(Haldane Encephalographic Laboratories Limited)

MEMBERSHIP: Ranulph Haldane,
Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey (aka Ms. Tieque)

PURPOSE: Genetic research and development of superhuman warriors

AFFILIATIONS: Prime Evil and the Pride (creations)

Enemies: Prime Evil and Pride

BASE of OPERATIONS: Alberta, Canada

Codename: Genetix#1 (January, 1993)

HISTORY: HELL was established by Ranulph Haldane about 10 years prior to the modern era. I am not certain if it was a subdivision of Mys-Tech, or a private project of Haldane's.

(Codename: Genetix#1-3 (fb) ) - Approximately 15 years ago, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey, under the alias Ms. Tieque, directed the research combining the genetic material of the criminally insane with some form of animal (What could go wrong with that?). Her research subjects eventually deveolped sufficient intelligence and power to escape, and eventually went on to become Prime Evil and his Pride.

COMMENTS: Created by Graham Marks, Andy Lanning, and Phil Gascoine.

My Marvel UK character appearance indexes are very poor. I've got all of the 1990s runs, as far as I can tell, so let me know if I missed any appearances, and I'll add the relevant material.

The creation of Prime Evil is dated from late 1977 to early 1978, but this is topical, and is only significant as meaning that it took place approximately 14 years before the main story in Codename: Genetix (which occurs in the modern era, but carries the also topical date of 1992, which is when it was published).

Ranulph Haldane is the father of Shevaun Haldane, aka Dark Angel and Hell's Angel, @ Hell's Angel#1, Dark Angel#6.

Encephalographic refers to EEG's which are readings of the the electrical patterns/signals of the brain. That doesn't really have a whole lot to do with what was going on here, but I guess HELL is a better acronym than HGLL (Haldane Genetics Laboratories Limited).

No known connections to:

Codename: Genetix#1 (January, 1993) - Graham Marks (writer), Andy Lanning (writer/pencils), Phil Gascoine (pencils), Kev Hopgood (inks), John Freeman (editor)
Codename: Genetix#2 (March, 1993) - Graham Marks (writer), Andy Lanning (writer/pencils), Phil Gascoine (pencils), Romeo Lopez, Michael Eve & Robin Riggs (inks), Gary Russell (editor)
Codename: Genetix#3 (April, 1993) - Graham Marks (writer), Andy Lanning (writer/pencils), Phil Gascoine (pencils), Michael Eve & Robin Riggs (inks), Gary Russell (editor)

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