Real Name: J. Vernon Mann

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Archeologist

Affiliations: Abner Little, Professor X, Spider-Man, Tony Stark, Thor

Enemies: Exemplars

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Java"

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Iron Man III#21/2 (October, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: Excellent archeologist, has extensive knowledge of old languages. Wears glasses.

History: (Iron Man III#21/2)- In the Nunevut terrority, J. Vernon Mann met with Tony Stark and Sam McGee, and brought them to the Temple of Balthaak. After introducing them to Abner Little, Mann was surprised to learn that Tony and Little knew each other, and asked them if there was a problem. Tony answered that he didn't like to be tricked. The next day they continued their tests on the Temple of Balthaak, until a craft seemed to attack them.

(Iron Man III#21/2-fb)- During the attack, Mann accidentally triggered a secret panel opening a small passageway to the inside of the temple.

(Iron Man III#21/2)- Mann went to tell Iron Man and the rest about his discovery, and revealed to them that if his translation was correct, the temple was built to house a source of incredible power, the legendary Brazier of Balthaak, and if the legends were true, the power might burn as brightly then as it did a millenium ago.

(Iron Man III#22)- Vernon welcomed Tony Stark back after Inferno had dissappeared, and told him that Ms. McGee was missing. Tony told Mann and the others about his suspicions about Inferno's true identity and about the possible connection to the Juggernaut.

(Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#11)- Vernon was present at the Avengers Mansion when Spider-Man came to tell them about the Exemplars. He told Spider-Man that he thought the Exemplars might be a little out of his league, and that perhaps he should leave it to Iron Man and Thor. Vernon left with Thor and Iron Man, arriving with the two Avengers at the basement, and tried to stop the building of the "God Machine".

(Juggernaut: Eighth Day)- Alongside Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and Professor X, watched as the Exemplars finished the "God Machine". Mann was brought to the North Pole alongside the heroes and the Exemplars, and watched as the heroes fought the Exemplars, and finally saw the Exemplars vanish after the destruction of the "god machine".

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern & Tom Grummett.

A brazier, which is a pan for burning coals, should be differentiated from a brassiere, the female undergarment designed by Joseph Titzling.

by The Beetle

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