BERCHTESGADEN CASTLE - site to which the Red Skull teleported Captain America
    --Captain America I#119

Fury/Agent 13#2

BERECZ - former agent of Wild Pack, allied with Silver Wolf in sleeper assassin plot, taken down by Sable
    --Sable & Fortune#1 (4

BEREET - Krylorian techno-artist, female, produced "The Life and Times of the Incredible Hulk," fictional films of herself and Hulk, later traveled to Earth and became involved with intelligent Hulk, left him and began producing movies on Earth
    Used spatial distorter, Banshee Mask, Defendroids, Sturky, and variety of advanced technological devices
    (OH: Hulk, app)--[Rampaging Hulk I#1], Incredible Hulk II#269 (270-282, 285, 287

BERENGETTI, MICHAEL FRANCIS XAVIER - owner of Coliseum, employed Mr. Fixit, killed by agents of Sam Striker after Hulk left Las Vegas
    *D*-Incredible Hulk II#347 (348, Marvel Comics Presents#6/4, Hulk353,354, MCP#38/3, 52/4, H357-359, 395d)

BERENGETTI, SUZI - widow of Mike
    --Incredible Hulk II#347 ( 395,397 418,Doc III#70,Hlk470

BERENSON, Dr. DARRYL - physician, former colleague of Dr. Strange, seduced by Iuriale, killed himself after Strange banished her
    *D*--Dr. Strange II#76

BERENSON, PATRICIA - widow of Darryl
    --Dr. Strange II#76

BEREV'HA DENTII (Verminus Rex) - race of rodentine humanoid mystic warriors, native to the "wall cavities" between dimensions, prevalent on Earth 1000 years ago, exterminated by forces of Heaven, last one (Verminus Rex) died in 1917
    --(Verminus Rex) Ghost Rider III#89, (others, identified) Ghost Rider: Dan Ketch#3 (GR: DK#3 (fb), [GR#93 (fb)], 89 (fb), 89-93, Ghost Rider: Finale, GR: DK#3

BERG, CHRIS - homophobe, friend of Larry, with whom (and with others) he assaulted and killed one homosexual man and plotted other assaults before being stopped by Nomad (Rikki Barnes) and Steve Rogers
    --Captain America#608/2 (2010); 610/2 (last name revealed) (608/2-610/2

BERGER,  - Secret Empire agent at Mt. Charteris
    wore Roman Centurion garb
    (app-masters)--Defenders I#106

BERGER, - archeologist, assistant to Professor Oxton, discovered Azazel’s lair with him, sent images of lair across internet in order to avoid death from speaking name of Azazel, assisted Cable in defeat of the Undying.
    wm, brown hair
    --Cable II#79 (80,81,[82],83,84

BERGER, - SHIELD II, formerly stationed in training camp in Saudi Arabia, accompanied fury to investigate base in Middle East
    --Captain America III#33 (34,35

BERGIER, LUKE - brother of Rebecca
    --War Machine#1_ ( 19

BERGIER, REBECCA - Worldwatch director of operations
    --War Machine#1 ([2,3],4-8, Iron Man I#310, War11-12, 15, 17, 19-20

BERGLUND, General RODERICK - Schamballah, former military leader, sacrificed by Thule to release the Vril
    *D* (app-thule)---Cloak and Dagger III#15 (16-18

BERGSON or BERGMAN, NINA - World War II, Nazi spy, posed as German movie starlet, fell in love with Dino Manelli, sacrificed own life to save him
    *D*--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#41
BERGRREN, Mr. - associate of Charles Xavier, set up a meeting with Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy
    --Generation X: Crossroads

BERINO, MIKE - Daily Bugle
    --[Marvel Visions#14]

BERKLEY, TRAVIS - Worldwatch, computer whiz
    --War Machine#5 (Night Thrasher II#17, WM#5,6, Iron Man I#310, WM11, 19

BERMAN, ADAM - mutant teen, transform into humanoid reptilian form, briefly involved with Ginny Mahoney and Xavier's School
    - PRIMAL* (app-prim)--X-Men Unlimited#16

BERMAN, ARNIE - agent of Human Fly
    --Human Fly#1

BERMUDA TRIANGLE (cavemen, City of Gold + Incan tribe, dinosaurs, Dr. Raymond Corey, Jaguar Priest, Ann Farrow Reynolds, Skull the Slayer, Sky-Riders, Slitherogue, Jeff Turner, Tower of Time + robots, Viracocha)
    - @ 250 million BC, apparently had time warp built by natives of Scorpius in plan to learn more about and eventually conquer all time periods on earth, warp pulled people and societies from numerous time periods
    -Bermuda Triangle time warp (app)--Skull the Slayer#1 (3(fb), 8(fb), 1-8, Marvel Two-In-One#35,36

BERN - member of race of beast-men?, father of Cody
    --Spirits of Vengeance#21

BERNADETH of Earth-Amalgam - Female Furies
    (app-ff)--Bullets & Bracelets#1

BERNARD the POET - beatnik, frequently recited poetry at the Coffee-A-Go-Go
    (app-zelda)--X-Men I#7 (Untold Tales of Spider-Man#22, X-Men I#14, 31,32, Marvel Holiday Special 1994 (fb), [X-Men/ClanDestine#1]

BERNHAMMER, CYNTHIA - lawyer for Joe Robertson, dated Nick Katzenberg
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#145 (149-150, Web Of Spider-Man I#58, SpecSpi II#158-161

BERNHART, CARL - US State Department, worked for United Nations, investigated troubles in Atlantis, framed for them by Jacqueline Trufaut
    (app-trufaut)--Sub-Mariner II#1 (4 (fb), 1, [2], 3, 4

BERSE, YVON - manager of Dakota North's office in Paris, France --Dakota North#3

BERNSTEIN, Dr. NOAH - see NOAH BURSTEIN --Heroes for Hire#1

BERNSTEIN, SAMUEL "SAMMY" - ex-husband of Bernie Rosenthal, leader of Jewish Protection Organization
    (app)--Captain America I#275 (276, 284, 427

BERSERKER - @ 1890, wolf, released from the zoo by Dracula, used to shatter the window to Lucy Westernra's room so Dracula could drain her blood
    --Stoker's Dracula; Stoker's Dracula#2

BERSERKER - enemy of Shadow Lord, given great strength by unknown energy source in cave of glowing walls, used power to accumulate advanced wealth and weaponry, imprisoned in Mount Vesuvius by Shadow Lord and other Earth Lords, inadvertently freed in recent times by archeologists, banished extradimensionally by Avengers.
    Vast physical power, used flying chariot and variety of extraterrestrial weapons
    ETERNAL WARRIOR (OH2006#2, app)--Avengers I#207 (208(fb), 207(fb), 207-208

BERSERKER - robot created by ICON, eventually befriended Frankenstein monster, decapitated by Children of the Damned
    *Des* (app-icon)--Frankenstein Monster#16 (17,18

BERSERKERS (Anodyne, Beastmaster, Brawler, Cornucopia, Earthmover, Lord of the Plants, Lorelord, Master Builder, Pathfinder)
    - team of Canadian and American scientists and their pilots in the arctic circle, briefly transformed and empowered by Loki using the Fire Fountain at the cost of their creativity
    --X-Men/Alpha Flight I#1 (2

BERSERKERS - drones of Controller
    --(7) Iron Man I#292 (293 ; (1-6) IM I#293

BERSERKERS 2099 - created by Alchemax
    --Punisher 2099#13

BERT - ally of Horatio Cringebottom; photographer; former agent of the Ministry of Crosstime Transport Regulation Monitor and Control
    expert in temporal cyberelativity
    (app-cringe)--Excalibur I#42 (125

BERT ?? -
     --Big Hero Six#3 (2009)

BERT ?? 2099 - Alchemax
    --Spider-Man 2099#42

BERTHA ?? - ticket woman at Gem Theatre
    (app)--Hero for Hire#2 (10,14,17,21,34,35,37,41,73,91

BERTHA ?? of Earth-Shadowline - ally of Ripley Weaver, costume designer

BERTHILDA of the Hyborian era - Brythunian harlot living in the City of Thieves, betrayed Costranno, presumably slain by him
    (app-costranno)--Savage Sword of Conan#1 ([1(fb)], 1 

BERTRAM ?? - human, disfigured by Masque, allied with Pixie in kidnapping children to protect them from Masque
    (app-pixie)--Ghost Rider III#9 ([9(fb)], 9

BERTRAND, DAVID - father of Diamondback
    --[Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury]

BERTRAND, KIRSTY - mother of Diamondback
    --[Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury]

BERULA of the Lost Race - Alban Picts, posed as wolf, saved from panther attack by Corucuc, stopped Lost Race elder from having Corucuc slain
    --Savage Sword of Conan#68/2 (69/2

BERVIN, Dr. FRANCES - Weapons designer, redesigned Morlocks for Expatriate under the supervision of Ivan
    described on p78-79
    --Generation X: Crossroads

BERYL - Ravens
    --X-Factor I#56 (57,58

BERZERKER ( ) - Morlock, leader of Tunnelers, survived Morlock Massacre, took asylum at X-Factor complex, left after discovering their rescuers were X-Factor, planned to relocate Tunnelers to New Jersey, but got into a fight with an armed gang which drew the police and X-Factor, apparently killed when blasted into water by Cyclops after absorbing large amounts of EM energy to attack X-Factor
    wm, blond mohawk, access entire electromagnetic spectrum, including TV and radio waves
    *D* (app)--X-Factor I#11d

BERZERKIR - tribe @ Viking era, fought Vikings who worshipped Thor, defeated
    --Thor: Godstorm#1 (1(fb)

BES - Heliopolis god of luck and lord of probabilities
    (app)--Thor I#396,(seen and named)398 ([396,397],398

BESSERMAN, General LEO - US Marines, led invasion of Puerto Salvaje to investigate Cuban activities, arrested Harrison Greaves
      --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Kingdom Gone

B.E.S.T. (Werner Blowhard, Dr. Reich, Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi, nurse Barbara, Supreme Soofi) - organization seeking to use mental powers of Winda Wester to remove capacity of free thought and then allow Dr. Reich to control the will of the population of earth, disbanded after defeat at the hands of Winda, Howard, and Beverly Switzler
    -Bozoes Eagerly Serving Tyrants (app)--Howard the Duck II#4/2


    Skrull, "S-Men," mimicked the Beast
    --X-Men: First Class I#6

BESTLA - Asgardian giantess, mother of Odin
    - BESTIA* --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: ], Thor III#7 (7 (fb)

BESTMAN, GREGORY - former owner of Bestman & Toombs Electronics, cheated Adrian Toombs (Vulture) out of profits, tricked him into signing business over to him, inspiring his criminal career, put out of business by Vulture, returned to business, attacked again by Vulture, confessions of his crimes heard by U.S. government agents, ultimately killed by Vulture
    *D*--Amazing Spider-Man I#240 (241(fb), 240, Spectacular Spider-Man II#186d

BESTMAN, inc - research company, employers of Hobie Brown
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#2 ( Prowler#1-4

BESTOWER of UNLIMITED WISHES - see ZALKOR (app-countabyss)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#23

BESWICK, THERESA - KGB agent, sought documents and fell into trap set by Sir Denis
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu#32

BETA - Ultra-Robots, destroyed in battle with the X-Men
(app-ur)--X-Men I#21 (21d

BETA - Red Ghost's second group of apes, briefly used as partner of Alpha
    --Iron Man I#15, 16

BETA BEASTS - giant creatures gathered from other planets by the Betans to use as warriors against the Mega Monsters, the last one was used by Betans to test power of Godzilla and was killed by him
    *D* (app)--Godzilla#12

BETA CLOTH - fire resistant cloth used by SHIELD, combined with Kevlar in the agents' uniforms

BETA FLIGHT (Box, Flashback, Marrina, Puck) - training organization for Alpha Flight under Department H
    (AF I#1, D#9, app)--Alpha Flight I#1 ([1 (fb)], 1, 11)

BETA FLIGHT (Laura Dean, Goblyn, Manikin, Purple Girl, Persuasion, Auric, Silver)
    - unofficial training team while independent from Department H
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#42

BETA FLIGHT (Persuasion, Talisman, Witchfire, Shaman (instructor), Goblyn, Manikin, Pathway)-official training team established when team reorganized
    (net)--AF I#90,95

BETA FLIGHT (Flinch, Ghost Girl, Ouija, Murmur, Radius, Flex, Manbot, Vindicator synthoid )
    - trainees for Alpha Flight, under strict control of Department H
    --Alpha Flight II#13 (14, Wolverine II#142(fb)

BETA RAY BILL - Korbinite, bio-engineered by Korbinite scientists (Sheo-'re) to defend them from fire demons of Muspelheim, later defeated Thor in combat and claimed Mjolnir, later given Stormbreaker instead, nearly destroyed self fighting Asteroth/Omega Ray, merged with Simon Walters by unidentified entity
    return to human form at will using Stormbreaker, uses Skuttlebutt as ship
    -BETA RAY THOR, Simon Walters* (D#2,M, OH2006#2)--Thor I#337(338(fb),340(fb),337-340 350,351/Av249,Th352-354 357-359 Rom65,[66] PowP#15 SecWarII#6, PP#18,Th363 PP19 Th364 366 367 411/2-414/2, ThorAn16/4 Thor439-441,442/2 ThorCorps1-4 Thor461 An18/3, Th468,Surf86,87,WarChron7,Th470,WC8,W+IW#25,Th471,472,477-480,484,487-489,492,StarMast1,Surf111,StarMast2,3, CPU#4(Th492,CPU#5(fb)),CPU#5 Surf111,121,122 Thor II#30 MaxSec2,3 Th31 ThorAn2001, Th39-41, She-Hulk III#7, 8, Th82,83,[84],85, Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#1-5, 6(fb), 6, Omega Flight#2-5

BETAN race - xt, milky way, planet Beta, purple skin, wings, use monstrous beings from other worlds for war against Megans, utilized Godzilla

Betan race of Reality-7918  - race of reptilian humanoids (from "the Beta Sector") intent on conquering the universe; the humans from Earth (in the Alpha Sector) became directly involved when they attacked Earth’s Space Station Pearl on December 7, 1941 A.D. These Betans are red-skinned and lizard-like bipeds, and were also drawn by Herb Trimpe.--What If? I#14 (1979)

BETATRON BOMB - Hydra, used as part of Operation: Doomsday under direction of Imperial Hydra
    (app)--Strange Tales I#137 (138, [139], 140

BETH ?? - mutant, Children of Heaven, possibly used as love slave or forced into pornography by Phillip, made several attempts to escape, punished by Phillip, healed by Mike, assisted Archangel in defeating Phillip, stayed with Mike and some other tenants.
    telepath, project psychic blasts
    (app-coh)--X-Factor I#47

BETH ?? - saved from mugger by Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady), went out on a date with him, after which he hid out in her apartment until being discovered and forced to flee by SHIELD
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#1 (1-5

BETHEL, ROBERT - CIA, used heroin sales from Afghanistan in plot to finance covert assassins, recruited Microchip, sought to recruit Punisher, pushed out of helicopter by soldiers while shooting at criminal in New York City, offer refused and killed by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VII#1 (5(fb), 1-5, 6d)

BETS ?? of Earth-Shadowline - Shadow, girlfriend of Petey Locks, killed by Buddy.
    generate heat

BETS-R-OFF RACE PROMOTIONS (Archie Sloan) - promoted Cleveland Marathon
    (app-jp)--Howard the Duck I#1/2

"BETT" - see MONSTER from the LOST LAGOON's children (app-monster)--Marvel Super-Heroes III #6/2 (Summer, 1991)

BETTE ?? - X-Ranch, killed by Church of Humanity. Obese telepath, used it to give others their greatest fantasy in their mind
    *D*--UXM399(416(fb), 399d)

BETE NOIR - Extraterrestrial energy source, old enemy of Phoenix Force, imprisoned below earth millennia ago, bonded to Bishop by stryfe, activated, taken on by Stryfe, who was killed by it, preventing it from achieving its potential
    (app)--[Bishop: Last X-Men#14], Gambit/Bishop: Sons of the Atom: Alpha, (named) Gambit/Bishop: Sons of the Atom#5 (G/B:SotA#5(fb), [Bishop#14-16] ,G+B:SotA Alpha, 1-6

BETTE NOIR - Light Brigade, leader
    (app-lb)--Death's Head III#19

BETTIES of Earth-Dystopia - female love slaves of Maestro, named after Betty Ross/Banner
    --Hulk: Future Imperfect#1 (Captain Marvel V#30, Hulk:FI#1,2

BETTINA - vampire

BETTO, GIANCARLO - mutant landscaper
    --[New X-Men: Academy X#1]

BETTY ?? - circa World War II, aboard ship targeted by Ubermadchen
    --Miss America 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009)

BETTY - Atlantean
    --Hulk/Sub-Mariner An1998

BETTY ?? - @ 1898, nurse for Lenore and Vincent Frankenstein, delivered Basil Frankenstein, killed Vincent after Lenore’s death, raised Basil
    (app-vF)--Frankenstein Monster#10 (11

BETTY-6 - Earth-Dystopia, Abominations, former servant of Maestro, claimed to be carrying his child, traveled to mainstream time where she gave birth to bruce willis sylvester chan and helped form abominations
    --Abominations#1 (2,3

BETTY JO - Childhood friend of Darrel Daniel
--Man-Thing I #6 (6(fb)

BETWIXT of Earth-Songbird - realm in which Magus was trapped during the Nullifier War
    --Captain Marvel VI#23 ([23(fb)], 23,24

BEVARLENE of Earth-Amalgam - Beverly Switzler + Darlene, girlfriend of Lobo
    (app-lobo)--Lobo the Duck#1

BEVATRON (Fabian Marechal-Julbin?) - Hellion, French male, killed by Fitzroy shortly after joining.
    fire bio-electric blasts
    *D* (net-hel)--New Warriors I#9 (10, Uncanny X-Men#281d)

BEVERLY GLENN HILLS CEMETERY (Jeremy, Larry, manager) - tried to have Skin's body exhumed and moved because of complaints from others of having a mutant in the burial ground
    --Uncanny X-Men#427

BEVIS - formerly butler of Desmond Marrs
    (app-desmond_marrs)--Namor I#1

BEWILDERNESS - Khiasmos of the Universe, home of Psyphon
    (app-psy)--Death's Head III#14/2 (aka Death's Head Gold#0)

    --Master of Kung Fu I#38

BEY, JAMEEL - Halwan, torturer for princess Zafina, tortured Mister Justice
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#9

BEY, KHUMBALA - Halwan, former bodyguard of Princess Azir, later agent of Master Khan
    (app)--Marvel Premiere I#25 (Iron Fist I#7, PM&IF I#105

BEYNON, BRADLEY - created robot Hadley, sought vengeance on Reed Richards when his Miniaturizer was patented first, disguised Hadley as Psycho-Man and used his weapons stolen from Stark-Fujikawa, sent in Microverse when the Thing and Psycho-Man damaged his miniaturizer
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual 1998

BEYOND dim (Beyonders) - enigmatic realm, has never been observed by any beings
    --[Marvel Two-in-One#63, Secret Wars I#1], Secret Wars II#1 (Avengers I#388

BEYOND CORPORATION - evolved out of S.I.L.E.N.T., bought out H.A.T.E.
    --Nextwave#1 ([2-6], 7-8

BEYOND REASON SPIRITUAL FELLOWSHIP (Reeve Calder, Hildreth, Andrew Grayson, Natasha Haynesworth, Pandro Horowitz )
    -cult, involved in kidnapping, fraud, extortion, drug trafficking, child pornography,
    used Anten Decan to summon Aan Taanu and Fin Fang Foom
    (app)--Legion of Night#1 (1(fb), 1, 2

BEYONDER - immensely powerful extradimensional entity, once composed all matter and energy to form a Cosmic Cube within a pocket dimension of the Beyond, experiment that empowered Molecule Man opened portal into dimension, draining some of the energy into Molecule Man, observed Earth for some time, engineered Secret Wars and created Battleworld, traveled to Earth in effort to understand humanity, eventually faked own death and created own pocket realm, merged with Molecule Man to form Cosmic Cube + Kosmos, eventually separated Molecule Man, but retained identities of Kosmos + Beyonder
    -Frank, COSMIC CUBE*, KOSMOS*, MAKER* (D#16,M,net)--SecWar I#1,II#1(F4#48(fb)?,[F4 I#20]/319(fb) SW II#3(fb), [UX178/Av240,UX179/Av241/Amz249,NewMut#13,UX180/Av242/Amz250,251], [She-Hulk III#10(fb)]//SecWar#1,[2-9]/New Avengers: Illuminati II#2 (fb), 10,[11],12, New Avengers: Illuminati II#2 (fb), [Av243], SecWar II#1, NM30, Cap308, UX196,SW II#2, SW#3(Av260,F4#282) ,DD223, SW4(Hlk312,AF#28), Dazz40, Rom72,Av261,SW5,Thing30,Doc II#74, SW6, F4#285, C+D II#4, MicroN II#16, PowP#18, Th363,PM/IF#121 SW7,NM36 A273 UX202, Def152, Spec111, DpTU#1(fb1),
Marvel Age Annual#1, SW8, Av265, UXM203(NM37,A274), SW9"d", F4#319->Kosmos. F4 An27/2, [Thanos#7]

BEYONDERS race - enigmatic + virtually omnipotent extradimensional race, responsible for Savage Land & Cosmic Cubes, commissioned Nuwali to create Savage Land, created Fortisquians as agents, utilize Pegasusians as agents, have never been observed by any being
    (U#1)--[Marvel Two-In-One#63] ( [Incredible Hulk II#263], Avengers Annual#17/5

BEYONDERSBANE - powered by Eternity, contained vast amount of energy previously expended by Beyonder, used by Mephisto in effort to destroy Beyonder, destroyed after the Thing prevented the Legion Accursed from touching it
    (app)--Secret Wars II#7

BEZIAL - necromancer, assimilated by Death’s Head/Minion, broke free and possessed form of Termagaira, recontained
    (app)--Battletide II#1 (4(fb), 1(fb), [1,2],3,4


BEZZUBENKOV, EVGENY - Russian mob leader, father of Urishka, encountered Elektra in the past, later slain by her when she was hired by Urishka
    *D*--Elektra II#32 (33(fb), 32, 33, 34d)

BEZZUBENKOV, URISHKA - son of Evgeny, college educated, hired Elektra to slay Evgeny to take over family business, but slain by Elektra during a fevered madness
    *D*--Elektra II#32 (34(fb), 32, 33, 34d)

B'GON the SORCERER - dragon in human form, led army of dragons to attack Gilgamesh to gain vengeance on his slaying of one of his dragons centuries ago
    (app)--Avengers Spotlight#35

BHADSHA - snark emperor, poisoned by maraud, mind transferred into body of Jakal, which eventually reasserted itself and expelled him
    *D*-JAKAL*--[Power Pack I#16],21(22,24-26 II#1(expelled)

BHADWUAN tribe (Zira ) - Savage Land, descendents of original Atlantean builders of Pangea
    dark complexion, human in appearance
    --Kazar V#1,18(named)(19,20

B'HAR VENEK of the Hyborian era - D'Bhoti
    --Savage Sword of Conan#63

BHARDISATTVA of the Hyborian era - god
    --Savage Sword of Conan#174

BHARP - invoked by Mortak
    -BHARP's BLOOD--[Giant-Size Man-Thing #3]

BHETON - Kree, leader of Ultra-Girl’s would-be mentors
    (app-ug)--Ultragirl#2, 3

BHUNDA CHAND of the Hyborian era - former king of Vendhya, brother of Yasmina, magically tortured by Khemsa, convinced Yasmina to kill him to stop the Black Circle from gaining his soul
    *D*--People of the Black Circle; Savage Sword of Conan#16

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