DODEKATHEON - name for the twelve chief Olympians
    --Incredible Hercules#127

DODGE, CLAIR - former cop + partner of Det. Dick Richards, quit d/t corruption, investigated murder of prostitutes by Westside Ripper
  (app-westsideripper)--Typhoid#2 (3, 4

DODGSON, CLAIRE - private detective, sister of Ann Dodgson Stafford, briefly received Uni-Power simultaneously with Ann to defeat Nemesis
    -CAPTAIN UNIVERSE* (app)--Marvel Spotlight II#10

DODONA of the Hyborean era - Black Dragons, friend to Phaidon, accompanied Conan to Belverus
    --Conan Annual#4

DODONA - enchanted talking oak from which the Argo was constructed
    --Hulk: Hercules Unleashed (Hulk: HU (fb1), Incredible Hulk#117 (fb),

DO DO THAT VOODOO THAT YOU DO SO WELL - voodoo tome, held by Mammy Tuba, used by Howard the Duck against Black Talon (Thibodaux Boudreaux).
    --Howard the Duck II#9

DODSON, LOUIS - mutant, donated to Center for Homo Superior Research by parents
    Freezes air in his lungs
    --Weapon X II#28

    secret identity adopted during Civil War, alleged community outreach worker
    --Cable & Deadpool#30/Civil War#3

DOE, JAMES - see SKYMAX, human civilian identity  taken by Skrull Sk'ym'x
    (app-Skymax)--Squadron Supreme: New World Order I#1

DOE, JOHN - see CRAFT, TRENTON--Marvel Comics Presents II#1

DOERING (    ) -
    --All-Winners Comics#5

DOERNER, HAL - pawn of the Silencer, framed as him and killed by him
    (app-sil)--Marvel Premiere I#49

DOG ( Logan) - son of Thomas, childhood friend of James Howlett, became meaner and angrier with age, sought out and fought adult James/Logan
    (app)--Origin#1 (2, 3, 5,6

DOG ( ) - China Force, defected
    (app)--[Alpha Flight I#69], Agent Graphic Novel

DOG of Earth-93060 - ultra, assassin used by Metabio.
    rapid healing, acid saliva, two brains
    *D*--Ultraforce (uv) II#5 (6,7d)

DOG O' WAR of Earth-9200 - mechanical dog-shaped creature, allegedly able to crush adamantium in its jaws
    --Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect#1

DOG O' WAR of Earth-148611 ( ) - Forsaken.
    canine appearance, enhanced agility + strength, uses guns and grenades

DOGs of WAR (Afghan, Doberman, Greyhound, Labrador, Shepherd, Wolfhound)
    - costumed saboteurs/agents of Simon Krueger, assisted in attempted defamation of Tony Stark
    (app)--Iron Man: Iron Age#2

DOGS of WAR - mandroid armor wearing Warhawks
    (app-warhawks)--Hercules: Hearts of Chaos#1 (3

DOGs of WAR - see HATUT ZERAZE--Black Panther III#4

DOGs of WAR of Earth-928 - circa 2099 AD, soldiers of Doom
    --2099: World of Tomorrow #4 (5

DOGBOLTER, JOSIAH W. - intergalactic temporal giant, head of Intra-Venus INC, created Hob and Dogbolter temporal Rocket, hired Death's Head to kill the Doctor, killed by bomb in rocket when sent back to him
    *D* (app)--Dr. Who Magazine#84 (86-89, Death's Head I#10

DOGBOLTER TEMPORAL ROCKET - time travel device, loaded with a nuclear weapon and given to Death's Head to use it to slay the Doctor (Who), sent back to Intra-Venus INC by Death's Head and the Doctor when they learned the truth about it, killed Dogbolter, mutated Hob
    --Death's Head I#8

DOG BROTHER - in ancient times, drove back demons and imprisoned them in 8th City
    (app-Dog Brother #1)--Immortal Iron Fist#23

DOG BROTHER #1 - circa 1841, led packs of wild dogs, defended orphans, rescued Sihing from gangsters, had Sihing execute him to become the new Dog Brother#1
    (app-Dog Brother #1)--Immortal Weapons#3/1d

DOG BROTHER #1 - immortal weapon of "Under-City," leader of the Dog Brothers, participated in the contest at the Seven Cities of Heaven, aided in fighting off Xao and the forces of Hydra, accompanied Iron Fist and the other immortal weapons to Earth
    master martial artist
    (app)--Immortal Iron Fist#8 (10,12-14,16,19,20,22-25, Iron Man 2.0#5-7, Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#2,3

DOGGEREL - demon, rhyming servant of Nightmare, possibly slain by him
    *D* (app)--Nightmare#1 (2-4, Over the Edge#7

DOGFACE - see DOGHEAD--Ghost Rider III#89

DOGFACE of Earth-1191 ( ) - Fanatix
    --Bishop:Xavier Security Enforcers #1

DOGFACE of Earth-9997 ( ) - X-Men, Ani-Men, Employee of Daredevil, circus performer, Terrigen-mutated canine
    covered with thick body and facial hair
    (sketch)--Earth X: Sketch, 2 (6

DOG-FACED BOY - see REX (app-circus)--Incredible Hulk II#217 ([217(fb)], 217

DOG FILLED WITH FEAR - see SASSAFRAS (app)--Defenders I#122

DOGHEAD (Francisco "Chio" Fuentes) - Ecuadorian immigrant, killed along with his dog Chupi when ran into traffic in attempt to avoid police after a crack-addict framed him, revived and merged with dog by Blackheart to act as one of his Spirits of Vengeance, hired by Dan Ketch to assault Caretaker, apparently slain by him
    *D* (app)--Ghost Rider III#89 (90-93, Ghost Rider: Finale, Ghost Rider VI#26d

DOGMA ( ) - Catholic church, agent of Cardinal Panzer.
    magical energy within a containment suit
    -Bishop of Assassins, The Enlightened Soul--Wolverine II#177 (178

DOGPACK - see WOLFPACK. --Silver Surfer III#68

DOG POUND (William "Willy" Gillis) - M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Western Pacific University chapter
    animal telepath
    (app-adriancastorp)--Generation X: Crossroads (Generation X: Genogoths

DOG SOLDIERS - Microverse, armies of Baron Karza, engineered in Body Banks
    --Micronauts I#1

DOG SOLDIERS - Cynodd warriors
    --Gun Runner#1; (identified) Gun Runner#4

DOGWOMAN (    ) - Dorkham Asylum; wore a spotted dog costume, complete with a false nose and ears, and walked on all fours. Lost several teeth trying to bite She-Hulk--Sensational She-Hulk#19

DOKA - Snakeroot, comes from abusive family, set fire to his family's villa in their sleep
    generates fire
    --Daredevil I#321, (named) #324 (322-325, Daredevil Annual#10, Elektra: Root of Evil#1-4

DOKTOR (    ) - gained mystic power via Mephisto, soul sacrificed to Mephisto to save his victims by Dr. Strange
    --Mystic Hands of Dr. Strange#1

DOLAN, Capt. ARTHUR GERARD - Cypress Hills police, father of Stacy, originally sought Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch for injury and death of Barbara Ketch, acted as informant to , had major heart attack while assisting Ghost Rider in battle
    --Ghost Rider III#1 (GR minus 1 GR III#1 3 10 21 25 28 30 63,65,73-77,79

DOLAN, MIKE (    ) -
    --USA Comics#3

    former squire to Black Knight (Whitman)
    (A-Z#2-bloodwraith, app)--Black Knight II#1([4 (fb)], 1-4, Avengers Spotlight#39, Avengers Annual#22-->Bloodwraith;
    Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising I#1, [Avengers Unplugged I#6 (fb)]

DOLAN, STACY - formerly of the Team, Cypress Hills police, daughter of Arthur, girlfriend of Dan Ketch, learned his identity during Siege of Darkness, knowledge later removed by Jennifer Kale
    --Ghost Rider III#1 (Ghost Rider minus 1, GR III#1,2 5 7-11 13 16 19 [Deathlok II#9], GR 21-25, 28 30,
    56-63,67-70, Over the Edge#4, GR71-77,79,86, Venom: Sign of the Boss#1,2, GR90,91, Ghost Rider: Finale, Marvel Comics Presents II#1 (fb), 10 (fb), 1-4, 6 (fb), 5-12

DOLAN, Mr. of the Old West - father of Sheriff Dolan, built Tin, rebuilt son into Steam Rider after he was mortally wounded
    --Amazing Fantasy II#20/2

DOLL of Earth-148611 (Darlene Magniconte) - Kickers
    --Kickers INC (nu)#1 (New Avengers#16/2,

DOLLAR BILL (Aaron Tagma English) - film producer, attempted to make documentary about Defenders, old friend of Ledge, former roommate of Harrison Turk, later had own cable access show, featured Madcap once
    (app)--Defenders I#51 (54 (fb), 51, 52, 54, 58-62, 63?, 64, 65, 70,71, 72?, 73-76, Daredevil I#234, Avengers Spotlight I#29 (fb), 29, Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1

$ CULT - former followers of the Caviar Killer
    (app-caviar_killer)--Daredevil I#242

    (app-mrdoll)--Spider-Woman I#3

DOLLY, PRISCILLA - wife of Mr. Doll, believed Brothers Grimm (Jacob and William) to be her children
    -MADAME DOLL* (app-mrdoll)--Spider-Woman I#3 (12(fb), 3-5, 10-12, 19

    (app-mrdoll)--Spider-Woman I#3

    formerly owned the Spindle of the Five, stolen by Norman Osborn, gained control of Shadrac, used him in an attempt to gain vengeance on those participating in the Gathering of the Five, merged with Shadrac.
    Mystic powers, wm, dark hair, goatee, multiple earrings
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#2, 3 (3(fb),[2],3, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#3(fb),3->shadrac)

DOLNOVICH, Captain VIKTOR K. - Russian, former agent of Zakharov, throat slit and left for dead by Rawlins, finished off by Punisher, unidentified wife and son
    *D*--Punisher VII#37 (37-41, 42d)

DOLORES ?? - vampire, Undead MC
    able to project images on her back
    --Blaze II#10 (11

DOLPH (Colin Snewing) - empowered by Bane, agent of Grace and Bane, assassin
    -JIGSAW MAN--Knights of Pendragon I#1 (2-4,7-10,12,15-18

dolphins of Earth-712 (Flrrr, Hleee, Pip, Prurr, Rhaii, Squeal)-friends of Amphibian
    --Squadron Supreme I#1 (Squadron Supreme: New World Order

DOLVIN (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#10

DOM ?? - WFSK, partner of Renny
    (app-insomnia)--Daredevil I#357 (359, 361, 363, 364

DOMAN, PETER - Midtown High School, classmate of Peter Parker
    --Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#3

DOMDANIEL of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., city? in Spain

DOME ( ) - Joy Boys
    (app-jb)--Master of Kung Fu I#90(91

DOMINA ( ) - Neo, title for leader, widow of Jaeger, sister of Ransome Sole, daughter killed when High Evolutionary temporarily eliminated all mutant powers, slaughtered large number of Sinister's bodies/clones.
    Assume powers of any of her warclan, white skin, short & magenta hair, red face paint
    (net)--X-Men II#99 (106(fb), 99-102, 106, 110/2

DOMENIC, Prince of Earth-8396 - son of Queen Erin & King Michael, lover of Marysal
    --New Exiles#5 ([5 (fb)], 5-6

DOMINANT SPECIES (Maximus Lobo) - lupine mutants
    --Uncanny X-Men#417 (418-420, Exiles#28-30

DOMINATOR of Earth-982 ( ) - Wizard's Warriors, daughter of Wizard, took control of Superoid.
    uses cyberhelmet able to form energy fields, wf
    --Fantastic Five#2 (3,4

DOMINATOR HELMET - Foreman of Worldform INC, used to control the Changers
    (app-ram)--Iron Man I#37

DOMINEX - Quist doomsday device, used as back-up to destroy a planet that Dominus could not takeover, initially damaged by explosion of Dominus, later restored self and revived, destroyed by combined efforts of Avengers and Thunderbolts
    (app)--Avengers III#12

DOMINGO, EDDIE of Earth-93060 - cop, night man's dad
    --Nightman (uv) I#1 (2, 5-7, 9, 10, 15-20

DOMINI - wife of Dracula, mother of Janus, formerly associated with Church of the Damned, father unknowingly slain by Dracula when he attempted to stop her impregnation, impregnated with son of Dracula via magic spell on Anton Lupeski, resurrected Janus after he was shot by Lupeski, sought to prevent Janus/Golden Angel from slaying Dracula.
    wf, brown hair, clairvoyant, prescient
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#45 (55(fb) 46-51 52 53 54 55 57 59-61 62-64 66 67 70, Nightstalkers#15,16

DOMINIC of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - Freakshow, salamander
    --X-Men 2099#6

DOMINIC, PAUL - Allentown, defense attorney in Larry Ryan's case
    --She-Hulk II#27

DOMINIC FORTUNE (Duvid Jerome T. "Davey" Fortunov) - pre-World War II crimefighter and brigand for hire, was assessed for Super Soldier project, but rejected due to "loose morals", lover of Sabbath Raven, retired and raised family and became an automobile salesman after erroneously believing Sabbath to have died, became active in modern times after many years of retirement, reunited with Sabbath, father of Jerry
    -David Fortunoff (D#4, M, OH2006#3, net)--Marvel Preview#2 (Marvel Super-Heroes III#3(fb1), MarvPrev2/2, Marvel Super-Action#1/4, Hulk! I#21/2-25/2, Marvel Preview#20, 20/2, Web of Spider-Man#10(fb), 71(fb),72(fb) Marvel Premiere#56, Marvel Super-Heroes III#3(fb2), Marvel Team-Up I#120, Web10, Iron Man I#212,213, Marvel Super-Heroes III#3, Web71,72

DOMINIC FORTUNE (Jerome "Jerry" Fortunov) - son of Duvid, briefly took over identity when father was believed dead, killed by Iron Monger for Simon Steele in attempt to save father's life, interviewed by "Your Man at the Daily Bugle"
    *D* (M)--(JF) Marvel Team-Up I#120 ; (DF) Iron Man I#212 ([Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]?, 213d)

DOMINIC FORTUNE - partnered with Silver Sable
    (OH2006#3)--Sable & Fortune#1 (2-4, Marvel Comics Presents#5-12

Dominique ?? of Earth-93060 - friend of Kristin, dislikes Wrath
    --Wrath (uv) #2

DOMINKA - extraterrestrial, female, lover of Eros/Starfox, slain of Vargas by Thanatos, but saved when time was rewritten
    *D*--Captain Marvel V#27 (30

DOMINO (Dominic Dunsinane) - ally of Scourge of the Underworld organization, former agent of Conspiracy, crushed by statue during final struggle against Scourges.
    Master information source
    *D* (app)--Rampaging Hulk I#4/2 (5/2,6/2,8/2, USAgent#4(fb), Captain America I#319, Usagent#1-4d)

DOMINO (Neena Thurman?) - mutant, Six Pack, Six Pack, X-Force, Underground, mercenary, former bodyguard to Milo Thurman, former ally of Risque, kidnapped and imprisoned by Tolliver,and replaced by Copycat, powers temporarily dampened by Gryphon, briefly possessed by Aentaros, freed when Azazel called all of the Undying back to its lair, given techno-organic implant able to resurrect her.
    Skilled warrior, possesses low level luck enhancing powers
    BEATRICE, Christina Elizabeth Aliosa, Jessica Marie Costello, Luisa Mendosa, Samanthu Wu, Elena Vladescu, Tamara Water
    (M, OH: Women, 198, net)--X-Force I#8 (Domino#2(fb), 3(fb), XFor8(fb), Cable & Deadpool#34 (fb), Cable: Blood+Metal#1+2(fb) XFor11 13-15, 35-37, Cable II#15 XFor39 Cab17-19, XFor40,41 XMen II#40, XFor43, [Uncanny X-Men#321], XM41 Cab20 XMen:Prime Cab21,XFor44,Cab22-28,XFor50,XForce/Cable Annual 1995, An1995/2, Cab29,XFor52-54,Cab32,XFor55,Cab33 XFor57,58 XFor+Cab An1996 XFor59-61 Cab37-39 40,XFor62,Dom1-3,XFor66-71,72,73(fb),73, XFor78?(fb) 76 Cab55,56,XFor82(fb),82,83 Contest of Champions II#1,[2],3-5, XFor84-87 X-Men Unlimited #23, Thunderbolts#25, XFor87-96 Cab73-75 XFor99,100,106(fb1), Cab83,84 XFor106(fb2), 108(fb1), 106,107-109, 110-113, 114,115(fb),115, XMen Annual 2001, Soldier X#12, Domino II#1-4, Weapon X II#6-13, Cable and Deadpool#7-10, 11,12, X-Force II#1-6, Civil War: X-Men#1-4, Cable & Deadpool#27, 28-29, 33-34, 35, X198, C/D40, X199, C/D40-41, [43 (fb)], Punisher War Journal II#13

DOMINOR ( ) - Galadorian, second generation spaceknight leader, sought to have second generation Spaceknights return to humanoid form and breed master race after wiping out existing Galadorians, plan nearly destroyed when Heatwave destroyed human remains of everyone but Dominor, sought to claim Brandy Clark to continue plan, defeated in single combat by Rom, committed suicide via neutralizer when other Spaceknights destroyed his human remains.
    Fire razor force blades and disruptor beams from hands, project paralysis beam from eyes
    *D*--Rom#74 (75d)

DOMINQUEZ, LUIS - NYPD, partner of Ralph McElroy, destroyed by Jeremiah
    --Marvel Team-Up I#34

DOMINUS - Quist/Arcane computer, designed to takeover a planet, built on target planets, blankets worlds with rays that remove the capacity for independent thought, originally required ultra-robots to operate it, first repulsed by xmen, improved by quist, eventually became so powerful that it became master of the quist, returned to earth and established base in Arizona, temporarily banished west coast avengers into the past, went mad and fled earth when was unable to control the multiple personalities of moon knight
    (U#3,net)--[X-Men I#21], West Coast Avengers II#17 ([X-Men I#21], MarvTales#262/2, WCA#17-24

DOMINUS CORPORATION - developed the Dominus Objective?
    --Cable & Deadpool#20

DOMINUS OBJECTIVE - computer program that allows sharing of data
    --Cable & Deadpool#20

DOMINUS - Inhuman
    --Fantastic Four I#131

DOMITIAN - insane leader of xt religious sect,collected life forces of others thru zakaius (app)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#38 (39

  • DOMITIAN's Army of Undead Cyborg Alien Criminal
  • Assassins - about fifty in number (app-dom)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#38

    DOMO - Eternal, administrator, former head technologist at temple of command, monitored all advanced systems in olympia, contacted all of earth's eternals when it was time to form uni-mind, led eternal host into space in the form of a uni-mind
        --Eternals I#5(9-11,[12,13] Thor287,288,290,Av246,247,[248]

    D.O.M.O. 2099 - robotic servant of Doom
        - Domestic Organizational Mobile Operative--Doom2099#12

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