--Captain America III#13

ad-DIN, RASHID - @ 1191, Earthly agent of Hassan ibn Rashid, leader of the Syrian branch of the Hashishan (app-hassanibnsabbah)--[Marvel Comics Presents I#73]

ADA 2099 ( ) - Undernet, uses clear-headed robot archetype w/ dress
    --Ghost Rider 2099#13

ADAD - see BAAL.
    Babylonian name
    (app-baal)--[Wolverine II#11], 12

ADAHM - small French Canadian mutant, led the Goon Squad, robbed a bank, defeated by Batroc
    ADAM ??* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #139/4

ADAI - African, former student thief of Teacher (Wakandan) alongside Ororo Munroe
    --Storm II#3

ADAIR, VAL - SHIELD I renegade, sent--along with Buck Richlen and Adam Manna--to perform a hostile takeover of Stark International to force them to become arms developers again, decided to accomplish mission by killing Tony Stark, hired Spymaster, took over the SHIELD Helicarrier, defeated by Iron Man, sent to detention center; later stabbed in the neck and possibly killed
    (app-richlen)--[Iron Man I#113], 117 ([119(fb), 113, 116], 117-119, [Moon Knight VI#17 (fb)]

    Biblical character
    (app)--Vampire Tales#4

    name used as caretaker of the Bloodstones
    (app-fm)--Bloodstone#1 (2-4

ADAM ?? - see WRIGHT, ADAM--Spider-Man#6

ADAM ?? – One of Lullaby’s love drones, marriage ruined by her

ADAM ?? - see ADAHM (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #139/4

ADAM ?? - see FATHER ADAM--Ghost Rider V#3

ADAM ?? - NYPD?, fired on White Tiger (Del Toro) and her allies, transferred as a result
    --White Tiger#3

ADAM ?? - young boy smiled at by 15 year old X-23
    --X-23: Target X#6 (6 (fb)

ADAM of Earth-9997 (Adam Warlock) - mate of Eve, father of the child Mar-Vell
    --Earth X#2

ADAM II - robot, created by professor Phineas Horton, named II after the biblical Adam, desired for androids to rule over humans, attempted to kill or kidnap then congressional candidate John Fitzgerald Kennedy and substitute robot duplicate for him, killed Captain America (Nasland), defeated by Captain America (Mace), destroyed when the car he was driving slipped on oil from other robots + crashed into wall while he attempted to run down down JFK
    enhanced strength & durability
    (AZU#2, app)--What If? I#4 ([4(fb)], 4

ADAM-III (or ADAM III?) - robot programmed to believe itself the grandson of William Nasland (Spirit of '76), taken over by Adam-II programs, but ultimately the Nasland program opposed the Adam-II program, and both programs were cancelled.
    WILLIAM NASLAND III (named consistently misspelled as Naslund; see Nasland for clarification)--[Captain America I#625 (2012)]

ADAM 3,031 of Earth-691 circa 2018 AD  - former prisoner at Deathbirth, lover of Eve 3,031, father of her daughter
    (app-db)--Amazing Adventures II#27 (28,29, 31)

ADAM units of Earth-4935 (Eleven, Zero, [One-Ten, Twelve, Thirteen]) - see ZERO.
    Created to maintain peace, absorb and emit energy on a great scale, teleport, detect and duplicate any weapon or hostile source
    -Algorithmic wavelength Dampening Ambient energy absorbing Modulator units
    --New Mutants I#86

ADAM ABLE - see ABLE, ADAM (app)--Journey into Mystery I#82

ADAM-X - see X-TREME (app)--X-Force Annual#2

ADAM Y of "Earth-1040" - first in a line of new human race for Sinister to experiment, taken through time by Bishop to protect them
    (app-bishop)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "Bishop: Father of Man"

ADAMANTINE - legendary Olympian metal for which Adamantium was named, used in Hercules' Golden Mace and the Gates of Pluto
    --Journey into Mystery Annual#1?

ADAMANTINE - metal used in Dr. Doom's "mummy" trap
    --Astonishing Tales#

ADAMANTINE (    ) - commander in absentia of Les Heroes de Paris, convinced Thing to aid them against Ren
    --Fantastic Four#541

ADAMANTIUM metal - artificial alloy of iron, discovered/created by Dr. Myron MacLain,
    most impervious substance known on earth, second only to "proto-Adamantium"
    (I#15,D#1, OH: Wolv)--Avengers I#66


ADAMATH - Order of the Black Sun, representative for the Rigel sector, fell in love with Rema-Du, slain by Millenium under the control of Brillox
    *D* (app-orderblacksun)--Dr. Who Magazine#57

ADAMETCO - Adamantium bonding company, briefly taken over by Overrider, coated Tess-One
    (app)--Captain America Annual#8 (Quasar#5

ADAMS,    - @ World War II, Brooklyn Badgers, killed by Black Toad
    *D*--Captain America Comics#7/2

ADAMS, - Extreme Emergency Team
    --Spider-Man: Web of Doom#2

ADAMS, Dr. BILL of "Earth-31916" -
    --Supreme Power#1?

ADAMS, CINDY - former ally of Rom, sole survivor of snowbound train massacred by Dire Wraiths, parents killed, but mother cut off a female’s tongue after it had pierce Cindy’s skull and intiated transfer of memories, found and cared for by Rom and Starshine/Brandy + Rick Jones, suffered from partial memories of the wraith which sometimes threatened to overcome her own, eventually cured by the Beyonder who apparently restored her parents to life as well.
    pre-teen  wf, dark hair
    --Rom#60( 61-67, 72

    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

ADAMS, JOY - encountered Punisher (Castle) while working as a guide in Venezuela, briefly held prisoner by Jigsaw and the Rev
    --Punisher II#37 (38-40, ?Punisher War Journal#27 or 28?

ADAMS, MURDOCH - enemy of Ludi + Ningal, immobilized alongside Ningal, freed and used as a pawn by the Dweller-in-Darkness
    (app)--Chamber of Chills#4/3 (Dr. Strange II#36(fb), 35/36(fb), 36,37

ADAMS, NIKI - boss of Everett K. Ross at state department, dated T’Challa in college, killed by Malice, body possessed by ?? when Ross tried to revive her in Resurrection Altar. wf
    (net)--Avengers I#77 (77(fb), Black Panther III#6(fb3), 10(fb4), 18(fb), 30(fb), 1-5,6(fb),6-8,10,14,15/2,16,17(fb),15,17-20, [21],22,24d)

ADAMS, WILLIS 2099 - reporter for Mainline Media
    --Ghost Rider 2099#2 (4-6, 11,12, 14,15, 17,18, 20,21/2,22/2,23, 25

ADAMSON, ABRAHAM - archeologist, killed, spirit reanimated the Golem
    (app-gol)--Strange Tales I#174 ([176,177]

ADAMSON, JASON - ally of Golem
    (app-gol)--Strange Tales I#174 (176-177

ADAMSON, REBECCA - ally of Golem
    (app-gol)--Strange Tales I#174 (176,177

ADAPTOID - see SUPER-ADAPTOID--Tales of Suspense I#82 (83)

ADAPTOIDs (Paragon, Super-Adaptoid, Ultra-Adaptoid) - AIM creations able to duplicate abilities + appearance of others, apparently powered by energies from Beyonders/Cosmic Cubes
    --Tales of Supsense I#82 (
    Captain America I#440,Avengers I#387,Cap441,Av388, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1

ADAP-TOR - robot created by Justin Hammer, originally appeared as a new ship, transformed into an assault weapon when Jim Rhodes entered it, trapping him inside, eventually deactivated by Rhodes, assaulted Tony Stark's company in order to inform him of his return to activity
    (app)--Iron Man I#217

ADARCO (Dr. Hillman Barto, Brace, Abner Dunson, Janet Galloway)
    - company that developed Annex and BREW technology
    ADvAnced Robotic COmpany--Amazing Spider-Man Annual#27 ( Annex#1-4

ADDER (Robert Fong) - Chinese opium dealer, sought to kill own daughter, Linda,to prevent her from revealing him, slain while attempting to stop Shang-Chi from saving her
    *D* (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#3 ([3(fb1+2)], 3

ADDY, MALL - Matriculon, inventor of the Big Change in Nutrition
    (app-mat)--Marvel Graphic Novel#29: The Big Change

ADEPT - Claw Sect, Vampires, wrapped self in bandages, trained the young Janus in fighting, attended meeting on Greek Island, saw Xarus dismember Dracula, given 24 hours to join him, returned to base in Istanbul, asked by Janus to help him take down Xarus, returned to Greek Island, helped Xarus defeat Janus' forces, saw Janus flee.
    vampirism, swords
    MASTER--Death of Dracula#1

ADHESIVE X - super-adhesive polymer created by Baron (Helmut) Zemo, used by Trapster
    --Strange Tales I#104

    Hindu name
    (app)--Thor I#300

ADJUDICATOR (        ) - circa 1907 AD, Upward Path
    --Runaways II#27 (28-30

ADJUDIK - Orbuceni, possessed by Harrow
    --Nova IV#13 (14

ADJUNCT - Void dimension rebel
    --Uncanny X-Men#284 (285,286

ADKINS, THOMAS - Cardiff Construction, Great Britain’s building giant, associate of Tony Stark, abusive to secretary
    --Iron Man III#51

ADLER, MANFRED - Blitz Squadron
    (app-blitz)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#14 (20, 41, 49

ADMINISTRATOR ( ) - Watchtower, leader, hired Deadpool to send Scourge team after Wolverine, killed by Stryfe (Domino) and Mutant Liberation Front
    (net)--Wolverine II#154  (155, X-Force II#4,5

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#36

ADOLPHUS - security guard at Dermafree, had an affair with Helena Carlson
    --Mystique#14 (15-18

ADONAI of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - leader of Locusts
    --Hulk 2099#5 (9,10

ADONIS of the Hyborian era - god, worshipped in portions of Shem; Hebrew version of Tammuz

    --Greek mythology

ADONIS (Eric Cameron) - chief of Cameron Electronics, attempted to free himself of weak and sickly body by using a stolen SHIELD Master Matrix used for LMDs, scarred and deformed when the matrix overloaded as a result of his son’s sabotage designed to kill him, thereby gaining premature control of his company and wealth, chosen ironic name of paragon of beauty, driven insane by transformation, went on rampage until electrocuted and apparently killed in battle with Captain America,
    superhuman strength
    *D* (app)--Captain America I#243 (244d)

ADORA - queen of Xandar, widow of Tanak Valt, died in final destruction of Xandar by Nebula
    -QUEEN ADORA*, Prime Commander *D*--Fantastic Four I#204 (204(fb), 204-206, 208,209, 214, Rom24, Nova III#1(fb), Avengers I#260d)

ADORA of Comicsville - character in the storyline of Harvey Norton/White Zero
    (app-comics)--2001: A Space Odyssey#5

ADRENAMIX CORPORATION (Anderson Gaulthing) - 35 miles outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    --[Justice: Four Balance#1], 3

ADRENAZON (Adria Lynn) - crippled in car accident that killed son while husband was driving drunk, husband prosecuted and convicted by Jen Walters, he committed suicide in prison, she became a test subject for Dr. Stopplemoor,used formula which could temporarily correct paralysis by increasing production and release of epinephrine, developed brief periods of superhuman strength by taking mega-doses, posed as She-Hulk and planned to frame her for murder as vengeance for prosecuting husband, killed Stopplemmor when he learned her plans, succeeded in having She-Hulk temporarily imprisoned, attempted to replace her in life, defeated by She-Hulk and Nosferata. confined to wheelchair.
    briefly transform into super strong woman, wf, red hair, large vessels over body as Adrennazon, wore green make-up to impersonate she-hulk
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#123/2 (124/2(fb), 123/2-126/2

ADRIA - sorceress, Minions of Mordo, ally of Demonicus and Kaecillius
    -WITCH*, Sylvia Nettlebaum (app-mm)--Dr. Strange II#56

ADRIENNE ?? - resident of Salvage Alabama, werewolf hunter, slew Suzie and mother, targeted Rhona, defeated with aid of Jack Russell
    --Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

ADULA - Yorite, slain along with mother by Unum
    *D* (app-yor)--She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (1d)

ADULAYSHA - Yorite, heroine, mother of Adula, slain by Unum
    *D* (app-yor)--She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (1d)

    --Howard the Duck I#21 (1978)

ADUUM - Celestial word for humanity
    --Eternals I#7

ADVA - Dark Gods, master of the continuum gateway, participated in assault on Asgard, imprisoned with the rest, escaped from Desak with Perrikus, employed by Zarrko
    (app-dg)--Thor II#4 (5, 7,8, 10, [42],43, 53

    --Invincible Iron Man#1


ADVENT (Kyle Grobe) - came from 2092 back to 1947, timeline that created him diverged from Reality-616
    --New Warriors I#68, 69(named) (70(fb), 68-72

ADVENTURERs' CLUB - Himalayas, known only to "men of a certain deadly persuasion"
    --Immortal Iron Fist Annual#1

ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA - movie serial starring Glenn Reeper as Captain America, sabotaged by Lyle Dekker
    --Captain America I#219

ADVERSARY - Native American trickster-god, dwells in realm of chaos, seeks to destroy present universe and make a new one in its stead, impersonated Naze after he was killed by Dire Wraiths, confined to own dimension by Forge, returned to earth dimension by possessing child of Haven, repelled again by Forge
    -GREAT TRICKSTER*,NAZE* (U#1, ME:X, net)--Uncanny X-Men#187, 227 (187,188, 220-227, Wolverine II#86(fb), X-Factor I#117-121

ADVISOR ( ) - unknown origin, helps malicious individuals to gain power, assassinated Vincent Cetewayo.
    enhanced durability, astral projection, manipulate fire, gains power from deaths of innocents and senseless acts of destruction, takes form of human black male with glasses
    (app)--War Machine#1 ([2 (fb)], 1-4, [Force Works#12/2 (fb)], 12/2, WarM#15/2, Iron Man I#317/2

ADVOCATES (Angus Aberdeen, Butane, Celery, Mustard, Salt, Shrew)
    - Warpies, special guardians of Nigel Orpington-Smythe, peace-keeping force for Cloud Nine
    *D?* (net)--[Excalibur I#61], 62

ADZE VAMPIRES (Mrs. Alomii) - Guyana, assaulted village of Benjamin Alomii, slaughtered half of them; the vampires and the remainder of the village were destroyed by Ben Alomii
    Don't realize their own death until ten minutes after they are destroyed
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula IV#1 (1(fb), [1-3], 4

AE-117 WARBOTS - SHIELD, sent after Warbound, taken over by Leader
    --World War Hulk: Warbound#1 (4-5

AEAEA - island, former home of Circe/Sersi, where she met Ulysses/Odysseus and his crew
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#10]

AEDI - planet, home of Aedians, appears to be essentially earthlike
    (app-aedians)--Silver Surfer III#32

AEDIAN race - extraterrestrial, planet Aedi, offered to sacrifice their planet to save the Silver Surfer from Hlavac’s virus.
     (app)--Silver Surfer III#32

AEGIR - Asgardian god/giant of the trackless seas, old friend of Odin, father of Rana and possibly Saga
    (app)--Thor I#307/2

AEGIS - Proemial God, ally of Tenebrous  (served to make ready the way for that which followed), tasked with culling the living universe of divergences and aberrations, allied with Diableri, defeated by Galactus in the distant past, imprisoned in Kyln, set free during its destruction by the Annihilation Wave, captured and drained the Fallen One, formed alliance with Thanos to destroy Galactus, destroyed by Silver Surfer channeling the power of the crunch
    LADY of ALL SORROWS (Annihilation: Surfer#3, Annihilation: Nova Corps Files)--Annihilation: Silver Surfer#3 (Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2/2 (fb), A:SS#3, 4, 5, 6, Annihilation#1 (fb), Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2/2d)

AEGIS (Trey Jason Rollins) - New Warriors, former ties to gang members, discovered breastplate formerly worn by Zeus + Athena + Jason + Achilles +  Theseus + Odysseys + Perseus, deliberately chosen by Athena.
    project force field to protect himself and others in the immediate area, absorb + redirect energy and physical attacks
    (2006#1, net)--New Warriors II#0 (4(fb), 0, 1, 2, [Contest of Champions II#1,2],3,[4,5], Nova III#7, NW3,4, 5, 6, Wolverine II#149, NW7, 8,9, 10, X-Factor III#9

AEGIS of the Microverse - planet, served as home to many refugees from the Pain
    (app)--Micronauts II#14 ([14 (fb)], 14-16

A.E.G.I.S. of Earth-AEGIS - ruled Earth with an iron fist in alternate reality in which Dark Angel had prevented Mys-Tech from ever coming into existence
    --Dark Angel#6/2

AEGYPTA (Karza, Ostras, Pharoid, Zebek) - Microverse, Homeworld, capital city of Sandzone, birthplace of Baron Karza and Zebek
    --Micronauts I#24/2

AEISH - sorceress of unidentified planet, large woman, gave birth to three children through her neck
    --Warheads#4 (5, [6]

AEL-DANN - blue Kree, alongside Dar-Benn, used Silver Surfer robot to execute Clumsy Foulup and Dwi-Zann during events of the Infinity Gauntlet and assumed mantle of leadership,
killed by Deathbird during Kree-Shiar war
    *D*--Silver Surfer III#53 ( Avengers I#346d)

AERO - see Melody Guthrie--New X-Men II#20

AELFRIC - agent of the Darkhold, twelfth century Spanish monk, reassembled Darkhold after it was scattered by Saint Brendan, cast out by fellow clerics @ 1149 when they learned what he had done and where his true allegiances lied, slain by mob enraged by the sight of such sorcerous heresy, burnt at the stake, possessed father joquez, took control of Lissa Russell, summoned Dragonus, impaled on his horns, spirit dispelled when Joquez died
    -MAD MONK* *D* (app)--Werewolf by Night I#3 (3(fb), 3, Dr. Strange III#12/2

AELTRI - Light Elf, mother of Hrimmeer (Flame)
    --Thor Annual I#18 (18(fb)

AENEAS - Greekson of Venus and Anchises, alleged ancestor of Julius Caesar and Arthur Pendragon
    (app)--Thor Annual#8 ([Avengers I#300(fb)]

AENTAROS - Undying, possessed and killed Blockade among others, possessed Irene Merryweather and Domino, sought to kill Dr. Shire, mind transferred in cockroach by Cable and Key
    (net)--Cable II#79 (81(fb) ,79-83

AEON of Earth-93060 - attacked Monalisa, defeated by Rush
    (app)--Warstrike#5 (Firearm I#11/Ultraverse Premiere#5

AERIAN race (Lord M'Dom Typ, Buth, Khup, Dephine, Wend, L'Nep, Chan, Gavan, Tal, K'lm Fhet, Sep)
    - Pangea, winged humanoids, most presumably killed when Terminus destroyed heat generators of Pangea
    (D#19)--Ka-Zar the Savage I#2 ( 32, Avengers I#257d)

AERIC - Inhuman child
    --Inhumans II#1

AERIE - floating city of Bird People
    -SKY ISLE--(g) Red Raven#1;
    X-M I#44( SubM I#26 MSH III#8/2 NovIII#4

AERIE - Shi'ar homeworld?
    Za'tai (suburb)

AERIE - New Jersey Palisades headquarters of the Owl
    --Daredevil I#3

AERIE - Shi'ar heaven
    --[Captain Marvel V#14]

AERIE - Dallas penthouse of Forge, holo-projecting systems, advanced defense systems, several layers bridged by floating stairs, pool, destroyed in battle with Adversary
    --Uncanny X-Men I#184

AERIE - group of "mysterious businessmen" who serve as "ruling body of the aerial terrorist organization know as Air Command.
    --Night Thrasher II#4

AERIE SHALAN - Pangea, home of Aerians
    --Ka-Zar the Savage#2

AERISTRON - Retrievers of Atlantis
    purple, fly
    (app-ret)--Fantastic Four I#195

AEROIKA - Winged Ones, Tunnelworld, actively fought the agents of the Unnameable
    (app)--Defenders I#78 (79(fb), 78-83

AEROMARINE - flying craft of HATE
    --Nextwave#1 (2-6

AERTHS - see Earth-62380.
    Alternate Earth visited by Excalibur during their Cross-Time Caper
    --[Clan Destine II#3 (2008)]

AERWAN race of Earth-93060 (Karr, Shadowmage, Wynn)
    - dwell in the Wold


AESIR (Balder, Heimdall, Hoder, Hoenir, Loki, Magni, Modi, Odin, Thor, Vali, Ve, Vidar, Vili)
    - legendary gods, may or may not have existed, following their Ragnarok, created Rhinegold, Vali + Ve + Vidar + Vili merged into current version of Odin, story related by disembodied eye of Odin
    --Journey into Mystery I#97/2 (Thor I#293+294(fb)

AESIR 2099 (Baldur, Heimdall, Hela (d), Loki (d), Thor (d)) - created by Alchemax, patterned after Asgardian gods in response to Thorism
    --Spider-Man 2099#15

AESKLOS - rat creature created by Surisha, absorbed life force for her, able to take over bodies of others, had possessed Brock Hunter + Lou Edwards, battled Tigra, killed Surisha, destroying himself
    *D* (app)--Monsters Unleashed#10/2

AFARI, JAMAL - raised Blade after Madame Vanity from age nine to adulthood, later transformed into vampire by Dracula, destroyed by Blade, revived in modern era and allied with Dracula, briefly vamped Spider-Man
    *D/R/D*--Marvel Preview#3 (3(fb1)/Blade III#1 (fb), MarvPrev3 (fb), 3d/Blade III#10 (fb, destroyed), Blade III#10 (fbs), 11, 12

AFGHAN (    ) - Dogs of War
    (app-dogs)--Iron Man: Iron Age#2

Afghani wizard - see Gnostic wizard (app)--Defenders I#135, 136

AFRICAN GODS (Anansi, Avlekete, Buluku, Dam-Ayido(Damballah), Eschu, Ezili, Kibuka, Legba, Lusa, Mahu, Ndriananahary, Nyam(b)e, Ogun, Sagbata (Baron Samedi), Shango/Xevioso ) -
    -VODŪ GODS, VOODOO GODS*, LOA (app)--Thor I#300 (300(fb), 301, Thor Annual#10, Dr. Strange III#17/2, Thor#398

AFRIKAA (Khairi Ngala) - anti-war activist, son of Bobulu Ngala, empowered by Heart of Afrikaa
    transform partially or completely into lion-like form
    (app)--Black Axe#5 (6(fb)/[5(fb)], 5-7

AFTERBURNER ( ) - employee of Justin Hammer
    (app)--Silver Sable#21

AFTERLIFE - angel that became warped after many years on Earth, became evil creature in Afterlife dim, cured by Dr. Strange
    --Dr. Strange III#89

AFTERLIFE dimension - realm where human spirits go before heaven
    --Dr. Strange III#88 (89

AFTERLINGS - (Ozamatli) - bat-human hybrids, created by the sorcerer Morophla, later controlled by Varnae
    (app)--Tower of Blood; Conan the Barbarian I#43 (44, 245(fb), 244,245

AFTERMATH - third British Sleeper, programmed to destroy planet if the gulf war escalated to a nuclear level
    (app)--Plasmer#3, (named) #4 ([3(fb)], 3, 4

AFTERSHOCK (    ) - Bastards of Evil, alleged/false? daughter of Electro
    --Young Allies#1 (2

AFTERSHOCK of Earth-982 (Allison Dillon) - daughter of Electro and Marilyn, powers caused backlash every time father touched her, started on criminal path, but convinced to stop by Electro with help of Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, and the Avengers
    --Spider-Girl I#51 (unnamed) 81 ([81(fb)], 51, 81

AFZAL, captain - soldier under General allied with Colonel Khan, vaccinated against Deathless Frenzy by Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
    (app-deathless_frenzy)--Black Widow I#1 ([2 (fb)], 2, 3

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