Real Name: Kate Vinokur

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Lawyer

Affiliations: Employer of Brad & Rene,
Associate/friend of Daredevil

Enemies: Foggy Nelson & Matt Murdock, although they're not really enemies, but rather on opposite sides in a trial

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Daredevil II#22 (October; 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Kate Vinokur is an excellent lawyer, smart and clever

History: (DD II#22): introduced to Daredevil, tells him that the only problem she sees is her fee, she charges 250$ an hour. Daredevil relieved that it wasn't a question of his secret identity--he finally has found his lawyer. She introduces him to her staff, Rene and Brad. And finally decides that they need to hold a press conference the next day. At the press conference, Kate shows her abilities as a lawyer, but when a burglar alarm goes off nearby, Daredevil leaves the press conference to fight crime. The next day, Daredevil meets with Kate once again, she tells him that she has heard that a witness, Ted Wertz, has been making accusations that Daredevil has destroyed his car. They decide to continue their discussion at a coffee house. She tells him that she will call Nelson & Murdock. After having learned that Samuel Griggs wants $50, 000 and a public apology, she tells that to her client, and Daredevil tells her that he refuses to pay for something he didn't do
(DD II#23): with Daredevil when he announces that he has raised 100.000$ to give to foundation for junior blind when Griggs drops the case. Later Kate and Matt are having their first meeting, they both agree on a speedy trial. Later, she meets with her client Daredevil, telling him that Mr. Wertz has now been compensated for the destroyed car, and she has been talking with ESX about the broken skylight
(DD II#24): Rene comes to Kate's office bringing her a message to Daredevil, Kate gives Daredevil the message. She asks Brad what he has learned about Dr. Quaid. In the court, choosing jury members, she dismissed jury#8 for not trusting masked super heroes, but accepts jury #22 because she thinks super heroes are all good. When the trial begins, Daredevil shows up, but Kate discovers that he is not the real Daredevil. She tries to get him to tell her who he really is but he tells her it's a secret. Later at night, she talks with Daredevil: she is mad at him for not being there and sending an imposter. She tries to get him to say who the impostor is, but he says it has to be a secret
(DD II#25): "wins" the case for Daredevil, when a man claiming to be the original Daredevil shows up. After the trial, Kate and Daredevil have a conversation. She feels she has been lied to, but Daredevil saves the situation by saying that he couldn't tell her about the imposter, since that would mean that she perpetrating fraud. He also reveals that he had no idea who Terrence Hillman was. Kate calls Daredevil and tells him that Dr. Quaid wants to meet with him. Daredevil returns to tell Kate, that it was the Ringmaster who was behind it all. After that Daredevil tries to invite Kate out for a drink, but she refuses on the basis that she still feels let down by him, for not telling her the truth about Daredevil and the imposters

Comments: Created by Bob Gale, Phil Winslade & James Hodgkins.

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Kate's assistant, secretary, investigator etc. Introduced to Daredevil, when he came to ask Kate for help in the up coming trial against Samuel Griggs.

- DD II#22 (24


Kate's assistant, secretary, investigator etc. Introduced to Daredevil, when he came to ask Kate for help in the up coming trial against Samuel Griggs.

- DD II#22 (24

*: in#22, she is a red head, with short hair and glasses, in#24 she is a dark long haired without glasses


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