HASH-HEAD (Steve Strong) - disfigured criminal actor; encountered Angel (Halloway)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#40

    --Rogue III#8

HASHIOKA, RYOHEI - Yakuza, allied with Brian Argus and the Red Wolves, poisoned by deadly potion that slowly killed him.
   --Marvel Comics Presents I#6 (8

HASHIOKA, TAMARA - Godzilla Squad, helped design Red Ronin, former romantic interest of Jimmy Woo. Japanese woman
    (app-gs)--Godzilla#1 (2-4, 6-10, 13-15,17-22,[23],24, [Avengers I#199]

    red suit + hood + full face mask
    -- Master of Kung Fu I#83

HASKELL (    ) -
    --Human Torch#6)

HASKELL, THEODORE - deputy mayor for operations, briefly served J. Jonah Jameson
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#602 (603,604

HASKELL, - agent of Quincy Harker
    --Tomb of Dracula I#13

HASKILL, - drug-dealer, sold drugs to punks who rolled a man playing Santa Claus, depriving a group of kids of their Christmas celebration, fell to death fleeing Daredevil; his money rained down on the beaten "Santa"
    --Marvel Fanfare I#1/2

HASKIN, WENDELL - victim of Mad Thinker's Compound D
    --Torch#4 (2010)

    --Foolkiller I#7?

HASMUN, KURT - police chief of Oslo, Norway; ally of Henry Pym
    --Tales to Astonish III#1

HASPIEL, Dean - Farnsworth College, impersonated by Gjo
    --Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

HASSAN - former ruler of Mazikhandari, assassinated by Red Skull (Shmidt) and replaced with a synthetic, exposed by Invaders and Avengers
    *D*--[Invaders#0] ([0(fb)]

HASSAN - alternate earth, component of Idris, traveled to broken universe to meet Sister Perpetua and Nicola Zeitgeist, merged with them to reform Idris

HASSAN, ALI - led Arabian renegades; encountered Captain Strong
    --Daring Mystery Comics#3

HASSAN, GAMAL - descendent of Nephrus, used Crown of Hathor and Spirit Gem of Nephrus in effort to gain his ancestor’s power, possessed by Nephrus, aged to death
    *D* (app-neph) Marvel Two-In-One#95

HASSIM, prince - Bagmom, son of the Caliph, made arrangements with Roxxon
    (app-bagmom)--Howard the Duck Annual#1

HASSLE of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD ( ) - Midnight Wreckers
    (app-mw)--Machine Man II#1 (2-4, Thor Corps#2, Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow: Book Three

HASTE (Martin Helling) - cyborg, government-empowered & directed Freedom Force
    cybernetic lower limbs, runs at over 200 mph
    --X-Men III#40 (2013), (identified) #41 (2013)

HASTINGS, of Earth-93060 - butler for Prototype
    --Prototype (uv)#1 (0, 1-3

HASTINGS, CAPRICE - daughter of Louise, mother of Jinx, killed during struggle over wishing spell
    *D* (app-louise)--Darkhold#8

HASTINGS, Professor LOUISE - Darkhold Redeemers, mother of Caprice Hastings, grandmother of jinx, former professor at Oxford, archeologist and expert on things occult, born in Barbados, raised in England, assisted Quincy Harker’s band of vampire hunters in the past, killed by Morbius while he was possessed by 9; 9; Bloodthirst.
  middle-aged, heavy set bf
    *D* (app)--Ghost Rider III#28 (Darkhold#1, GR31 Dh2, 3,4, 5, 6,7, 8-10, Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/2, 2/2, 3, Dh11, Spirits of Vengeance#13, Dh12, Morbius#13, Dh13,14, Nightstalkers#14, GR44, Marvel Comics Presents#143, Dh15

Captain America I#321

"HATT" - Matriculon, squid-creature, used as hat/disguise by Hulk
    (app-mat)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change

HATCH, Sgt. -nypd, investigated Brothers Grace --Marvel Knights II#2 (3 6

HATCH 22 - extra-terrestrial from future
    Six Million Year Man* (app)--Black Panther I#1 (2, Black Panther III#43

HATCHAWAY, VERNON "HATCH" - FBI agent, sent to kill Nomad (Monroe), faked Nomad's death in Clutier, Iowa, placed him in suspended animation
    (app)--Nomad II#7 (10, 22-25, Thunderbolts I#49(fb), 46

HATCHER, BRAD - step-father of Kyle
    --Hulk/Wolverine: Six Hours#1 (2-4

HATCHER, CHRISTINE - mother of Kyle
    --Hulk/Wolverine: Six Hours#1 (2-4

HATCHER, KYLE - son of Christine, bitten by own coral snake, plane crashed in Canada, saved by transfusion of Hulk blood
    --Hulk/Wolverine: Six Hours#1 (2-4

HATCHET-9 - merged form of soldier from earth dimension and an infinite from age of apocalypse dim,sent back to age of apocalypse when destroyed the power generator allowing the dimensions to partially merge

HATCHET-MAN - Randall Spector imposter
    --Rampaging Hulk I#17/2

HATCHET-MAN - see HACHIMAN--[Punisher III#2], 3

H.A.T.E. (Dirk Anger) - anti-terrorist organization bought out by SILENT, used to produce weapons of mass destruction for them
    -Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort--Nextwave#1 (2-6, 7-8, 11

    --[ ], Dr. Strange III#83

HATEMARE of Earth-Nocturne - mind of original Night Raven, trapped in powerful body of slave of Yi Yang, mind freed by Nocturne
    *D*--Nocturne#3 (4d)

HATEMONGER? - see MATHER, COTTON (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#41

HATE-MONGER (Adolph Hitler (clone)) - originally cloned by Arnim Zola, mind trapped in Cosmic Cube "III", nearly revived by Kubekult, revived fully by Cosmic Cube, transformed into living embodiment of hatred
    -Adam Hauser*, NAZI "X" (I#5, D#17, M, OH2006#5, app)--Fantastic Four I#21 (Super-Villain Team-Up #17(fb), Fantastic Four I#21, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#9-11, Creatures on the Loose#35, Captain America I#211,212, SVTU#17, Cap299,[Cap446-448], Captain America III#25-27, 45-48(fb), Black Panther: Man Without Fear #521-523 (September-November, 2011)

HATE-MONGER -see MAN-BEAST (app)--[Spectacular Spider-Man II#12],13(12(fb,shadows),[12],13-15)

HATEMONGER - creation of Psycho-Man, utilized in attempt to destroy Manhattan with hatred, destroyed by Scourge of the Underworld
    -H.M.Unger *D* (D#17, A-Z HC#5, app)--Fantastic Four I#279 (280+281/Secret Wars II#2d)

    allied with Sons of the Serpent
    (app)--Avengers I#341 (342, [Nomad II#9, 12],13-15, Avengers West Coast#100, [Marvel Comics Presents#152/2, 153/2], 154/2, 155/2, Justice#1,2->Animus)

HATE-MONGER (    ) - Texas-based white supremacist, led National Force, slaughtered illegal immigrants, slain by Punisher (Frank Castle)
    *D*--Punisher War Journal II#6 (6 (fb) - 9 (fb), 6-9, 10d)

HATE MOTHER - tortured the young Elsa Bloodstone if she got trivia questions wrong
    --Nextwave#8 (8 (fb)

HATHAWAY, JACOB STEVEN - son of Stanley, inherited his job after his death, associate of Elsa Bloodstone
    (app)--[Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone]

HATHAWAY, STANLEY- caretaker of the Explorer's Club, father of Jacob Steven
    *D* (app)--Marvel Universe#4 ([Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone (fb, dies)]

HATI - wolf-god, participated in assault on Asgard in Thor’s youth
    --Journey into Mystery#101/2

HATSUSHEP - woman from ancient Egypt, possessor of Amulet of Pazuzu/Doucheblade
    --Howard the Duck III#3 (3(fb)

HATRICK, STUART - STRIKE psi-division, assassinated by Slaymaster

HATTUSUS of the Hyborian era - Kozaki, slain by Yezmites
    *D*--The Flame Knife; Savage Sword of Conan#31

HATUT ZERAZE ( ) - Wakandans, led by White Wolf, former secret police used by T’Chaka, fired by T’Challa upon taking office, went freelance.
    master warriors, wear white versions of Black Panther uniform
    DOGs of WAR* (net)--Black Panther III#4 (5(fb1), 4, 9-12, 23, 25, 50, 56

HAUER, Major JOSEPH - Super Soldiers, original member
    enhanced strength and durability, emotions enhanced by drug implant
    INVINCIBLE* (app-chang)--Super Soldiers (MUK)#1(1+2(fb) ; 1-8

HAUHET - guided Ashake via the First Tarot, influenced space and visible matter
    --[Mystic Arcana#1]

HAUKK - New of the High Evolutionary's Counter Earth; allied with Pih-Junn in assault on the Prophet (an alias of the Man-Beast), presumably to cause Adam Warlock to sympathize with the Prophet
    --Warlock I#1

HAUK'KA (Kaidan, Ma'sa'no, Raina, R'Chel, Vikram)
    - alternate Earth (possibly originally from Earth-616, but forced to flee a long time ago) dinosaur people, returned to and attempted to conquer Earth-616, convinced to stand down by X-Men after efforts to use Storm to cause a cataclysm nearly destroyed the planet
    --Uncanny X-Men#455 (457(fb), 455-459, Uncanny X-Men#463-465 (HoM)

HAULEY, Lt. MIKE - unnamed wife, father of Tommy and daughter, former marine alongside Frank Castle, hired as assassin by Mark Christianson, killed by his agents after being defeated by Punisher
    *D* (app-christianson)--Marvel Preview#2 ([2(fb)], 2d)

HAUNTED HORSEMAN - see PHANTOM RIDER (Carter Slade)--Ghost Rider I#1

HAUNTED HOUSE-see HOUSE of SHADOWS (app-hos)--Strange Tales I#120

haunted house of Creighton C. Craven (app)--Chamber of Darkness#1/2

HAUNTER (Mark Runnemeyer) - Anti-Registration Underground
 --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4])

HAUNTER of the OASIS  of the Hyborian era - immense crustacean, lived in the Well of Sulimar, slain by Conan
    *D*--Sons of the White Wolf; Savage Sword of Conan#37

HAUNTER in the DARK - avatar of Nyarlathotep (app-nyarl)--H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep prose; Journey into Mystery II#3

HAUPT (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics II#2

HAUPTMANN, GERT - former scientist of Dr. Doom and Zorba, brother of Gustav, killed by Doom when attempted to destroy Doom with energy of the Silver Surfer
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#196 ([196(fb)], 198,199, [Annual#15/2(fb)], [An15/2], [Iron Man I#149(fb)], 149, [150], [F4#258(fb)], 258d)

HAUPTMANN, GUSTAV ( ) - former Nazi scientist, employed by Dr. Doom, brother of Gert, destroyed by Doom for ruining his artwork in an attempt to capture/destroy the Fantastic Four
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#85 (86,87d)

    Schultz Heiligruppe (app-vormund)--Captain America I#387/2 (388/2-391/2, 393, 394-->Vormund

HAUPTMANN ENGLANDE (Brian Braddock?) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Captain Britain?, Lightning Force, Captain Britain corps, forced to reveal location of Excalibur to Mastermind (who was posing as Roma)
    --Excalibur I#9 (10,11, 44,45, Excalibur: Weird War III, Excalibur II#2

HAUS ( ) - der Jahrmacht
    strong man
    --Excalibur minus 1 (X-Men Unlimited#19

    created Trident Corporation to cause racial strife
    (app)--Captain America III#45 (46, 47

HAV-AK - Kree Peace Battalion
    --Captain Marvel IV#1, 2(named) (4

HAVANNA 2099 ( )-old friend of krystalin's father
    - CUBAN PETE--XMen 2099#17

"HAVANNER" - Special Executive, hairy-cigar looking thing
    (app-se)--Daredevils#5,6 (Excalibur I#47, Captain Britain II#12, Daredevils#5-11

HAVAS, Professor - archeologist, former teacher of Havok+Polaris, led they and Nightcrawler to the Isla Demonas
    --Uncanny X-Men#422

HAVEN - extradimensional realm created by Phaedra, control briefly usurped by Wrathchilde
    (app-phaedra)--Death's Head III#4 (4(fb), 4

HAVEN (Radha Dastoor) - powerful mutant, gave birth to reincarnation of Adversary
    *D* (app)--X-Factor I#96 (97-100, Annual#9, XFac117d?)

HAVEN - headquarter of Lord Moses + Zarathustra
    --Fantastic Force#2

HAVEN - castle on the Hudson river owned by High Evolutionary, formerly used as base by Quicksilver and the Knights of Wundagore
    --Quicksilver#2 (3-8,10,11,13

HAVEN (Angela, Abby St. Clair, Shelly) - shelter for women
    --Iron Man III#51 (62

HAVEN - extradimensional realm, teaching school for Franklin Richards and Valeria
    --Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad

HAVEN of Earth-691 - planet of the mutants, humans now live on Klattu
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#6

HAVEN of Earth-691 - colonized by Rancor, using inhuman slaves
    --Guardian of the Galaxy Annual#4

HAVEN, Dr. SOL - Springdale, formerly employed Garson, killed and magnetic glue stolen by Sticker
    *D* (app-sticker)—Speedball#2

HAVEN HOUSE (Sophie, Willie) - shelter/home for poor families, destroyed by Vector
    --Spider-Man: Breakout#2 (4(fb), 2-5

HAVERHILL, Mr. - prosecuting attorney in the state vs. Kyle Richmond
    (app-rosenumblum)--Defenders I#90

HAVERSHAM, Mrs. - servant of Sir Denis Nayland Smith
    --Master of Kung Fu#81 (82, 84, 94

HAVERSHAW, ANDREA - mother of Jason, killed by Skull-Jacket
    *D* (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#11 ([11(fb)],11

HAVERSHAW, JASON - son of Andrea, indebted to Valeri Kasatanov
    (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#11 ([11(fb)],11

HAVOC-BRINGER - arrow used to imprison Cerberus
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/2

HAVOK (Alexander "Alex" Summers) - mutant, X-Men, X-Factor, briefly led Brotherhood, Six, Starjammers, brother of Cyclops, son of Corsair, former lover of Lorna Dane/Polaris, powers used as a template for Living Pharaoh by Sinister, brainwashed into acting as a Genoshan magistrate, formerly warped into Earth-Mutant X dimension,
    absorb cosmic rays and project destructive energy, immune to cyclops’ power
    MUTANT X* (I#5,D#5,M, OH: X2004, 198, net)--(AS) X-Men I#54 (Uncanny X-Men#156(fb#1), 144(fb(XM#114(fb),UXM156(fb#2))), X-Factor I#115(fb), X-Factor minus 1, X-Men: First Class II#4, XM I#54,55,56(57(fb)),57;
    (Havok) 58(59,60,61(62(fb)),62 65,66,XM:HidY#1,X#94/2,X-Men: Hidden Years#1/2,3,5-8,10,12-14, 15-19, 20-stasis, 21, 22, Incredible Hulk II#150(fb), 150, [Captain America I#172,173],174,175, GS XMen#1(fb), 1, Classic X-Men#1, UX94 97(CX5) 104(fb),104,105(fb) Marvel Team-Up I#69,70, Defenders I#62-65, UX119, 128(fb), 122, 125, [128(fb)], 126, CX33/2,UX127-129 144,146,158,159,163 Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Special Edition XMen#1, UXM168, Marvel Graphic Novel#5, UX172,173,175,223(fb), 177,232(fb) 218,219, Spider-Man vs Wolverine#1(fb), Fantastic Four vs XMen#1-4, XMen vs Avengers#1-4, UX An11, UX221-224, Hulk340 UX225-227,229-234, UX An12, Alpha Flight I#61, UX 235-238, Marvel Comics Presents#16/3, UX239-241,[XFac37],UX242,XFac38,UX243,XFac39, UX An13/2, UX245, An13, Marvel Super-Heroes III#6-8, Marvel Comics Presents#24/4, 25-31, Havok + Wolverine: Meltdown#1-4, UX246-248, 249(fb), Wolverine II#21, UX249-251, 270, X-Factor I#60, UX271, New Mutants I#96, X-Factor 61, UX272, NM97, XFac62, XFac71-75, Hlk390,391,[XFac76],Hlk392, XFac77,78, AF#107, XFacAn7, Infinity War#1, Fantastic Four I#367/IW#2/WM13/New Warriors#27, IW3/Quas38/F4#368/W+IW#8, F4#369/IW4/WM14, Q39/F4#369/WM15/IW5, 6/F4#370, XFac79-84, X14, XFor16, UX295, XFac85, X15, XFor17, UX296, XFac86, X16, XFor18, XFac87, 88-92, X-Factor An8, XFac93, 94, 95, 96-100, 101, 102, 103, 104-106, XFor38, Excalibur I#82, X-Men Unlimited#6, XFac107-111, [116(fb)], XMen: Prime, XFac112-118, X49, XFac124, X58, UX339, XFac131, XMan25, XFac133, XMan27-29, XFac137-139, UX An1997, XFac143-149, Mutant X#1-8, Mutant X An1999, MutX#9-12, 14-25,26(fb),26-30,31, Annual 2001, MX32, UX411-413, [414], 415-420, 421,422, Exiles#28-30, 423,424, 425,426, 429
    X-Men Unlimited II#11, UX444?
    UX475 / 476 (fb), 476, 478-479, 481-482, 484-486, X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1-5

    (app-xf)--Cloak & Dagger III#9], 10 (10(fb),[9],10->Bedlam)

HAVOK-MAGIK doppelganger - Masque's X-Men
    insectoid with head of Magik (Illyana) and Havok on either en
    (app-masquesxmen)--Uncanny X-Men#262

HAV-ROGG - kree, son of Zey-Rogg, grandson of Yon-Rogg
    (app-zey)--Captain Marvel IV#4

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