DEATH's ARROW - lethal drug designed by Dr. Mindella for Kingpin, temporarily increases physical abilities until causing heart failure
    --Kingpin I#1

DEATH’s BOATMAN of the Hyborian era - ferried the dead across the River of Darkness
    - Ferryman of River of Darkness (app-zug)--Conan the Barbarian I#250

DEATH's HEAD (Dr. Paxton Page) - father of Karen Page, perfected cobalt bomb, driven insanely paranoid by cobalt radiation on which he worked.
    Dressed in glowing radioactive costume, rode a horse with transparent flesh, wielded fireballs and scimitars or radioactive cobalt
    *D* (1960s, app)--Daredevil I#56 (57d)

DEATH's HEAD -  robot "freelance peacekeeping agent," created by Lupex and Pyra on Styrakos, former pawn of Unicron, employed by Rodimus Prime + Josiah W. Dogbolter + Time Variance Authority, stolen from Lupex by parties unknown, brought to Earth-Transformers UK, enlarged to 30’ tall, shrunk to human size by the Doctor’s tissue compression eliminator, transported to 8162, destroyed in battle with Dragon’s Claws, rebuilt by Spratt + Chain Gang, eventually destroyed and mind absorbed by Death’s Head (Minion)
    Freelance Peacekeeping Agent* *D* (OH2006#3, app)--(UK) Transformers#113 (Strip19(fb2),20(fb), Trans113, 114, 117, 118, 120, 133, 134, 146-151, Dr. Who Magazine#135, Dragon's Claws#4-5, Death's Head I#1-2, High Noon Tex, DragClaws6-back cover, D'sH3-10, Dr. Who Magazine#173, Incomplete Death's Head#12, Marvel Comics Presents#76, Strip13-20, Fantastic Four I#338, Sensational She-Hulk#24, Death's Head II#1, Incomplete Death's Head#2,[3,4],5,6,[7-10],11,12

DEATH's HEAD of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD- created by Dr. Evelyn Necker in 2020, absorbed mind of Death's Head (FPA) and 105 others, partner of Tuck,
    -MINION*, BLUE, HOOD, OUTLAW, known incorrectly as Death's Head II
    (OH2006#3, app)--Death's Head II#1 (Death's Head & Die-Cut#2 (fb), Death's Head II#1-4, Black Axe#1-3, Death3#1-4, Death Metal#1, Warheads#6-8, Death's Head III#1-4, 5, Warheads#11, Mys-Tech Wars#1-4(during a trip to lionheart), DsH III#6-8, 9, Battletide I#1-4, Battletide II#1-4, DsH#10-12, Death’s Head and Die-Cut#1,2, Motormouth/Killpower#12, DarkGuard#1-4, DsH#13+14 (2026), DsH#15, Death's Head Gold#1(fb), Death's Head Gold#1(fb) / Death's Head III#14/2 // Death’s Head Gold#0, Death's Head Gold#1, DsH#16, Incomplete Death's Head#1-11, 12/[ Dr. Who Magazine#173], Death Wreck#1,4 (Time traveling), Avengers Forever#11,12

DEATH's HEAD 3.0 of Earth-6216 - apparently created by Monica Rappacini using a Death's Head Warguard, imbued with a facsimile of the Uni-power, used by Varina Goddard in effort to assassinate UN officials, resisted programming and instructed Ray Hidalgo how to deactivate it, after which it was used for black ops
        MINION* (OH:AZU#1)--Amazing Fantasy II#16 (18(fb), 16-20

DEATH’s HEAD GUARDS - Gnobians, offspring of the mother after she had become warped from mental interface with Wolfgang von Strucker, took name from Strucker’s slain personal SS Troops, possessed involuntary and compulsive hatred of Nick Fury, sought to re-establish fourth Reich, slew hundreds of NATO soldiers, eventually committed mass suicide as death was preferable to life as fascist automatons.
    note: a separate account describes them as creations of Arnim Zola.
    superhuman strength + durability, fly, teleport, empathic
    -DEATH’s HEAD COMMANDOS *D* (app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD III#1 (6(fb), [3(fb)], 1-5, 6d)

DEATH's HEAD SATELLITE - Red Skull weapon, used to take control of the SHIELD Helicarrier
    (app)--Captain America I#226 (227, [370]

DEATH's HEAD WARGUARDS - Sakaar, used by Red King
    (OH:AZU#1)--Incredible Hulk III#92 (101 (fb), 92-95, 102, World War Hulk#3, Avengers: The Initiative#5, Incredible Hulk III#109-110, WWH4-5/[IH#111], World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1

DEATH-SHIELD (Timothy Karlskin) - trained by Taskmaster to duplicate abilities of Captain America, hunted Venom (Thompson)
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#367 (Venom II#37

    --USA Comics#14

DEATHSPAWN (Deathwatch, Hag, Snowblind, Troll) - race/clan of mystic beings, battle Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch)
    --Ghost Rider III#1

DEATH SPONSORS (Cancellator, Deadair, Lead-In, Sweepzweak, Timeslot)
    -agents of Mojo II
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual I#16 (X-Factor Annual#7?, Shatterstar#1-4 (2019)

DEATH-SQUAD (Man-Bull, Melter, Whiplash) -
    --Iron Man I#72

DEATH SQUAD - robot agents of the Mandarin
    --Iron Man I#100

DEATH SQUAD (Pulse, Silence, Swift, Warfare, Whisper) - agents of Foreigner (and his temporary successor), able to transplant memories into new bodies when killed
    (app)--[Web of Spider-Man I#91], 92 ([92(fb), 91(fb), 92(fb), 91, [91(fb)], 91, 92, [92], 209

DEATH SQUAD (Ampzilla, Battleaxe, Centauria, Lobros, Antron, Repto, Galactic Destroyer)
    - Microverse, natives of Homeworld mutated by Body Banks by Force Commander
    --Micronauts I#35 (36, 46-50

DEATH SQUAD (Airborne, Boobytrap, Firefight, Rocket Launcher, Smokescreen) - mercenaries, hired to kill tony stark by vittorio silvani for count nerfaria
    (app)--Iron Man III#1( Iron Man An1999

DEATHSTAFF- Harridan's weapon, designed by Secret Empire
    fire energy blasts
    --Defenders I#123 (128

DEATH-STALKER (Phillip Wallace Sterling) - led Unholy Three, employed Gladiator (Melvin Potter) and Smasher,, son of Elizabeth Dawes Sterling, originally designed a means of projecting people into a parallel dimension, an explosion trapped him in that dimension, mutated by exposure to T-energy, developed cybernetic gloves based on technology stolen from AIM, killed when accidentally rematerialized within a gravestone while fighting Daredevil.
    kill with a touch, pass out of phase with earth dimension, only able to leave other dimension for brief periods
    -EXTERMINATOR*, "DEATH's HEAD*" (I#13,D#16,M) *D*--Daredevil I#113 (158(fb),113,114,115,128, Ghost Rider II#18,19, DD138,GR II#2O,DD#148, 152, Dr. Strange II#28, Daredevil & Captain America: Dead on Arrival, DD#155-157,158d)

DEATH STING (Miranda Rand) - sister of Iron Fist (Daniel Rand), seemingly killed years ago by H’ylthri, actually enslaved by them, sought Zodiac Key to revive them, used key to destroy Sss’ethcott, apparently regained freedom and life energy
    --(mr)Iron Fist I#2("d"), (ds)Iron Fist III#1(2,3

DEATH STORE (Dearth Vapors, Perfume Counter Corps, Sporting Goods, Stationery, Toy Department)-base of the imperium emporium, located in the center of the universe, destroyed by howard the duck and allies
    *D* (app--Howard the Duck I#23

DEATHSTORM (Gabriel Gant) - A.R.E.S.
    *D* (app/pd)--Marvel Comics Presents I#12 (Solo1(fb), MCP12, Amazing Spider-Man An27, Solo#1-4d)

DEATHSTORM - Aakon weapon, utilized a star to create a destructive energy force capable of destroying an entire planet
    --[Nova II#4],16

DEATHSTROKE (Tani Uiruson) - assassin, led Terminators, killed by Cutthroat while trying out for position of red skull's assassin.
    master of numerous forms of armed and unarmed combat, red costume with full facemask
    *D* (app)--Spider-Woman I#39 (Captain America I#395d)

DEATHSTRYK 2099 (Graeme Striker) - mutroid leader, last USA president prior to corporate take-over
    *D*--Marvel Comics Presents I#117 (Ravage 2099#2-6,8,25/3,27-31d)

DEATH-SWORD of KX’ULTHUUM - forged by Kx'ulthuum, intended to be used to conquer Earth, used instead to kill Kx'ulthuum by Conan
    Granted those who wielded it the touch of death
    (app-kx'ulthuum)--Conan the Barbarian I#169

DEATHSWORD - forged from Uru metal by Eitri under duress from Hela who then empowered it with magic. it was intended to be used by Mirage to slay Odin during the Odinsleep. Eitri deliberately forged a defect in it so that he and Cannonball could destroy it before it could be used
    *D*--New Mutants I#82, 83 (84,87d)

DEATHTANK (Microverse) - roboid gladiator in Baron Karza's Arena of Death, destroyed by Bug and Acroyear
    *D* Micronauts Annual I#1

DEATH TIGER (    ) - line of assassins trained by Death Tiger cult; modern one sent by agents of Man-Ape to kill Black Panther
    (app)--Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II#3

DEATHTOLL (Saint van Sant) - assassin, empowered by Kali
    able to build up unknown number of life forces within him which he can use to revive if dies
    (app)--War Machine#5 (6(fb), 5,6

DEATH TOUCH CULT - cyberninjas, employed by Akatora against Wolverine
    --Wolverine II#108 (109

DEATH-THROWS (Bombshell, Knickknack, Oddball, Ringleader, Tenpin)
    - mercenaries, frequently employed by or allied with Crossfire.
    all skilled at juggling and throwing of specialized instruments
    (D#3)--Captain America I#317( Avengers Spotlight#23-25, [Union Jack II#1], 2

    Techno Hybrid Remotely Operated Weapons Systems--Hawkeye and Mockingbird#3

DEATHTRAP (Alistaire Augustus Armstrong) - assassin, kidnapped but failed to kill Deadpool.
    expert torturer, possibly psychologist, highly eccentric
    (app)--Deadpool III#9 ([9(fb)], 9

DEATHUNT 9000 ( ) - Anachronauts
    (app-an)--Fantastic Four An25, Avengers An#21 (22, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#1, War Machine#21, [Avengers Forever#3]

DEATHURGE - herald of Oblivion, former ally of Maelstrom, brought death to Uranian Eternals at their request by rending a tear in their life dome, pushed Patsy Walker Hellstrom to suicide, replaced as agent of Oblivion by Doorman, trapped on the mortal coil in the form of a squirrel
    jet black entity, able to bring death to those who ask for it, create weapons from own body (darkforce?)
    (D#3,M,net)--Marvel Two-In-One I#72 (GLA#1(fb), Quasar I#2(fb), MTIO I#72, Avengers I#248,249, Quas2, 21(fb), 22(fb), 22-25, 39, Hellstorm#12,13, Marvel Comics Presents I#138/2, Silver Surfer/Rune#1, GLA#1-4, GLX-MAS Special#1

DEATH-WAGONS - Deviant transportation vehicles, used to collect victims at purity time, windows allowed onlookers to see the rejects being carried away
    --Eternals I#8(II#10

DEATHWATCH ( ) - Hood's army, An extradimensional Translord, Deathspawn leader, he was also the CEO of International Contractors Unlimited, employed Blackout + Snowblind + Hag + Troll, used group of ninjas as agents, acted as New York crimelord and posed as businessman, attempted to obtain canisters of lethal gas from rival crime syndicate, resulted in merging of Dan Ketch with Ghost Rider (Noble Kale), killed in battle with Ghost Rider, body recovered by Hag and Troll, apparently resurrected by Centurious.
    telepath,feeds on energies released by deaths of others
    -Stephen Lords (M, AMW, OH HC#3, net)--Ghost Rider III#1 (2,3 [10] [Marvel Comics Presents I#64-69],70,71, GR13-15, 21, Web of Spider-Man I#85, GR22-24d Spirits of Vengeance#4,5, Web96,SoV#6,7,9, GR II#42, [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb), New Avengers I#35, Annual#2

DEATH WATCH - Children of the Dreaming Star, drawn to watch over dying beings
    (app-childrenofdreamingstar)--Micronauts II#5

DEATHWATCHER - see SCYTHE, SAMSON (app)--Captain America Annual#5

DEATHWEB (Antro, Arachne, Therak) - agents of Manipulator, received power from rare chemicals and spider venom, needed regular treatment of an antidote to survive.    
    all used venom that caused swelling and discoloration of skin
    (OH2006#3, app)--Avengers West Coast#82, 84 (Spider-Woman II#2(fb), AWC#82,84-86, [Spider-Woman II#1,2], 3,4

DEATHWINGS-weapons of the dire wraiths,possibly a naturally occuring life form in the dark nebula,the queen destroyed much of the galadorian fleet and was destroyed by rom. black energy beings in the form of pteradons,summoned by magically inclined wraiths,generate extreme cold or even death in most beings on contact
    --Rom#1 (Rom Annual#2, Rom#1

DEATHWISH of Earth-93060 - spawned by G. Lawrence Bushnell
    --(GLB) Strangers(uv)#1 (2,3, 6d); (Dw) 3 (5,6

DEATH WRECK - prototype of death's head iv,made from car parts and alcoholic man,among other things,alcoholic cyborg
    --Death3#1(fb) (Death Wreck#1/ Death3 #1, DW#1-4, <further adventures mentioned in DW#4, 3rd to last page>, D3#1-4

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