The hard copy of this file (before switching to completely paperless system) was somehow wiped out in 2000, wiping out about two years worth of additions, I'm adding them as I can, but this page is "the weakest link."

COACH ( ) - mutant, former trainer of X-Force/X-Statix, lost arm against ??, corrupt, killed by
    *D*-ARM (app)--X-Force#116 (120(fb), 116-119,120d)

COACH - see COTERIE (app-coterie)--Contest of Champions II#1

COACHWHIP ( Keener) - Serpent Society
    uses whip-like attachments to bracelets, wf, wears platinum wig
    (U#6)—Captain America I#341/2 (342, 355, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13, Cap365/2, Moon Knight III#10, Cap367/2, 380-382, 434,435,[436],437, Cobra IV#30-31, Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

COAL - ebony Deviant, with Spike & String, sent by Ghaur to retrieve the Proteus Horn, mistaken for Sunspot by Namorita
    --New Mutants Annual#5

"COAL TIGER" - see Odongo - name referenced in comparison to Conan as a wolf--Conan the Barbarian I#58

    original name intended by Jack Kirby

COAL TIGER - alleged enemy of Impala
    (app)--[Captain America I#389]

COAL TIGER of Earth-355 - alternate dimensional counterpart of Black Panther (T'Challa), sought as a member by the Gatherers, did not receive stabilization process to enable him to survive in Earth-616 dimension
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#355 (356d)

COAL TIGER of Earth-982 (T’Chaka) - Wakandan, son of T’Challa, transform into humanoid panther
    --A-Next#4 (Spider-Girl#58,59

COAL TIGERS - rank in Panther Cult
    --[Black Panther III#60]

COALITION (Col. Liam Fischer, Nolan Kurtis, Jeremy Locke, Madamoiselle Valeriy Vasson)
    - organization who joined together to avenge their loved ones on Elektra
    --[Elektra II#11], 13 ([11,12],13,14

"coalition" (General Bobby, Rawlins, Captain Martin Vanheim) - manipulated Nick Fury to obtain the Barbarossa virus, had Rawlins blow up a passenger plane to make others think it was a terrorist attack, covering up the Punisher's activities in Russia
    --Punisher VII#13 (14-18, 19

COALITION for an UPSTANDING AMERICA (Jimmy MacArthur, James Winston MacArthur Sr. )
    - group of wealthy citizens banded together to speak out against erosion of moral values, especially in mass media, used name of Captain America without his permission, many targeted for murder by Scarecrow, dissolved after Scarecrow exposed James Sr. as attempting to exploit and make money from their supporters
    —Captain America I#276 (277,280

COALITION FLEET (Gundig, Rodar, Tinac)
    - composed of survivors of worlds that Galactus has consumed, sought to gain vengeance through death of silver surfer, imprisoned in orbit of Karidian, enslaved Karidians and created Bounty, obsession with Surfer discontinued when Tinac was deposed
    --Silver Surfer III#103(124(fb),[123],124

COAT OF ARMS (Lisa Molinari) - Young Masters, "Young Avengers", spent time in juvenile detention with Speed (Tommy Shepherd), artist, uses magic coat apparently from Tiboro
   --Dark Reign: Young Avengers#1 (1-5, Age of Heroes#2/3

    Aztec name
    (app)--Thor I#300

COBALT - Elements of Doom, human mutate
    --Avengers I#188 (Avengers Collectors Edition#1

COBALT - Ravens
    --X-Factor I#56 (57, 58

COBALT - Elements of Doom, pure element

COBALT of Earth-Amalgam - Magnetic Men
    - LUCIUS RICHMOND--Magneto and the Magnetic Men (MMfM#1

COBALT CANNON - see DAMOCLES (app-damocles)--[Thor I#267], 268

COBALT-MAN (Ralph Roberts) - inventor, built suit of armor, later achieved superhuman size and power due to radiation, eventually achieved critical mass and exploded
    A Cobalt-Man later fought the Hulk and, after escaping from Ryker's Island, was discovered by New Warriors and killed in the explosion caused by Nitro; it is uncertain whether this was Ralph or not
    *D* (1970s, app)--X-Men I#31 ([31(fb)], 31, 34(RR), Incredible Hulk II#174(fb), 173,174, Defenders I#42(fb), 42,43"d,", ?Hulk: Nightmerica#1, Civil War#1?  )

COBALT MEN (   ) - pro-Norman Osborn extremists using inferior Cobalt Man armors, attacked Avengers Academy students at Stamford memorial
    (app)--Avengers Academy#10

COBALT RAY WEAPON - stun weapon used by Grey Gargoyle
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#95/1 (96/1

COBALT TOMAHAWK (Bobby Lame Wolf) - recovered Cobalt Man armor, attempted to use armor for personal gain, defeated by American Eagle
    --[Thunderbolts#112] ([112 (fb)]

COBB, AMANDA - former girlfriend of Warren Worthington
    --Angel: Revelations#1 (2008)

    --Avengers III#60 (61

COBBWELL, Prof. ?? - electronics expert, mentored Peter Parker during internship
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#2 (Amazing Spider-Man III#1.4,1.5

COBERT, YAHN - ACE Corporation, head of research, designed MOPED technology, killed by Warheads when they stole the MOPEDs
    --[Motormouth and Killpower#4]

    --Daredevil I#327

COBRA (    ) - costumed kidnapper; enemy of the Human Torch and Toro
    criminal with grayish skin (indicating that he's an Asian or Arabic, I suppose), with purple gloves and shorts, yellow slippers, and a green snake-head hood that tapes off into a tailed cape.  Aided by three henchmen, he abducted "the South American ambassador" (oh, THAT one) in an effort to obtain "South America's" war plans against Germany, but whether he was an actual Nazi or simply a criminal out to sell the plans to Germany is unclear.  He was equipped with knockout gas and, as an opponent of the Torch and Toro, had a supply of asbestos cloth but demonstrated no super-powers.--Ronald Byrd
    --Captain America Comics#21 (December 1942); ?Marvel Knights Spider-Man#9 (, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#9 (fb)? - shadows only

COBRA (Dietmar Stock) - scarred skull-faced Nazi agent; enemy of the Sub-Mariner
    The Cobra (or Herr Cobra) from Human Torch Comics #14 was a bald skull-faced (but Caucasian-colored) Nazi with an empty right eye socket and a long scar over the left side of his face.  He was a master of disguise and led a Nazi mission to attack New York via sub with flying torpedoes (which were intended to be mistaken for aerial bombing).  He was defeated by the Sub-Mariner.--Ronald Byrd
    --Human Torch Comics #14, (Winter 1943)

COBRA - (Klaus Voorhees) - Serpent Squads, Serpent Society, succeeded Sidewinder as leader, former partner of Mr. Hyde
    HUMAN COBRA*, KING COBRA*  (I#2, D#3, AZU#2)--Journey into Mystery I#98 (98(fb), 98, 105,106, Thor I#440, JiM110,111, Fantastic Four Annual#3, Daredevil#30-32, 61, Captain America I#159, 163, 180, 181, [Avengers I#131], Cap182,183, DD#142,143, 153,154, Spectacular Spider-Man II#46, Amazing Spider-Man I#231,232, Spec88, Cap309, 310,311, 313, 315, 318,319,320, 341-344, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13, Cap365/2-367/2, 368, Quasar#9, [Cap379/2],380-382, [385/2], Captain America Annual#10/4, Fantastic Four I#358, Marvel Comics Presents#97/4, Cap434-436,[437], Captain America III#15, Spider-Man: Get Kraven#1, Captain America IV#30-31

  • COBRA’s wrist shooter
  • -
        (D#3)—Journey into Mystery I#98

    COBRA (James Lardner) - mutated by Operation: Cobra, encountered Moon Knight
        *D* (app)--Marvel Preview#21 (21(fb), 21

    COBRA (Piet Voorhees) - son of Klaus; Red Skull's Serpent Squad
        (OH: AZU#3)--White Tiger#1
        Captain America V#28, 29 (fb), 29, 35-36

    COBRA CROWN of the Hyborian era - Set-powered item, used by Thoth-Amon--Conan the Buccaneer; Savage Sword of Conan#43

    COBRAH - see KOHBRA--Marvel Premiere#2

    COBURN, DEAN - student at Midtown high, father imprisoned by Mike Powell, ally of Allegra Bazin
        --Darkhawk#43 (45, 48-50

    COBURN (    ) -
        --Marvel Mystery Comics#39

    COBWEB (  ) -Special Executive.
        precognitive powers
      (app)--(UK)--Dr. Who Magazine#57 ([DrW Anth(fb)], Captain Britain II#12, [DrW#51], 57, Excalibur I#47, Daredevils#5-11

    COBWEB - Mindscape, enemy of Sleepwalker
        (app)--Sleepwalker#3 (3 (fb), [3 (fb)], [22 (fb), 32 (fb), 33 (fb)], 19-20, 22, [23 (fb)], 22, 23, 25, [33 (fb)], 31m [33 (fb)], 32, 33

    COBWELL, Professor - electronics expert, associated with Midtown High's Mr. Warren, sent a radio to the Tinkerer's shop
        (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#2

    COCHRAN, DUANE - singing idol and heartbreaker
        (app)--Our Love#21/1

    COCHRANE, HARRISON - 2099, D/monix, father of Zero, apparently killed when building destroyed
        *D*--Ghost Rider 2099#2 (3-6, 17, 23, 25

    COCHRANE, SHINOBU - 2099, mother of Zero
        --Ghost Rider 2099#11 (17, 25

    COCHRANE, TOM - former agent of Kingpin, husband of Shelly, marked for death after weapons shipment sabotaged by Spider-Man,
    willingly cooperated with Kingpin to ensure family would be spared
        --Tangled Web of Spider-Man#4

    COCHREN, JEFF - former SHIELD I co-director
        (app)—Captain America I#188 (189-191

    COCKATRICE - large robot designed and programmed by Gregson Gilbert, briefly controlled by DiAngelo and battled Power Pack and Cloak and Dagger
        --Power Pack I#7, 8(named)

        (app-loonies)--Marvel Comics Presents#31/4

    COCKROACH - ordinary cockroach evolved by cosmic key, attempted to access its powers to rule the world, killed in battle with howard the duck, hemlock shoals,and r.l. haney(?)
        *D* (app)--Howard the Duck II#4 (4(fb), 4

    COCKROACH HAMILTON (Dontrell Hamilton) - see HAMILTON, COCKROACH (OH2006#5)--Power Man#30 (Terror INC#6,7, Black Panther III#16,17, 17(fbs)

    cockroaches - mutated by radiation, gained intelligence, took over SHIELD helicarrier, apparently killed when it crashed
        (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel#18: Sensational She-Hulk

    cockroaches of Earth-Hulk-End - immense in number, enormously powerful, devour the Hulk nightly, allow him to regenerate
        --Hulk: The End

    COCKRUM, DAVE - heroic figure, advised and passed on his role to the Exiles
        --Exiles#96 (97-99

    COCKRUM, PATY - heroic figure, advised and passed on his role to the Exiles
        --Exiles#96 (97-99

    COCO -
        --Howard the Duck#11? (12?

    COCO of Earth-238 - Crazy Gang, destroyed when Mandragon destroyed universe
        JESTER* (appcg238)--Marvel Super-Heroes (uk)#377([Daredevils#6d])

    COCO of Earth-93060 ( ) - woman mutated by Ultrax, attacked dealers selling to children
        (app)--Prime(uv) II#6 (7,8

    COCOON - Fury secret base#17, used by Secret Warriors
        --Secret Warriors#1

    COCONUT GROVE (Ariel, Unipar) - extraterrestrial planet
        --Fallen Angels#6

    COCTEAU - magical being?, invoked by Dr. Strange?
        "Cocteau's Arm"--[Midnight Suns Unlimited#6]

    CODA 2099 - enhanced law enforcement officer
        --Ghost Rider 2099#10(11,12,14-20,23,25

    CODABAC - Starblaster, Contraxian, possibly killed in the hull breech on the Dark Seed. Four arms
        (app)--Starblast#1 (2, Quasar#55, SB3, Quas56

    CODE: BLUE (Captain Shelly Conklin, Curzon, "Fireworks" Fielstein, "Jock" Jackson, "Mother" Majowsky, Marty, Chief O'Grady, "Mad Dog" Rassitanio, "Rookie," "Rigger" Ruiz, Sarge, Lt. Marcus Stone, Fenton )
        -special division of New York Police Department designed to combat paranormal threats
        (OH2006#2, app)--Thor I#426 (427-429, Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#2, Th432,433, 447-451, Marvel Comics Presents#112/4, Th456, Fantastic Four I#372, Darkhawk#23,24, Web of Spider-Man Annual#9, Spider-Man Unlimited I#1/3, Thunderstrike#1, SpdmUnl#3, 3/3, Ts3, Silver Sable#27, Captain America I#426, Ts5-8, New Warriors Annual#4, Ts11, Night Thrasher II#15, Ts#13/2-16/2, X-Force I#40, Fantastic Force#1, 4, 6, Ts22-24, Thor492, 493,494, Avengers Unplugged#3, Spider-Man Unlimited#13, Journey into Mystery#505, Ghost Rider III#82, Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3, Ghost Rider III#87, Fantastic Four III#35,36, 46, [New Thunderbolts#2], 3, She-Hulk II#21

    CODE: GREY (Tom Jeffers(wall street), Trudy Kockenlocker(chief engineer), Charlie Pike(cpa), Woodrow Truesmith(attorney) )
        -special division designed to combat difficult fiscal/financial/legal issues

    CODENAME: SPITFIREHURT of Earth-148611 (Jenny Swensen) - CIA division dedicated to neutralizing groups like the Club
        --Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#

    CODE X - means by which sanity of X-Force/X-Statix candidates is tested, those who fail are killed; test administered by Doop


    CODRUS of the Hyborian era - Kozaki--The Flame Knife; Savage Sword of Conan#31

    CODY ?? - werewolf, Braineaters under Scuzz, impregnated with silver by Jack Russell and trapped in human form
     - possibly the same guy as Razorblade
        (app-brain)--Marvel Comics Presents# 107, (named)110 (107-112

    CODY ?? - see ROBBINS, CODY--Uncanny X-Men#185

    CODY, BRANDON - actor, former boyfriend of Vivisector, dumped him when he briefly lost his powers
        Nick Blight (app-vivisector)--X-Statix#19 (20

    CODY, GARY - Department H, former friend of James MacDonald Hudson, liaison to Alpha Flight, released Bedlam, killed by him
        *D* (net)--X-Men I#109 (Alpha Flight II minus 1, Alpha Flight I#53(fb), 10/2, 17(fb1,fb2(XM#109)), AF92(fb), [UX121], AF51(fb), X-Men/Alpha Flight II#1(fb), AF I#1,2, XM+AF II#1, AF I#13, Av249, AF29,30, 39, [47], 51, AF Annual#2, AF52(53(fb)d)

    CODY, "HAMMER" - former boxer, drug addict, mutated by cocaine from el Jardin del Rey, fought Daredevil, killed from its effects
        *D* (app-spore)--Wolverine II#17 (17(fb,dies)

    CODY, MATT - 19th Century, Dustville, boyfriend of Sarah, humiliated Jim Evans, inspiring him to become the Scorpion
        (app-sting)--Rawhide Kid I#57 (57(fb)

    CODY, WOLFE - pediatrician, discussed in utero mutant test
        --Generation X: Crossroads

    CODY, agent - O*N*E*
        --X-Factor III#18

    COE, BOROMIR "BORRY" of Earth-Astronet - advised Sancha regarding Quetzals
        (app-etchison)--Wizard Presents Open Space#0

    COFFEE, BRUNO - bartender for Al Shaitan's bar. minor telepathic powers, stopped wearing clothes
        (app-as)--Hellstorm#2 (13

    COFFEE BEAN (Chirs, Ginger, Mooney)
        - Restaurant frequented by Peter Parker and his ESU classmates, the X-Men in their civilian identities, and other NYC residents.
        --Amazing Spider-Man I#53 (
        Spider-Man/Human Torch#2

    COFFIN, ELAINE - mother of Steve, former wife of Elaine
        *D*--[Micronauts I#4] ([4(d)]

    COFFIN, RAY - former astronaut + holder of Unipower
        - "Orbiting Coffin," CAPTAIN UNIVERSE* (app)--Micronauts I#3 ([4(fb)]/8(fb), [8(fb)], [2], 3-8, 12, [Marvel Spotlight II#9(fb)], 9

    COFFIN, STEVE - Division U, Wraith Squad, son of Ray, former holder of Uni-Power, fought Mr. E
        -CAPTAIN UNIVERSE* (app)--Micronauts I#2 ([4(fb)], 2-8, 12, [Marvel Spotlight II#9(fb)], 9, [Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2(fb)], 5/2

    COFFIN, warden JOHNSTON -
        --Generation X#63 (64-66

    COFFY, Det. -
        --Daily Bugle#2 (3

    COGBURN 2099 - SHIELD 2099
        --Doom 2099#35 (36

    COGGER, -servant of kingpin
        —Daredevil I#338(339-341

    COGNOSCENTI (Joshua Pryce + Al + baby girl Steadbaur) - agents of Gaea, protectors of humanity
        (Mystic Arcana, app)--Secret Defenders#19, (named) #24 (19-20, 23-25

    COGNIUM STEEL - memory metal developed at Oracle INC, AIM sent Highwayman to steal some
        (app-highwayman)--Marvel Comics Presents#137/4

    COHEN, IRVING - father of Izzy
        --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#24

    COHEN, ISADORE "IZZY" - Howling Commando, native of Brooklyn, son of Irving and Selma, ace mechanic
        --Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos#1 (2,
        13/Captain America I#383/3
        Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders#1, 6
        Gambit III#10,
        Cap273, Incredible Hulk II#434

    COHEN, SELMA - mother of of Izzy
        --Sgt. Fury#24

    COIL ( ) - Shadow City, Twisted Sisters, bond genetic changes to others, wf, blonde
        --Fantastic Four III#17,18(named) (X-Men II#105

    COILETE, Dr. - SHIELD II, examined Hawkeye (Clint Barton) to confirm his true identity
        --Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#3

    COIN-OP CREEPS (            ) - Delta City, coin-operated robots, used by Hooded Eye, enemies of Fight Man
        --Fight Man#1

    COINs of HEAVEN - seven coins from each of the seven cities of Heaven, paid to Phineas Randall for his gateways to Earth
        --Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1

    COKER, RAYMOND PAUL - werewolf
        --Werewolf by Night I#11 (Monsters Unleashed#6(text), WwbN#11,12,17-21, 32, 38-41

    COLÀBRUN - extradimensional sorcerer, banished to Dimension of No Return by Dr. Strange
        (app)--Vision & Scarlet Witch II#12

    COLBERT, STEPHEN - comic actor, briefly ran for US President, aided Spider-Man against Grizzly (Max Markham)
        --Amazing Spider-Man#573/2

    COLBURN,     - SHIELD II, instructed by Sharon Carter to destroy all records of Project: Contingency
        --Wolverine/Captain America#2

    COLBY ?? - us government, contacted Pixie, met with she and Black Fox regarding Nocturne’s activities in Petralova
        --Marvel: Lost Generation#8

    COLBY ?? of Earth-148611 - head of Sanctuary for children
        --Psi Force (nu)#2

    COLBY, BRETT of Other Earth - "Cowboy Town," assisted Fantastic Four and "Eyriennes" against forces of the Warlord
        (app-other)--Fantastic Four I#272 (273

    C.O.L.C. - computer system created and used by the Void in his Antarctic base
        Computer to Obliterate Life Completely--Sentry II#8

    COLCORD, JIMMY - son of the Director
        --Weapon X II#6 ([6(fb)], 6

    COLCORD, KATHLEEN - wife of the Director
        --Weapon X II#6 ([6(fb)], 6

    COLCORD, MALCOLM - see DIRECTOR of Weapon X--Marvel Comics Presents#7_, (named) Weapon X II#6

    COLCORD, SUZI - daughter of the Director
        --Weapon X II#6 ([6(fb)], 6

    COLDBLOOD (Eric Savin) - cyborg
        -COLDBLOOD-7 (M, CWBDR, app)--Marvel Comics Presents#26/3 (30/3(fb), 31/3(fb), 26/3-35/3, Deathlok II#4(fb), [Excalibur: Air Apparent(fb)], Ex:AA, [Dlok#18-19(fbs)], 18-21, Beyond#3 (fb), Civil War: Front Line#5/2, Civil War#6-[7]

    COLDFIRE (James Lucas) - Cage's brother, mutated by Malus
        (app)--(JL) Cage I#3; (Cf)#13 (3, 8, 10, 12-14

    COLD GREY - castle that Pete Wisdom liberated from terrorists
        --Excalibur# (fb);

    COLD GREY of Earth-295 - Antarctic hideout of Mystique

    COLDHEART (Kateri Deseronto) - Armored government agent, sought vengeance on superhumans for death of her son, interrupted fight between Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin (Macendale), attempted to kill them both with her freezing swords, dissuaded by Macendale's young son, apparently killed by Nitro's explosion in Stamford
        *D* (
    OH: Spdm: BiB, app)--Spider-Man I#49 (Civil War#1d)

    COLD PEOPLE (Ternak) - abominable snow men, acquired technology from Tibetan monk (Master) @ 500 years ago, transformed into human form
        -CHOSEN, SNOW CREATURES (app)--Fantastic Four I#145 (146

    COLDSNAP - catalytic pathogen created by Department H.
        able to accelerate the growth of microorganisms

    COLDSTEEL (Joseph Stalin) - Lethal Legion-Satannish
        (app)--Avengers West Coast#98(99,100

    COLDWAR ( ) - ice-powered villain, fought Captain
        (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#2/4 ([New Avengers Most Wanted Files]

    COLD WARRIOR (Prof. Will? Sinkovitz) - @ 1958, American scientist duped by Diabolik into believing 3D-Man was a communist agent, battled him, recruited by Yellow Claw to help with kidnapping of President Eisenhower
        *D*--Marvel Premiere#37 (What If I#9

    COLD WARRIOR ( ) -
        --War Machine#7 (7d

    COLD WARRIORS ( ) - encountered Colossus/Rasputin (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#10

    COLD WINTER - Haida tribe sorcerer @ 150 years ago in British Columbia, jealous of Sweet Grass' love for Whistle Pig, used a spell to transfer Whistle Pig's spirit into a totem, slain in Living Totem's subsequent rampage, spirit remained on Earth and when the Living Totem regained his freedom, Cold Winter began possessing dolls to seek revenge
        (app-living_totem)--Doc Samson II#1 (1 (fb, dies), 4/2

    COLE - see OLD MAN COLE (app)--Cable II#96

    COLE - daughter of Salamandra and the Wizard, had brief romance with Human Torch, vanished after using her powers to take down the Wizard
        Absorb and shed mass to affect gravity on others
        (app)--Fantastic Four III#85 ([85(fb)], 85-87

    COLE - Kyln guard, human, perished in Annihilation Wave
        *D* (app)--Thanos#7 (8-11, Annihilation: Prologue#1d)

    COLE ?? of Earth-93060 - ultra, allied w/ Breakdown
        able to manipulate light
        --Freex(uv)15 (Ultraverse Premiere#9/3

    COLE, BRYAN - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
        --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

    COLE, JENNA - cured of addiction by Anti-Venom, referred to FEAST
        --Amazing Spider-Man Extra!#2 (2009)

    COLE, JONATHAN PAYTON "BLACK JACK" - father of Kevin, nicknamed d/t dark complexion, former cop, framed for drug possession when refused to cooperate with corrupt cops, beaten nearly to death in prison
        --Black Panther III#50 (53(fb1), 53(fb2), 50, 53-56

        son of John, adopted identity of Black Panther while on suspension, trained as White Tiger
        (net-handbook-BP)--Black Panther III#50 (53(fb1), 53(fb2), 50-56, 59-62

        --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#32

        --X-Force I#43

    COLE, TREVOR - former host of the grey symbiote that later merged into Hybrid
        *D*--Venom: Lethal Protector#4 (5, Spider-Man/Human Torch#5, Venom: Separation Anxiety#1-4(d Trevor), Venom: Along Came a Spider#1/2->hybrid)

    COLE, WADE - Reaver, formerly of Hellfire Club
        *D*--Uncanny X-Men#133 (152, Marvel Graphic Novel: New Mutants, Wolv37(fb), UX205, 248,249, 251-255, 262, 269, 281

    COLE, Mrs. - mother of John
        --Black Panther III#50 (53 (fb2), 50, 52, 54-56, 61,62, Crew#2, 4

    COLE, fetus - son of Kevin & Gwen
        --[Black Panther III#50], (ultrasound images) Crew#2

    COLE, sheriff - agent of Calavera
        (app-calavera)--Daredevil Reborn#1-4

    COLE, warden - Ryker's Island
        --Daredevil II#81 (83, 84, 86-87, [107-108]

    COLEMAN, - agent of Norman Osborn
        --Amazing Spider-Man#569

    COLEUR - Seven, elderly, new recruit
        --Blade#1 (2-5

    COLGAN (    ) -
        --Marvel Mystery Comics#21

    COL. GATE (    ) - criminal mastermind, set a trap for Milk & Cookies, captured by Human Scorch
        Employed S'aanta
        (app-milkcookies)--What The?#10/2

    COLIN ?? - brother of Bridget, terrorist, pressured Liam Connaughton to serve terrorists, injured in one of Liam's explosions, incarcerated

    COLIN ?? - Midtown High School faculty or staff
        --Spider-Man/Human Torch#5

    COLIN ?? - see SPRITE
        identity used while in human form
        --Eternals III#1, (identified) #2

    COLISAN - Dimension of Blackbodies, Iridian race
        --Silver Surfer I#111

    COLISSEUM (Mike + Suzi Berengetti, Mr. Fixit) - Las Vegas casino, employed Hulk as Joe / Mr. Fixit
        --Incredible Hulk II#34_( 418, Dr. Strange III#70

    COLL, VINCENT - Hell's Kitchen criminal, grandfather of Elaine (Scorpia), former rival of Silvermane in his early days

    COLLAPSAR - Mys-Tech agent on Eopia
        --Dark Guard#2 (3,4

    COLLAR - System Crash
        --Daredevil I#326 (327

    COLLECTION AGENCY (Janus, Jude, Shaara) - Kresh mercenary cyborgs, formerly employed by Collector.
        (app)--Silver Surfer III#61 (62 (fb), 61-64

    COLLECTIVE - collection of mutant energies/powers of those who lost them on M-Day, formerly guided by the mind of Xorn, briefly inhabited mind of Michael Pointer before traveling to Genosha and bonding with Magneto, but then driven out by Avengers and Daisy Johnson, energies sent into the sun by Sentry but continued to be accessed by Pointer as Guardian
        includes Abyss, Aero, Agent Zero, Angel Dust, Armena Ortega, Artie, Arturio Falcone, Beak, Black Tom Cassidy, Blind Faith, Blob, Boost, ?, Bora, Brass, Caiman, Chamber, Conquistador, El Aguila, Fatale, Flambe, Freakshow, Gloom, Hack, Hanna Levy, ?, Harpoon, Hazard, Hub, Hybrid (Wraith), Jon Spectre, Jubilee, DJ, Key, King Bedlam, Kiwi Black, Lara the Illusionist, Lightning Rod, Longneck, Magneto, Mary Zero, Mist Mistress, Monsoon, Moonstar, Murmur (Alpha Flight), Murmur (Emplate's Hellions), Nightwind, Overrider, Callisto, Paralyzer, Paul Patterson, Phantazia, Polaris, Postman, Preview, Prodigy, Quicksilver, Quill, Radian, Radius, Reaper, Redneck, Rictor, Scanner, Shatter, Shen Xorn; Shire, Randall or Shocker (Mutant Force)?; Shola Inkosi, Slick, Slipstream, Spectre (Dallas Gibson), Spoilsport, Strobe, Stacy X, Tag, Tantra, Tarot, Tattoo, Tether, Tremolo, Unus, Vague, Wicked, Wild Child, Wildside, Wind Dancer, Windshear, Wiz Kid, Wraith (Hector Mendoza), Zach, Forearm (listed but not pictured), Mesmero (listed but not pictured)
        (Mighty Avengers: MWF)--New Avengers#16 (17-20, [Omega Flight#1-5], [Marvel Comics Present#1/3, 2/4, 3/3, 4/4], 5/4-12/4

    COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE (Others, Prodigals, Cliff Randall, Coordinator, Guard 18) -
        (1960s, app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#6

    COLLECTIVE MAN (Chang, Han, Ho, Lin, & Sun Tao-Yu) - Three Piece, five Chinese mutant brothers, enslaved by Everlasting, grew to enormous proportions draining life force from all of the Chinese until killed by Citizen V, energy from body used to enable Flag-Smasher to retake control of Ultimatum, recovered from apparent destruction
        Merge into single man with combined strength and ability of all, summon strength of entire country for brief moments, although this severely weakens him afterward, skilled martial artist, now able to split into numerous duplicates, merge into giant form
        (I#2, 198)—Incredible Hulk I#250, 279 (Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3, Marvel Comics Presents #55/4, X-Force An3, [Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1, 2"d", 3(d), X-Men II#159,160, ?183, [184-185]?, Civil War: X-Men#1, [2-3], 4, Thunderbolts: International Incident#1

    COLLECTOR (Taneleer Tivan) - Elders of the Universe, widower of Matani, father of Carina, owner of Prisonworld prior to its consumption by Galactus, created the Collection Agency, formerly held the Brethren, originally began collecting diverse objects and beings to repopulate the universe in case of genocide, eventually became obsessed with collecting, has numerous starships holding museums of his collections, disintegrated by Korvac, resurrected by Death for the Grandmaster as a result of the Contest of Champions
        Prophecy, uses variety of collection as weapons as needed, has on occasion assumed a form with great energy powers
        (I#3,D#3,M, net+bib)—Avengers I#28 (174(fb), Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, [Av27], 28, 51, Iron Man I#26, Av#119, Incredible Hulk II#197, 198, Av174(fb), 175(fb), [159-161, 165-168, 170, 171], 172, 173, 174d, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#3(res), Marvel Team-Up Annual#7, Avengers Annual#16(fb), West Coast Avengers Annual#2, Silver Surfer III#3,4, 7, 9,10, 17-19, Thanos Quest#2, Av334-339, Silver Surfer#58-61, [62,63], 64, [Av365],366, Fantastic Four I#389, [Wolverine II#133],134-138, [She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (fb)], 1

  • COLLECTOR's collection (Jupiterian Sauro-Beast, Robotoid, Tokka, Venusian Retriever Anemone)
        --Avengers I#28 (51
  • COLLECTOR’s temporal assimilator -
  • COLLECTOR's MUSEUM (Droom, Fin Fang Foom, Gargantus, Goom, Groot, Grottu, Rommbu, Taboo, Tragg, Vandoom's Monster)
       -Canada; invaded by Mole Man, releasing the monsters contained within it
        --Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl
  • COLLECTOR (        ) - human, steals and keeps objects of great value, including the true Shroud of Turin, the real Mona Lisa, an actual copy of Aristotle's Poetics, a Feraliminal Lycanthropizer, and the Pink Mink; Wolverine freed the Pink Mink from him

    COLLECTOR of DEATH (Danbury Fawcett) -
        --Captain America Comics#48

    COLLECTORS (Silas Mourner, Nigel Pigman, Alfred Queely, Abner Little, princess Zanda, count Zorba) - COUNCIL of ANTIQUARIANS*
        (app)--Black Panther I#1 (2, 3, 4/Black Panther III#48(fb), Black Panther I#5-7, Iron Man III#16, 18, 21/2, 22, Black Panther III#40-45

    COLLETTE ?? - agent of Mycroft
        (app-myc)--Iron Man I#316

    COLLETTI, - SHIELD Alpha Team
        --Iron Man IV#29 (30-31, 32?

    COLLIER, CARLSON "COOT" Sr. - director at Delazny Studios, former cowboy movie actor, father of Carson
        (app-enforcer)--Ghost Rider II#13 (14,15, 18,19, 21-23, Marvel Team-Up I#58, GR25,26

    COLLIER, CARSON Jr. - son of Coot, framed by and as Enforcer, fate unknown, possibly became a Scourge
        (app-enforcer)--Ghost Rider II#24 (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4(fb)?, GR24, OH Deluxe#17, [Spider-Woman I#19]

    COLLIER, LUCAS - New Beulah, Montana, had heart attack, while briefly dead he was enslaved into Zadkiel's army, but was then resuscitated, sought by Johnny Blaze to learn more about Zadkiel, eventually committed suicide so he'd go to Hell and avoid Zadkiel
        *D*--Ghost Rider VI#20 (21 (fb), 20-22, 23d)

    COLLIER, Miss - former teacher of Emma Frost
        --X-Men Origins: Emma Frost

        --X-Force I#99

        (net-gold)--(g)Kid Komics#1

    COLLINS, CHRISTINE - EMT, sister of Demetrius, succeeded him as partner of Jake Olsen. impersonated by Enchantress
        --Thor II#26 (27, Cap34, Thor29, Thor An2001, [Thor41]

    COLLINS, DEMETRIUS - undercover narcotics officer, EMT, brother of Christine, former partner of Jake Olson, investigated him for drug dealing. bm
        --Thor II#1 (2-4, Avengers III#8, Th5,6,8, [Peter Parker: Spider-Man#2], Th9,10, 14-16, 18-20, Thor Annual 2000, Thor#26,27, 46

    COLLINS, DIRK - pre-modern era, impersonated Maaboo, duped his Cult into surrendering their gold to him, chosen by Maaboo as representative of worst of humanity and taken back to his world
        (app-maaboo)--Tales of Suspense I #19/3

    COLLINS, EMMA - servant of Braddocks, cared for after becoming ill by personification of Mastermind robot, died from neurological degeneration
        *D* (app)--(UK) Captain Britain I#13 ([Daredevils#2(fb)], CB I#13, 15, [Daredevils#2 (fb)], 2, 4, [Mighty World of Marvel#16(fb)], 16, Captain Britain II#2, 5, 7, [8], 9, [14(fb)], 14, [Excalibur I#47 (fb, dies)]

    COLLINS, GAIL - mother of Laurie, seduced and manipulated by Sean Garrison
        --New Mutants II#11 (11(fb), New X-Men: Academy X#9, 12, 14-15, 28

    COLLINS, JIM - family and friends slaughtered by Boy and other wilding mutants during Golgotha invasion
        --X-Men II#167

        --New Mutants II#2 (11(fb), 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7-12, 13, New X-Men: Academy X#1,2-->Wallflower

    COLLINS, MARSHA - NYPD, assaulted by Vermin, sent into shock
        (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#131

    COLLINS, MATT - @ 1953, played prank on Waldo Forrest by posing as a werewolf, shot and killed by him
        *D* (app-waldo_forrest)--Menace#3  (3d)

    COLLINS, MICHAEL - see DEATHLOK--Deathlok I#1
        Fantastic Four#544-546, Black Panther IV#27

    COLLINS, MILLIE - see MILLIE the MODEL--Millie the Model#1; Fantastic Four Annual#3

    COLLINS, MURRAY - Thunderbolts monitor duty
        --Thunderbolts: Breaking Point

    COLLINS, NICK - son of Tracy and Michael (Deathlok) Collins, brother of Patricia
        --Deathlok I#1 (Deathlok II#1(fb), I#1,2, II#1, 6,7, 12-15, 17, 21-25, 26, Annual#2, 2/3, 27-29, 31-32, 34, Beyond#6

    COLLINS, PATRICIA - daughter of Tracy and Michael (Deathlok) Collins, sister of Nick
        --[Deathlok I#1], Deathlok II#26 (born) ([Deathlok II#1(fb), I#1,2, II#1, 6,7, 12-15, 17, 21-25], 26, Annual#2, 2/3, 27-28, [29], 31-32, 34, Beyond#6

    COLLINS, RUSSELL "RUSTY" - mutant, former X-Factor trainee, X-Terminators, New Mutants, Mutant Liberation Front (brainwashed by Stryfe), Acolytes, former member of US Navy, rescued by X-Factor after inadvertently burning a woman, former romantic interest of Skids, apparently killed by Holocaust/Nemesis.
        Generate and manipulate fire
        FIREFIST* *D* (U#2, 2006#1-acolytes, net)--X-Factor I#1 (2, 4,5, 7-10, 12-16, 17/Thor#379, [Marvel Fanfare I#50(fb)], XFac17-23, 27,28, Annual#3/2, XFac29-33, Fantastic Four I#342(fb), XTerminators#1-4, New Mutants I#72-74, XFac40, NM76, XFac41, NM77,78,[79],80,82-87, 100, Cable: Blood & Metal#1,2, XMen II#13, 15, Uncanny X-Men#315, XM: Prime, XMen#42

    COLLINS, E.R."SKIP" - mutated by army nuclear experiments, subconsciously used abilities to make things around him the way he liked them, apparently exhausted powers repairing damage to earth caused by close proximity to Ego.
        Formerly subconsciously alter reality
        -The Man with the Power (app)--F4 I#234(234(fb),234

    COLLINS, SLASH (    ) -
        --All-Select Comics#7

    COLLINS, TRACY - wife of Deathlok (Michael Collins) ,mother of Nick and Patricia
        --Deathlok I#1 (Deathlok II#1(fb), I#1,2,4, II#1, 12-15, 17, 21-25,26, Annual#2, 2/3, 27-29, 31-32, 34, Beyond#6

    COLLINS, WALTER - former landlord of Baxter Building, opposed presence of Fantastic Four until it was bought from him by Reed Richards following the destruction of the top several levels by Terrax
        (app)--[Fantastic Four I#3], 111 (114, 116, 120, 126,127, Giant-Size Super-Stars#1, Fantastic Four I#177, 191, 201, 244

    COLLINS, WILLIAM - SHIELD, led mission against Isle of Exiles
        --Super-Villain Team-Up I#17

    COLLIN, - Secretary of Defense(?), enlisted the Abomination as a secret weapon to be sent after enemies of the USA
        --Hulk: Destruction#1 (4

    COLLINS, - Office of Insufficient Evidence

    COLLINS, nurse  - worked for Dr. Paul Janson, rival of Alison Blaire for his affections
        --Dazzler#5 (7,10,11

    COLLINS, Det - NYPD, investigated murder of Ben Parker-6078
        --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#18

        --Marvel Comics Presents II#4

    COLOMBUS of Earth-Cable - pirate, allied with New Canaanites, former owner of Gender Splay, killed by Tetherblood
        inhuman appearance
        (XM:BoA) *D*--[XM:BoA],Ask3(4d)

    COLON, CARLIE - neighbor of Dan Ketch in Bronx, daughter of superintendant of his building, sister of Choo Choo, body briefly taken over by one of the Ember of the Furies, saved by Ketch/Ghost Rider
        --Ghost Rider III#70 (71,73, 79,80, 86

    COLON, "CHOO CHOO" - brother of Carlie, minor criminal in the Bronx, ally of Randolph and Toother, several encounters with Ketch/Ghost Rider
        --Ghost Rider III#70(71-73,79,80

    COLON, CHERYL - former girlfriend of Chris Powell
        --Darkhawk#3 (7, 9-11, [16(fb)], 17, 21, 23-25, 27, 40, 48

    COLONEL (    ) - 19th Century megalomaniac, utilized giant spider, worked out of Bavarian Castle Frankenstein
        *D* (app)--Frankenstein Monster#6

    COLONEL of Earth-3071 - Underground, slain helping Wolverine destroy the Primogenitor
        Wore Adamantium armor and used gun firing adamantium bullets
        (app-earth3071)--Wolverine: Snikt#1 (3(fb), 1-5

    COLONEL AMERICA (Craft, Trenton)
        (app) - see also CRAFT, TRENTON--Marvel Comics Presents II#1, (identified) 8 (1 (fb)/8 (fb)

        --Marvels Comics: X-Men

    COLONEL KLAUE - Blitz Squad.
        Iron hand
        --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#39 (41

    COLONEL PTERODACTYLEE - miniature pterodactyl taken from the Savage Land and kept as pet by Nightcrawler
        (app)--X-Men Special Edition#1

    COLONEL TUSKER-earth-238,hero,killed by fury.
        used killer toy
        *D* (app-lh238)--(UK)[MSH#387(d)],DDevils7(fb,d)

    COLONIAL GOVERNMENT of Earth-Amusement World - Directs earth and the other worlds in the solar system colonized by humanity
        (app)--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow ([Av: TMWST(fb)], Av: TMWST

    COLONIAL VANGUARD of Galador (Velena-Than) - warrior force, serve as counterbalance to spaceknights, many are failed spaceknight cadets,
    tension between the two groups

    COLONIZERs of RIGEL (Grand Commissioner,Scientist Supreme,Tana Nile ) - colonize planets, created Recorders
        --Thor I#131(132 406,407,[408]

    COLONY (Harmony-1, Molly + Mr. + Mrs. Hunt, Wilfred Tobias) - underground self-sufficient facility in Arizona, established by us government to house those mutated by 1950s above ground nuclear testing, formerly watched over by US government, encountered by Thing, who helped them gain their independence
        (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/2 ([5/2(fb)], 5/2

    COLONY - Shi'ar Death Commandos, insect colony
        --Uncanny X-Men#470 (471

    COLOSIA, ULYSSES RENALDO 2099 - ally of Broken Haiku, killed by Foolkiller
        *D*--X-Men 2099#11 (22, 32(fb,d))

    COLORS CRIMINALS (Bluebird Brothers, Buglers in Black, Green Gagsters, Red-Robed Rainmakers, White Wizard + assistant, Yellow Yahoo)
        - series of unrelated criminals using color schemes over the course of a week
        (app)--Amazing Spider-Man: A Book of Colors and Days of the Week

    "COLOSSAL" CRAIG - large and strong criminal, escaped from prison, defeated by Captain America
        (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#29/2

    COLOSSEUM - planet of battle used by Megaira and Termagent
        (app)--Death's Head & Killpower: Battletide#1 (2-4

    COLOSSO (    ) -
        --Marvel Mystery Comics#44

    COLOSSO (    ) -
        --Captain America Comics#48

    COLOSSO - robot used in X-Men’s Danger Room, reprogrammed by Doom to attack X-Men, destroyed by Marvel Girl
        (app)--X-Men I#22 (Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Comics Magazine#3, XM94/Classic X-Men#2, UX110, X-Men I Annual#3

    COLOSSUS - stone statue created by Mingo, brought about his defeat.
        (app-mingo)--Tales to Astonish #53/2

    COLOSSUS - Vegan
        -AGENT 7M (app)--Tales to Astonish I#58

    COLOSSUS - pawn of Horusians, shattered and buried by the Hulk
        (app)—Incredible Hulk II#145 (145(fb)], 145

    COLOSSUS (Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin) - Russian mutant, X-Men, Acolytes, Excalibur, brother of Illyana and Mikhail, artist, father of Peter of the Fall People, temporarily lost memories + powers after passing through the Siege Perilous, sacrificed life to release cure for the Legacy Virus
        Transform into organic steel for great strength and durability
        PROLETARIAN, Peter Nicholas (I#3, D#3, M, OH: X2005, 198, net) <chronology grossly incomplete>--Giant-Size X-Men#1 (Professor X and the X-Men#4(fb), Uncanny X-Men#122(fb), GS XM#1 (GSX#3), ,
         GSX#4, XM94
        X-Men Unlimited#29/2, XM I#107, Uncanny X-Men#112-115, 123,124, 128,129, 131-137, 141,142, Dazzler#1, UX143, Spider-Woman I#38, UX145
    Rogue II#1, X-Men Unlimited II#6, UX177-179, 183, 211, 227, , X-Men Unlimited II#14 (fb), Uncanny X-Men An12, Marvel Comics Presents#10/3, 11-17, UX231, 259, 262,263, 277-279
    XM II#25, UX393(fb),
        Cable II# ,UX315,XM:Prime,XM II#42-44,UX325,Ex91 XM+ClanD#1,2 Ex113,Colossus1,Ex114
        Ex122-125,UX360,XM II#80 UX367 Generation X#53, UX308, XM88, UX369, X89, UX370, X90, UX371 ( ), X91, X An1999, UX372, X92, UX373-375, X-Men Unlimited#27, Gambit III#16, XM II#100, [Astonishing X-Men III#6(fb)], 5(fb), 4-6, 7, UX460-461, X174, X-Men Unlimited`II#14, 14/2, X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1-5, [Thing II#8 (fb)], 8, New X-Men#28-29, X-Men II#189, 193, X200-204

    COLOSSUS - see WALL (app-xfor)--[Cloak & Dagger III#9], 10

    COLOSSUS - see Jeremy ??.
        --Uncanny X-Men#427

    COLOSSUS of Earth-Colossus - @ 2020, computing machine which ran the world
        (app)--Strange Tales I#72

    COLOSSUSUS - X-Babies, counterpart to Colossus
        --Uncanny X-Men An12/2, (named) X-Babies Reborn (UXM An12/2, XBabies#1, X-Babies Reborn#1, X-Men Unlimited#37

    COLUMBUS of Earth-Cable -
        --Askani'son#3 (4

    COLT 8162 – ally of Keepsake, split up a map with him
        (app-keep)—Death’s Head I#5 (5(fb), 5

    COLT, JEFF - FBI agent, partner of Ray Kinsolving, investigated Carol Danvers
        (app)--Captain Marvel I#16

    COLT, JEFF - yuppie veterinarian, tapped into Omegatron power as needed to achieve escalating physical power, nearly allowed the Omegatron to achieve critical mass when attempted battle with Hulk, lost abilities when the fight was stopped, link dissolved with his permission by Dr. Strange
      ANYTHING MAN* (app)--Defenders I#69 (69(fb), 69

    COLTON, Captain - British police or military
        --Captain Britain and MI13#7

    COLUMBIA - Fury Secret Base 14
        --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

    COLVILLE, agent - FBI?, guided Angela Del Toro to work for James Guererro's security firm (212 Security?)
        --White Tiger#1

    COLVIN, DIRECTOR - Mystikos Sect, Vampires, ally of Svetlana, funded Mercy General Hospital, used blood banks to refraining from killing humans, hired Deadpool to protect them from the Claw Sect, given the Claw Sect's amulets by Deadpool.
        --Deadpool IV#30 (31


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