Real Name: Beliar

Identity/Class: Demon (Class Two)

Occupation: agent of darkness

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Asmodiar (father and master)

Enemies: Queen Guinevere, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, Sir Pellias,
King Arthur Pendragon,
the Knights of the Round Table

Known Relatives: Asmodiar (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A branch of Hell; formerly Camelot; 6th Century


First Appearance: Marvel Preview#22 (Summer, 1980)

Powers: Beliar, as a demon, is immune to the effects of aging and conventional disease, and he may have some ability to resist or recover from conventional injury. He is able to mesmerize others, and can influence the thoughts of others, making himself very charismatic. He possesses some skill in swordplay, which can be magically augmented as needed. His physical abilities are heightened within his own nether realm. In addition, his father, Asmodiar, can grant him even greater levels of power. He has been known to use a flaming sword.
It would also seem likely that Beliar could alter his appearance, and that the form of a handsome young man is not his true countenance.

History: Beliar is a Class Two Demon, meaning that he is apparently of terrestrial origin, but arises from a time period much later than the Elder Gods. He is the son of Asmodiar, who is one of the lords of Hell.

(Marvel Preview#22) - In the sixth century, Asmodiar sent Beliar to infiltrate Camelot and hopefully slay Arthur Pendragon. Beliar posed as a wounded knight, who was found by Arthur himself and brought into Camelot. He was seemingly nursed back into health, and then he told a story of how he was the son of a king of the Nether Lands, had inadvertently slain his older brother, had gone into exile to prove himself, and had exhausted himself while slaying a mighty dragon. The charismatic youth was welcomed into Camelot, where he was trained as an apprentice to the Knights of the Round Table. At the same time, he became very popular with the maidens, and even caught the attention of Queen Guinevere.
Soon after, Beliar began to sew dissension in the ranks of Camelot. Merlin suspected his intent, but had no proof. Beliar provoked Sir Pellias by mocking the system of Knighthood. When questioned by Arthur, Pellias felt that honor prevented him from repeating Beliar's statements. Beliar, however, demanded that the honor be settled by a trial of arms. Beliar could not match the skill of Pellias in combat, and was on the losing end of things, until he used his powers to mesmerize Pellias. Beliar then rushed forward and struck the immobilized knight, killing him. He then feigned distress at the "inadvertent" slaying. Merlin again warned Arthur, but Arthur would hear nothing of it. Meanwhile, Beliar began to his use his powers to curry the favor of Guinevere.
In a jousting tournament, Beliar posed as a mystery knight, who challenged Lancelot after he had overcome all other competition. Beliar succeeded in unhorsing Lancelot, but then rushed and attacked him while he was still stunned from the fall. Arthur called a halt to this unknightly behavior, demanded Beliar unmask, and then banished him from Camelot. By morning, Beliar was gone...but so was Guinevere.
Arthur and Merlin followed Beliar's trail, eventually entering a portal that brought them into a branch of Hell. Asmodiar revealed himself, and then summoned Beliar, revealing his true nature as well. Beliar challenged Arthur to a duel, both to the death, and for the soul of Guinevere. Arthur began to overpower the demonspawn, but Asmodiar then amplified Beliar's powers. Beliar quickly turned the tide of the fight, until Merlin channeled his own energies into Arthur. The battle continued evenly for a short time, but Asmodiar's power proved superior to Merlin's, and Beliar eventually triumphed. Asmodiar sent Beliar to bring Guinevere to him, so that they he could torture her in front of Arthur. However, realizing he was no match for Asmodiar's power, Merlin sought to outwit him. Merlin swiftly struck down Beliar, then took up his sword and replaced him. As Merlin/Beliar and Guinevere approached Asmodiar, the demon lord realized that Merlin was missing. As he turned to search for Merlin, "Beliar" pulled out his sword and beheaded Asmodiar.
With the demons defeated for a time, Arthur, Merlin, and Guinevere returned to Camelot.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and John Buscema.

It is completely possible that Beliar (and Asmodiar) were both aliases, and that they may represent demons who we have seen by other names. However, there is no evidence to support this.

This story may not have been 100% intended to be Marvel canon, but there's no reason why it can't be. It would seem to take place relatively early in the established history of the MU's Camelot, prior to the arrival of Sir Percy, the Black Knight.

Beliar is mentioned in Merlyn's All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Premiere (HC)#7 handbook profile, confirming the story as canon.
--David A. Zuckerman

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