Real Name: Aaron (last name unknown)

Identity/Class: Human, Technology user

Occupation: Thrill seeker

Group Membership: Rush Club

Affiliations: Locomotive Breath, Gunship

Enemies: Quarry, War Machine (Jim Rhodes)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Rush Club Headquarters, unknown location, possibly Baltimore

First Appearance: War Machine#12 (March, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Sanction’s power armor, built by Locomotive Breath, gave him an unknown degree of superhuman strength and agility, and was armed with a pair of long claws on each hand. He was also armed with a laser-crossbow, which fired an electro-magnetic pulse-generating arrow.

History: Little is known about the man who became Sanction, or how he came to join the Rush Club. He was a man of few words, almost all of them negative and pessimistic, and was obsessed with maintaining the Rush Club’s secrecy, only seeming to truly come alive within his armor, where he fought like a frenzied madman.

(War Machine#12) - The Rush Club met to determine their next opponent. Sanction was less than enthusiastic about the Quarry armor Locomotive Breath had created, and, sick of opponents who didn’t last five minutes, hoped Gunship’s choice of opponent, Owen Segar would be good.

Sanction arrived, along with Locomotive Breath to save Gunship after War Machine got involved in his battle with Quarry, which had moved into a public area. The three of them struck War Machine down from behind.

(War Machine#13) - Sanction followed up Locomotive Breath’s attack by leaping onto War Machine’s back, attempting to claw his eyes out, but was blasted away by War Machine’s unibeam. With War Machine defeated by Locomotive Breath, and Quarry seemingly killed by Gunship, the Rush Club left.



After Gunship later challenged War Machine, Sanction, fearing that War Machine’s involvement would expose and end the Rush Club’s activities, angrily wanted no part of the challenge, and after Gunship left, believing that War Machine would win, recommended to Locomotive Breath that they just "bug out and go to ground". Locomotive Breath then showed him an e-mail he had received from the Slorenian government informing him that he would be denied further access to the Program, and then instructed Sanction on his plan to deal with both situations at once.

As War Machine battled Gunship, Sanction hid in the background, and when Gunship was defeated, he shot War Machine in the back with an electro-magnetic pulse arrow, deactivating his armor.

(War Machine#14 - BTS) - Locomotive Breath claimed to have shut down the Rush Club, and turned Gunship and Sanction over to the Baltimore police. However, given that much of the other information he gave to War Machine proved to be false, this may also be untrue.

Comments: Created by by Dan Abnett and Dave Chlystek.

by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

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Other appearances:
War Machine#13-14 (April-May, 1995) - Dan Abnett (writer), Dave Chlystek (pencils), Tim Dzon (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)

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