Real Name: Zgorian

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (realm unnamed) Criminal/Alien

Occupation: Convicted criminal

Affiliations: Ally of the Hulk

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly an unnamed world accessible via The Crossroads

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #304 (February, 1985)

Powers: Zgorian has strength and durability comparable to the Hulk’s (Class 100).

History: Zgorian was exiled from his home planet for heralding the concept of peace. His race (which was never named) was one whose culture and values system was based on war. Zgorian was tried and convicted of "Compassion For The Enemy" and sent into exile on an uninhabited world to await his sentencing.

(Hulk #304) Having been banished to The Crossroads by Doctor Strange, the mindless Hulk had journeyed to several other dimensions before meeting Zgorian. He had gone through many torturous experiences on those worlds, and was unwilling to continue his journeys through the uncertain portals. The Puffball Collective, another being who had been banished to the Crossroads, was afraid the Hulk would die of starvation (there was no food in nexus of the Crossroads, only in the worlds beyond), and lured the Hulk through the portal to Zgorian’s world in order to get the green goliath moving again.



The Hulk found Zgorian soon after entering the world. There was plenty of vegetation and animal life for the Hulk to eat, but he was afraid to partake in them because he had almost died on another world when experimenting with its food (the food in the world in question had been poisoned with radiation). However, when the Hulk spotted Zgorian eating, he figured the food should be safe for him. The food was so delicious, the Hulk actually roared in satisfaction.

Seeing how ravenous the Hulk was, Zgorian reached into a nearby water hole and tossed the Hulk a fish. This was all it took for Zgorian and the Hulk to become friends.

For many days the Hulk and Zgorian traveled the alien world, gathering food and finding shelter from the great storms that sometimes sprung up. Though it was obvious the Hulk could not understand Zgorian’s language, Zgorian talked to the Hulk anyway, relieved to finally have someone other than himself to converse with.

One day, while the two friends made their way up a mountain path, a lightning bolt struck the path before Zgorian and sent him spiraling to the ground below to be followed by a barrage of rocks. The Hulk leapt down atop the pile of rocks and used one of the larger chunks of stone to deflect the rest of the avalanche. Once this had been accomplished, the Hulk feverishly began to dig into the pile. Zgorian broke free, and thanked the Hulk for saving him.

Unfortunately, as soon as Zgorian was safe, a huge spaceship filled the sky. Wielding long, spear-shaped rifles, members of Zgorian’s race descended an energy beam to the planet, led by a blue-robed "magistrate." Zgorian tried to flee, but was struck by a beam from the magistrate’s rifle. The Hulk lunged at Zgorian’s attacker, but was struck down as well.

Being held by two soldiers, Zgorian begged the magistrate to not harm the Hulk. The magistrate reminded Zgorian why he was there. Zgorian had been convicted of "Compassion For The Enemy," and had been exiled to the world to await sentencing. The magistrate informed Zgorian that a sentence had been reached—death. Zgorian refused to beg, but instead stayed true to his "criminal" beliefs, telling the magistrate that compassion and love would not die with him. Seeing what was in store for his friend, the Hulk howled in desperation and was beat to the ground by one of the soldiers. With the Hulk out of the way, the soldiers lined up before Zgorian and fired their weapons. As soon as his lifeless body hit the ground, the magistrate and his soldiers turned away and ascended the energy beam back to the spaceship.

The Hulk crawled to Zgorian’s body and placed a loving hand on his fallen friend, weeping. Doctor Strange’s failsafe spell (which transported the Hulk back to the Crossroads whenever the Hulk was completely dissatisfied with a world) spirited him away.

(Hulk #305) The U-Foes accidentally found their way to the Crossroads. They attacked the Hulk as soon as they saw him. Ironclad opened the battle by leaping at the Hulk. Their collision sent powerful shockwaves throughout the Crossroads and all the worlds connected to them. Among other things, Zgorian’s bones were seen shaking from the devastating shock.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo & Sal Buscema

by Mick Martin, The Anti-Grimm


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