FISA - credit card company
    --Amazing Spider-Man#547

FISCH, SHELLY - Empire State University, head of grant program
    --[Amazing Spider-Man I#310]

FISCHER, Col. Liam - coalition to bring down Elektra, us army, retired, killed by her
    *D*--Elektra II#13 (14

FISCHER, SAUL - former orderly at New York Methodist, photographed Spider-Man's unmasked face
    --MK Spider-Man#4

FISCK, BOB - Daily Bugle political correspondent, interviewed Dr. Valerie Cooper, wrote article on the 198
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

FISHBONE (Phillip Betbeze) - New York tattoo artist, uses Adamantium needle to do superhumans

FISHBURNE, SIDNEY - Mys-Tech, created Chronifact
    --Killpower: The Early Years#2 (2(fb), 2-4

FISCHER, FRANCIS MAX - Devlin-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals, targeted by Venom, defended by Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man Family#2

FISCHER, Ms. - Hydra, assistant to Baron Strucker
    --Secret Warriors#2

FISHER, Dr. - cared for Bruce Banner during his period of physical separation from the Hulk
    --Incredible Hulk II#316 (320-321

FISHER, AMBROSE - @ 1983, Southern Fascists, ally of Beauregard Montclair, possibly part of the National Executive, killed by Night Raven
    *D* (app-montclair)--[Daredevils#11/3] ([Daredevils#11/3], Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3

FISHER, FRANCESCA - Egyptologist, joined Reed Richards + Alyssa Moy
    --Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards#1 (1(fb2), 2(fb), 3(fb)

FISHER, Lt. MICHELLE - @ World War II, US Nurse Corps
    (app)--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#9 (9(fb)

FISHER, Gen - Futurepharm
    --[Iron Man IV#1]

fisherman - @ 1545 AD, native of K'un-Lun, husband of Iron Fist
    --Immortal Iron Fist#7

FISHHAWK of the 16th Century - see HARDRAKER, JONAS--Blades of the Brotherhood; Savage Sword of Conan#33/2

FISHLER, Dr. - Bridge, former Nazi scientist, empowered Ben Beckley, killed by Ben
    *D* (app)--Comet Man#3 (4, 5d)

"FISHMAN" - see MAHER, PETER (app)--Strange Tales I#41/2

FISHMEN (Carpo, Spiko, Basso, Tuno) - mutant brothers, able to breathe underwater, sought human skin; encountered Angel (Halloway)
Marvel Mystery Comics#39

"fish-men" - race of creature living in the realm beneath Neptune's Eye, followers of the Old Man, lashed out against humans b/c of perceived responsibility in impending in death of the Old Man, attack diffused by Namor
    (app-oldman)--Marvel Comics Presents#57/3 (58/3, 59/3

FISK, ELAINE of Earth 2992 - wife of Samuel/Daredevil, mother of Sebastian, had an affair, but lover killed by Samuel
    --Daredevil 2099#1

FISK, MORTIMER 2099 - crimelord
    --X-Men 2099 #18

FISK, RICHARD - apparently executed by Vanessa Fisk for involvement in attempted assassination of Kingpin
    SCHEMER*, SUPREME HYDRA*, ROSE*, BLOODROSE* (OH2006#4)—Amazing Spider-Man I#85 (Daredevil II#30(fb)
Daredevil II#29-31

FISK, SEBASTIAN of Earth 2099-Mutant Registration Act - son of Samuel/Daredevil and Elaine
    --[Daredevil 2099#1]

FISK, VANESSA - wife of Kingpin, sold his organization to everyone except the Owl, knowing the Owl would take apart the new groups, manipulated Daredevil into freeing the Kingpin before dying
    *D* (OH-DD, app)—(mentioned) Amazing Spider-Man I#69, (off-panel) #70, (on panel) #83 (Web of Spider-Man#86(fb), Daredevil II#30 (fb), [Amz269], 70, 83-85, Captain America I#147, A164, 197, [Daredevil II#92 (fb)], Daredevil I#170-172, 179,180,186, Spectacular Spider-Man II#82, [[DD211], 95,96,100, Web of Spider-Man#2, A285,286,288 Daredevil: Love & War GN, Daredevil I#317, Daredevil II#29-31, 36, [41(fb)], [92 (fb)], [82-87, 91 (fb) / 92 (fb), 89-91], 92, [93 (fb, dies)]

FISK, WILSON - see KINGPIN--Amazing Spider-Man I#50

FISKE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#46

FIST ( ) - servant of Saduhl Singh, enemy of worshippers of the White Cobra, partner of Blade and Gun, killed by the Morgans' security
    *D* (app-gun,fist,blade)--Moon Knight II#5

FIST ( ) - Si-Fan, Cyber-Ninjas.
    fire energy blasts from fists, bald man
    (app-cyber)--X-Men II#62, (named) 63

FIST, Gen. ARGYLE - US Army, served in many wars/actions, involved in stopping Madbomb plot, knew Candy Southern ever since she was a baby
    (app)--Captain America I#195 (Defenders I#144 (fb), Cap196 (fb), 195-198, 224, [Defenders I#135], 144-146, [150], [Marvel: The Year in Review 1989]

FIST of FARALLAH - see FEARSOME FIST of FARALLAH (app-carn)--[Iron Man III#22], Avengers III#25

FIST of FREEDOM - Urban terrorists
    --Spider-Man Unlimited#22

FIST OF POWER - Baluurian vessel commanded by Blastaar
    --Fantastic Four I#289, 290

FISTICUFFS WOMAN   (Vanessa Simmonds) - Delta City, All-Hate Squad, enemy of Fight Man
    --Fight Man#1

FITCH ( ) - Arms of Salvation, partner of Cross, defeated by Mystique
    wore red full-body suit
    (app-aos)--[Marvel Comics Presents#82/2], 83/2 (84/2-87/2

FITCH, EMIL - bank robber, granted power to pass through walls by Marak
    (app-marak)--Journey into Mystery I #66/

FITZHUGH, Dr. FIONA - ESU, created IDEA (Inter-Dimensional Experimental Access), accompanied Gibbon to Earth-8101 ("Marvel Apes")
    --Marvel Apes#1

    --Marvel Preview#3

FITZPATRICK, JIM - associate of Mary Carmody
    (net-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#8

FITZPATRICK, WILL "WILD BILL" - @ World War II, army intelligence, opposed Baron Strucker
    --Untold Tales of Spider-Man minus 1 (Marvel Universe#1 Untold Tales of Spider-Man -1

    Earth-Bishop, Upstarts, illegitimate son of descendent of Sebastian Shaw.
    consume life force from others to open temporal portals
    --Uncanny X-Men#281 (Xavier Security Enforcers#1(fb6), 2(fb1), 1(fb4), Bishop: Last X-Man#1(fb), X-Factor I#140(fb), XSE#3(fb3-5), UX287(fb),281-283 Uncanny X-Men An17/2, XMan17,20-23,28, Cable51(fb), XM73, Bishop: Last X-Man#1->chron)

FITZWILLIAM-DIVE, ROSALYN - wife of Ian (Knight Templar), mother of Squire (net-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#7

FIVE, the - collection of mystic items, when gathered and ceremony performed by five individuals randomly imbue death + immortality + knowledge + madness + power, ceremony recently performed by Mattie Franklin(p) + Madame Web (i) + Morris Maxwell(k) + Norman Osborn(m) + Greg Herd/Override(d)
    "Gathering of the Five"--[Spectacular Spider-Man II#2__], Sensational Spider-Man#32 (Amazing Spider-Man I#440, Spider-Man#96,Sp262,Se33,A441

FIVE of Earth-Nightside (Alice, Greta, Risso, Sal, Tiny Tim) - group of Others who joined with Arkady Dread and the Black Dragon Society to overthrow the bosses of the five factions of Others

FIVE FINGERED HAND - see CABAL--Captain Britain and MI13 Annual#1

FIVE FINGERS of ANNIHILATION - knife, formerly guarded by, used against the Skornn
    a blood sacrifice can open a Celestial portal
    --X-Force II#1 (5,6

FIVE for the FUTURE of Earth-FftF (Doc Fantastic, Mr. Feral, Mr. Fixit, Mr. Strange, Mist Nelson)
    - alternate dimensional counterparts of Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four III#47

FIVE HEADS of DOOMS - see HAND of FIVE (app)--Shogun Warriors#9

FIVE who are ALL - see THREE who are ALL (app-3waa)--Werewolf by Night I#40

FIVE POINTS subway station - crown jewel in Orson Randall's father's empire of hypothetical science, stored the Book of the Iron Fists, destroyed in battle with Hydra
    *Des*--Immortal Iron Fist#4 (5d)

FIXER (Roscoe Sweeney) - fixed boxing matches, agent of Alexander Bont, had Battling Jack Murdock killed when he refused to throw a fight, died of heart attack while fleeing Daredevil
    *D*--Daredevil I#1 (Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#1-4 (fbs), 1-4/DD#1/1 (fb)/53/162/164/Daredevil: Man without Fear#1/Daredevil: Yellow#1(dies))

FIXER (Paul Norbert Ebersol) - former agent of Hydra, head of science division, former partner of Mentallo, inner circle of New Enforcers, Helmut Zemo's Masters of Evil, Redeemers, Thunderbolts, neck broken in battle with Elements of Doom, duplicated brain patterns in robot body to become Techno, recovered by Zemo, given nanotech to regain mobility, recruited as government operative after left Thunderbolts
    Designs + uses variety of advanced weaponry
    -MISTER FIX, TECHNO* (I#4, D#4, OH2006#4, M)--Strange Tales I#141(Thunderbolts minus 1, StrT#141-143, Daredevil I#121, Marvel Two-In-One#26,27 Micronauts I#24,25, Marvel Team-Up I#118, Avengers Annual#13 Iron Man I#202, Avengers I#273-276,[277],287(fb),287,Solo Avengers#12/2, [Web of Spider-Man#99],100 Iron Man I#244, Tales of Suspense II#1, Thunderbolts#97 An(fb)-->Techno.
    Thunderbolts#59(fb1), 59(fb2), 49,50, 51,52, 53, 54-57 +++
    [Tb73]/74, 75, Avengers/Thunderbolts#1-6, Cable & Deadpool#11,12, New Thunderbolts#13-16, 17, Cable/Deadpool#25 (fb), NTB#18, Thunderbolts#19/100, 101, 102-105, 106-109

FIXIT, JOE--see HULK (Bruce Banner).
    identity used as enforcer/bodyguard for Mike Berengetti at the Coliseum in Las Vegas
    <chronology incomplete>--Incredible Hulk II#347( 9; 9; Marvel Comics Presents#6/4 , Incredible Hulk III#15, 27

FIXX of Earth-1191 ( ) - Xavier Underground Enforcers, X-Factor, used her powers to travel back in time with XUE to modern era, inhabited body of recently killed wf.
    utilizes telekinetic + telepathic, sprites,bf
    (net)--X-Factor I#140 (141, 143-147, 149

FIYERO - see HOUSE of FIYERO--Annihilation: Ronan#1

FIZ - Skrull mutant, Cadre K, journeyed to earth to join X-Men, assisted in battle against Apocalypse, led Skrull mutants to rebel against slavedrivers, left earth with others and professor x to find new homeworld.
    alter size + mass + strength
    (net,net-handbook)--X-Men II#95 ([X-Men Unlimited#25], Uncanny X-Men#376, X96,UX377,X97,UX378,X98,UX379, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet

FIZGIG ( ) - Brute Force, fought Thunderbolts
    6-8" tall glowing female, fly, generate electricity, refers to self in third person
    (app-Brute Force)--Thunderbolts#31(32

FIZZLE (Phzzzrrzztlzzz) - "Blip" race
    (app-blip race)--Fantastic Four Unlimited#7

FIZZURE - Hellbent, defeated by Moon Knight and Gambit
    form holes in own body
    *D* (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#53

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