CRU - alien creature, slaughtered a Brood ship and sought the power of Cavourite Crystals, battled Ms. Marvel, bonded to her and healed her repeatedly, apparently slain by the Imperiatrix
    *D*--[Ms. Marvel#1], 2 (22 (fb), [2(fb), 1], 2-3, [12?, 17?], 20, 22-24

CRUCIBLE (Byron Calley) - mutant, Resistants, reported directly to Red Skull (Shmidt).
    -BURNER* (M, app)--Captain America I#343 (346, 368, 394, 426->Burner.

CRUCIBLE - Power item formerly watched over by Azimuth, stolen by Imogen
    (app-azimuth)--Century: Distant Sons

CRUCIBLE (Wladyslav Shinsky + Maris Morlack) - associated with Monks of Doom, slaughtered many of them and took the rest as slaves, temporarily stole inventive genius of Reed Richards.
    Transmute elements, animate transformations, release chemicals for variety of effects
    (app-enclave)--Fantastic Four III#3 (shadows), 5 (3-5, [10],11,12

CRUCIBLE of LIFE of Earth-93060 (Crystal Crown, Roc's Egg, Windsword)
    -extremely powerful item from Vahdala
    --Godwheel (uv)#0

CRUCIBLE GUARDIANS of Earth-691 - @ 2108, protected the thermonuclear core of Deathbirth
    (app-db)--Amazing Adventures II#29

CRUCIBLE PROTOCOLS - method by which Tara was activated as a sleeper agent of the Red Skull
    --, Invaders III#8

CRUEL STRIKER - see RIMTHURSAR (app)--Thor I#320

CRUIKSHANK, Ms. - Snow Valley School for Girls, Headmistress when Emma Frost was a student
    --Emma Frost#1

CRUISERS - Cage prison, gang of gay rapists
    --Wolverine II#164 (165, Tangled Web of Spider-Man #16,17

CRULE - External, employed by Nazis in cremation ovens, killed by Selene.
    Savage warrior, superhuman strength and durability
    *D* (app)--[X-Force I#10], 12 (14,15, 23,24, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#46, XFor53,54(fb,d)

CRUMB, SIDNEY - mutated by Fury, mistaken for monster and beaten to death by Captain Britain
    *D* (app)--[Daredevils#8], Mighty World of Marvel#14 (Captain Britain II#4(fb), [DDs8], MWoM#14, CB II#3,4d)

CRUMBY GANG of Earth-238 (Jeff ) - enemies of Block 47 gang
    (app-e238)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) #384

CRUMM, LUCY - psychic child, lives in Christ's Crown
    (app)--Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher: Hearts of Darkness (Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher: Dark Design

CRUN, HARRY - private investigator hired by Minerva Bannister, fell in love with her, sent to collect the Lesser Grey God
    (app-bannister)--Defenders I#148

CRUNCH (    ) -
    --Comedy Comics#9

CRUNCH - end of the Universe, precursor to next bang
    --Wolverine II#52 (53

CRUSADER (el Alemain) - @ 1189 AD, Englishman, ally of King Richard, enemy of de Montfort and Saladin.
    Wore robe + headdress + used scimitar
    --Black Knight Comics#1/2 (2/2,3/3,4/3,5/3

CRUSADER (Thelius) - Uranian Eternal transformed into copy of Marvel Boy (Bob Grayson) created by and under control of Uranians, given the Quantum Bands, went mad and overloaded them, destroying self
    *D*--Fantastic Four I#164 (Agents of Atlas#3 (fb), Quasar#2 (fb ) / F4#165(fb#1+2), 164,165d, Thunderbolts 2000(spirit))

CRUSADER (Arthur Charles Blackwood) - religious zealot, former seminary student, experienced a religious vision and discovered mystical armor, eye cut out by Wolverine, possibly slain in plane crash
    Drew superhuman power through belief in holy Crusades, enhanced strength, magic sword, powered wavered with strength of belief
    (D#3,M, app)--Thor I#330 (331, Avengers Spotlight#39, Cage I#17, X-Man#48, [New Avengers#1],2,3(fb)/4(fb), [7 (fb)], Wolverine III#42 (fb), 42, New Avengers#35

CRUSADER (Z'reg) - Skrull, Initiative, befriended and trained Freedom Ring, claimed his ring after his death, facilitated defeat of Titannus, ringed hand cut off by KIA, reattached, used Ring to make himself human on the molecular level
    Aubrey Thompson (OH: AZU#30--Marvel Team-Up III#23/2 ([23/2 (fb)], 23/2, 24, 25, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), 9 (fb), [10], 12

CRUSADER of Earth-238 (Perseus Ablemarle) - sought vengeance on criminals for the death of his parents, possibly killed on his first outing,
may or may not have had an Earth-616 counterpart.
    Trained in various forms of combat
    *D* (app)--Rampage Magazine (UK)#41 (Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#388 (fb, dies)

CRUSADER of Earth-9811 (Sarah Rogers) - daughter of Captain America and Rogue
    (app-earthbattleworld)—What If? II#114 (Avengers Forever#11,12

CRUSADER of Earth-93060 ( ) - immortal warrior, defeated Rune @ 1348 AD, later slain by him
    --Rune (uv) II#4

CRUSADERS (Captain Wings, Dyna-Mite, Ghost Girl, Spirit of ‘76, Thunderfist, Tommy Lightning)
    - World War II, group of patriotic British super-heroes, organized by Alfie--a German agent posing as a member of the British military, Alfie wore a belt that controlled their powers, formed to discredit the invaders and assassinate British King George VI, disbanded after they learned the truth, most retired when Alfie's belt was destroyed and they lost their powerful equipment
    (1970s, net)--Invaders I#14

CRUSADER X of Earth-2122 (    ) - Captain Britain Corps, Empire World dimension, one of the sole survivors of Mastermind's slaughter of the Corps, assisted Excalibur in his defeat
     --Excalibur I#21 (22, Excalibur II#1-4

    --Howard the Duck I#21 (1978)

CRUSHER (    ) - Hades, agent of Pluto, fought and defeated by Thor
    (app)--Thor I#130

    (app-world1000galaxies)--Thor Annual#2

CRUSHER (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#1

CRUSHER (Caldwell Rozza ) - transformed by serum, dropped in the ocean by Iron Man (drowned)
    giant, rock-hard, immensely heavy
    -el Professor *D* (1960s, HC#3, app)--Tales of Suspense I#91 (Iron Man I#6d, 119 (fb)

CRUSHER (Juan Aponte) - former boxer, possessed by original, empowered by Dr. Jakkelburr
    (1960s-WATN, app)--Daredevil I#119

CRUSHER of TUNNELWORLD - giant, tank-like weapon of Ytitnedion
    (app-ytit)--Defenders I#81 (82

CRUSETTI, MARCO - Maggia leader, attempted to pressure Dino Manelli into serving him
    --Marvel Team-Up I#1__

CRUSHTACEAN - New Men, Animen.
    (app)--Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (1(fb), 1

crustacean mutate of Earth-691 - 31st century, dwelled in toxic Great Lake, battled Woden and Silverback
    (app-woden)----Galactic Guardians#2 (3

CRUSTOR - Stonian
    --Astonishing Tales#2_?

CRUX (Cristal Lemiuex) - X-Men, nanotech creation of Cerebro, French teenager, possibly based on Iceman & Firestar
    Unleash blasts of heat or cold, female
    --Uncanny X-Men#360 (X-Men II#80

CRUZ - liaison to Power Broker, strength augmented, defeated by Captain America
    (app-hammerhand)--Captain America Annual#12/2

CRUZ, BRIAN - former mutant, slain in bombing of bus leaving Xavier Institute, by Stryker's Purifiers
    --,    - see TAG;
    New X-Men II#20-23, 24(fb, dies), [24(d)]

CRUZ, CARLOS "CC" - vigilante, recruited by Microchip to replace, killed by Stone Cold
    -PUNISHER* (app)--(CC) Punisher II#97 (98); (Pun) 99 (97-103, Punisher War Journal#79, Punisher War Zone#41

CRUZ, monsignor JAMES "JIMMY" - Camarilla of the N'Garai, former friend of Michael Heron, sent men to kill Satana, they severely injured her, kidnapped Heron, summoned N'Garai to slay Exiter, killed by Satana
    *D* (net-cam)--Haunt of Horror#4/3d

CRUZ, RAUL - Spectorcorp, researcher
    --Moon Knight III#40 (52

CRY (        ) - leader of Brothers of the New World, forced women kidnapped by the Brothers to serve as his harem, killed by Wolverine
    *D*--[Wolverine III#3], 4 (5d)

CRYER, ANGIE - former girlfriend of Bailey Briggs
    --She-Hulk III#3 (She-Hulk IV#3

CRYNBURG PELAGO - Earth-Starlord, star system?, location of Holmrig
    --[Starlord#2], 3

CRYPT of the RED IMMORTALS - near the Dambovia river, Bucharest, Romania
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#4 (2011)

CRYPT of SHADOWS of the Hyborian era - A chamber in the Kezankian Forest which contained a statue which held within it the Horn of Azoth. The Eye of Ibis, when set into the orbit of the statue, would cause the statue to open its mouth, and yield the Horn of Azoth. The statue, or perhaps another creature, also existed within the Crypt and attempted to slay any who remained after the Horn had been removed.
(app-azoth)--Conan: The Horn of Azoth

CRYPTO-MAN - robot created by Jasper Whyte, caused death of Jarella.
    vast strength + durability
    (app)--Thor I#174 ([174(fb)], 174, [Incredible Hulk II#205(fb)], 205

CRYPTs of KAA-U - burial place of Sorcerers Supreme
    --Marvel Premiere#6

CRYSTAL (Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff) - Inhuman Royal Family, mutated by Terrigen mist, Fantastic Four, Avengers, daughter of Quelin and Ambur, sister of Medusa, wife of Quicksilver, mother of Luna, former romantic interest of Human Torch (Johnny Storm) + Black Knight (Dane Whitman), had extramarital affair with Norm MacArthur, fled civil war in Attilan as a child
    Manipulate air + earth + fire + water
    -"IXCHEL," ELEMENTELLE* (I#3,D#3,M+1, OH: Women, net)--Fantastic Four I#45 (Thor I#149/2, What If I#30/2, Inhumans: Untold Story(fb#1), F4#45-48, Inh:US(fb#2), F4#50,52,54,56,57 59-61, 63-68, Spider-Man/Human Torch#2 Fantastic Four An5, F4#69-72 74-80, 81, Fantastic Four#543/3 (fb), Avengers I#60, F4#82-92, Incredible Hulk II#122,123, XMen I#65 F4#93-95 99,100 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine# F4#101, Amazing Adventures#1,2, F4#102-105 117,118 [Av104], F4#131 (fb(Av110(fb)),Vision & Scarlet Witch II#12(fb) F4#131,132 Av116 Hulk 175 Av127, F4#150 158(fb) 159,160 Inhumans I#3-7 12, Captain Marvel I#53, Spectacular Spider-Man II#11, Av170, 172, F4 An12, F4#240(fb), [Av183],188 Marvel Two-In-One #71, [Avengers An12(fb)], F4#239,240 248 Hlk279, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Vision & Scarlet Witch I#2,4 [Av234(fb)], AvAn12, Thing I#3, Dazzler#32 Av243 F4 An18, V+SW II#6-10, 12, F4 An22/2, F4#305, F4 An20, F4#306-312, 313(fb), Alpha Flight I#61 Damage Control I#2, F4#313-317 F4 An21, F4#342(fb) Nick Fury vs SHIELD I#2, F4 An21, 21/2, XFactor I#67,68 Av334 336-339 343-345,Iron Man I#278,Captain America I#399, Av346, IM279, Cap400, Wonder Man II#9,Av347, Cap401, New Warriors I#26, Infinity War#1,2,Moon Knight III#43/InfW4, MK44, Thor An17(fb), F4 An25, AvAn21, Av348-355 ,357
    Av376(fb) Thunderstrike#9 Av374,375, Ts10 Av376 AvAn23 Cap431 434 Av378-382 Namor#58, Av381/2 383 Force Works#10/2, F4#400/2 Av382/3, Vision#2-4, Av384-386, Cap440 Av387,388 [Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1], Fantastic Four Unlimited#11, ForceW#13,14, Ts23,24, Av389,390 Cap443,444 Hulk434, Avengers Unplugged#3, Avengers: Crossing, Av391,392 IM322,323,Av393,FW#19,IM324,Av394, Avengers: Timeslide, IM325,Av395 Iron Man: Age of Innocence, IM326 Av399-401, F4#415,416, Hlk445, Fantastic Four II#8-12 Heroes Reborn: The Return #4, Quicksilver#3,7(fb),4(fb) Avengers III#1-3, Q4(fb) Av4 Quick4/Kazar#10, Q5,6 7 13 Inhumans III#1-12, Inhumans IV#1-4, Fantastic Four III#    , 68, 76, Av86-88, [Fantastic Four: Foes#2], 4, Son of M#1-5, Marvel Holiday Special 2007#1/3

CRYSTAL dim - where Stargod was trapped, connected to she-hulk's necklace
    --She-Hulk I#13 (13(fb#2+1), 13,14

CRYSTAL of BAS-LYONESSE - magic item, used by Victoria Bentley in attempt to determine source of mystic attacks following Dr. Strange’s destruction of his talismans
    --Strange Tales II#12/2

CRYSTAL of BLOOD - prophesized to be used by "the one" to destroy Asgard, guarded by titans and dragon, destroyed by Thor.
    Able to negate existence
    *Des*--Marvel Preview#10

CRYSTAL of KADAVUS - held by Dr. Strange, stolen by Spider-Man for Xandu to recharge the Wand of Watoomb
    (Mystic Arcana-Talismans)--Marvel Team-Up I#21

CRYSTAL of SOULS - formerly used by Centurious to hold the souls he had stolen, formerly held Centurious and Zarathos
    SOUL CRYSTAL*--Ghost Rider II#74 (80-81, Amazing Spider-Man I#276, Thor I#430

CRYSTAL of TORMENT - contained the compressed damned souls of a Satan's Hell, used by Satan to destroy Death when it came to oppose him; this act not only cost Satan all the souls in his realm, but also prevented others from dying and entering his realm
    (app)--Haunt of Horror#3/8

CRYSTAL of TRANSFERRENCE - used by Loki to cause snowstorm and bring a snow giant to earth.
    Able to transfer objects into whatever scene it contains
    --Thor I#308

CRYSTAL of ULTIMATE VISION - power item sought by Horde
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual#11

CRYSTAL of VONTSALVANT - Negative zone, power items, guarded by Vigil, only distributed to those he deems worthy
    (app-vigil)--Marvel Comics Presents#105/4

CRYSTAL CASQUE - magic item, sought by Jihad, stolen from crystal city.
    anchor magical power
    --Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad

CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL - base of New Son, located between time and space, destroyed in battle against X-Men
    --Gambit III#9, (named) 19 (19, Annual 2000

CRYSTAL CLAWS (Davan Shakari, Bloodwing ) - Shiar cult, desired X-Treme as emperor
    --Captain Marvel IV#3 (Captain Marvel V#14(fb2)

CRYSTAL CONCLAVE - housed spirits of Priests of Set (including Kha Semblor) drowned by Nitocris; reanimated by Sabbatha in the Temple of Nitocris hundreds of years later, shattered during final battle between Nitocris and Kha Semblor
    --Savage Sword of Conan I#216

CRYSTAL CROWN of Earth-93060 - Crucible of Life, gives power over water

CRYSTAL FOREST - Wakanda, ground+trees, etc. made of crystal, site where Man-Ape brought Queen Divine Justice and Ramonda
    --Black Panther III#32 (33

crystal globes of the Hyborian era - used by Salome for communication
    (app-salome)--A Witch shall be Born; Savage Sword of Conan#5

CRYSTALIA AMAQUELIN - flower grown in Attilan by Jolen, named for Crystal
    --Son of M#3

CRYSTAL KEY-piece of celestial technology which was able to open the vial containing the essence of the dreaming celestial, found aboard celestial mothership by deviant priest,who was unable to remove it,but succeeded in duplicating it. their duplicate was atomized by ikaris, but ghaur utilized the energies by plunging himself into the flame
    --Eternals II#5 (7,9-11

CRYSTALKHRITS - native to Brekknis?, fled the seeming approach of Galactus (actually an unidentified astral entity)
    --Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008)

CRYSTAL PALACE - Antarctic base constructed by Kristal van Heiden, destroyed by Emma Frost
    --X-Men Unlimited#42

CRYSTAL SPIDERS - Negative Zone, attacked Fantastic Four when they were briefly trapped on their planet.
    sentient, form crystalline webs
    --Fantastic Four III#19

CRYSTALs of CONQUEST - weapon of Sons of Satannish, allowed them to fire blasts of their combined power
    --Dr. Strange I#176

CRYSTALS of KAHESHA - granted healing powers to Darkhawk when energized by atmosphere of Jormal, brought to Earth and then lost in a
struggle by Darkhawk, empowered the Metahumes, transformed hostiles into single crystalline entity, released them and returned to Kahesha(?)
    (app-meta)--Darkhawk#45 (47(fb), 45-47, Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies#1-4

CRYSTALIUM dim (Ambara, Bahb, Beck, Crystar, Dyoahn, Feldspar, Great Council of Order, Heyatt, Ika, Minay, Ogeode, Kalibar, Koth, Lavour, Magna Men, Malachon, Moltar, Prisma-Crystal, Ranilla, Shen, Stalax, Warbow, Zardeth)
    - alien world,accessed via magic,apparently of critical importance to powers of order and chaos
    --Crystar#1(8(fb), 1-11

CRYSTAR the CRYSTAL WARRIOR - Crystalium, warrior of city of Galax, brother of Moltar, nephew of Feldspar, transformed into crystal to serve order
    (1980s, app)--Marvel Age#1; Crystar#1 ([1(fb)], 8(fb), 1-11)

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