Real Name: Becka McBride

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth 2099) Human/Vampire

Occupation: Former prosecutor

Affiliations: Sister Lucia 2099; The Sisterhood Of Tears 2099

Enemies: The Mega-Corps

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile, Earth 2099

First Appearance: 2099 Unlimited#4 (April, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Lachryma possesses the traditional powers of a vampire. She is virtually unkillable, unless decapitated, exposed to sunlight or staked. She was presumably stronger than the average human woman and could turn into a bat form. Also, she could not be picked up over cameras or seen through mirrors.

History: (2099 Unlimited#4 (fb)) - Becka McBride was a prosecutor who won a landmark case against one of the mega-corps of 2099. Of course, this wasn't the best thing for her health, as her home was destroyed and she was attacked by assassins. Becka made a run for it, but was shot from behind. As she lay there dying, Sister Lucia showed up and killed her attackers. Lucia offered her a chance to live, but for a price.

(2099 Unlimited#4) - Now a vampire, Becka became Lachryma and was further taught of her kind's past by Lucia. Going for a midnight snack, Lachryma was discovered by some cops. Before they could even pull their guns, she turned into her bat form and flew into the sky. Later, she sat on a rooftop looking out at the city, thinking over her past and deciding she would show the people that not all vampires are evil.

Comments: Created by Ian Edgington and David Klein

Lachryma translates from Latin to "tear" (think crying, not ripping)

Lachryma was taught to drink, but not kill when feeding.

Earth-616's version of Sister Lucia was considered as a potential recruit for the Initiative by Tony Stark in the Civil War: Battle Damage Report. Her real name was also revealed in that issue.

Profile by: Zerostar


The Sisterhood of Tears should not be confused with...

Sister Lucia (Corintha de Lucia) was a member of the Sisterhood of Tears, and sired Lachryma while on a mission to find other vampires. She then taught Lachryma of her heritage and of the heroes and villains of the heroic age. Lachryma spoke of her in the past tense, however, so she may or may not still be "alive".

2099 Unlimited#4 (April, 1994) - Ian Edginton (writer), David Klein (artist), Joey Cavalieri (editor)

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