Real Name: Unknown, presumably not Casey

Identity/Class: Alien (possibly trans-temporal, extra-dimensional, both, or neither)

Occupation: Conductor of a time/space transport, a replica of

Affiliations: Presumably operates transports under the jurisdiction of the TVA (Time Variance Authority); One-time ally of the Fantastic Four (Thing, Sharon Ventura, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and, especially, Mr. Fantastic)

Enemies: Enforcers of confining TVA laws and policies

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: the dimension of the TVA, possibly in the Dimension of Manifestations

Appearances: Fantastic Four I#354, (July, 1991 )

Powers: None known, but Casey is trained, no pun intended, and experienced in the operation, and quite possibly the maintenance, of his time/space transport. From his occupation, he understands the physics, characteristics, and complexities associated with time/space travel.

History: Casey is an alien who presumably works for the TVA as a conductor on the "cross-time express" transport, the Illinois Central Cannonball Express.

(Fantastic Four I#354, 1991)-. With the help of Fantastic Four, Casey transported them through time/space to their own timeline, narrowly escaping a delayed worm computer program designed by Mr. Fantastic in the process. This computer program restructured reality so that the TVA would not be able to detect the F.F.’s timeline, and it manifested itself as a white, featureless, wave. The price for the trip home was their uniforms which would be unraveled and rewoven into railroad garments; this was important to Casey since possessing terrestrial cloth is prohibited by inter-timezone trading and, thus, is rare.

The Illinois Central Cannonball Express-A replica of the Earth "Big Boy" Union Pacific engine of earthly design.

Comments: Besides railroads, there may be other aesthetically preferred modes of transportation by different TVA time/space conductors.

I'd think Casey took his name from the legendary Casey Jones.--Snood

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