Real Name: Romanova (possible last name, first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Technology user, possible cyborg/Human (Russian)

Occupation: Criminal, terrorist

Affiliations: Members of the Russian underworld; possibly former KGB

Enemies: Black Widow (Natasha Romanova)

Known Relatives: Natasha Romanova (Black Widow, possible sister), other members of the Romanova family (all presumed deceased)

Aliases: Black Widow called him "Vinnie"

Base of Operations: Russia; possibly mobile

First Appearance:
Shadows and Light#1 (February, 1998)



Powers/Abilities: Vindiktor was encased within a large, powerful metallic exo-skeleton, the limits of his strength and durability of the armor was not revealed. The armor had four arms, with a larger and smaller sized appendage on each side of his body. In one of the larger arms, he wielded a sword made of an unknown material that was about 9 feet (3 meters) in length. On the opposite side of his body, one of the smaller arms had a heavy-artillery gun grafted to it. It was unknown if he could remove the armor or not; the latter would make him some type of cyborg.

Physical appearance: Caucasian male with a scar of missing flesh running from an empty right eye socket to where the right side of his lip should be.

History: What is known about Vindiktor was pure conjecture. Based upon his statements, he may be the older brother of the Black Widow (Natasha Romanova). If this is the case, he was present when Neo-Stalinists set the Romanova ancestral home ablaze during his younger years, slaughtering the entire family, save Natasha. This may have been the source of his facial scarring but this could have come about from his time as a criminal or through some kind of military service, as well.


(S&L#1) - Along with several other individuals, Vindiktor was part of a ruse to draw out the Black Widow for assassination, using a non-existent diary of Black Widow's mother as bait. When Black Widow arrived for the diary, Vindiktor attempted a long-range ambush with his firearm from above, but the Widow, sensing a set-up, evaded the gunfire. The person with the "diary" ran toward Vindiktor's position, and the Black Widow followed, ending up in a close-quartered confrontation with him. Midway through the scuffle, Vindiktor eluded to Widow that he was her brother, and he shared his disgust about how differently the paths of their lives had diverged: he as a criminal and she as a hero. After this revelation, the battle continued anew and moved to the top of a silo. A swipe from Vindiktor's massive sword coupled with the great weight of his armor crumbled away the portion of the silo he stood upon, sending him plummeting toward impalement on a metal beam. Presumably, he died after being skewered.

Comments: Created by Gene Ha and Gerard Jones.

Marvel: Shadows and Light#1 (February, 1997), featuring Wolverine and Dracula on the cover, should not be mistaken for Shadows and Light#1 (February, 1998), which features the Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, and the Black Widow on the cover--or vice-versa.

Profile by Kyle Sims

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