Damocles - sword-shaped command base of Kang, brought from Reality-6311, destroyed by Avengers.
    --Avengers III#41

DAMADIN, YASSIN - vice-president of Iraq under Saddam Abed Dassam
    (app)--Elektra II#4

DAMAGE ( ) - cyborg, former leader of the Bunsen Burners, rebuilt into cyborg by agents of Kingpin, using technology from Donald Pierce.
    *D* (app)--Punisher War Journal#8 ( [18],19,20 Wolverine/ Punisher: Damaging Evidence#1,2,3d)

DAMAGE CONTROL (Henry Ackerdson, Lenny Balinger, Robin Chapel, Albert Cleary, Walter Declun, Kirk Eden, Ann-Marie Hoag, Marie Leahy, Kathleen O’Meara, Jim Palmetto, John Porter, Bart Rozum, Eugene Strasser, Anne, Jay)
    - rebuilds property destroyed in superhero fights; Hercules performed community service under their direction
  (U#2, CWBDR)--Marvel Comics Presents #19/4 (Damage Control I#4(fb),1,2, Marvel Age Annual#4, DC I#3,4, Damage Control II#1-4, Damage Control III#1-4, Iron Man An / Ghost Rider III#86, Fantastic Four III#37, She-Hulk III#6, 12, Fantastic Four: Foes#3, [Spider-Man Unlimited II#13], Thing II#6, [Civil War#1], [Wolverine III#42], 43, [44-45], 46-47, Fantastic Four#542, World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1

DAMAGE CONTROL (Lenny Balinger, Anne-Marie Hoag,Monstro, "Derek Sullivan/Slaying Mantis," Visioneer, Anne, bulldog, blonde girl)
    - reorganized by Balinger & Hoag
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#7 (8, 9, 10

DAMAK - four-armed bodyguard on Calculex
   --Silver Surfer III#91 (92

DAMASCO - Rockhouse Operation, worked on LaSalle Street, killed by Punisher (Castle)
  (app-rock)--Punisher II#1

DAMASCO, IONE - Devlin-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals, slain by Venom
    *D*--Spider-Man Family#2 (2d)

DAMASCUS STEEL inc (Joseph Conroy(Inferno)) - steel mill where Thor once repaired his hammer, where he forged his armor, and where Inferno (Conroy) was created
    - PARETTA STEEL MILL--Journey into Mystery I#120 (Avengers I#192, 193, Thor I#377

DAMASK - Wasteland dimension, mate of Zaffer, dwells with him in idyllic paradise created by Rose of Purity.
    Telepathi, possible empath
    (app)--Defenders I#108

D'AMATO, RALPH - last survivor of Cypress Pool Jokers, briefly impersonated Ghost Rider/Ketch
   --Ghost Rider III#1 (2, Over the Edge#4

DAM-AYIDO - voodoo serpent god
  -DAMBALLAH* (MarvZom, app)--Dracula Lives#2/7 (Dr. Strange III#17/2, Dracula Lives#2/7, Avengers I#152?, Blade: Crescent City Blues, [Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/3]

DAMBALLAH - spawn of Set, name apparently usurped by the voodoo god.
  <picture of a semi-humanoid graven idol in King Conan#3, p23, pictured + described on p.39>
  (app)--Dr. Strange II#48 (Silver Surfer III An2/7(fb-born), [Conan the Barbarian I#82,83, King Conan#3(fb)], 3, Doc II#48

DAMBALLAH - see DAM-AYIDO (MarvZom, app)--Dracula Lives#2/7

DAMBALLAH  (Josué Koulèv) - evil Haitian zobop, voodoo master, former ally of Taboo, slew Daniel Drumm/Brother Voodoo, fought Jericho/Brother Voodoo, killed by venomous snakes when his amulet was removed
    *D* (app)--Strange Tales I#169 (Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/2, StrT#169-170

DAME ARAMANTHE of ELEOM - demon(?) from Hell, knitted a cloak for Satana when she was ten years old.
    That cloak was later returned to Satana on Earth by Leander Dyson
    (app-sat)--[Marvel Preview#7] ([7(fb)]

DAME RUTH EFFORD - see EFFORD, DAME RUTH (app-friends)--Fantastic Four I#238

DAME KACKLE ( ) – Nazi Gestapo agent in charge of smuggling Japanese spies into America via boat, escaped capture from the Defender by jumping overboard.
     --USA Comics#1/1 (August 1941)

DAMEK the EARTH-SHAKER (      ) - late 21st Century, came back in time to assist Dreamkiller against Darkhawk, but turned against him when learned his true nature
  (app)--Darkhawk Annual#3 (Darkhawk#50

DAMIAN, Dr. DAVID - archeologist, father of Margo, formerly employed at Kingston University, associate of Samuel Holden, discovered Sentry#459 on Easter island, led to City of Space Gods by Ikaris, remained sealed within it along with Ajak, went mad after death of Margo, used Celestial technology to momentarily gain the power of an Eternal, mutated Ajak into monster to attack Eternals, duped Eternals and Deviants into leading him to children of Kro and Thena, ultimately disintegrated by Ajak when he regained his own mind.
    wm, white hair + beard
    *D*--Fantastic Four I#64 (Eternals I#1-5,7,12, Thor I#284, 291, Eternals: Herod Factor#1(fb), 1d)

DAMIAN, MARGO - daughter of David, friend of Ikaris, exposed to Eternals and Deviants by Ikaris, visited Olympia and participated in the Uni-Mind, kidnapped by Ghaur as bait for Ikaris, died while they were trying to transform her into a Deviant to disguise her, buried on island in Aegian sea alongside Ikaris’s other lovers throughout the centuries. wf, blond
  *D* (D#16)--Eternals I#1 (2-6,8-12,[13],14-16,18, Thor I#284-286,291, Eternals II#1-7,9,10d)

DAMIANO, NICK - wealthy socialite, owner of New York's Club D, befriended Rachel Summers, consumed by Selene
    *D* (app)--Uncanny X-Men#184 ([184 (fb)], 184d)

DAMIRU - golden bull animated by Raga-Shah, slew Jakuna Singh
    BULL of DAKA-JUR* (app-ragashah)--Savage Tales I#9/2

DAMNATION ARMY - Black Santas, organized Summer Solstice Burnout race
    --Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu#1

DAMNATION CITY - intergalactic prison, formerly run by warden Lucifer Rasputin, held Dirty Wolff, destroyed when Rasputin blew it up in attempt to kill Dirty Wolff
   *Des*--Deadpool III#41 (42, 43d)

DAMOCLES - @ 400 BC, had sword suspended by horse hair positioned over head when questioned what it was like to be ruler
    --not in MU

DAMOCLES (Eric Barlow) - led terrorist group that stole synthetic cobalt to power unstable cobalt cannon, killed by brother Bennett
  *D* (app)--Thor I#267 (268(fb), 267, 268d)



DAMOCLES BASE - orbiting base of Kang, destroyed
  (app)--[Avengers III#38], (fully seen + named) 41 (42-44, 46-49, 52, 53, 54d)

DAMOCLES FOUNDATION (Odysseus Indigo, Sword, Veeg, Dr. Chandra, Jordan Haliday, Dr. Segismund Joshua, Finn, Stone, Weller )
  - organization of Deviants + Eternals + humans, rivals of Sinister + AIM + Enclave, formed shortly after first splitting of the atom, seek to create and control the next species that will rule the planet
  --X-Force#79 (80(fb), 79,[83],84,86,[92],93,96,97

DAMOLA - Wakandan, former Jabari tribe leader, father of Chantel/Queen Divine Justice, fled with her to USA, killed by Wakandans
  *D*--Black Panther III#35 (35(fb1+2)

DAMOS, KARL - foreign spy, brought down Joshua Williams plane using a ray-gun weapon and stole to steal anti-torpedo device being sent to Washington.
    -- Mystic Comics#2/2 (April 1940)

DAMPYRE - Axi-Tun, participated in Votan's assault on Charter, possibly killed when Votan ordered the destruction of his vessel for failure to contain the Star Masters.
    power syphon via tendrils released from mouth
    (app)--Star Masters#3 (Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4

DAMYISH, HARITH of Earth-Starlord - former lawgiver of Bovric, kept telepathic abilities secret, sought to takeover Carinian Cluster
    (app)--Starlord#1 (2, 3

DAN ?? - mole in Kinpin's organization, killed by Kingpin
    --[X-23: Target X#3] ([3 (fb, dies)]

DAN ?? - investigative reporter, partner of Gil Corazon

DAN ?? - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, employed as a mall Santa, possessed by Animus who forced Blade to slay him
    *D*--Blade III#4 (4d)

DANAIDES (Hypermnestra) - @ 15th century BC Libya, 50 daughters of King Danaus, slew their husbands on their wedding night; only Hypermnestra did not comply, and she and her husband Lynceus became ancestors of Perseus and Hercules; the remaining Danaides were dispatched to Tartarus after their deaths, where they draw water for the dead with leaking pails
    --not in MU

D'ANCANTO, MARIE JENNIFER - family killed by wilding mutants, forced to sell house to X-Corp, tried to blow up the Mermaid bar, stopped by X-Men
    --X-Treme X-Men#31 (31, 32(fb), 32,33, 35, 40-45, 46, Uncanny X-Men#450, UX466, 468

DANCE race - ancient, manipulate events towards unknown pattern.
    extremely powerful, thin + red skin, tall, insectoid
  (app)--Solo Avengers#18/2 ([Quasar#44], 45-47, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#2/3

DANCER ( ) - one of the three men merged into Tri-Man.
    Skilled safecracker, fast + Agile
  (app-tri)--Daredevil I#22 (23

DANCER, BEN of the Old West - mentor to Two-Gun Kid (Clay Harder)
    skilled gunsman, horseman, etc.
    (app)--Two-Gun Kid#60

DANCERS of ZATH of the Hyborian era (Hedamar, Rudabeth) - Yezud
    (app-zath)--Savage Sword of Conan#208 (209, 210

DANDRE - Kree, one of Ultra-Girl’s would be mentors
    (app-ult)--UltraGirl#2, 3

DANDRIDGE, RACHEL - hitch hiker, temporary ally of Rick Jones
    --Captain Marvel I#34(35,37,40

DANE (Jan Rader) - Litter
    (app-litter)--Excalibur I#53 ([53 (fb)], 53 (fb)

DANE, ELIAS - Curio shop owner, discovered the Blue Glass Bottle, planned to use it to take over the world until its energies were turned back on him, and he shrank out of sight
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#34 (34(fb), 34

    --X -Men I#49 (50-52,57,58,[50],60-62 65,66, XM: Hidden Years#1, XMen II#94/2, XM:HidY#1/2,3,5-8,10,12, 15-22, Incredible Hulk II#150(fb), 150, Captain America I#174,175, GS XMen#1(fb), XM94->polaris)

D'ANGELO, AUGUST - Roxxon, unspecified relationship to Julie Angel
    (app-roxxon)--Alpha Flight I#12 (12(fb)

D'ANGELO, DANA of Earth-928 - @ 2099, former girlfriend of Miguel O'Hara
  *D*--Spider-Man 2099#1(37(fb),1,5-8,10-20,22,25,26,29,30,34-37d)

D'ANGELO, Lt. JAMES "JIMMY" - New York Police Department
  --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #13(20/2-24/2 26 27 29/2 30(fb) 31 32/2 Spectacular Spider-Man II#32, Marvel Premiere#27/2, [SpecSpdm107],110

    (app)--Fantastic Four I#237

D'ANGELO, FATHER JENNIFER 2099 - St. Patrick's Church, sister of Dana
  --Spider-Man 2099#8 (14,39,41,43,44, Fantastic Four 2099#6, Sp45,46, FF8, 2099: World of Tomorrow#1-3

DANGER - Sentient computer programming of the Danger Room, rebelled and tried to destroy the X-Men, trapped within sentient wild sentinel with a conscience
    (OH: X2005)--Astonishing X-Men#8, 9 (10-12, 15-24, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men#1

DANGER BOY - pocket video game, used to simulate Danger Room training
    --Generation X: Crossroads

DANGER CAVE - designed by David Alleyne to help mutants test their powers after the Danger Room turned against them
    --New X-Men#21 (22

DANGER MAN (Dan Jermain) - husband of Norma, unnamed daughter, former safety inspector for Roxxon, mutated by their chemicals, sued them for loss of his normal life with lawyer Jen Walters
    (OH:AZU#1)--She-Hulk I#2 (2(fb), 2, She-Hulk II#3

DANGER ROOM - x-men's training facility, in 3rd sub-basement of Xavier Institute, outfitted with Shiar technology
    (OH: X2005)--X-Men I#1

DANGOR of the Inniverse - Gem Guild, servant and former trainer of Occulus
    (app-inn)--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365

DANGUARD ACE - Shogun Warrior, piloted by Illongo Savage, destroyed by Samurai Destroyer
  *Des*--Shogun Warriors #1 (2-20, Fantastic Four I#226 (fb,des)

DANIEL - Angel, brother? of Malachi
     --Ghost Rider V#1 (5-6

DANIEL ?? - Choir
    --X-Force III#5 (6?

DANIEL, DARREL - clown at Garvey's Carnival, son of Milo and Zoe, committed suicide, ghost judged by Critics
    (app)--Man-Thing I#5 (6(fb), 5,6


DANIEL, MILO - father of Darrel, died when Darrel was 16 years old, left him millions in inheritance
    (app-darrel)--Man-Thing I#6 (6(fb)

DANIEL, ZOE - mother of Darrel
    (app-darrel)--Man-Thing I#6 (6(fb)

    --Ghost Rider VI#14

DANIEL GRIMM YOUTH CENTER - Yancy Street, funded by Thing
    --[Thing II#5], 6

DANIELLE ?? - met Spider-Man, invited on a date with him, turned out to have a boyfriend
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#605/3

DANIELS, JACK - former host of Lucifer, sought to kill the Buffalo Geoducks
    --Ghost Rider VI#15

DANIELLE of Earth-93060 - dead, resurrected by Hellblade
    --Codename:Fiream(uv)#4/3 (4/3(fb2), 4/3, Night Man#23/2, Rune4/2

DANIELS, BRIE - actress, career improved after introduced to Steven Spielberg by Tony Stark, briefly dated Stark, abandoned him after he was crippled by Kathy Dare.
    wf --Iron Man I#222 (225, 244

DANIELS, JACK - brother of Spear + Mangler, convict, sought cure for brain tumor from Noah Burstein, but made that it worse and he died in agony
  *D* (app-sp)--Power Man I#35(35(fb)

DANIELS, JACK - see USAGENT--Captain America I#3__

DANIELS, MADELINE - Midtown High School, lab partner and later girlfriend of Jordan Harrison
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#28 (35, 37

DANIELS, Mrs. - mother of Jack, Mangler, Spear
   (app-sp)--Power Man I#35 (35(fb)

DANK DIMENSION - home to Rorkannu

DANKA - Lava Men, achieved golden form
Avengers I#305

DANN - @ 3500 BC, pre-Egyptian warrior, ancestor of Dr. Alexei Skarab and Nephrus, merged soul with the wizard Garret to create the Ruby Scarab, which they used to banish the Elementals, spirit dwells within Ruby Scarab
  (app)--Supernatural Thrillers#8 (8(fb), 14

    *D*--Marvel Premiere#42

DANNER, HUGO - World War I era superman
   (app)--Gladiator (1929), Marvel Preview#9

DANNER, VICKI - Daily Bugle, liaison in Washington DC, gave Spider-Man info on the Arachnis Project
    --Spider-Man: Arachnis Project#3

DANNI ?? - River Rats
    *D*--Punisher VII#8 (9-12

DANNING, SHEILA - former head of public relations for Cross Technological Enterprises, seduced + betrayed Hawkeye
    (app)--Avengers I#234 (Hawkeye I#1

DANNING, Lt. - Los Angeles Police Department, remembered Carmen Jakarter
    (app-jakarter)--Marvel Comics Presents#83/3

DANNING, Mr. - scientist
    (app-malvern)--Uncanny Tales I#3/1

DANNY ?? - see ORGANIZATION (app-organization)--Captain Marvel I#8

DANNY ?? - designed the new female Warlock for the Enclave
    --[Warlock IV#1], 4 ([1,3], 4

DANNY ?? - Raft prison guard, slain by Crossbones
    *D*--Captain America#600 (2009)

DANNY BOY - fought the Hulk & Sentry in the Negative Zone, later allied with the General against the Sentry
    Brutal Beast of Begorra--Sentry#3 (3 (fb), 3

DANSEN MACABRE ( ) - Nightshift, priestess of Shiva, enemy of Cult of Kali, powers briefly amplified by Satannish.
    Hypnotize or kill other with dance of Shiva, make herself undetectable by human senses, briefly able to teleport entire group or even tower of shadows
    (U#5)--Marvel Team-Up I#93 (94, Spider-Woman I#50, Captain America I#330,331, Solo Avengers#3/2, West Coast Avengers II#40, Marvel Year-in-Review 1992, [Cap387,388],389-391,[392], Avengers West Coast #76-79, [Thunderbolts II#111]

DANSKER - demon, tutored Satana, possessed Deborah Hirsch, consumed by the Basilisk
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#27 (27(fb), 27

DANSON, MARC - Guardsman, worked with Pascal Tyler to frame Rhino for murdering two Guardsmen--Cage I#10 ([9], 10

DANTAS, RAMON - former agent of el Tigre, partner of Toloc
    (app-eltigre)--X-Men I#25 (26

DANTE - Shadow Consortium, created Armada.
    Scientific genius --Nova II#11

DANTE - former bodyguard to Christine Gallhager, hands cut off by Agent X, who then convinced him to ditch Gallhager and split the profits with him
  --Agent X#8 (9

DANTE ?? - boyfriend of Christian Frost, deported when framed by Winston Frost
    --Emma Frost#4 (4(fb), 4, 5

D.A.N.T.E. - East German terrorist organization, led by Emil Stein, employed Beck
    (app)--Tales of Suspense II#1 ([1(fbs)], 1

DANTE's INFERNO - District X, nightclub owned by Daniel Kaufman
    DANIEL's INFERNO--District X#2

Archibald Danton, a werewolf, married vampire Edna Stapleton who, with her vampire daughter Lenore, kept him imprisoned on his bed to prevent him from feeding on men Lenore led back to their house. When Burt Lang unwittingly freed Archie, the werewolf attacked him, but Lenore slew her stepfather. (Suspense #27, 1953)

DANTON, EDNA STAPLETON - After marrying werewolf Archibald Danton, Edna Stapleton Danton and her daughter Lenore, both vampires, kept him tied to his bed to prevent him from devouring men Lenore lured back to her apartment while somehow surviving in daylight. When Burt Lang discovered and unwittingly freed Archie, Lenore slew her stepfather before vampirizing Lang as well. (Suspense #27, 1953)


DANTON, PHIL - Right Riders, struck by hit and run driver
    --Spider-Man: Hit and Run#3 (Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary#4

D’ANTONI, PAUL - former executive producer for Spotlight until show cancelled by Warren Worthington, tried to twist facts on XMen
  --X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose#1 (2

    Celtic name, mother of Leir
    (app)--Thor I#300

    (net)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 (Uncanny X-Men#182(fb), Iron Man III#21(fb3), IM III#21(fb4), UXM182(fb1), Ms Marvel I#19(fb),Ms. Marvel II#1 (fb),  Before the Fantastic Four: Grimm & Logan#1-3, Logan: Shadow Society, Wolverine minus 1, MsM#9(fb), UXM182(fb2), MsM#19(fb), Marvel Super-Heroes II#13, Captain Marvel I#1-10, Ms. Marvel II#25 (fb), CaptMarv12-14, 16, 18, Avengers I#90, CaptMarv34,35, 40. -->Ms Marvel.
  UXM#182(fb), Avengers Annual#10, UXM#150, 153, 154, 158, 161, 162(fb), 163, 164->Binary)

DANVERS, JOSEPH - father of Ms. Marvel
    --Ms Marvel#13 (Iron Man III#21(fb3), MsM#13,14, [Avengers Annual#10], Uncanny X-Men#171

DANVERS, MARY - mother of Ms. Marvel
    --Ms Marvel#13 (14,[Avengers Annual#10], Uncanny X-Men#171 Iron Man III#7

DANVERS, PAUL - Guardsman, guarded Rhino's armor, attacked by fellow Guardsman Pascal Tyler--Cage I#9

DANVILLE, OWEN - US senator, former army colonel, associated with original capture and imprisonment of Armageddon Man, kidnapped by Hellions, freed by X-Force.
  wm --X-Force I#89 (89 (fb), 89-91

DANZIGER, BETHANY. - District X, sister of mutant woman who married Jake Costanza, called police to rescue her
    --District X#1 (2-4

DAO - Thai crimelord, distracted Wolverine while thugs killed Klahan for stopping drug trade, killed by Wolverine
    *D* (app-klahan)--Wolverine: Dangerous Games#1/2

DAP, KHIEU - Cambodian, war era ally in drug-running of Cleve Gorman, imprisoned in modern era, killed by Punisher
  --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Return to Big Nothing

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