Major Mapleleaf

Real Name: Louis Sadler

Identity/Class: Human mutate (possibly)

Occupation: Adventurer (retired)

Affiliations: The Invaders (ally), sidekick (unnamed, deceased), Puck, Northstar

Enemies: AIDS and homophobia

Known Relatives: Lou (son), Michael Sadler (son, deceased)

Aliases: The Toronto Terminator, The Great White North

Base of Operations: Toronto, Canada

First Appearance: Alpha Flight#106 (March, 1992)

Powers: Major Mapleleaf has an unspecified degree of super-strength. He retained these powers for over 50 years, although they did not keep him completely youthful.

History: BTS - It is unclear how Sadler got his powers, but it seems that during the 1930's or early 1940's, Louis Sadler was the subject of genetic experiments. He became a Canadian super-hero and fought alongside the Invaders against the Axis. Still in the 40's his sidekick died. In the 1950's he was an underground crime-fighter, until in 1963 he retired, revealed his secret ID and decided to devote his time to raising his son, Michael. Major Mapleleaf now - the years (and the penciler) have not been kind

(AF#106) - After his son died of AIDS, Louis became a very bitter and lonely man. After Northstar rescued and adopted an AIDS-stricken child, Louis became enraged -- his son died of AIDS, but he felt opportunities and attention were denied Michael because of his homosexuality. He attacked the hospital where the child was, and started a heated confront with Northstar. After Northstar revealed his own homosexuality, a debate over AIDS, homophobia and the need for public figures to come out ensued as well as a lot of punching; they ended their fight in a hug as Sadler began to cry. Northstar helped him with his grief, and when Northstar's adopted daughter died, Sadler was there to comfort him.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell and Mark Pacella.

This is the Major's only appearance, but he is given quite a backstory (and in the process, makes him quite a retcon). He is, apparently, Canada's first metahuman, a Northern version of Captain America during the Golden Age. This story was the famous outing of Northstar, and as far as gay readers are concerned, quite an event.

The most recent Alpha Flight series (Volume 3), revealed that Mapleleaf had another son, Lou, who took up his father's identity.

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