Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, possibly superhuman

Occupation: Enforcer and lookout

Affiliations: Presumably several criminal contacts around the world

Enemies: Daredevil; sought after by law enforcements agencies across the planet, including the NYPD and Interpol

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the globe

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#49/3 (1990)


Powers: Besides possessing what he referred to as "the scope", a seemingly radar-like sensing ability similar to Daredevil’s, Scope apparently lacked any other superhuman abilities, or he simply may have been familiar with psychological warfare (See Comments). Furthermore, Scope was a large man with a muscular build, and wielded two metal baseball bats when in battle.

History: (Marvel Comics Presents#49)- Scope detected the superhero Daredevil observing his latest enterprise in a drug-related transaction, telling his associates the location of the hidden hero in turn. Despite having his cover blown, Daredevil defeated all of Scope’s associates, leaving only Scope unscathed and conscious. After insulting the hero, Scope was beaten by Daredevil in a short battle and hauled off in a police-escorted ambulance. Scope taunted the hero as he was carted away. Daredevil picked up and took Scope’s metal bats afterward.

Comments: Created by John Figueroa and Ron Wilson

Scope’s story of having a radar-like detection ability like Daredevil’s may or may not have been true. In any case, Scope seemed to be a natural at psychological warfare, given that his taunts directed toward Daredevil dealt with the futility of fighting minority-based street crime; Scope may have simply known about Daredevil’s radar sense and attempted to use it in a ploy to gain sympathy, or a few seconds of hesitation, from the hero by stating he had it also. This could partially explain why he was wanted by so many law enforcement agencies (i.e. he evaded capture using his intelligence and psychological knowledge), yet was unable to defeat Daredevil in single combat (e.g. he was more learned in the ways of the brain as opposed to the brawl).

Given these observations, Scope may have escaped from his "regular" captors, prompting a return appearance from him. Preferably, I’d like to see him return sans powers but with a sharp mind inclined toward mental games. Better yet, he could maintain his story of having a radar-detection ability or even a number of other abilities to throw off his current opponent, using a combination of psychology and trickery.

by Kyle Smith

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