#66 (67,Thor165,166,Marvel Premiere#1->Adam Warlock)

HIM who SLEEPS - World's End, guard of kartag's, insectoid-creature
    (app-kart)--Thor I#195

HIMAVAT - Hindu god of snow--not in MU

HIMES, WOODWARD - Philadelphia based businessman, publicly involved in improving poorer communities, secretly head of a drug cartel, turned self in after exposed by Luke Cage
   (app) --New Avengers: Luke Cage#3

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#42


HINDEL, BERTRAM - former lawyer of Stark Enterprises, fired after failed to clear up government civil suits brought on during armor wars, unsuccessfully defended Kathy Dare
    --Iron Man I#219 (

HINDS, PATRICK - WFSK, program engineer. bm
    --Daredevil I#372 (373-375

HINDS, ROBERT - Midtown High School, classmate of Peter Parker
    --Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#3

HINDSIGHT (Carlton LaFroyge) - New Warriors, turned against them and began outing their secret identities after the Stamford explosion
    non-combat, skilled with computers
    (OH2006#5)--New Warriors I#60 (61, Spectacular Spider-Man II#227, NW62, Web of Spider-Man#129, NW63 64/59 65 68,69,71 -->Carlton LaFroyge. She-Hulk II#8

    (OH2006#5-hindsight, net)--(CL) NewWar An3,(HL)NW#37 (NW An3,NW#35-37,41,An4/2,NW47,[Nov II#6],NW48, Nov7,NW49-52,NT II#16 NW55,[56],57,59,60->Hindsight)

HINDSUN EIGHT - plagued by stellar storm disaster, requested aid from Nova Corps, Nova thrown off course by Parashad Collapsar
    --[Nova IV#1]

    --Thor I#300

HINE, DAVID - Daily Bugle reporter
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

HINES, CAROL - Weapon X project, in charge of monitoring and recording, killed by Aldo Ferro/Psi-Borg
    *D*--Marvel Comics Presents#72 (Weapon X II#23(fb2) MCP73,74,76-84, Wolverine II#49,50

HINES of Earth-Amalgam - assisted Prof. Nichols
    --Legend of the Dark Claw#1 (1 (fb)

HINGLE, CINDY of Earth-982 - mother of Sarah
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#8

HINGLE, DUANE of Earth-982 - father of Sarah, very disturbed by her mutation, considered sending her to a special school
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#8

HINGLE, SARAH of Earth-982 - Midtown high school, mutant, powers surfaced and rampaged out of control, calmed by May Parker
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1 (8

HIP HOP ( ) - Brute Force, cybernetically enhanced kangaroo
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2-4

HIPPO (Mrs. Fluffy Lumpkins) - male hippopotamus mutated by High Evolutionary, turned to crime by Redeemer (Gunderson), joined White Rabbit's Menagerie
    (app)--Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man#1 (2-3, New Avengers: Luke Cage#1, Amazing Spider-Man II#642, X-Men II#38, Superior Foes of Spider-Man#3,11/1, Amazing Spider-Man III#1/1

HIPPO - see CONSULTANT--Underworld#1

HIPPOCRATES’ NUTRIENT BATH - technology of city of Olympia, used to heal Ransak after he was mutated by apocalypse
    --Eternals: Apocalypse Now

HIPPOLYTA - Olympian goddess, leader of the Amazons + Bacchae, one of the possessors of the Amulet of Pazuzu, formerly sought forcible marriage to Hercules
    Queen of the Amazons (app)—Thor I#127 (Hercules III#1(fb), Howard the Duck III#3(fb), Thor127 128, Champions#1-3, Marvel Treasury Edition #24, Fantastic Four III#21

HIPPY (    ) - old foe of the Sentry
    Hepcat of Horror--Sentry II#2 (2 (fb)

HIPSHOT 2099 ( ) - Total Recall
    --Fantastic Four 2099#2(3

    @ 1961, original identity, assisted First Line against Yellow Claw.
    wore yellow cape and flip flops
    --Marvel: Lost Generation#3

HIRAKU, WALTER - Weapon X, Hospice
    --[Deadpool III#15]

HIRO - Cybersamurai, fell in love with Opal Tanaka, attacked by others in effort to taker his favored position, saved by Iceman, who he then allowed to defeat him and Opal to escape
    --X-Factor I#63 (64, Uncanny X-Men#289,290

HIRO - Hand, agent of Lady Bullseye
    (app-ladybulleseye)--Daredevil II#112

HIRO-KALA - son of Hulk and Caiera, twin brother of Skaar
    (OH)--Skaar: Son of Hulk#2

HIROIM the SHAMED - Hulk's Warbound, Shadow Warrior, lost arm in battle with Zom-powered Dr. Strange, powers raged out of control after manipulated by Leader, apparently perished, passed power on to Kate Waynesboro
    *D* (Gladiator Guidebook)--Incredible Hulk III#94 (, WWH Aftersmash: Warbound#2/2 (fb), IncH#100 (fb), 94-95, Giant-Size Hulk II#1/2, Hulk96-99, 100-105, World War Hulk: World Breaker prologue#1, WWH Aftersmash: Warbound#1-4, 5d)

    --Planet Skaar Prologue#1

HIROMOTSU/HIROMITSU - Hand, former mentor to Junzo Muto, slew his parents to claim him, controlled Dragon Kings of Kun Lun, slain and powers siphoned by Muto after he learned the truth.
    *D* (app)--New Warriors II#5 (Iron Fist/Wolverine#2(fb), NewWar5, 8//IF/Wolv#1(fb), NW8, 10, IF/Wolv#2(fb), 1,2d)

"HIR SOOT" - Past Assassins
    *D* (app-pa)--[Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#2], 7 ([2(fb), 2, 7(fb)], 7d

HIRUKO of Earth-93060 - demi-god, child of Izanagi + Izanami, freed by Prime, killed by Arena’s husband
    --Prime(uv) II#5(5(fb) 5

HISAKO - see ICHIKI, HISAKO (198)--Astonishing X-Men III#4

HISARR ZUL of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, brother of Tosya/Sand-Lich, betrayed brother, held Eye of Erlik, stole Conan’s soul to force him to retrieve the Eye, killed by own poison when Conan blew it back in his face
    *D* --Conan and the Sorcerer; Savage Sword of Conan#53 (54(fb), 53, [54], 55d)

HISS, LEONA - widow of a wealthy Long Island anesthesiologist, member of Republican National Party, mostly reclusive; apparently slain and replaced by the Viper who founded the Save Our Society (SOS) in her name
    --[Punisher Annual#2] 

HISSSARLION of the Hyborian era - Serpent Men, posed as Phan-Ku to dupe Kuchum’s crew, slain by Conan
    - Phan-Ku* *D* (app-sm)--Savage Sword of Conan#192

HISTORIANS of Earth-Slow Glass - aliens, offered Liala the restoration of the Ebron and a new planet in exchange for her memories of her dead world
    (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#1

HISTORY of the DARKHOLD - text; copy owned by Vengeance/Kowalski
    --Ghost Rider #31 (2009)

HISTY ?? - owner of a scrap heap, formerly boarded Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler
    --Howard the Duck III#1(2,3

HITBONEUT - mystical meditation rite
    --Marvel Team-Up II#8

HITCH, Lt. - Free Divers
    (app-free_divers)--Namor I#52 ([52 (fb)], 52

HITCHUCK, Capt. - US Border Patrol, TExas, tracked down and killed Xenophobic Man
    (app-xenophobic)--Avengers Spotlight#31/2 (32/2-34/2

HITCHUK, KELLY - Childwatch
    --Justice: Four Balance#1 (2,3 4 X-Force I#43

HITE, ALISSA of Earth-7642 - daughter of Paul & Heather Hite (Glider)
    (app-glider)--Spider-Man/Gen 13#1

HITE, PAUL of Earth-7642 - ex-husband of Heather Hite (Glider), father of Alissa
    (app-glider)--Spider-Man/Gen 13#1


HITLER TWINS - from Pittsburgh, ran in Summer Solstice Burnout, run over by Deadpool
    --Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu#1d

HIT-MAKER (Orlando Sinclair) - brother of Mariano, given powerful exoskeleton by powerful criminal organization, refused to work as an assassin for them, worked as superhero character for major Hollywood studio
    (card)--Wonder Man II An#2 (2(fb), 2

HITMAN (Burt Kenyon)-costumed mercenary + assassin working for Maggia as counterpart to Punisher (Castle), former marine lieutenant
    *D* (AZU#2, app)--Spectacular Spider-Man I#5 (Amazing Spider-Man I#175(fb), Spec4,5, Amz174,175d)

HITMAN (Jimmy Pierce) - former boxer, related to the Cullens crime family, coerced by them into trying to become the next Punisher
    HITMAN PUNISHER*, PUNISHER* (app)--Punisher II#86 (87, Punisher War Journal#63, Pun88, PWJ#67/2-71/2, 72

HITMAN PUNISHER - see HITMAN (Pierce) (app)--Punisher II#87

HIT-MONKEY ( ) - Macaque monkey trained as assassin
    --Hit-Monkey I#1 (Deadpool II#19-21, Hit-Monkey II#1-3, Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul, Deadpool II#49.1

HIVE (Halphas) - fly-like demon, sought the Soul Sword and had another agenda
    controlled swarm of flies, able to possess others,
    *D*--[Nightcrawler III#7], (named) #10 (10(fb), [7-9], 10, 11d)

HIVE (Miek) - Sakaar natives mental link-up
    --Incredible Hulk III#92

HIVE (    ) - Hydra ruling council
    inhuman, release starfish-like beings able to control others, release explosive spheres
    --Secret Warriors#2

HIVE - suspected Hydra base
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

HIVELINGS - young native Sakaarians
    Punisher War Journal II#12, Heroes for Hire#11-15, World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1, Incredible Hercules#112

HIVE-MIND of EARTH - took control of Humbug in the Savage Land to oppose the Brood infestation
    --[Heroes for Hire III#10], 15 ([10-14], 15

hivemind mechas - advanced from LMDs by Hydra, destroyed by Livewires
    --Livewires#4 ([6(fb)], 4-6

HIVE TROLLS - see FLYING TROLLS--Journey into Mystery I#124, New Mutants I#84

HIWIS - Russian prisoners or deserters fighting alongside the Nazis against their own people
    HILFSWILLIGE--Captain America V#5 (5(fb)

HJAK - Ice Giant, father of Bort, grandfather of Snagg, son of Moot
    --[Thor I#500]

HJARDISGYL - invoked by Asgardians
    "Heralded Horns of Hjardisgyl"—[Thor II#51]

HJI - extraterrestrial of unknown race, SHIELD (Society of Higher Interstellar Education and Logistical Development).
    (app-shield)--Avengers Spotlight#24/2

HKKKT race (Lamia) of Earth-Seeker 3000 - extraterrestrial, dwell aboard the ship Jakarah, attempted to take over Seeker 3000, most destroyed by the Pathfinders, remainder returned to the crippled Jakarah
    superhuman strength + durability, powerful claws + teeth, absorb life force of others, use energy weapons + powers
    (app-seeker)--Seeker 3000#1 (2(fb), 1-4

HLAVAC's disease - caused by virus; with Mephisto's aid, this virus infected the Silver Surfer, causing dizziness, fever, and hallucinations, until he purged it from his system
    --Silver Surfer II#32

HLIDSKJALF - Asgard, mountain peak from which Odin would survey Asgard
    --Thor I#338

H'MOJEN - used Triax (giant insects) as weapons/warriors against Fantastic Four and Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four#2 (2007)

HMS PEANUT IV of Earth-Power Pachyderms - Power Pachyderms HQ, New York harbor
    (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1

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